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Print properties dialog window does not appear

Q: Print properties dialog window does not appear

Since I am new to the forum, I'm not sure where my problem should be posted. I am also not sure if it is a hardware or software related problem, but here it is.

Suddenly, when I try to print, the print properties dialog window does not appear when i click on the properties button. It tries to activate, but immediately reverts back to the print window. This occurs in both OpenOffice 4.1.1 and LibreOffice 4.3, both of which have previously worked fine for months. I often print to both sides of the page (echo print), but can only print on one side (default) since I cannot change the properties. The only thing I can recall that might have any bearing on the problem is that I had previously printed to a file - something I rarely do. I checked the settings and "print to file" is not selected. I am printing to a HP LaserJet Pro M1530 MFP series PCL6 printer and am using Windows 8.1 operating system. I have tried reinstalling both word processing programs and have reset the printer to default settings and updated.

If anyone can help with this problem, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Preferred Solution: Print properties dialog window does not appear

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Print properties dialog window does not appear

Printers can be very frustrating to say the least. When I've had printer problems in the past, this is what has worked for me:

1. Unplug the power to the printer
2. Wait about 30 seconds or so
3. Plug it in and let it go through it's initialization
4. Then try it again

If that doesn't work, try reloading the printer driver from the HP site. If it still doesn't work, try a system restore back to the last time the printer was working successfully. That's about all the tricks I know for printers. Hope it helps ...

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Hello Everyone,
I have tried searching and searching for this problem but nothing seems to come up with this particularly odd problem. I'm actually running 3rd party software hosted on an AS/400 system but from a Windows 7 32-bit computer. If I right-click the title-bar of the window and select print, the print dialog box comes up asking for the printer I want to use. I select one, then click "Print" and the following comes out on the page....
<See Sample.jpg> (Of course, that's not an actual page, it's a representation of what you'd see on the page, but it's accurate despite the fact that it's color. Anyway, the print screens come out light and don't scan in well.)
As you can see, the print dialog box is clearly visible on the page. This seems to randomly crop up only on Windows 7 boxes and once it starts, we seem to have no way to stop it.

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I have two questions that are not critical to the operation of my system but has been driving me crazy in an effort to research them to no avail. The only thing that I am pretty sure of is that it is a problem with the registry.

When I right click on a folder and then click properties, the dialog window comes up with 3 extra tabs. This happens for every folder on my computer. The extra tabs are the same tabs as the My Documents folder shortcut (Target, General, and Sharing) and the target window is C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents. This results in every folder having an extra General and Sharing tab and a Target tab with the My Documents target in it. Interestingly enough, the virtual folder that is listed in explorer for My Documents has only 3 tabs but the My Documents folder inside Documents and Settings\Owner (the actual folder itself) has the extra tabs just like every other folder.

A possibly connected problem is that the Add/Remove section of the Control Panel no longer has the install dates or useage level for most programs. The dates are in the HKLM uninstall registry keys but they are not being read for some reason.

I have been installing and uninstalling a lot of programs (mostly antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and utility programs) in an effort to clean up and speed up my computer and test a lot of different applications. This effort has been dramatically successful however I am left with these two minor but annoying is... Read more

A:Extra Tabs on the Folder properties dialog window

What happens if you click on one of the superfluous tabs?

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Hey guys,

I have a client who is using adobe 9 pro and I cannot get the print dialog window to come up... neither from the printer icon in the toolbar, nor the file>print option ..
If I try to print, nothing happens at all.

I've tried all the basic things like repairing it from add/remove programs, and power cycling the pc ..

also, I've tried to print different pdf documents without success, however all other documents will print in their respective programs, such as Word docs and Jpegs ..

any idea what's up with 9 pro ? I haven't seen acrobat do this / fail like this before ... grrrrrrrr

thanks !!!

A:Solved: Adobe 9 pro will not print / no dialog window

Has the program be registered/activasted?

