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Lenovo G510 broken power jack? Dead computer?

Q: Lenovo G510 broken power jack? Dead computer?

Hi!I recently got my hands on my friend's old laptop that hadn't been used for a year. The problem with the G510 was the power jack. It was pushed back and repaired multiple times by professionals but still didn't completely work.I thought that if i bring the power jack outside the laptop it would work. But it doesn't. I plug in the charger and nothing, no led lights no fan no sound. The same charger worked on another computer.So i removed the power jack and i saw no external problem with it. I don't have a multimeter. Next i thought the power jack doesnt really cost much, but then again, the shipping costs would be overwhelming and i can't afford it at the moment.I also tried turning it on with only one memory card, done the 30second thing, charging without battery in case the problem was there but still nothing. The silence is killing me.Could there be any way to charge the battery outside the laptop? Or do you have any other ideas i could try?

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo G510 broken power jack? Dead computer?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've had this second hand Lenovo G510 (20238) and when i got it, it had an audio jack that i was assuming busted. I have been using a usb headphone adapter but since that broke, I might as well look for help. When I plug in the headphones, it doesnt show up on the sound tab. I've tried various different types of headphones (all working till this day) and nothing shows up. The speakers work fine and sound passes through HDMI fine as well.I've tried hard boots and factory resets. Is there something i didnt install? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

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Hey people,

Well I have this hp Pavilion zt1180 (Running Windows XP Home edition) laptop for about 5 years, its one of my most favorite laptops besides my Apple laptops, So one day I was using my hp normally and then the hp warns me that I had low battery so I check on the back of the hp and I see that the charger is conected properly so why the h*** isn't it working? so I unplug the charger from the DC Power Jack and I turned off my hp laptop and got a pen, I poked the DC Power Jack and I saw how it moved out of place (it wasn't attached to the motherboard anymore) and I could see that it was cracked (like broken).

All I just need help in is, does some one know a website that could give me step by step on how to open the laptop? Because I've tried my self removing the case and its pretty hard, or can some one here give me steps on how to remove the case and solder the new DC Power Jack onto the motherboard?

All I just want is to have my hp laptop working again, please..


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Hi. Im new on this forum, but I have a problem with my Inspiron 1545 laptop from Dell pre-loaded Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (although I did re-install several times with OEM OS restore disc). Money is tight for us now, so my AC power jack on the side of my laptop (or the end which connects to the jack) is damaged. I don't know what it is or how serious it is. Once for a while we had to protect the cord from slipping out using duct tape. The only thing I really know is that the coded white rim on that end of the cord, a very small part of it is chipped. And my battery needs replaced, do I need to still fork over an expensive sum for a brand new one?

A:Broken AC power jack, no battery power, help

Hi CSean and welcome to SF
As I understand it, it's not the Laptop-side of the connection that's broken right?
In that case you might find this link helpful:

Amazon.com: Replacement Plug for Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1545 Laptop Ac Adapter: Computers & Accessories
Granted those aftermarket replacements are not necessarily in the same quality as the original parts.
You often trade off quality for price.
These seem to be original parts (for 3-6x the price as it seems):

Hope it helps you further

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I have a similar problem with my HP. The internal pin has broken off. I have dismantled the notebook but can't see an easy way of replacing the jack. Has anyone done this that can assist with the steps and pitfalls?

A:Laptop power jack broken

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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The power jack in my yoga 13 is broken. The central yellow plastic piece is missing and the pins were touching. Does this mean I'll have also shorted the motherboard? Can I test for that? Peace, kowalski

A:Yoga 13 broken power jack

If it's in any kind of warranty, send it in.
Otherwise, if you're comfortable working on a computer, the replacement part seems to be readily available and inexpensive. I'd start with replacing the jack and THEN seeing if it'll boot. 

