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Changing desktop icon text?

Q: Changing desktop icon text?

Is there anyway to change the font for the icons located on the desktop? Thanks

Preferred Solution: Changing desktop icon text?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing desktop icon text?


Are you refering to the name of that icon or the style of font?

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I am trying to make my parents computer a little bit easier to use, so I made the desktop icons bigger and the text bigger using the following tutorial:
Changing the Font for Icon Text

but it makes the start menu text also quite large which looks silly. is there a way to make the desktop text big and not the start menu text?


A screenshot of what i mean

A:Change Desktop Icon Text but NOT Start Menu Text

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Sorry but they are tied together I just tried to add a different font to the start menu and it did not work

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I recently installed Windows 7 in Dual Boot with XP Pro and I output the display to my 50" Sony HDTV at 1080p.

I do not like the way the Text, under the Desktop Icons, displays at 1900x1080 res.

In XP Pro, I could go to Display Properties/Appearance, choose Icon, and change the Font Type and Font Size to make the Text easier to read.

With Windows 7, I only see a choice for ClearType and Text DPI. ClearType does not appear to improve the way the Text under the Desktop Icons displays.

How can I change the Font?

A:Changing the Font for Icon Text

Hello BuschBarber, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use the tutorial below to help show you how to change the font for the Icon item in the Advanced Appearance settings. However, this will change the font for all icons in Windows 7 and not just for the desktop.

Fonts - Change

Hope this helps,

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This should be an easy one but for the life of me I can't get it. I would like to change the color of the icon text on my desktop. I've gone through Display/Appearance/Advanced, Etc., and can change the color of everything except the Icon text or font. Please advise. Chuck

A:Desktop Icon Text

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Just a quick question.

Is it possible to remove the text entirely from the icons on your desktop rather than just use Transparent or similar programs just to change the colour of the text/background.

I would rather have no text at all and just the icons but am not sure if that is possible on XP Pro (or any OS for that matter).

Any thoughts/suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks heaps

A:No icon text on desktop

Right click on the tool bar

Select "Customize"

At the "Text Options" window, select "No Text Labels"

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How to make the text larger to read? I have windows ultimate now.

A:desktop icon text

Use Option 2 and work your way down to Step 7 go to Windows Color and Appearance and use the drop-down menu and go to Icon then you can set a different size.
Window Color and Appearance - Change
Be sure to save the new changes in personalization.


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I was wondering if it was possible to change the colour of the text under desktop icons from the default white to something else.

I have some cool NASCAR-related wallpapers from my drivers' sites, but if I try to use them, the writing becomes hard to see because the white of the text for the icons doesn't stand out at all.

Is it possible to make the shortcut text a different colour besides white? If so, how do I go about doing that?


A:Changing colour of desktop shortcut text?

See if the following helps:

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I'm having a problem getting my desktop icons back the way they used to be with having transparent titles:

Even with these all set, I still dont have the proper transparency. I had StyleXP for a little while, but I unistalled it a couple of weeks ago and I still have a problem. Please help!

A:Desktop Icon Text Transparency

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In WindowsXP, the white text below the desktop icon is superimposed on a small black field. In Windows 8, the text is also white, but with a black "shadow" instead of the black field, Depending on where on my desktop picture that icon is located, that text is hard to read. I did enlarge it to 125%, with middling results.

Can I insert a uni-colored (preferably black) field below the icon texts?

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does somebody know how can i change icon name alignment. goal is to set the icon name right from the icon and not under the icon.

example: Black Unity by ~falanga on deviantART

A:Desktop icon text -alignment?

from what i see the way he got the text to align to the right is because of the theme he's using.

i don't think there's a setting in windows that lets you do that.
but then again i could be wrong but i've never seen a way to do it.

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Title says it all. Also, I cannot use [Alt+###] on my computer.

A:Remove desktop icon text?

Make it sure that the "Num Lock" light is on, coz it is to be typed in the number pad ([--] says that you know the technique so I am not saying more ) .

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Is there any way to make ALL of the text associated with a desktop icon appear all the time? I realize that it does show in it's entirety when you click on the icon, but otherwise it only displays in it's truncated form. I can't seem to find anything on the Internet even referencing this.

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I'm running windows 98 SE
the problem I'm having is this I've got a program called transparent icons the text under my icons is white.
I'd like to change the color from white to an other color like blue,red,green or some other color
any ideas on how to do this?????

