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Simple webcam video recording program

Q: Simple webcam video recording program

I'm trying to put together a birthday video for my girlfriend with a collage of her family members singing happy birthday. Most of them have webcams but the problem is I don't know of a dead simple program that records video from a webcam - we won't be in the same physical place so I'll be emailing them instructions on how to record themselves that's why the program has to be dead simple and easy to use. Any ideas or recommendations?

P.S. - Most are running at least Vista

Preferred Solution: Simple webcam video recording program

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Simple webcam video recording program

Windows Movie Maker?

Or install the Windows Live suite (you can choose which modules you want). Then use Windows Live Movie maker.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

I just recently got an Acer 5920 laptop with a built in Acer Crystal Eye Webcam. Thing is, I'm not sure exactly how to go about recording a video on it. I can't find an option to do one, and when I open the actual webcam program, I can only click to take a snapshot. No video option.

Does this mean I just cannot make one at all? Or is there still a way I can go about it?

Many thanks

A:Recording video with built in webcam..?

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I have a Labtec webcam and when I choose to record a video then the picture on the monitor that shows what you're recording becomes choppy and very slow. Is this got to do with something like a codec?


A:When recording a video on webcam it's very choppy

This could be caused by a poor quality webcam or bad driver. What program do you use to view the picture on the monitor?

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I am using compaq notebook presario V3756TU. this notebook came with built-in webcam that is recognized as "USB Video Device" in Windows XP Pro 2002 (SP2). The property of this device says it was "Manufactured by Microsoft".

I never used this webcam for skype or yahoo messenger or live messenger. I only use this webcam on my windows xp platform to take pictures and record videos.

Recently, I found out that the Camera Tasks for this device has been reduced to taking and delete pictures only. It used to have video recording task before.

I don't know what is wrong. The diagnostics test even says "Your imaging device successfully completed the diagnostic test". Could it be due a missing software that was accidentally deleted/uninstalled? Or could it be due to the autorun worm that infected my notebook two months earlier. If it is a specific software, was it come together with windows xp? whether uninstallation/reinstallation of windows xp solve the problem?

Really need helps. Snapshot of my notebook display is attached. Thanks.

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Haven't done this for a couple years, forgot how.

I thought I had done it with Yahoo IM, but now I can't
seem to find anything that will let me do that.

The webcam turns on when I go into Yahoo IM, but
I don't want to IM or webchat, I want to record a video
clip with sound.

I can't even find the program for the webcam now in
the computer.

Is there a decent separate program I can use?

Or, can anyone steer me in the right direction so
I can just use my existing Yahoo IM program?

Thanks so much!

The folks I want to send little video / audio clips to
don't have webcams or IM, so just want to email them
video/audio clips.

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I have just bought a webcam and want to record me playing my guitar along to songs on my pc.

My webcam only has the option of webcam mic and audio input, so all it records is just my guitar which is plugged into the pc, and not the music playing off my WMP

i was wondering if there is a program or anything that could take my video and my output sound and put it together as full video without having to put my video and audio together seperately and try to sync up ?


A:Recording Webcam video and Pc outout audio together ?

Well there are some advanced programs that can sync the video and audio for you but I've never seen any of these programs for free. However syncing the audio and video isn't all that difficult with some decent editing software - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
This program can be a little complicated at first but there seems to be some decent documentation for it.

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So i'm thinking of making video clips or tutorials for games using a good software. I'd like it if its free, or considerably cheap. I've tried Fraps but the files were a little big and it slowed my computer down very low (though I still have it to record FPS). I've tried Growler Guncam and it didn't work with my computer (the "sound" and "gmp, jpg, etc" folders were hidden). I was thinking of getting Camtasia or CamStudio, but my friends said it is not good for gaming. I'm thinking of playing low-ish end games like Starcraft and Warcraft, just it shouldn't be a memory hog like Fraps...

Any suggestions?

A:Best Video-recording program?


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Is there a video program or I guess a survaillance camera program which can be set to:

1. record when turned on
2. record a certain amount of time of video then, overwrite the file after that time period has elapsed
3. record in a small enough format as to be able to store that data on a hard drive


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I'm trying to hook up my PS3 to my PC so I can record the gameplay. I also want to hook up my VCR so I can record some of my my tapes to the computer for safe keeping.

