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Won't load windows 10. Can't even load system recovery.

Q: Won't load windows 10. Can't even load system recovery.

Keeps on loading the HP sign. Then turns off the laptop, then turns back on to the hp sign. Non-Stop.. I can load up the startup menu but when I press f11 for system recovery. The hp sign appears then turns off. Then repeats.

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Preferred Solution: Won't load windows 10. Can't even load system recovery.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey everyone.

I'm stuck in a real pickle here. Recently, my computer had been running rather different than normal, and I felt that something disastrous was going to happen soon, but I took the stupid route of simply doing nothing and excusing my hunch as nothing more than the computer being old.

Well, yesterday, Pompeii 2 decided to take place on my computer. My "hunch" was very correct, as yesterday, multiple trojan downloaders showed their ugly faces, and placed nearly every virus known to man on my desktop. I then proceeded to but windows in safe mode, unplug the ethernet cable, and run Trojan Remover with the latest updates.

Well Trojan Remover did quite a little number on my comp, disabled svchost's from running, and made it impossible for me to connect to the internet. After rebooting again, Windows was unable to boot and a box popped up stating that lsass.exe could not be found. I then booted into Compaq System Recovery and performed a "Safe" recovery that doesn't delete data but restores everything else.

After the system restored and I had to go through the windows setup process. When I was done and on the "Thank You" screen, after clicking the "Finish" button, the comp stayed on that screen for about 45 minutes, then instead of booting windows, the computer restarted itself.

Where I'm at now is, after the comp restarted, it's now on the Windows booting screen with "Please wait......" di... Read more

A:*HELP* Windows Won't Load After Using Compaq System Recovery

Ouch! The "Safe" recovery as I see it won't remove any malware.
The first thing you have to do is get you data off. You have a number of ways to go about this.
One is to pull the hard drive and attach or slave it into another computer and copy your data off that way.
Another is with a boot CD that allows you to access your hard drive from outside of Windows. There are a few options:
Both of these require you be able to "build" the CD's on another computer, which you have obviously, and access to an XP CD or at least, an i386 folder.
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
The instructions are on the website. You boot the computer with this CD and then copy your data to CD's or a USB drive.

Same sort of a deal.

Another is with a Linux "Live" CD, but we will leave that for now.

You may end up having to re-install Windows, which might be faster and easier that fighting this issue.


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I dont know if this is posted in the right area but I'm so desperate to get my laptop working its unreal.
First it started off with my laptop crashing, I had totally forgot it needed to do a windows update and turned off my laptop in hopes that it would work properly.
After that my laptop has not been working. The machine turns on and gives me two options. Start windows normally or do a repair. Upon starting windows normally, it loads so far before sending me back to the two options of start windows normally or repair. On the second time I clicked repair. My laptop then goes so far before presenting me with a blue screen that is usually the screen where my accounts are. The cursor still moves but it loads no further even after leaving it an hour. I decided to make a repair disk, hoping that the problem was because of windows. the disk loads, gives me a choice on the keyboard language then does nothing. I honestly have no idea what to do, I want to keep all the files safe on my computer as I havent backed them up and I have worked so hard on the projects. someone please help

A:windows 7 refuses to load and system repair wont load

Do a hardware/software reset with your BIOS:Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

After doing those steps, clear your CMOS by entering the BIOS (see your system manual for steps to enter the BIOS), going to the EXIT screen, and loading setup/optimized defaults.

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My computer seems to be stuck in a loop. I cannot figure out how to get windows to boot. Every time I turn my computer on, whether I try to boot normally, to safe mode, etc. all I get is the System Recovery partition. It will attempt to do an automatic startup repair, and then display a window that says "Startup Repair could not detect a problem."

"If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart your computer. If you continue to see this message, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance."

The only USB device that is plugged into my computer is the bluetooth adapter for my Logitech keyboard/mouse combo. I even tried taking that out and starting my computer, but I get the same thing happening.

I can't get windows to boot at all and I am very frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Windows will not load, Continuous boot to System Recovery partition.

Try removing all external devices, and then running a startup repair from the Windows DVD or repair disc.

See this tutorial: Startup Repair

You can also try a system restore from the disc as well, if the repair doesn't work. You may have to run the repair a few times.

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I've read some things here saying that if there are certain problems (bad sectors, etc.), a Clone may copy those problems.

So, if you have System Recovery disks you made when the box was new, can they be used to move to a new HDD?

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I have a Asus laptop with the operating system of Windows Vista, and shortly after the battery died for it, I plugged it back up and turned it back on only to come to a problem of it restarting it's self over and over again. With me being aware of the F9 key and the recovery partition, I pressed it but after pressing [ems enable] thing, it goes to loading files with a white bar showing that it's loading and then a bluish and greenish abstract screen pops up but there's no menu or nothing. The only thing on the screen is the mouse icon and that's it. No wizard, no next, nothing. When I tried doing other options, it repeats the F9 proces s over and ends up leaving me at the bluish and greenish abstract screen again. If someone could PLEASE tell me how to resolve this problem I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you.

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After downloading a program to clean startup menu Windows totally shut down. I cannot go into Safe Mode or any other options to start Windows so I ordered System Recovery Disks from HP to reinstall XP Professional but the only message I get is "Insert Disk labeled Recovery" and will not read disks. Hard drive works fine but I cannot get a command prompt as well. Suggestions...

A:System Recovery Disks Will Not Load

What was the name of the program you downloaded?

