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Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files

Q: Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files

Hi everyone,
Here is my latest Vista woe(s). (Dell Inspiron 1420, 2gbRAM, 160gb HDD, Core2duo T5450 1.66GHz, Vista Home Prem - auto update, AvastHome, Windows Defender, AVGAntispyware, RUBotted, Threatfire)

Some background:
I have 3 profiles on the machine. Admin which is my original Admin account (I've used it to install apps etc); Basic which is my everyday, non-admin profile that I use for just about everything; New Admin which is a new admin account I created for trouble shooting but it has the same problems that the original one has.

There are 2 basic issues (I'll use one particular instance as an example but it's not the only instance AND it's an intermittent issue - sometimes problem happens sometimes it doesn't. Ten minutes after this instance I downloaded and installed an app and it ran fine):

1. In my Basic profile I downloaded Skype and saved the file to my Public Downloads folder. I right-clicked "run as administrator" to try and install and got this error:

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

I tried just clicking it to run it (without "run as administrator") and got the same error.

I did some searching on the error and found some postings elsewhere but most were very old and in WinXP instead of Vista but I tried investigating the things mentioned in those posts.

- I ran the AVG scan and removal tool for the Gaelicum.A virus - it didn't find anything.
- I checked the properties of the file and it did not say anything about coming from another computer and needing to be unblocked.
- I logged out of my Basic profile and logged into my Admin profile and all the same problems happened.
- I logged into my New Admin profile and all the same things happened.

In my New Admin profile I copied the file from the Public Downloads folder and tried pasting it into my New Admin's own Downloads folder and got this error:

Destination Folder Access Denied
You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file. (NOTE: This happened IN MY ADMIN PROFILE)

Click "Continue" and get this message:

User Account Control
Windows needs your permission to continue. If you started this action, continue.
File Operation
Microsoft Windows 3AD05575-8857-4850-9277-11B85BDB8E09

Click "continue" and the installer begins. It runs a while and then I get this message (the dialog box says its a message from Skype but I've gotten similar messages from other software I've tried to install):

Cannot write the installation package on the disk. Please make sue that you have the necessary disk space available.

There are 131GB available on this disk.

This is not a new problem so I can't think to associate it with any particular software change and so 'restoring' to an earlier time isn't helpful because it's not tied to any particular time that I can identify. I haven't changed hardware.

AND...the associated issue (at least I think it's associated) is that sometimes installing apps in one profile doesn't flow thru to the other profiles and I can't find any rhyme or reason to that - I've had this happen whether I install the apps while in my Admin account, while in my Basic account and using "run as administrator" to install, or whether I'm in my Admin account and using "run as administrator" EVEN THOUGH I'm IN MY ADMIN account because some apps seem to require that kind of thing.

Then the icons for that app won't show up in different profiles' start menus, I can't even search for the apps - have to sometimes dig into C:\xx...\ to find an executable to create a shortcut. Sometimes then trying to run the app (and I'm talking about something basic like maybe a PDF viewer or something like that) it says I need administrator permissions to run it.

I'm so tired of all this. Can someone please help me? I'm hoping that by giving all this info at the start it will help rule out a bunch of stuff and make it easier to zero in on the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files

Helloooooo??? Anybody out there?

I'd really appreciate any help you can offer me.

[UPDATE] incidentally, since writing this I have been able to install a couple of other small apps (but have also run into the same problem on a couple of others).


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I have a problem and I hope someone could help me. After a fresh installation of windows xp (sp3) nothing can work. I can't open any program or .exe file, I can't open properties on my computer, control panel or anything, I can't even open a notepad -.- . I have read on many websites how to resolve it but it isn't helpful. I'm the administator and I don't know what to do it. I would crash my system and up again but neither that can't....

Please help!
(ps: my english write isn't great, but I hope u will understand.. )

A:Admin doesn't have appropriate permissions to access .exe files?

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Since its a new install, have you thought about just reinstalling Windows again?

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I'm running Windows Vista home edition, 32-bit. I'm logged in as the administrator and yes, I've tried right clicking and selecting "run as administrator".

Any file I download gives me the same error message since I restored my computer. Not sure what happened. I have a firewall, virus protection, all the latest Windows updates that I need since I restored.