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So after 3 years my laptop finally started to show it's age. My headphone jack broke down. Only one headphone is working. No, it's not a headphone issue and neither a OS issue (I checked with other pairs and on Ubuntu). I disassembled the laptop and everything seemed fine, but I guess I gotta change that port to fix everything. Sadly, I couldn't find any original components, but only second hand from other generations. Do you think these one would be able to replace the one I had? (Lenovo G50-30) (Lenovo IdeaPad Z510)

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Hi everyone I have a Lenovo Y50-70 which has been working perfectly but this morning, my audio jack stopped working. It's never been a problem before. When I plug in my headphones, the computer will not register them. But the audio stops anyway. So, somehow the computer still registers, the headphones is in since the speakers stops playing, but there is no audio in the headphones. I have tried with 2 other headphones.  Can anyone help me out?

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I use an Acer Aspire 5101 laptop (usually with the battery in and plugged in with the cable) and a few days ago I noticed that moving the laptop would sometimes cause the LED light to switch off implying no power was coming in from the cable. Much of the time it stays on, but occasionally if moved it will flicker off again until I move the laptop to a better position. Sometimes it will even come on again and then flicker off without me moving it.

I have read about similar problems but have always heard that it is the actual DC jack that is the problem. I am wondering if this is the case with me, as with my laptop the actual jack and pin look absolutely perfect, are not loose, and sometimes just moving the cable near the plug slightly (while keeping the plug itself absolutely stationary) will cause the light to flicker off.

Is there any way I could just have wrecked my cable a bit and should buy a replacement? I don't know of a similar cable I could use to test this out, as my friend has a different Acer model and her adapter says 100-240V (1.5A) whereas mine says 100-240V (1.6A) and I don't want to risk causing any problems.

If not, is there any way to tell just by looking or feeling if the actual DC jack itself is the cause of this?

Thanks so much,

A:Laptop - broken power cable, or DC jack?

I had a similar problem with an IBM thinkpad, unfortunately it was in the internal pin which meant a new motherboard. bleah.

buy a new cable and see if it stops. Cables can take some wear at the back because they tend to get bent a lot near the back of the laptop. Hopefully its the cable (cheap fix) and not internal (expensive fix). Good luck!

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My S510p's headphone jack is damaged due to physical impact as depicted in the photo below, now the headphone plug keeps falling out (I have to hold it in place for it to work properly).  What do I do? Is the headphone jack on the main board in this model? Can it be repaired?  ?

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Battery and Power indicator light is always on even if my laptop is turned off and no charger is plugged in please help me I do not know what to do about this, I had a problem before too about this laptop, it restarts automatically when I shut it down but I already fixed this one, but the power and battery indicator light won't go off. And the fan is working. Hope you can help me. These are my laptop's specs  Mod's Edit: System model added to Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

A:Lenovo G510 - power and battery indicator light is...

Hi Lenovo4g510i5,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with power in your Lenovo G510 laptop.
Perform the power drain, to perform please disconnect all the external devices connected to the system shut down the machine and remove battery and adapter. Now press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Now connect the battery and turn on the system and check for the issue.
This is to drain the static charge as the LED might be due to the static charge.
Best regards,         
Ashwin. S

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If you think this story is too long, please jump to the end for the executive summary. I bought a Thinkpad Yoga 15 a little over a year ago. I live in Belgium, but close to the Netherlands and Germany border. I bought my laptop in Germany as it was the only place in a 200 km radius that had the laptop on display. After slightly more than a year, the middle part of the power connector on the machine broke. Not because of a fall or something else, just daily use. The machine itself basically moves from the downstairs desk to the upstairs desk, so the only thing that happens that the power cord is removed and reinserted at its new station. This is covered under European Warranty Law, but as I had a 3YR NBD Warranty Extension, I expected this to be fixed without problems. I created a ticket through the (rather archaic) ticketinterface, and expected to be contacted the next day. However, it took 7 days for an IBM Global Services employee, to whom Lenovo apparently outsourced their technical support, to contact me. I was asked to provide some photographs of the problem and to e-mail them to the support person ? he neglected to provide an e-mail address. The ticket system does not support attachments. As a workaround, I uploaded the pictures to my Google Drive and put the link in the ticket tool. This was not seen by the support person, who had told me that a technician would stop by the next day. I made sure there was someone home, but no technician showed up. This was, it turned... Read more