A:desktop icon text colors


Check out.....Iconoid
(hover your mouse cursor over the Tabs on the GUI to see all the features)

I've had it for a couple of years and it's terrific for making Icon backgrounds
transparent, selecting colors for Icon backgrounds, saving and restoring
Icon positions and changing Icon text color and more.

And, it's FREEWARE!


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im running 64-bit win7, i also have dreamscene enabled running reactor_1680 background.
it has a black border around it, around 4 inches from the edge of the screen.

now for the past month its been perfectly fine but something happened to it?

the way i had it setup was the desktop icon text was hidden and then when i single clicked on something it showed the icon text, now the text is back to white and i cant figure out how i did it. its annoying haveing white text on the screen.

how do i get rid of it? even if i could change the colour to black id be happy.

A:how to hide desktop icon text??

Hello cbrracer and welcome to Seven Forums.

Can you go back to a date/time prior to when the issue first began using System Restore?

System Restore

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My Grandson was playing around with the display colours and text sizes , now the text under the icons is in a bright blue box . I would like the default setting which was white text no coloured box . Any help please

A:Solved: text under icon on XP desktop

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I'm trying to remove the text from a desktop icon, I know this is usually something simple, but I can't get it to work on my laptop. I have no number pad, so I can't do the alt+225 thing with it. I've tried using the on-screen keyboard, hitting rename on the icon, holding in alt then hitting 225 and enter, but it just reverts back to the old name.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Removing Text/Name from Desktop Icon.

Hello RitF & Warmly welcome to SevenForums!

Try this:
1) Click on the icon you want to rename
2) Right Click
3) Press Rename
4) Rename it
5) Click anywhere on the desktop .. and see if that's working. If not,
Try this:

1) Right Click the icon
2) Select properties
3) Change the name from there!

Oh and, are you doing this on the administrator account?

Anyways, option three comes here:
1) Select the icon
2) Press F2

Best Regards,

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Everytime I click on a desktop icon, the text underneath it underlines and shortens. It makes it impossible to read long file names.

A:Desktop Icon Text Screwed Up

Nevermind. I figured it out. I had to check off lock web items on desktop under arrange icons.

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Make sure you ran the "Windows7-DreamScene.exe" fix before proceeding.

1) Set Folder Options to Show hidden files, folders...

2) Set *.mpg or *.wmv as Desktop Background.

3) Right-click desktop > Personalize > Desktop Wallpaper.

4) Select the hidden *.jpg.

5) Set *.mpg or *.wmv as Desktop Background again.

Works until reboot. Maybe someone can create a file to run at startup for a more permanent fix. I don't think it would be to difficult but it's beyond my capability.

A:DreamScene/desktop icon text fix


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In my attachment you can see the black color under the desktop icon text/title. Is there a way to change the black to another color please?

A:Color under desktop icon text

Yes you can change the color in display properties.

You can also remove the border all together.


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As the thread title says. Anyone found out how to untruncate long text titles on the desktop? The old method with Advanced options in the personalise windows is no longer.

A:Full Icon Text on desktop

A recent update may have changed that. You need to go into settings concerning layout and formatting in personalise windows.

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I now have an (annoying) colored box around the text below the icons on my desktop. It used to be transparent. I can change the color of this box, but I can't find an option to make it transparent again.

Thanks for your help!

A:[SOLVED] XP Desktop Icon Text Box

Steps for making Icon Text Transparent.
1. Click on Start
1. Choose Control Panel
2. Click on System Icon
3. Choose the "Advanced" tab, click "Settings" under "Performance"
4. Under the "Visual Effects" tab Chose (checked) Use Drop Shadows for Icon Labels

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I'm new on BC and this is my first post. Basically I am the webmaster for my first and only website which I created for a group I belonged to in the military. Essentially, I created a desktop icon in XP and I think the default icon was a red spot. I can't remember where the red spot came from to begin with, but it is not one of XPs options. Anyway, I did not like the default icon so I changed it to something I liked better using one of XPs options. Now when I click on the new icon to access the website the icon reverts back to the red spot. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

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Is there a way to increase the amount of text seen on a desktop icon on Windows 8.1? I would like to be able to see the full file name of a file on the desktop.

A:Way to increase amount of text seen on desktop icon?

Press Windows key +U, bring up Ease of access options, shows ways to make it larger, but this would affect all on desktop i believe. Only other way, right click desktop, select View, make icon bigger. Believe in certain instances when text is long will cut off some of it, can rename it different to fit it also. Never had this issue, usually fits, could be using large icons, instead of medium or small.