My comptuer came with S-video and Composite inputs, but it doesn't have a program to record off of them.

What's a good program for this?

A:Program for recording S-video and Composite.

There's a lot of good capture software out there, some of them free. I think the free version of Roxio has capture software. Check out http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/M...o_Capture.html

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Hello there!
I like to record videos for World of Warcraft Events and turning them into some nice basic videos for the attendees to watch. I use Fraps to record and Windows Movie Maker to edit (I know, shame on me).

Recently, black brackets has started to appear on the sides of my recordings, when I put them into Movie Maker, this sadly ruins the recordings for me, due to some of the effects I put on them.
I recently changed from my Laptop screen to a monitor (Medion - MD 30159) 16 units wide and 9 units tall. Very old monitor.
I have tried downloading different movie editing programs, and another recording program and nothing has removed the brackets. According to an online guide I found, then I should be able to remove them by clicking from standard to wide, in the Windows Movie Maker program, but this only moved the brackets from the top and bottom of the screen, to the sides.
Could the problem for this be that my old monitor's proportions does not fit with the recording/editing programs?
Would it help me if I got a new monitor with other proportions?
Is there any possible way that I can remove the brackets of my current recordings? As I would hate to loose them (In another editing program? Settings in windows? Anything!)
- I use Windows 10 on a Lenovo Notebook (I think)

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

A:Problems with recording resolution for video editing program

Depending on the software used, it will either record using the desktop resolution or give you the option to choose your own resolution. If you are getting black bars, you are not recording the desktop resolution.

For best results and clarity, you should be using the screens native resolution in Windows and your games. In this case, that appears to be 1440 x 900.

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I need a simple program where I can edit and then splice video clips. Maybe also convert different formats too. Don't know the full scope of it yet. Just know there are digital standard video clips that will play on a computer, most probably a few minutes long at the most. Haven't seen any of them yet. Guess each is in its own lil file.

I need to be able to edit them, splice them together in one long video in probably the same format. Probably then put it on a CD-ROM. Need the program to be a freebie. Only planning on doing this once.

Never done this before. Maybe something that can also do a text subtitle at the bottom. Or put text pages in between clips to explain what is coming next. Something free and easy to learn. Maybe more like a small utility, not some huge program that does everything. Don't know if any of these have sound or not. I guess they want it in a big hurry. I got nominated for the job.

A digital camera is about my experience with this sort of thing. Help.........


A:Need a simple program to edit and splice video clips

Windows movie maker comes free on windows pc. It is a simple yet powerful program and very intuitive for the beginner. Movie maker will give you a solid foundation in movie making.

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hello again. After the guys saved me in hardware, I need some assistance with choosing an internet program for my new webcam/mic. this webcam is supposed to be compatible with most (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, iChat,etc). which video web program is the easiest to use? My husband is not computer literate and in Afghanistan, so it needs to be as easy as possible to set up (another reason I got this webcam- supposed just hook into USB and you are ready to go). Thanks in advance

A:New to Video Chat- Just Got Webcam/Mic-which program to use?

I use Skype. Easy to use, webcam quality is always good.

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Well - the question may not be simple, but I'm hoping the answer will be...
I have Win7, Audacity 1.3.14 beta and Realtek sound card. I have recently been unable to record streaming audio with either audacity or soundrecorder. I have tried enabling stereo mix but the recording software doesn't work - ie, it is still recording only through the laptop speakers. When I last messed about with settings I ended up not being able to Skype because I botched the sound. I hear you can put a male to male jack from audio out to audio in.

I've now bought that cable but the sound I get is slushy and distorted. Does anyone know what settings I should use on audacity to record more clearly?

Please let me know if you need more info.


A:Simple recording question

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I'm in IL and my daughter's family is moving to CO. I am therefore, now very interested in a webcam. I know absolutely nothing about them, but am looking at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=470938631&pf_rd_i=507846.

If anyone has any pros or cons on this one I would appreciate hearing from them. I would get one for myself as well as one for them.

My Question is this: Is there a way to record our web visits for later playback?


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I just got a new laptop which has a built in webcam. I was going to try it out by recording some videos. The software that came with my pc "Acer Crystal Eye" Dosn't seem to record so I was hoping I could do it with Windows Movie Maker on Vista but there dosn't seem to be anyway to record or even get my webcam to show up. Is there something I'm missing or will I have to use another programme?


