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{RESOLVED}Partition Magic problem...

Q: {RESOLVED}Partition Magic problem...

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this problem....
Earlier I tried to partition my 30GB HDD using Partition Magic 8. (I am running XP Pro and wanted to separate my data from my programs by creating one partition). Midway during the partitioning process it stopped and crashed (giving me a seek error 46) and now I cannot load windows anymore. In fact I cannot see my C drive or DR-ROM drives (D&E) either. I can run the Partition Magic disk floppy which tells me I have one (unnamed) partition of 28.6GB, but I cannot seem to be able to do anything to fix it. I ran a Debug on it which gave me some info (see attached) but I do not know what to do next. I don't really want to format the disk as I had not fully backed up everything (stupid I know). Any ideas on how I can rename the disk as my C drive and be able to access the data would be gratefully appreciated, even if only to remove some data before formatting.
Thx for any help offered.

Preferred Solution: {RESOLVED}Partition Magic problem...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: {RESOLVED}Partition Magic problem...

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Hie all this is my first post!... Hope you guys can help me...
I really don not know on which section should i post this topic, so i apologize first if i'm on the bad....

Ok so here's whats wrong. I have a 40GB HDD, all 40 in one C drive, so i decided to devide into 2 partitions... i resize my C to around 8.4 gig, and the rest to E, and the program asked to reboot...

After rebooting, the light blue screen of Win XP appears, and i dont know there were like "resizing partition.." going on so i thought that everything is going fine... then after that everything turned out to be black empty screen with a white blinking cursor i think...

I've tried reseting my system and still the same. The intel thingy comes first in the screen since im using it's mother board and then it goes to that black screen with that white blinking cursor.. or a dot for that matter...

what did i do wrong?

thanks in advance...
is it ok if i post the same thread in other sections like "Hardwares n stuff"?.. of course i wonmt do that until you give me the green light...

A:(Resolved) problems with partition magic 8.0

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I was in the process of installing XP Pro with Partition Magic 8.0, as my second OS along with W2K Pro.
In my HDD there 3 partitions, the first one is for W2K and the second for XP and the third just data.
It seems that during the installation of XP something happen to the operating system W2K and I donít have access to the very valuable information stored there. I could see the partition via Partition Magic or Explorer and it shows the space occupied but it doesnít show the files.
Has anybody have an idea on how to recover from this disaster!

A:Xp/Partition Magic Problem

Open up partition magic again and check to see if the partition has been set as a hidden partition. It must be set to active.

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hi all,
i have external hard disk 500 gb, it is fat32 so i wanted to convert it to ntfs.
i have 400 gb on it so i wanted to convert it without losing data, so i started everything was going ok, then error pumped out, i dont remember what it said, something like wrong number or something, and process stopped and it said that remaining actions are cancelled. then i went to my computer and wanted to go in my HD but it says its unreadable, in partition magic My HD is written as ??! (F, and it shows its NTFS, what can i do?
i have so important data on it

A:Partition magic 8.0 really big problem!

Well I no longer have partition magic nor i can install it as i am on x64 windows. So I guess it will be done totally from memory. I think there was repair option buried somewhere in the partition magic; probably something like recover partition? can you find it?

Did you ever made backup of your data? (i'm guessing you didn't .........)

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Hi, i'm a newbie at this site and have a problem with partition magic 8.0.

i have an 80G external drive named myBook(G drive) and tried to split it into 2 partitions (D, E) by using PM. Unfortunately, i forgot to back up my data before doing this. After the PC rebooted, i found that the original drive letter (myBook G drive) disappeared and none of the data is traceable . Now, i see only one partition (D) without any data in the external drive and have no idea what happened during partition. Does it mean the external drive was formatted during the process? Is the data recoverable?

Thanks for your help .

A:partition magic problem

ALWAYS back up your data - especially before attempting serious HD manipulations like this. It will be difficult if not impossible to recover your data. Try using a file recovery program. Provided you haven't overwritten some of the data, you might be able to salvage some.

try these: undelete plus and PC Inspector file recovery

both are free

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I really hope someone can help me here I've turned my computer into a 20lb paperweight. Now I'd just deal with it and reformat had I not been a complete tool and didn't backup all my files to cd.

This is what happened, I had 4 partitions on my harddrive and had decided to merge them as I was running out of room on the main partition so I installed Partition Magic 7.0 Pro and chose to merge the first two adjacent partitions C and D. I ran it and as it was finishing up I saw some errors flash by but it went too fast for me to get the numbers, I assumed that some of the files had been corrupted during the merge and wasn't too worried. The system went into automatic reboot and during the boot screens after it checked the PCI device listing I got this:

A disk read error occurred
Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart

So I did but I just get the error again, this is when the faint stirrings of panic begin to set in but I have followed the directions and created the disks Partition Magic asked me to make just in case of emergency so I take a deep breath and boot from the bootable disk they had me make and run the other disk that has a limited version of the program on it. Unfortunately all it tells me is that I have partition table error #113 and the only operation it offers me to perform is format... only wait... I don't want to lose everything!

