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My 2TB WD Green has fast write speed but slow read speed

Q: My 2TB WD Green has fast write speed but slow read speed

Last week I have purchased a WD 2TB Green Drive as well as a non-raid capable raid card Rosewill RC-212; since my older PC (WinXP32, Celeron D, 1GB RAM) does not have SATA ports. I have installed fresh drivers form Rosewills? website even though they are not needed for non-raid configurations. The PC recognized the card right away as well as the HDD. The write speeds are as expected, however the read speeds are between 300KB and 2500KB. I cannot figure out why the read speeds do not exceed 2.5MB? I have plugged the HDD as an external drive via USB and the read/write speeds are as expected. Anyone knows why and how to fix it?

I have tried 1TB WD green drive (1.5-year old) and it works as expected.

Update 2:
I have just spoken with Rosewill tech and he said that using PCI card and such a large drive it is expected to be slow. Personally I believe it is B.S. You?

P.S. for moderators: I have similar thread under storage and networking, but it no longer applies as such issue. Please delete it.

Preferred Solution: My 2TB WD Green has fast write speed but slow read speed

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: My 2TB WD Green has fast write speed but slow read speed

The Rosewill card's transfer rate is "up to 1.5GB/s." The WD hard drive's is 3.0Gb/s. Perhaps if you set the jumper on the 5-6 pins to activate the 1.5GB/s rate per this instruction: Western Digital.

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Guys, a real basic question. I am looking at buying a new machine and have a choice of DVDRW/CDRW or DVDRW. The CD write and read speed (16 and 24) appears alot quicker than the DVD write and read speed (4 and 8). Is this a true comparison i.e. the CD reads 4 times quicker than the DVD or am I missing something. Will be using the laptop for a lot of CD reading for itunes and this is an important factor in my decision. All guidance appreciated. Cheers.

On a side note anyone know what the differance is between these two graphics chipsets?? i.e. which is better or are they pretty much the same

Gaphics chipset - Intel 855GM NVIDIA Ge Force FX go 5200
Mem Size - 64mb 64mb
Mem type - Shared Dedicated

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I have 4gb and 16gb kingston DT 101 usb....both had slow read & write speeds on fat32(defulat format)..
-write speed 4-6mb/sec
-read speed 25mb/sec appx

When i format it to NTFS, it writes initially at 100mb/s and then suddenly slows down to appx 15-20mb/s... and sometimes it gets stuck somwhere in the middle or on 99% and when i cancel it it start cancelling but doesnt end up, and end ups by removing usb or by logging off... when i copy from usb to harddisk in ntfs format, its working f9...

Why there is problem in writing???

Any help will b appreciated... Thanx in advance

(I have dell inspiron n5520 core i5, 4gb ram, with win 7 ultimate 64bit... my laptop has usb 3.0 ports (all 4 ports).... i have updated drivers and windows... i have also set my usb to better performance from device manager... there is no problem sign in device manager)

A:USB 3.0 slow read & write speed

Those DT 101 are USB 2.0 drives, they will only go at USB 2.0 rates. USB 2.0 at beast is about 35 MB/s on reads but typically 25 MB/s. And these 4GB 101 are not particularly good performers:


The Kingston site specs say 10 MB/s read, 5 MB/s write.

If you want USB 3.0 speeds you need to get good USB 3.0 sticks.

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I have a lenovo z51-70 with really slow disk read/write (~2-3 mbps) speed most of the time. I thought its a issue with the hdd and replaced but the issue is still there. Please advice if its an issue with the mother board or of its connector.

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I have had a SSD (Samsung EVO 850) which I have put into this case -  Satechi Type-C Aluminum HDD / SSD Enclosure - which should support up to 10 Gbit/s. I have connected it via usb-c, but the speed is just up to 40 MB/s...all my drivers and the bios is up to date.
Do you have any ideas, what I could do?