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Just converted from XP to 7 but the basics of the desktop icons are a shambles.
Win XP for desktop icon text has sharp white text with a subtle grey drop-shadow.
Win 7 has each text character with a black edge and the text is varying between white and shades of green as a result, like you get on the edge of objects in photos from cheap cameras, with a dark drop shadow. The whole thing is poor and soft to read and makes my expensive monitor look like a pile of junk.
Its bad on the eyes. I have never seen such poor icon text and have had OS's dating back to win95.

Win 7 very much at fault here. Progress its not, stoneage it is. Wish I had XP back !

What is the fix ?

It would appear to be Clear Type text which when I untick it , makes for something matching XP however it wont let you exit there, there is a next and a next etc etc and even just selecting next without selecting any choices now sees the text in this forum window for example have lost its former decent thickness and its now poor to read, the favourites text has gone from black to something black with green flavouring. Its messed up the rest of my PC but fixed the desktop.

How can one untick ClearText and not have to then progress through that wizard, and keep everything else ok ?

I have prior to this tried for the windows and pause key> advanced system settings> performance settings route, unticking drop shadow and nothing happens, add to that untick enable desktop composition and text is now fine, B... Read more

A:Win 7 desktop icon text quality appalling

I have XP & W7 installed (and Linux Mint) all on the same PC.
I haven't noticed this issue.

Are your graphics drivers up to date?

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How can I use transparent icon-text on my desktop, while using Active Desktop?
This can usually be done by checking "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" in System -> Advanced -> Performance-Settings, but this does not work while using Active Desktop.

This isn't a serious problem (don't even use AD), but I was just wondering if it was possible to do this, without downloading miscellaneous graphics-software or altering the registry etc.

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I've tried everything I can think of, but I've been unable to make the text on my desktop icons transparent. I know the usual method is to go through control panel>system>advanced>performance settings and then check the box next to 'use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop', however I've tried that and it isn't working. They were transparent up until a few hours ago and I can't recall doing anything that would have caused the text to have the colored box behind it again aside from applying an icon packager theme. I also tried uninstalling Icon Packager and rebooting, but that didn't make a difference either. The icons seem to have a bit of an outline around them also. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this? Thanks in advance.

A:Can't Make Desktop Icon Text Transparent

Use Windows System Restore to revert your system state to a date that existed before the problem began.

start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore

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How can I do this? I'm just wonderin' if this is possible, because I have a white wallpaper, and I want to change the icon's text color to black. please help!

Oh by the way, I'm using Watercolor visual style

A:Change Desktop icon's text color?


Iconoid will do that and much more.

It's Freeware!

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I was at a friends house who has a fairly new Dell with Win XP
Her desktop icon text boxes all have the background color, instead of being transparent. I checked on everything I could and couln't fix it. Tried the display properties - appearance - effects - shadows on or off, changed backgrounds, etc., and looked elsewhere but couldn't find any thing out of the ordinary.
Her dispaly is an Nvidea at 800x600 80cps default settings.
Anyone have any ideas?


A:Desktop Icon text boxes not transparent

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I know about the alt + 255, but that doesn't work when you have over 50 icons on your desktop. Once you exceed 20 some characters the "..." appears, so is there another way to remove the text from icons? Is there a program or something?

A:Solved: Hide the desktop icon text?

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On Windows XP, how to you remove the blue "background rectangle" behind the text below each icon on the desktop? It is using the XP theme with the default wallpaper. I want to get it back to the previous look, where only the text appears in front of the wallpaper, not with a blue rectangle behind it. The rectangles appeared after I made a small change to the desktop, and now I can't get rid of them. Thanks!

A:Blue Background Behind Desktop Icon Text

Go to Control Panel ->System -> Advanced and click on the Settings button in the Performance section. Place a check mark next to the "Use Drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop" and press OK:

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So I installed that mod to get the moving background and it works fine. But my problem is that the text on all the icons disappears whenever it's active and I can't find a fix that is permanent. They are all temporary fixes. Are there any permanent ones out there?

A:Windows 7 DreamScene desktop icon text

check to see if you have updated drivers available for your video card/gpu.

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Is there a way to change the text color for desktop icons in Windows 7? It seems that white is the only color available.

As I periodically like to change desktop backgrounds, there are times, due to a light background, that the icon text is difficult or virtually impossible to read.

In advance, thanks.