Now I'm panicking. I do a little more looking around, run my XP disk but I'm not well enough versed in DOS to really know w... Read more

A:Partition Magic problem

Do you have another computer you could try this drive in? If you do, look for what's called a "jumper" on the hard drive itself- should be a little plastic thing overtop some pins. Right now, it's probably set on "master" or "cable select". You'll want to change this to "slave" and stick it in the other computer, which has to be running NT, XP, or 2000 in order to see your XP partition. If you're successful in booting up, look for some extra drive letters. If your files are still intact, you'll be able to access them from there.

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I have installed partition magic 8.0 and made 2 partitioning DOS based diskettes. When I use these two diskettes to partition and format (as NTFS) a new disk and install the windows xp on that partition , windows xp CD does not recognize that partition and wants to create its own partition. Any idea?

A:Problem with Partition magic 8.0

Why not let XP create it's own partition? There's no reason to use PM for that task.

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ok heres the long and short of my problem.when i tried to run partition magic 8.0 after installing it. theres an error that comes up saying that some of the drive labels are invalid. i have this partition on my HD where i had installed PCQLinux but it crashed and since i dont have the cd anymore i thought of trying out partition magic to clear that drive and help make it available on my windows. but now it seems i cant do that as well. can any guys help me out here? oh and if theres an easier solution to get my partition back on windows?????????

A:Another Partition Magic Problem.Help!!!!

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i have 3 partition in my PC. which is C(15000MB), I(60000MB) and D
i want to resize the I: partition with the C: partition, because the C; is too small,
during the resizing process, it occur a problem says "ERROR#1520 external attribute header mismatch"
now my partition I: are empty but the capacity is still the same and it shows the used space still like before but i couldnt see the files. I have all my important files there..so what could i do to save the file..

A:Partition Magic Problem!

is there other way to save my file except formating the partitions?

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I am in need of urgent help with a Partition Magic problem.
I just recently partitioned a HD on a PC. My external drive (80 GB) was connected via USB cable. I'm not certain how this happened, but my external drive ended up with an "unallocated" partition. There is no drive letter assoc. with it, and the partition is grey in color. The remaining active partition has 20 GB to it. All of my work is on the unallocated portion. Ironically, I was preparing to copy it over to my PC as backup.

I have no idea how to reverse this. I can only hope that there is a way to undo this. If anybody is able to help with this, I am asking for help.

Thank you.

A:Partition Magic vs 8 problem

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A while back, I created a new partion on my HD. No problems, things were great. Well today I decided to merge them back together to get it back to it's single partion state. Well the merge went ok accept that I can't access the folder that was created from the merge that has all my files and junk. I click the folder and get C:\"foldername" is not accessible. Access denied.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Partition magic problem

Well, it's been my experience that the PM merge capability is the one area in PM that is not all that solid. I've had it screw up several times. I don't know of any way to recover once PM scrambles the partition doing a merge. I was unsuccessful both times. I did have backups, something that PM cautions you to do before starting these operations.

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I have merged two partitions, one containing data and one empty . I now realize I should have deleted the empty partition. My problem is that I cannot access the files on the new partition created.From the disk information it would appear they are still there i.e still appropriate amount of used space to free space. The partition now just contains the one file with the name of the new partition I created but clicking on it gives me the message "Access is Denied". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:problem with Partition Magic

Must be a more difficult problem than I imagined!

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I have a new desktop with a 150 gig drive that I wanted to partition. It had XP loaded and running fine. I used my Partition Magic manual to attempt to create a 25 gig partition. As per instructions, I did not load Boot Magic. I rebooted when instructed to and the computer will no longer boot from the XP partition and will not boot from the rescue disks. It will boot from CD when I put Win 98 SE in the CD. It has changed the designations of the drives and no longer recognizes the partition with XP on it even when I use the PMagic version on the rescue disks. I loaded Win 98 SE on the 25 gig partition and it works well enough, but I can no longer get to the XP partition. From WIN 98 SE I accessed the rescue disks and tried to use the DOS command (as per the manual) EDIT C:\CONFIG.SYS to open the DOS editor and change LASTDRIVE=Z to reassign drive letters...but I keep getting "BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME." My frustration level is huge and my wife and kids are killing me to fix this thing or forget it. And I've tried to EDIT A and EDIT B and everywhere trying to get to open the DOS editor to reassign drive letters. Any ideas anyone???

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Hello everyone :).

I recently installed Partition magic 8 in order to resize my D drive. I changed my C drive size from 60GB to 32GB and put the free space in my D drive.(which was 52 GB earlier and later was going to be around 80GB).