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According to Crystal Disk Mark 5:
Sequential Read Speed: 88.06 MB/s
Sequential Write Speed: 88.07 MB/s
Random Read Speed: 0.429 MB/s
Random Write Speed: 1.084 MB/s

According to Speccy:

I have two points that may help:
-I switched from windows 8 to windows 10 a couple months after windows 10 first came out My manufacturer said my laptop didn't support windows 10. The only compatibility issue I noticed at the time was with the trackpad but nothing else.
-I used a software program (don't remember the name) to combine the two default hard drive partitions originally on my laptop.

I'm not sure when the hard drive started slowing down in relation to these two things. All I know is that the problem has been occurring for at least 6 months. The laptop is approximately 2.5 years old. It takes forever to transfer certain files, install certain programs and start up the computer (tasks that rely solely on sequential read/write obviously aren't as affected). Any help would be appreciated and feel free to ask me as many questions as you need!

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I use Windows Vista SP2.I use the latest Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security(updated) and Malwarebytes (updated) and latest version of K9 web protection.I use IE9,Firefox 3.6.16 and Chrome 11.0 beta.I have a download speed of max 190-210 kBps and upload speed of 31-40 kBps.It has been working normally with fast surfing and downloading.Yesterday I saw a weird thing,I usually download through torrents.I saw my downloads are happening,but no sites are opening.Even Google was once or twice opening very slowly.So please tell me what is happening?

A:Extremely slow browsing speed but fast download speed????

Please click HERE to download and install HijackThis.

Run it and select Do a system scan and save a logfile from the Main Menu.

The log will be saved in Notepad. Copy and paste the log in your next reply.

IMPORTANT: Do not fix anything

If Windows is denying access to the Hosts file, disable the UAC and run HijackThis again.

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Hi all;
Good day,
I would like to know how to boost the read/ write speed of my Hard Disk Drive. Someone told me about some innovation in Windows 8 such as Superfetch, Prefetch, Ready Boost, etc - something that is supposedly utilizing the idle capacity of your RAM/ SSD to boost the read/ write speed in the Hard Disk Drive.

Currently, my laptop is setup as follows;
120GB C Drive: running on SSD - has the Windows 8 and all apps installed in it,
500GB D Drive: has all the Libraries folders installed in it.
RAM = 4GB. PLanning to increase it by an additional 4GB. ~ it this helps.

Hence, how can i use the SSD or RAM to improve on the Hard Disk read/ write speed? Currently, my Intel SSD toolbox is showing as follows:

Question is how do we know if Superfetch / Prefetch is enabled based on the printscreen shown above? It just show that the feature is optimised.

By the way, can we transfer the following folders from C Drive to D Drive? Will it affect the computer performance?

A:How RAM/ SSD can speed up HDD write/ read speed?

Hi there
There is virtually NOTHING you can do to speed up the performance of an HDD unfortunately --that's the nature of spinners.
If you MUST use a Spinner the only things you can do are these

1) Get one with the FASTEST spin speed -- 5400 RPM is too slow -- it should be a MINIMUM of 7200 and preferably 10,000 RPM.

2) Make sure it has the LARGEST CACHE possible -- this variable is not usually shown in the Disk specs when you buy it - and if you ask any salesman in the store he will look at you as if you have come from another planet. You should be able to find out though -- just Google for the various HDD's you want to buy and look at the specs. The Cache is like a bit of special FAST internal memory (RAM) that's in the disk controller hardware

(What the cache does is prefetch the data the computer THINKS you are going to want from the HDD next - so when you need it it's already in the system - you don't have to wait for the disk to calculate the physical sectors required, then wait for the rotation to reach the physical position and then transfer the data. These times might seem very short to you but compared with the normal speed of computer operations the physical rotation and access times of the HDD are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE SLOWER than accessing the cache or main memory. The pre-fetch algorithm is quite sophisticated and takes a little while before it is reasonably optimized for your use). The prefetch is done when the computer is "Idle" so it doesn't slow d... Read more

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So, I've been trying to fix this problem for months. I have two Maxtor hard drives on the primary IDE channel, one's a 120 Gb(master) and an 80Gb(Slave). Both of them write at about 1.8 Mb/sec and read at a normal rate. I've put a new ribbon cable in it, checked the jumpers, Windows says they're running in UDMA mode 6.