PS - Sorry if this question has already been asked!

A:Recording from webcam

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hey is there a free program i can download so i can record webcam convos cause my gf webcams with me all the time and i was wondering if there was a way i could record it,

let me know,


A:recording webcam

...try this

WebCam Recorder by Solent Software

Free to try but $25.00 to buy
Requires Win 9x/NT/2000

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I have a Logitech Webcam and i've had it for a while. I think there is something defective with the software or something. It used to work, then it just stopped and now everytime I click "record" my computer gets a blue screen for second then reboots itself. Why? Can anybody help me fix that? It also happens when i'm trying to audio record something while playing a video at the same time. I think the audio and the video aren't clicking with eachother and it's causing my computer to restart. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I want to record from a webcam, mounted on a vehicle.

I need to use 2 displays, 1 for the camera fullscreen 7? display (HeadsUp), and the other displaying the software controls.

Any suggestions for the hardware/software?

Mac OS preferred but can go with PC

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I recently purchased a new webcam, and it seems to work fine when using Skype. However, when I try using Windows Movie Maker to make a movie, it doesn't seem to be recording right. When I play back the video the speed is 3 or more times faster than normal. I've tried another video recording program and it's the same issue.

When recording, the time elapsed also seems to be off. That is, rather than showing seconds passed in actual time, it seems to be slow...so 1 second elapsed on screen actually takes 2-3 seconds of real time to record.

The webcam came with no drivers, and I can't find any online.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing the issue?

A:New webcam recording issues


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Sorry, just moved my post to here.


I have a Philips streamline laptop. Built in webcam, but I can't seem to get the webcam to record a video.
Any help?

A:Recording with a built in webcam


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Hello everyone.

Does anybody know of any free webcam recording software?

I want to be able to record the webcam I am viewing in either msn or yahoo messebger. Is it possible to do this?

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I have an Acer laptop, with a Crystal Eye Webcam running Windows Vista.

I am looking for a free video capture program that I can use to record video using my webcam - can anyone recommend a good program?

With thanks

A:Solved: Webcam Recording

Problem has been solved.

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I've just bought a Genius Webcam. The software doesn't work so I'm looking for an alternative. I'm not interested in broadcasting to the net, so I don't need that kind of software.

I'm using MSN for talking to friends, so that part is cared for. What I'm interested in is some free software that will allow me to:

Record in .avi or .mpeg format;
Change resolutions;
Adjust image quality, contrast, etc.; and
Take snapshots.

And could someone tell me about frame rate? This camera is rated at a maximum of 30fps, but the image is slow. I'm on 512kb broadband & those I've spoken to using MSN are also using broadband. Our computers are also quite fast. Any suggestions?


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Hi. I recorded a video via webcam using an aplication and it has 4gb. When I try to play it, Bsplayer or VLC player is unable to open the file or play it. Could you tell me, please, what can I do to be able to see the recorded video? Thank you very much.

A:unable to play webcam recording

What application was used? What is the file type?

Open the file with Mediainfo ( https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo ) and post a screenshot of the file specs.

Having said all of that, if it won't open with VLC, the file is (most likely) trash.

Depending on the file type, the end of the file wasn't written, the file was corrupted, or you are using a FAT32 formatted drive and reached the 4GB file limit which caused one of the above.

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A few weeks ago, I tried out my HP Webcam for the first time, and it worked fine. Since then, I downloaded several programs. Now it records only video, but not audio. I uninstalled the programs (one was a third-party webcam app), and reinstalled the audio driver, but it still does not work. I need to use it for a school project. Help!

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My Acer Aspire 5732Z Windows 7 laptop is only 5 months old and was absolutely fine up recording sound and video and playing through the speakers until yesterday when I tried to use the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and it came up with the message "Camera no found!".
I then tried to play some music and when I hovered over the speaker symbol on the taskbar (which has a red circle with a white cross on it) it said "No Audio Output Device is installed". I clicked on it and reinstalled the driver device, to which I clicked "Apply this fix" and it replied "Problems found - Realtek High Definition Audio has a driver problem - Not fixed".
I then checked whether I could record sounds or not through the Sound Recorder and it said "An audio recording device cannot be found." I clicked on "OK" which then took me to the Sound window, where under both the Playback and Recording tabs, it said "No audio devices are installed."
I am very confused as I have never before had any trouble recording or playing sound or video from the webcam so please help!!