The complete error message is: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

Never had this problem before, couldn't find any helpful info on the Microsoft website, getting kind of annoying now.

It doesn't matter where I download the file to, either -- downloads folder of my documents (default) or desktop.....still doesn't install.

Very well known, trusted programs I'm trying to install --- Adobe Reader, AIM, iTunes. Nothing works.

I tried to provide as much information as possible that I thought was necessary. Let me know if I left something important out.

Any suggestions??

A:[SOLVED] Admin doesn't have appropriate permissions to access .exe files??

right click on the drive you have them saved to

choose properties

security tab


set the effective permissions

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Hi guys when my pc gets to the first screen where you choose your account my admin account has changed from my name to 'Other user' and when I click on it it asks for a username and password. Also trying to access files from the admin account when it prompts me with a password I enter it and the dialogue box goes away as if it has accepted the password but does not let me access the files. Any help appreciated thanks.

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I have a laptop that had some spyware and trojans.Mcafee,Trendmicro, and spybot say it's clean now, but there is 2 issues leftover from them.

1.) Microsoft Updates will not install, including SP3. It will start to install, then cancel itself. I have attached a screen shot of the SP3.

2.) Administrator's permissions are not quite right. For example, Logged on as administrator, Going to MSconfig to modify startup items, I get an error saying access denied, Need admin permissions. I have checked and the admin login still is under the administrators group and debuggers group. I attached a screen shot of that also.

Thanks for any ideas

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So I've been trying to modify my hosts file for a while now. On and off because I was fed up with searching and trying different things then always ending up failing.
So that is why I am posting on this forum, asking for help from you guys.

So far I have tried:
Unchecking Read-Only for the file and the 'etc' folder
Opening Notepad as administrator
Taking ownership
Activating the 'Hidden Admin Account'
Made sure I had all the right permissions for the file (right click 'hosts', properties, security, etc.)

I might or might not have forgotten something. Also, there is only one account on my laptop and it is me. And I am the admin.

Thank your for reading.

A:Hosts: always Access Denied or asking for Admin permissions

I was able to do it through notepad running as an administrator... What happened when you tried? Can you upload a screenshot?

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I recently purchased a new laptop. It was set up in the store, where they created a local account, with my name misspelt. I switched to a Microsoft account, for ease of use. However, I am now encountering some permissions problems. I am unable to delete some folders, because of inadequate permissions, and when I tried to replace the multiple user lock screen picture
it said that I required permission from my misspelt local account. How can I either transfer all permissions to my Microsoft account?

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I'm hunting for a resolution.

I'm trying to delete a number of files from a directory that I'm trying to delete. All the files in this directory are modifiable by the system only (checked the permissions and admin doesn't have full permissions on these files). I've run in safe mode and no joy. I've tried using the cmd prompt and no joy.

I just want to get rid of these files. Can you help?

A:System has Permissions on Files but Admin doesn't

Nevermind, it's so new of an install I'm just going to do a fresh installation.

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I am new user to the Windows Vista Home premium. My laptop is being shared with some family children. I given them the Standard User Account and applied various security policies regarding their computer usage.

But I need help regarding the following:-
1. How can I restrict a Standard User from using Removable Media like CD, DVD, USB.
2. How can I disable "Delete Browsing History" or "Internet Options" for the internet explorer for a standard user.

Kindly help me in this regard ASAP. I have searched on net but nothing fruitful can be done even on changing Registry.

Raj Kumar Arora

A:Some Solutions for an Admin to control user access permissions

All of these apply to all users.
The Only way to do it is to disable the optical drive/usb under device manager, and disable internet options/menu options (User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Browser menus) .

This has to be done through the admin account/ and will affect ALL accounts. This would be a tedious task to perform every time the admin/standard user wanted to log on/off. You would be better off dual booting two Operating Systems- and letting the kids use the newly added restricted one.

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Can someone tell me what the permissions for the Builtin\Administrator group is for the Program Files Folder (Properties | Security). The system I'm working on has NO permissions for the administrators group (which I understand may be normal), and Read, Read & Execute, and List Folder Contents for the Users group (I can't remember the other groups/accounts right now). I don't have a 2nd Vista system to look at, and can only access this one remotely (using PC Helpware).