Both hard drives can't be bad, so I've ruled that out for now. I honestly don't remember when they first started running slow, but at least 6 months. I did a reformat about a year ago, and I think it was working well then, but that's a while ago and I just don't remember thinking it was slow at the time anyway.

Windows XP -SP3
AthlonXP 3200+
2 Gb Corsair Ram
120 & 80 Gb Maxtors
450 watt PSU


A:Slow write speed, but normal write speed

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i have a problem last 1 week.my downloas speed well..but browseing speed slow.i playing online games.watch movie. its soo low its too pain full.i cant under stand why?..i am from srilanka.internet line ADSL.. prolink router..512KB/s line..plz help me.

A:fast download speed but browseing speed slow.

Hi, welcome to this forum!

Please visit this site to measure the real speed of the connection. When done please post the results here.
Internet providers (who gives you the internet) usually make an offer of x speed internet but they only guarantee you to get much less. So the speed might change up and down sometimes. If the internet is still very slow please read the details of your agreement with the internet provider. But first give us the speed results from that site

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I bought a Sony Burner and noticed that it went up to 40 speed for burning disks. What speed would you recommend in order to ensure safe, fault free backups.


A:SONY - CDRW Too Fast Write Speed

Depends on your system and the software configuration. What are your system specs and O/S?

In most cases, if the drive can't keep it will slow down. Also if you use slower media then the max speed of the drive it will slow down to the speed of the media.

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I am looking to buy the above EliteBook, but I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the read and write speeds are for the 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD that comes with this specific version (T9X72EA). To clarify, the SSD for this version uses a PCIe interface instead of the usual SATA interface, this means it should reach much faster speeds than a SATA SSD. Other SSDs of this type that I have seen boast speeds of upto 1400MB/s read and 1000MB/s write. If this SSD is not capable of such speeds, would the PCIe interface support a replacement high performance SSD and retain these high speeds? Additionally, is this M.2 PCIe interface a replacement to the standard SATA interface, or can I also install a second drive into the vacant SATA interface? Thank you for your assistance. Note: I have already tried contacting both sales support and technical support to no avail.

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I have the original Stream 11 that had Windows 8.1 with Bing and my question is that can this notebook read a fast SD card like the Extreme from Sandisk? If not then I should just get a 128gb Ultra to save money.   Intel Celeron N28402GB DDR3L 1333mHz ram32GB  HDDIntel HD GraphicsWindows 8.1 64bit11.6" LED LCD screen  Thanks

A:Max speed SD card can read and write?

I will be using a Micro SD card and put that in a SD card adapter by the way. This model has the full size SD card reader the newer ones only have Micro SD card slot. I just need to know that will this notebook read and write at the Extreme speed from Sandisk. If not I will get the Ultra Plus from Sandisk.

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I have the original Stream 11 that had Windows 8.1 with Bing and my question is that can this notebook read a fast SD card like the Extreme from Sandisk? If not then I should just get a 128GB Ultra Plus to save money.   Intel Celeron N28402GB DDR3L 1333mHz ram32GB  HDDIntel HD GraphicsWindows 8.1 64bit11.6" LED LCD screen  Thanks

A:Max speed SD card can read and write?

I will be using a Micro SD card and put that in a SD card adapter by the way. This model has the full size SD card reader the newer ones only have Micro SD card slot. I just need to know that will this notebook read and write at the Extreme speed from Sandisk. If not I will get the Ultra Plus from Sandisk.

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This was already asked by someone else in Aug but not answered, does anyone know? I've got the latest X1 beastie on order and want to add the largest and fastest SD card that it makes sense to add, but can't find any details anywhere about the read/write speed of the reader. There's a $200 premium between for example the Sandisk Pro and the "next best" but if the read/write speeds of the Sandisk Pro aren't supported then obviously that'll be a waste of money. Read speed is most important: it's for a library of virtual machine images and containers which I should be able to occasionally move/copy/backup/update and I don't like USB keys for that. So, does anyone know the potential read/write speeds of the card reader itself? Thanks in advance!

