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Excel 2000 problem when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet with links and macros

Q: Excel 2000 problem when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet with links and macros

I am trying to open a spreadsheet that was created in Excel 97 using Excel 2000. The links and macros that are on the sheet seem to prevent it from opening. There are a load of error messages but I just cannot get the thing open. I have searched so many places, found the same problem but no answer.

Can anyone help?


Preferred Solution: Excel 2000 problem when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet with links and macros

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Excel 2000 problem when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet with links and macros

Welcome to TSG.
Can this file be opened fine in Excel 97? Any chance that it is corrupted?
What are some of the error messages you are getting?

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I have just been upgraded to Excel 2007. I find that some of the macros that were recorded in Excel 2003 no longer work in Excel 2007. We use the Analysis Toolpak VBA add-in and I have added this in to 2007 ok, but when running a macro I get a run time 1004 error ATPVBAEN.XLA cannot be found. After some searching it would appear that some of these functions have been renamed in 2007 e.g. it is now a .XLAM file rather than .XLA which is why the macro code can't find it. I guess I could manually edit all the macros and change the fucntion names but there are other colleagues in my team that are still using 2003, so I don't want to break things for them. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

A:Solved: Problem with Excel 2003 macros in Excel 2007

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I'm having a problem with Excel 2000. Randomly it corrupts the file that I save to a network drive...I can save it but I cannot open it again. I get an error message "Out of Memory" It doesn't do it all the time and generally with large Excel files. I'm running Win98 and have installed all the Service Patches for both Win98 and Office 2000. Other people in the office can save to the same network drive with no problem.

A:Excel 2000: Out of Memory on Opening Excel Files

I would do both of the following:

Low memory (resources) error message
1. Go to "Start".
2. Then click on "Run".
3. Type in "msconfig" without the quotes.
4. Click "OK".
5. Put a check in "Selective Startup"
6. A window will open, click on the "Startup" tab.
7. Uncheck all programs that you do not need running when the computer starts.
8. These leave checked, "Sys tray" and "Scan registry".
9. Depending on your machine you might have video or sound listed also.
10. All you can do is uncheck them one at a time until you get the one needed.
11. These are programs running in the back ground and will kill your resources so you do not want any more running than you have to.

Low Memory (resources) error message with Office Application:

1. Run detect and repair in Word.
2. When it ask about rebooting to finish repairing click NO.
3. Reboot to "MS dos" prompt.
4. At the C:> prompt type in deltree /y temp\
5. Click on enter.
6. At the C:> prompt type in del *.swp
7. Reboot to windows.
8. After it reboots right click on "My Computer".
9. Then click on "Properties"
10. Then click on the "Performance" tab.
11. Then click on "File System" and set it to "Network Server" under "Typical role of this Computer".
12. Then click "OK".
13. Then click on the "Graphics" tab and set it to .
14. Click OK.
15. Rebo... Read more

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I have a document created in Excel 2000 with many sortable rows. It responds quickly in Excel 2000 but when I hope it in Excel 2007, it is very, very slow.

Is there a way to solve this for use in 2007? Take off filters then re-add?

The computers are brand new Core 2 Duos. Thanks!

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I have a report that contains macros to update all the information that is put in. It is in excel 97 and my business just recently updated to 2003 and now I get a compile error when I run the reports. How can I fix this error?

A:Solved: convert excel 97 macros to excel 2003 macros

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Good Day,

I have two Excel 97 spreadsheets that contain macros. When prompted to enable macros, I can answer either Yes or No, and the following occurs:

When I try to open the spreadsheet, I receive the error message, "Could not register the Visual Basic environment. Please run setup." I hit the OK button and another error message appears. "An error occured initializing the VBA libraries."

Any ideas?

A:Error when opening Excel 97 spreadsheet

If you ask me...

a) important VBA files have been deleted, which means reinstall Office


b) VBA was never installed, which means reinstall Office

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I'm using Office 365 and have just upgraded to Office 2016.

Now, if I double-click on an excel spreadsheet from within Windows explorer, the file opens, but also a second, blank instance of Excel opens (no worksheets, just an instance of Excel)


A:Excel 2016 - Additional Spreadsheet Opening By Default

Double click from file Explorer is the correct method of opening file. Might just be a quirk in your system and might go away, however slowing your mouse "Double Click Speed" might make a difference.