Orange Blossom

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Ok. Specs are basic brand new low end dell PC basic w vista. System was a display modal. System Recovery was ran back to original out of the box.

Problem, when booting the PC up Dell bios splash screen shows giving F2 - setup option and f12 - boot options. After that nothing but black screen with command prompt but no drive letter (note when tried f12 nothing f2 pulls bios menu which drive is located).
Can't check partitions nor do dir, cd calls, nothing.

No disks given by Dell.

The only thing I haven't tried is manually mounting the partition.

Any suggestions? Any way to manually check or write a MBR? Could that be the issue?

A:Vista Won't Load After System Recovery

go into your bios and see if it can see your harddrive.

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I am running Win XP sp3 on a Compaq Presario S4120WM and am having all sorts of trouble.I wan't to run a full system recovery and am having trouble doing this. I did create the system recovery disks (2) when the pc was new (2007)as per instructions. First problem, the Compaq Presario PC Tools is no longer on my pc (least I can't find it). I then tried to start the recovery in the start up menu. Next problem, my pc reads "Windows is loading" then in about three minutes it reads "status: 0x000025 Windows failed to load because the firmware (BIOS) is not ACPI compatable". Any suggestions???

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Hi there,

I own a relatively new Toshiba Satellite L655 S5165 running Windows 7 64bit. I've owned it since June of this year.

Since this Thursday, I have been unable to boot windows normally. The first day I was able to run Windows Startup Recovery, however, once it finished running it I received a message about how "Startup Repair failed to repair the problem". I tried Startup Repair about two more times after that (3 times in total), but to no avail. I then used the F8 option and booted into safe mode to try and utilize System Restore - I was only given one restore point option (one day before my computer stopped working), so I chose that one. After letting the computer do it's thing for a couple of hours, I return only to find that System Restore has too failed to repair the problem.

Fast forward a couple days, my computer now won't boot in safe mode (crashes before it finishes loading) or run system recovery. I did a clean factory OS reinstall last month after encountering similar problems to this, so I was planning to do that as a last resort. But now once I go to select an option from the F8 Advanced Boot Options loading screen, after hitting the "Repair your Computer" option and waiting through the "Windows is loading files" screen, all I get is a black screen and cursor, nothing will load! I can't even do a reinstall.

I've tried disconnecting the AC adapter and battery and restarting it, but still... Read more

A:Safe mode or System Recovery Options won't load

A useful link here: win 7, 64 bit will not boot,do system restore,go in safe mode,or boot - Microsoft Answers

However, I do think you may have a faulty hard drive.

As you've only had the computer for a few months it should still be under warranty and I think you should contact Toshiba Support as soon as is practical.

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I am not sure if I am in the correct section, but I am trying my luck anyway.

Let me try to recap :

I was playing WoW on my lovely computer.

Then it crashed horribly. Freeze with stuttering sound loop. Then black screen, then "No signal". Computer still running, so I reboot manually.

Windows 7 failed to launch properly. I try to repair. Failed.

I try to make sure that the correct partition is active through command line, because the partition that seems to be used is not the usual C:, it still fail to miserably. ( I may have ****ed something up doing this ).

Then after hours, I manage to create a bootable USB, and I try to repair from it, still failed, but with some added text :

Repair details :
The following startup option will be repaired:
Name: {bootmgr}
Identifier : {9DEA862C-5CDD-4E70-ACC1-F32B344D4795}

The following startup options will be added:
Name: Windows 7 Home Premium (recovered)
Path : Windows
Windows Device: Partition=E: (114371 MB)

Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\620a18e0-28f7-11e2-957d-90c77b59ad8b\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition =E (114371 MB)

A copy of the current boot configuration data will be saved as: C:\Boot\BCD.Backup.0002

Which made me all happy and hopeful before it popped an error window with this :

System Recovery Options
Failed to save startup options.

Then this :

Re-image your computer
An internal error occurred. The following information might. The following information might h... Read more

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I hope someone can help.

I started my computer the other day at before it even tries to load windows it says

BOOTMGR is missing

ive created an Vista recovery disk and ive booted up from that. Once i go into it and click repair it gives the option of picking the operating system. problem is that the C: isnt there to choose. Its like the computer doesnt recognise the hard drive.

When i go into the BIOS it does list the HDD in there.

Im at a loss, i hope i can fix this as i just upload thousands of pictures from a recent trip!!


A:Bootmgr is Missing - Cant load Recovery Disk as Operating System not found

Hi, we do seem to be getting a lot of boot issues lately, this is a summary of what to do, produced by a Tech after a MS boot camp.
I have put code marks around your best option (that is after startup repair failed to resolve the issue):-

You can use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) to troubleshoot and repair the following items in Windows Vista or Windows 7:
? A master boot record (MBR)
? A boot sector
? A Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store
Note When you are troubleshooting startup issues by using the Windows RE, you should first try the Startup Repair option in the System Recovery Options dialog box. If the Startup Repair option does not resolve the issue, or if you must troubleshoot more steps manually, use the Bootrec.exe tool.
Back to the top
To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Put the Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
2. Press a key when you are prompted.
3. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then clickNext.
4. Click Repair your computer.
5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
7. Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.
Note To start the computer from the Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD, the computer must be configured to start from the DVD d... Read more

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ok this is gonna be a bit long but i want the details there. the issue pc is my old pc. it has windows 7 its an asus msn-la motherboard i cloned this drive and used it in my new pc. after a few months my new pc's drive died and i took the old drive from the issue pc(witch was not giving issues at this time) and stuck it into my new pc until my replacement drive came. when i got the replacement drive i cloned the drive again onto the replacement drive and then put the new drive in the new pc had no issues there. put the old drive back into the issue pc (this is when issues started) the pc booted up to the windows desktop loading screen fast but once it got there it sat there for like 5 min before loading into windows. once it loaded into windows it was un usable for around 10 min while it loaded background stuff. once it finally loads into windows if i try to open anything its still responding extremely slow. is there anything i could do to fix this or is this going to me a re install only situation? i did try to use a windows 7 disk to do a startup repair but it claimed i couldn't do it because i dident install from that disk.