But I made an extremely stupid mistake. During the partition process(when the system restarted and the partitioning was going on), I pressed a key by mistake and the process got aborted.All my data is safe, but the issue is that Partition magic shows my space as 80GB, but my space in d drive is still 53GB. The C drive space is also 32 GB, so I have no clue where the free space, of around 30GB, has gone. I don't know how to recover it. Anyone here who can help me ? Thanks a lot!

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Alright, I'm pretty dissappointed with the "good" reputation PM8.0 had. I recieved it, and in an attempt to resize a partition on my primary hard drive, it was a success, except for one extremely major thing. The drive I had kept my 'My Documents' folder on, along with about 200GB of other information, including music, pictures, school work, etc. has been destroyed. The format is now "Type EE", which I've looked and looked online but it seems I'm the only one with this error. When I try doing anything to the drive I get an error 631. What really bugs me is that this drive wasn't even part of the freaking partition I was resizing, so why would it have been corrupt. I can't do any chkdsk or whatever because my computer doesn't recognize it, not even in Device Manager.


That's an image of the drive and it's properties. I'm totally lost and I need IMEDIATE help.

I've been copying and pasting the above on a few different support forums, but since this is a more technical one, is there a way I can check if the data is still on there? I can't use cmdpromt stuff because it's an unknown format, any ideas if I remove the hard drive and plug it back in, or maybe fix it with the windows disk? I'm runnign Windows XP Pro 64-bit.

A:Partition Magic HDD Problem

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I am trying to move the unallocated space to the C: drive using this program. But I am getting an error after it says it moved it and tells me to reboot. When my comp loads back up, the space wasn't moved to the C: drive.

A:problem Partition Magic

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well dear friends lately i am using the partition magic 7 coz not have got the 8.0 yet.
now here is exactly what happend.
there are totall 4 partitition on my system and i am using windows XP.
let's name them as C,D,E,F
now D was about 41 GB, E about 12 and F about 6GB. i wanted to resize them such that i reduce D by 5 GB and distribute it equally among the E and F. now i given it the task it was doing well. i just locked the room and went out for a while as it was slow and i guessed that it would take at least 30 Minutes. about when i was wandering outside the was a fluctuation in the electric suppply and my PC restarted. now when i came back the whole D partition was of yellow color in the partition magic while it was pink before that as it was in NTFS. but now it i.e. PM shows it like ~dls19e file system partition. in the status bar it says that yellow is the color of linux partitions but it is still unvisible in the linux and i can't hold the data on it.
the worst thing is that i had 200 pages project report in D drive and hence it also lost and it has to be submitted on monday. what should i do. please help me..........

A:Help, Problem With Partition Magic

I can recover your data from d:if you can get the disk to me. (UK). You MUST NOt do anything else with that disk till you get the data back otherwise you WILL lose the data.

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I was in the process of installing XP Pro with Partition Magic 8.0, as my second OS along with W2K Pro.
In my HDD there 3 partitions, the first one is for W2K and the second for XP and the third just data.
It seems that during the installation of XP something happen to the operating system W2K and I donít have access to the very valuable information stored there. I could see the partition via Partition Magic or Explorer and it shows the space occupied but it doesnít show the files.
Has anybody have an idea on how to recover from this disaster!

A:Xp Partition Magic Problem

open the System applet in the control panel. Click the Advanced tab. Under the "Startup and Recovery" section click the "Settings" button. Hit the "Edit" button and this will open the boot.ini file, the file that tells the NT Loader where your operating systems are. You should have a line that looks something like this...

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

Your rdisk value is probably different than mine, but what you should do is copy the "multi..." line and paste another copy below it like this...

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

now if i understand your partitions right, your partition value is probably set at 2 right now, which boots to XP. what you need to do is change the "2" to a "1" (indicating the first partition) in the line you just pasted. You may also want to change the WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" line to WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" to be more accurate about the partition you are linking to.

in the menu hit File, the Save, and close the boot.ini.

when you reboot, you should be given a choice as to which OS you want to boot to.

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I have Windows XP Pro on my computer. I ran Partition Magic 8.1 to resize partitioned drive d and e on one disk. The process froze, so I shut down and restarted the computer. Now apparently PM renamed the E partition as pqrp and partition E does not show up at all, neither does the data on E. Have been unable to recover. Downloaded PTEdit32.exe and tried to run it but that fails with error #5 starting PowerQuest Engine.

Have not been able to chat with tech at Symantec, as their chat engine does not load.

Help is much appreciated.

A:Partition Magic problem

First off, I NEVER perform multiple operations with disk management software. There's too many variables involved and one slip can render everything unreadable (as you've found out). It may take longer to do it one step at a time - but in the long run it'll save you effort.Take a look here for some of the freeware solutions. Look for the Hard Drive & System Utilites Section on the first page: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic3616.html

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I've used the Partitionmagic recently to make a logical partition on my laptop computer. I slept during the process under which my computer rebooted and went into a blue screen where i saw the process of resizing partition and another process going. When I woke up, I discovered that my computer kept rebooting without even logging into the windows. That is, before I could see the "Welcome" screen, it had already rebooted.

