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Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]

Q: Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]


I'm sorry for posting such a horrible mistake. I'll just break it down really easely and hope for someone to be kind enough to resque my stupid ***.

I just upgraded my OS from W7 to W10 doing a clean install and figured out I had to install a bunch of essential drivers all over again, so I though it would be a good idea to start out with my motherboard. My motherboard is a "P45 NEO-F", so I went over to it's support page (link) to download all of the latest drivers and utilities for that model. Then I saw the "BIOS" section, and thougt I should flash the BIOS first of all, for no reason. So I downloaded the "AMI BIOS 4.4", which was the latest one, extracted the files on to a USB-stick, booted the whole thing up, went to M-FLASH in BIOS, chose the "A7519IMS.440"-file on the stick, flashed the BIOS, rebooted and now I get a "bad checksum".

I didn't even take a backup of the old file from BIOS, because I couldn't even think of this not working. Bonus points for that!

So what do I do now, being the sorry sod that I am?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]

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I have a T61 15.4" widescreen Machine Type 6457 with the infamous NVIDIA GPU issue.  I thought it had "died" a few years back and had been sitting in my basement until recently when I decided to work on it.  As expected there is the usual green/ yellow vertical lines on the LCD display.  That said, when I plugged in an external monitor using the VGA output, the output is correct.  So my question is: do I really have a bad GPU or is it the LCD display that died?

A:T61 failed Nvidia GPU motherboard to Intel GPU motherboard swap in 2018

There is no way to know without testing.  There are separate connections from the video controller for the LCD and for the external monitor.  With a GPU failure, either or both could be bad.  The only way to be certain is to try a different motherboard or panel.  If the entire width has lines, it is more likely to be the GPU.  One thing to try is to press lightly on the LCD bezel at the point where the lines start.  If the lines change, the panel is more likely to be the problem.  As I said, the only sure way is to swap something.

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I have a 2008 T61 that died in September 2013, after what I believe is the infamous Nvidia GPU failure. I replaced it shortly after with a T440p, which is my current primary PC, but I am considering procuring a used Intel GPU board and spending a few hours swapping out the failed motherboard to bring it back to life to have a second computer handy. I would like to use the existing heatsink/fan. Is there anything I need to consider? I did read the design is slightly different, but it should still work and supposedly should cool better than the Intel heatsink/fan. I've watched a few YouTube videos online and went through the hardware maintenance manual. I'm familiar with disassembly up to the RAM, hard drive, palm rest and keyboard, but haven't gone further than that before. Unfortunately it looks like the official Lenovo Service Training videos for the T61 have been removed. Those would have been helpful. So any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Is this a good mobo for business set up with a cedar millP4. How about a good brand of memory for this board. It says it will take 533 or 667 ,

A:Foxconn 946GZ7MA-8KS2H LGA 775 Intel 946GZ Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

Yes, an excellent, reliable board with conservative settings the take you to a operation few employees can screw up.
As for memory, standard brands: Crucial, Corsair, Infineon, or Kingston. If you are buying it yourself, www.zipzoomfly.com with free shipping. We have been in business for 21 years and have been luck enough to never have any of these four modules fail within the 3-year warranty period. All of these are guaranteed for life.

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Thanks for any help I really do appreciate it.. My motherboard when powered is showing the green led light but the CPU fan is not spinning and the monitor is not lighting either. No beep codes either so am I correct in assuming that there is a problem with either the motherboard or the CPU, can I get any help please?? Thanks again

A:Intel Motherboard D945 with an Intel 2.8ghz lighting but not posting..

Sounds like a motherboard or power supply. What's your motherboard's brand name and model number? Also, what is the power supply's brand name, wattage, and model number?


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i have a computer here are the spec's
Win XP + SP2
Hdd 40GB
Intel barebone motherboard(brand: jetway)
and there is one cdrom player and one network adapter.
but the problem is when i install sound it doesnt work.
(i use the onboard sound device)
its doesnt give any error is simply doesnt give sound.
or the boxes are death but i will go on hunt if i can find something else in the house.
well if some has this problem 2 and solved it i would like to have some help
thanks in advance!

