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Lenovo Edge E540 ThinkPad - Cannot install latest Lenovo System Update

Q: Lenovo Edge E540 ThinkPad - Cannot install latest Lenovo System Update

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Edge E540 ThinkPad - Cannot install latest Lenovo System Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I hope this is the correct place to post - did not see a E series in the ThinkPad Board... I am getting an error when trying to update to Lenovo System Update version 5.07.0065.I recently upgraded the computer form Windows 7 to Windows 10. Trying to make sure my drivers were up-to-date I ran across the newer version of the System Update app. When I tried to install, it gave me this error:The old version is now none existant in Programs and Features. Any ideas? All are appreciated!  Thanks.

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My computer has been crashing a lot, which i think is a hardware issue, that is not for this post, but i right now, need assistance, after using my pc in the morning, turning it off, then when i come back, i turn it on, shows the logo, then a dark screen, forever, atleast how long i have waited. I have tried resetting bios, moving ram sticks, messing with BIOS, running hardware checks and software, startup repair says that the laptop boots up, and find no problems, but it doesnt let me do a windows memory diagnostic, i may provide extra information if needed, and i do not know if any more is required, and please do help me, i cannot do anything on my pc until it is fixed 

A:Lenovo thinkpad Edge E540, stays in a black screen...

Also, when its in that state, all of the computer is on, too is the display, the laptop isnt just giving it anything to display, its just black. 

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I just got an E540 and upon a Windows install, after updating the AHCI driver, the screen glitches out (crazy colors, lines, etc) and the system locks up. After a reboot, during Windows startup, the screen glitches out again and it completely powers off. System restore removes the driver and restores the ability to boot.
I've installed the driver from both Lenovo and a newer one from Intel and get the same result.
Windows has the driver already and I'm not opposed to leaving it the way it is, I'm just really wondering about this issue and would like to eventually update.
This happens on both Windows 7 and Windows 10, by the way.

Thanks in advance!


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I would like to install windows XP on the 44GB partition I made, and have a dual boot system.
But I am having trouble installing Windows XP (pro w/ SP3 and net framework 3.0, and my sata driver slipstreamed)

At first, I just got a blue screen after the disk attempted loading files. Then, I slipstreamed the SATA driver for XP for the EDGE 15 onto the XP installation Disk (There were three .inf files in the driver folder, I only slipstreamed the first one, and copied the driver folder into the image folder, following this guide: SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD).

This seemed to get me past the problem. I was able to format the 44GB partition the disk began installing. Then the computer restarted to finish the installation.
However, during the XP installation, I got a hang up at 33mins. After repeated tries, I get this hang up every time.

I tried disabling as many unnecessary devices in the Bios as I could, but I still get the same hang up.

I tried to find the problem by opening the command prompt and typing setupapi.log (in D:\Windows (the 44GB partition)
However, the last entry in the log was "completed successfully". (The guide I followed using "setupapi.log" was for the 34 min hang up. Since mine is 33min maybe its a completely different problem).

Should I try to slipstream all the drivers onto XP installation disk? (there appear to be over 100 drivers on the Lenovo support page for the thinkpad edge 15)

Any ... Read more

A:Trying to install Windows xp on partition of Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15

You really only want the text file for the SATA controller driver, in order to overcome the bluescreen to display the HD partitions for install. Adding other drivers can actually create complications that cause install to fail while installing these drivers, which can be done from the desktop after install anyway.

Have you tried installing your XP programs in Win7 Compatibility Mode,
or virtualizing XP from within Win7 using XP Mode in Ultimate/Pro or freeware like Virtual Box, VMWare, or Virtual Player? These are easier than wrestling with an XPired OS.

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Hello,I have a laptop of Lenovo ThinkPad E540 (20C600JAMC) for Windows 10 64bit.Graphics card Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 4600 740M.In the BIOS I have set the Intel card, the device manager then NVIDIA card and laptop works fine.After the switch in the BIOS on the NVIDIA Windows Optim, already booted after switching off the machine.I think it is related to the version of the BIOS, because the older version wasn't until after updating the BIOS, the problem appeared. When the set's BIOS graphics NVIDIA does not remember the time. Other values remain set.Can you handle it?Thank you.