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Hello,I have a Z50-75 laptop which has had power jack issues in the past. The jack has been replaced several time. The most recent time it was replaced, I proceeded to use it thay night as normal, and then closed the laptop to put it in sleep mode and went to bed. The next morning, the computer is completely unresponsive. It had not moved from the position on my desk at all. Bought a nen charger to no avail. Will not light up in any way, does not show any signs of life (no fan noise, no cd drive eject, etc).  Have tried troubleshooting anything I could think of; dont see any visible issues to thr hardware. If anyone has any ideas or if I could get a hold of Lenovo Support, that would be great. Spent nearly an hour looking for a customer support email but it seems it isn't that simple haha.  I really like my laptop and would like to see it working again. Have had about 3yrs. Thanks. Edit-typos.

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I have Acer Aspire 9400 broken powerjack. I m going to solder a new one to it. MY problem is that there is berely no solder on there i see. I see is some yellow looking glue ? what is this and how do i remove it? I thought it would just melt with the solder when i first tried soldering it but now its mixed with the copper braid, solder, and the metal jack on the board and wont come off? what can I do to remove this stuff ?

and as far as soldering, is it okay if the board turn black? I dont think I fried it or anything but its black and i smelled some plastic burn so idk? Im just having trouble getting the yellow looking glue off bc i hardly see andy solder on there to get it off



A:Acer 9400 power jack broken/ solder repair

Im assuming you mean the motherboard? if thats black and something melted i would say the board is toast and its not going to be cheap to fix the computer.I would say take it somewhere and see what damage was done and if it can even be fixed.

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 Hi, my GPU of my laptop lenovo g510 20238 doesn't work any more resulut of that i get black screen, i decided to buy a motherboard online.Lenovo g510 80A8 motherboard has a better graphic card and motherboad is a bit in different shape, so i am wondering if i could buy a motherboard of 80A8 and put in my laptop which is 20238 type______________________________________________________________________1.(20238) I found the same motherboard as i had with integrated GPU intel 4600 same as this in aliexpress  My motherboard type 20238______________________________________________________________________2. (80A8) I found a motherboad for g510 80A8 with a AMD GPU on it in aliexpress Lenovo G510 80A8 with AMD I like to buy that one with AMD graphic even thats in different shape, i think must be compatibile because all the ports and holes are in same position______________________________________________________________________ here is a photo below, of my laptop and motherboard

A:Does Lenovo G510 20238 and G510 80A8 compatibile switching motherboards?

Hi, my GPU of my laptop lenovo g510 20238 doesn't work any more resulut of that i get black screen, i decided to buy a motherboard online.Lenovo g510 80A8 motherboard has a better graphic card and motherboad is a bit in different shape, so i am wondering if i could buy a motherboard of 80A8 and put in my laptop which is 20238 type______________________________________________________________________1.(20238) I found the same motherboard as i had with integrated GPU intel 4600 same as this in aliexpress  My motherboard type 20238______________________________________________________________________2. (80A8) I found a motherboad for g510 80A8 with a AMD GPU on it in aliexpress Lenovo G510 80A8 with AMD I like to buy that one with AMD graphic even thats in different shape, i think must be compatibile because all the ports and holes are in same position______________________________________________________________________ here is a photo below, of my laptop and motherboard