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My acer aspire 5517 was restarting itself so i did a system recovery. Now i get a windows error recovery message. It keeps restarting. I can't start in safe mode. Please help! I don't have the disks.

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new to this and not to good on the technical jargon..

basically i used to be able to load websites up then they stopped loading now and again and now they dont load at all.\
for eg: ebay i can go to the website search it all but click on the sign in and it just wont load.
there are other web pages which just wont load at all and just get the load thing and a blank screen.. and then time out.

ive done the AVG thing, spybot search and destroy, spyblaster.. and reset my router but stil nothing!!!

using windows xp and IE8

A:Can't load websites, or can load main page but then links don't load

How are you connected to the internet?

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I entered to Windows Insider, i had log of problems so after a few days i wanted to exit, but i deleted the compilation of Windows public edition, and I couldn't use a bootable USB Device to recovery my Windows , so I decided to use Lenovo Onekey. When It finished, i selected Reboot, but Windows Boot Manager couldn't start. I tried to use a bootable USB Device again, but It didnt start. I have a vídeo but Its too large. When I finish recoverying, It Reboot, then it says Windows Boot Manager, i press Ok, and It says that Windows Boot Manager couldn't load and I need to use a recovery media Tool that i must select in boot Manager. I press Ok And i select the USB, but It says the name of the USB, then it show me the direction of Efi network (IPv4 and IPv6). When I press Ok, It loads again Onekey. I think the problem is the BIOS. I have the version B0cna0ww, but It seems to be compatible with my G50-80 Windows 10 x64.I need this PC running normal for the tuesday of the Next week. Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi Folks, I just received  Win7  64 bit Recovery kit from HP partner Arvato Digital Services, LLC  in the form of a USB stick.  After my would-b bro in law never made his own recovery disk, the HD failed hard. I ordered the recovery media and located this young 750 gig HD in my collection, and loaded Mint 18.1 Mate on it temporarely, until I could get the recovery media.  I am writing this with the box and HD in question. The recovery media doesn't seem to work. I successfully booted to USB, and the win7 recovery progress bar appeared, but stopped at the point where a blue recovery screen appears, but it is blank.  There is one quick flash of the HD's activity l.e.d., and then everything stops.  The only thing I see is the Cancel "X" on the upper right hand corner.  If I click on "X", I get the "continue or cancel system recovery and reboot" panel.  Nothing keeps happening unless I click on "cancel" and we go back to reboot. The HD is an Hitachi from a similar P7 1100 series from around the same year, 2011 or so.  It passed the SMART with flying colors.  I checked the USB stick, having the microsoft logo and ordered directly through HP.  It has all the files seemingly intact, and is a bootable stick.  I am truely stumped!?  The MB is fine, I have all functions using Mint.  y Any suggestions? Thanksholmziep

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HP Pavilion  Win  XPI used OEM HP CD recovery discs to do destructive recovery.Upon restart, PC keeps entering PC recovery screens. If I press F8 on restart, I get Windows Advance Option Menu: I can't get into Safe Mode as the options given are 1. Start Windows XP PRO (but  I have XP Home edition) > it tells me I have missing/corrupted SYSTEM32\hal.dll     or   2. sends me back to HP RECOVERY.   If I try going to Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and try to run an FPATCH batch file per HP recommendations, the PC says it can not find a partition. How to get Windows XP loaded again and out of this dang recovery loop?

A:Unwanted HP PC Recovery, won't load Windows XP

Try booting with a utilty cd to delete partitions/ format hdd. I usually recommend Partition Wizard .Download the (free) bootable cd iso here .Get ImgBurn here to burn the image to cd. Boot with it and delete both partitons,then create one and format it. If all goes well, try booting with Recovery Disks again. 

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I entered to Windows Insider, i had log of problems so after a few days i wanted to exit, but i deleted the compilation of Windows public edition, and I couldn't use a bootable USB Device to recovery my Windows , so I decided to use Lenovo Onekey. When It finished, i selected Reboot, but Windows Boot Manager couldn't start. I tried to use a bootable USB Device again, but It didnt start.
I have a vídeo but Its too large. When I finish recoverying, It Reboot, then it says Windows Boot Manager, i press Ok, and It says that Windows Boot Manager couldn't load and I need to use a recovery media Tool that i must select in boot Manager. I press Ok And i select the USB, but It says the name of the USB, then it show me the direction of Efi network (IPv4 and IPv6). When I press Ok, It loads again Onekey.
I think the problem is the BIOS. I have the version B0cna0ww, but It seems to be compatible with my G50-80 Windows 10 x64.
I need this PC running normal for the tuesday of the Next week.
Sorry for my bad english.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G50-80 - Can't load Windows after using OneKey Recovery