A:Webcam, speakers and sound recording.

Check Problem Devices report

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post

Generate and attach a DirectX report

click Start->Run, enter dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)


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I share a computer with my girlfriend and there is a webcam on it. Without going into too much detail, the webcam was recording at an inappropriate time without my permission. Is there anyway I can find that file because it is highly sensitive? Is there anyway I can trace its existence anywhere on the computer? Is there hope for me even if it has been deleted/ and or moved to an offline storage because I need to find that file on my computer.

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Hi. I recorded a video via webcam using an aplication and it has 4gb. When I try to play it, Bsplayer or VLC player is unable to open the file or play it. Could you tell me, please, what can I do to be able to see the recorded video? Thank you very much.

A:unable to play webcam recording

Which format is file ?

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I installed QuickCam 6.0.1. When it came to testing the microphone I could not get a recording.
I tried using the Quickcam's default sound and also tried using the
alternate sound software. Nothing works. I did check to see that the mike is plugged in to the correct jack. I also did a remove and a clean re-install of the s/w. Any suggestions?
My laptop is a Toshiba, with a built-in web camera, but I want to use the features
of the Logitech camera (I can use it for spot some animal that is in my garden).
Any ideas are welcome.

A:Logitec webcam, not recording sound

is the web cam built in?

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I am using Windows 8.1 and an Asus notebook.

I have an external webcam on my desktop (Logitech HD C 270) and when I went to install, it said the notebook did not have enough resources.

What is it that I need to check (which particular specification of the notebook) when getting an external webcam for the notebook?


A:[SOLVED] Switching Webcam and Recording On USB Connected Device

How many other usb devices are plugged in.

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The DELL webcam central is not working...it is not taking pictures or recording videos. The last time I was successfully able to record a video was Friday, September 2. I tried using the webcam central today and no luck. The webcam central records no audio and no video. 
There has been a major software update from Microsoft and/or DELL within the past few days. Not sure if that's what is causing the problems.
Can anyone offer any suggestions or advice to get the DELL webcam central software working again?

A:Dell webcam central not taking pictures or recording videos

Always include your model computer and operating system when posting a question. Also mention what program you are using to record video or take pictures.

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Hi please tell me which program is good to use with which I can record the sound from my microphone as well as here at the same time from the speakers connected to the computer.

A:which program to use for recording

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I Have Nero and have ben tring to use it to put my MP3's files on a DVD disk and be able to play on a Home DVD Player that plays MP3's. My players all play MP3's files form a DATA CD disc fine.But all the players say can't read disc.

Do i need another program to do this? Can it be done? If so How do you do it..What settings do i use etc, etc. I've even tried to burn the disc using a program that burns music(MUSICMATCH)

Just want to store all my MP3's on a larger format to take up less space.
There must be a way to do this..Does the DVD player have to be able to play DVD AUDIO?

Thanks for any help.

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Does anyone know a program that could record like Hypercam 2 but could also record the sound that was suppose to come out of the speaker but mute? I'm just saying that i want a program that could record the audio and the game i playing in mute but have sound on the video that i recorded.

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Hello there!
I chatted with a Microsoft technician and he referred me to this forum.
I would like to download the same screen recording program as Microsoft use to record the tutorials on the Windows website (if you have no idea what they use, please suggest another program (but let me know if Microsoft are using it or not)).
Here's one of the videos: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/help/videos/personalizing-your-pc#tab=newto
Please c/p this link, I'm not able to post links until my account is verified.
Also, how can the screen recording program in the video be invisible? There are no running programs in the taskbar.

I don't know if I posted this in the right forum category.


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Anyone know of a nice audio recording program, I need one really bad and I have the cash to get a nice one, so this is what I ask;

That I can record music directly on the computer with it

(is that even possible) - yeah I dont know EVERYTHING about computers ;-)

A:Nice Recording Program

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Hello! I could really need some help choosing a good screen recording program. The program needs to be able to record my screen live, like someone can stream my screen via a third party program. What has the best quality?