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I have an excel file with over 2000 names that I need to make a word merge document out of. I copied and pasted the information from excel into word 2000. I put it all in tables so that it would be separated by the fileds so that I could sort it alphabetical by city and state. But when I go to make the merge document, I already had a letter to merge the names and addresses into, it will not merge. What have I not done, or still need to do? Can someone help me please. I missed my deadline 2 days ago.

A:Excel Spreadsheet to Merge Document in Word 2000

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Hi, I prepare large reports in word 2000 live linked excel 2000 data and charts. The documents are fine on screen, but when printing the charts become badly corrupted. If I break the links before printing, the document prints fine.

I suspect it's a memory problem, but the system seems to have plenty available.

Thanks for any suggestions, ...C

A:print corruption using links in excel 2000/word 2000 when using links

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Hi all,
This is probably one of the most stupid question if you are a real techie. I am not, so here goes. I would like to create a form (I am assuming it will be in PDF but if there is a better format please also let me know), that I will save on my desktop, where every time I click submit, the information is immediately sent to an existing Excel Spreadsheet on my desktop. The form will look something like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dDd3Q3lrdnY5Zmd6SUFBNk9pMGs1eGc6MA
In other words, I do not want to manually open up my spreadsheet each time. Rather, I would like it to fill up automatically whenever I click submit on this form. Basically, I am trying to enter receipts as they come in but don't want to open up the continually bulging spreadsheet each time. I don't have a website so I cannot use the online submission option. Is it possible to achieve this locally on my desktop?
My OP is Windows 8.1 (and I HATE IT!!!). That last note was not important but I can't help mentioning it every time I say Windows 8...heh heh heheee....
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Creating a PDF form that links directly to an Excel spreadsheet everytime its filled

Using Adobe won't be easy and you have two much easier options IMO. The first option is to create a Word document and embed form fields and other controls on the document itself along with a submit button. The button click event would trigger the macro code to get fired which would transfer the values.The other option is to create a custom form using the VBA form builder which is built into all MS Office applications. Both methods would require some basic macro coding but is not difficult at all. You just need to decide which method you want to use.

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I'm trying to Merge an Excel spreadsheet to Outlook and provide alerts for critical dates in said spreadsheet in the Outlook calender !

A:Excel - Merge Excel spreadsheet to Outlook with Alerts

Welcome to TSG faithtronic.

I've never done it but your thread has been setting here a while. A method to do this here http://www.ehow.com/how_5685419_create-calendar-excel-data.html

I would start with a couple of dates so not to screw up the whole calender! There are some sharper excel folk on this site that might provide a better answer. But this is a starting point?

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I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. I have tried the macro at http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/257309-exporting-word-form-data-excel.html and it worked for all text fields but not the drop down list options that I have in my form. Can anyone please help/

I have never done this before, hence the struggle. Any help would be much appreciated.

I attach the word form and the excel form which also includes the excel spreadsheet that will collate the data for analysis.

I would prefer the form in word and have it set up as that indicated in the forum thread above but picking up the data from the drop down lists as well.


A:Export data from word or excel into Excel spreadsheet

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It seems this post you added on August 12th hasn't given you much answers.
You mention the two files, OK, But what I don't understand
I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. ...
Click to expand...

You probably forgot to attach the macro's with it, that is if you did anything with the link you mentioned.
If you could attach the files with the macros, I could take a look and see what I can do for you.

Another thinng From Word or Excel.

Which one is it going to be?

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Hi can anybody tell me hoe to copy macros from excel 2003 to excel 2007?
The excel 2003 is running under windows xp and the 2007 under windows vista.
(The two versions of excel are installed at differnt computers)

A:Copy Macros From Excel 2003 To Excel 2007

I don't know Excel 2007 nor Vista.
But the usual way to copy macros brute force would be to open the VBA toolbar, get into the Modules, select each, and Export one by one. Then import into 2007 modules if Excel 2007 VBA permits that.
If export/import doesn't work, you can always copy out the entire text into Notepad text files, and copy/paste from the Notepad into your 2007 Excel.
If the VBA language or object model has changed between 2000 or 2003 and 2007, then some tweaking might be in order, but I suspect they left it alone, and the error messages, if any, might suggest what to fix.

Since these are different computers, either network them and share some common directory, or use USB flash drive for transfers of the, say, Notepad files.

Export is good, because it names the modules. They get saved someplace in your local settings. Notepad will not name, and doesn't matter really.