Hi Igmc, 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
What Windows version came originally with the system?
Any changes in partitions previously?
Efi network (IPv4 and IPv6) message is saying that it cannot see a compatible boot device to start so it tries to search on the network. This is either a corrupt/no recognized boot software to load or a bad device/copy.
You can try to unplug the charger and remove the battery.
While turned off, press and hold the power button or 12 seconds to drain flea power.
Reseat the battery and charger and turn on the machine using the Novo button (item7 page69).
Access the BIOS set up and load defaults (FN+ F9) then save and exit (FN-F10). check how it goes.
Turn off the machine again and remove any attached devices to turn on using the Novo button.
This time, try to relaunch the factory reset using System Recovery > OKR using an initial backup. 
If you encounter the same issue on the second OKR attempt then maybe consider clean installation of Windows.
Update us how it goes.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Cant load windows because of a error booting.  not sure what happened but system rebooted and when I got back home the system was not loading anymore.  any help would be great.  

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Windows Xp Doesnt Wanna Load, I Gotta Restart To Make It To Load

Before the repair it didnt wanna load at all - also I have some hard drive issues ( that got cut off and came our weird , sorry)


OK, Im gonna explain what happened step by step cause Im not sure whats important. I dont understand very much about this stuff. I hope someone more expirienced then me will help me out.

Im using windows xp proffessional version.

OK It first happened while I was surfing online, I was surfing on sites that I can say are pretty much safe, but at the same time I was running either AVG 7.5 antivurus or their AVG antispyware 7.5 (not sure which one of the two) . At some point when the scanning was on my E hard drive ( windows is on my C hard drive ) the computer froze and naturally I restarted. But windows didnt wanna start after the restart, it kept giving these messeges: windows didnt shut down properly and it asked me to choose to start it in safe or normal or etc.. mode.

I tried every type of start mode, it didnt work. Windows wouldnt load and u know that line where windows loads would move a while and then stop.....no responce no nothing. So I tried restaring several times. Same thing, widnows didnt start properly last time, choose a mode...after I choose it loaded for a while but then stopped!

So I took it to the repair, the re-installed my windows. Now when I wanna start it, it runs properly doesnt ask me to choose, windows ... Read more

A:Windows Xp Doesnt Wanna Load, I Gotta Restart To Make It To Load

Are you able to boot in safe mode? It seems like you might have a conflict with the program wanting to run at start up..
My first suggestion is to boot safe mode, then remove your AV.. See if that helps..
Also, do you have more than one anti-virus program installed?

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Okay, so here's the deal. I had Windows Service Pack 2. Everything was just lovely, then I decided to FINALLY upgrade to Service Pack 3 because some high end Adobe products I was installing suggested it for better compatibility. Aiesh, so I took the plunge and tried to upgrade to Windows Service Pack 3. I was smart because of all the horror stories though and did a full backup up all my data including system state, etc. I set a system restore point, the whole nine yards. I upgraded with no problems but when the computer restarted it do so, got past POST, and the windows boot or load screen popped up with the loading bar. . . but windows never loaded! A lot of people report having problems where it get's past the windows load screen and just keeps cycle rebooting. Or it'll load to the user selection screen/welcome screen. This is not me, I am simply stuck at the windows load screen. (Picture below for reference)

So, I booted into safe mode with networking, searched for help EVERYWHERE and couldn't find any. -=/ By the way, I could boot into safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, and safe mode with networking. So I used my system restore point that had made before the SP3 upgrade and now I am typing to you from the comfort of my Service Pack 2. But this ticks me off because I want SP3 on my system for the sake of those Adobe programs and just because I can't get the dern thing on there it bugs me. Does anyone have a suggestion for me as to WHAT is stopping me from have ... Read more

A:Installed Windows Service Pack 3 Now Windows won't load past Windows Boot Load Screen

Hi sirdanceal0t,
I had a similar problem when Windows XP SP3 was released it was only designed for Intel processors, so if you have a AMD processor it will cause your system not to load, if you are running a AMD processor if i were you try and get back to the System Restore Point or if that fails reimage your pc and just before installing SP3 looks for the patch/fix for your processor model, then install SP3 and it should all be fine.

On the other hand if you have a Intel processor i woulldn't know what to advise.


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I got a new PC with Vista in January, and it worked pretty well until about mid-November, when the thing started freezing randomly and wouldn't unfreeze even for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Eventually it seemed to get fed up and made me a new account and pretended to have deleted all my files (original account = Glen, new account = Glen.GlensPC, so they both showed up as merely "Glen") which were still located in the original place.

Then, control panel no longer worked. I tried cleaning the registry but with no luck. Virus scans and spyware scans picked up nothing. Also, it kept telling me that my "Vista is not genuine" despite the fact that I'd already validated it.

However, the original freezing problem sort of disappeared. Until today. I got fed up with it and decided to do a recovery, because Restore didn't have any effect whatsoever.

So I did the recover, and half-way through it stops and says "image not found" or something similar, before turning the computer off. When I turned it back on, it said it couldn't load Windows/that "vital files were missing", so I restarted and F11'd it, tried again, got the same result. Image not Found. Tried 3 times in total and nothing worked.

So, I'm at a loss.

