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dvd quality

Q: dvd quality

can sum1 tell me does da video quality of a dvd reduced wen it is copied into a blank dvd?? o dvd files like .ifo n .vob files tat i downloaded,da quality will reduce if burned on a dvd..plz help..thankz

Preferred Solution: dvd quality

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: dvd quality

If you have to resize the disk from a DVD9 to DVD5 you may notice some artifacts. If you are just copying vob files, no. Ditch the leetspeak too.

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I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

My Laptop Specs:

AMD A6 Quad Core APU 1.5Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6520G
6GB DDR3 Memory 1066Mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

A:Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

Quote: Originally Posted by MarshCaptain


I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

As you supply no technical information, it's hard to guess.

Is the laptop display running at its native resolution?

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A while ago I tried IE7. It was so bad that I switched to using Firefox. I sometimes use IE6. That was a while ago. Can anyone tell me if IE7 has improved over time? Is it worth another try? I seem to remember that it was a pain to un-install IE7 so I'd like to be careful about another trial.

A:IE7 Quality?

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I build computers to sell on eBay and one of the most costly factors is my time. Lately, more and more, it's been spent troubleshooting only to find that it wasn't operator error, but rather manufacturer defects that are the problem. Cases, mostly, are worthless. I've tried lots of different brands, and the only common thread has been poor quality and manufacturer defects.

Does anyone know of a quality case company; maybe something not out of China? I would be willing to pay more, of course, to save myself the time of returning cases to the store time and again and troubleshooting only to find something is wrong with the product. If I found one really good case, I'd like to think I could just buy that one over and over.

A:looking for quality

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poor dvd quality, 'blotchy screen'

Recently, for no aparrent reason, the quality of my picture when playing a dvd has deteriorated. The picture has small like squares when I go to full screen mode when watching. I have an asus laptop with an ATI mobility radeon 9100 graphics card, and also a pentium centrino processor.

A:DVD quality


Just a few questions to clear up:
Does this happen with only specific DVDs?
Is your laptop plugged in when you watch the movie? (When a laptop is on battery power, the processor speed drops significantly.)
What DVD player program do you use?

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I just got a new HD Mointor (Samsung 2333SW) but im experiencing even worse quality for films and games than my old Standard Def mointor.

1. On bootup the screen has a thick black border around the writing and startup logo, never before

2. Even though my other screen wasnt widescreen and this is the black bars have gone, every crop/video setting doesnt make a difference in VLC, changes no quality or video size

3. Dark sections of a film have grain, little dots flying everywhere my other screen is perfect

I just unplugged my old monitor and plugged the new one in and it seemed to installed the drivers for me I can see it in device manager.

Any ideas for any of the issues?

A:Bad Quality

Quote: Originally Posted by TheCase


I just got a new HD Mointor (Samsung 2333SW) but im experiencing even worse quality for films and games than my old Standard Def mointor.

1. On bootup the screen has a thick black border around the writing and startup logo, never before

2. Even though my other screen wasnt widescreen and this is the black bars have gone, every crop/video setting doesnt make a difference in VLC, changes no quality or video size

3. Dark sections of a film have grain, little dots flying everywhere my other screen is perfect

I just unplugged my old monitor and plugged the new one in and it seemed to installed the drivers for me I can see it in device manager.

Any ideas for any of the issues?

go into device manager and go to displays, click on your video card and right click, go to properites and see if it installed and working. Is there a yellow triangle on th device, or is there any other "unknown device" with a yellow triangle on them?


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I want to improve the sound quality of my mp3 songs. Some of them sound really "low". Can I possibly increase their "volume"? Is there any programm?

A:Mp3 Quality

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http://www.uploadmusic.org/uploaded....83878482.mp3Ok we'll ever since i've gotten this new pc in June, that came with windows 7 home (i burned a ultimate) x32, the sound has been bad.