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I just got my 2015 grade A refurbished Macbook Pro in the mail yesterday. It has 2.8 GHz and it seems slightly slow to me, so I checked using black magic disk speed test. The write speed is about 760 mb/s and the read speed is about 735 mb/s. I don't know much about computers, but based on youtube video's I've watched, this seems slow in comparison.

Also last night, when I was personalizing my computer by downloading apps and transferring all my music and pictures onto the computer, it started blowing fans that sounded like a waterfall. I had it sitting on m kitchen table, so it should have been getting good airflow. I just wanted to check if this was normal or if I got a low quality refurbished computer.

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I've tried googling and fixing this issue for 12+ hours. Here's the deal: whenever I open new programs, my hard drive jumps up to 100% usage. The problem is my read/write speed looks like it's capped around 10 MB/s. The manufacture says I should get an average of 156 MB/s.

I have a 6 month old Dell XPS 8500 (i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB-7200 rpm hard drive). I consistently take care of it (defrag, clean sweep, virus/malware protection). Please see the dropbox link or PDF attached for examples of my issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gfwob672t...0%28PDF%29.pdf
Dropbox Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a22w0koift...28Video%29.mp4

A:Hard Drive - Read/Write Speed Cap?

Actually, this looks normal, it is just taking a long time for one or two of those apps to get past Initialization stage. What is that "VProtect" thing, and I don't like that "Antimalware" thing you got underneath it.

If this is a Laptop, then it is most likely you are capped, at 5400rpm. I am going to check something, BRB.

Ok, "Capped at 10mbps" looks better than mine, the highest I see on mine is 5mbps. But I need to check my system while it boots.

When I boot this PC, all of the stuff that is loading makes everything peg out at 100%, not just HD, but CPU and RAM as well. But once it gets past it, everything goes down to very low use.

Those two items, are suspicious, who makes them, what are they - Vprotect and Antimalware?

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I found nothing on the internet about the read write speeds of drives (hard drives, SSD) using optical drive bay caddies, therefore I decide to do some tests myself.
I have a Vostro 3450 and recently bought an off-lease Latitude E6410. They both run Windows 7  The optical drive bay of both laptops are removable (more conveniently on the Vostro). I bought the optical drive caddies on eBay:
Both caddies can take drives (HDD, SSD) up to 9.5 mm thick.
First of all, I want to find out what interface the optical drive use to communicate with the laptop. I use Speecy ( http://www.piriform.com/speccy ), a system hardward information freeware to find this informaton. It turns out that this is SATA II (transfer speed 3 Gbps = 384 MBps) on the Latitude E6410 and SATA III (6Gbps = 768 MBps) on the Vostro.
The optical bay caddies of both laptops are "hot swappable" (ie. can be inserted / removed on-the-fly without rebooting, and the new drive will be automatically detected / deleted by the operating system). This is easily done on the Latitude which has an Eject button on the DVD drive (and the caddy I bought - there are models without the ejector). You need to remove one screw on the bottom panel of the Vostro, remove another screw that holds the drive in place, and use a small flat-head scre... Read more

A:Optical bay caddy read write speed

thanks a lot . I asked about it ...

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Hi, I'm looking at 2 models of the R14.  I feel like I read somewhere that it didn't have the fastest SSD.   I tried chat but wasn't able to immediately get stats on the drive, but was told it was Kingston.    Kingston couldn't find the numbers Acer gave me, but looked up the 2 drives Kingston recommends for this model, a 250g and 500g.    The 256 had read/write in the area of 500, but the 512 had one of those numbers in the 300s.  Kingston told me for this type of SSD performance can decrease with larger drives.    I don't think those were the exact drives because the size didn't match. I also saw a post on this board about the R13 I believe where the SSD write speed was clearly slow before an upgrade, thought that's a different laptop. I wouldn't want to get the 512g if it's slower than the 256g.    I know I could install my own but why even get a laptop with an SSD if I'm going to do that. Can someone from Acer provide me read/write speeds for the SSDs for these 2 models, or does someone from the community have test results? R5-471T-776J512 G SSD R5-471T-51UN256G SSD

A:Aspire R-14 2 models, read/write speed for SSD for...