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I Have Just Recently boaught a Lenovo E540, However i cannot charge my Iphone, It constantly connects then disconnects and Syncing doesn't Work Either, This Laptop was to be used for buissiness purposes but no i'm reconsidering beacuse the Iphone is very important and i need to be able to connect to it I hope someone on this form Can Help And Resolve my Issue Thanks 

A:Lenovo Thinkpad E540 Not Charging Iphone

I also have this problem.

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Please Help! I ran the Lenovo BIOS Upgrade for Thinkpad E540 for Windows 7; it didn?t work. (?Failure to Read BIOS?) So I downloaded the ISO version, and burned it to a CD. My laptop boots up ONLY from the CD. Now exactly what do I do now, in simple instructions, to upgrade from the ISO CD to the new updated BIOS so that it would be on my laptop (instead of having to boot from the CD every time)? Thanks!

A:How do I Lenovo BIOS Upgrade for Thinkpad E540 for Windows 7 from ISO CD?

Welcome to the forum!
If you boot from the CD (and the ISO was correctly burned on the CD), you only need to follow the instructions on the screen. If I remember correctly you need to press Enter once, (eventually confirm by pressing the "Y" key) and then the BIOS will be updated. After that you can remove the CD and boot normally.
You need to be connected to the AC and have a full charged battery before the update.
Hope this helps...

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Should I be getting my drivers from Lenovo's site or Lenvo Vantange system? I always check Lenovo's site for new drivers because I never use Lenovo's vantage system but I have seen some people say that Lenovo Vantage system has newer drivers. Is that true?

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I want to use a USB soundcard to it's maximum performance (on Linux). For this, I go the advice to use the soundcard on a USB bus which is't occupied by oder devices which might interfere with the data transmission causing drop outs in the audio. looking at the usb system with lsusb ives me this list:Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:8000 Intel Corp.
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:8008 Intel Corp.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 004 Device 004: ID 17ef:304f Lenovo
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 2109:0812 VIA Labs, Inc. VL812 Hub
Bus 004 Device 002: ID 2109:0812 VIA Labs, Inc. VL812 Hub
Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 8087:07dc Intel Corp.
Bus 003 Device 064: ID 1686:0045 ZOOM Corporation H4 Digital Recorder
Bus 003 Device 072: ID 046a:b090 Cherry GmbH
Bus 003 Device 075: ID 091e:2002 Garmin International
Bus 003 Device 074: ID 05a3:9230 ARC International
Bus 003 Device 073: ID 0424:4060 Standard Microsystems Corp. Ultra Fast Media Reader
Bus 003 Device 071: ID 0424:2640 Standard Microsystems Corp. USB 2.0 Hub
Bus 003 Device 070: ID 0424:2514 Standard Microsystems Corp. USB 2.0 Hub
Bus 003 Device 006: ID 1a40:0101 Terminus Technology Inc. Hub
Bus 003 Device 012: ID 17ef:304e Lenovo
Bus 003 Device 066: ID 22f0:0014
Bus 003 Device 005: ID 2109:2812 VIA Labs, Inc. VL812 Hub
Bus 003 Device 004: ID 2109:2812 VIA Labs, Inc. VL812 Hub
B... Read more

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I am presently researching to purchase a laptop for my wife at Christmas who is a teacher thus she will need to access the internet, do Office work, grading, emails, research, etc., but no gaming at all.

Will be running 7 64 OS, with 4 gigs of RAM, and hopefully a 7200 rpm hd. Leaning towards the i5 processor.

The Thinkpad Edge is part of Lenovo's excellent T Series but somewhat less expensive. Looking at current configurations it seems it will deliver what I am looking for but I know nothing of the quality build.

Would love to hear back from people who have used this series and/or from ITs who repair laptops for their insights.


A:Lenovo's Thinkpad Edge: Looking for Advice

Hard to say not knowing the exact model number.

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I ordered this laptop off eBay. It boots up and show it's logo and then gives me 2 booting options. Neither of them work so I tried to factory reset it from I what I read. Turn it off and turn it back on then press fn&f11. That didn't work either. What should I do? Need help!!! The image below are the options I get when it boots up.

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The adaptor is connected, the computer is turned on and it says: 'connected, not charging' and suddenly it just dies (when it hit 0%). However when the computer is turned off it charges without a problem.When I connect it to the adaptor and the pc is turned on it charges for 5 seconds and then it goes to 'connected, not charging'- mode. I have read through some other post suggesting to remove the battery - however the I have to remove the keyboard and other stuff as well, so I was looking for a simpler solution. Can you help me?