On my windows 7 and every other one ive been on the sound isn't as high and my mic sounds more high pitched, no its not the mic its the new computers from vista - 7

On my windows xp, which broke, the sound was more deeper? i dont know i cant explain it and the sound played twice as loud

Also when you listen on xp it sounds a bit different

heres some examples
Dont diss my songs lmao, the W7 1 is just a test

W7 -- (listen to the taken off part )
it sounds worse sometimes


A:Mic quality

I have a computer based recording studio using Sonar. I would never use a "computer" mic or the built in computer sound card for any recordings.

You didn't list your system specs so we can't directly comment on your hardware. But, at a minimum I would suggest a good quality USB connected mic such as Samson or Shure, if you want to use the built in hardware for recording. Otherwise an external USB connected interface unit and a good mic with an XLR connector for the interface unit would be my recommendation.

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What programs do you use to convert VHS tapes to DVD that give very good quality on the playback on a TV ??

When I capture the VHS to the PC, the file plays great with excellent clarity (just as good as the original tape).

Yet, when I use software to put the file to DVD (for example, Windows 7 DVD maker, Pinnacle Studio 12, VHS2DVD,... ) they all create a lot of artifacts and distortion in the DVD... which wasn't in the original file played on the PC.

So, anyone have any ideas or leads?

Thanks a bunch!

A:VHS to DVD quality

Althought I edit all my HD video from my camera on my PC. I found the very best way to convert VHS to DVD was to actually use a console DVD recorder. Record each tape to a DVD. Then I have the raw, DVD "source" Then copy the DVD contents to my PC and edit if I want or backup. But since Tape is 1:1 playback speed only anyway, it's just far easier to record realtime straight to a DVD-R deck.

[edit]One problem with digitizing the VHS then converting to DVD is that you are goinf through two compressions which loses quality. The tape to DVD method one only compresses once directly to mpeg2 (DVD format) [/edit]

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I just bought an HP 21 black ink cartridge to use on my deskjet 3930 printer, I set my print properties to normal fast printing, with grayscale, and printed about 140 pages (some almost blank and all double spaced) of a text document, It stops at about 160page and completely runs out of ink. What is up with this stingy ink cartridge?
Anyone know of a better printer, that will yield more pages per cartridge?
My mother had an old brand that didn't print as fast as most modern printers, but you could get like 300pages with a single cartridge.

A:What's with Quality of HP Ink?

I own one ink jet printer but frankly with the prices of ink coming down, you need to look at laser printers. For my use Canon were always the least expensive cartridges and the longest lasting. Where I changed cartridges about every 2 months, with laser cartridges I do that yearly and the prices are only about double that of ink jet cartridges.

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hey i got a bunch of avi files but there really crap quality
so is there a way to make them more better looking
like changing the file format

A:bad quality

Hi starcraftmaster.
Changing file format just results in gigo (garbage in-garbage out)
You need a good editor. Something that can change lighting, focus, frame rates, etc.
What exactly do you mean by "really crap quality"? Please describe.

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this is the pc i am building


i have a monitor that i will upgrade soon but for now. it is all i have, it is a ASUS VH236H
the monitor is only 60hz so my question is what can i do to get the best quality for cs:go? any specific display settings? i am very new to computers but im learning quickly.
Also is the build i have complete the way it is? minus kb+m

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I need a new video card. I want to play First Encounter Assault Recon at max capability, but unfortunately on the box, they only tell you the min req, which is usually not enough to power a small toaster.

What I have right now is not important, as it is on board and insignificant; I am looking for good quality for less than it would cost to sew my left testicle back on.

A:Max Quality for F.E.A.R.

You havent even said what pc you have. Without even the barest of information, how do you expect us to come up with a card that will work fine for you?
Your pc could have pci only, or it could have agp, or it could have pci-e.

We are not mind readers.

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I purchased three wireless headsets and returned two of them in the last month. Two were made by creative (One the HS-1200) and the one I have now is the .Audio 995 by Plantronics. Every one of them had the same issue, the mic quality is awful. They even sound the same.