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4 year old laptop wasn't charging properly, it was being very fussy about the exact position of the power cable in the socket. It has what looks like a pretty common power connector for lenovo, which is a USB sized hole with a single centre pin. I looked into the laptop socket and saw that as well as the conductor for the centre pin and the outer sides, there was also 4 little tines on each side between the centre and the edge which were clearly all bent off in wrong directions (looked like an old toothbrush inside) I'm guessing the centre pin is +ve, the tines are -ve and the outer connections are just mechanical/shielding. I straightened these all out with a pencil but I think I must have momentarily shorted something as now the laptop shows absolutely no signs of life when I hit the power button. Tried various tricks I've read online about various sequencies of hitting the power button with the battery in and out but no luck. The laptop was fully charged before I started this, but I didn't disconnect the battery before starting which I probably should have. So I'm guessing I've shorted the power rails on that connector. What damage have I likely done? I'm amazed that there can be a design where very flimsy pins inside an external connector which are clearly easily bent can cause such damage if they touch another pin 2mm away from them. Is there any way to save this laptop? If it's a case of replacing an SMD fuse soldered onto the motherboard I can do th... Read more

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Hi!I accidentally broke my notebook's power jack (2 of 5 wires broke off from their pins). The number of the part I need is DC30100KQ00, but at the moment I hardly find any (ebay's shipping can take up to 2 months, and I don't have that much time).My question is what are the differences between these parts? I mean I've seen many of these with the same looking connectors I need, but they're related to other models. Otherwise, can I cause any trouble if I try to replace it with a part from a different model (e.g. G500)? Thanks,Mozes

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I need information about wiring of the power jack in Lenovo Y50. I mean wiring at the plug which is plugged into the motherboard from the power jack. Please refer to the attached photo. There are 5 wires (counting from left): 1 - blue, 2 - black, 3 - black, 4 - red, 5 - red. I need the following information:1. What is the function of each wire (ground, power supply etc.) and required voltage on each wire once AC adapter is on?2. Are 2 black wires (wires 2 and 3) internally connected? I checked with multimeter and among all pairs of all 5 wires, only those 2 wires are shorted? Is it correct?  

wires.jpg ?458 KB

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Earlier this week I stood up while holding my Y540.  The power brick, which is quite heavy, fell off the desk and ripped the power cord out of the DC-IN power jack.  The plastic clips that hold the power cord in place were destroyed, and now I can't get a stable power connection anymore. I'd like to replace the DC-IN power jack on the motherboard.  The problem is I can't seem to find the part anywhere.  Lenovo won't sell it to me (it's an FRU only part) and I can't find anywhere online that sells an 81Q4 power jack. Does anyone know if there are other compatible DC power jacks I could use for my Y540?  I'm quite comfortable replacing parts on a system board, I only need to find the appropriate part.   Thanks for any help you can provide.

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My Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 has not been able to turn on at all. That's because the AC adapter would not be charging the battery nor would it operate the computer.

Whenever I would plug in my adapter, a weird clicking noise would come out from the computer. Also, the AC adapter charging light would blink continuously as well. I

took apart my laptop and discovered that the end my of DC power jack was the source of the clicking. When I mean the end, I don't mean the area where I plug in my adapter, it's the other end that's connected to the motherboard.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do? Is my laptop dead and done for?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Does the USB Type-C AC power adapter jack of the Lenovo Yoga 910 allow data transfer, like some USB hubs allow (for example, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3YMZLZ/?tag=aboutcom02lifewire2-20)?

A:Does the AC power adapter jack of the Lenovo Yoga 910 allow data transfer?

I just chatted with support and they stated that it does.

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Hi, This is my first post, Please let me know if this is correct forum. My Lenovo 11 Yoga recently had an issue with its power jack where the inner rectangular part came loose. I ordered a replacement power jack connector E54926 and was able to remove laptop cover and attach the replacement.Now, when powered - I can see a very faint "LENOVO" logo and nothing afterwards.So, I am unsure where the problem could reside.  I tried increasing the brightness which didn't help. Could you please suggest how to troubleshoot further. Let me know and I can fill additional details. Thanks in advance