I'm helping a friend with a gateway laptop running Vista Home Premium recover from gateway's botched attempt to fix things (she now has 3 windows.old folders taking up 25% of her hard drive, and gateway support was only able to re-install a couple of her apps).

I can download the drivers, and pull the installers off the recovery partition, and I know how to take ownership and assign permissions to the Program Files folder so I can clean up some junk, but want to know what the defaults are so I can set them back once I'm done.



A:What are the default admin permissions on the Program FIles Folder?

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Hello All,
I'm delighted to have found you and after a long day of trying to help myself i am now requiring your much appreciated assistance please! I'm not a techy person at all and am hoping someone can help
Last week my husband purchased a new hp laptop which came with Windows 10
On setup i used my microsoft account to login with a pin, the account was setup as administrator (thinking i could change things later)
About 2 days later i added a standard user account for my husband with a microsoft account login with pin.
I wanted to make his the administrator account but thought i had better change mine to a standard account first! My mistake!!
Now i cannot change anything! i have tried to use the cmd prompt to run as administrator - it asks for administrator permission and does not allow me to enter a password or yes!
I have tried all suggestions to enable the hidden windows 10 account but all ask for the same permission.
I have tried to go to setup, recovery, troubleshoot, advanced option, system restore - it requests an administrator password and when i entered what i thought is mine it does not work! Feeling a little
Does anybody know anyway i can go back in time to start again or how do i access administrator rights as i really need to add programs etc
Thank you for any help given

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Ive stumbled across a problem that has been causing me grief for a few days now, every time I try to access my hard drive (C disk) it says, access is denied. Also, i cant edit permissions because I've lost admin rights. Ive tried many things including unlocking the system admin, this lets me access a few extra things like being able to use the sfc command in cmd, however, it doesn't allow me to access the C disk or change permission because it also has lost admin rights? I fear that this is a bad problem and I don't know how it happened. I have tried restoring to a previous date and that doesn't work either.

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shimin4tor

A:[SOLVED] Access denied to C disk and lost admin rights to system admin account

Hi and welcome to TSF so you have tried win 7 hidden admin Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
have you installed or downloaded anything in the recent past

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We have a script that installs a program (Office 2007). It then imports some registry file settings. It imports HKLM and HKCU. We have noticed that if this is installed as a local admin, the settings seem to take if we scan the box as a local admin(we are running a security scan to determine this (the security scan checks multiple gpo's supposed to be set by the program/reg imports). If we scan as a domain admin, the system doesn't seem to show they are set. We believe we see the opposite if it's installed as a domain admin. For the domain scan they are set, for the local scan they are not. Does this have to do with how you can change registry entries as a domain admin versus local admin? The registry settings are imported with reg.exe import filename.reg like commands in the .bat script. Any ideas are helpful.

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Frustrated with admin rights - Please help me.

Just purchased new PC - HP Pavilion desktop and upgraded to Windows 10 during installation. I've downloaded Google Chrome as my default search engine with no issues. I've attempted several times to download Google Earth. Download fails: "Google Earth needs administrator privileges to install."

I am the only user on this PC and User Account type indicates that I'm the "Administrator".

Why won't Google Earth install?

A:Google Earth won't install - admin privileges required (I am admin)

Hello and welcome!

Sometimes you have to run the installation file and deliberately make it "Run as Administrator" by right clicking on the downloaded file and selecting this option. Not sure if this is the case with Google Earth but worth a try.

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Recently I did a clean install from the windows installation tool off a CD I made. Soon after logging on and making my first account (again!) I couldn't open the C drive. I messed with the owner options and made my account the owner so I could open it. Possibly before or maybe after (I'm not sure) I realised I wasn't able to use any admin settings, (like add another account or see advanced system settings) open any applications that required admin rights (like CMD or any installation file) or do anything in the system menu. I've tried to look up the solution but can't find anything that fits the description of my problem. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance for at least reading this.

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I've been trying to remove all my sims 3 games cause they aren't working they are saying version but my computer tells me i have insufficient access please contact system administrator, I'm the only one that uses this computer and I am the administrator Ive been trying to uninstall it for weeks now and have tried force uninstall programs as well can anyone please help me?

