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Omni Page .exe should run internally

Q: Omni Page .exe should run internally

Hi Folks,

i am using omnipage 16 version for OCR purpose,i want to run the .exe in my application but the condition is it should run in the background meaning (NO GUI)..if i give parameters to it should take and processes it and giveback the output..the whole thing should be done in the background because the client shouldnot know about this Omnipage.

this is my urgent requirement.

Preferred Solution: Omni Page .exe should run internally

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Omni Page .exe should run internally

This is a duplicate post!

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I have some issues when I OCR with this software, specifically with PDFs, I get black outed boxes on the images, Any ideas? I can post examples if needed,

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Hi Folks,

i am using omnipage 16 version for OCR purpose,i want to run the .exe in my application but the condition is it should run in the background meaning (NO GUI)..if i give parameters to it should take and processes it and giveback the output..the whole thing should be done in the background because the client shouldnot know about this Omnipage.

this is my urgent requirement.

A:Solved: Omni Page

I am not sure omnipage was intended for this purpose. I.e. the developers of omnipage want people to know that they are using their programme.

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I have a windows XP-media os and a HP 5510 all in one.
I can scan the document and make the necessary changes with no problems. The problem occurs when I print, the printed page is off set to the right. I contacted tech support and they stated this was because of the XP media os. I loaded the software on to another computer with windows xp office....same problem. Page preview looks good, all my parameters appear correct, but the page does not print correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your time.

A:Omni page pro 14-printing problems

Can you try ABBYY Fine Reader Pro or Scan to Office ?
Can't help w Omni page - didn't like it and switched to ABBYY.

Aren't you just trying to print a MS word doc ???

Bump ....

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default search engine when searching from the omnibox is google and default new tab and home pages are google. like the name implies they get hijacked to yahoo first it redirects to "searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net" and that redirects to yahoo. FRST.txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:05-11-2015Ran by Ken BK (administrator) on BACON_MACHINE (09-11-2015 12:28:01)Running from C:\Users\Ken BK\DesktopLoaded Profiles: Ken BK &  (Available Profiles: Ken BK)Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States)Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome)Boot Mode: NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.) (Andrea Electronics Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\stwrt64.inf_amd64_neutral_7f58c91b65c73836\AESTSr64.exe(Broadcom Corporation.) C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\btwdins.exe(Hi-Rez Studios) C:\Program Files (x86)\Hi-Rez Studios\HiPatchService.exe(iolo technologies, LLC) C:\Program Files (x86)\iolo\System Mechanic Professional\ioloGovernor64.exe(iolo technologies, LLC) C:\Program Files (x86)\iolo\Common\Lib\ioloServiceManager.exe(Malwarebytes) C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Ma... Read more

A:gooogle home page and omni box search hijacked to yahoo

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file. 


HKLM-x32\...\RunOnce: [4FA12186-8D89-4137-B5DF-B472F6A69F8B] => [X]
SSODL: IconPackager Repair - {1799460C-0BC8-4865-B9DF-4A36CD703FF0} - No File
GroupPolicy: Restriction - Chrome <======= ATTENTION
CHR HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google: Restriction <======= ATTENTION
FF Plugin: @microsoft.com/GENUINE -> disabled [No File]
FF Plugin-x32: @microsoft.com/GENUINE -> disabled [No File]
CHR RestoreOnStartup: Default -> "hxxp://searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net/h?eq=U0EeCFZVBB8SRggbcwheBF1HRRgVcgsOTA1BQFMOIlgAURQQQgRFcA5aWA1JEgMFIk0FA1oDB0VXfV5bFElXTwhwJVx1DksUc1BQNVVMEnEEQw=="
S3 StarOpen; no ImagePath
S3 RtsUIR; system32\DRIVERS\Rts516xIR.sys [X]
S3 Synth3dVsc; System32\drivers\synth3dvsc.sys [X]
S3 tsusbhub; system32\drivers\tsusbhub.sys [X]
S3 USBCCID; system32\DRIVERS\RtsUCcid.sys [X]
S3 VBoxNetFlt; system32\DRIVERS\VBoxNetFlt.sys [X]
S3 VGPU; System32\drivers\rdvgkmd.sys [X]
S3 VMAUDIO; system32\drivers\vmaudio.sys [X]
S3 vmci; \SystemRoot\syst... Read more

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Hey, my sister accidentally dropped a stool on the corner of my computer. the corner is now coming loose, and it makes about 5 or 6 seperated beeping sounds before starting. it will start and the fan and all will begin to run normally, but my monitor won't show anyhting, despite it being plugged in. in the past, i have just held the corners together and pressed start, and it has been functioning perfectly.

unfotunately, my sister unplugged it instead of shutting it down and now it wont start up again. i have held it in every postiion possible.