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So, after 4 or 5 years the fan on my Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E525 (1200US model, if I recall correctly) is no longer spinning. Before I order any replacement parts, though, I wanted to make sure that I can replace just the fan no matter what or if I would have to get the whole HSF assembly. I'd rather not have to disassemble the laptop twice.

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When I access a website in MS Edge - like eBay - and want to delete an item in my watch list, eBay presents me for a message box, for me to confirm the removal by OK or Cancel. That window starts to flicker transparently. It only stops when I place the mouse pointer on the OK button. When I remove the pointer it starts flickering again.I have swept the Internet in effort to find a useful solution.Windows 10 and MS Edge is running on my Thinkpad.I hope someone could help - I have spent hours running in circles.Thanks, AndersPS. I forgot to mention that I am unable to reproduce the problem in Microsoft Internet Explorer (11) and Google Chrome!I know I could just use one on mentioned browsers but I would truly like to get to the bottom of this issue.

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Hi All As per the title suggests - just purchased one of these off the web and it's a nice little machine. Tried to fit a 128gb OCZ Vertex drive but it doesn't slot all the way into the SATA port, whereas a standard HDD does. Appears to be down to the physical profile of the drive and the slot. Does anyone know of an SSD which will fit? I saw another thread which mentioned the Crucial M4 and the x25-m SSDs, but wondered if there were any other owners who could shed some light on this.    

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Hi guys,I have a laptop which is a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 model running on Window 10 Pro OS. It is a Core i3-3110M CPU @2.40GHz 8GB RAM 64-bit OS. My issue is :WLAN / WiFi keeps going ON and OFF every now and then. The WiFi once connected keeps connecting and disconnecting every minute and it sometimes take forever to reconnect back. I will need to right-click on the WiFi Symbol at the bottom right and click on 'Troubleshoot problems' to recover from this issue. Once recovered, it disconnects again. Some Observations :The issue could be because of the conflict between the Bluetooth drivers and the WiFi drivers. If Bluetooth is disabled then the WiFi works correctly. There will be no problems regarding the WiFi getting disconnected. These are the following details of the hardwares and their respective driver versions. Network : Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless -N 2230Driver Version : Date : 30-04-2015  Bluetooth : Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)Driver Version : 18.1.1525.1445Driver Date : 18-06-2015 I have no idea why these two are causing this issue, but I really need to fix this. And it has been atleast a year since I bought this laptop and it has been showing this problem since 4 - 5 months back. Please let me know if there is a work around for this. If not atleast I hope the above information might help fixing the issue. If there is any additional information that is needed from me, please leave a m... Read more

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Its about two weeks my E120 encountered this problem. At the first cool statup I get Fan error! only once and after a reset its fine. When the fan starts, it makes alot of noise, even in low speed. when system gets a bit warmer, noisey fan calms a bit down. but not quiet. I removed both keyboard and the cover below, and removed all the dust (not much dust) by an air blower. But the problem still exists. Should I change the fan or it still have a chance to live?

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E120 - Fan Noise / Fan Error

Just change it. They don't cost much.

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Hey! So I bought my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E545 about a year and a half ago, and right out of the box this brand new computer was EXTREMELY slow. Internet pages load extremely slow, games play choppy and slow, I cannot watch streams with my computer, and I cannot view HD videos on any platform. This should not be happening with a brand new computer with 16 gigs of ram. I should've submitted it for repair or returned it earlier but I guess I always thought I would find the problem and download a driver or something and the problem would be fixed, but alas, it is still functioning like a laptop from 2001. Any advice or help is much appreciated, thanks.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E545 extremely slow

Hi Monger,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Maybe you would want to remove any unnecessary think vantage software?s or other software?s that you don't need. 
Additionally try updating the OS and drivers, you can let Windows update do this. 
Try disabling all start-up programs, to see if's it's a faulty program. The easiest way is to use the msconfig program. I would also try seeing what program is eating up the resources, ctrl+shift+esc.
I hope the above information helps.
Tap that kudos button if I helped. If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Hi, I have a 2010 Lenovo Thinkpad Edge Notebook (NSW DET SCHOOL LAPTOP) and it was unlocked by the tech guy at school when I graduated 18 months ago. Worked perfectly fine until a couple of months ago when it just crashed and wont load past the first page. Have tried several hard resets, etc but no luck. I have important documents on the notebook and I need to get it working again as I have to transfer all my school and work documents to my macbook. I received the notebook from my school about 3 years ago, if that and never had any issues until now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou

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Hi, I have a 2010 Lenovo Thinkpad Edge Notebook (NSW DET SCHOOL LAPTOP) and it was unlocked by the tech guy at school when I graduated 18 months ago. Worked perfectly fine until a couple of months ago when it just crashed and wont load past the first page. Have tried several hard resets, etc but no luck. I have important documents on the notebook and I need to get it working again as I have to transfer all my school and work documents to my macbook. I received the notebook from my school about 3 years ago, if that and never had any issues until now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou

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I have big problem if u can help me .. i have Lenovo Thinkpad edge E530C laptop .. the keyboard is totally damage .. no usb port no letters i try to find replacement in my country but not single shop have it .. can u guys guide me toward .. the specifications of this keyboard so i can buy it online which model and what specifications of this keyboard .. cuz it's been almost on year know and it's been difficult for me to do my work and other stuff please help . 

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Since you have to hunt around different Lenovo sites (and other sites) to find out about these softwares, I decided to make a post to get feedback from actual Yoga owners on how these programs interact, what they do, which ones are prerequisite, and which ones are unnecessary. Please don't take this as a blanket answer. This is just what I have found. It might be right - it might be wrong. I'm looking for others to post their experiences as well. Lenovo System Interface Foundation Driver - Necessary prerequisite (missing driver in device manager without it). It allows the Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Companion to work. Lenovo Yoga Mode Control - Necessary if you want to use your yoga to seemlessly change between all the different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, stand). This software is responsible for autorotating and putting Windows into tablet mode. Lenovo Utility - Recommended(?) This one I'm not too sure on. I remember that I was missing some function that I wanted but I can't remember what it was now. Maybe battery cycle count and health? Lenovo Companion - I don't have this one installed and don't think it's necessary but would like someone else to shed some light here.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E545 laptop with Win7 pre-installed.
Had it about 5 days, and just tried to boot F8 Safe Mode.
It refuses to acknowledge the F8 key and boot into the Safe Mode menu screen.
According to Microsoft website, F8 is supposed to work in Win7.
Is this a known bug in my hardware?  In Win7?
Or, I hope not, is my Windows installation corrupted?

A:F8 Safe Mode does not work, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E545

Are you tapping the f8 key repeatedly or just one time . . .
If msconfig is working you could just use it to force safe mode on the next reboot.

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I have regualrly run a System Update for my computer via Lenovo Companion and I've managed to have all updates successfully completed - all except for one. Lately, I have runs of Updates where I encounter an update for Synaptic UltraNav Driver, run it, but comes up as being unable to download and install - in spite of a successful initial download. Since its encounter a couple of weeks ago, I have been unsuccessful in fully downloading and installing this specific Driver for my computer. Is there any indication of issues for this Drive? And what should I do to resolve it? Also, if the Driver can't be properly updated, what is its purpose for my system? Any form of help concerning this Driver update issue would be appreciated.

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When I bought my Lenovo V330-15IKB laptop slightly less than a year ago, I used the System Update in Lenovo Vantage, and it showed the update history, including BIOS updates. For some reason, now when I check 'My device status', in the System Update section, there is a red cross instead of green check like the other lines, and the message 'System Update not found'. What is causing this, and how can it be fixed?

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Hi All, I've been running Windows 10 for a while now without any issues. However last week Windows 10 updates were pushed to my Laptop and as a result I cannot connect to the internet. A couple of thihg to note...Both the WIFI and Ethernet connections have the same issueI've uninstall and re-install both network driversWhat is strange is that my laptop does indicates that I'm connecting to the internet but when opening a browser page no pages are displayed. Trying on Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox.Also apps that needs to connect to the internet cannot do so.I can ping external websites. Any help would be appreciate. I'm at wit's end now. RegardsReinhardt

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Hello, In our organization we have a VPN client that is sensative to driver versions.  We have noticed Lenovo System Update is only updating the Lenovo T470 Wireless-AC 8265 drivers to a certain point and has stopped.  That we could tell there did seem to be a problem as previously there was a rapid succession of updates for our T470's and the wireless NICs to a certain point.T470 - 20HES09L00 Would it be possible to have this driver updated? 2018/09/03 - v20.70.3.3 - Lenovo2019/03/06 - v20.120.1.1 - Intel  Thank you,Tony H. 