My system:

HP iPower 8620

? Windows Vista? Home Premium (auto-updated to SP1)
? Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q6600
? 1066 MHz
? 2048MB DDR
? DDR2 533 / 667 Mhz
? 500GB SATA

A:Vista Recovery Failure, Can't Load Windows

Was going to edit the above post but it seems to have timed out:

Actual error when the recovery fails:

"Applying image failed"

and it always fails on the same file:


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I am new to a first line computer tech post and mistakenly updated a windows ME installation with Windows XP! I erroneously placed an XP home recovery CD into machine and in efect part loaded this. I now get a choice of boot OS on start-up. How can I remove all signs of XP home from the machine and return to clean and normal Windows ME.

A:windows XP recovery erronous part load

format the drive and reload win me

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I was just watching a video on Youtube when out of nowhere the sound freezes in a loop and i get a BSOD (first time in years!) with a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error.

I try to reboot, but it hangs everytime. So i try a startup recovery and finally return to my desktop, only to find my system is completely glitched. The theme is all wrong, explorer windows won't load, aswell as many system dialogs that depend on explorer to display them. EDIT: I'm still however perfectly able to navigate folders using the save dialogs in Firefox or Chrome.

Run SFC - nothing changes. Try to run a system restore, but whatever happened between the BSOD and the startup recovery also ate up all my restore points D:

I've been using this system for years now. Everything is customized to my taste and running as smoothly
as i can wish for. I'd rather install an Explorer alternative like Total Commander and run it on top of this garbage than even consider a format.....

Please tell me there's a way to fix this!

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Hello! All of a sudden my pc wouldn't get past the Starting windows screen, I rebooted and got an error screen telling me a recent software or hardware change might have caused the failure (I haven't changed a thing as of recently). That screen gave me the option to start in safe mode (didn't work, it would load a number of drivers and then just sit there indefinitely trying to load the next driver, but not being able to do so) Rebooted, tried the other option the screen gave me, which was using the last valid configuration, but it wouldn't work either, again it would not get past the Starting windows screen.

So I booted from a recovery cd, it shows "Loading files" and then just sits there with the green loading bar running forever. I tried this with two different discs, and let them load for hours, it would never get past that screen.

I then tried booting from a USB, this time not just the recovery options but with a full windows installation iso on it. Same result, won't get past the green loading bar despite letting it load for hours.

I have saved my files to an external disc, by using Ubuntu live. But I have no idea how to proceed to repair windows, I have used my recovery discs successfully in the past, but now nothing works. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

A:Windows won't start, won't load recovery options either What can I do?

Hello and welcome lala now if this were me I would try this
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 you will need to make a bootable disk and setthe BIOS to boot from the optical drive or USB if you decide to use asrick. Personally I prefer a disk.

This will run indepedent of Windows and scan for malware.

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I have an ASUS laptop which used to have a recovery partition. I used a function to make recovery DVDs and proceeded to format the partition.

Well now Windows won't boot. I attempted to use my recovery DVDs but after taking 10-15 minutes to boot it loads to a screen with a graphic (wallpaper) and stays there.
It doesn't tell me to load the next disk, it doesn't give me any kind of menu, does not accept any kind of input (including ctrl-alt-del).

Any idea on how I can make this work?

A:Windows 7 Recovery fails to load interface

4 days without response... bumping back to first page. Still haven't figured it out on my own either.

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Okay I hope I can explain this well.
So yesterday I was on the computer and it just quit. Shut down and restarted without warning and flashed a blue screen with a sunshine ray type screen. Then I got a Windows Error Recovery and I choose to start windows normally as this has never happened to me. When I choose that I got a blue screen that a problem was detected quoted STOP: 0x0000007e. I managed to get into the Advanced Boot Options but no option would work. It would only just recycle a restart. Then I would get the error in windows boot manager about 0xc0000428. Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. I have put in a recovery disc that was made and a genuine windows 7 disc and I get the option to boot from disc but it just takes me to the digital signature error.
I have pulled the hard drive out and put into an external case and hooked up to my laptop. Everything is still on my hard drive. I have ran the SMART tests in the BIOS menu and they all passed. I have taken out the ram and put it back in. I do not get any beep codes or anything. I read on here to try the Windows Defender Offline disc. I burned a disc off my laptop which is just a few weeks old and clean of malware and viruses. When I put disc in all I got was a the blue symbol (4 squares in a square) and it just sits and goes no where. Thinking there might be something wrong with the DVD drive itself I tried an external usb dvd with same results. I even made a copy on a flash drive with the sa... Read more

A:Numerous errors. Windows 7 will not load recovery from disc.

I'm assuming you tried booting into safe mode and that didn't work? Safe mode loads very few drivers, so if that won't boot, it means a fundamental Windows system file is corrupted (thus the digital signature error you report). Which one? Well, there's the nub, eh? You tried booting into the DVD and selecting "Repair"?

There's more hackish ways of handling the situation, but even on Linux systems, where the package manager will tell you which OS file is corrupt and how to un-corrupt it (by installing the original package on top of it) and where I know how things work on a fundamental basis (I design Linux distributions for a living, duh), often once I get a live CD loaded and the filesystem checked and mounted, I copy the data I'm interested in to another drive and reinstall then restore (well, actually, I don't restore, since I always partition my drives as a system partition and a data partition and an install never touches the data partition, but I copy the data elsewhere anyhow before I do the re-install). Past a certain point it is more effort to fix the install than it is to re-install.