ALSO, one of my computers was taken by a hacker and i cannot find my reformat disk. my friend has vista (all of my comps are XP) and he has his reformat disks. can i put vista on my computer, or will it just not work?

A:Beeping Internally

my sister accidentally dropped a stool on the corner of my computer. the corner is now coming looseAssuming that we are talking about a laptop, I would have to say that there's a possibility of internal damage that you will only see if you take it apartThe stool possibly could have jostled the memory loose. Try re-seating the memory modulescan i put vista on my computer, or will it just not work?Highly unlikely it will work unless your hardware meets the operating system requirements and you can find the correct driversBesides it sounds like you are talking about recovery disks and not a true operating system disk and that's only legal for one machine, anyways

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Well, I have this song cover that a friend posted on Facebook. Only bad thing is that it was a live feed post and she deleted it off of Facebook after I had heard it because it was specifically for me. I talked to her about it so now I'm trying to record it internally so I can put it on my iTunes. The only problem I'm having? The 'Soundmix' recording choice or whatever it's called isn't popping up. Can anyone help me?

A:Recording internally?

I read your post several times, but I am still not clear on what you are trying to do. You want to record a song from somewhere it seems.

Where is the song, and how are you trying to record it?

Regards....Mike Connor

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I have an ancient Pentium D system - recently replaced it with an i5. I tried to connect the system to get some data off the drives. Originally the system had a Samsung 840 SSD internally and a 500 GB WD Cavier mounted externally. The case for the WD has died, so I mounted it internally. Now when I try to start up the computer I get an error message bootmgr not found.

Short of buying another case (which I don't want to do) is there some way to fix this?

A:Using two hard drives internally...

Which drive has the operating system installed on it? Is there another drive that you're booting off of? It could just be that the system is trying to boot off of a drive that doesn't have an operating system on it.

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OK I live in a decent sized house (about 140 feet from Corner to corner and have a shop about 80 feet from the house...
Over time I have created this monster.. It works.. But not exactly the way I want it too...
I have to work (online and over at the shop) so I can't take it all apart and start from scratch although It's what I would love to do...
Replace all the ABG modems with N but that's for another day..
The Shop is wired underground to the house when I ran telephone back from the system in the shop to the house I included 2 CAT-5's

Basically I have 4 WRT54G's of various Vintages
2 are running DD-WRT
I have 4 wired PC's
3 wireless laptops
3 wired printers
2 Ipod Touches
2 printers and an IP camera system

And my internet is 2-way Satellite (Hughes) is the Satellite Modem is a router running DD-WRT attached to the satellite modem and does DHCP is a router factory S/W is a router factory S/W is a router running DD-WRT (it will connect and serve DHCP from the .51 box So I can work from there

At the time I got the 2 middle routers There was no DD-WRT s/w for them or it could brick them.. I am willing to change them just need to time to do it...

all machines are running XP and are on the same work-group

They can see each other and can be pinged
the routers are on different channels and have different SSID's

I have 3 problems
1) Remote desktop.. I c... Read more

A:What a mess... Somebody help me get RDT working internally..

I'm really confused by your router base addresses. Are these routers really all running with the NAT layer enabled, or did you configure then as WAP's?

I think I'd have to see a network diagram and know exactly how all these routers are wired and configured to even guess at a solution. You need to consider a graphics application like Visio, the text diagram is pretty difficult to read.

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I've been attempting to record internally. I think I've tried everything possible in my Vista system, but maybe there's something I'm not doing right. But I'm fairly certain that I've set all controls so that I can record a song that's playing on my my pc, right in Windows Media Player. I used to be able to do this on my previous sytem, with XP. However, I can't seem to record anything that's playing from an internal source, although I've got my Creative SB-X Fi software set to Digital In (the only other options being: line in and mic in). Please help.

A:Solved: Recording Internally

XP used to be able to do so quite easily, but Vista took away that ability, due to copyright issues.

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Can any one advise me on this?

I have a 1GB Samsung Story External USB 2.0 hard drive. The drive performs well, but isn?t really as fast as my internal hard drives. What I was wondering was, Now that I have a spare hard drive bay inside my case, could I remove the Samsung from it?s external enclosure and fit it inside my case?

I know this will invalidate the warrantee, but I?m getting tired of the slow spin-up speed and the flashing light on the front of the drive. Is there an ordinary SATA hard drive inside the enclosure or does it have ?special? connections and can only be used via USB.