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The IPv4 interface was set to 'Obtain address automatically'.Changed this setting to 'Use the following IP address, e.g.,, back to the dialog to set it back to 'dynamic' but the dialog displays that it is dynamic.  The system is still running with the previous static IP.    I can set the interface to another static IP, but I have to set it to this value
twice before it takes.I can click on okay on the interface that is displaying dynamic, but I need to disable the interface, wait 30 seconds, then enable the interface for dynamic to take affect.I have followed the procedures outline here and in a MS article for WS2003 to novail:


The laptop is running Windows 8.1 with the latest SP.  The laptop is a Lenovo W540.The laptop is standalone, not part of any domain, nor has it ever been a domain member.
Any help or suggestions to get this to work as designed... Thanks!

A:Static IP address does not appear in the IPv4 properties dialog after setting an exiting dialog. On reentry to the dialog you see dynamic, but the system is running with the static IP.

Hello luofang,
You need to set the static IP address twice and it will work?
As you use laptop, does this issue occur in all network environment and wireless and wired network?
Please take the following steps for troubleshooting:
1. If the issue only occur in wired network, try to update the driver from the manufacturer website
2. Use the command netsh int ip reset to reset TCP/IP
3. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\All Categories and run the Network adapter troubleshooter and Internet Connections Troubleshooter
Best regards,
Fangzhou CHENFangzhou CHEN
TechNet Community Support

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When we install IE11 after installing some systems on a windows 7 32 bit PC; when select File Menu Print action the Print dialog box which should appear doesn't pop up. Not responding at all.

Has somebody come accross this issue.

A:IE 11 when select File Print the Print Dialog Box doesn't open

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

I don't have a printer installed so I decided to test what happens if I try that myself. Same as you, nothing happens. So maybe your printer isn't recognized or installed properly?!

Here's a page that lists 4 scenarios why it might not work: Unable to print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer

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Once I open the Properties dialog for a video/music file, it starts playing in the backround. What's very annoying is that continues to do so even when I close the dialog. The "culprit" is the Media Player tab in the Properties dialog which plays it till the end unless i stop it manually.
How can I deactivate this annoying feature? Is there a way to get rid of the Windows Media Player 12 tab?

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I have no idea how this happened, for some reason, my Desktop Properties dialog does not allow me to change the wallpaper, I canít select anything, I canít even scroll. Most of the options are greyed out along with the browse button.

See pic:

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help would be very much appreciated!

A:Desktop Properties Dialog

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when is start my vista, a it opens i get this dialog box which has army written on the title bar and properties, 0 files,o folders and a restore button,wat is this?a type of virus ?malware ?

A:i GET a dialog box ARMY with properties

It's suspicious whatever it is. Don't press restore.

Run some a/v and malware scans.

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Double click a drive or folder opens the Properties dialog instead of the normal Open behavior in windows

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I am having several problems when I attempt to open the properties dialog box some of the windows, specifically my computer, adding and removing software, IE, and can't open dialog box for setting time and date located on task bar (does same thing box appears then disappears right away. Is there anyone out there that can help me?

A:Win XP cant open properties dialog for my computer

Go here:

Scroll down to #296
click on it,when the box opens,select open

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Hey, could you give me some help with the syntax of the properties for the open dialog?
Specifically how to set multiple filters and how to select multiple records.


A:Common Dialog open properties

To select multiple filters, put them in the Filter property of the control like this:

CDcontrolName.Filter = "Description1|*.abc|Description2|*.def|DescriptionN|*.xyz"

There should be no spaces before or after the bars unless you want them to be displayed. For example:

.Filter = "Text Files (.txt)|*.txt|All Files|*.*|Bitmaps (.bmp)|*.bmp"

You can then set the default by using the FilterIndex property. The value would corrospond to the items position in the filter list. In the above example, .txt would be 0 and bitmaps would be 2. (I think that it starts with 0. I'll double check later and let you know if I was wrong.)

As far as multiple Select goes, There are some flags you would have to set. The Flags property is a sum of all set flags. The falgs you would probably need is as follows:

CDcontrolName.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect + cdlOFNExplorer

The Filenames proprty will come back with all selected filenames in a string, delimited with the Null character (chr$(0))

For a complete list of available flags, look at this link

Good Luck!

[This message has been edited by YSB (edited 11-16-2000).]

[This message has been edited by YSB (edited 11-16-2000).]