I honestly don't know where to look anymore, I've tried everything I can think of down to fiddling with settings under sound to installing drivers. My suspicion is its something to do with the USB drive not working with my sound card when it comes to the mic. I've plugged these headsets into every USB on my PC, around 6-8 different places.

When I go under sound/recording/Microphone/properties/advanced I cannot change the default format from the lowest setting. Yet when I plug in my jack headset I can change that to whatever I please. Is the problem that the mic is just set to low quality? Help would be much appreciated.

A:USB Mic quality.

Could the problem be related to my USB drives not working with the soundcard? How would I know if they weren't?

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ive noticed that when i convert mp3s into wavs and burn to a disk the sound quality is not very good,it sounds kind of muffled and has lots of bass,i only convert mp3s that are 128 kbps or higher,i use a ricoh 6x,run win 98 on a p2 300 with 128 ram.is there any sound card settings or something i can do to increase the quality of the sound?my sound card is a yamaha opl3 sax.i am in the process of recording all my cds[i have 400 or so]into mp3s for safe keeping,and in the future if i have to replace a cd i want as good as quality possable.

A:wav quality

What software are you using to convert from MP3? That is probably where your problem is. Look for some kind of quality setting in the software doing the conversion.

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Hey, is there a way to achieve dvd quality not using video_ts files? if so how?

I have a program which can convert them but I don't know what specs to use to get highest quality (file size is NOT an issue)

could you help me out and tell me what options are best thanks, it gives me all these options:

A:dvd quality

We don't assist with illegal movie copies here at TSG, please see the TSG Rules.


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I've burned cd's for a while now and I've noticed that some can be read
better than others. Is one brand better than the others? (Such as the
difference between TDK and Memorex?)

A:CD-R quality

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I've heard good and bad about Rosewill, but this one has gotten rave reviews at newegg, is cheap, and provides great output:


If anyone could comment on the brand, quality, personal experience, and so on, that would be great.

Looking to make a purchase within a few days, and need to be put in the right direction.

A:Quality PSU?

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Is there much difference between the quality of the different brands? I just bought a Panasonic DVD recorder for my tv. It's great, but the dvd-rw discs were about $2 each. I just found Imation 25-pack bundles at Tiger Direct for $7!

I just want to record movies and sports and stuff off of my tv. I don't need the highest quality in the world, but I don't want to pay for crap either.


A:DVD-RW Discs Quality?

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I have been using Auto GK to encode VOB dvd files to avi.

On select output size, i choose Quality and select 100%
Does this really keep a 100% quality from the original file?


A:Encoding a Vob to avi at 100% quality?

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Hi the kids have been on the computer and the color quality has got stuck on the lowest setting (4 bit)
Ive been to control panel - appearance and themes - display properties and tried to change it back but the slider wont move? any help appriciated.

A:Color Quality

Hi there,

Right click opn a balnk space on your destop....click on 'properties'>>>Settings>>> (under colour quality) select '32 bit'....click OK.

Let us know if that helps

Big Smiles


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Hello there,

I would like to find out why when I print from my home inkjet printer, the colour comes out darker than it should be in, this file is opened and printed from photoshop. While using the same file, I print from Window Photo Viewer, the printed copy in terms of colour resembles the actual graphic work better. What setting do I have to change in photoshop to achieve a general better resemblance to the actual artwork. Because at the moment Printing from Window photo viewer achieves a better result.


A:printing quality

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Hi... ok a few weeks ago my computer was infected by a spyware that hijacked my desktop wallpaper, might have been spyware sherrif. I was able to remove it, but now my desktop wallpaper image is being displayed in a very low quality. This isnt a huge problem, but it is driving me absolutly nuts. I have searched absolutely everywhere for some kind of solution, but i don't see anyone else having this same problem. I would be very greatly appreciative if anyone can help me with this problem. I am using windows xp pro and when removing the spyware i changed a few registry keys, but I forgot which ones. Maybe that may have caused it, but right now I really have no clue what else i can do... thanks in advance for any help/info/advice

A:Wallpaper quality.. pls help

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I have a Toshiba Laptop ( PSAE6E) with Harman/kardon speakers, I installed yesterday Windows 7. It's all fine excepting that the sound is bassless. I installled most recent audio drivers and it is still the same. Can you help me?