I?m running Windows 7 HP 64bit.

Please help if you can.

A:Can I fit my external drive internally?

Should pop straight in, so long as it's a 2.5 drive.

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I have decided I want to redirect some sites locally. I dont' want to see any news sites and want to redirect to plain page. I've currently modified my host file and added the following but not all of them are working. Only yahoo is working and redirecting to search.yahoo.com. News.google.com and msn.com aren't working. Can someone tell me why they aren't working or let me know another way to do this? I cleared my cache and everything. news.google.com yahoo.com www.yahoo.com msn.com www.msn.com

A:Redirecting Google internally in Win XP

If you don't want to view news pages...don't go there. Otherwise, if you are using a router, you should be able to block access to those sites. Granted, the entries in the HOSTS file should work but there may be some sort of URL passing going on here.

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Hey there,

Long Story Short: I'd like to transcribe audio files into written words internally in my computer. Ideas/solutions are welcome.

I'm thinking if I could figure out how to setup a "Line In/Out" thing so that audio from one program could be heard by another I may be good, or at least off to a good start.

Putting a computer speaker next to a computer microphone has too great of an audio quality loss for transcription programs. I'd like to use Google Now, since it seems to be more capable of distinguishing from background noise than Google Docs, but I'll do whatever works.

The only reasonably good (better than google) version of Dragon Dictation works by learning 1 voice, so it wont work in my situation; between different lecturers in different lecture halls. IBW Watson's free online transcription API will allow you to upload files for transcription, but it functioned just as poorly or worse than Google Docs.

I'd like to transcribe my class lectures.I have audio recordings of the lectures that I take with a portable Zoom H1 device, then I am able to get the audio files onto my computer off of its microSD card. Generally, putting this devise near the lecturer results in less background noise than keeping it at my desk; so transcribing prerecorded files would be ideal. Google Now seems to have the best transcription ability by far, and it seems to be superior to whatever Google is using for transcription in Google Docs. By usi... Read more

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For the past few days my new drive hasn't worked on my PC at all, I was copying stuff over to it as I suddenly got an I/O error. I restarted my system to find that the drive had disappeared completely, not only in file explorer but in disk management as well.

Recently I took out the drive and tried it as an external drive on another computer, it loaded fine without any issues. I figured there must be a problem with the cables, so I took it back and used the external slot on my PC to try it. But it still doesn't appear anywhere on my computer.

It's a WD 1 TB WD10EZEX.

EDIT: it seems I found the issue, the cables were loose. Nevermind.

A:HDD won't work externally or internally

Try rebooting your computer before plugging in the external drive. Wait a few minutes after boot before doing so. You may be dealing with a sudden drive failure.

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Hello, forgive my ignorance but I am new to this. I have an iMicro 500gb SATA external hard drive hooked up to my pc via usb. One day my pc just stopped recognizing it. If I went to device manager I could see it with no errors. If I went to "computer" the drive would show up with a designated letter but the name of the drive was not visible anymore. When I tried going into it would say disk not accessible. I tried formatting it and couldn't do that either. I tried same thing with it hooked up to a different pc and nothing. Any ideas anybody??

This has been going on for a couple of weeks so I decided to take the drive out of its casing and try to hook it up internally into my pc. Inside my pc I have 2 dvd drives connected via orange SATA cable and my original HHD connected via blue SATA cable. Since I didn't have a spare SATA cable to try on my external drive, I unplugged one of the orange cables going to my dvd drive and I used that to plug in my external drive. When I booted my computer I got a message:

"Hard drive SELF MONITORING SYSTEM has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal
operating range. Dell recommends that you back up your data regularly. A parameter out of range
may or may not indicate a potential hard rive problem".

It then gives me the option to hit F2 which takes me to the bios screen. In the bios I can see both hard disks...including the external one. I figured this was good news since my external drive shows lif... Read more

A:Solved: External HHD installed internally

Sounds like the drive is faulty. Test the drive using the drive manufacturers disk utilities. Run the short and long test. If either test fails or has errors, the drive is faulty.

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I have a php webserver (and some other servers, svn, vnc etc)..

What i want is to be able to access it everywhere, i can already access it from outside of my network but once im inside my lan i can only access it with my internal ip and not my external. I have read something about NAT loopback but i think i have that but it wont work.

I have a SpeedTouch 510 v4.2 and a Linksys WRT54G. Any suggestions?

Note: i know i can fix it by changing my host file but i would like for it to work well with my laptop that sometimes is inside my lan and sometimes outside. I want to be able to add my external ip as a svn server and access it everywhere.

