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Cisco PCF

Q: Cisco PCF

I am looking to edit a single atribute in a .pcf file (Cisco Vpn Client File)

I am looking for a (VBS) script that will change the line
Host=117.XXX.13.XXX with Host=XXXXVPNXXX.ABCD.IN

We have over 300 pcf files with difrent names.
The localtion were the file is in is C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\Profiles\"filename".pcf

We have multiple PCF file' want to change the one pcf file.

The idea is to push this script to all client running the CISCO VPN Software


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Preferred Solution: Cisco PCF

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a Cisco catalyst 3500xl I ran the standard installation and entered a ip subnet and gateway that's all i'm new to Cusco but I want my ports all have internet access but not sure how

A:[solved] Cisco switch configure Cisco catalyst 3500xl

First question is what type of ISP service do you have and how many devices? If you want to connect 5 devices, you'll need 5 static IPs from your ISP. The reason is that 3500xl switch is a layer 2 switch only. Which means there is no routing /layer 3 functionality.

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Cisco does provide occasionally good study and reference material for free. It is well worth the registration to be on this list because this is the fourth offer I have received from them on material that is otherwise very espensive to get.

Thought I would share this with those who are interested in Cisco and its products.

The link is www.cisco.com/go/mssmbetour1 a walk thru their site you will find other white papers and books available for little or no cost and when your learning Cisco cost is a major consideration.

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I am trying to open up passive ftp to pass threw my network. The problem I have is with ftp data getting out to a server else where. The client on my network never gets a connection to the server and the file doesn't get transfered. Regular active ftp works fine. The problem has to be in my access-list somewhere.

Here are the lines in my access-list that might matter:

access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq ftp
access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq ftp-data
access-list 101 deny tcp any any
access-list 101 deny udp any any

now the ftp-data line shouldn't that let in any ftp traffic coming in?

would I have to try something like this:
access-list 101 permit tcp any eq ftp-data any gt 1023

Any suggestions I will have to do in off hours so I don't interupt any traffic.

Thanks in advance,

A:Cisco IOS 12.1 on Cisco router

Is this a standard FTP port they are trying to connect to? The data connections use a wide rang of ports for the transfer of data, so limiting it to a specific port won't work. According to your access list the ftp-data is being allowed from any to any.

BTW, the remote server needs to support PASV.

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anyone know where I can download the Cisco VPN client?

A:Cisco VPC cli

You can download it from the Cisco website here, it is found under Products > Security > Virtual Private Networks (VPN)> Cisco VPN Clients > Cisco VPN Client. However you need a valid service contract associated with that login to allow you to download it.

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Before the examination, I found 350-001 exam from examkiller.net, and then spent three days to remember them, so I passed the examination every easy.
If you want down it, please come in http://www.examkiller.net/350-001.html , you will see "Donwload Free sample", you can click it.

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Q: Cisco

Does any one know what is a Router Module Catalyst 5xxx WS-X5155 ATM Blade? What does Module mean? can any one plz explain that to me, thanks.

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hi there, my work allows me to vpn in from home to remotely access my network files. unfortunately the cisco vpn software we have available to us does not install on 64 bit systems... and i've also heard does not even work on any version of vista. does anyone out there have a different solution?


A:Cisco VPN for x64

Hi namonaki, it looks like you may be out of luck without upgrading hardware ~ Andy Leonard : Cisco VPN Client and Vista x64

EDIT: You may consider setting up VM to run your Cisco VPN in a 32 bit environment.

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Hi friends.....anybody expertise in same or wanna discuss few things

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I have a laptop that I use to connect to my workplace and for some reason it just quit working. I am using a Cisco VPN client software and I keep getting "Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding". I have tried the following:
-made sure that my windows firewall turned off
-tried turning my stateful firewall on and off
-tried using IPSec over UDP
-tried using IPSec of TCP
-I have made sure I have an internet connection
-I am plugged directly into my modem

Can some one help


A:cisco vpn

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Hi all,
I am facing problem with intermediate disconnection in cisco vpn 5.0 in a day alsomost 5 to 10 times. if any one give suggestion it will help to fix this issue.