When I evaluated the R5-471T this is what I got when I tested the SSD: Note: Power Plan= High Performance         For testing purposes, Windows Defender Active scanning=disabled Note2: I don't work for Acer In my opinion, 1029 is a very respectable score.  I was pleased with the SSD.  It performed well. 

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My DVD burner isn't up to par. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45 notebook and I looked up the statistics; The drive is supposed to have 8x read/write capabilities but my software merely writes and burns at 2.x times.... why?

A:DVD Drive Read/Write Speed Problem

When a disc is inserted, the burner does a trial burn to a special test area to determine the useable speed of that disk in that drive.

Different brands of media suit different burners.

Only a few burn at the recommended maximum speed of the drive, in my experience (but that can depend on the drive to a large extent).

Change the media brand and the results may change.

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A while back, I had to change my DVDRW's read/write speed to x1, and now I can't remember or find where to change it back. Anyone know? (I'm using Windows XP)

A:Changing DVDRW Read/Write Speed

Since Windows doesn't support writing to DVD's natively, I"m assuming you use a 3rd party burning application. What is your burning application? Nero has Nero DriveSpeed to configure read/write speeds.

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Hi i have a new lg 18x dvd burner model gsa-h22n, ive tried multiple types of discs and different burning programs, but whether its an x disc or 16x times it will not burn it at greater then 4x, dual layer discs as well dont read correct speeds in it, ive updated the firmware and still no luck, i can copy an image to the system in 18x reading it off but then it always burns at 4x, can any one help please, the lg site is useless and says nothing, thx

A:LG DVD Burner incorrect speed read/write

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Recently moved house and had installed my internet today, the exact same setup.

Right now the only difference with this setup is that the router is plugged into my laptop, and if anything, it's closer to my computer than it was in the previous house.

My problem is that it randomly goes slow for short periods of time, or in games it lags like crazy. For example while watching youtube it'll shoot up the loading bar fast and then all of a sudden stop, and go really slowly, then back into fast speed over and over.

What can I do to resolve this?

A:Slow speed, fast speed, slow speed.

Go to speedtest.net and see what your download and upload speeds are. Watching a youtube video will use less bandwidth than a game would.

You could also do a tracert to google.com to see if there are any high response times.

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I copied some large files from a SATA harddrive across a wired Ethernet 100Base-T network to a new LaCie NAS harddrive. I was surprised at how long it was taking, so checked Networking in Task Monitor. The network was shown to be operating at only 25-35% of its 100Mbps capacity. CPU was running less than 20% capacity. No other programs were running and nothing else was being transferred over the network. Computer a 1GB RAM, so that should not have been a bottle neck.

Is that a normal harddrive transfer rate or do I have a problem somewhere?


A:Solved: Hard drive read/write speed

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What hard drive utility would allow me to measure the read write speed of my various USB Hard drives
I don't mind smart monitor etc but don't need that
the commercial ones seem complex
has anyone found this function in a freeware utitily

Any tips appreciated

A:utility to measure the read write speed of USB drives

Atto will do it just fine bud. Made for hard drives but will work on any drive really. here is my Kingston USB 3 datatraveller

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I read reviews (mostly on Newegg) regarding USB Flash Drives and the reviewer will talk about the Read/Write speeds they experience with their USB drives.
How do they find out the Read/Write speeds of those drives?
Can you find that in Windows, or do you need to download separate software?