A:access server internally with external ip

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Ran into an interesting problem and I'll try and explain it as thoroughly as possible.

I'm able to browse websites as normal without any notable issue however we ran into an issue when we went to remotely connect to a business application using the external IP address. Tried pinging the IP to no avail, then tried ping google also to no avail. The IP resolves to the correct hostname and I can nslookup but no go on the ping. Tracert also resolves the correct hosts but fails on all hops. Upon changing the internal configured IP I can ping any address for about a minute and then it starts timing out again no matter what I change the IP to.

Have already tried the following:
- Checking the host file (all default)
- Reinstalling the NIC
- Winsock reset, dns flush, route flush
- Running netalyzr, came up with the following which I don't believe to be an issue
The resolver at (win-na.telstra.net) could not process the following tested types:Large (~3000B) TXT records fetched with EDNS0
Requests from this resolver come from This resolver requries 192 ms to fetch a result from our server and 21 ms to return a result from its cache. It does not validate DNSSEC.

- Disabling firewalls on both computer and router.
- Checking for any rules blocking ICMP requests
- Restarting computer
- Restarting router

It's on a relatively simple network, one modem serving a small amount of computers. This is the only computer encountering the issue so I think I... Read more

A:Able to browse, but not ping externally or internally

Welcome to Eight Forums!

Was this working before? If Yes....have you tried a System Restore before this issue started?

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Hi, all, first post here, site looks great.

I run a small network here at home and have installed a web server on one of the PCs. All works ok but I can't view the URL as other internet users would. I have to use the internal IP address instead of the given domain name in the browsers address bar.

I know it works for people outside of my network as a friend tried it for me.

I'm on a DSL connection with built in ports for the internal network.

It would be nice just to be able to punch in the URL and see it like others do.

Any help appreciated.

A:Solved: Viewing web servers URL internally

Since you don't have an internal DNS server, edit your hosts file to point the Domain name to your internal IP address.

On Windows 2000

On Windows XP

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I have an Acer 7715Z and three times in the last week I have had the laptop play an internal "tune" it's not beeping its more like what a dial up noise is. when it happens my laptop is on mute as it usually is and Im using IE. I have done a scan with AVG as I was worried earlier in the week I had a virus but nothing is coming up.

I have had a new hard drive fitted already this year after my old one failed so obviously I am very worried this is going to happen again.

Any help would be great.

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Hi, ive got a lenovo z51 laptop. I've removed the ODD (dvd) drive and tried to insert an SSD into the optical bay with a caddy, the caddys LED light turns on but Windows does not detect anything!When I put the SSD into an external enclosure and plug it into my computer via USB it works!Now I would prefer to have this drive sit in my computer interally, that way im not lugging around an external device everywhere I go (already bring a mouse with me).Any suggestions? The SSD is a samsung evo 850. I'm runnng Windows 10 64-bit.  thanks

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I just replaced the HDD in my desktop PC with a 500 GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD, but I am wondering if it is possible to connect two SSDs. Is there an adapter I could use? Or would connecting two drives to just the one connection slow everything down by creating an energy flow bottle neck?

I am sort of new to computers, about 4 1/2 years, and don't know a whole lot. I read something about SATA controller cards adding extra storage to computers, but I don't know what they are. Could something like this be used internally to add an extra SSD?

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Our out of office assistant is only replying internally, never seen this before. Has anyone got any ideas?


A:Out Of Office Assistant only working internally (Anyone?)

What email program are your using? Outlook, etc....
What type of mail server do you have?
Please be specific.

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I wonder what it would take to record (using e.g. Audacity) the sound leaving my sound card? Lets say I listen to a newscast and want to keep the entire thing or snippets of it for reference - what would I need to do that?

Windows (7) reports under the Sound/Recording tab (right-click speaker icon in notification area): 'no audio devices are installed'.

Audacity says when I press 'record': 'Error while opening sound device.'


A:How record internally the sound I hear from the speakers?

I would just save the URL address myself as favourite say for example. I was just thinking too make a new folder on the desktop and save the URL to it

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Hiya guys,

No real problem with our network other than that it seems real slow to move a file from pc/laptop A to pc/laptop B.

Do any of you have any suggestions to speed this up?

Network is a Sky wireless router, 2 laptops and a pc, all running XP

Thanks for reading!