Then I saw the screen prompting me to go into safe mode....with cmd....normal boot....last best config... etc. I've selected every one of them but they didn't work out. My computer still kept rebooting. I can't log into windows.

How should I deal with this?

A:Partition Magic Problem HELP!!!

your system had a crash and your partition is damaged. You have no choice except to reformat your drive, erase all partitions and install xp.

You might be able to recall some data if you use your drive on another computer as a slave. Get a cheap usb to ide adapter. $20

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I partitioned my HD, and loaded XP on both primary partitions. The original is on an NTFS partition, the new one is FAT32 (if this matters). I loaded XP on both because I am trying out different versions of Office.

I used PartitionMagic 8.0 and Boot Magic 7.0 to do this. After partitioning, I used Boot Magic to boot from the new partition... it worked and I installed XP. Then I used Boot Magic again to boot up the original OS... but now I can't go back to the new partition. Boot Magic will no longer run on the original OS because it detects a duplicate copy on the new partition!! Weird.. it wont let me install Boot Magic on both partitions.

I've used Partition Magic to "activate" the new partition adn hide the original one, but it still boots the original one. So then I used PQBoot which is supposed to immediately boot up the selected partitioned drive, but again only the original boots up.

How do I access my new partition again?

A:Help with switching between partitions - XP on both (Partition Magic, Boot Magic)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have deleted your other thread, as two threads for the same problem are not required.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi all. Got a bit of a problem and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. Firstly, I dual boot with xp and debian linux. I have my ntfs partition with xp, a fat partition to store files accessable to both, a linux swap partition and two ext3 partitions. I wanted to get rid of one of the ext3 partitions and resize my fat partition to make it bigger. Anyway partition magic fixed a few bad blocks or something when it started and then it wouldnt work with a "init error 117" error. I think that was it. So then I went into partition magic tools and was having a look and it has an option to boot another os. Now, I dont have the partition magic bootloader installed (am using linux one. -grub) but my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the button to see what would happen. (maybe my curiosity will kill me one day) Anyway, computer reboots and goes straight to windows screen (with black background and little blue moving bar) it hangs there for a couple of secs and then comes up with "autocheck not found" or something to that effect. Then to another screen which says "irql not less or equal" with a heaap of stuff underneath saying about a problem. Then system reboots and I get the usual grub menu screen. I can still boot into linux but if I choose xp then the same thing keeps happening. So I put an install cd in and go to recovery console and the funny thing is that it doesnt see my ntfs partition, only my fat one. So therefore I cant fixboot,... Read more

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Hello, I tried to format my western digital 2tb external hdd with Partiton Magic and when my computer starts up I get error 626 and my computer does not start up. Please help thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Partition Magic problem

Why are you using partition magic to format the drive? I would suggest you delete whatever partitions are on the drive and boot the system into Windows. Once you're in Windows, plug in the drive, start Disk Management and partition and format the drives in Windows.

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I used partition magic trying to make a dual operating system, but I think in the process I might have screwed up. I open up partition magic clicked on C: drive and click new partition. then I made one 20,000mb then clicked apply. Now when I boot my HP Pavillion PC it takes me to the screen where I choose windows 2000/xp. It wont even let me do system recovery. I didn't make any backup disks what do I do?
Please help me!

A:Problem with computer after using partition magic! HELP!?

So what happens after you select windows xp or 2000?

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hello there...i have 3 partition in my HD.i wanted to join the 2 of them (with the data) in one.
So,I used Partition magic to merge 2 drives of 75G each in to one.I followed all the standard procedure .The process was completed with an error saying "press any key to continue" and after reboot i saw the one drive unallocated and empty(this was almost full with music and video) and the other one(almost empty) with the same used/unused space but in somehow unable to acess the data that it contained.
I created the unallocated drive but it was empty!
can anyone help me pls?
How is possible so much data lost without warning?
what can i do?
thanks in advance for any possible help :

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Need help with Partition Magic. When I installed the second disk after everything was loaded it said "media error on disk" what can I do now as my computer will not boot Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Partition Magic Boot Problem

What are you trying to do? I have partition magic and the only time I ever used the rescue disks was when I created a second primary partition and after booting to the newly created partition found I was have problems installing windows,so I used the disks to "set as active" my other,original primary drive.So again, what have you done and what are you now trying to do? The "media error" error message does not sound good. Sounds like the floppy may be corrupt/missing certain files.

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I'm running XP Pro, with two HDs. About a year ago I had a problem which necessitated reinstalling XP on a new drive. So now I have #1 drive with partitions C & E, and #2 drive with partitions D & G. XP is located on G and my MS Office 2003 is on E. (Confused Yet?) I had moved MS office to E because G was too full.