A:Bad quality Sound

First let me say, "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

Some sound systems come with their own control panel so you can adjust the output to your liking. My HP has it own Real Tech control panel. Also try hooking up a set of desktop speakers or earphones to see what the sound is like through the output hookups. Silly question time: have you adjust the Equalizer on the MP3 player.

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Can anyone tell me what would be the best way to copy a dvd to my computer keeping it at FULL Audio / Visual Quality?
I have it as a single .vob file using dvd decrypter, I would like to know the best settings to convert it to .avi (or any equivilant thats just as good or better) and trying to reduce file size slightly!

Best program and settings please!

Many thanks


A:Rip DVD @ full quality?

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I record/produce music using a program called Acid Music Studio. I recently had to get my hard drive wiped because my laptop stopped starting up.

When I first got the laptop in March, I tried using the built-in microphone to record some vocals, but the quality sucked. My assumption was that the default bit rate for recording was low.

I messed with it for a while, and ended up downloading some codec that (I think) made the quality better.

When I got the laptop back, the quality was back to being crappy.

I don't remember what codec I got or even if it was the codec that fixed it to begin with. I know the microphone can record good quality because I recorded 2 and a half EPs with it, and they turned out pretty good.

If someone can help me fix this issue, I can get back to recording.......

Thanks in advance.

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I was wondering how to achive the best audio quality(witch player should i use,What codecs and so on)
My gear is nothing to brag about:Acer aspire E 15 and two Bose speakers.
DFX Audio Enhancer installed Combined with Aimp4.

A:The Best audio Quality?

Well...if you tell me how you determine what the "best audio quality" might be...then others might be able to suggest something.
I find that audio perception and preferences is a very personal thing...it's not like there is a standard that fits everyone or every type of music.  Or if there is, I'm unaware of it.  I don't think players have much to do with audio quality...they transform digital code into sounds that we recognize and enjoy.  Ditto for codecs.
Interesting Reading
My guess is that your headphones and speakers...and you...have a lot more to do with audio quality...than codecs and such.  If you have quality headphones and speakers which result in pleasing sounds to your ears...that's about as good as it should get, IMO.
Of course you can use signal processors, tuners, equalizers and such...to modify/enhance the preferences which are inherent in you...but I'm not sure that's audio quality or just modifying our enjoyment alternatives (something we like to do).
Example:  I grew up listening to old scratched up records made of slate or vinyl...after that, listening to just about any system with good speakers and a music delivery system that is not marred by human handling...is a great improvement.  I'm quite satisified with .mp3 media sound...where others today believe that today's vinyl produces a "better" sound .
Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.  Find out what you ... Read more

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When I download still images from my camcorder on to my computer, the colours look very dull and lifeless-very different from how they look on the LCD screen of the camcorder. Is there any software that could improve image quality?

Thanks-this is a great site.

A:colour quality

If you just want to pep up the image a little, Irfanview is simple: www.irfanview.com It is primarily a viewer, but it has some tools for tweaking an image.

This is freeware that will do a better job: http://www.freewarefiles.com/programs.php?ProgramID=1012&categoryid=3&subcategoryid=36 It is a lite version if their shareware program, which is excellent for the price. The freeware has the things you need like histogram and saturation that Irfanview lacks. You can download the manual for the full version at their site.