A:cant uninstall programs says need admin access but i am the admin

Did you try the free version of Revo Uninstaller?

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So, here's what I did.
Fresh install of Windows 7 x64 Pro.
Default initial user is "Benjamin"
created a second user, "Adam"
created a third user, "root"

Next security setup.
I removed administrator privileges from Benjamin.
Adam was created with no administrator privileges.
root was given administrator privileges.

Then I went into the local security policy to deny root from logging into the system locally.

Well, I learned that yes, this prevents root from logging into his account as a desktop user, but I did not expect it to prevent me from temporarily escalating my privileges to administrator while logged in as Benjamin.

I'm used to a Linux environment where it is normal that root can not log in but you can escalate. Is it possible to regain control of my system or do I need to reinstall?

Thanks in advance,

A:How do I unlock admin with no admin access

WinInternals Locksmith or reinstall

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I share a computer with my brother and we are both Admin users (different accounts), which is required to allowed Asus thermal control software to run. It is Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

The questions is: Is there anyway to stop Admin account from viewing & deleting files for other users. I have tried encryption, but it still allows the files to be accessed. Is this just a design flow from Microsoft??


A:limiting Admin access to files

Design flow? I assume you mean design flaw...well no, it is not a design flaw. You are both administrators you both can have absolute power over the computer. The flaw is in your setup. You want to restrict what someone can do, do not give them administrative power. That is all there is to it.

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I am configuring a newly built computer with Win 7 (fresh, new full install) Pro. All had been going well until I tried to install Zone Alarm and found problems with it accepting and registering the license. After a couple of chat sessions, things pointed to Permissions issues. At that point, I did some reading and discovered that my default Administrator account was not active, so I ran commands to fix that. That still did not allow me to delete some of the Zone Alarm folders or to have the license "stick" in the registry. I also tried the following permissions "fix" for administrator accounts, but that did not help.

1. Enable the Administrator account and set its password.
2. Reboot into Safe Mode.
3. Log on as Administrator.
4. Click Start
5. Type the three letters cmd
6. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter
7. Run the process as Administrator.
8. Type the following commands and press Enter after each:
takeown /f Q:\ /a /r /d y
icacls Q:\ /t /c /grant administrators:F System:F "%UserName%":F
(Answer "yes" when prompted "Are you sure?")
(Replace Q: with the actual drive letter on the problem disk)

Administrator can't access folders in Windows 7 - Microsoft Answers

As I am not that far into software loading on the computer, I thought I would do a complete reinstall, unless anyone has a magic fix for the permissions problem.

Assuming a reinstall can fix this, how do I assure that
1, the default admin... Read more

A:Way to circumvent admin Permissions "issues" with fresh install?

Do not so those steps - it will cause problems like infinite loops via virtualized folders.

Zone Alarm has caused problems for others using W7. The firewall that comes with W7 should be enough.

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Good morning everyone!!

I'm about to put this computer through the wall

Here is what happened:

I transfered all of my files form my laptop to my desktop last night with the Windows Vista Transfer Cable. NOW....when I try to access documents Vista is telling me that I don't have permission?! I turned off the UAC on both computers and I have admin rights on both screen names. What seems to be the problem? It only does it on certain documents. I even looked at the properties of the folder the document is in to see what kind of permission were set in it and it says that everyone is able to view/edit.

Please help me not call a handy man to patch up a hole in the wall


A:Solved: Can't access files even with Admin rights?!?!?!

What folder are you trying to access?

Remember that your files were put in the "Documents" not MY Documents folder.

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Many complaints about Msft's jumbled handling of user accounts,  but none of the fixes I found work.
Files in a folder on an external hard drive give an access denied error - you must be an admin to access. Only one account on the pc and it's an admin enabled account. Other files in this directory on the hard drive open fine, and the folder has never had
different permissions applied so it's ridiculous that I can't access these files.
One thing to note is I do get a "Windows needs to be activated" alert when I look at the admin account dialog. The only option given there is to sign into a Msft account which I don't want to do nor should I have to. Windows is clearly activated
and working fine and the need to link to a Msft account is just Msft marketing bullcr*p. 
I only use this pc for music so if this can't be fixed easily I'll just install Linux and be done with Windows. I've already wasted far too much time going down Msft's rabbit holes. 