A:Determining Read/Write Speed of USB Flash Drives

There's many transfer speed benchmark tools out there. If you're lazy, you can do it the old-fashioned way. Get a BIG file. Then copy and paste and time it yourself. Then divide the file size by the time it took. Note that you're supposed to look at the light on the flash drive (some blink) to check when the transfer ends - not when Windows tells you so, because writes usually use a buffer, and although all the data has been copied from your HD, it may not have been copied from the buffer to the flash drive yet. Another thing to be careful is to do the write, but NOT do the read from the same drive again right after that. The reason is if you have a lot of memory, the data will be cached in memory, and read from there (as opposed to the flash drive) when you're copying back from the flash drive to the HD, totally invalidating your results. I don't know of how to manually flush memory cache besides rebooting and doing the read transfer speed separately.
For automated tools, google for flash drive benchmark

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Have 4 HDDs mounted in case. 3 of them are fine. The WDC W20EADS tests at an average write speed of 1MB/s, read is 80MB/s. Every now and then it comes right and the write speed is also around 80MB/s.

Stuck in the bottom of the case it runs quite warm 35C to 45C.

Is the drive failing, or running too warm?

A:HDD slow write, fast read

I might suggest downloading Western Digitals data lifeguard diagnostic program to check the drive. It should tell you what you need to know.

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I need to understand which is the maximum read/write speed suppported dy the Spectre x360 15" internal SD Card Reader. The only information i was able to find on the web is that the spare part for the reader is 801498-001, it seems to be manifactured by HP, but no further specifications are available. Can someone help? How fast can the internal reader access SD cards in read/write? Thank you in advance.  

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OK, I've been having this problem for a while now, and the more I get into it, the more I think it's crazy. Now, I'm not sure this is a Windows 10 problem, it could also be the motherboard, I'm quite sure though that it's not a HDD problem. Anyway, here I go.

I'm running Windows 10 on an SSD, this drive runs fine.

I have another new HD in my computer, a 1TB Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003. Now, after I wake the PC from sleep the read / write speed of the HD roughly halves. Everytime the PC goes slower and slower until you can't even watch a 1080 mp4 without massive lagging.

I have used CrystalDiskMark 5 for performance testing:

read (MB/s)
write (MB/s)

c: [SSD]

c: (after sleep 1)

c: (after sleep 2)

d: [HDD 1]

d: (after sleep 1)

d: (after sleep 2)

e: [HDD 1]

e: (after sleep 1)

e: (after sleep 2)

Now, I guess this looks like it could also be a HDD problem (even though the HDD's new). But look what happens as soon as I connect another (dying) HDD:


c: [SSD]

c: (after sleep 1)

c: (after sleep 2)

d: [HDD 1]

d: (after sleep 1)

d: (after sleep 2)

e: [HDD 1]

e: (after sleep 1)

e: (after sleep 2)

f: [HDD 2]

f: (after sleep 1)

f: (after sleep 2)

g: [HDD 2]

g: (after sleep 1)

g: (after sleep 2)

x = Benchmark didn't even start.

Now, obviously the problem doesn't appe... Read more

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Ever find your actual write speed is far less than the selected write speed?
For example I have a LG CD-RW 40x12x40
and use Memorex CD-R 700MB 48x multi speed disks.
I set it to burn regular music CD at 40x and it only writes at 16x
It seems drivers are far and in between and I have the latest so that rules that out...
Hardware getting run down and old maybe? It doesn't get used very often. Maybe easy CD creater is the weak link...
Any suggestions? comments?

A:Selected write speed vs. actual write speed

Does it write data at 40x?

It may be that your writing software is saving you from badly written audio CDs and automatically reduces write speed.

Most CD-RW drives fail to produce error free audio CDs when writing at full speeds.

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Hi, my problem is that i have low download speed and fast upload speed. My brother have 17 download speed and 16 upload speed on wifi (he have also notebook) and i have download speed 2,5 and upload speed 16. We were trying speedtest.net at the same time. http://www.speedtest.net/result/4038336205.png

Go to Solution.

A:lenovo U510 low download speed fast upload speed

hi Delian
Thanks for Posting!
try checking these
Change Encryption Support
Right-Click on the Wi-fi signal icon on the lower right corner of the screen, Select Open Network and Sharing Center.
Cick on your Wireless network on the main page.

