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Wifi drops when I connect to an external monitor

Q: Wifi drops when I connect to an external monitor

I bought my Lenovo Yoga 900S a while back and totally love it, no complaints. Then I received my LG 22M38A monitor this lunchtime and the fun began... I have a VGA to USB adapter, and every time I connect to the laptop my wifi disappears. And I don't meant that it just drops and I have to reconnect, it even disappears completely from the available networks. It's not my broadband - that still works on other devices. It's not even the monitor, as I can plug that in direct with the VGA cable to another, older laptop we have in the house. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless device drivers but that didn't seem to help (but I did notice that when I connect the monitor the Device Manager seems to flicker, as if it's running a new hardware scan). Does anyone have any ideas? It's driving me totally nuts. I don't know if I should just try buying a replacement adapter, or returning the whole monitor :-( ThanksA

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Preferred Solution: Wifi drops when I connect to an external monitor

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My wifi goes in and out alot. It's happens on multiple phone, labtops, and a gaming system. So, I feel it's specific to my router not my computers. I want something I can prove to my provider that my wifi keeps dropping. I have Time Warner Cable. Modem information is
Cable Modem Information
Cable Modem : DOCSIS 3.0 Compliant
Boot Code Version : 14.3.1e
Software Version : 8.14.3105
Hardware Version : 3.13.1
CA Key : Installed

The computer I will be running on is windows 8. I don't have net3.5 on my computer.

Free please.

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If my computer is not right next to the router and is idle for a while, the wifi connection drops. I have to "Open Network & Sharing Center", "Change adapter settings", disable and re-enable to reconnect. It's not a router issue since all other devices connect just fine.

A:Wifi drops - have to disable then re-enable to connect

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to see if unchecking the 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' box on the Power Management tab for the wireless card in the device manager, resolves the problem.

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Hi,  I use my hp8530p with a docking station and a 21" CRT monitor. The monitor is connected through 15 pin D-SUB VGA connector. When the monitor is connected the WiFi speed drops from 16-20Mbit/s to 1-3Mbit/s according to http://www.speedtest.net/ . The same happens if the docking station is left out of the system and the monitor is directly connected to the laptop.  Does anyone know the solution?  Thanks,Csaba

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I hope the title made a little sense.

We currently have 5 - 20 laptops on location depending on the day. There are around 10 signals in the area including our two, which isn't insane considering 15+ signals in an apt building isn't unusual and rarely causes conflict. This is in a two story office building with ours on the top floor. Directly below us is a restaurant which I assume some of their appliances mess with our signal. Regardless of that, we still have great signal strength. We have two routers in the office to help ensure signal strength and two SSIDs (for the swapping mentioned below).

A random number laptops at random times of the day will lose connection to our signals. Which laptop, when, how many laptops, and which SSID is not consistent. There is nothing wrong on the WiFi icon or an ipconfig [/all] and others will still be working on the network just fine. You can then swap to the other SSID, which could at the current time have users working on it and users with it broken, and your internet works. I've tried to find some sort of pattern behind this. Time, brand, model (laptop and WiFi card), nothing leads to a pattern. No where in our office is the signal weak.

Sometimes we do remote conferences/presentation from our location and it looks quite bad when the laptop presenting the remote session randomly drops in the middle of it, so it's becoming quite an issue there. It of course is a nuisance regardless of what people are using the internet for. Any sugges... Read more

A:Internet drops from working wifi, will connect to 2nd SSID on same LAN

Quote: Originally Posted by tanwedar

Edit: I forgot to mention that both routers are simply APs connected to the main firewall which does dhcp etc.

Just to clarify some terminology...

APs (i.e. "access points") are more often referred to "wireless access points", i.e. WAPs.

They are not in fact "routers". They are simply "wireless access points", which provide secondary wireless networks (i.e. SSID's) at remote distant locations away from the primary router, through a wired connection to the true primary wired router. This solution is commonly used when the wireless network available from the true primary router just can't reach the remote location dependably because of walls, distance or other radio frequency interference in the neighborhood.