Operating System: Windows 7
VPN: Cisco VPN 5.0

Note: I did reinstalled the VPN and drivers.

A:Cisco VPN

Did you talk to the VPN support staff?

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I have a cisco 2514 series router, DSL, a win98 machine, nt (server) machine and a 2k machine. I'd like to run the dsl into the router and give Internet access to the other machines. My IP address from the provider is DHCP (not static). So my question is what would be the best way to configure this. Should I run the dsl line into the router or run the dsl into my win 98 machine and use it as a gateway? Any detailed advice would be helpful Thanks

A:DSL and cisco

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I'm currently using cisco wifi (WAP4410N). I really don't have any idea how to fix this. I cannot open so that I can setup a password.
"Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

I've done that already.

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I have a Cisco PIX515E-R and I will like to set up a VPN tunnel together with a Netgear ADSL router. I want to access a network at work from my computer at home.

A:Set up VPN with Cisco PIX....Help

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When I try to login to a VPN using a Cisco client the following happens.

"Initializing the connection"
""Contacting the security gateway at ..."

Then just stops and goes back to "Not connected"

No error messages. If I use an incorrect password, same thing - no error message.

If I put in an incorrect host name - or use a connection that blocks the ports, I receive an error, so it can contact the host.

I've tried 2 different Net connections.

It was working fine, then just stopped.

Does anyone know why?

Running 32-bit Windows XP - a company provided laptop.


A:Cisco VPN

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Where can I find a CBT for Cisco systems? I'm looking for really basic training.

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Im am getting an error in my event log.

TrueVector driver: Driver install or load failure: LoadNTDeviceDriver win32 error.

I know that this file has to do with zone alarm. I dont have that install. But I do have Cisco VPN 4.7 installed which installs a version of zone alarm for the firewall. I have read that you can remove that file from the registry and that error will go away. Well for the VPN to work right, it has to have that file. how would I stop getting this error when I need that file installed?

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I have a Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator at one site and at a remote site a Cisco 3002 Hardware Client. I can ping everything both ways through the network. Using LMHOSTS files I can map drives to the server. But I can not get the clients on the remote side to login into the domain, also i can not print to prnters on the opposite side of the vpn. Any Ideas. I feel like I am close.

A:Cisco VPN Problem

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This is unreal thwe problems that I am having with this router but here we go again. I am tring to install a feature pack on this router but I'm have this one problem. I have it hooked up to the back for ethernet and console for hyper terminal. I try to install the software from a cd it runs through the process and backs up just fine, then the weirdest thing happends the software changes the ip address of the ethernet port and the subnet mask when it ry's to put the new software on it can no longer communicate. I have tried several different cd's and still the same thing. I even tried changing the ip address of my PC and subnet to match then used a crossover cable to connect direct and still the same thing happends. I am out of ideas please help me I really need it. Thank you.

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I have a Cisco 875 router w BellSouth ADSL service at home and cannot seem to get this routter to SYNC. I was thinking that as soon as it is plugged into my line this router should sync, Also has anyone ever gotten one of these things to operate on Bellsouths ADSL service? I know that QWEST is big on these things, I think I just need some configuration "HELP" please!!!

A:Cisco 827 has no Sync

There is some setup involved in getting the router to work with the ADSL modem. Here's the link to go to that has all the info on setting this up.


It appears that you have to log into the router and do some minor setup to get it to work.