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Hello I was just wondering if someone can help me with a problem that i have with a motherboard Bios that comes with dh67cl intel.

ok let see i just have a screen that appears when i switch on the pc the bios popup a message that said clear bios password a follow the instructions to do this and after that shutdown the pc change the jumper bios to the normal mode and start de pc but again pop up the same window with the same message clear the password bios again .Note :The Bios recognize all parts of the pc in main window.

I can't figure out what seems to be the problem or if i did something wrong please help me with this case

thanks a lot I'll hopefully wait for your help

A:BIOS problem with DH67CL INTEL motherboard

The instructions begin on page 52 of the Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL Product Guide.

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I have two Lenovo T470s that seem to have lost the ability to access any of the Intel vPro options following a bios update using the Lenovo update tool.  When going to the boot menu (F12) there is no Ctrl+P option any more. There is also no mention of Inter MBEX in the Bios menus. During the Lenovo boot screen, I can press Ctrl+P and it will say "launching ME configuration screen" and then it will go into Windows. Full Model Number 20HGS4DJ00CPU i7-6700UBIOS Version N1WET49W (1.28) 7/4/2018

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I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to update BIOS so that I can upgrade my processor from a 1.5 MHz to a 2.4 MHz pentium 4 (currently I have a Pentium 4, 1.5 MHZ, 400 MHz bus, 512 MB ram, windows XP).

To update BIOS (the Motherboard is an Intel D845HV with 845 chipset), I downloaded Intel's "express bios update utility" (http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scr...XP+Home+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=45&submit=Go!) but when my computer boots it always say the upgrade was unsuccessful and it refers me to the readme file. I have not been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong - but I've never tried this before!

One thing it says is to shutdown all windows programs. I have both Norton internet security and Roxio Go Back installed. Could these programs be part of the problem? Can I simply disable these programs, or do I need to completely uninstall them (a real pain!)? Is there another possible cause? Is there another way to do this? Thanks!

A:Unable to update BIOS for Intel D845HV motherboard

Just use the DOS-based update program.

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I have notice from the HP Support Assistant the the bios need an update. Three times I selected the item and chose to download and install. The first time, the DL completed but the update failed at about 5% on the progress bar. No reason given. The second attempt was exactly the same. I am on the third attempt and, after 45 minutes, I have not even been showed the installation window with the progress bar. It is stuck at the place shown on the attached image. This is a brand new laptop and warranty issue. Please remedy soonest.

A:HP Notebook System Bios Update (Intel Processors) Failed to ...

Hello @CanadianPilgrim, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the HP Support Assistant issue, and wanted to help! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, try reviewing the following document to see if the issue can be resolved:HP PCs - Troubleshooting HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8) If you are still having trouble, then you can try downloading the driver manually, by going to this site. Once there, input your Product Number and click "Find my product".  On the next page, select your Operating System and click "Update".  You should be able to access and download the drivers. The category that you are looking for is BIOS. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as  "Accept as Solution" , this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Hello HP,I am having problem with system BIOS update installation. The process takes so much time and it fails during installation. Please help. 

A:Re: HP Notebook System Bios Update (Intel Processors) Failed...

Hello @Kazim_Akhlaqi - Greetings!


Thanks for reaching out! I'd like to help you with this issue


Going through your post, the screenshot that you have added is not visible. Try adding the screenshot again, or mention the error that you are getting.


Alternatively, try the steps here to fix the issue: http://hp.care/2fd4t1o 


If the PC is frozen, first perform a hard reset as explained here: http://hp.care/2byfHyh 

Now try and update the BIOS. You can either use the HP Support assistant or use this link: http://hp.care/2bTtX1D Enter your product number and then click on BIOS to download and update the BIOS.


Please let me know if this resolves the issue, or if you require further assistance.

Please click "Accepted Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution. To show appreciation for my help, please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below!

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Myy laptop has darddisk issue two yars back and it was lying ideal without use.recently i replaced bad HDD with new PNY SDD and installed windows and all the driver except BIOS upgrade and its was working  fine. after i tried to upgrade from HP site HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors) system just showing black screen.also when tried to create a BIOS USB using other laptop not seeing option to create a USB option. Please help in someone faced similar issue.