Any device connecting (either wireless, or even wired if the WAP also provides some wired connectors as part of its "wired/wireless switch" technology) through these secondary wireless networks is actually passed on through by the AP to the primary router, where true network connected device management and DHCP occurs. Devices connecting to the WAP (either wired or wireless, doesn't matter) all appear as "wired connected devices" back on the primary router. This is because the WAP really is a "wired multi-port switch" from the perspective of the primary router, and any device connected through a wired switch will app... Read more

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I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10. I have just purchased a Dell U2515H monitor which I am waiting for delivery for as we speak. I believe the monitor has quiet a few inputs however I am not 100% sure which lead to get to connect them both and which port I use on the Dell Laptop. Looking on the left hand side of my laptop there is a port with a lightning sign next to it, is that called Thunderbolt? and is that my monitor/display port? and what lead do I need? it looks like some sort of micro socket!

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I am using HP 840 G3 and I have connected my LG 29UM58 monitor using a HDMI to Displayport adapter because the ;laptop doesnt have an HDMI port. Funny thing is that if I connect monitor wifi starts dropping packets and performs very slow, once monitor is detached it works fine. I have seen other posts too on internet where people complain about simillar thing with laptops of different brands. The monitor doesnt have any wifi connection so its not a problem with interference, when I unplugged the displayport the monitor was still powred ON and performance became fine which again means its not related to any inteferance . Do you know what problem can this be?

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I have a similar problem on my brand new Tecra S11-11G. The only difference is that the problem is only present when I have my laptop plugged-in and the WiFi radio turned on.

If I turn the Wifi radio off and keep the laptop connected to the mains power source, the external display stops flickering. If I keep the WiFi radio on and disconnect the mains power source the flickering also stops.

I reported this problem to the Toshiba customer care in Portugal (where I bought it) and they gave me the ticket Case#710008193. They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new. A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit. Moreover this laptop is part of a fleet of a company that only buys Toshiba laptops and we are talking about a Tecra and not a Satellite. We deserved more respect from Toshiba.

In a year or so I will have a brand new laptop (company policy) and it surely won't be a Toshiba.

A:Tecra S11-11G - external monitor flickers when Wifi is ON

> They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new

Why this is unbelievable? An hardware malfunction can happen always and this does not happen only in the computer/notebook world. Therefore the manufacturers provide a service to a customer and malfunction can be fixed and covered by warranty.

>A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit

Of course and you are right but in the real world such things happens.
My PS3 was dead after a short time. It was fixed and replaced under warranty conditions? but this is not a reason for me to say; I would not buy PS3 anymore because of this issue.
My BMW has had some engine problems? it was fixed by warranty and I would buy this car again because this car is great and in my opinion other car manufacturers are not better and I think this would happen to other manufacturers too?

That?s my opinion personal opinion?


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This is for a work computer, that I'm 99% sure someone with monkey hands messed up. Now I'm stuck trying to get it fixed.

When I try connecting to a wifi network, the computer attempts to connect for half a beat, and tells me that windows was unable to connect to the network.

I turned off the firewall, there isnt a virus scanner running, and I updated the internal wifi drivers. I even tried using my external USB wifi adapter.

I was able to tether his cell phone to the computer briefly. As far as I knew, he was able to connect that way. He just told me today that the tethered connection doesn't always work,

So whatever is going on, I assume has something to do with a windows software setting. Any ideas?

I can't do a system restore because there is some proprietary software installed that would take an act of congress to get reinstalled.

A:Unable to connect with internal Wifi or external USB adapter

This is what I get with I use ipconfig/all


Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : SalesLaptop5
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Onqlegrand
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 4:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : E0-06-E6-49-87-93
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Ralink RT3090 802.11n WiFi Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : E0-06-E6-49-87-92
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Onqlegrand
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 3C-97-0E-03-E3-02
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Saturday, September 29, 2012 2... Read more

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I have had a Yoga 2.13 for 2.5 years and have, in the past, connected to a couple of 24" monitors using the HDMI port and cable.   For the past three months, I was on the road and never used an external monitor.  Now, I try to connect to a monitor that I used before, with a cable I used before and the monitor does not detect a signal. I have tried another monitor with the same cable. Still get the messsage "no signal detected". I have switched to two other cables - same issue. I have updated the Intel graphics driver, etc. I have spent several hours updating various drivers, etc. I suspect one of two things: 1. I may have upgraded to Windows 10 in the last three months and that is the cause of the problem. 2.  The micro/mini HDMI port on the Yoga is dead. Any ideas on what to do next?

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Having trouble connecting an external monitor to my HP Spectre. 