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate - and I've noticed that from a secondary standard account, users can access the admin's files (my files) from simply going into C:/users/xxx... or by accessing them from windows search.

I want to prevent this from happening - I've tried preventing access to my user folder, but it is still accessible from another account. Scouring Google hasn't brought me results either Can anyone help resolve this problem?

A:Standard User Can Access Admin's Files

have you given admin rights to the User account in qestion?

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Okay guys this actually happened a while back and I never got round to fixing it, but basically when I turn my PC I see my guest account and what used to be my admin account, it used to be called Curt and now is saying Other user and I actually have to type the name and password in and it says that it is incorrect. It's also running very slowly so it takes a while for normal actions. Help is hugely appreciated, thank you.

A:Admin account corrupted, can't access it or any of its files.

Quote: Originally Posted by curtfh

...I actually have to type the name and password in and it says that it is incorrect....

I would use the tool mentioned in option 5 of this tutorial to remove the password:
User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

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Ok, so I used Window's XP's System Recovery tool to do a system recovery. It was NOT a full system recovery so my old files are in tact. However, the new system admin, Owner, cannot access files from the old system admin. The folders for all of the other users on the computer found in Documents and Settings are accessible. Just not the old admin, that folder gives a 'permission denied' error when I try to open it. Its too bad the old admin's files are the most important. Has anyone seen this or have an idea on how to get at those files?

A:used system recovery and can't access old admin files

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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As an admin on my machine, I need (and want) unfettered access to all files and
folders. I don't want to discuss merits of it. But I can't really spend 2-3 minutes
manually obtaining ownership of each and every file I want to change. Is it possible to
do it from one single settings somewhere?

A:Full Access to all files/folder for admin. How?

For your protection windows makes it difficult for you to do things that may cause problems. There is a secret built in administrator account, that can do everything easily. It is suggeted that users do not take advantage of this function, but here it is. Use carefully.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable[2]=User Accounts


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Hi guys,

Windows XP HE 2002 Sp 3

For the past week I have been getting the following error message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropropriate permissions to access the file" when trying to run most .exe files (not certain if it's all .exe files or only the ones I have been trying). I can run these files in safe mode, so I have tried disabling my spyware programmes, and even today I have uninstalled my Antivirus (I'm using a different pc to use the internet right now) as the antivirus (Avira free) was the only program I had left running! In normal mode, I couldn't uninstall Avira as it wouldn't give me the uninstall option on the programs list and in Add/Remove it stated that Avira was not on my computer (and I had just updated it at the time) but it allowed me to uninstall in safe mode. I have tried System restore but guess what... it won't allow me to do that either. For each point I have created it says it didn't succeed and to choose another restore point, but it says this with each and every one!!!
Also there has been no sound on the computer since the same time (I think), or at least didn't notice the problem until I went to see what was up with the sound, so the sound problem could have happened slightly before or after.
In the device manager, C-Media AC97 has that yellow exclaimation mark beside it, I've tried reinstalling etc etc, nothing has worked. It... Read more

A:Cannot access any .exe files, plus no sound, logged on as Admin

*Bump*?? Anyone got any ideas?

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I've posted about this the other day, and I now have reason to believe that a virus is part of the problem. I have an admin account, and every other account on my computer is an admin account, yet none of them can access MSCONFIG, or install stuff. I get registry errors when I try to install, but I can still access REGEDIT.

Anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it (short of re-formatting)?

OS: Win XP SP2

A:Admin account but can't access MSCONFIG or install

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I have been looking for this answer for 2 days and can not find anyone who has had similair problem.

THere are 2 accounts Administrator and Kenmystro/administrator. I have the password for both and can access both. win 7 Ultimate Hp8510.
I have already selected all user permissions and taken ownership in every box I could find for Kenmystro/admin. the UAC is at minimum and the security centre is off. Run as admin on right click does not help.
It does not matter which of the 2 accounts I log into when I try install certain HP software(Maintenance
& some drivers) it says I do not have admin privileges.

This is driving me nuts can anyone help??

A:admin account and user admin still no admin privilages

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I hope someone can help me.

Just this morning i booted up as normal and the always annoying UAC notifications kept popping up. I was sure i had disabled these! Then i went to use my music software and it said that this account didn't have admin privileges.