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i have an intel d875pbz motherboard on my computer. after i reinstalled windows xp i cant do anything is this because i do not have the express installer cd that came with the motherboard. if i do need the cd is there an alternative that i can install on my computer to get the internet, and 3d compnenets along with everything else working. any input to my problem is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: please help!!!!!! with intel motherboard

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I have a Intel D865GLC Motherboard in my Gateway 510-S tower and I want to know if I can use a 800W power supply on it, I have a 420W and it heats up (When I feel the side casing of my tower, I feel heat from the PSU but when I exit the game it doesn't heat up) I play games like Team Fortress 2 and other Steam games, What Watt is better for games? Because I had this issue with other 300W PSUs I had in other towers (that I got rid of) and they heated up when I played games, I am using this forum to get some help, Please help someone, It will be appreciated, Thanks

A:Solved: Intel D865GLC Motherboard Help!

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I lost the Intel D945GNT motherboard CD.
I formated the machine. I got some softwared from Intel site.
But i could not get all.
Machine is not working well, it was slow and noisy.
Where can i get the direct copy of Motherboard CD?
Any advice will be greatful

A:Solved: Intel motherboard CD for D945GNT

You can contact Intel Customer Service at 877.649.5817 and order the express installer disk, but it would be easier to get on another machine, go here;


download the drivers you need, and burn them to a disk.

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I have an extremely frustrating problem trying to install any OS using an Intel D925XCV motherboard. The system has a 3.4Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM, Matrox display adaptor, 250Gb SATA hard drive and DVD RW. I have tried Windows XP, Vista and 7; also Linux Ubuntu 8.1, Fedora 10, Mandriva one and OpenSuse. All fail at various stages and I suspect it has something to do with the BIOS settings. Windows XP installation freezes at installation start "Setup is inspecting ......", while Vista, 7 and the Linuxes when configuring the partitions. The BIOS has been set at defaults.
I have successfully installed on the hard drive on another system.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Intel D925XCV motherboard problem

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My intel 3.2 Prescott Just got overheated and died on me after using it for quite a few years.. so now I'm looking for a cheap solution to get my computer running using all the same parts. I'm considering buying a 3.4 GHZ Pentium 4 Processor and possibly a new motherboard but keeping all pci cards and graphics card as well as the ram.

I'm looking for a motherboard that supports:

Intel 3.4 Ghz Hyper Threading FSB 800
DDR PC 3200 (supporting 4GB of ram)
Dual-Channel DDR400 Memory
5 PCI slots
and an AGP slot (8x)

The only thing I've found that looks decent is the asus P4P800-E Deluxe Edition, which seems a bit pricey considering how old it is and how not that fast it is compared to the newer mobos. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

A:Solved: Need Motherboard supporting intel 3.4 ghz HT fsb 800 ddr pc 3200

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Short version :-
I used a non compatible cpu which has the effect of leaving the board switched on.

Long version :-
I bought the DG45ID off ebay and got a 775 CPU to go in it.
I switched on......the fan worked and HDD was active but no screen.The
USBs were active.When I switched off at the mains.When I switched on
it powered up without the start button.
I realised I had a non compatible cpu.I bought an E2140.
The first time I switched on at the mains it came on (without the start button)
but subsequently I had to press start to power the board (ie as normal).

CMOS jumper.
When I bought it the jumper connected pin 3 with the LED pin.
I assume that is like a removed jumper......ie BIOS flash mode.
Hence, when I connected a DVD drive it crashed.I assume it was looking
for a .bio file.
Nothing I could do would recover the board.The green standby light came on
but nothing else.It was dead.No USB power,no fans ,nothing.

I remembered the wrong CPU that had left the board "switched on".
I put it in and it behaved as before....power but no monitor.
I then replaced the E2140 and hey presto I was in.......but only
on cmos recovery......there was no bios.But the USBs were active.So
I removed the jumper,flashed the BIOS from a USB stick and it's up and

NB. the intel manual is wrong regarding the CMOS pins.
It shows pin 1 closest to the battery.That is actually pin 3.
If you look...(I can't post the pdf link)

page 52 the pin... Read more

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Ok guys someone please help me understand this better. Are intel core duo the best or fastest processor out now? Also if a laptop is Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz and a pc Intel Pentium 4 3.66 GHz which processor is faster?

Im not understanding what the X.XXGHz mean...is that based on the processor?

I understand that Intel Core Duo has 2 processors and thats why they are so great....does that mean that it is 2.0GHz per processor? so its really 4.0GHz?

sorry if I'm way off here but I want to understand this better.