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I have a Cisco 7200 Router -- (Console Cable) -- at the end of start up I am unable to get to the command prompt. I see that all the interfaces are down and it looks like it is at the end and there should be a command prompt -- but nothing -- a let it sit for a few minutes, but nothing. Any ideas or good websites. Thanks

A:Cisco 7200

closing duplicate, please don't post the same problem more than once. If you don't get a response you can ask the mods to move it to another forum after a day or so with the report thread button.
View thread here http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?threadid=46739

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Once again I have a problem with the 2600 series routers from cisco. This time my protocols for both my serial ports will not stay up. I go into the interface and tell it no shudown and they come up but about 2 minutes later they both go down. I am really begining to hate this thing. LOL please help

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If anyone know of any good resources for the A+ exams and MCSE and possibly later on down the line CISCO please let me know. Books, web sites or other materials.

Greatly Appreciated


Is there a better forum that handles this type of question? Here on TSG or elsewhere?

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with Cisco ASA5510 using ASDM 6.3 software , who could answer some configuration question and give me some tips.


A:Cisco Firewall

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Where is a good place to get the cisco router commands? I am having trouble with the book that we are using. Half the commands that are in there do not work. Even when they are typed in the right way please, there must be a better way.

A:Cisco commands

try this

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Hey guys,

I have a networking question. The network i'm working on is build up of 3 cisco switches, divided into 10 different VLANs, VLAN2-VLAN11. In order to make communication possible between devices that belong to different VLANs, i thought i can assign an ip address to each device. So when i tried to do that, it didn't work and i had to take off the device from the VLAN in order to assign the IP address to it. Does anybody have an idea about VLAN Configuration?

Another question that falls in the same category; My laptop is connected to one of the ports for the configuration purposes. So when i tried to assign this port to a VLAN i got kicked out of the switch console.


A:Cisco 3560

valides said:

Hey guys,

I have a networking question. The network i'm working on is build up of 3 cisco switches, divided into 10 different VLANs, VLAN2-VLAN11. In order to make communication possible between devices that belong to different VLANs, i thought i can assign an ip address to each device. So when i tried to do that, it didn't work and i had to take off the device from the VLAN in order to assign the IP address to it. Does anybody have an idea about VLAN Configuration? Click to expand...

Yeah, you need to do some reading.

Here's a quickie.

Each switch needs:
conf t
vtp mode server (only do this on one sw, others do vtp mode client)
vtp domain-name RTFM
vtp version 2
vtp pruning on
spanning-tree mode rpvst
spanning-tree root priority 1 (do this on one sw only)
cdp run
vlan 1
name mgmt
vlan 2
name access
int vlan 1
descr mgmt
ip add 10.123.123.x (where x is IP of sw)
no shut
int vlan 2
descr For your laptop
ip add
no shut
int gi0/24
descr Cross Connect
switchpo mode tru
switchpo trunk encap dot1q
no shut
int gi0/1
descr Connect to laptop
switchpo acc vlan 2
no shut
go to your second switch
interface range gi0/1 - 23
switchport acc vlan 2
no shut
int gi0/24
switchpo mode trunk
switchpo trunk encap dot1q
no shut


The interface vlans are called SVI's. If you put your laptop on switchport in vlan 2 and give it ip add of 10.123.... Read more

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Im selling a Cisco 871 w/Adv IP Services, Brand New in Original Box, unopened, for $199 on Ebay. Check it out:

A:Cisco 871 w/Adv. IP Services

Just before they pull your post, £269.42 inclusive of VAT in the uk with k9 IOS only, get it on uk ebay, thats over $500!!! You could sell it like a flash for £175 - 180 easy (plenty plenty cheap to the buyer) and still charge reasonable postage on top! Top sells are wic-1adsl and pix 501.