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Hi.  I need some help with my lenovo g50-30 laptop.  The issue was, that  on the power socket a + and a gnd wire broke off, so it would not charge the battery.  I took the laptop appart and resoldered the broken wires back in place, and now the laptop is dead. No led lights no nothing.  When i was taking it appart, neither the power cord, nor the battery was connected. I checked voltage with a multimeter, and the power socket is now ok, because 20v do come to the motherboard.  Also i checked continuity on the ribbon cable, from the power button, all seams fine.   Any suggestions what might be wrong, or what i have done wrong? Thanks

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Well my jack is broken since a few months so no joy for me... I hate it now when I can't listen to my music on my 14 speakers in my room. (NO KIDDING LOL) And today I was thinking about... HDMI... Audio?! Yes, but - I don't want to cut my only one hdmi cable which my parents use. So, I thought maybe my USB 2.0 port can emit audio, I have some spare USB cables lying to throw out, could I make it possible to connect a 3.5mm jack with the USB to the white and green cables? (USB pinout and wiring @ pinouts.ru) I don't care if it will be mono sound or stereo, I just want sound in my speakers again
Also I don't know If I had to post this in the Hardware & Devices section but I personally think this question fits better here.

P.S.: I think I'll need some software.. if yes: I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits SP1 on a Acer Aspire 5742G Intel i3 370m 2.4ghz , 4 gb ddr3 ram, ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5470 512 M GDDR3, 2 free usb ports on the right side, 1 for the mouse on the left, HDMI Ethernet and VGA on the left side (+ power source adapter which also was broken but I've fixed it).

Btw, I don't want to(Well.... Can't) spent any $$$ on any adaptors now...

Well else I will have to get the screwdriver, openup the laptop and connect some wires to the laptop speaker... But that's the last thing I want to do. If nothing else will help.

A:Can I Directly output audio from USB to 3.5mm jack?(My jack is broken)

You will need an adapter.

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I am using windows 10 on Lenovo G510. A few days back my computer started to lose connection with headphone jack but after little bit juggling it got back. After doing this couple of days, it completely loses connection, it does not even detect the headphone when it's attached. I am using Conexant Smart Audion driver for audio, I tried to reinstall them but got no luck. I tried other audio drivers like Realtek audio driver but still nothing. In my Recording devices, I can see only speakers but no headphone even though it's attached to the computer. 
I think my sound card is not working but can be any other reason.
If anyone has any idea please let me know. 
Big thanks.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Playback.png ?14 KB

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In December of 2015 I bought my daughter a Lenovo 300-15ISK IdeaPad. In many ways it was a good laptop, but it wasn't durable and I wouldn't buy another one. After 5 months (May 2016) part of the housing around the power connection was broken. Because of this the power cord wouldn't plug in all the way and the IdeaPad wouldn't charge. I took it back to where I had purchased it (MicroCenter) to be repaired. I was told that this type of repair was not covered by the warranty, and the price they quoted me was over $300 (about 3/4 of what I paid for the laptop). I was upset that the repairs weren't covered and that they were so expensive. Other places near me had similar prices for this repair. Luckily I was able to jury-rig a solution so the power connection would stay in place and the IdeaPad could be plugged in and charged. My solution lasted until late 2016 before I needed to adjust it again. That 'solution' lasted until this March before it failed again. This time the power connection became detached from the interior of the laptop. So I opened up the laptop in order to fix it again. This IdeaPad was clearly not designed to be repaired -- opening it up was an adventure which strained my abilities and patience. I was able to reconnect the power connection and reclose the laptop, but the IdeaPad will no longer start. So I am left with a bricked IdeaPad, a poor opinion of the durability of Lenovo products, and a worse opinion of Lenovo warranty terms.

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I've got an Insprion 15 3000 (3558, with CD player), in which the power jack on the computer has gotten pushed in  too to plug the cord in.  Has anyone dealt with this?  If I take off the back, will I be able to just put it back in  place do you think?  Or do I need a pro?  thanks.

A:power jack on computer pushed in... help?