A:Lenovo T470 - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 - Lenovo System Update - Wireless AC Driver Update

I noticed this apparent divergence on my T480, so I manually installed thev20.120.1.1 driver direct from the  Intel site. When it got done installing, Device manager (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit) reported that I STILL was using the same version as offered by Lenovo:  v20.70.3.3 - Lenovo

If a post answers your question, please mark it as an ?Accepted Solution?!If a post helps you, please click the star to give it a Kudo~~Some years back I worked for IBM, currently I do not work for,nor do I speak for Lenovo or IBM.

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When trying to download and install "Lenovo System Update" on my IdeaCentre H320, the download stopped running at 15% finished stating that "An error occurred while downloading packages."  I retried several times and the same error message is shown repeatedly.  I am still using Windows 7 and IE11.  Any help with this matter would be most appreciative.

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Hi, I am running a Thinkpad Edge. I had  a hard disk failure, and I installed a brand new hard disk, and a new Windows 7 OS. I am trying to figure out how to update all the drivers. When I run System Update, I get "no package applicable to your system were found" Please help. Thanks,PKD

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Hello everyone.I am new to this forum and i need help from you guys. Recently, I recieved my new legion y540. I got lenovo vantage edge pre-installed. But some of the option (like hybrid mode) were missing in it. So i read some solutions from lenovo forums and people were saying to reinstall the vantage edge. So I uninstalled it , But now i am having trouble while installing it again. I am downloading the setup from the link https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/in/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/legion-series/legion-y540-15irh-pg0.... Now here comes the problem. When i install the setup it installs it in "C:\Drivers\Lenovo_Vantage_Gaming_Feature_Driver". After that when I lauch it, it displays the message "Completing the Lenovo Vantage Gaming Feature Driver Setup Wizard". After this when I press Ok nothing happens. This is really annoying as there is no other option to download it. Even the Microsoft store is providing the Lenovo Vantage Enterprise version. Please help me and thank you in advance.

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Can anyone refer me a link which gives the most recent BIOS update for Lenovo IdeaPaf G50-45? Also, care to tell me how to install this specifically? I had been through the laptop's BIOS Setting to actually know that the update does not happen from there. Regards.

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Hello all, The latest BIOS update looks like it is targeted for units with an i3 6006U cpu: Summary of changes==================General Information:1KCN28WW:1. PCR: new CPU(i3-6006U) support:(1) Fix S4 stress issue2. Checksum: 1KCN28WW.IMC -0x5465E40A- (by sum.exe) Now, since my unit has an i3-6100U, does anyone see any need for me to install this BIOS update? Thanks, newlaptop

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Hallo! Verkacktes Windows 10 Creators Update, seit der Installation des Creators Updates auf meiner Thinkpad P70 Workstation hakt, ruckelt und hat meine Thinkpad Bluetooth Laser Mouse Aussetzer. Sämtliche neuen Treiber von Lenovo und auch Treiber die Windows Update gezogen hat, bzw. Treiber direkt von der Intel Homepage für das Intel 8260 Bluetooth bringen keine Lösung. Ein Auswechseln der Batterien hilft auch nichts. Also vermute ich, dass einfach eine frühere Treiberversion des Bluetooths für das Thinkpad P70 die Probleme des Ruckeln am Thinkpad P70 lösen. Wo bekomme ich die Lenovo Treiber für das Bluetooth am P70 für Win 10 64 bit her?Auf der Lenovo Treiberseite sind nur mehr die aktuellen verfügbar. Bitte um Hilfe.

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I cannot install the following updates to my machine no matter what I do: Energy Manager and Flight Mode Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Notebook Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) ... Lenovo Yoga Mode Control for Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Notebook I have attached the following Zip containing the most recent DMPs and my systems current configuration as detected by MSInfo and AIDA64.