Please answer quick.


A:The best screen recording program - Which one?

Have you looked at Camtasia from TechSmith?

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I have seen people take snapshots of their boot screens.

I am looking for a program like that... but not really.
Well, I am looking for on that can record what ever happens on a monitor. I am running on a trimonitor set up so it needs to be able to record on either a specific monitor, or all three. I would like it to be able to autostart. I would like it to record keystrokes as well but that is optional.

I am looking for 1 program, or multiple programs. Any suggestions?

A:Request for a Recording Program.

See if one of these 3rd party apps will work for you:

1. FastStone Capture 5.3 (last freeware version) It captures rectangular/active screen or area, freehand area, and also captures a scrolling screen.

2. CamStudio

3. ScreenHunter, which can do a scroll capture, but only on the Pro version, which is not free. Check "Activate Auto Scroll", then use "Capture Window Control."

4. PicPick - Check "Activate Auto Scroll", then use "Capture Window Control."

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I would like to record a radio program that is run on Saturdays & I am not at home at the time of the program & my tape deck does not have timed feature for recording. I am wondering if I can set the time on my PC and possibly record the program with my CD-RW drive? I am running XP on a Pentium III.
Would like any suggestions. Thanks - Monique

A:Recording a radio program

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i have a fm radio comming into my sound cards line in jack. is there a program out there that is designed to record a line in source and that has a timer for the recording to start and stop?

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I have been using a program called Audacity for a couple months. One day I tried to record something of the internet. It didn't work! I originally thought it was the website, but then I tried it with one of MY songs on itunes, and It didn't work.

This all happened after using a microphone and recording that. I'm running windows XP. Thats really all I know about it sorry...


A:Recording Program Problem

Check the dropdown box to the right of the mic icon. Choose the appropriate source.

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Hey guys, just thought I'd share this with ya!

I found a great program called MP3myMP3 (CNET Review here: MP3 My MP3 Recorder - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com) that records sounds that your PC makes.
In other words, the sound that YOU hear from it.
E.G. If you wanted to record an error sound that Windows Makes (I know that they're in C: Somewhere this is just an example) you'd just press record and then play the sound and press stop. Simple.

Just thought I'd share as it came in handy for me.

(P.S. If this is breaking Forum Rules 5,7 or 11, feel free to remove it Got to keep a good rep )

A:Great Program for Recording Sounds

Thanks for the heads up!

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I have the ion usb turntable, but cannot hear the LP with my computer speakers. Instructions say I can record with audacity, but am unable to upload file into program.

A:not recording LP to computer w/ audacity program

It's very important to follow the audacity instructions from page 4 to page 8 thoroughly. Skip a procedure or do it out of sequence and you will have problems.

Here is the Audacity forum for some good info.


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I need a voice recording program that meets the following requirements:
I want 16-bit voice recording
It must be capable of voice-activated recording.
It must be configurable so that if the computer is rebooted, it will open and run the voice recording program and start recording without user attendance.
I have one here called SoundForge; but, I can't configure it to start recording without user participation if the computer reboots. At least, if there is a way, I can't see it.

A:Need recommendations on voice recording program

Sound Forge might be able to do it with a script. I would go over to this website Sound Forge forum and see what they have to say: http://www.sonymediasoftware.com/forums

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Okay, so I use Recordpad version 4.18 for some recording work I do with my cousin, we chose the program because it writes the sound file as it's recording (We tried Audacity before which doesn't do that, it was a pain to work with), and it also has a setting that stops the current recording and makes a new one after a set time (2 hours in our case).

Now the only problem is there's about a 1.8 second delay between the recording stopping and the new one starting up, so if we're saying something at that point it'll get partially cut off. I don't know if this is because of recordpad or because of the computer, so I thought I'd ask.

Do any versions of recordpad have a more acceptable delay between recordings, or no delay. Or would anyone be able to recommend me a sound recorder that has the same feature with a better delay?

A:Need a sound recording program suggestion

I don't use that software (I have a recording studio using Sonar X3) but I would suspect the delay is the time between the program finalizing the first recording and initializing for the next recording period.

From what I see of the program it is probably the best for your situation, since you don't like Audacity. Other recording studio programs, such as my Sonar or any other will work the same as Audacity.

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