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I am working on a Windows 2000 machine and the customer was apparently altering some of the services when he rebooted his system and now almost everything is not working. The biggest problem is that whatever he changed has now caused the Properties Dialog Box to disappear. Weather or not you double click the service or you right click and go to Properties, the screen just flashes and no dialog box appears. Does anyone know why this happens or how I can fix it? ANY assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

A:Properties dialog box will not display in Services.msc

Get their Win2K installation CD and do a "Repair" installation.

Edit: And make sure you charge them the time you spent fixing it!

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I have a new (one-week old) install of XP/SP2.

The property page dialog of a shortcut takes about fifteen seconds to close if I have clicked the Find Target button and the target is found. Everything else works properly. The only problem is the slow closing of the dialog box. The 15 second time begins when the Find Target button is clicked. Also, this time is additive: if I click the Find Target button more than once, the delay increases (approximately one minute for three clicks).

When the Find Target button is clicked, an Explorer window opens with the proper folder and the delay is not affected by whether the Explorer window is closed or left open. If the target is not found, then the Properties dialog closes immediately, as normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Slow Closing Properties Dialog

A short addition to the problem description:

When Find Target is clicked, the properties dialog box loses keyboard focus for the previously-described delay time. Any suggestions on tools I might use to find the problem? I have used SysInternals Process Explorer and can find nothing strange going on there. I have removed my anti-virus program and stopping unnecessary processes. Still no luck.

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When I view the properties for any of my connections I just get this:

If I go to "Install -> Protocol", I get the message "Could not add the requested component. The error is: The system cannot find the file specified".

When I tried installing 'Simple TCP/IP Services' in "Add/Remove Windows Components -> Networking" I got the error "Could not install the Simple TCP/IP Services component because a file or registry entry is missing".

I've tried updating my network adapter drivers, resetting TCP/IP, using Winsock Fix and running SFC, but have had no luck.

Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but if I right click the 'Internet Connection' icon and click 'Settings' I get "The Internet Connection Sharing computer is not configured to let network users control or disable the shared internet connection".

Can anyone explain what might be causing this behaviour? It doesn't seem to be causing any connection problems, but I would like to be able to access TCP/IP Properties to sort out a static ip.

I am using XP Home Edition SP2.

A:Missing items in Connection Properties Dialog

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Hi guys I have strange problem when I open a window as a dialog and from this window want to open report as well as dialog but the report opens as a form type and under the first window, which is not good to me I need to see the report dialog window as first. Do you have any idea??
The code I am opening the report window is
DoCmd.OpenReport "SC_Cd", acViewReport, , , , acDialog

Thank you very much

A:VBA Access a report window dont stay as dialog window

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While using Word 2000, when I try to change an address in the address book, I get the following message:

The properties dialog could not be displayed. There is not enough memory to complete this operation. Microsoft Exchange-[8007000e]

I did not have this problem before I had to get a new computer. I have called our computer people, but they haven't done anything to fix it. I can access Contacts through Outlook and change it there, but it's an extra step. Any idea how to fix it??


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3455 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 442108 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5GC-MX/1333
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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IE 11 (11.0.9600.18617) crashed whenever the print button in the print dialog is clicked when printing reports of Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports ActiveX control is ?Crystal Reports Print Control 14.0 version Tested on 5 Windows 7 workstations,
2 having the same problem, 3 others no problems. The crystal reports print control and IE 11 versions are the same for all these workstations. The Windows patch levels are the same for all these computers. Application event log shows event id 1000: Faulting
application IEXPLORE.EXE, version 11.0.9600.18616, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.1.7601.24094, exception code: 0xc0000374, fault offset: 0x000ce9fb, faulting process id: 0x972a0. 

I had tried replacing the printcontrol.dll from another working computer, it didn't help.
I had tried uninstall and re-install IE 11, it didn't help.
I had tried re-register printcontrol.dll, it didn't help.
The problem is the same regardless who login to Windows.
The problem is the same regardless if IE is run with elevated privilege or not.
If IE is started with no add-on the print dialog won't appear when Crystal Reports call for printing, it will shows please wait while the Crystal Reports Print Control is loaded, and stay there forever.

Any help is appreciated.

Valuable skills are not learned, learned skills aren't valuable.