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I do individual price sheets for my customers that are linked from 1 to 3 source sheets. These source sheets are my vendors price lists in xls format. Of course these change quite frequently. If I add or delete lines from the vendor files, the customer pricers linked to those files will go out of whack. In other words a cell reference on a source sheet of say D 13 will shift to D 14 if I add a new row. The customer price sheet now references the wrong price. I'm sure this did not happen with Excel 97, or I had 97 set to be able to shift as needed without having to manually make changes. Problem is I can't remember/figure out how to do this. Can anyone help me set this up so that when I have to update my source files (vendor price lists) i.e. - add a new row for a new part (or delete) the linked cells in the customer pricers will move also. Hope this makes sense!!

A:Excel 2000 Links

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Hey all,

Does anyone know if it's possible to convert macros from Excel 97 (Excel Basic) to Excel XP/2002 (Visual Basic) ? Or do I have to do these manually?

Any help is appreciated


A:Help!! Convert Excel 97 Macros to Excel XP (2002) ???

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I am creating a ss where I have hyperlinks. (A whole column is links).

I want the links to open in Avant Browser, instead of IE6. I've set Avant as the default. I've gone into my computer>tools>file types and looked, and all http, html, ect types are set to open with Avant.

What am I missing?! It's driving me bonkers. The only reason behind it is that IE6 is not compatible with the site that the links are associated with, otherwise, I wouldn't care.


A:Simple ? regarding excel & opening links

After looking thru Excel to an extent ive come up with 2 things.

1. Due to the fact that IE6 is Microsoft and Excel is Microsoft, something tells me that would be one heck of a workaround to have the links open in another browser.

2. Excel does however have VB Scripting, so possibly someone (wish I could write it) could write you a Macro so that when you click a link it opens it with your Avant browser instead.

Sorry I can't help anymore more than this, perhaps someone else sees something i did not.


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I am trying to count text in specific cells, not in a range. How can I accomplish this? Specifically, I am trying to count the occurences of "UL" in only cells H3, K3 & O3. Please help, thank you.

A:Excel Spreadsheet Problem

you can use a nested if statement, look here :-http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx?&lang=&cr=&guid=&sloc=en-us&dg=microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions&p=1&tid=9737BEA0-60A8-49E7-B96C-2B74A27333AE&mid=9737BEA0-60A8-49E7-B96C-2B74A27333AE

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I have a question, I am hoping you can help me out on an Excel question.
On some of the spreadsheets that I do, when I key in a number that starts
with 0, it takes the 0 off and I have to use that mark ('), but on some I
don't have to. Do you know why one spreadsheet would differ from the other?

And one more thing about that, when I key in on a spreadsheet under a heading that says
"Inner/Case Pack" let's say 6/72 it reverts back to 72-Jun and on other spreadsheets it doesn't. The OS is Win2000 and MSOffice 97.

A:Excel spreadsheet problem

If you go Format\cells and under number tab, there are list of format you want to use for the specific cell you've highlited.
"0001" is considered text. If you want to display as it is, you have to format the cell(or area) to text.
Go check formatting of each cell on your spreadsheet, and you will see it.


Same thing with the date.

[This message has been edited by tjsudo (edited 11-30-2000).]

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Hi, Each time I calculate a formula on my excel spreadsheet the answer comes up as zero. I have never had this problem before so I not sure what has happened. The correct formula is in the cell but the answer shows as "0" instead of what it should be. It won't copy correctly either. It is driving me mad. Hope you can help. thanks

A:Excel spreadsheet problem

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I have to admit that I am not proficient in the MS Excel program. I have to fill in a form for a potential employer but the cell is too small to contain all of the information--the information that I typed in goes "off the page" into neighboring cells that are not part of the form. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this.

Can someone give me a clue? Thanks for any and all advice!

A:Problem with Excel Spreadsheet

Hi technomann

There are easy two options:
Excel Column Width - Change Column Width in Excel - Column Width Change in Excel


Wrap text in a cell - Excel - Office.com

Good luck with the job!

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I cannot get links between worksheets (within same file) to update. Example: I copy data into one worksheet and the linked cells from the other worksheet will not always update. To get the cells to update I have to F2(edit) then hit enter for each cell. From that point on it will update - I think!? Those attempts that did not help: F9(manual calc), copy and paste over same cells. Need help!

A:{Solved} Excel 2000 Links

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I have created a spreadsheet in Excel, using Office 97, and have used four different font colors for emphasis in various cells. It looks fine on the screen but when I try to print it comes out in all black & white. How can I get this to print in color?? I am using a HP DeskJet 870Cse for my printer. Thanks.