G is now really too full, only 15% free space, so I decided to merge E into C using Partition Magic (PM), then copy D onto a huge unallocated area of Drive #1. I ran windows Disk Check prior to doing the merge OK.

I then executed Merge of E into C, but at the end of the process which included a reboot, some errors were listed "Error 1651 - Index has nonzero length, File (three file numbers listed)". However, the word "Complete" also appeared, so I thought the merge had in fact completed. When I was asked to run DriveMapper, I clicked OK and it ran. When I went back to PM home, I discovered that the merge had not completed. I also discovered that I could not access MS Office or Outlook, which is my primary email tool.

Now what? I am at a loss as to how to fix this. Any suggestions?

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Recently on my computer, the C drive has had about 100 mb of space or less. I have my hard drive partitioned into c d e and f. I wanted to merge the partitions to create more space on c for windows. I bought Partition Magic to merge them. The first merge was e into d. After the merge the files did not show up in the folder it created but the program showed the files taking up space in the partition. I ran checkdisk then found a fix on microsofts website to take ownership of the files. After that it worked.

So then I did f into d. It ended with error 1562 which says no directory buffer. I looked it up but found no information on it from Symantic. The folder on d for the files was created but once again there is no files. So I went through the same steps but nothing happened. Also this time in Partition Magic it shows the area where f used to be as unallocated. How can I get those files back (I really don't want to lose them!). Partition Magic says there is no partition to undelete. So I have no idea what to do, but I don't want to lose the files so I am scared to mess with it.


A:Partition Magic Huge Problem

Unfortunately, PM has a bad rep when it comes to merging partitions. I hope you backed up all important files. I am not well qualified to give advice, but you might try using System Restore or Last Good Configuration to get back to where you were.

Please wait for others to respond, however.


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Ok, guys, I have no idea where to post this, as it's a problem with dual boot (WinXP/OpenSUSE), I'm not sure if I should post it under Windows XP support or Linux support. That's why I'll post the same on both places, well I'm sorry but i don't know what else to do.
My story:
I've wanted linux on my drive for a long time now. But I need windows too, I have my own reasons. The problem was, that I was too afraid to try to dual-boot them before, that was like wow no way man, too much for me. Time was passing, I started changing, gaining more experience. Few days ago, I was kinda sick of my O$ as it was running like 10 times slower than it should cause of **** loads of viruses that were roaming around. It was time to make a fresh install. I emptied the Disk, prepared everything, then the wonderful idea flashed out of nowhere. "I'm gonna dual-boot winxp and linux!". Now the fun part starts. First, I booted the box with xp cd. Then I deleted all the partitions. The Disk is a SATAII WD 160GIGS, so I made two partitions 70 gig big. One for windows, one for linux. Then i formatted the first one and installed winxp on it. Booted XP. Installed some drivers, for video and MB, and Partition Magic. Eh now the chaos begins. Partition Magic is, this is only my opinion, a too complicated program. They've just made it too complicated, it could be a lot better. I launched Partition Magic. Next thing i did was format the second partition to ext3, for linux. Then I went around looking... Read more

A:Partition Magic Dual-Boot problem

You need a boot manager - this will then give you the option to choose which OS you would like to boot into when you turn on your PC.

I don't know anything about OpenSUSE - but with Ubuntu and Windows on my PC, I use GRUB for my boot manager.

Here's a free boot manager.

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Hello everyone,

I'm running on Windows XP, and a few months ago, I used Partition magic 8.0 to make a new partition for linux, Fedora Core 6.
I haven't used fedora lately, and I wish to set my harddrive as it was: only one partition (C:), using NTFS with Windows XP on it.

I guess I need to erase what is on my other partition, set it back to NTFS, and get it back into one single partition as before.
My harddrive looks like this now:

I'm posting because I'm not sure how to handle this case. Do I have to erase all the data on partition J and * ? I think * is the partition I boot on at start-up, to choose between XP and linux.
Should I just pick up "delete partition" on those both partition ? I'm really not sure, and I'm scared I would injure my harddrive, or not able to boot on windows XP.

I'm looking forward for some help. I would really be glad if you could help me.


A:Problem merging two partitions with partition magic

If you installed GRUB to the master boot record, and you delete the hard drive that contains the configuration information I (which seems to be the tiny 100mb partition on there), your computer will not boot, at which point you will have to use the XP install CD to rewrite the master boot record before windows will boot again.

A good way to test this is to set your NTFS partition as active, and see if it boots. Make sure to make a partition magic boot disk before you do this, so that you can switch it back if it causes problems.

Edit: I misinterpreted the asterisk on the ext3 partition to mean active. Looks like the ntfs one is currently set to boot. Do you get a GRUB menu when you boot the computer, or does it just go straight to windows? If it goes right to windows, you should be in luck- deleting all the linux partitions and resizing the ntfs partition should go without a hitch. As always, make sure you back up your important files before partitioning.