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Hi Team,
we are facing issue while using showModalDialog window in IE11 and EDGE, so we have replaced windows.open method,
but its not working modal dialog window.
please let us know how create window.open window as modal dialog window. we are not interested in



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I don't remember how long ago I submitted this problem, but it does not appear to have been addressed (or if it has I cant find the reply) I still have field within the properties box which do not have corresponding columns within the Explorer window. 
I seems to me to be a real case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing as whoever designed these two items didn't exchange details. This was my original query "
Using Windows 10 / .wma & .wmv "properties" fields / Folder and file display columns. There are two fields in the properties
box "Content provider" and "Group description" which do not have corresponding columns within the folders. As I use both boxes, what do I do>" Nothing has changed!

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Im using vista ultimate x64.

When i access the local area connection window where all the TCP/IPv4 and
TCP/IPv6 are. I am unable to click on properties on any of them (yes i am the
By other words, i am unable too access the window where you can change the
"Obtain an ip adress automatically" and "obtain dns server address
automatically" options are.

When i sellect TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6, the properties button is just gray. As
is the unnistall button. When i hit the configure button, i just get sendt
back too the desktop. I am also unable to uncheck the TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6
boxes on the left side of the names (or any of the other stuff)

If I hit the install button and try too install i new protocoll, i only get
a error message saying "windows cannot find the file"

Iv'e also tried it jusing the administrator account. But it didn't help.

What is causing this problem, and how I fix it?

Thanks in advance

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Im using vista ultimate x64.

When i access the local area connection window where all the TCP/IPv4 and
TCP/IPv6 are. I am unable to click on properties on any of them (yes i am the
By other words, i am unable too access the window where you can change the
"Obtain an ip adress automatically" and "obtain dns server address
automatically" options are.

When i sellect TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6, the properties button is just gray. As
is the unnistall button. When i hit the configure button, i just get sendt
back too the desktop. I am also unable to uncheck the TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6
boxes on the left side of the names (or any of the other stuff)

If I hit the install button and try too install i new protocoll, i only get
a error message saying "windows cannot find the file"

Iv'e also tried it using the administrator account. But it didn't help.

What is causing this problem, and how I fix it?

Thanks in advance

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When I double click a drive or folder, the Properties dialog opens instead of the normal Open behavior. If I right click on a drive or folder, the default (hilited) action is "Move or Rename Audio Files". How do I restore normal behavior. I don't see any way to change the default open behavior like I could in XP via the Folder Options, File Types dialog. Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100

A:Double click a drive or folder opens the Properties dialog instead of the normal Open behavior


Thank you for posting.

If the issue did not occur previously, please just try System Restore first.

I suspect this issue may be also related to the mouse settings. Please go to ?Control Panel\Hardware and Sound? and click ?Mouse? and check your mouse settings; please ensure that the left button is set to ?Click? and right button is ?Right-click?.

You may also click the Restore Defaults to reset the mouse settings.

If you use some other application to manage the mouse, please also check the settings or just remove it.

Thanks.Nicholas Li - MSFT

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Below code works for IE (11,10) in Windows 7, but does not work in Windows 10.

var PrintCommand = '<OBJECT ID="PrintCommandObject" WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0 ';
PrintCommand += 'CLASSID="CLSID:8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2"></OBJECT>';
document.body.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeEnd', PrintCommand);
PrintCommandObject.ExecWB(6, 1); PrintCommandObject.outerHTML = "";
document.body.innerHTML = oldPage;

From below link looks like MS ripped out Active X from Windows 10.


Is there any alternative to this?

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I am using windows XP. I would like to disable the "Preferences" button on the Print dialog box. I only want my users to be able to select a printer and the number of copies. I was able to turn of the collate, selection, and print to file check box. I did this by setting the flags property before displaying the print dialog box. Apparently there is not a vbPrinterContstant to turn off the "Preferences" button.

Please help.

A:Print Dialog VB6

I assume you're using the CommonDialog control, correct? I think that you can look up the invidivual settings for the print function, pass them, then execute it. I'm not on a machine equipped with the IDE at the moment, but I'll look up on it and report back.

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I have a client running WinXP sp3 and has an issue with PDF's:

Running Adobe Reader 9 he can open any PDF file without any problems, but when he attempts to print the thing it takes (minimum) over a minute for the Windows Print Dialog Box to come up. The document prints just fine from that point, it's just getting to that point...