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Hello,OK I've just bought a Lenovo Yoga 700 laptop.  Looks great and the reviews are good.My previous (clapped out) Samsung netpad was connected to an external Dell monitor using a cable with what I think is called a VGA connection at both ends. What's the simplest / cheapest way of connecting the monitor to the Yoga?   I seem to need a micro HDMI connection for the Yoga.  Is there any alternative to a new cable - they look pricey when I did a search.

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I have a pavillion n201ax... as m video editor.. i need to connect source monitor (second monitor) to my laptop.. i hav tried a lot but its not detecting the external monitor... plz help me out my laptop has hdmi ... i hav connected hdmi to vga adapter to external monitor but its not connecting thanx 

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I have an Acer Aspire 2920Z. I have been connecting it to a Samsung Syncmaster 2333t external monitor using a VGA lead and it has been working fine for about a year. Today, it stopped working. At first when I connected the VGA lead, I got a message "Multiscreen application error monitor not found". Then a 'check signal cable' floating box appeared on the Samsung screen.

Now when I try to plug the VGA lead into my laptop, my laptop screen goes black.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop cant connect to external monitor

Did you try to re-install the video card drivers ?

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I've tried three different HDMI cables and two different USB-C to HDMI connectors. Latest drivers, latest BIOS. Trying to conenct to two HDMI TV's and two different HDMI computer monitors. Nothing Works. NOTHING WORRRRKKKKSSSS!!!

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We got two new Dell XPS 13 for users and there does not seem to be any video out ports like on previous models.  This runs Windows 10 Professional and has an internal screen resolution of 1920x1080.  Looks like there is 2 USB 3.0 super speed ports and possibly a (thunderbolt)??? port?
I've heard of USB-C so I'm not sure if this one port on the left side is that, or if its thunderbolt.  I googled thunderbolt to hdmi adapter and in all the images I find it always shows a mini display port on one end despite the descriptions saying thunderbolt.

So whats the cheapest way to get HDMI out on this laptop?

A:How do I connect an external monitor to a new Dell XPS 13?

The Thunderbolt( USB Type C port) on the Left Hand side deals with the video output on the system. You will need to purchase a USB Type C to HDMI adapter to display video.
The cable is available on the Dell website here

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Hi - I am not able to connect an external screen to the laptop. Nothing happens when I connect the screen to the laptop. Screen says: no signal. Laptop does nothing. Mirring says didn't found another screen. Might be realted:Ther is an error in Device Manager: ISB-IF xHCI USB Host Controller has an exlamation mark in a yellow triangle. Thanks,Zoltan 


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Hey. I have a Windows Vista and recently I had alittle accident where my laptop fell from my bed so this caused the screen to crack. I got a new monitor (a dcl lcd monitor) and when I first got it, it would only let me veiw the external monitor via safe mode. One day I was messing with it and I actually got the monitor to work in normal windows mode. It worked for about a week but one day, I forgot to plug my laptop back in so it ran out of battery and ever since, I have not been able to get it to work in normal windows mode. I have tried starting it normally and pressing Fn + F5 and nothing happens (that I can see because my laptop screen lights up when in Windows mode but the screen is so cracked, I cannot see a thing)..i've also tried going into windows normally and pressing the windows button+X to bring up the "mobility center" but as I said previously, I cannot see anything. I've tried going into the mobility center via safe mode but it does not let me do ANYTHING in safe mode with minor exceptions of being able to go online to try and figure this out. I'm thankful for any help anyone can give me. Thank you! :)

A:can not get windowsvista to connect to external monitor

All I can recommend is you get the laptop screen replaced.

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Hi there, I have seen some posts on internet, concerning connecting an external CRT Monitor with a Laptop computer. They pretty much said that there might be a blue cable with, and one can use it to connect that monitor with laptop. Now I am confused that mine monitor has two cables; one of which is blue and the other one is white, having three larger pins inside. Both these wires are connected to my desktop CPU. Now my question is that, it is obvious that the blue wire can be connected to my laptop but what about the other one, this wire is connected to the power supply of my desktop pc, and when it comes to laptop, would mere one wire (blue) suffice for the electricity or other things? Thank you for reading, waiting for your replies. Thanks!

A:How to connect an External Monitor with Laptop?

Typical video connections on a laptop are

VGA usually blue

DVI usually white

HDMI usually gray or black but can come in other colors..