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I used Partition Magic to partition both my internal and external hard drives.

I now have a problem on my external drive.
Originally I partitioned it into 3; - 1 x primary and 2 x logical partitions, and have just used PM to combine the two logical drives into 1.

Just prior to the operation finishing I got an Error Message #1520 : "external attribute header mismatch".

I closed the error message, and all seemed ok wih the new partition arrangement showing graphically in PM. However, there was no drive letter associated with this partition.
If I go to My Computer only the primary drive is showing, no sign of ther 'combined drives'.
Going back to PM, If I highlight the Local drive (which doesn't have a drive letter), and click on browse partition, I can see everything which was on the drives.

How can allocate a drive letter to this drive and access my info?

In PM's support info it says that this Error message can be corrected by running CHKDSK on the drive in question, but as it doesn't have a drive letter, I can't do this.

Any help would be most useful.

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My computer came with one great big partition, with XP Home installed on it. For four months all my data got stored on that same partition. Then I got partition magic, and decided to make a separate partition for all my files. This turned out to be too small, after I'd transfered all my music, plus my work files to it. I then tried to repartition the drive, taking most of the spare space from the XP drive and giving it to the data drive.
Just as it started to widen the Data drive, and after shrinking the XP drive, it crashed. Now XP doesn't boot, and my data partition is corrupted too.
I've been daft and so have no backup of my data, and no partition magic back-up floppies. Is there anyway I can get the data back?

If it's any help, Ubuntu is also on the laptop, and working fine.

A:Partition Magic 8 has corrupted Windows partition and Data partition

Do you have the installation CD? If so, "BART PE" may be the solution. I have used it with success. Here is the link: http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/


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I have a 250GB drive which I had split into two partitions (F and G). One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give the free space to this partition.

I set everything up and left it to run, but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation. The size of the G: partition has been reduced and the drive now has 20GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F: partition, but it won't let me do this. Whenever I try to do it it simply says an error has occurred. I can't remember the exact message since I don't have access to the computer right now, but I remember the error code being #508.

Also, the G: partition no longer appears in my computer, but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic.

Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation, in that it would undo any changes that had already been made, but apparently it just stops what it's doing and doesn't let you continue from where you stopped. I realise now that I made a mistake, but is there any way to recover the partition (so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can) and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive?


A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)

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I have a 250GB drive which I had split into two partitions (F and G). One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give the free space to this partition.

I set everything up and left it to run, but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation. The size of the G: partition has been reduced and the drive now has 20GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F: partition, but it won't let me do this. Whenever I try to do it it simply says an error has occurred. I can't remember the exact message since I don't have access to the computer right now, but I remember the error code being #508.

Also, the G: partition no longer appears in my computer, but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic.

Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation, in that it would undo any changes that had already been made, but apparently it just stops what it's doing and doesn't let you continue from where you stopped. I realise now that I made a mistake, but is there any way to recover the partition (so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can) and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive?


A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)

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Hi all,

I've been working on a Dell server (not sure of the model, but can get it tomorrow) that has Windows Server 2008 and a 500 GB hard drive, split into two partitions, giving us a C: and D: drive.

Recently, somebody from the office used Partition Magic (not sure of the version) to resize the partitions. I think they're roughly split up 150 for C: and 300-ish for D:.

Anyway, the resizing appeared to go well, but every couple of weeks, the D: partition completely disappears from Windows! Computer Management shows it as unallocated space, I believe.

Fortunately, I'm able to easily restore the partition using a bootable Paragon Rescue Kit CD. It quickly scans and finds the "lost" partition, and it restores it in no time. I've done this a couple of times now over the past few months.

The question, of course, is WHY is the partition dropping out... or how to prevent it from dropping out in the first place.

The thing I find really odd is that it will drop out while the server is running -- meaning, it will just disappear at a seemingly random time, and nobody will notice until they try to access data that was on that partition.

Any suggestions on what I can check or what the solution might be? It's really confusing! It's nice to know how to restore the partition, but obviously it's still a hassle to have to do that. It'd be much nicer if the partition wouldn't go in the first place.


A:After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing!

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Hello all,

I've got a 100 gig hard drive divided into a primary C partition and a second logical partition (E drive). (I also have a separate hard drive, which is D, which I use for backups). This is a dual boot system - the C drive has Windows ME on it, which I don't use anymore, and the E drive has Windows XP Pro.

The C drive is FAT 32 and the E drive is NTFS. I'd like to be able to delete all data and programs from the C drive and just leave the ME operating system there, so as to free up as much free space as possible. Then, I'd like to shift the free space from C into the E partition.

I'm not sure if this is possible to do. Can I use Partition Magic to move FAT32 free space into the E partition, which is formatted as NTFS? Can folks tell me if this is possible to do and what steps I need to take, using Partition Magic, in order to accomplish it.