A:Slow speed internally in wireless network

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Hey my laptop only has 100gb on it so recently I’ve found that my windows folder is 62gb when I right click on it and go property’s, but when I enter the folder and select all the files and look at property’s it only finds about half of what it said before! Idk if this is a bug or glitch where the hard drive just thinks it’s full was hoping for a few way to help sort it out? and help get it back down to a normal size so I can use the space for actual stuff

A:My windows folder is double that when internally examined !

Hi and welcome. I use a program called Tree Size Free to determine what is on a drive.

It is likely your page and hibernate files and/or your system restore file.

Tree Size Free

You can download the portable version (zip file) by selecting from the pull-down menu.
Run the file as administrator.

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I have an IBM thinkpad T42 with an XP Pro OS SP3 and it works beautifully.  I purchased some used IDE 2.5 laptop hard drives, the same ones this laptop uses.  I am trying the drives I purchased by putting them in the laptop and they are not being recognized at all.  They will not accept an operating system, can't format them as they are not recognized with FDISK.  But when I boot the laptop with my working OS drive, I can hook up this used drive to a USB sata/ide adapter and plug it in.  When I go to the disk manager I can see teh drive, format it and it works fine as an external drive.  but when trying to re-insert it into the main laptop drive bay and boot from it to install an OS it won't recognize the drive.  I'm totally stumped.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the forum to use but our company webpage is only partially visible internally. From outside the company it works fine but internally the javascript banner is not visible. We should be seeing images scrolling by with static content below but the area where the images should be is blank.
I have nothing to do with the site, it's creation or hosting, but the question has been asked of how to fix it.
If this is not the forum for this type of question could you point me to a good one, I'm a little lost on this.


A:Company website not working properly internally

Anyone know a forum better suited to this type of problem?

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I have a external mybook hard drive that I have been using to store many of my media files in for the past few years and recently when I try to access the drive my computer says that the usb has malfunctioned, I have tried all of the USB ports on my computer but have come to the conclusion that it is the USB on the EHD itself that has malfunctioned because nothing else I hook to the computers USB will come up with that error.

So now I am trying to install the EHD internally, it is a regular hard drive just like the one I have in the computer allready but when I try to start the computer up it says the BIOS is not installed. I have tried setting the jumpers to tell the computer which drive is the master and which is the slave, I would like to just use the EHD as a storage drive.

Can anyone give me any information on what I might have to do to access this drive? Is it possible to install a bios to the drive without loosing the data on it allready, That is my main concern is preserving and accessing the data on the drive...

A:installing external hard drive internally

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Hello everyone,

I've got a Seagate Momentus hard drive taken from a laptop that I intend to use as an external storage device. When plugged directly into my laptop's hard drive slot, it works fine. When I try to use it externally with an enclosure, it is not recognised (on the same computer from which it was taken) by either Windows Explorer or Disk Management (yes I did a rescan).

When plugged into another laptop via the enclosure, however, it is detected in Disk Management, although not in Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, Disk Management doesn't provide me with any useful options for reformatting it. It simply says "no media", and doesn't detect any data or capacity. When using SeaTools for Windows while still plugged in externally with this secondary laptop, it fails virtually all tests and refuses a full data scrub.

I have since plugged the hard drive back into my primary laptop's hard drive slot (from which it was taken) and am running Seatools (so far, so good).

Any idea what's going on? How can I get this hard drive to operate as a normal external drive? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE - I reinserted the hard drive into my laptop, successfully reformatted it via Disk Management, chose not to assign it a drive letter, and I still have the same problems. My secondary laptop detects the hard drive when connected externally via USB hard drive enclosure within Disk Management, but not within Windows Explorer. More frustrating - wh... Read more

A:Hard Drive works internally, but not externally.

Maybe the external enclosure or USB cable is bad, that prevents Windows recognizing the drive? Try changing the USB cable or the enclosure...

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Our out of office assistant is only replying internally, never seen this before. Has anyone got any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] Out Of Office Assistant only working internally (Anyone?)

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Hey guys,

I recently re-installed W7 64bit, and ever since, my Maxtor 3200 external HDD does not show up.

It is recognised under device manager, but in 'my computer' it comes up with a different name (local disc) and is not clickable.

I thought that since the HDD lit up, and it was recognised by BIOS and device manager, the disk itself was fine, and the problem was the external HDD case, (and not the IO panel on the computer, as the HDD did not work in another system either)

In my desktop, there's a HDD cage with two HDD's in it. I want to temporarily replace the external HDD as the second HDD so I can copy the files over the the primary HDD.

There's a spare molex connecter in the case, but there is no slot for it on the external HDD, unlike the two inside the desktop.

Kind of unsure how to go about doing this?