It depends upon what's broken -- the jack, or the part of the base to which the jack attaches.  See below for how to access the jack (and for a link to a replacement part if it's the jack that's bad).
If it's the base assembly that's damaged, the repair is still doable, but it'll be a lot more involved -- basically everything inside has to come out and be transferred over to a new base assembly.  The parts aren't expensive but the labor will be if you have a shop do the job.

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My laptop (X230 T lenovo) basically hibernates whenever I wiggle the power connector in the power slot. My laptop is old (5 years) so unfortunately the jack is a little loose. There's only a certain configuration in which it will actually charge my laptop, but if I deviate slightly, my computer quickly hibernates. This problem doesn't occur when I'm using just the battery. I'm guessing it's a problem with the power jack because I just got a replacement power cord/connector and it hasn't fixed the problem. Any thoughts?

A:My computer hibernates whenever I move the power jack

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Hello.I've seen that there is an update from yesterday called Lenovo Energy Management driver for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)  that is supposed  to update acpi driver in windows 10. I have windows 10 since august but when i execute the file nothing happens. Any suggestion?

A:Lenovo g510 Lenovo Energy Management driver for Wi...

Same here. Suspicious too that the download is only 1MB when the actual Energy Management install is about 55MBs.

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I would like increase system rate in Lenovo G510 by setupping NVME SSD. I can also setup SATA SSD, but is it possible setup NVME SSD on Lenovo 20238. As Lenovo have intel core i5 and enough ram , but they aren't used in full power via rate of SATA 3 HDD. Thank you for any answers.

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I have a homemade system that just died. It has a Duron 900 that I know had been running hot (175 F). It also has a 375w power supply that also serves as a power strip. I removed the heat sink & fan to do some cleaning (spray air to knock off dust on the MOBO around the CPU). I broke one of the prongs on the socket that holds down the heat sink. A "friend" suggested using super glue to re-attach the heat sink. Now...nothing. The reset button lights up on the power supply, but the fan does not kick on and nothing else functions. Would a dead CPU cause this...power supply...MOBO...or a combination? Thanks for your consideration.

A:dead computer - CPU or power supply?

CPU sounds fried. Superglue? Really? I'd replace both the cpu and the board as you can no longer attach a heatsink to the board unless you have mounting holes and can find one that attaches with mounting holes.

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Help! I have a HP Pavillion 5000. Simply put, out of the blue, it will not turn on. The issue is not with the cord or battery - both appear to be fine and I bought a new cord just to be sure. Other than the light on the AC adaptor, ther is no sign of life when I hit the power button. Any ideas?

A:Computer is totally dead - no power.

No power

A short or kazooed component including power supply.

I'm not familiar with machine. Is there a fuse?

If you have kids, turn machine upside down to see if anything rattles. No kidding, kids can make a piggy bank out of anything.

Remove all cards, then try. If it works, add in boards until you've found culprit.

Disconnect everything from power supply except system board. If that works (power supply fan comes on) try reconnecting other devices until found.

Disconnect everything (including system board) and connect only one device, e.g. hard drive.

Yes? Faulty system board.
No? Faulty power supply.


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We had home power go out last night while I was using the lenovo m93P,  then come back on 2 minutes later.  After that the system won't reboot, go to bios, or produce ANY raster at all. The only indication of life is the fan runs, the power light comes on, and the disk access light flashes for a split second. I've tried booting it with a USB system formatted memory stick, and still now sign of life. I've also removed the cmos battery and re-installed it. Nothing. Any suggestions? 

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a few nights ago we had a power serge in our home and now my computer wont start up.
I have tried using just ram cpu and video card but it still doesn't boot.
I tried useing a new psu and still having the same problem.
when i turn on the power button the lights com on that the cpu fan starts spinning but it doesn't post.

Any suggestions what to do next.

please help!!!

A:Power outage and now is my computer dead?

ur power supply is obviously supplying power. sound like maybe something more severe. like it fried your mobo.