So anyhow, before doing something drastic like re-installing, check the SMART data on the drive first, the drive may need to be replaced. I just checked SpeedFan with an external USB hard drive and it *will* read the SMART data on that hard drive, so you can use that external USB case and check the drive using SpeedFan on your laptop. If you see any red ovals next to c... Read more

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Hello all.  First time poster here.  I am having issues getting my Toshiba to load windows.  Here is the rundown:
Successfully started computer and loaded Windows (Windows 7 64-bit btw), but noticed that certain stock applications would not work (calculator, paint, windows explorer, etc..).  Installed several Windows updates that have been waiting to install for a while (not sure what they were exactly) and shut down.  Upon attempting to restart, I was presented with the startup recovery tool.  It failed to fix the problem.
Here is what I have tried and the results:
Complete shut down with AC power and battery removed for >1 minute - Didn't fix the issue
System restore - Fails to successfully restore (tried twice using two different points)
Safe mode - Won't allow me to
Memory check - Ran, rebooted, and failed to fix the issue
After checking around, I found FRST.  Here is a scan log:
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 25-12-2013
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-GRHR642 on 27-12-2013 07:56:32
Running from F:\
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) OS Language: English(US)
Internet Explorer Version 10
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
HKLM\...\Run: [] - [x]
HKLM\...\Run: [HotKeysCmds] - C:\win... Read more

A:Windows won't load/Startup Recovery Tool fails

Ok.  I resolved the issue myself.  Had to do a complete re-install of the OS.  Chose not to reformat my drive so I could retrieve my old files from the windows.old file

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Product Name: HP ENVY Phoenix 860-078naOperating System: Windows 10 (64bit)Internet Connection:  Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Hello guys. A couple of weeks ago, my PC started resetting when I was playing Skyrim after having installed some mods for the game. I was receiving the BSOD with a new error code each time. It would always reset before windows could load. I tried a number of times to use the HP System Diagnostics to test my memory and hard drives, but the hard drive test would always freeze on 99% with 1 second remaining. I then decided to use the 5 system recovery disks. After the fifth disk had finished installing, the PC would reset and then a red screen would appear saying: 945 ERROR An error has occurred during the 1st offline phase!Failure spawning C:\ERROR_FAILED_TO_APPLY_BASEIMAGE.EXECreateProcess(C:\ERROR_FAILED_TO_APPLY_BASEIMAGE.EXE) returned 2, The system cannot find the file specifiedLastBTODir:LastBTOScript: c\appLzip\init\init.btoOpen command window and collect c:\system.sav.7z for issue reference. I?m completely at a loss as to what to do. The PC was fine until I started playing a modded Skyrim. I tried calling HP in the UK but it?s a public holiday.

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I've been having a restart loop on my computer. I found out how to access the windows recovery console, by using my Windows XP CD, and I know what to do from there to repair windows XP (I type 'R' and so on...I know all the steps after that). But when I want to repair windows, it says my hard drive (SATA) is not installed.

So I found out that I need to press F6 at the start, to load my Sata hard drive drivers from a disk. This is all fine.

My question is: will I lose data from my hard drive by selecting the option of pressing F6 to load new drivers? Or will my data still be OK after pressing f6?


A:windows recovery console: press f6 to load SATA drivers

Hi BlingDogg and welcome to TSF

You won't loose any data with that step. Go on and insert the floppy with the drivers.

Only changes that will be done to your drive will be the ones resulting from the repair install : you'll have to redo all latest updates on Windows update and possibly reinstall some applications if they stop working. Apart from that all your data should be fine.

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included frst txt. Computer ran fine moved and sat unplugged for two weeks now wont load into windows repair cannot fix and recovery brings error listed in title. tried basic troubleshooting made sure hardware was seated nothing unplugged think its a registry problem virus etc. I have two computers that I have built that went down at the same time both with the same exact parts except the case. other computer has different symptoms though it freezes in windows and bios everything is seated correctly and tried diff sticks of ram etc. nothing working though and need help with that one also I don't know if there was some sort of virus that infected my computers or what because I didn't have them networked. just really weird. please fill me in on the issues that are causing this so I may learn from them. any help would be greatly appreciated. if you can call me to make things easier plse jst ask for my number and will do. thnk you ahead of time for any help im stumped at this point and cant get anywhere without dedicating a boat load of time to research and etc. thnk u thnk u thnk u
 FRST.txt   11.44KB
  8 downloads also when frst ran it said no disk in drive \device\harddrive4\dr4

A:unable to load windows recovery error 0x800700b7 reg prob.

Download the enclosed file. 
 fixlist.txt   716bytes
Save it in the same location FRST is saved.
Run FRST, except that this time around click on the Fix button and wait.
The tool will make a log in the same location FRST is saved (Fixlog.txt), Please post it to your reply.
Restart in normal mode and let me know the outcome.

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I've been having a restart loop on my computer. I found out how to access the windows recovery console, by using my Windows XP CD, and I know what to do from there to repair windows XP (I type 'R' and so on...I know all the steps after that). But when I want to repair windows, it says my hard drive (SATA) is not installed.

So I found out that I need to press F6 at the start, to load my Sata hard drive drivers from a disk. This is all fine.
My question is: will I lose data from my hard drive by selecting the option of pressing F6 to load new drivers? Or will my data still be OK after pressing f6?


A:windows recovery console: press f6 to load SATA drivers

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as per title what i have tried is checking the installation media is good which it is checked it on another rig running windows 10. okay so what happens is it will go through the normal boot up procedure my rig that is, bios will post normally and then i get the windows 10 logo screen. u know where the little windows circly thing will go around and at about the 7th time the litlte circly thing goes around my screen will freeze same goes with the installation media which i am running on a usb, so i am stumped because i cant even load from the usb to try and repair my computer. any help willl be great.
I am currently in the process of trying to install windows 7 and see if that will help.