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I am trying to add this to my computer and I go through there steps and then get an error message. I have tried everything and cannot get it to work. I cannot use out Netflix. Can you help? Thank you

A:Cisco router

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Dear all,

I am trying to connect to my workplace VPN via my wireless router and am having some problems.
I use Cisco VPN client 4.0.3
The connection is set via UDP. IPSec is enabled in the wireless router
I can successfully connect to the VPN and receive an IP. However I can not connect to some of the services like e-mail (outlook), Mapped drives, sometimes they work though.
I can use the internet and connect to some of the internal webservers.
The connection is fine when I use Dial up connection or connect using my Broadband modem ( via USB).
The problem occures only when I use my Wireless router. No firewall is enabled on the router.
Here are the Block entries from the VPN client Log.

747 12:06:57.589 07/17/07 Sev=Info/4 FIREWALL/0x63A00003

711 12:05:39.308 07/17/07 Sev=Info/4 FIREWALL/0x63A00003

Please advice.

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I'm cleaning house, what does the Cisco module do?
I suspect it came with the laptop.

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I fixed my problem from yesterday, but i can't seem to update something called Cisco NAC Agent. I click the repair option, i click update, but it refuses to update. I installed all windows updates except Windows Live. What should i do?

A:Cisco Won't Update

If no one has any suggestions, Cisco does have a support forumhttp://forums.cisco.com/eforum/servlet/NetProf?page=main

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Hi folks,

I work in an enterprise environment and our users have Cisco VPN Client Version installed on their laptops. One of my customers recently got a new Common Access Card. We changed her client configuration to adjust for the correct cert, but she was still unable to VPN in. After closer inspection, we discovered that after changing the cert that she needs to VPN in, and then clicking Save, when we re-open the configuration, it has been changed back to a different cert. If I change the config manually by editing the .pcf file and then saving, when I re-open the file, the CertStore field has blanked itself out. This problem occurs before we even try to make the connection.

We have tried the following things to resolve this issue:
1. Uninstalling and re-installing VPN.
2. Installing older versions of VPN.
3. Other users log onto her machine and do not have this problem.
4. She logs onto other machines that she has never used, and she has this same problem.
5. Tried re-loading her certs.
6. She went to try to get her CAC replaced on the off-chance that the chip was bad, and they refused to replace it since the CAC passes their tests.

We are completely out of ideas here. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

James T.

A:Cisco VPN Issue

Have you tried AnyConnect? This might work: Uninstall Cisco client from user's PC completely
User connects using AnyConnect
When AnyConnect does not find existing client it downloads and installs the correct one automatically
Read more: AnyConnect SSL VPN Client Web Deployment* [Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager] - Cisco Systems


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Hello, I have recently inherited a pix 501 vpn router that powers up and I can get to the set ip address. Of course it gives me the login/password screen which I have NO CLUE! of. I've downloaded all the info from Cisco but they don't offer a way of a hard reset that I see anywhere so I can reset ips and passwords to factory defaults.
Has anyone had a chance to work with these routers before that could offer some advice?
Thanks as always in advance!

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In our office of 5 people we are using Cisco VPN. If one person logs on, it is fine and works, however if anyone else logs on, it will drop the internet connection/emails, then proceed to disconnect people from the VPN. We have another member of staff who works in the office next door and when she connects to the VPN using the same token, she has no issues and can continue, and we are not affected. Sometimes (once in a blue moon) we can all be connected with little to no issues, but this doesn't happen often.

This has been going on for some months and we have to restart each individual PC when we get disconnected. We have asked our IT company who we sub-contract out and they are unable to resolve this, however, have not looked into this in much depth.

Does anyone have any ideas of why this is happening? All 5 members of staff need to be connected to the VPN at all times, however we seem to spend most of our time in the office trying to re-connect and waiting for computers to re-start and such.

We are using Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit OS. We are all so frustrated with this so I have taken this upon myself to sort out. I have search forums all afternoon in regards with this.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

A:Cisco VPN Disconnecting

To the best of my knowledge. Some NATs can detect the call ID “conflict” and will modify them to keep the multiple VPN connections unique. The NAT must have a PPTP editor to allow this. This of course isn’t something router manufacturers generally advertise on their spec sheets. You will need to go digging around on their website to find. For example on the Netgears routers VPN support page, you will see some Netgear routers only support one VPN connection; this will be where they can’t modify the call ID’s while some other Routers that could support multiple VPN connections. So kindly contact your router support center and make sure it's support multiple VPN connections.