A:Solved: External HDD not being recognised > Connecting Internally

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I have a recently newly built PC and I'm having some trouble with some Sata HDDs and getting them to work, I'll try provide as many details of the problem that I'm experiencing and also things I've already tried to hopefully save some time.
The OS SSD is working fine but I also have two Sata HDDs plugged in that windows sees but cannot use in any way, all I get is "location is not available" and "access denied" errors? If i remove the drives and plug them into an external USB dock they function perfectly but as soon as I put them back into the PC I cannot access them again?
Whilst connected internally I cannot format/partition in disk management nor can I change ownership in security settings. The only thing I have been able to achieve is to use the "CLEAN" function in diskpart in dos. Whilst in the external dock I can do everything including partition/format/set ownership and access as normal.
I've tried different ports on the mobo (SSATA & SATA) and Ive tried changing the bios setting to IDE & AHCI but no change. I downloaded MiniTool Partition Wizard but also no joy with it.
The two drives a WD 2TB & 4TB with no jumpers on them.
Has anyone got any ideas for me to try? I'm just about out of ideas


ps: in the attached pic it looks like I'm using a user without admin rights when I go to change ownership on these drives but I am! That's part of the problem, I only get this error on these drives not any others.

A:Sata HDD works in external dock but not internally?

What kind of external USB dock you have?
Did you bought them as a external HDD like WD Passport?
Don't ask me why, but WD Passport HDD uses electronic encryption so the only work on the external USB dock.

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i found this thread Hard Drive works internally, but not externally. which is opposite to my problem and its been a year since the last post. So i make a new thread.

As you can see in the title. My Hd drives works externally but not internally.

I have 4 HD`s

1.) ST31000528AS
2.) WD500AAKX
3.) WD6400AAKS
4.) ST500DM002 ( this is my local hd)

the rest is my other hd drive but not connected. Now i want to add atleast 1 or 2 hd to my computer. So I start adding the first one which is the #1 drive the ST31000528AS. I plug the cables to the hd then turn on my computer. But its always freezes at the bios screen then it will turn off automatically.

I tried all the other hd drives from 1-3 drives i listed above. They got the same results. So i searched about the problem and i found this thread Bios screen freezes on startup . I also used the disk clean command. To format my hd. But the problem still persists.

That problem occured only when i connect it internally but when i connect it externally its working fine. What do you think is the problem?

I tried replacing the sata cables and connecting it to different sata port. But got the same results :3

The Hard Drive J is the ST31000528AS. Connected externally and it`s working fine.

OS: windows 7 x64bit
CPU: Inter Core i5 3.10 GHz
Motherboard: H61H2-M12
Memory: Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4g (8gb overall)
GPU: AMD Radeon Hd 6670 DDR3 1GB
HD: ST500DM002
Power Supply : Generic 600 watts

A:Hard Drive works externally but not internally

Hello hinaruu!

Just to make sure if I have understood correctly.

You have 4 internal hard drive, one of them (ST500DM002) is your OS drive, which is 500GB SATA III. You have only the OS drive connected to the motherboard and when you try to connect any of the other three HDDs to any of the ports using multiple cables, your BIOS freezes and PC turns off? But you can without a problem connect the drives externally?

Are you receiving any messages, or beeping sounds from the motherboard? I would first advise you to back up anything important from the OS drive to another one.

Then disconnect your OS drive and plug it to another port and start the PC. Does it work? Then power off again, and plug one of the other three drives on the first SATA port where the OS drive previously was. Try powering up again. This should give you sense if the ports have a problem or the drives.

Then reset your BIOS. Carefully pull the CMOS battery out for about 15-20 seconds then put it back on place. Be very very careful! Then press the power button of the PC for 15 seconds to discharge any remaining power stored in the capacitors. By discharging the power, the CMOS memory will reset, therefor should reset the BIOS. Then connect the drives again, firmly, to data and power. Test again.

I see your motherboard has 4 SATA ports, which are SATA II. Some of the drives are SATA III, but the ports are backwards compatible, so this shouldn't be the issue. But I believe that your motherboard ports may be ... Read more

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Hi All, not sure if this is the right forum but im having an issue getting a cloned disk to work on a Dell Laptop.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude E7440 and its running Windows 7.

I have used a bootable Clonezilla USB drive to copy the internal 64 GB SSD to a usb adapter connected 500GB SSD. The clone completed successfully and upon booting the ssd drive connected through usb it works flawlessly.

However, when i remove the internal drive and replace it with the new cloned drive, it throws me a windows failed to start error on a black screen, and there are no options. It tells me to use a windows repair disc to fix it.