What connection does your laptop have and match that to your monitors connector..

do not plug your laptop video output to you computer video output!!

connections are from computer or laptop to monitor

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HiI am unable to connect to an external monitor. I have tried restarting laptop, upgrading the drivers, updating my computer, bought a new HDMI cable, took it to a computer shop for them to have a look... No luckHelp. Any ideas?Thank you

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I am trying to connect an HP w17e LCD monitor to my HP Pavilion notebook and the monitor states "input not supported".  I got a VGA to HDMI connector, plugged the monitor into the connector then into my notebook, then turned on the monitor and got that popup.  I went into the display settings of the notebook and told it to look for other monitors and it still doesn't detect it. Someone please help because this is driving me crazy.  I'm not super techy, so I don't always understand the language, but I can follow direction well.  Will the connector I'm using not work?  The notebook only has HDMI and USB ports.

A:Connect external monitor to notebook

natjo wrote:..... I got a VGA to HDMI connector, plugged the monitor into the connector then into my notebook, then turned on the monitor and got that popup.  I went into the display settings of the notebook and told it to look for other monitors and it still doesn't detect it ...Hi, Firstly what is your laptop ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108 Secondly what is the VGA to HDMI connector ? Please note: From VGA (analog) to HDMI (digital) you need a proper converter.Regards.

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Hi there, im trying to fiure out how i can connext my external monitor to my desktop. i have a double sided HDMI cable which i'm using to connect the both, but my monitor give a black screen. If i try to connect me laptop with the external monitor with the SAME cable, there is nothing wrong. but when i try to connect back the monitor with the dekstop it shows nothing. I have no idea what causes the problem. can it be the wrong cable? or is there something wrong with my settings?

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I've been trying for hours to get my Lenovo Thinkpad notebook to connect to the monitor I use for my home computer. I have unplugged the cable in the computer and connected it to my notebook as I usually do to duplicate the screen across two monitors... Only this time it hasn't worked.
The main reason why I want to do this is because my notebook display looks stretched on the notebook screen but when I connect it to the external monitor it always goes normal. This is something that also doesn't want to change no matter what resolution the screen is or however many Google suggestions I read. Any help?
My notebook isn't registering that I have connected the monitor. I have tried changing it from PC to AV and back again, pressing Fn+F7 simultaneously which usually does the trick, and I also tried pressing the windows button on the keypad and 'P' simultaneously but the mouse only briefly shows an hourglass next to it then nothing happens!!
In the setting 'connect to an external display' it doesn't detect that there is an external monitor plugged in. If anyone knows any miracle tricks I would really love for their advice!
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Connecting external monitor to HP Laptop

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I have a Yoga 11s that started having hdmi connection issues about a year ago and has recently quit connecting to an external monitor via HDMI completely. We tried upgrading to Windows 10 to see if that would overwrite any software issues - no luck. The HDMI port actually appears loose. I did an extensive search of the forum and found posts that recommended cutting down the rubber around the base of the hdmi cord - tried that and at least I had a little activitiy - in the upper right hand corner of the external monitor up popped a box that says DVI then VGA then HDMI - but then says No Signal. Tried the graphics card update recommended on a post from long time ago and a popup indicated I had a newer version already installed. I have taken it to a laptop repair place - said they couldn't get parts from Lenovo. I found an "authorized" Lenovo repair shop locally - when I called they said they only work on business machines Called Lenovo and they told me to take it to Best Buy - however since I purchased this directly from Lenovo, Best Buy said they can't work on it. I would rather not send it into Lenovo because they tried to charge my hubby hundreds of dollars when his 15 day brand new laptop quit working, claiming damage - luckily extensive pictures taken and dated prior to sending it in thwarted that attempt at extortion. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need to be able to do presentations and work remotely with this so it is no... Read more

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I would like to connect an external monitor to my Pavilion All in one pc model 23-p039.  Is this possible or do I need to buy a special adapter?

A:Can I connect an external monitor to my Pavilion 23-P039

Not seeing a port to connect an external monitor on that model but it would be possible with an adapter similar to this:https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphics-Multiple-1920x1080-Chromebook/dp/B004AIJE9G/ref=pd_cp_147_2...OR if you use the USB 3.0 portshttps://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphics-Multiple-2048x1152-1920x1080/dp/B00A2E1MQA

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My new ideapad Y700 doesn't see the external monitor with display port to HDMI.  Any ideas?