I checked my user account and the check box states that is is an admin account and that UAC is turnd off. (i only have one account anyways)

Ive looked on google extensively, Tried making new profiles and copy the old one over, but that only worked to a certain point - lots of programs didn't work, lost mail settings etc. Not really workable.

Tried system restore to no avail.

Tried using the vista admin account and changing my account - rebooting - etc. No change.

My guess is that something has got corrupt in my user profile and windows is not remembering that i should be an admin. I can't use my software and i have a deadline!!

Any one who can help will win a magical prize or something!


A:Admin account stopped being admin even when admin is checked!

Should be easy, create a New Administrator account and give it permissions to use the software.
User Account - Create
Procedure for Seven is the Same as For Vista.

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I have a few computers, and on one I could not remember the password for the life of me. I really wanted to get access to some of the files on there, so i tried removing the hard drive and adding it to this machine here as a slave drive, which also runs vista. This computer has no passwords at all enabled. And... it worked although it added the other hard drive as the C (and partitioned F drive) ! Now I have access to the hard drive and all of it's contents (after a few permission checks for some of the important files) but I really like the other computer better. It has a better graphics card, processor, etc. Is there any way I can change or delete a file so i can put the other computer back together and have it working properly with no passwords or at least a new one?

A:Can not remember admin password, but i have access to ALL of the files. How to reset?

Content removed.

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hey there I seem to be having some issues with my laptop.
I have windows 7 installed on it and it had been acting very slow.
I deleted some files etc and freed up my hard drive space,
then playing around with permissions and my user account (i had suspected I had hacker on my system)
I changed permission on my C: to admin only or something like that.
I am the only user account (admin) and had a guest account i disabled.
anyway after that the next time i turned my computer on i noticed my recycle bin had been emptied which i never did and i couldn't open the c: drive.
I tried safe mode, system restore etc and it said i needed administrator rights.
I searched on google and downloaded malwarebites and ran that, it picked up 3 viruses or something.
said to restart the computer which i did.
when i restarted the computer malwaresbites didn't work anymore and i couldn't open programs properly.
oh i might add before this i had been looking at my services and resource monitor and saw there were addresses established and listening on ports etc. so i tried to disable a few and make my firewall better (though i am not tech savvy) i am not sure if i did any damage.
but now i can't access user accounts, firewall settings, network settings and heap of other things.
I am affraid that a virus or hacker or something is using my computer and accessing files.
as there was a few dodgy things i saw when i could see resource monitor (someone printing documents and pictures of my work..)
I downloa... Read more

A:adminstrator with no admin rights can't access or move files C:

Download UBCD here. At the boot menu select Parted Magic and follow this guide to copy your files to the external drive.
You can burn the UBCD iso to disk on another computer or use Rufus and the iso to create a bootable USB flash drive. Backup any current data you have on the flash drive as it will be erased.

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I have an external drive which I'm trying to reuse as a storage only medium. It's a usb drive on which at one point I managed to install a limited version of windows xp,to run on my first netbook (which I no longer use). I have put other stuff on the drive so I don't want to format it, but there are two files I can't get rid of.They are macromedia flash files. (ocx and exe). I tried taking ownership, running cmd adminstrator, going into safe mode with command prompt, and running admin powershell. I can see the attributes - A and R but I can't change them. I've also tried deleting them via filemenutools delete locked files, but that does not help me either. I want them gone, can anyone help me? I've read one other post where the OP had the same problem, but his problem was solved because his antivirus program eventually decided his file was a virus and got rid of it. So it is possible, but I can't find what to do. I guess it's not a big thing but it bothers me that I'm not able to remove these files no matter what I do. Help would be appreciated...

A:access denied when I delete files in safe mode admin

I would just reformat it personally. Start from a clean slate.

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I recently had some problems with my desktop reconfiguring each time I logged in and deleting all my files. Nothing I found on online and fix this problem. So this is the approach I took.
1. Created a temporary administrator account "mine".
2. Deleted my account "Robert".
3. Rebooted the machine, to be doubly sure that all changes had taken effect.
4. Recreated my account "Robert" configured as administrator.
5. Deleted temporary account "mine"

The This seemed to work, I had a stable desktop and I was able to reload all my data files from a backup.