Any suggestions on why its only working when plugged in through the USB?

Any additional information you need from me?

A:Cloned SSD and it wont boot internally. Only boots from USB

When you cloned the drive, did you clone all partitions on the drive? If not that could be the problem. Second cloning is iffy at best and not always successful. Third when you clone you clone the entire drive or partition including bad sectors, bad data blocks, etc. Best option is to Image (backup) the entire drive - all partitions to a separate drive and then create the new drive from the backed up image.

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hey all,

i have an external hard disk, kinda like a laptop hard disk placed in a metal casing. the hard disk is 40GB and its around 3 years old. it is practically dying and its just trial and error if it works whenever i connect it to my laptop thru usb.

however, i was just wondering whether it is possible to physically reinstate it to a better condition, say fix the parts internally.

i reckon that my hard disk is at the state its in because of the obvious constant movement and shaking its been through, during its use. whenever i plug it into my computer, most of the time it is not detected, but on lucky days, usually on cold days for some reason, it works. i feel that maybe the casing has been pressed too close to the disk head and that whenever its 'hot' it contracts making it even compressed(?). just a theory.

so my question is whether it is possible (not practical) to fix this particular hard disk internally.

A:fixing an external hard disk internally

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I hope my question makes sense.  We've been looking into replacing our current remote control software.
We understand and know that there are many options available out there.
However, I brought up the question:  what is Microsoft using internally, within their company to remote control computers?
Not what Microsoft Support uses to remote control their customers, though.
Thank you.

Hector RP 2171

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This is coming internally form my computer..

I purchased Windows XP Home and installed it on my computer, but sometimes, especially if I am playing a game , it will make beeping noises, very much like the old arcade game PONG!!
I don't know what it is doing this, but I get the same sounds on different games, it will also do this when I am just in Windows and not playing a game.

This is internal and not from my speakers...
Any ideas?
Another Q I have is what is the diffeence between XP Home and Pro?

Thank you!

A:My computer is making beeping sounds internally all the time

There are a few diffrences between home and Pro, the obvious of the two being that pro looks more professional, a little neater.
Not sure about your noises though. sorry.

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A:Windows shutdown from internally but laptop power is ON cont...

As we have properly understood your issue you are facing issue in complete shut down of your laptop: Please follow these steps and let us know onc e it is done : While restarting computer, hit F10 to go to bios menu2. Once bio menu is up, hit F9 and choose yes to restoring the defaults3. Finally hit F10 to save and exit the bios menu

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Microsoft Swears It?s Thoroughly Testing Windows 10 Updates Internally

If you?ve been in the Microsoft ecosystem long enough, you probably know that the firm had and still has, but at a substantially reduced scale, a problem with updates, as many of these releases end up causing more harm than good on a number of PCs.

Living proof if the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (and obviously, Windows 10 cumulative updates) which is still causing issues for some users, including bugs that hide partitions and data stored on it.

Updates tested both internally and externally
There were complaints that Microsoft no longer has its own internal testers because of the reorganization started after the takeover of Nokia?s Devices and Services unit and which had thousands of people being laid off. But according to a statement released to ZDNet, Microsoft denies all of these and says it still has internal testers whose role is to determine issues with updates before they are released.

?Ensuring our customers have a positive experience with our products and services is incredibly important to us and we take the quality and reliability of our software seriously. When we deliver updates to more than 350 million devices, those builds have gone through extensive internal and external testing,? the statement reads.

?The vast majority of our customers have a high-quality, positive experience with our updates and our goal is an issue-free experience for everyone. For those who don't,... Read more

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Hey Techspotters.

I recently acquired a new Compaq Presario CQ56-101SA notebook with a 2 year warranty. Problem is after two weeks the display appeared with vertical and horizontal white lines and in the top left hand corner a bright white and blue 'blobbed' image appeared and has gotten bigger from top left heading to bottom right. I immediately informed Compaq/HP who arranged to have my laptop collected and sent for repair under warranty. I subsequently received a call from HP Engineering Dept that the LCD screen had been cracked inside (there is no physical external damage) due to undue pressure or 'knock' to the screen and that it was deemed as accidental damage and not covered under warranty! Now I can categorically say that to my knowledge, nothing untoward has happened to this laptop (it is 2 weeks old!!). I open it and then I close it and it has had normal use for the 2 weeks that i have had it. HP wanted £199 to fix it or alternatively return it free of charge unfixed. No amount of persuasive talk from me would change her mind so I opted to have the notebook returned to me. Now I could fix this as a new LCD screen is relatively cheap to purchase (£50-£70 online) but I fear that if I do this, it will invalidate my 2 year warranty.