A:Problem Printing Excel Spreadsheet

Hit File-Print, click the Properties button to the right of your printer's name. Check each tab in there--sounds like you've got "black & white" or "grayscale" selected in there somewhere.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I'm using Excel 2003 and am trying to use VB so that my spreadsheet that is linked DOES NOT ask to update links when it is opened by a user. This user may be on an Offcie XP machine or an Office 2000 machine. I've used the following code, but the darn thing still asks for an update:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.AskToUpdateLinks = False
End Sub

What am I amissing?

A:Updating Links in Excel 2003, XP, and 2000

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In all my years this small item has never happened to me, and I don't see why it persists.

I have saved many times in the second tab I have created but upon opening this .xls file it keeps reverting to the first tab.

I don't know why.

I am posting because am certain someone has an instant solution.

A:Opening Excel 2000 file

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using 2000 office professional and recently excel opens then box appears saying it must close and offers options to let microsoft know about the problem. removed and reinstalled 2000 but that did not help. any clues? thanks for your help.

A:excel 2000 closing upon opening

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I've recorded and combined a few macros into one and - while it is really large - I never thought anything of it until I got the following error while trying to run it:

"Compile Error
Procedure too large"

I can certainly split these up into separate procedures, but it would save time to have them all as one. Is there a way to override this error?

I am using Windows XP w/ SP2 and Excel 2003.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Excel Macros too large problem

It is probably quite possible that you can considerably reduce the size of the Macro by rewriting it. Recorded Macros are notorious for having superfluous code in them.
If you post it I am sure that one of the Excel gurus can rewrite it for you, or at least point you in right direction.

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I have a lot of excel spreadsheets with embedded links to jpg and pdf documents stored on an NAS. In both Win XP and Win 7 I could set the file association to make them always open in the Win picture preview pane.

In Win 8.1 they will ONLY open in IE11.

I have changed the registry as directed by MS in this article to no avail.

How to configure Internet Explorer to open Office documents in the appropriate Office program instead of in Internet Explorer

Locate the subkey for the specific Office document type. The following table lists the subkeys for several common Office document types. Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet Excel.Sheet.8

After you identify the subkey for the specific Office document type, follow these steps:
If the Office document is an Microsoft Office Excel document, add the following value for all Microsoft Office Excel subkeys except the Excel.Sheet.5 subkey:Value name: BrowserFlags
Data type: REG_DWORD
Value: 8
Anyone else having this problem? I do not want to view them in IE which is harder to zoom, and my habits do not change as easily as MS thinks they should.


A:Embedded jpg links in Excel 2003 insist on opening IE11

Did you try the Fix it option ?

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After a power outage a particularly important file gets the error "Excel cannot open the file.xlsx beacause the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file. The file format has not changed. Is there a safe free program that can uncorrupt a file? I have tried Open and repair, changing the format, and using open office. Also tried using recova but the file was not lost.

A:Solved: Excel 2007 spreadsheet gets error "Excel cannot open the file .xlsx.." How ca


and 5 ways are shown here http://www.wikihow.com/Recover-a-Corrupt-Excel-File

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I am trying to open a query; that opens as a Pivot table in my database, into an excel spreadsheet. I know I could use export to pivot table or copy and paste, but I didn't want the users to have to do that. I want to create a program button that allows my query to open directly into excel. Any suggestions?


A:Access 2000: PivotTable opening in Excel

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Mail messages are being delivered into the Inbox but if they have an Excel attachment it won't open. When you double click on the file it opens Excel but the file doesn't load in. When you close Excel it then brings up the error message - Can't find the specified file

Excel works with any documents that are saved on the Desktop or on the network but not with attachments.

Any advice?



A:Outlook 2000 not opening Excel attachments

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Greetings forum,

I have an Access database main table that I try to update at least monthly with an Excel spreadsheet feed. The spreadsheet formatting is always the same, with occasional additions or deletions of rows...those changes are what I am trying to update the database with. The rows represent personnel and their personal information. People come and go...blah, blah, blah.

The problem is when I run the new reports and save them in Excel. I save them in the same place and rewrite over the old file with the same file name. Then I try to import external data into the Access database using this overwritten file as an append query. It worked the first time I set it up, but when I try to use it again as a saved import, I get an invalid file name for the overwritten file. Microsoft appears to be adding a hidden appendage to the file name when I overwrite the original file.