I tried uninstalling, re-installing, running the Adobe repair option - nothing helped.

Drastic measure: I had him install Foxit Reader - Same results!

He can print any other files without a problem - just not PDF's.

A:PDF's and Print Dialog Box


I got into the client's system via GoTo Meeting and deleted 2 printers that were no longer on his network. Apparently WinXP was so busy checking for all printers that it took forever to display the print dialog box.

Lesson Learned.

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First time on the forum.

Our network administrator just updated my HP T9500 2.6 Ghz laptop to Win 7 w/ 8GB memory. Two questions.

1) the print dialog box opens and but stays in the background. If you have many windows open you don't even notice it pops up. How do you make the print dialog box to come to the foreground by default?
2) I miss the feature in my XP Pro windows explorer where I can add features such as "cut", "paste", "copy", on the menu bar. Can you do the same in Win 7?

A:WIN 7 print dialog box

Ha! I knew I wasn't the only person complaining about the pring dialog box appearing in the background printing in Win 7. Many other people complained about this also. And there is a solution. Check out the link below.

"Save PDF file as" dialog box opens behind open documents

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So this may seem like a weird question. I use a web based service that allows me to put together reports, forms, etc. I can select various forms and then click a print button and the bottom of the screen which spools the print jobs to my printer. The only problem is that I often need to print out 30,40, or 50 reports and since IE 6, a separate printer dialog box comes up for each report. I guess they are all sent as individual print jobs... can anyone think of anyway around this, either spooling all into one big print job to then be printed or a way to bypass the printer dialog box?

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After I select Print from File then properties to
select 'draft' printing or properties
then click OK-Program freezes. Word Pad is OK. I have re-
installed both Word SR2 and
latest printer drivers. Any suggestions? Pete

A:Freezes on print dialog box

Is it Wordpad you are trying to print from?

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I work at a public library and am in charge of updating and maintaining our technology. We have over 20 public access computers that are open to our patrons which they can use to print documents, amongst other things. We have a Xerox Workcentre 6605 and use CASSIE, software from Librarica, to control printing. Patrons need to print from their computer, click a confirmation box, and then ask the staff at the desk to release the prints from our manager computer.
Ever since updating to Reader 11, I occasionally see a print dialog pop up when printing a PDF that says the following:
"The default settings in Adobe Reader 11 may cause a color shift when printing PDF files. In addition, some black and white PDF documents may be printed using color and black inks and may be billed as color pages. [I assume this has something do with CASSIE, which determines the charges per print based on the ink color??]
Before you continue printing, Xerox recommends that you change Reader 11 to allow the printer to manage colors.
To change the Reader 11 setting, close this dialog box, click the 'Advanced' button at the bottom of the Print window, and check the option 'Let printer determine colors.'"
There are a couple of options available to our patrons at this point, including "Send my document anyway" and "Don't show this message again." Whatever option is set as the default sends documents as blank pages. Most of our patrons don't know what option to pick so... Read more

A:Adobe 11 Print Dialog

Just as a suggestion, do you have the authority to try a different PDF viewer ?  Say Foxit or PDF-Exchange viewer to see if you get the same problem there.
Chris Cosgrove

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I moved 2 Pc's and 2 Printers to a new location and added both printers to the PC that would be left on the most so they could print to the HP LJ1022NW or the HP Photosmart C3180.

This PC was originally connected directly to the C3180 and could print fine to the LJ1022 when is was connected to another PC and shared.

Once LJ1022 was installed on this main PC thats when the Print box went slow. I print alot of PDF documents and I also print from a database. these 2 take about 2 miniutes just to load the print dialog box.

So i uninstalled the printer and set it up again on the orther PC and shared it. but it made no difference. Printing in word seems to be fine.

Anyone have any ideas??

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Hi, this is my first post on here, so sorry if this has been brought up.

I work as a graphic designer, and here at work, when I select either printer, I cannot see all the available setting in the dialog box. it won't allow me to scroll and make it larger where they would all be visible.

We re-installed the driver, but that didn't work, as it happens for every computer.

I'm computer literate, and somewhat savy, but even our IT person was unable to pinpoint the solution. Can anyone help?