I'd appreciate tips and suggestions! Thanks very much. Please feel free to also e-mail me directly: [email protected]

A:Using Partition Magic to Free up FAT32 Space for NTFS Partition

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i bought a dell computer running xp home edititon that had partition magic 8 installed. i am doing some microsoft training and wanted to install windows server 2003 enterprise (a 32 bit evaluation install) on another primary partition.

After creating another prim partition on C: i went ahead and did the 2003 server install on the 2nd partition and rebooted the computer. unfortunatly now i can only boot into 2003 server and not into window xp. while in 2003 server i can't even see the partition but for s and g's i threw an xp boot disk in the computer just to see if the other partition was still there and it showed something like OS/2 INACTIVE.

just wondering if anyone had some advice to get the other partition up and running or if i will have to purchase partition magic to merge the partition back and lose all the data.


A:[SOLVED] partition magic partition inactive, cant boot


I am a bit confused mate... Windows XP was installed on what partition??? [C: or D:]
When you have created C: partition for Windows 2003, did you create it during system setup and did you deleted some partition during that action???

Keep us posted...

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I have two hard drives - the primary one is 40GB, and the secondary one 160GB, both Maxtor. I have Windows XP installed on the smaller one, and that is my main OS. On the other disk I have two partitions - an empty one 40GB in size and a big one (120GB) I use for storing all my data.

As I wanted to install Ubuntu, I decided to split the smaller partition into 39+1GB (for swap). In Partition Magic, this process included reducing the smaller's partition size, moving the bigger one "to the left", and then creating a new partition.

Unfortunately, Partition Magic froze while it was moving my data partition. I had to restart the computer and saw what happened - all the files were still there, but obviously pointing to wrong locations on the hard drive, as most of them had unrecognizable content (e.g. some pictures wouldn't display at all, while others would partially). I was too confident this would work without problems, so I didn't create a backup, nor a recovery disk. And now I am having trouble recovering all the files - none of the more popular recovery software work because no data is actually lost, and they don't see the files as corrupted.

Before I take the hard drive to a professional (and probably get overcharged), I wanted to know whether there is a program that might help. Any ideas?

A:Partition Magic froze while moving a partition

Partition table doctor should work, but it's not free. There's a free demo you can try to see whether it will work if you buy it but it won't make any changes to your drive unless you actually buy it.

Whatever you do, disconnect the second drive for the time being and only reconnect it when you want to try to recover it. If system restore is still enabled on that drive then Windows may write some data on it at the wrong place and overwrite some of your data because of the incorrect file allocation table. You have to prevent any data to be written to that drive as long as the partition table has not been restored.

Edit : My colleague RichardIII knows of two other programs which are free and could also help recovering your partition table :
Give them a try if you wish.

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I have a Vista Home edition.

I wanted to create a linux partition., which failed. Using Paragon, when I had clicked on D where my operating system was not installed. I tried to create a different Linux partition. But I get the message that the something might be in use. Please close all utilities and try again. After restarting I found that C ( where my operating system was installed) was mentioned as an invalid driveBut I can see the C: in my computer and I can access it.
How can I get all my space back/?

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I used Partition Magic 8.0 to merge two adjacent NTFS partitions (E: and F:). The second partition (F:) that I merged into the first partition (E:) was empty. I was basically trying to re-allocate that space to the first partition.

In using the PM 8.0 merge wizard, it forces the end user to create a folder which will contain the contents of what was previously the second partition (F: in this case).

The merge was successful, but now I have this empty folder which I named "Fdrive" to complete the merge task via the PM 8.0 wizard, that I cannot seem to delete.

Using the DOS shell in Win XP, I used the command "dir /p" to see that all the other folders besides "Fdrive" are owned by "DIAMOND\Lee Webber", which is my computer name\profile name. However, the folder "Fdrive" is owned by some user name "BUILTIN\administrators".

While using Win XP in the "Lee Webber" profile, when I try to delete the "Fdrive" folder via right click and delete, it first appears that it is deleting, but then brings up a popup with red X titled "Error Deleting File or Folder" with a message saying:
"Cannot delete Fdrive: Access is denied

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use."

Any ideas how to delete this folder?

I'm thinking it is a user rights issue, but I have no clue where the user "BUILTIN\administrators" came fro... Read more

A:Partition Magic 8.0 - Partition merging question

Access denied to documents in Windows XP?

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I was running partition magic to partiton an external hard drive but partiton magic took it upon itself to do...something to my recovery partition. the recovery partition doesnt show up. its there because the other partition software i use (minipartition) sees it and can view the files. i think maybe partiton magic unlabled it or something. PLEASE help. i have no idea what to do

A:partition magic and windows 7 recovery partition

That's no problem; try giving it a letter in Device Manager.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

Welcome to TSF by the way!