A:windows wil not load nor will it load with installiation media

okay well it did the same thing with windows 7 install. it will go through the loading windows files and then the little windows logo will pop up u know the little R,G,B,Y flag which pulsates and on about the fifth pulsate it will freeze.

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This just started happening last night. Earlier that day I bought a 160gb seagate external HD at Fry's for 50 bux and was moving tons a files over to it (for about 3 hours). At one point I cancelled uploading and rebooted fine, but later that night my girlfriend did the same thing and rebooted and XP will not load... not in safe mode. I didn't install anything with the external HD as it was Plug n Play and I didn't install any new programs yesterday either...

I don't have a Win XP CD either (or boot disk). I guess my first action will need to be to buy Win XP and try a system recovery?

Is there any way to find out what is stopping it from loading?

I also switched the memory sticks with some other memory and that did nothing...

I'm at a loss :l

A:Windows XP won't load passed the load screen...

ap f8 when booting and from the options try
last known good configuration
if that's no good boot into the recovery console and try

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PLease can someone help I believe this a virus. Computer prompts for Windows Xp Startup Password that I do not know.

It says: This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up. Please enter the startup Password below. Below the space to enter the password you can hit ok or restart.

After unsuccessful attempts because I do not know the password a system error comes on the screen.

lsass.exe- System Error Which says: When trying to update a password, this return indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct.

This does not allow windows xp to open and the same startup password prompt box occurs in safemode. I have tried using the toshiba satellite l 25 s119 series recovery disk but to no avail, it not does work. Can anyone diagnose this for me? Thanks,


A:I cannot open windows, the recovery disk does not load, lsass.eve error appears.

Closing duplicate to: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/545957-computer-prompts-windows-xp-startup.html

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Hi, i have a dell inspiron 1545 installed with windows 7. I started it this morning and installed the latest version of free AVAST virus protection which then told me to restart the computer. So after doing this, It didn't load properly after taking my password and came up with a blank screen. So i manually turned my computer off after having waited for it to load (which it never did) now when i turn it on it comes up with the 'windows error recovery' screen. I have tried every alternative way of booting it up including 'safe mode' all which didn't work and the screen ended up blank every time. I must have tried it at least 15 times but still had no joy. Please help???? is there anything i can do without taking the computer to pieces???

A:Windows 7 doesn't load after 'windows error recovery'

I assume that also "last good configuration" didn't work. I do not know what went wrong, but it's sounding like a "Recover to factory defaults" or a new install may be your only choices.

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i have just upgraded my system with:

gygabyte ga-a55m-ds2 MB
8 gig ram
500g w digital HDD
amd Llano a4-34000 fm1

when i try to install windows 7 64 or 32 bit it stops and informs me that files are missing or corrupt and will not continue the software im using has been fine its gone on lots of machines with no problems.

i`ve upgraded the bios to the latest rev. But problem persists my dealer has changed the mother board still same.
i did manage to install win 7 64b once it lasted to beyond sp1 (about 5 hrs use)
half way through windows index test it Blue screened on me and would not reboot.

since then i can not reinstsll windows.also my dealer replced the hard drive.
on some attempts off reinstall i can check using windows dianostic, it reports hard ware errors.
is it possible its the cpu?its all thats left.

anyone help?


A:can not load windows 7 on new system

do you have a Win 7 DVD? yes/no

Where did you get the DVD?

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So I have been messing around with this laptop for weeks now trying to figure out how to get it back to normal loading and everything. What happened at first was that my husband noticed the computer was very slow in responce to just about everything. We checked internet connections and nothing helped. Well one night he shut it down, and the next day when he tried to turn it on, it would state "Checking Media (Fail)" then change to another screen that said "No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine".  After attempting to reboot the machine, these same notifications came up over and over.  So, I researched tons of forums on tips of how to get it "re-booted" This was a few weeks ago so I dont remember exactly what I did. I changed boot options, this and that, and nothing helped. However the absolute last thing I did was changed something to "Intel Smart Response", and now my computer will NOT move past the Dell logo. even f2 and f12 wouldnt work. The loading bar under the Dell logo will pop up, but it will say like that. I have tried waiting it out for hours and nothing changes. My brother did try a Recovery USB, but he forgot that my laptop is Windows 8 and his is 7, so needless to say that didnt work at all.
So my problem is now that I need to create that Recovery USB thing. I was not aware that I should have made this as soon as my computer came in. I have nev... Read more

A:Creating a Windows 8 Recovery Drive for an Inspiron that will not load past the Dell logo screen!! HELP

"Checking Media" and "No Boot Device Found" sounds like it's trying to boot from the DVD drive but not finding a Windows system disk.  You can try putting one in the drive.  If you don't have a Windows 8 system disk, you'll have to keep trying the F12 bypass (keep pressing it repeatedly...don't hold or only press once) to get you into boot options, and then make sure you select your hard drive.  You should be able to request a system disk from Dell (and you should anyway...even if you do recover from the USB drive).
ALSO: please remember that, unless you made an image of your hard-drive or used backup software, your "recovery" options will be limited to repairing the existing installation or reinstalling altogether.  If you reinstall, you could lose your files and settings.
For what it's worth,  my Inspiron started acting up after about a year (Windows 7) with overheating on high-demand programs (even with a cooling pad, plenty of ventilation and a desktop fan blowing on it).  That was followed by the slow performance you described and now I'm getting a "hard drive failure" error. 
I've seen other users report the similar issues with their Inspirons on these forums (and others) so I think we just got stuck with a lemon .  Hope you have better luck with yours....I've pretty much given up on mine and moved back to my old desktop.