I'd really appreciate it.


A:Print Dialog Box Problem

Hey Tom,
I have XP also and have the same problem as I cant see the entire printer dialog box either. Did you get it resovled?
So Frustrating PLEASE help, Thanks,

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Constant pop up window appears prompting me for an output file name. If I give it a valid name like "c:\test.txt" it creates the file but when I open it it is unreadable although there are a few English words like "This program must be run under Win32", "KERNEL32.DLL ExitProcess" and "USER32.DLL MessageBoxA". The rest is like this "ėo[email protected]". I don't know which program is asking for this and I can't figure out which Process it is through Task Manager. Has anyone had this problem? I am using Windows XP Home.

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Ive printed off my computer for years with my epson printer by clicking on the printer icon or right-clicking and selecting print which would bring me to the windows print screen giving me the option to either "print" or "cancel". i just installed a new epson printer, and now i only get the option to "save" and "cancel".
i dont want to save it, i want to print it!!! if i enlarge the box then wayyy down at the bottom theres a highlighted option to print where it says "print using system dialogue...(control + shift + P)", but i dont want that. is there a way to return my options up on top to "print" and not "save"?


A:Solved: Print using System Dialog...

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Windows 7 pro, print dialog box shows default printer as last choice. How get it to the top so don't have to scroll down before click? Sometimes it will show up first if chosen just a while before, but not often.

A:default printer not first in print dialog box

if its the default printer it will already be selected and not need to be clicked on ?? or am I not understanding your issue correctly
I don't know of any way to alter this list other than possibly uninstalling and reinstalling printers but even then it may well go back to how it is, mine appear to be listed alphabetically

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Hello folks,
I hope somebody can help me with this, because i don't want to have to reinstall XP (again!).

At some stage there has been a setting changed which means that the font size used in Print Preferences Dialogs and those "Would you like to send an error report to Microsoft" dialogs is absolutely huge.
Can't find anywhere to reset or adjust this at all.
I've tried expanding the whole font set from the XP disc and copying them into the Fonts folder, but no joy.

I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I mean.
Any help or suggestions would be great... I've tried every thing I can think of.


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a print to file dialog box keeps popping up on my desktop can anyone explain how to stop this rebooting did not help and running ad-aware se did not either

A:Solved: print to file dialog box

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the print to file dialog box keeps popping up. How do I stop this?

A:print to file dialog box keeps popping up

Your printer is set to print to file. Go to the control panel, and right click on your printer and change it there.

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Constant pop up window appears prompting for an output file name. If I Cancel or close it it re appears seconds later. I have checked start up in msconfig and checked the registry but cannot find which process is causing it to run. I suspect it may be corrupt printer software or drivers as I have cleared alarge number of trojans from this PC. Running windows XP home SP3

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I hv windows XP sp3.

When i try to print, the print window disappears. So cannot print. The zone alarm( Internet security) window comes up tells that dumprep.exe is going to start.

Also the printers in the printers & faxes in control panel disappears.

Then i get the printers back by restarting printspoll service from control panel.

The problem is with all the printers installed including print to PDF file.

waiting for guidance.

A:print window disappears when press print button

Go to Start/Run and type services.msc and hit enter. Scroll down in the Services window to Print Spooler. Right click it and choose Properties. Make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic and that the service is started.

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I have been having this problem for about a month now, and I'm not sure why. Whenever I'm in a program and I go to the 'download update' link, or I'm in a program and I click on 'web support', or anything else that would normally launch a browser, I get a prompt to print instead. I have a default browser; it just doesn't ever launch.

Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you.

A:Connect to web command opens print dialog instead

Start/All Programs/Default Programs/Set Program Access.../Custom/Choose a Default Web Browser. Now dot the name of the browser (not use current) and click OK at the bottom.

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When I am about to print a document, I click on the "Print" icon and the Print dialog box appears. When I want to select the duplexing option to print double-sided, I click the "Properties" button from within the "Print" dialog box. I have been doing this for a long time without any problem, but now when I click "Properties," instead of seeing the Properties dialog box, the focus shifts to a completely different application, usually to the browser window that I have open at the time. I then have to click on the Word application in my task bar to return to the Print (Properties) dialog box to finish the request to print my document double-sided. I have a new Dell laptop XPS L701X with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed, and as I mentioned, this problem just started a couple of days ago for no reason that I can ascertain.