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Could any body let me know that,
What is VPN? What is Cisco Any Conect VPN?
What is using for?
Best Regard,

A:Cisco Any Connect VPN

Hi from Sevenforums,

What is a VPN look below:

Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

VPN client look below:

Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope it helps.

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Hello all, I am very new to the world of cisco routers and needed to see if anyone can help me. We have ordered two T1's for two of our offices to connected them via a PPP. We have to configure our own routers to have the two offices connect to each other. We have cisco 1721 routers with a T1 WIC. There will be no bandwidth hooked up to these lines as it is just going to be used to connect the two offices together for document storage. Sounds like an overkill right, well there are over 1.4 million documents that need to be scanned in and transferred from office a to office b. Each office has over a million docs to scan so thsi was the solution we were instructed to go with. In any case I need help in configuring these routers, of course there is no other information from the telco other then they are the basic ESF Frame and b8zs Linecode. I am assuming we are going to have to configure an internal ip on these systems to allow the systems that will be plugged into the router to talk to each other. Can anyone shed any light on any of this for me. I have been going through all the docs and test configs on cisco.com but nothing seems to be correct. Thanks

A:Cisco Config

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hi all, i have got a cisco 2425 modem/router from our cable company.yesterday i tried to fta through my internet explorer/and mozilla firefox.i have put in my ip address and username and password.and i cannot get through.i have turned off the firewalls and still no success.when i had my old netgear it was no problem.i have read on other sites that cisco have different things built into them.i rang the cable company and all they told me was to turn off the firewalls,which i did even exceptions in internet explorer tab.

any ideas lads.
regards jhaye2x

A:cisco router

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I have a Cisco 7200 Router -- (Console Cable) -- at the end of start up I am unable to get to the command prompt. I see that all the interfaces are down and it looks like it is at the end and there should be a command prompt -- but nothing -- a let it sit for a few minutes, but nothing. Any ideas or good websites. Thanks

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Just a quick question. I think this is the right place as it is networking.

I am about to try and learn and hopefully get a CCNA. I am building a few computers to produce my network but would like to ask something.

Where, apart from CISCO, would you get a CISCO network from? I'm after the hubs, etc, not a lead from one to the other, so that I can simulate the entire network. Need Routers, etc.

The book I have is from Sybex and although you can do some stuff without a network, there is some hands on exerience.

I would appreciate any help, no matter how easy. I understand TCP/IP but still stuck on Subnetting.

What I am really interested in is what do I actually need to get started? I'm in the CISCO site and there's tons.

Thank you in advance


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I will sugust you to study hardware type some course, to get knowlege who computer works and if a hardware occors a problem then you will be able to replace the hardware like NIC card, RAM, etc
Because if you are going to do a network job no company will let you practice in a live envoirment.
Being a network expert I will sugust you to study MCSE first because this is the base of all networks and the things will be teached you quite deeply and all the LAN work as windows
Cisco Certification
LAN is the first step.
WAN is 2nd step like cisco’s CCNA, CCNP CCIE are the studies available.
In LAN you will learn who to take care of a network of 500 PC’s
but in WAN it will be teached that how to handle the trafic going towards internet and how rapidly it should work.
Without basic you cannot go up.
In LAN or MCSE will teach you some Remote desktop, how to logon others PC even you are sitting in London and you are using a PC which is in Newyork. and very Important
OSI refrence model
In which it is teached about the 7 layers of computer and on which layer what task is performed. In detailed In WAN Layers is every thing how the layers work and which layer performs which task.
If your basic concepts are not strong you will have difficulty to uderstand the WAN technology.