PS. Im not sure where this would go so please feel free to move if necessary.

A:Solved: Confused! - Intel Core Duo and Intel Pentium 4....

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Hi, everybody! I was looking to buy a new comp. but i am unsure which processor is better, the intel centrino core duo or the intel pentium M. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the difference was and possibly which one is better. thanks!

A:Solved: Intel Centrino Core Duo vs. Intel Pentium M

G'day myongha!

I would go with the Core Duo because it is more reliable and is quicker because there are two parts to the processor, hence the name Core Duo.

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Hay there, I recently obtained a new system for a very cheap price with a surprisingly good processer with it.

New computer: -

Intel DQ45EK mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.9GHz Socket 775
3GB ram (max 4gb)

Current Computer: -

Gigabyte P31-D3SL mobo
Intel Pentium D 925 3.00 GHz Socket 775
4GB ram

Alright so the issue is I want to swap the processors around but when I put the Pentium D into the Intel DQ45EK mobo it comes up with a blank screen with the fan blowing intensely, reboots and then just hangs with the intense fan speed. When I swap back the processors the orignal Core 2 Duo does this same thing but then it goes back to normal after a few reboots. The E7500 works fine in my old system though... I would think the pentium D would be widely supported x-x

Any ideas cause im lost at the moment.

A:Solved: Intel Pentium D 925 & Intel Core Duo E7500

Could be that the FSB is not rated for the board.

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I'd like to include Dell's list of affected systems here: http://spywarehammer.com/current-news/intel-vulnerability/msg155913/#msg155913My search at Dell produced no results. Does a list exist?

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i am really confuced i am planning to buy intel dg33fbc motherboard wtih xfx 8600 gt xxx 256mb ddr3.

i want to know that will this graphic card will work with this motherboard as the graphic card is ddr3 and i dont know that this motherboard suppor ddr3 or not?
please help me

A:Solved: will xfx 8600 gt xxx ddr3 256 mb run with intel dg33fbc motherboard?

That card should run perfectly with your motherboard.

The DDR3 on the 8600GT is only accessible to the card itself and has nothing to do with motherboard support for it, if you get what I mean.


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Like I said...What type of power switch does Intel VC820 motherboard use? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And does anyone know where i can get one that works with this motherboard thanks

A:Solved: What type of power switch does Intel VC820 motherboard use? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Should be a regular ATX switch that any case or computer store would have.

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I'm looking to build a computer (have been for a while) Ive finally got around to buying some parts.

So far I have the case (Raidmax Sagitta 2) Proccessor (Intel Quad core Q6600) and thats all.

So I'm looking to buy RAM - 4gb, Graphics - nvidia 9800GT 1gb GDDR3, WiFi card - EdiMax EW-77281n, Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty

These can be found on Amazon UK

I need to buy a MoBo which will support that and work on Win 7 preferably (Happy with Vista)

Any other questions please ask.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Need to find a Motherboard for Intel Quad Q6600 Kentsfield

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I have a legacy intel pc thats chugging along pretty well. I currently dont have the option to boot from USB. However it seems a later version of the bios solves the problem but I wanted advice before I do anything and also pointers on how to update, if thats the way to go.
Motherboard: Intel D815EEA

I downloaded a document from intel which seems to suggest version EA81510A.86A.0051.P11.0051
and above have USB boot enabled from the BIOS.

Should I upgrade and how do i do it?


A:Solved: Intel PC Bios upgrade to enable usb boot?

If it's an OEM (brand name) PC, you should only use BIOS updates supplied by that manufacturer (via their website), as those direct from Intel may not be the right one for that board, so you could end up with a non-working PC and no easy way to fix it.

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I am (was) running an asus M2N4 SLI motherboard with XP home, However on using asusupdate to flash the bios it failed, leaving me with a dead pc. I have however managed to buy a new M2N4 SLI instead of a bios rom. My question is, will it boot up and work with my c:drive as it was before the bios failure. Or will xp look at all my components and see the MB has changed in relation to its list of components and give me the "uh uh uh" leaving me to have a fun day reinstalling everything. Thanks in advance. bumph

A:Solved: Bios Failed! Exact motherboard replacement

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One of my XMS2 sticks failed, so I took the stick out, went into BIOS and loaded default settings. I pressed F10 and saved settings. My computer abruptly shut off and turned back on to go to "boot block" My BIOS got corrupted for no apparent reason. It asked to be fed a CD or USB drive, so I went to my laptop, downloaded the M4A785M BIOS and renamed it, quick formatted the flash drive to NTFS, and put it in the machine. The machine read the flash drive, erased, programmed, and told me to reboot to get system back. Now nothing, just a blank screen, no POST. All fans and lights, the hard drive turns on. I have replaced both sticks with a cheap 2GB PNy stick confirmed working. RAM is not the issue.