Now we come to the situation that I am hoping someone can help me with. A lot of three files and folders on the system will not give me an immediate access any longer as I have to use UAC. This as affected my backup program SyncBackFree and all so free download manager,

There are now two user accounts that appear to be mirrored, "Robert" & "Robert.machinename"the latter I have never seen before until now and there are no other users on the machine except for myself.

Can someone tell me how I can get it back to be able to the way it should do with out having to do a reinstall.
Thanks, Robert

A:Access problems after rebuilding admin account

Try Take Ownership Shortcut.

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When I try to install a new printer driver, or change an existing driver, I'm getting "Cannot install Printer.  Access is denied".  There is no GPO applied to this machine, it's a member of a workgroup.  The Package Point and Print
GPO setting was set to disabled just in case.
The user in question is part of the Administrators group, but just to be safe, I logged on as administrator and got the same message. 

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I am the only person using this computer. For some reason If I try to view a image or use a editing software, it just wont let me, and says something along the lines of "You do not have permissions" . For example, I cant open Kingsoft writer (Basically microsoft word) and in the permissions, the adminstator (ME) has all the allow boxes ticked, buts its all grayed out! How do i make it so its not grayed out, meaning I can open it. The picture is attached in this page!

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I just set permissions so that certain drives are not available to non-admin users. Now me, the administrator cannot get into the drive. Furthermore the security tab on the properties window is gone.

Help anyone



A:Admin permissions

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I am unable to save certain downloads in my C drive, because I always get a message that says "You do not have permission from the Admin to save in C. Would you like to save it in your "Public" [my name] file instead?"

I am the Admin, so how do I give permission to myself??


A:Help with Admin permissions

I would just save it to your desktop. If you were downloading a program, you save it there, because you gotta not only download it but install it too.

Other than that, wow, you hadn't had help for a year or so.

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Just recently when trying to download a game (which ive always done) my computer tells me it cant access file because i dont have appropriate perms,,,,i have changed no settings or anything like that,,,,,,it just suddenly began happening,

im on an asus notebook running win 8.1.......


A:admin permissions

Try this method: 5 Ways to Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 7 & Windows 8 (scroll down to the 'How to Always Run a Program with Administrator Permissions' section)


First, find the program you want to run and its shortcut or main executable. Then, right click on it (or press and hold) to view the right-click menu. Click or tap Properties. In the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab. At the bottom, check the box that says "Run this program as administrator" and click or tap OK.

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Need help by passing it or finding out the password...it would be greatly appriciated if you knew. thank you.


A:Admin Permissions?

This forum cannot help you bypass passwords, as it is against the rules.

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Hi,  As mentioned above, I was recently infected with some Malware. I was downloading a crack for a video editing software and it turned out to be an infection. Immediately after that installation a lot of other crap got installed and my browser homepage and search engine changed to an "InitialSite123.com" and just wouldn't change from there.  Then resorted to my trust Malware Bytes Anti-Malware and it detected lots of issues that I first quarantined and then deleted all the issues. Did the same with all files that could be deleted that poped up because of Bitdefender Total Security 2017. I Googled "InitialSite123.com" and was told to download HitmanPro and Revo Uninstaller to get rid of all applications affected. However, my Google Chrome started experiencing some major problems. Such as: (and IE and Edge would just not open)- Couldn't see any of the downloads. I didn't even know they were going until I decided to just close the windowand I was prompted that all my downloads would get cancelled.- Speeddial extension would hang, page would not load.- I could not uninstall Google and unpin from taskbar (It said I didn't have access for such an operation even though I have only one account on this PC which is the admin account) After managing to uninstall Google, I still wasn't able to install programs like Revo Uninstaller as I was getting a "Code 5" error about not having access to make changes to the ... Read more

A:Recently had a Malware Infection & now I don't have admin access to install/uninstall & shutdown

Hi ksuthayya,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
WIth virus/malware attack , it would always leave corrupted system files and scripts running on the background either dormant/idle or just waiting scripts for its trigger. 
Doing system repair and clean boot can help but still. Identify and uninstalling those non familiar processes using revo hunter mode help trackdown malicious processes. Cleaning out your browsers and account from cookies and add on further secures your log in account.
Backing up your personal files would be ideal and using system refresh would be a softer option than a full factory reset to have a fresh system image to start with.
Review your option on what would work best for you.