If you plan on spending the time to really learn photo editing and donít want to spend any money on a program, Gimp is now available for Windows. It isnít easy to learn, but has the capabilities of a good intermediate graphics editor: http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/downloads.html

These are also free and will do a nice job:

If you want to buy an intermediate image editor, Uleadís PhotoImpact and Jasic Paint Shop Pro are both excellent. From the reviews Iíve read PhotoImpact is easier to learn and at least as full featured compared to Paint Shop Pro. They both have 30 day free trials if you want to try them:
PhotoImpact: http://www.ulead.com/pi/trial.htm
PSP: http://www.jasc.com/download_4.asp

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when i burn a cd i get sort of strachy noise on the cd. this problem just recently started. any fixes? thanks

A:cd quality problems

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Hello, My name is Veronica and I own a Laptop HP Pavilion 15-P100NQ, Intel Core i3. I have recently bought a license for Windows 7 Professional and installed it. After doing so, I have reinstalled all drivers and programs but I am facing a problem with the Laptop's sound. It isn't the same as before. The maximum volume is very low now. Lower than my smaprtphone. I have checked in Device Manager to see if the sound driver is ok and all appears to be working fine. All is up to date. I don't understand what I can do now to fix this. From Device Manager is missing one single driver : PCI Device. I tried to update it from the menu but i can't. What can I do next? What should I install to fix the problem? Thank you very much for your time and help. Best regards, Veronica

A:Sound Quality

Looks like you are running an Unsupported version of WIndows OS on the PC.Hence, the issue.I would strongly recommend running the PC on the OS that it came with or the ones in the compatibility List. The compatible OS's for this PC are Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you installed windows 7 for a specific reason and because of this cannot change the OS of the PC, I would suggest you to try other sound solutions like external speakers or USB powered speakers.

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Variation of this question has been asked many times. I have a ASUS P4B533-E (i845E) Motherboard, which I believe is compatible with most (all?) PC2100 RAM. Are the following two chips compatible and why the huge price difference? (UK prices given)

Viking AB12872RDDR 1GB PC2100 ( £ 9.99)

Kingston ValueRam 1GB 266MHz DDR PC2100 Reg ECC DIMM CL2.5 ( £217.85 )

The motherboard has three memory slots of which I currently have filled with:

Memory Module 1
Manufacturer : Nanya
Model : NT256D64S88B0G-75B
Serial Number : 12400907
Type : 256MB DDR-SDRAM
Technology : 8x(32Mx8)
Speed : PC2100U 2.5-3-3-6
Date of Manufacture : 20 August 2003
Set Timing @ 133MHz : 2.5-3-3-6
Set Timing @ 100MHz : 2.0-2-2-5

Memory Module 2
Manufacturer : Samsung
Model : M3 68L3223DTL-CB0
Serial Number : F304E1EA
Type : 256MB DDR-SDRAM
Technology : 8x(32Mx8)
Speed : PC2100U 2.5-3-3-6
Date of Manufacture : 26 February 2003
Set Timing @ 133MHz : 2.5-3-3-6
Set Timing @ 100MHz : 2.0-2-2-5

(courtesy of SiSoft's Sandra)

more generally, has anyone got any advice as to the best memory upgrade I can get for the above system for under £ 80.

A:RAM compatability and quality

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I'm looking into improving my mic quality in online games. It needs to be louder, and it's not very clear.

Right now I have an intergrated Sound Card, and a $20 mic. I really only have money to upgrade one of them though.

I've been planning on buying a sound card for a while, but I haven't picked one out yet. This Sound Card looks like the best Newegg has, but they don't have that wide of a selection.

This Mic was also the best I could find for the price.

So which one should I buy for the best mic quality? Are there any better products I could buy for the same price? I don't want to go any higher.

A:Improving mic quality


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Just scored one of the Xbox 360 deals on amazon, and I need a few opinions here.

Im going to hook the xbox to my LCD screen (will be getting a larger one soon) and curious as to what people think or know the quality difference between these items would be?:






A:AV Cable Quality?