3. Click on Wireless Properties.4. Click on Security Tab.5. If applicable, change the Encryption type to TKIP and test.

Then check the Speed again.
Let me know your findings

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Hi; I have a Dynalink router and on plan which I get really nice speeds for me (downloads a few megabytes a second), using Windows XP via ethernet.
However as soon as a laptop is also plugged in also via ethernet and streams videos, the internet on my Windows XP computer is so slow, web pages can barely open.
Is there anyone to somehow make both of them at least able to both use the internet? What's the problem? Thanks in advance for any help

A:Internet Speed; Fast but as soon as shared, drops down to unusable speed

However as soon as a laptop is also plugged in also via ethernet and streams videos,Click to expand...

sounds like the laptop is hogging all the bandwidth

what speed do you actually have - via www.speedtest.net ?

what happens if the laptop is connected and not streaming videos - it may also have a number of downloads - updates running in the background

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hi guys.

i've recently got a Kingston DataTraveller 101 (4 gb) which says that its read and write speed is 10 mb/sec. I'm running windows 7 and when i tried copying a 3 gb file in the pen drive i was getting a speed of just 5 mb/s. is there any problem or is that normal.


A:Slow USB write speed

Not ideal, but within range. Any other devices drawing power on the bus? Source disk busy or fragged?

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Greetings all, hope you are doing fine.


1- I have a 1Mb DSL connection.
2- Speed while downloading a file using Internet Download Manager is between 90-110 KB/sec.
3- Browsing/streaming speed is between 15-35 KB/sec.
4- Speed while downloading a file using any browser is between 15-35 KB/sec.
5- Downloaded the TCP Optimizer and applied the Optimal settings. Did not solve the issue.
6- Followed the instruction here >> http://www.speedguide.net/articles/w...08-tweaks-2574. Did not solve the issue.
7- TCP Analyzer is saying that my MTU is 1460, but in my router and in my NIC it is 1500!!
8- Speed Test in Safe Mode can sometimes yield better results.
9- Tried disabling all start-up items. Did not solve the issue.

My setup:
OS: Windows 7 x64.
NIC: Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114
Router: SMC 7904WBRA2
Connection Type: Ethernet

Speed Test Results:
SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results
Tested on: 2013.05.21 13:45
IP address: 91.144.xx.xx(proxy:
Client OS/browser: Windows 7 (Chrome 26.0.1410.64)

TCP options string: 0204058c0103030801010402
MSS: 1420
MTU: 1460
TCP Window: 66560 (NOT multiple of MSS)
RWIN Scaling: 8 bits (2^8=256)
Unscaled RWIN : 260
Recommended RWINs: 65320, 130640, 261280, 522560, 1045120
BDP limit (200ms): 2662kbps (333KBytes/s)
BDP limit (500ms): 1065kbps (133KBytes/s)
MTU Discovery: ON
TTL: 40
Timestamps: OFF
IP ToS: 00000000 (0)
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A:Fast download speed, low browsing/streaming speed

Set the MTU in the router itself to 1492

Analyzer is saying that my MTU is 1460, but in my router and in my NIC it is 1500Click to expand...

the normal value for DSL is 1492, and 1460 is INVALID = = must be a multiple of 8.

Manually set {1472 or 1464} in the router.

The article cited has good info but I would opt for all the defaults.


netsh int tcp set heuristics enabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

see this article to set SackOpts=1

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I'm not very familiar with troubleshooting USB ports and I can't find any info on the net about this problem. I hope someone who reads this message can help me out.

I've recently been experimenting with flashdrives. However I hit a problem with sloooow write rates on my home computer. I know it's strange because they operate fine on my work computer. Let me tell you some stats:

2 Flash drives: one is usb 1.1 and the other is usb 2.0.

Work Computer: Dell computer, win2000, usb 1.1
Home computer: custom built AMD machine(gigabyte mb 7dxr), winXP, built in usb port is 1.1, usb pci card is 2.0.