Has anyone had experience with this problem before?

A:Solved: Importing Excel spreadsheet into Access problem

I haven't heard of this problem.
Perhaps you could tackle it differently. I normally just import the file to a temporary table (which requires no save import) and then use an Append query to add the records to the table and then a delete query to clear the temporary table.

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One of my office mates was working in an Excel 2000 spread sheet. Somehow he managed to change the rows into collumns so he now has a sheet with 15,000 collumns. Excel can only handle about a fifth that many columns. Consequently we are unable to even open the sheet. Is there any way to either revert the data or open the spreadsheet so we can transfer the data.


A:Opening Very Large Excel 2000 Spread sheets

This utility converts the xls file format to a txt file, then you can reimport the data by using a macro or a script.


download the trial.

Here's one that will convert it into CSV or comma seperated value, then it's easy to reimport it.


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Recently, I'm having slow file loading while opening ms word files and excel files directly from windows explorer. It takes a minute to load, however it opens immediately if I open .doc files or .xls files directly from their application software. It also take a minute for MS Word and Excel software to shut down.

I have run my antivirus (Symantec) and MBAM but they all show no virus was found. I'm not sure what should I do next, please advice.

A:Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

What version of Word & Excel?

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I have an Excel page that I refer to daily and made a shortcut for it and put it on the taskbar. In windows vista the shortcut just opened when I clicked it, now with windows 7 when I click it a new Excel sheet opens. I can right click the shortcut which gives me the option of a new page or my saved page, but this is an extra step.

So, how do I get it to open after clicking the shortcut?

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I have a friend who is suddenly experiencing an issue where they are no longer able to Open an Excel file through their Windows Explorer (e.g. when trying to open a Excel file from within their My Documents folder). After double clicking on the file, Excel opens and acts as if it is opening the file but then proceeds to show just a blank worksheet. The file does not appear to be corrupt since they can then go to File/Open from within Excel, locate the folder and then Open it without a problem.

Any suggestions? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as to the cause and resolution for this.

Thank you greatly,


A:Excel 2000 - Unable to open Excel file thru Windows Explorer

Check this out: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-1781119.php

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I have emailed spreadsheets created in Office 2003 to other staff members running Office 2007. They can open the attachment, work on the spreadsheet, save and close them. However, if they go back to the document later, it can't be seen. I say that deliberately; if you try to click on the document to open it, you will get the "can't open it it's already open" message. So it's there, somewhere, but nobody can see it.

I downloaded the compatibility patch from Microsoft, but no help.

What is up with this? Leave it to Microsoft to create a new program that instantly renders your old software obsolete.

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Hello, I am having the following problem. If I try opening a pre 2007 excel file, in excel 2007. I get error messages saying it cannot find certain files. The weird thing is, say my file was located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\Me\My Documents\test.xls

I would get the following errors:

'C:\documents.xls' could not be found.
'and.xls' could not be found.
'Settings\Me\My.xls' could not be found.
'Documents\test.xls' could not be found.
Pretty much, for each space in the file location, I would get an error message. Eventually after accepting all of the error messages, I would be allowed to view my document.

A:Error opening old excel file in excel 2007

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I've been working on a certain workbook and everytime a try to save it an error occurs:

Microsoft Excel for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AppName: excel.exe AppVer: ModName: excel.exe
ModVer: Offset: 002aa2b3

HELP !!!


Mark R

A:Excel 2000 .. When saving a certain workbook excel crashes

Hi, try running a repair from control panel>click on MS office and run change or repair if I remmber correctly.

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When I bought my newest computer, it had MS Office 2007 installed.
My data from Excel 2000 was backed up and downloaded to my new computer.
The company I bought my new computer from transferred all my data for me.
Problem is:
all the old Excel data is still coming up as Excel 2000.
Is there a way to convert the old data to Excel 2007?
Business workbook has much much data that I need to get ready for a new year soon and I'd like to use the Excel 2007 for this?
Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Excel 2000 to Excel 2007

After you have opened an Excel 2000 file, do a 'Save As' to the new 2007 format.


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I was sent an Excel spreadsheet attached to an email. I need to get it filled out, and sent back. I'm able to view the spreadsheet, but when I click on a cell, I'm not able to type anything in the space.
I've never used Excel before, and am clueless, as you can surely tell.
So, can someone fill me in on how to fill this in?