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I was excited to finally get my zBook Studio G3 after a long wait. I was excited because this machine was a great fit for me and I've been without a laptop to use for my business work for about 2 months. I previously bought a Microsoft Surface Book (Core i7 / 16 RAM / 512GB SSD) but returned it because after 2 weeks it starting having serious hardware issues. It took days fighing with MS because 30 days had passed when I tried to process the return even though I created to support cases about hardware issues within the 30 days. Long story short, I got my money back. What a joke. Getting back on track here....What my issue with my zBook Studio G3 is this. I put the box on my office desk, cut the tape, opened the box, pulled out the laptop wrapped in it's tamper proof sticker sealed plastic bag and placed it ontop of the box. I carefully cut the tamperproof sticker and put my hand inside the bag underneath the laptop and slid it out. That's when my eyebrows arched. IT WAS COVERED IN FINGERPRINTS AND SMUDGES!! The real shocker was when I actually lifted the top to reveal the screen and keyboard! The screen looked as if it was CLEANED WITH A DIRTY RAG!!! There were spots on the keyboard keys and every more fingerprints all over the speaker grills and all around the screen. Was this device a return or a refurb? Now that I think about it.....My previous post about the Intel ME firmware update killing these laptops....maybe my laptop was one of these that got bri... Read more

A:Quality Control!!!!

"WHERE IS THE QUALITY CONTROL???" I don't know, but certainly not at HP.  Maybe at Dell, but then, I'm sure there are people who'd disagree. I highly recommend you return that thing within the return period.  I regret not returning my EliteBook 725 G3 ($1200 junk!) within the return period.  It came misassembled (display LCD module not wired in properly) and other flaws, but I dealt with it.  But the HP wouldn't leave it be and released a BIOS update that caused further problems.  At least I'm pretty sure mine was brand new, as it was probably one of the first to be manufactured.  It was shipped straight from China. Subpar components (trackpad button is weird on mine), bad assembly, and lousy firmware/software support.  Can they do any worse? Actually, the Elite support guys were quite good.  Well, at least the guys who helped on my second call.  First call?  Completely useless. Anyway return it and don't look back! 

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Looking for some info on protecting my computer.
As I understand it security software that specialize in one thing are more effective for protection rather than an all encompasing security suite.
So do I need a program for every type of security risk? One for viruses, one for malware, one for trojans, one for rootkits. etc. If so, which ones are the bes...
You know what, I know there'll be at least one person who says thats like asking if apples or oranges are better. So I won't ask that question. Instead I'll as what do you think would be best for what I'm looking for. Obviously protection is at the very top of my list. Convience is also important. Software that isn't complicated to use and won't be intrusive or obnoxious while I'm doing other things.
If the better option(s) have a price tag, then I'll go with that rather than free software. I really want the highest quality so I don't mind spending some money.
Also, I'm curious to know any websites that do reviews/comparisons on the latest security software available.
Thank you for any input.


There are a lot more people that will answer but I'll give you my 2 cents...
I use Windows Defender for virus, Malwarbytes , CCleaner...
Has worked for me 

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After 4.5 months of new Lenovo laptop usage the motherboard is dead. The laptop is under the warranty, but Lenovo cannot repair it, the ticket status is frozen for 20 days - "We are working diligently to obtain replenishment stock and will repair your machine as soon as the part becomes available". Maybe I am wrong, but the world "warranty" means something different. I escalated the ticket to level 2, they suggested to replace my machine having Core i7-6500U by Intelģ Pentiumģ 4405U. And no ETA for the parts needed for repair. I do not want the money back, I want the machine and the service for which I have paid, because it was a present for my kid. But I pretty sure it was my last time buying something from Lenovo.

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I'm wondering weather I should buy

Crucial 1GB (2x512MB) DDR2 PC2-6400C4


GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC5300 667MHz

Both the same price, but which do you think would be best for gaming?


A:Ram, Quality or Quantity?

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I'm looking to be buying a laptop before I head into the service but everything is so *#&$(@ expensive. I know that the mark up is huge but this is unbelievable. Everything thing that I see in the price range i'm aiming for is so sub par for what I want in my computer. Anyone have any suggestions on a good place to shop for a laptop?