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Hello, any help on my problem would be very greatly appreciated.
Okay so I have been having some trouble with viruses lately and I have been deleting them. But what I think happened (I'm not sure) is that the antivirus software (avast) has been deleting my windows files, Because when ever I would start my laptop I would get some messages about programs failing to start. So I decided to use system restore.. after system restore was done the laptop rebooted. Only then windows xp would not load.. and hasen't ever since. Here is what happens when I turn it on- The laptop starts normally. goes into the windows loading black screen like normal, then after that when it gets to the login user screen it comes up in a small window rather than the whole screen. Everything around the window is black. I type in my user name and password and the screen goes black. and it pretty much stays that way..
the only way I can get it to do something different is when I push the windows task manager buttons Alt, Ctrl, and delete, when I do that a small window comes up that says loading personal settings, then my desktop background comes up, but nothing on it, no bar, nothing. It won't load anything. I've tried putting in my windows reinstallation disc, but it dosen't read any discs, even when I restart the laptop with the disc in it.
I really need some information I have on my laptop ._. I don't have anything backed up, which was dumb, but yeah. Any ideas anyone?
My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 152... Read more

A:Windows xp will not load after system restore

System Restore stores Viruses. So, if you deleted the virus and did a System Restore then you reloaded the virus. Try to Restart in Safe Mode with Networking. If that boots up then turn off System Restore, and then download and install www.malwarebytes.org and run a full scan, remove all malware and try rebooting in normal mode.

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Is there a way to make a recovery disk from the command line? I am working on a Toshiba Satellite C655D with 64-bit version of Windows 7. I have tried a recovery disk that a friend gave me, but it isn't repairing nor is it recovering anything. I scanned the HDD for bad sectors and stuff and it came up with 0 things wrong.

I was hoping that I could create a system restore disk from the command line and then run it on the computer. Is that even possible? I told the person he will most likely have to bring me a restore disk but he doesn't think one came with the computer. I now he can order one, but he doesn't want to wait that long.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: System won't load windows 7 64-bit

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I turned on my dell desktop computer and loaded the windows and I saw welcome when the black in the screen. I
I switched to safe mode but it did not work since loaded it in the end when it switched to black
I put the dell DVD software but it is the same issue because it is black again. Is the video card bad?
Error the screen saver can not run because it required a new newer video card or one that
Compatible with direct 3d

A:Windows does not load system correctly

Please post the computer model and video card next time. What changes made that led to your problem?

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I can't seem to get Windows 7 SP1 to load a driver for an HP printer that is on my home network. My laptop sees it but won't let me make it the default printer or load a driver so that I can link to it wirelessly. I restored my laptop back to windows 7
because Windows 10 was moving too slow. I only have 4gigs of memory, and windows 10 probably runs better with 8gigs of memory.

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when i turn my computer on it says to hit F1 to continue or F2 and when i type F1 it just beeps and will not let me do it. i push F2 move something, move it back, save and then i hit F12 and finally after 800 times i get it to finally boot windows xp home sp2 for awhile then dumps me again. any ideas or suggestions would be great. my computer has been starting to act real funny by not allowing me to access things saying i dont have permission to do it. its getting real squirly. thanx in advance for any help.

A:During Reboot My Windows Xp Will Not Load Tries To Load My Old Me

Hi, did you set up XP on another hard drive to ME? If so you will need to go into your bios and set the hard drive XP is on to the top.

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I have put the d drive at the top of the list in the boot set up, but the system repair disc doesn't show up and I just get a blank screen. When I open safe mode, some windows files load up and the safe mode screen opens but not with a way to start up windows. Safe mode with networking or command prompt doesn't work either. Is it more than likely the hard drive?

A:Windows won't load and system repair disc won't run

Quote: Originally Posted by Brayton

I have put the d drive at the top of the list in the boot set up, but the system repair disc doesn't show up and I just get a blank screen. When I open safe mode, some windows files load up and the safe mode screen opens but not with a way to start up windows. Safe mode with networking or command prompt doesn't work either. Is it more than likely the hard drive?

Put DVD/CD on top of BOOT (boot device order) in BIOS. If you do that and start from DVD it gives you a blank screen? With or without cursor? Is cursor blinking?
If you remove the DVD (still same bot order) and restart computer it boots from harddisk?

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I am currently running windows XP. A few months ago my system would not load the operating system. I received the error unable to load operating system. I could only run my computer in safe mode. I searched around and saw where if I boot from the CD and go through the repair option and get to the c: prompt and type fixboot that it would work. Well I did and it did work.. Sorta.

After the fixboot everything was fine. However, now when I hit the eject button on my DVD burner door the door opens, closes and my system will shut down and restart??? And now I get the error message again of unable to load operating system. Had a large video project and went to transfer it to DVD and opened the door and total shut down..

So everytime the DVD's are used or the computer is turned off I must boot from the CD and do the whole fixboot thing..

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

A:Unable to load operating system - Windows XP

19-Mar-2009, 02:13 PM #1
Solved: Unable to load operating system - Windows XP
Unable to load operating system - Windows XP
19-Mar-2009, 02:22 PM #1

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