A:Change W7 desktop icon text color

I would think it would be one of these

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Anyone ever have this problem? I can't seem to figure out how to get this fixed. My desktop icons are hidden by the icon text above it. It makes my desktop look like a complete mess, and I would like to fix this without downloading any software. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Desktop Icon text covering up other icons

Hello Michael, Welcome to TSF!

One poosible solution for this would be to shorten the description for each icon.

Right click on the icon > Rename, and shorten the description; when finished, just click an empty space on the desktop as see what happens.

Hope this is useful.

Kind Regards,

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I was just curious how to change the color of the text on Icons. if i have an icon like 'Msn 7.5' or whatever, it shows up in white text.. is it possible to change it, and if so, how would you go about doing it.

A:How Do You Change The Color Of The Icon Text On Your Desktop?

I don't think you can change the color in Windows XP, just things like font and size. I don't know about other Windows versions though.

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I can't find where to change the desktop icon spacing (vertical and horizontal) in 8.1.
Is it no longer possible to do without using regedit?

A:Changing desktop icon spacing

Do you mean right click Desktop > choose View > untick align icons in grid, so you can place them where you wish?

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I just had a update on Win10 Pro 64b and it has made my desktop icon text almost unreadable as it has put a black shadow on the text. Any ideas please?
Many thanks in advance imk

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Hi all you windows 7 buddies,
I'd like to get some help on how to remove the text beneath the icons on my desktop. I know you're supposed to rename it and type Alt+255 but my HP G62-144DX laptop doesn't have a numpad or a numlock that I can see or find. I'm running home premium 64bit. If you have a solution, that would be awesome! Thank you, have a great weekend!

btw, here is a link to a photo of my keyboard if that may help

A:How to remove desktop icon text? but laptop w/o numlock :(

run "charmap" .. lots of blank words

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I know that there have been many people running XP who actually wanted to get rid of the background colour for their desktop icon label text, so it was transparent. Vista should keep those people happy on that score, though no doubt troubling them with other annoyances! However, because I myself prefer to have an image (changed about every 3 days) as my desktop background, a solid colour background to icon label text is essential for readability. The Vista default of having dark shading around white lettering does make those captions readable against all backgrounds, BUT they look ugly to me and against some pale backgrounds they are still quite difficult to read.

I've spent some time on Google searches for means to restore the user-chosen solid colour background for the icon labels as I had it in XP, and it rather looks as though in Vista there may not be a means to make such a change, at least in any usefully permanent way. My search did lead me to a little utility called D-Color, which actually does just what I want, and I was able to have my icon labels once again with white text on a 'teal' background, which was just what I wanted - except (yes, there always seems to be an 'except' in one's seeking to tame Vista!) that the colour setting isn't permanent and is wiped out with any screen refresh or restart. So, I have to have D-Color as a startup program to set the icon label background colour for the session and have it available all the time for me to run it and click O... Read more

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I use window XP with both the start menu and the desktop changed to "windows classic".
Normally I never have a background to the text below the desktop icon.
Now it shows an ugly blue background color behind each of the desktop icon's text.

I think what happenned is that i was viewing a MS Word document that a friend sent me and there was a picture in it. I wanted to save the jpg pic to the desktop, so i right clicked on it from within MS Word and selected "copy" and then when i pointed the mouse pointer on the desktop and right clicked and selected "paste" up popped an "active desktop" message stating:
"In order to add this item to you Active Desktop, you need to save a copy of the picture. Do you want to continue?"
I clicked on Yes. Then popped up a "save as" window which i clicked on "save". And then my all my desktop icon's text backgrounds turned ugly blue.

I went to search for an answer and all i could find was postings telling me to go to Control Panel\System\Advanced\Performance\Settings\ and change the "use visual styles on windows and buttons." Well, that didn't work and actually when clicking on "apply" that actually kicked my desktop out of "windows classic" view and into "windows XP" view.

Opps, well i just answered my own question. I will post this anyhow because I am sure that someone in the future will probably make the same mistak... Read more

A:winXP desktop icon's text background color

Reading your post was really helpful for me! On the same Web tab I simply unchecked "Lock desktop Items" checkbox and solved my problem connected with icon text background. So you did right not deleting the post!

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I was wanting to change around the text color on my desktop icons....i've looked everywhere for it and even downloaded a TransText app just for it, but to no avail....where do I change it? I would like some white wallpaper and the white icons dont work!


A:[Solved] XP Desktop Icon Text Color Question

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Hi, This is my first post. I recently was given a new Dell 15R touchscreen computer and it was upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only used Windows XP up until 3 days ago. I am a novice user.