A:ASUS motherboard forced me to flash, flash apparently failed.


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Hey after I woke up the computer the display wouldn't show anything so I turned the computer off. Then I tried to boot it. The boot was follow by 2 beeps pause 2 beeps... Then nothing. On Intel website I found that its a video error( I hope for every Intel motherboard cuz I don't remember which one I have exactly. After that I tried unplugging the GPU and plug monitors to the motherboard (it should have some GPu on motherboard) the same thing happened. So I cleaned the whole computer tried the boot with 4 different RAMS in different slots every time. No luck. Tried unplugging everything from motherboard and let it like that for a while then repeat. No luck. the conclusion I came to is that something is wrong with motherboard since two sets of ram, 2 different GPus and 2 different monitors aren't working(yes forgot that I tried 2 different monitors) Just want to verify my conclusion before I buy new components.

A:intel motherboard

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I don't know a lot about intel motherboards. I need a cpu that will fit that is at least 2.6ghz. What do you recommend? It has to be an intel. I built a computer for a guy and his sign machine and it is not compatible with an amd chip. Help is needed fast.

A:I need help with an intel motherboard

you can buy motherboards from other manufacturers than intel that support the intel CPU. Intel has two sockets in mainstream right now.. the socket 478 and socket 775 so that is a determining factor since they are not interchangeable. Also the size of the board, ATX or mATX and the support of DDR or DDR2 RAM will influence your decision. As for supporting 2.6 Ghz or higher, most new boards nowadays can handle that. Just go to www.newegg.com or www.tigerdirect.com and click on the motherboard categories and input your selections into the drop down boxes.

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how to know the manufacturer and the model of my Intel P4 motherboard without referring to the manual. I didn't have the manual, so I want to know are there any other ways to check the manufacturer and the model of my Intel P4 motherboard such as online checking or etc.

Thank you

A:Intel P4 motherboard

There's a rather wonderful programme aclled Everest Home v 1.10 which you can download free of charge at http://www.lavalys.com and which used to be called Aida. It will give you the full rundown of your system including, where available, appropriate websites.

One tip, though, don't even think about printing the report. Mine ran to 103 pages.

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I'm looking for suggestions for the best Intel Motherboard for under $150 and best price from a website for it.

A:What is the best Intel Motherboard?

Honestly a good search on google would really have helped out here.

Also you can't just say "Intel Motherboard" Intel manufactures a variety of proccessors for a variety of sockets. Are you talking about a C2D, a P4, a P3, an Xeon, what? They will all require different motherboard sockets, and hence different motherboards.

Check out newegg.com. They have excellent power search functions, and pretty much everything on the site has at least a couple reviews.

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Im looking all over to find a answer. Here i go. I have an Intel MB with a Pen D Dual Processor at 3.0ghz. My problem is when i hook my 24 pin power supply to the board everything works. CPU fan. Graphic card Fan,Lights,Cd rom,But no connection with screen. This is a brand new computer im building. when i hook up the 24pin with the 4pin CPU Power connector nothing works except the standby light on the Motherboard. No fans no PSU fans nothing works when the 4pin and the 24pin is pluged in at same time. Checked the CPU everything is conneceted. tried 3 PSU and still same issue. any help?


Justin Ross

A:INTEL Motherboard Help

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Had AMD motherboard. Worked great. Finally died. Comp. guy said Intel was better so he installed one. Had problems ever since. 1). My old Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer (worked great with AMD motherboard) kept having popup that wanted the epnhtx16.dll file from the Win XP CD - not found. But the file was on my harddrive. I even reinstalled from a site online. Still problem. Then printer quit printing - just blinking lights. But sometimes, if I turn on printer & computer at just the right time, it'll print a page. I have new printer but would like to use up my 600 ink... 2) Within a month my Norton Antivirus started saying my 'trial' version was about to end. - no real help from Norton - still trying to get help from them - was renewed in May. 3) also had problems with wireless keyboard & mouse but I finally got that fixed. Seems like there was something else wrong but can't remember. I've been told the problem was the motherboard & than I've been told it was the OS. I figured I would uninstall Windows & reinstall but want to make sure I do it right & if that is what I need to do. Because of this I've uninstalled the new printer & all other Epson printer info plus removed all Epson from 'regedit' Any ideas!!!