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Just did a new clean install of W7 Home Premium 64-bit with SP1. Installed all MS updates.
Went to install a virus program and both that I tried (Avira and MS Security Essentials) fail to install. The MSE only provided an obscure error code. Avira comes up stating Local Admin Rights required.

My account is listed as having admin rights.
I tried the Run as Admin, same result.
I rebooted into safe mode, same result.
I enabled the Full Adminstrator account and logged in there. Same result.
Looking in Properties (for Avira)/Security/Advanced it shows full control, and I am THE owner of this file.

would love some help getting this fixed


A:Windows 7 Admin Permission problems, cannot install

Where did you get the install media from?

Please Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back the results.
Please indicate what message was displayed at the end:

Windows found no integrity violations


Corrupt files were found, and windows was unable to fix them.


Corrupt files were found, and windows successfully repaired them

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Disclaimer : I am an average user with average level of know-how.

I got a free used computer with the Administrator profile available. It had several viruses which are probably still not all gone.
But, the problem is with accessing computer-wide special permissions. Many folders (maybe remnants of the virus attack) are not opening nor getting deleted and say "Access is Denied".
I think the antiviruses are also denied access to scan these folders which is why I suspect malware present.

There is a SYSTEM profile, with permissions to open these folders. In addition to my Administrator profile.

How do I remove the "system" profile? it doesn't show up in User Profiles (Control Panel)
How do I gain full access to all folders or do I go one at a time?

I have gotten access (to open such folders) by going into properties/security/advanced permissions and selecting my admin profile. But can't delete them all.

For eg. "System Volume Information" in a drive is default denying access, doesn't get scanned. After going through the permission settings, it opens but doesn't get deleted nor scanned.

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Where do I begin?

Initially I had my computer with Win XP connected to the MC domain. I am granted rights to my pc. I was able to install software without ANY problems.

This weekend, I installed Win 7 Enterprise. First I installed my own local username (lemur) for installation purposes - with admin rights by default. So far, so good.

I added our domain (mc.uky.edu) and was able to login in with my univerity-wide username - mark1. And I successfully connected.

So I am logged in as mark1 on the MC domain.

My problem is installing new software. If I install, say, FF, I will be prompted "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer". It asks for an administrator password under the domain:mc.

When I enter the "mark1" and the password, it's not accepted.

NOW, if I enter my local computer address (this means I'm going OUTSIDE of the domain) and password, it's accepted.

This can't be right. Surely I should not be expected to do this, and it's cumbersome. Is there a way to prevent Win 7 from asking "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer"?

Again, this worked perfectly on XP without problem.

Thank you for your time, consideration and comments.


A:PLEASE HELP! Active Dir/Admin Permissions

Well, I'm sorry and I know it's kind of a pain, but that's exactly how it's suppose to behave. Domain users are not by default users with "elevated" permissions so there is a bunch of stuff they can't do and one of them is installing software. The prompt is simply the new UAC "User Account Control" which didn't exist in XP, but you should have still been denied access or prompted for a admin or power user password. My suggestion is to have the domain administrator add your specific domain user account to the local admins group, or just simply log on locally instead of onto the domain when you want to do something like install new software. Hope this helps.

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Hello Eight Forums:

When trying to save a file, in this case an app. file update, to the original program's location in program files, I receive a error message informing me I need admin permission to do so. Problem is, I am the admin. and my user account is such that I can't change it's type as I am the only admin. using my computer. I had this problem under the same circumstances with Windows 7 as well, but I ignored it. Now I'm tired of it and want it to go away.
Has anyone encountered the above problem and if so how did you solve it?

Thanks for your time.

A:admin account permissions

I used this on both W7 and W8. Once set up, right click on Program Files and just take ownership of the whole enchilada.

Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 8

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I can't access my word files or word itself, i've uninstalled it and now i cant install a new version as i get messages saying i dont have sufficient permission. i'm not sure how to configure my user permissions..does anybody know how i do this??

A:a problem with admin permissions


If you cannot perform the above, you must give yourself ownership first

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