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Gigabyte LGA 775 board - I forget the model
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
Seagate 2TB HDD
Cooler Master Cosmos I
I suspected some hard drive issues on my friend's computer and ran chkdsk. There was a power failure while the utility seemed stuck at 27% for all eternity, and now the computer won't produce any image on the monitor (which I have tested on other devices) or sound on the speakers (also tested) when it boots. I have since tested the old hard drive (it does have problems) and put in a new one, but the same issue remains. I also tried different SATA cables and SATA ports.
I have a slight suspicion it could be the video card, but I don't have a spare on hand. Does the computer still think it's running chkdsk? Any other things I can do on my end?

A:Power outage during chkdsk; now computer seems dead

Does the computer still think it's running chkdsk?
Any other things I can do on my end?
Remove all expansion cards. Disconnect all drives. Basically only have the minimum things connected that are needed for the motherboard to POST: usually motherboard, RAM, and CPU. If the computer won't POST at all when the minimum hardware is connected then try connecting a different power supply. Alternatively, the computer might start POSTing again. If the motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics and it does have a little speaker plugged in to it someplace on the board (usually near the headers for the front panel) then you should hear some POST error beeps that indicate no graphics system was found. If you hear the error beeps then at least you know the motherboard performed a POST which would be better than what you're seeing now. After POST starts working, shutdown the computer, and start reconnecting drives and cards. Try one or two things at first, power on the computer and watch if it POSTS ok again. If the POST doesn't happen then you'll know one of the things you reconnected may be the problem. Notice I stated may be the problem. The piece of hardware might actually be ok but the power supply isn't functioning like it did before the power outage and might have trouble only after adding a certain part. If you figure out what card or drive is causing the computer to not POST I recommend trying the card/drive in a different computer to see if it still c... Read more

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Thank you for reading!

While playing Mount & Blade, my computer turned off and would not restart. It was clearly dead, as pressing the power button did nothing. I drove my computer to a technician, who installed a new power supply.

I drove home and immediately began playing Mount & Blade. After a few minutes in battle my computer turned itself off. It was dead again. Repeat visit to technician to replace power box.

He said "if happen again, then motherboard like to eat power box." I presume that he is very smart, but a lack of good English keeps his words few. Still, I was not looking for a philosophical explanation.

I wonder what the people here think of this. My temporary solution is to delete Mount & Blade from my system. I have tested Oblivion, but only for a few minutes. Before I begin to use my computer to play games again, what should I do?

550W power supply
3 Gb processor
Asuz motherboard
1.5 Gb ram
Radeon x850xt video card
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card

A:Computer eats power box and shuts down dead.

What brand of power supply is installed in the machine?

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I have a Gateway laptop and it has completely died and will not turn on. I noticed that when it died the AC adapter was making a clicking noise so I figured I would replace the adapter to see if that was the problem. I have replaced it but the new one also makes the same clicking noise but only when plugged into the computer (as was the problem with the old one). I know the AC adapter is giving sufficient power but the computer is not taking it. Any suggestions as to what it could be or how I can fix it? Detailed directions on how to fix it would be appreciated as I am no computer whiz. Thanks in advance!

A:Power Adapter Clicking and computer dead

I don't know anything about laptops...but isn't there a power supply inside that the ac adaptor plugs in to? I imagine there has to be. Well I have seen, and smelled, (and heard) a few power supply units blow up. Often times they make a clicking noise. This is how it is with desktop power supplies but they have to be similiar to a laptop power supply. *(If laptops don't use a psu, please disregard this).

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Hello Freinds,

I am looking for some help with my 5 year old desktop. It is assembled piece with P III 500mhz processor. It works fine but is slow.

This morning suddently it died - meaning its not powering up. I tried following:

Check all power connections
Powering it off and on again
Tried alternate power chords to CPU

But nothing works !!! However when i plug in the power cord the desktop power light goes on green for like 1 sec and then goes off.....everytime ill plug in cord this happens. Nothing works everything is dead - the fans, the cpu etc.