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Ok, here is the situation. When i originally set up this hard drive i gave 100 gigs to windows xp and 20 gigs to Mandrake Linux. Not too long ago I decided to delete my Linux partitions. Here is where the situation gets hard to tell what went wrong. I was playing around with the partitions to try and get windows 98 installed for a dual boot using BootMagic as the boot manager. Well, to make a long story short, I think i selected a few wrong options, so now I have a small little 50mb partition on my small hard drive. The problem is what happened ot my big hard drive. When I load up partition magic it reports the entire hard drive as a bad partition. Seeing as how the hard drive still works fine I normally wouldn't care about it. But the area that used to belong to linux is now just sitting there where I cant do anything with it. Its a bit annoying to not be able to access 20gb of my hard drive. Any ideas what is wrong and how i can fix it so i can get partition magic to add that unpartitioned space to the main partition? I'm using partition magic 8 btw.

A:Partition Magic gives inaccurate bad partition report

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I have been trying for a few days now to get Partition Magic 8 to partition my existing C: drive. First I was getting the "Error 983" error. Then I un-installed SP2 which was causing a gang of problems, freezing programs for a couple mins mostly. After I got it uninstalled I did a disk defrag, then a chkdsk /f. Now I have partitioned the drive using PM8 again and this time after the reboot it is telling me it is completed but once Windows XP reboots there is no new partition.

Im trying to install Suse Linux 9.0. But I really want to have 2 new partitions, one for Suse, and the other as a back up. Im not really sure how to solve this now so if any one could help I would really apprecate it.

If you could help me with this I would highly appreciate it!!!!

A:Partition Magic 8 saying completed new partition but not showing up?

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I have a Dell Inspiration 6000 laptop. I want to repartition it having one 20 gig partiton for Windows and 15 gigs for Linux and the rest a FAT32 drive for them to share. Well I run Partition Magic and I can't run any of the Wizards because it says there are unmoveable partition on my drive. There are 3 primary partitions by default, one is a hidden FAT32 partition which I assume is used for system recovery. The other is called CP/M Concurrent DOS, CTOS which I don't know what it is.

So I can resize C and creeate an ext3 partition for Linux, but when I got to use the rest of unallocated space it won't let me create a new partition. Can someone tell me how I can create more partitions. And what is the CP/M Concurrent DOS, CTOS one?


A:Partition Magic: Unable to partition disk.

Figured it out. You click on the c drive partition and resize it, setting it to like 30,000 or 40,000 or whatever, leaving the rest unallocated. Then you can create a partition for it in the operations section and label it. Very confusing but it worked for me.

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I used partition commander (V8) to partiton the hard drive of my Dell Laptop Latitude D600, to 3 types:

NTFS(primary)and Extended Linux(Ext3) and Solaris (primary).

I installed 3 OSs successfully (Windows 2000 server, FC3, Solaris 10), without any problem.

But When I tried to use the partition commander utility later (boot from DOS)to verify (under Tools->Validate) the NTFS partition, it hung up and it did not go through.
By the way when I installed only windows (before I installed the other two), I have got no problem.

The same problem happened with partition commander before also (i.e. this is not the first time).

And I had expierenced similar problem (not same) with Partition Magic (it told there is error in the partition do you want to fix it? some thing like this) also.

I realized (but not sue), whenever I installed more than one OSs on the same Hard Disk, then later on if I want to check the hard disk with the same utility that I used to partition that hard disk, I expeirenced the problem.

Have any one had same problem ?

A:Partition Commander and Partition Magic problems

I imagine the problem is one of the other operating systems doing weird things with the disk or just shortcomings of your checking utility.

It is a known bug in Partition Magic that asks you if you want to "fix" your partition table and then screws it up big time. Just say no.

If your operating systems boot and work OK then don't sweat about it.

BTW why make the Linux partition extended?

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Hi guys

Just to get it out of the way, I have already searched the forum for help (and the web),
and I already found a thread in here explaining what to do
write techspot.com in front of /vb/all/windows/t-5750-Access-denied-to-a-folder-merged-with-Partition-Magic.html
(i can't post links because i'm new here)

But, I can't find the freakin' security settings in Partition Magic

I've been looking through them all "general, view, disk, tools and so on"
but anything saying security I cannot find.
Is it me or my partition magic that retarded :-S

I have to admit it's a craked version, but it didn't complain about anything when I typed the serial just -
"thanks for using partition magic and so on"

When I try to access the merged folder this is what comes up
F:\g is not accessible. Access denied.
The same thing a unformattede harddrive would say.
So is it still a security thing?
Or is it my partion magic that needs changing?

Please forgive my newbi-ways

i'm using XP home edition (from dell) if that helps

A:Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder.

Although your issue may be easily resolved

TechSpot cannot help with cracked software - as the cracked software may be faulty itself.
Let alone the legal issues

Thread to be CLOSED

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