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i have just clean installed vista back into the compaq c500 and had no issues getting the external monitor up and displaying at that time. Yesterday it went into updates and restarted itself as normally would but when i signed in the display showed on the external but after the sign in the external went to saying something to the effects of no signal. i tried a few different things to get it back up but it wont display on external when it gets set that way, they both blink black then the external says signal and the laptop screen comes back up...if i try to change it on the intel graphics media accelerator drive thing that popped up after the update it blacks both screens out till i disconnect the extrenal then my laptop screen gets it back but none of the places ive looked with this issues tricks are working for it...anyone have any ideas how to get my external up again my daughter andd i dont like the laptop screens if we are using them at home.

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Dear all,

I am encountering the following problem and would very much appreciate your help with it: I am using an somewhat dated IBM ThinkPad (R50e), which I'd like to run with an external monitor.

Now, I have connected the monitor (Fujitsu Siemens Scenicview A19-3A) to the external monitor connector using a DVI - VGA/SVGA/XVGA monitor adapter. I have then switched the display output location to "LCD & external (CRT) monitor" using the Fn+F7 key combination, but the external monitor seems not to receive a signal (at least none that he'd be willing to transform into some type of display) -- it remains all black.

I also installed the monitor device drivers from Fujitsu on my laptop, but to no avail.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be and how I might be able to get the external monitor to work with my laptop?

Thanks a lot in advance!


A:How to connect external LCD monitor to laptop (IBM ThinkPad R50e)?

You just need to push the plug in securely (even tighten the thumb screws, if it has any)
Then turn on

It should default to the external, straight away
If not use the Fn+F7 keys as you said (note: I haven't downloaded your manual to confirm this)

By the way, the monitor works normally, and all, doesn't it ?

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Was is possible to connect this laptop 7720 to two external monitor (do not mind if laptop screen is disabled or duplicate).
I have two samsung 21" monitor (HD).
if so how?

A:Inspiron 7720 SE 17": How to connect to two external monitor?

Hi, let me join in.
I wonder if one of you can confirm that it's impossible to use this inspiron 7720 in a triple monitor setup (no duplicating but only extending the screen)? I wonder because it is usually possible with optimus cards and win7/8 but not this time - could only manage to run any 2 out of three.
And to answer riscy00: why use a splitter? Simply use HDMI and vga and disable the laptop screen. I did this today.

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Anybody know?
I bought a USB 3.1 Type C Male to HDMI Female Micro USB 1080P Adapter Cable but it didn't work - nothing on the display in my Dell U3415W monitor, nothing on my projector either (windows 10 doesn't detect an external monitor).  Anybody got any ideas?

A:How to connect xps 13 9550 to external monitor or projector with HDMI

Apparently no all USB 3.1 Typce C cable is compliant. There's a guy on Amazon who works for Google whose reviews you should find.

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My laptop screen went black otherwise the laptop seems to be working. My friend said I could connect an external monitor and hit fn key and f4 key and It would connect to external monitor. I made the connection and hit both keys but to no avail.. Monitor states no signal..

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I connected external monitor via VGA, but it shows 'no signal' sign. Where could be a problem?!
External monitor is AOC I2275PWQU.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi I'm new here and I have a problem. I recently followed instructions on a website to speed up windows xp and I disabled some service/processes. I wanted to know which process is used to connect an IBM Thinkpad R40 laptop with XP SP3 to an external TV. I tried several cables and monitors and tvs, but nothing works! It worked a few days ago. My lower palmrest and lower buttons were removed before this happened- could this be a cause? I already tried all the Display things and everything, but it doesn't work. My TV says 'PC' under sources, but then it just shows a black screen whenever I go on it and press FN and F7 and turn it on in the Display window. I also tried other monitors and they still don't work. PLEASE HELP ME THANKS A BUNCH

A:What service/process is used to connect to an external monitor/TV through DVI port?

Are you using the correct DVI cable (there are several configurations of DVI connectors).
See this: All About DVI

Also, avoid the use of a VGA-to-DVI adaptor -- they are very unreliable.

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I have a display setting of 1920 x 1080 with 125% DPI scaling on my XPS 15 9550 with 4K UHD screen. 
When I connect it to my external monitor with the same maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 using the "second screen only" option under "Project" of Windows 10, everything seems to look smaller than typical 1920 x 1080 resolution.  When I troubleshooted, the only option I could manage was to use the "duplicate" option instead of "second screen only" option.  If anyone knows how to do it, please share with me.  Thanks!