A:Win XP Pro SP2 and new Intel motherboard

I would back up any important data, collect the drivers for the motherboard and all devices (sound, video, lan, etc.), boot to the Windows XP cd, and do a wipe/reinstall.

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When we disconnect p4 connector(12v) mother board power on but when
p4 connector is connected (12v) mbd dose not power on.
checked smps voltages are good but problem at mbd end..pls give me some
tips to rectify the problem

Dinesh H

A:Intel Motherboard

Is the motherboard still covered by warranty?
It sounds like you may need to use it. If the power supply tests ok then probably the only way to fix it would be to track down the faulty power trace on the motherboard-this is not something you could undertake most likely- I'm assuming there's a short somewhere as the 4/8 pin is usually responsible for supplying power to the PCI lanes.

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ok..i have an older dell computer...i went to install the motherboard to a larger tower..everything matched up with the new power supply...except for this connection..its the 3.3v optional power connection on the motherboard...i was wondering do i need this connection to operate the system normally...or is this a connection just for power supplies with this hook up?

A:intel motherboard help

If your motherboard doesn't have the matching connector then you don't need use the plug. With any power supply you only need to use the connections that your specific system requires.

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In Lenovo updates, says there's an update for Intel GTX graphics driver; does not update.  I have driver but Intel has a more recent version, but all I get is an error message to contact my manufacturer, but my warranty has expired.  Tried using device manager and telling it to update from Intel driver that I downloaded from their site but will not do it.  Any ideas?

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I bought a computer on eBay with 1 Gig of ram and an Intel Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz processor. It had an AsRock board and when I first attempted to use it which was about 6 weeks after I bout it, it seemed to overheat because it would just shut down and stop on me. At that point I decided to upgrade the board to an Intel D945PVS, once the new board arrived I was excited but cautious, I made sure to use an anti static wristband and I installed the Board/RAM/CPU/heat sink & fan/ e-GeForce 6200 Video card and the hard drives. But almost as soon as I plugged it in I heard a siren sound coming from the board and then the computer shut off. I have attempted a few times to restart it but it continues to follow the same pattern of sounding a siren and shutting down.

I’m not sure what to do at this point, I’ve contacted Intel customer support through their website but that was no help. I know that the Desktop Boards product guide state that the Siren sound is for CPU Overheat (on reboot) but I don’t know what I can do to correct the issue. I have purchased some new thermal CPU Heat Sink compound and thoroughly cleaned the old compound away and the fan is properly positioned and operating as it appears it should.

I did notice some slight discoloration on the CPU over some of the pins (sort of like a slight darkening). Can anyone share their ideas regarding what could be the reason for this?


A:Intel Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz Intel Board D945PVS sounds a Siren then shuts down

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I am confused, as I'm not really that good at computers. Does this update format your computer as I have a lot of things in my computer. Please help, I have SP2.

A:Intel - Storage Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller Windows update

Hi smalis,Your image shows two Microsoft updates:1) MS Security Essentials virus definition update. (this should automatically update in the background)2) Intel Storage Sata Controller.Neither update will "format your computer" but my recommendation is NOT to download (#2) Intel Sata Controller from the Microsoft Update site. This type of driver from a stability and reliability standpoint is best obtained from the manufacturer of your motherboard or the manufacturer of your computer system (Dell, HP, etc) if it is OEM.