A:How to use Excel Spreadsheet

Hi there,

It sounds like your worksheet may be protected. With this sheet activated click on Tools | Protection; What does it say, Protect Worksheet or Unprotect Worksheet?

Also, if possible, how about zipping and attaching an example workbook?

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I have a very large mailing list on Excel 2002 to which I make corrections as address changes come in. This list is used for several different mailings and I'm having a problem keeping track to be sure the most current corrections have been posted. Is there any formula or macro to be placed in a column to automatically insert the current date (and KEEP it that date) whenever a correction is made to an address? I have tried to manually enter the date when a correction is posted but the date keeps changing to whatever the current date is. It has been quite some time since I tired writing a macro and don't really remember how. (Actually, I think the macros I wrote were in Lotus 123 rather than Excel.) Any ideas greatly appreciated.

One other question. I've been entering zip +4 but when I use this list to print labels with Word 2002 Mail Merge Wizard, it will only print "0" for any zip codes with the additional four numbers. Is there any way around this?

A:Excel macros

There are 2 things you can try (& a formula ain't one of them )

1. Use the shortcut to enter current date ( CTRL+; )

2. Use some event code in the worksheet module (rightclick the sheet tab & "View Code" to access the module):

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Selection.Cells.Count <> 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Column = 1 Then
Target.Offset(0, 1) = Date
End If
End Sub

This will enter current date in column 2 (B) when you make a change in column 1 (A).

For the zip codes merge field formatting, try here.


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I have made a number of maths worksheets/games in excel. I have never learned programming, but I have picked up bits of visual basic from friends and from the "record macro" function.
I'm attaching an example of the type of structure I'm using. I really like the way I can make buttons to click for the kids to enter their answers, so that everything is done with a mouse. I often put timers on so that they're working against the clock.

I would like to write something similar for multiplication table practice. I would need a number pad of answers from 1 to 100. There must be an easier way to do this than to write 100 short macros equivalent to the 4 answer macros in my example.

Can anyone help?

A:please help with my excel macros

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I have to import values into a website. This information is for electrical transmission flow. Based on the number of paths I have and the duration I select. I would like the spread sheet to create the lines for me and have them populate the correct field. I am attaching an example. The Por and Pod are the To and From. Currently in my spreadsheet I have 7 paths setup. If that changes though I would like it to automatically add the additional path in the correct place. I also show 3 hours for the duration, but this could be days or months and it might be broken up in hours days months. Example for Months it would be 7/18/2009 0:00 to 8/18/2009 0:00. I generally post 1 year of monthly values so on the Input page I was thinking about asking the user for the duration (Start to Stop times), Increment (hours, days, Months), and path names (To and From) and have excel create the attached worksheet with those colums filled in. I am not sure I have explaned the situation very clearly so if you have any questions please ask.

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Attached is a file where I need to allocate the dollar amount. I need to allocate the dollar amount, proportionately, from cells C84 & D84 (Management Volume Challenge) across the values in each of the columns C3, D3 through C72, D72(SINGLES and KIND SIZE). Cell F84 is the area where the dollar value for a reduction or increase. The row items in BOLD are summary lines and do not require an allocation of dollars.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

A:EXCEL spreadsheet

Nothing is bold. It's a TXT file.
Try uploading the file again.
This time, do not SAVE it as a text file.
Instead, copy your file, change the file extension from xls to txt using Windows Explorer and not Excel.
Then load it.

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Can somebody help please. Have a spreadsheet something like this

CM789 Y L Y
CF897 Y Y Y
CM856 L L Y
CM742 Y Y Y
CF7854 L Y L

TOTAL 3 3 4

What I am trying to achieve is to get a total by either CM or CF for each date

CM 2 1 3
CF 1 2 2

Can somebody help please

A:Excel Spreadsheet

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I would like to do something very simple, but that will affect over a hundred tables.

I would like to automatically, via a macro, place the table heading into the header. The table heading is in cell b5 on all tables. Therefore I need to write a macro that will go through each worksheet (they are in 4 workbooks, but I can do the same macro in each workbook) and perform this action.

I have read masses of help and tried lots of different ways and it WILL not work.

I have used for and next, and other loop arrangements. I have used the worksheets function and the activate.worksheet function. But nothing will work.

This is the line that it does not like:

ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftHeader = Range("b5").Value

I have tried different configurations of this line and used different functions within it, but nothing has worked.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Would appreciate any guidance anyone can give me.

A:Excel macros

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