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Hey guys how are you.  My y410p screen went blackb after being shut down and used the next day. The LCD was replaced once before. Had the screen replaced again and it was still dead. Had LCD connector changed and still no power to LCD screen. If you shine a light on the screen nothing can be seen. Can be connected with external monitor and works fine. Thanks for reading.

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Hello there if your reading this thread,
Recently I got my old laptop out of my loft and it had a broken screen but working perfectly before. Today I tried to connecting it to a external monitor via hdmi and it didn't work and I tried vga as well and it didn't work. I wanted it by HDMi because it's high definition, I need some help trying to connect it to the monitor. I tried connecting it to other monitors however it still didn't work. This is the first time I attempt to connect this laptop to a monitor. The model name is Satellite C50D-B-120. If you have any solution to this please comment what i should do next or contact me via Skype matinadams123

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I have a ThinkPad (20J7), and I want to connect it to an external monitor that only has a VGA cable interface.  What is the best adapter to buy?  HDMI to VGA or mDP to VGA?  What brands/models of adapter have other people tried that work well?  If it makes a difference, this machine is running Windows 10.

A:T470p 20J7 - what's the best adapter to connect to an external VGA-interface monitor?

HiThere is a lot of sources to choose compatible accessories, adapter or cable including:https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/options_iso/ocm_january_2018.xlsx - Accessories and Options Compatibility Matrixhttp://www.lenovoquickpick.com/bel/system/thinkpad/t-series/t470p/20j7#category/46 - Lenovo Quick Pickhttp://accsmartfind.lenovo.com/ - Accessories Smart Find

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Hi all, Does anyone know how many external monitor can the latest T470/T470s connect to without a dock? The T470 specs I am considering is:CPU Operating System Chipset Memory Storage Display Graphics Optical Drive Communication Ports / MediaIntel® Core? i5-7200U (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)Windows® 10 Home 64-bit Intel SoC (System on Chip) platform1 x 8GB DDR4 2133MHz (Max 32GB) / 1 Free Slot256GB PCIe SSD (NVMe)14.0" Anti-Glare, FHD (1920 x 1080)GeForce 940MX GDDR5 2GN/A2x2 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.12 x USB 3.1 / 1 x USB 3.0 / 1 x Thunderbolt 3 / 1 x HDMI / 1 x RJ-45 /1 x Dock connector / HD Audio / Realtek? ALC3268 codec / stereo speakers 2W x 2 / dual array microphone / combo audio /microphone jack / 4-in-1 reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC), supports SD 3.0, UHS-l And this is the specs for T470s: CPU Operating System Chipset Memory Storage Display Graphics Optical Drive Communication Ports / MediaIntel® Core? i5-7200U (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)Windows® 10 Home 64-bit Intel SoC (System on Chip) platform12GB (1 x 4GB DDR4 2133MHz onboard + 1 x 8GB DDR4 2133MHz) (Max20GB)/ 0 Free Slot256GB PCIe SSD (NVMe)14.0" Anti-Glare, FHD (1920 x 1080)Intel HD Graphics 620N/A2x2 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.12 x USB 3.1 / 1 x USB 3.0 / 1 x Thunderbolt 3 / 1 x HDMI /1 x RJ-45 / 1 x Dock connector / HD Audio / Realtek? ALC3268 codec / stereo speakers 1W x 2 / dual array microphone / combo audio / microphone jack / 4-in-1 reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC) I am look... Read more

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I need to setup my laptop Toshiba U945-S4110 to be connected to the VGA input of a monitor display.
What do I need?

Is it enough for this HDMI to VGA active converter

http://www.amazon.com/1080P-Female-Video-Converter-Adapter/dp/B008279OJ6/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1392112034&sr =1-4&keywords=hdmi+to+vga+adapter

then a VGA to VGA cable

A:Need to connect Satellite U945-S4110 to external monitor's VGA-IN port

> What do I need?

Well, the notebook supports only the HDMI out port. This port sends the digital video and audio signal.

In case your external monitor supports only the RGB-in (VGA) port, you would need to use some kind of adapter/converter which would be able to convert the HDMI digital signal to VGA analogue signal.