MiniDump&MSInfo&AIDA64Report.zip ?592 KB

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Hi, I just updated my Lenovo solution center to the latest version (3.3.02), but I could not find the install latest drivers/utilities sections as the old solution center. Can anyone tell me where to update the drivers and stuff in the new solution center? thanks

A:Lenovo solution center 3.3 where to install latest...

LSC version 2.8.007 will update to 3.3.002.LSC version 3.2.004 will update to 3.3.002. 3.3.002 is Hardware scan only and shows warranty info and other items.This version will not launch under companion at this time.Lenovo is upgrading all users of both versions to the 3.3.002 version. Previously the 3.xx.xx version was win10 only.==If you had 2.8.007 installed, LSC did not do updates!. It launched System Update. Go to your support page and download System Update, if it is not installed.  System Update is probably installed on your system, but you have no entry on the start menu. SU is found here: c\programfiles(x86)\Lenovo\systemupdate\TVsu.exe .==For win 10 users, you can also run the SU offering via Companion. 3.3.002 will not launch under Companion (at this time. covered in another post in the apps section).  3.2.004 will launch.

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My Lenovo Vantage app is not working after update my computer. I am using Window 10 64bit.Here is the error link I keep getting:https://imgur.com/a/sHYKYMb

A:Lenovo Vantage app not working after latest Window update.

Hi TTLL, Lenovo Vantage is the replacement of the following 3 apps:Lenovo CompanionLenovo SettingsLenovo Account Portal applicationsSeems like the problem you described was led by wrong registry value when previously upgrade from Companion to Vantage. You may try to remove all Lenovo related apps from Microsoft Store and re-install Vantage.  

"May the Force be with Lenovo"

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hi, i have a lenovo b590 laptop (20208 type) with i3 3110m and nvidia gt720m and whenever i try to update the BIOS using the latest BIOS version available on the lenovo drivers download page , i get the following error: https://i.imgur.com/lKMLQV9.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/OkY9aQy.png this is the actual BIOS version on the laptop: https://i.imgur.com/1Tvib3d.jpg  how can i update the BIOS on it? i guess the problem is that the allready running BIOS is H1ETXXXX version and on the lenovo drivers download page is only the H9ETXXXX version which i guess isn't compatible with the 20208 version of the laptop and shows the "machine does not match with this bios" error. forgot to mention that my OS is windows 7 x64 on which i tried to run the bios update.  also will this laptop model gonna receive any new bios updates especially regarding the newly discovered intel security flaws or it's completely abandoned allready in terms of support?

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trying to update my thunderbolt firmware to latest but seems like everytime I try to update and the laptop restarts, it doesnt really seem to update the firmware.  Tried doing the update thru Lenovo vantage app, Downloading it manually thru lenovo's support page, also tried doing the update thru Lenovo's website thru automatic detect and install. but seems that everytime I try to do an update, it goes thru the process of updating, restarts the computer at the end. but when I try to do check for updates, the Lenovo Vanatge app and Lenovo website say's that I still need the update, and I am still running the old Firmware version NVM 33 

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Good evening! I have a Lenovo Edge 2 that has been babied since purchased. Never abused, dropped, no scratches or dents, it's in fantastic condition still. I purchased the extended warranty, hoping I'd never need it.Last year, it stopped charging properly. The battery power dropped to 0%, and hasn't increased since. The machine will only power on when plugged in to AC power, and will immediately power down when the adapter is disconnected. The charging status indicator LED on the right side of the machine flashes orange in a non-steady, intermittent pattern, and the charging indicator in the taskbar in Windows 10 does the same thing. I returned the machine to Best Buy, they sent it to their "Geek Squad" facility for repairs, and the AC Adaptor and battery were replaced, under warranty. The machine was returned to me, and still doesn't charge.I contacted Lenovo, they advised I would need to return it to their facility for repairs. I put it in the provided box, and dropped it off to FedEx on 6/24/17. It's now been 2 weeks. I contacted Lenovo to inquire about the status of the repair, and was told "The technician found evidence of damage, and the upper case will need to be replaced as well, but damage isn't covered under warranty, so you'll need to cover the cost of the repair." I asked for the price, was told "A technician will email you with the price." I inquired about the status of the original repairs, they told me the claim was on hold, pending my review and... Read more

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Hi im trying to flash my bios, I need either the wps file or the iso file please help.

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