A:Quality Notebooks

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I ordered an HP Laptop from Costco three weeks ago.  When i received it, although it was suppose to be 1080P the video quality was very bad.  I returned it to Costco today.  After spending a few hours looking at the laptops at Costco today,I bought an HP 15-AU123CL.  In the store the video quality of the camera on the display model  was very clear.  The video quality of the one  have is very grainy.  Very poor quality.  Before I return this one, can anyone tell me how to fix this issue and what the reasoning for the poor video quailty on the webams.

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I just got an iRiver mp3 player that is pretty cool. It has 128 MB of storage, but that isn't enough for me. I was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me how to change my mp3's quality from 128kb to something smaller like 64 or maybe even 32kb.

Thank you.

A:Changing MP3 Quality Help

there are plenty of software available for that
what i found best is the sonic foundry's sound forge
you can download it from

do mail me if that solved the problem

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I have media player 9 on an XP platform.

Suddenly a month ago the videos went to crap and are just pixilated mush. I played around in tools/performance I told it not to use video accelerators. That worked ! Except it will now not run fullscreen - presumably because without the accelerators it can't handle it.

turn them back on and the video goes back to a kaleidoscope videos.

I noticed that I can play my saved mpegs and wmv's fine - it's just the new ones that are messed and it just started. I can't believe that every vid I have received in the last 3 weeks is some new format that requires a codec I don't have. I can go back and play ones received in January - but almost all from Feb won't run with the accelerators turned on.

I am unable to see anything different between them in their properties. Any suggestions?

I know I could upgrade to 10 but it would be nice to identify the culprit. And besides - what if I go to 10 and it still does it!

- Castleheart

A:video quality i

It sounds like a codec issue the way you describe it. There are a number of tools that allow you to view/remove or analyse the codecs on the system. I can't recommend one off hand but maybe another member can. Have you installed any codec packs on the system before the issue started? Do you have any codec packs installed on your system at all? Most codec packs tend to mess up systems even the so called "lite ones." It's best to simply install the codecs you need instead of a codec pack.

One that does seem to be better then the rest is the K-Lite Codec Pack. It does have tools to remove bad/corrupted codecs on your system. It's worth a try if someone else doesn't have a better sugestion.

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I'd like to convert some high bitrate MP3 files to FLAC, but at a lower quality FLAC settings.
These are spoken word MP3's so I'm not too concerned with quality. Any suggestions?

What's a low settings I can use? Preferably transcode with VLC if possible, or Audacity.

A:low quality FLAC

I don't knwo much about FLAC but the quality line for MP3 is in the 48 to 64 kbs range, mono channel since its spoken word (sterio will sound horrible at that bitrate). 64 variable bit rate sounds almost perfect all the time. 48 constant bit rate will have a good number of artifacts in the audio but it will still be acceptable to listen to for long periods of time. Anything lower depends on the tollerance level of the listener.

I don't know how these numbers relate to FLAC (but there's only so many bits to play with at that level) but that should allow you to focus in quicker on something acceptable.

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i have windows xp and i wanted to add 32-bit color mode so that i can play gta san andreas. but i dont have 32-bit color.
so i wanted to know whether i can add this 32-bit color from somewhere else or i need to find it within the pc.

A:how to add 32-bit color quality

What video card do you have? Sounds to me lke you don't have the drivers installed.

If you do have the drivers installed all you have to do is right click on your desktop, choose properties, click on the settings tab and select 32 bit color.

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Hello Everyone,

A long time ago, my PC stopped rendering videos as it was suposed too.
The video looks like this (Image 1), but it looks like this (Image 2 and 3). Looks like is zooming. The quality is also a lot worst.
It does this in all videos in my PC and in some Youtube videos.
I have all my GPU drivers up to date (Crimson 16.1). I have this issue since 15.7.
VLC is the only program that doesnt do it.

Do you have any idea on what this could be?

PS: Sorry for my bad english

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How do i get a good quality picture from my PC to TV? I am currently using a s video cable or something but the picture is poor i cant even read the writing but i can watch movies and play games perfectly. Any ideas how to get a better picture.?

A:PC TO TV picture quality

What TV is it and did it have a S-Video input on it?

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