I don?t know if the adaptor would work but you will not get the sound because VGA does not support the audio signal, only video.

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Hello there if your reading this thread,
Recently I got my old laptop out of my loft and it had a broken screen but working perfectly before. Today I tried to connecting it to a external monitor via hdmi and it didn't work and I tried vga as well and it didn't work. I wanted it by HDMi because it's high definition, I need some help trying to connect it to the monitor. I tried connecting it to other monitors however it still didn't work. This is the first time I attempt to connect this laptop to a monitor. The model name is Satellite C50D-B-120.
If you have a solution please comment it here or (I'm sorry to waste your time) contact me on Skype : matinadams123

thanks for reading,

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At our office we Created image for T460 & used it to install win 7 on T440.Now could not connect to external Monitor.The drivers appear to be compatible when we first tried,but did not tested the external Monitor.We know we need the correct driver for connecting the external monitor.The issue is that we are not able to remove the video driver & install the correct driver,we also tried to do in safe mode.But did not work.We know installing windows again will resolve the issue but the systems are at diffrent locations in the province.We are looking for a way that we can fix it without having to install windows again.Please suggest a solution?

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Hi Dell Community,
Please help me to diagnose what is wrong with my new laptop.
My Laptop is Dell Latitude E6440 but every time i connect external monitor to my laptop HDMI port via HDMI to VGA converter, the external monitor always blink randomly every couple of seconds. This HDMI to VGA converter is working fine when i used it to other laptop.
Currently i still don't have chance to try my laptop HDMI port to connect directly to HDMI monitor because i don't have it.
Are there anybody have the same problem with me? thanks for your help.

A:Latitude E6440 display blink when connect to external monitor via hdmi to VGA converter

Hi M. Zemmy Indrapatih,
Thanks for your post.
Sorry you are having difficulties with your laptop and monitor.  If you could send me the name and model cable adapter you are using and the name and model of the monitor,  I might be better able to understand the issue.  Thanks

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Cannot adjust brightness on Lenovo Yoga 2 or connect to an external monitor after Windows 10 update (2017-06 Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4022405)).In 'Device Manager > Display adapters > Intel(R) HD Graphics' is showing with a warning triangle, I have searched for updates to this and the latest version is installed.I have been on to the Lenovo site and have installed all system updates.Some advice has said to install this update (below) but when I try I get the error message 'This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.'https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-2-pro-lenovo/downl...Any ideas???

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About a week ago, our cable internet connection went out. Before I had a chance to reboot the modem & router, my 11 year old decided to completely reset the router to factory settings! Ugh! This caused several issues: my home network is now gone, only a unsecured factory network is available. When I try to plug my laptop into the router via ethernet cord (in order to login to router and setup secure network) my computer will not recognize the router and won't connect to internet. I tried troubleshooting with my cable provider and they say it's in my computer (IP address will not reset) and he recommended I replace my network card. However, today when I brought my laptop to work, it will instantly recognize the wifi at work. So is it really my network card that is causing issues? Please help, I'm desperate and not tech too tech savvy!

Linksys wireless router
Charter cable modem
Hp pavillion dv6 laptop with Windows Vista OS

A:Laptop won't connect to home wifi but will connect to work wifi

Did you figure this out?

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Hi all,

Got a bit of a weird issue here. I've owned my WAG54GX2 for about... 2 years maybe, and I've got no complaints all round. My usage hasnt changed nor any settings within this period.

However... Over the last week, for some reason the WiFi Connection gets destroyed. I've only seen it once at the point where the Wifi Light goes out (something i've never seen before) - but generally the 2 WiFi conencted PC's fail to keep the connection, they drop out, and fail to get an IP, and when they do manage to get 'on' the connection is terrible. In the mean time, I run wired on 2 boxes that have no noticeable issues at all. Its like the WiFi just gets totally jammed up.

I've tried my hardest to establish what has changed, what is new, whats different at night, and theres just nothing.

Turning off the router and back on seems to have no effect either.

I've attached some logs, I dont know what 99% of it means. But thought maybe someone here could shed some info by translating them.

the Anisdktool seems to be started a lot? normal?

and wns msg tcvd: no idea what thats all about?

ring full looks a bit "** alerting***" but no idea what this is telling me either.

This is super frustrating any insight would be great.

A:Wifi Drops at the end of a day

Does it happen more or less at the same tim every night?
What type of security do you have on it?

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