I liked the way the desktop icons looked in XP, the shortcuts for Netflix and Ikea were a nice big red box with an N in it for Netflix, a yellow and blue box for Ikea . They were medium sized, about 1/2" big, but I could recognize them easily and quickly because of the individual graphics.

Now with Windows 8.1, the shortcut icons are a 1/2" white square and a very teeny tiny logo in the center that I can barely see and have confused with other similar icons. I have found where to change the icon size and text size but not the icon appearance. Where would I find this? I have right clicked on the desktop, I've looked in the control panel, I've checked display.

8.1 is a heck of a learning curve for me and I am enjoying learning the new system but I would like to be able to quickly and easily see what I put on my desktop.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate it.

A:How Do I Change Desktop Icon Appearance, Not Size Nor Text

Hi Giselle, Welcome to 8 forums.

This link might be able to help you. Changing the Visual Appearance of Windows 8 | HP? Support

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The text on my desktop icons are now faded after installing the dreamscene hack. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Desktop Icon text are faded and barely legible

Same problem here

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I have two PC's, both running Windows 8.1
This question does not pertain to Windows 7 or earlier versions of the Windows Operating System.
On the 1st PC, the text displayed under the icons on the Desktop is completely black with no shadows.
On the 2nd PC the text displayed under the icons on the Desktop is white with a black shadow, even when the background color is solid white!
I want to change the color of the icon text on the 2nd PC to a solid black, as is present on the 1st PC.
I have been through the following with no success:
 - Changed all personalization settings by right clicking and selecting Personalization on the desktop.
 - Ran Regedit and tried changing, and comparing  the Color Settings between the two PC's, under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, ColorsHKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, Desktop, ColorsHKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, Desktop, WindowMetrics
Within the Control Panel I have selected System, Advanced System Settings, Advanced, Performance, Visual Effects where I unchecked the "Use Drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop".  I verified that the ListViewShadow is being changed
using Regedit at HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer, Advanced yet there is still no affect upon the Desktop screen, even when rebooted.  I also tried changing ListViewShadow directly in the registry, again with no
I have read all of the similar threads that I could find o... Read more

A:Change Icon Text Color On Windows 8.1 Desktop

Hello Yolanda,
Your suggestion above about disabling the "show my desktop background on Start" did enable me to get black text/font under the icons on the Desktop.
I have also found another contributor to creating white shadowed text/font as follows:
If, when using the Control Panel, System\Advanced System Settings\Advanced\Performance\Visual Effects\Use Drop Shadows for icon labels on the desktop is set then: When using regedit, there is a correlation
between HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\PaintDesktopVersion being set to 1, which gives the white shadowed text/font on the Desktop.  Disabling (or setting to 0) allowed the black text/font to reappear, but only after entering
regedit for at least two times.  The change wouldn't take affect with just one entry into regedit.  Of course the real purpose of this property is to display the Windows version and build in the lower right corner of the Desktop.

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Just a moment ago, I read a thread about how to display transparent icon text with ActiveDesktop enabled (http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/674919-active-desktop-transparent-icon-text.html). But the thread is closed, so I start a new thread.
In my image, Windows XP can not make icon text become transparent when ActiveDesktop enabled.

But I found a new software named WinDeskAngel can do it. It is very simple to implement it -- only startup the software!

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...instead of background colour.

This is a very simple request, somewhat annoying because I KNOW it's simple, but I can't for the life of me remember where to go to change it!!

Basically I just want to know how to see the desktop background wallpaper under an Icon name rather than the colour the desktop background (behind the picture)is set to.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Oh yeah my OS is Win XP Home SP2.



PS. I feel really stupid right now.

A:Showing background wallpaper under desktop icon text...

There's two settings that can cause it.

1. Right click the desktop and choose 'arrange icons by' and make sure that 'lock web items on desktop' is unchecked.

2. Open the Control Panel and select System. On the Advanced tab click the settings button under Performance. The box for 'use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop' should be checked.

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Ok, so long story short, my roommate pranked me the other day and I want revenge. He loves his precious World of Warcraft, so what I wanna do is get a gay porn video (he's kinda homophobic), and disguise it with the WoW icon and name. I know how to do this for regular files, but haven't found out how to do it with videos. Does anyone know if this is possible, and how would I do it?

A:Changing the desktop icon of a video file

I really don't like your idea of a practical joke, but on the technical side, you could always use a shortcut to the video--I'm guessing that its a shortcut you wan't to replace anyway, so the tiny curvy arrow won't matter.

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