Has anyone else had any similar issues with Compaq and HP notebooks or have I just been extremely unlucky here and suffered a 'night gremlin notebook attack'.

I would very much appreciate advice on w... Read more

A:Compaq CQ56 101SA notebook cracked LCD internally

I've had to install a new lcd screen in a toshiba about 3 years ago. I was very careful to not leave striped screws or scratched paint near any of the screw holes. a year later my hdd died and my laptop was still under warranty( extended which i purchased) and they installed a new hdd.

That was a few years ago and a different company. I'm not sure about other experiences, but in mine I believe since I didn't visibly damage anything they couldn't have known if I opened it or not at any time.

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can any one explain what will happen in terms of os level if we double click on a shared folder to open. please tell me what will happen if we access that folder from a different domain.

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Earlier this month, Microsoft seeded a new Windows 10 build 10122 to Windows Insiders, which was available for fast ring users. The build came with its own set of bugs and issues for those with an AMD GPU, as well as frequent Spartan and IE crashes. Earlier today, Microsoft's Windows Insiders head Gabriel Aul revealed a new Windows 10 build 10130 is being tested internally.

Windows 10 Build 10130 being tested internally, rumored to have 1,500 testers

A:Windows 10 Build 10130 being tested internally, rumored to have 1,500 testers

something wrong with this story. I am currently running build 10130 and I am certainly not an internal tester.

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Hey everyone, I have got a really strange problem. Any help would be appreciated!
I have a few small websites hosted on a fedora server, and on ANY WIRED WINDOWS box, when i go to visit the websites hosted on my server,

internally, the page does not load.

Sometimes parts of the page get loaded, some of the images etc, but the browser (firefox, ie, anything) never fully gets all of the data. It

just circles around and eventaully times out.

I can visit the outside world fine, any other site, but as soon as i go to an internal site on the very same wired client, they fail.

Here is some other information:

--> The server is hosted on a wired connection

--> When i boot up a wired machine with Fedora and request a page on an internal site, it works. windows, wired clients are the only ones

that fail.

--> If you go to our sites on any wireless connection, on any operating system on any type of box, they work.

--> I have tried using a HTTP tracing utility such as Fiddler, and it just circles around as well, no information regarding the request is


--> I have tried putting all the cards to 100megabit full duplex instead of auto negotatiated, still dont come up on windows.

I know the network, router etc are all good, because the same wired client booted on fedora works no problem, and the sites get served up to

the outside world just fine.

I know its a mouthful, but im beatin my brains out trying to figure this one out. Any help would be ... Read more

A:Cannot Visit Self-Hosted Sites Internally - Windows, Wired Connection

Can you post an IPCONFIG of a wired pc vrs a wireless windows PC?

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I've pulled my hair out for four hours trying to figure out what's wrong here. I have checked every setting on every configuration page for both routers looking for an issue, and everything is set up correctly. All internal subnet connections work and the external port tests work, but the connection still refuses when attempting externally. If anyone has any advice for what I might be missing, please tell me!

(I am posting from work, so I believe I have the models right, I will need to double-check this evening. Apologies in advance if the information is insufficient.)

The setup:
Two computers running RealVNC servers on a Linksys router. The router is connected to a D-Link router/modem, which then connects to my DSL provider. (Again, these models might not be exact--I'll double check tonight and clarify the models I'm using.)

The Linksys router creates a 192.168.2.X subnet. The Linksys router has an internal IP of The computers have static IP addresses of and The Linksys router has an external IP of

The D-Link router/modem creates a 192.168.1.X subnet. The D-Link router/modem has an internal IP of The router/modem has an external dynamic IP in the range of 184.7.X.X. I have also configured a freedns.afraid.org to route a static address to the dynamic address...for now, I'm keeping it manually updated, but will set up an auto-update later.

Forwarding and DMZ:

The .2.10 computer acc... Read more

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Hi,My pc monitor suddenly just stop working. But there isnt any port available to connect to another monitor. All my work is this pc and i need to extract them, is there anyways to do it? Also is it advisable to get it repair?

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I have a all in one HP OMNI 200 pc. The computer came with windows 7 but was upgraded to windows 10 about 6 months ago.   Was trying to do a recovery/reset and it froze up with the following message:RecoveryYour PC /device needs to be repaired.  The operating system couldn't be loaded because the kernal is missing or contains errors.File:/windows/system32/ntoskrnl.exeerror code 0xc0000221

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