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I have the following: One cisco 2514 router, a DSL connection, and several host machines. I'm attempting to run my DSL line into int E0 and configure int E1 for the host machines to access internet thru. I recently aquired cisco config maker to make life a bit easier. I ran the Config maker program, and entered the following info: For int E0 I gave the ip info from my provider which is: 4.*.*.* and subnet For int E1 i put in the following made up address I enabled nat and specified the following pool of address' I allowed the config maker to reconfig the router with the previously mentioned info. from the routers command line I can ping the 4.*.*.* address but I can not ping int E1's address. Upon closer inspection via show interface E0, I see that it says int e0 is up and line protocol is up. When I issue the same command for int E1, it says int e1 is up line protocol is down. I'm assuming that is the problem here(line protocol is down), what does that mean? Any help is really appreciated

A:cisco config for NAT

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I am looking to setup a secure vpn connection from my laptops to my office and use a RDP connection to a server. I have a ASA 5510. Which is better for a vpn ASA client or MS RRAS? Also,I want to do the following if possible: redirect the USB GPS to the RDP connection (it's a Delorme yellow brick usb gps). If this is not possible (I have not found a way to do it as of yet) then I will run the GPS on the laptop with the application that uses it. I was hoping though to run all of my applications through the RDP session to have minimal software on the laptop. Please let me know your opinions and ideas. Thank you in advance.

A:RRAS or Cisco VPN with RDP

Are you doing this over a WAN connection?

If you can get RRAS or any other VPN client working on a Cisco firewall/router, post up what you did because I have tried with the built in IPSEC client in XP and the Netgear ProSafe VPN client. Neither of which work.

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I work for a County Government and I am trying to install and use a VPN. I have installed the software and can connect to VPN but when I try to Login to use network I get the following message: Network Path Not Found. I tried mapping the drives myself and it will not work. Any ideas?

A:Cisco VPN Client 3.5.X and XP


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Anyone have expertise on this specific firewall. The unit is no longer sold or supported by Cisco. I am looking for a VPN client that would work with th unit.

A:Cisco PIX 506 Firewall

It sounds like you want to use the Cisco Pix to just route VPN packets. You can create VPN connections from Windows (if you use that OS). You shouldn't need any 3rd party software.

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I am changing the wic on a cisco 1700 router from a t1dsu/csu to a 1enet. Is there anything I else I have to do or is it plug and play? Normally I would just do it and see what happens. I already configured DHCP, fa0, nat pools, static nat, static routes...everything but the s0 interface, DHCP WORKS TOO, horay! I should back up just in case. Anyone know if the 1enet is plug and play?

A:Cisco router wic

When I did my cisco 2621, I called the ISP, and they said that the WIC will gather all of the information from the line once it's up and plugged in.
So I would say that as long as you have your config backed up, plug it in and see if it works.

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Hi All,

My first time posting here but seems like I have hit good company. Came searching for some clues to a specific problem I face regardimg implementing an idea from my boss
The scenerio: One students lab having 50 odd PCs connecting to Novell server via IPX protocol. The Novell Server is purely used for doing Print and File services. The Clients DO NOT require IP on the machines to get connected to Novell Servers. The nuisance is, they install IP addresses on these machines and start to browse the Net. They know the pool that we have and sometimes end up conflicting with already assigned IPs creating a mess on the network.

Now, I have tried Sunscreen firewall but couldn't somehow let the IPX pass through. he other option is one Cisco Router 2611 lying around with me with two Ethernet Ports.

If I assign one Private IP pool to this room and connect it to one Ethernet Interface of the router and let the second interface connect to my Office LAN and then put in an Access List that denies all IP but allows all IPX traffic to pass throught Ethernet Interface E0/0 to E0/1, would it help solve my problem?

If yes! Then how do I route all my traffic via E0/0 to E1/1? I am novice on routers, need some clues on configuring interfaces.

Any answers would be appreciated.

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