Can someone please help me ? Is my Power Supply Unit gone ? Please advice !!!



A:Computer Dead: Power Light On and Off , Nothing works !!!

k: It probably is your PSU. If you have access to another PSU, try it.

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Today I switched on my computer and it wouldn't turn on. I had a feeling that it could be something wrong with the power supply, so I took it out and connected it to another computer and it did not work on this other computer either! However, the motherboard light turns on when the power cable is connected to the power supply.

Would this mean that it is or is not the power supply that has broken?

I was thinking that it could be my front panel connectors that could be causing the problem but I'm not sure after I tested the power supply on the other computer and it wasn't working either.

Many thanks for your help.

A:Computer won't turn on! Power supply broken?

If the power supply fails to operate on two different computers you can be pretty sure the power supply needs to be replaced.

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My dad said he came home the other day and smelled something "electrical" burning and traced it to the computer, so he unplugged it.

I plugged it in to test it, and got a loud horrible sounding beep (so loud i'm not sure if it came from speakers or the hardware??) and then nothing happens Won't boot up. I just hear a vibrating/sickly humming sound in the box that is in the back of the case, with a fan, and as far as I can tell the fan is still spinning, so the noise most likely isn't the fan. Would this 'box' be the power supply? I am guessing so since this is where the power plug goes in at. Also, if it is indeed the power supply, would this problem inflict damage on other components?

A:Dead computer = hard drive or power supply?

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I left a 3-year-old Compaq desktop computer at my summer camp last fall. Apparently, the cold temperatures got to it. When I returned recently, it was completely dead. No pilot light, HDD spinup or fans. Checked power at outlet, replaced power cord and verified switch continuity. All OK.

I remember from years past that power supplies typically contain a “power good” circuit that totally shuts down the supply if any voltage is out-of-spec. Assumed stiff lube in a HDD might be stalling the motor and overloading the power supply. Disconnected power from all drives, removed PCI cards and disconnected all USB cables. Still dead.

I borrowed and installed 2 used power supplies both of which are believed (but not known for sure) to be good. Neither produced any change.

Thus I am assuming that the motherboard is bad and overloading the power supply. Before jumping to that conclusion (and probably junking the computer) I would like to verify the power supply is OK. Don’t have another computer to try it in.

Does anyone know pinouts on power supply connectors? I’m assuming a small load (say a 1K resistor on each supply) and shorting the power switch leads should make a good supply operate. Is that correct?

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.


A:Solved: Computer dead- Is there a simple way to test Power Supply?

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I want to know if 4 RAM can be installed in this device. Because when using Ram Expert software. It appears that there are 4 solts. and plz i need to know the capacity of my lap .

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Hello everybody, I'm an owner of a Lenovo G510 laptop and I'm having a little problem.  When I'm unplugging my battery charger , my laptop seems to be running like 10x faster. Every game I'm playing it just runs perfect when I'm unplugging the charger, and when I plug it in again it starts running like crap... Can you help me??

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We performed an update marked critical on 8-12-2018.  Bios update failed, message was about flash failures.  It then said press any key to continue.  After that we got only a black screen, it never did anything else.  We tried power off and also tried power off and remove battery procedures.  We now get flashing keyboard backlight (3-5 times) and a click/ pop noise.  Also F1, F4, and Fn keys light at same time.  We have also tried removing battery and just using power supply.  We get the same results.  Does anyone have experience with this or ideas?

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I'm In a dilemma with An Emachines T2792 I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC's on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on
The green indicator light was lit like it was turned on, but no signal was stated on the monitor,, then after trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing
so I unplugged and replugged in the same, so I unplugged again, and messed with button some more then replugged in , nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply, so I got another brand new power supply {correct power supply} when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out
I tried pressing in power button nothing no response.
Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now
But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again??
would it be the switch???
or the motherboard????

A:2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.

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