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My Yoga 900 13isk 80MK came with an Intel 8260 wifi card, Lenovo Part# SW10A11647.  When I look up the part on the official Lenovo Part Lookup page, it lists Intel 01AX704 (Lenovo Part# SW10K97453) as a "Substitute" and "Equivalent" part. However, when I look up 01AX704 in Parts Lookup, my Yoga is not listed as compatible. So.....anyone have any idea whether this 8265 would work in my 900?  Here are the listed compatible models; Wireless,CMB,IN,8265 NV M2 (01AX704) is compatible with the following machines:510S-08IKL520S-14IKB710S-PLUS-13IKB710S-PLUS-TOUCH-13IKB720-18IKL720S-14IKBFLEX-5-1470-LAPTOP-LENOVOFLEX-5-1570LEGION-Y520-15IKBALEGION-Y520-15IKBMLEGION-Y520-15IKBNLEGION-Y720-15IKBM810ZMIIX-510-12IKBMIIX-720-12IKBTHINKCENTRE-M710QTHINKCENTRE-M710STHINKCENTRE-M710TTHINKCENTRE-M910QTHINKCENTRE-M910STHINKCENTRE-M910TTHINKCENTRE-M910XTHINKCENTRE-M910ZTHINKPAD-13-TYPE-20J1-20J2THINKPAD-E470THINKPAD-E570THINKPAD-L470THINKPAD-L470-TYPE-20JU-20JVTHINKPAD-L570-TYPE-20J8-20J9THINKPAD-P51S-TYPE-20HB-20HCTHINKPAD-P51-TYPE-20HH-20HJTHINKPAD-P71THINKPAD-T470THINKPAD-T470PTHINKPAD-T470STHINKPAD-T570THINKPAD-X270THINKSTATION-P320V310ZV510-14IKBV510-15IKBYOGA-520-14IKB80X8

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I have a Dell XPS 15 (9550) that I received last week from Dell with a random screen flickering issue. 
It is based on evalue order code: <ADMIN NOTE: Order number removed per privacy policy>
It is the 6th Gen Core i7, 16GB RAM, 15.6" FHD 1080p display (not 4k), 512GB SSD, 84WHr Battery, Intel 530 Graphics AND NVIDIA 960M

I saw a post about the XPS 13 with the intel display flickering being fixed with the new driver... I am running driver version for the Intel 530 and my screen is still constantly flickering  on my brand new XPS 9550. 
Another Issue: I also noticed that in the Intel graphics properties config panel -> 3D -> Application Optimal Mode... this also causes issues with the start menu looking distorted and fuzzy, even making some of the white text look gray.  I disabled this to resolve that issue, but the screen still constantly flickers.
One thing I have done recently to mitigate the flickering is go into the NVIDIA driver control panel and set the NVIDIA card as the preferred graphics card, which works for most applications. As soon as the Intel card kicks back in the screen flickers... I have tried various drivers versions for this model off the Dell website without success. I am running Windows 10 Pro...  not sure if a newer driver is available and just not posted. For example the newest Laptop BIOS on the driver website ends in .3 while my pc came with .5 installed. So wasn't sure if the website was b... Read more

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) w/ Intel 530 / NVIDIA 960M - Intel Causing Screen Flickering

Another update... I was ready to give up as others have above when I found posts on the NotebookReviews forum mentioning this new Intel Driver:  downloadcenter.intel.com/.../Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-1-10-15-40-6th-Gen
It won't install through the executable, but if you follow the instructions here for a manual install: www.windowscentral.com/how-install-intel-beta-graphics-drivers-surface  they do work.  Incidentally that link is regarding the exact same flickering problem on the MS Surface Book Pro(very similar hardware).  I'm 3 days in to using these drivers and it appears to have resolved the problem.  This is the longest I've gone without flickering by a long shot.
Note on the Intel download site the first of the "Key Issues Fixed"...  "Display may flicker on 6th Generation Intel Core and related processors".
I also updated to the latest WiFi drivers from Dell's site at the same time, so I can't be 100% certain my issues were fixed by just the display drivers, or if it was the combination of the two.