A:Problem with Print dialog box (changing focus)

Right click on the printer (control panel > Devices and Printers)
click on Printer Properties (not Properties). In the Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab and set your printer up the way you want it.

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Hi Everyone,

We are having a problem at the school when several users go to print an ordinary email from Outlook 2007, they go to FILE > PRINT and no print dialog box appears.

We have tried the following:
Deleting the users profile from both the server and the local machine, getting them to log back on and trying again. (Still no dialog box).
Tried Start > Run and issue the following commands and restarting the PC:

regsvr32 vbscript.dll
regsvr32 jscript.dll
Tried uninstalling ESET Nod32 Antivirus, restarting and trying FILE > Print again, with no printer window appearing still.
Has anyone come across this problem before or know's a way to solve it?

Any help would be potentially life saving!

Many thanks

Best Regards

Ridgeway School ICT Technician

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I have 23 "printers" in my Windows XP print dialog window, only eight of which I actually use on any regular basis. The rest just clutter up the dialog and make it inconvenient to find and select the one I want to use. I have uninstalled all the printers I know for sure I will never use again. The 23 remaining are still there because either, 1) There is a good chance I'll use them again at some point (e.g. the printer at my mother's house, where I visit with my laptop about twice a year), 2) They are "internal" printers installed by some software I still use (e.g. "Intuit Internal Printer"), or 3) I don't know what they are and I'm concerned I'll screw something up if I just arbitrarily uninstall them (e.g. "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and "Send to OneNote 2007")

Is there any way I can tell Windows to "hide" the un-wanted printers from the print dialog box, without actually un-installing them, in such a way that I could sometime in the future "un-hide" them?

A Google search turned up a very nice system settings option for the Mac OS X, but nothing for Windows. Any ideas?

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Ok, got a good one for ya.
Windows 7 64 bit
8 GB ram
lots of hdd space
Windows fully updated.

Have two printers installed. A HP 1005 laser and an Epson Stylus R1900.

If the HP is selected as default printer, then the print dialog box opens immediately.

But if the R1900 is set as default, then it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minues for just the print dialog box to open.

All drivers updated and reinstalled too many times to mention. Epson support says its the operating system, the print spooler. But if so then why no issues with the HP?

I am the second tech to look at this. Epson was unable to help.

Any ideas?


A:Print dialog box takes 10 minutes to open

I would like to thank the people of this forum for the outstanding response to this question. 94 views and no ideas. I guess I've stumped you all. I mean, not even a single suggestion.

What can I expect for free..

Merry Christmas to you too.

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Hi all,

I work at my local library and recently we have been having issues on several systems. Mainly WinXP Pro systems, but some Win2k pro systems have exhibited this issue too.

In Internet Explorer, when you go to file - print, the print dialog comes up. Sometimes it will show one or the other. It is very random. I have tried reinstalling the printer drivers / reinstall IE etc. I have run the IE general purpose fix at http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm. Also did a sfc /scan now, as well as full spyware/virus scans to be safe.

Installed latest java runtime environments, all latest updates, IE 6.0, SP2 etc. Disable script debugging is checked in IE advanced.

File - Print will result in one of the two dialog boxes. See below:

I have tried using Firefox and I get problems randomly too. Instead of a script error, I get a "printing failed when starting the document."

Is there any way to force it to show the correct print dialog? (registry, policy editor?)

One thing I have noticed is that if you click the print button (icon), it will consistently work and print fine. However you can't choose which pages you want since it will print the whole page.

We do use third-party software that controls some printing functions. I have talked to them about this issue and we tried some things but with no success. They told me that since I am able to print from the print button fine, but not consistently with file-print, then the issue is with IE/W... Read more

A:Incorrect print dialog box - Script error

I think it may have something to do with a corrupt preview file in the shdoclc.dll mentioned in the script error. I think you should replace it, not by reinstalling, as that failed, but back that file up (just copy it to a folder on your desktop, and replace it with one you got from a different computer on another network running IE. I'll send you my copy if you want, but you may wish to get it from someone you know. PM me with your email, if you want me to send you it.

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