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Hi there, has anyone got access to the Intel Management Engine Menu (Intel AMT / MBEX) from the Lenovo T470s (Model 20HF004UGE)? The usual way by pressing crtl + p during the Lenovo logo doesn't work. If you press ctrl + P there?s a short message under the Lenovo logo saying that Intel Management Configuration is started, but nothing happens and then the normal boot process continues. We have already installed the latest version of the Intel Management Engine firmware via Lenovo System Update. (Version from 2017/11/09 for Windows 10 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) We also can't detect any BIOS setting where MBEX / Intel AMT is disabled. Any help is very welcome. Thank you in advance. -------------OVGU-IT  ------------------------------------------------ Hallo Zusammen, hat jemand Zugang zum Intel Management Engine Menü (Intel AMT / MBEX) vom Lenovo T470s (Model 20HF004UGE) bekommen? Der übliche Weg während des Lenovo Logos strg + p zu drücken funktioniert leider nicht. Wenn man strg + P drückt steht kurz unter dem Lenovo Logo, dass die Intel Management Configuration gestartet wird, aber es passiert nichts und dann geht der normale Bootvorgang weiter. Wir haben bereits die neuste Version der Intel Management Engine Firmware über Lenovo System Update installiert. (Version vom 2017/11/09 für Windows 10 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) Wir können leider auch keine BIOS Ein... Read more

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Has anyone seen the services:

Intel Alert Handler
Intel File Transfer

And anyone know why they are set to automatic, yet don't start? I believe they come from a Symantec Anti Virus instalation, but I still don't know why they don't and can't start (even if you try manually).

Any ideas folks?


A:Intel Alert Handler and Intel File Transfer services not starting

Some services only start when needed and no amount of coaxing will make them start at any other time

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Just wondering if anyone has been having the same issue.

Windows 7 x64 series 8 motherboard. ASUS z87-expert.

My USB3 and USB2 are not working right after I install the Intel USB3 xhci Driver for Intel? 8/9 Series

I have used the setup.exe to install the driver and the mouse/keyboard stopped working after the drivers are updated and I am not able to click the "Finish" button on the GUI to complete the installation.

Luckily that I was able to remote login to the PC to click the "Finish" button. After restart, the USB ports starts to work again.

A:USB port not working Intel USB3 xhci Driver for Intel® 8/9 Series

Welcome to SevenForums,

It is a little normal that during the process of updating the drivers, it does disconnect the devices plugged onto ports, to swap drivers and write the files in order the new drivers to work. It does remap the devices.

It is always better to uninstall previous USB 3.0 drivers and use a usb 2.0 port to control temporarily another mouse to finish the process and the reboot required. Could be Intel xHci or AsMedia XHci ones...same same.

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Edit: I fixed it! (I was causing the problem myself but uninstalling the chip in the first place when i should have been disabling it instead)

Ok... I looked for about an hour and decided i would have to make a new thread for my specific problem... so sorry if im making my first post in an odd place

I recently installed a NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX PCI 256MB DDR video card
followed directions as best i could, and disabled the Intel integrated graphics... but my PC insists on REinstalling the intel integrated graphics controller upon restart... It left me alone for awhile and i could run Counter Strike : Condition Zero moderately well (low frames after playing for over an hour) but after allowing my computer to update itself (while using IE to dowload firefox for a reinstall, IE randomly decided my home page was going to be the microsoft site for the day) and since then no matter what i do the computer insists on trying to reinstall the intel integrated graphics thing...

so my question is, how do I make this stop? how do i keep the computer from giving me the dreaded "found new hardware" bubble when im using a FAR superior (REAL) video card already?

is there something i do in the BIOS (i hope not, i dont like messing around in there) or on the motherboard itself?

i have some basic info about my comp in my signature but im going to use "PolSystemInfo" to find all my PC specs and just copy paste them below, I just hope its enough info to help so... Read more

A:NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX-vs-Intel Integrated Graphics... please make intel go away!

Hmm that didn't happen to me when I put mines in. Did you install the NVIDIA drivers? Try disabling the onboard in the device manager. That?s what I did. There doesn?t seem to be an option to turn it off in the bios (my bios) maybe there is for you however. It isn?t too complicated. Just simply look for onboard graphics or integrated graphics controller or w/e and select disable, but first try disabling it in the device manager. It should be listed under display adapters -> properties -> disable this device.

You should upgrade to DX9.0c...

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Quick background-I restored my drive from image and i cannot recall what i did to make it a bit faster. i think it had to do with Chipset or IRST.

I tried to install the latest version and i get a incorrect platform error and it doesn't install

I'm using version 12.8

My specs are Win 7 pro x64, 7 Series/216 H77 chipset, I5 3rd gen, SSD SanDisk Ultra II 240g, Seagate 2tb HDD
Is this version for a different chipset or version of windows?

A:Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) proper version question?

Hi Fooey,
follow this link, you need the enu version, 4th block down.


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