Speed Rates:

Work computer: (note: both flashdrives)
Read = ~800kb/sec
Write = ~500kb/sec

Home - usb 1.1 port: (note, both drives)
Read = ~800kb/sec
Write = ~133kb/sec
usb 2.0: 1.1 flashdrive has same rate as when plugged into 1.1 ports
2.0 flashdrive:
Read = ~2100kb/sec
Write = ~133kb/sec

As you can see there's a huge problem with the write rate on the home computer. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling usb ports, changing cache setting, using different flashdrives, sacrificing small animals and nothing seems to work.

Anyone encounter this problem before or have any suggestions?

A:Slow write speed on USB port

Does anyone have any clues about this? Or do you know where I can go to get some help?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop [running Window 7] with a MATSHITA UJ8A0AS DVD RAM Drive. When I first got my laptop, it would burn up to 8x however recently it has been burning slower (a few months ago only going to 4x) now it is "maxed" at 2.4x, which would be ok if windows explorer and other DVD programs wouldn't tell me that my burning speed is either too fast or too slow (obviously too slow). Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas?

A:DVD Drive: Write Speed Too Slow

Hiyya Shadow mate have been dealing with Toshies for a while now and if tit isn't the driver then I reckon the drive is bung - easy to fix just put a new one in they are cheap enough.

Just so I can help you more what model do you have I have a quite a good site for fixing Toshibas.

The main thing is the bezel on the outside of the optical itself it needs a bit of coaxing to get off and replace onto the new drive

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So a couple months ago i started a download for a game on steam but when i was checking it, it would download at 400kb for like 10 secs and say busy writing to disk for a whole minute
i have 50DL and 4UP and steam usually downloads at a steady 6Mbps

I checked my main HDD write speed and it was around 100Mb then i checked my other HDD and the write speed was at a really slow 200Kb
I used a 3rd party program to check its status crystaldiskmark or info and both HDD's were fine
so i used S.M.A.R.T from CMD and it also said both HDD's were just fine so i really dont know whats going on
I am getting a new 1TB real soon and by that im doing a whole new build and i wouls like to turn my current PC into a home PC for my family but thats not gonna work out to well with a failing HDD that isnt being detected or something.
So does anyone know some tricks i could try to fix this or is it done for?

Oh and it couldnt have been heat or anything since my HDD's are literally always at body temperature level
31C - 36C
The HDD is also about 7 years old so it could just be dying but i want to know why its problems arent being detected by SMART or any programs

A:HDD Write Speed Extremely Slow

Download the disk utility from the hard drive manufacturer's web site.

It probably has a couple of tests. Run the quick one. If it passes that, run the longer one.

SMART isn't entirely reliable. Drives can go bad at any time with no warning.

But you may have healthy drives that are being affected by something else---malware for instance.

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I use my ssd since a year and since a few days the performance drops extremly!

First sceenshot is atto with initial settings ... (very slow!)
Second, with a little changed settings .... (upper right corner!)
and finally a Image with the ASS Tool Infos ...

I tried the bench with enabled or disabled cache (C:\ properties ...)
The disc hast round about 50 gig free space ....
And the Intel SSD Toolbox says no problems found!

Any Ideas??? How can i use/set the "fast" settings in my system?

A:Slow SSD (Intel) write speed

Welcome to the forums klwemu!

You could try resetting your WEI index. Try option 3 in the tutorial. Windows Experience Index - Reset

You could also try disabling write caching, but try the reset first, many have reported it doing the trick.

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Hello, I just got my new Thinkpad T470 and I have been happy with it except for the SSD. I got an 512 gb model from the factory. I did run crystaldiskmark and results are: Seq Q32TI 1746/3224K Q32TI 358/137Seq 1006/3574K 38/81 I think those write speeds are really low for an pcie ssd, what do you think? There is screenshot about the results attached.

mark.png ?34 KB

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I have 10 hard drives on my computer. 4 internal and 6 external (USB2). I noticed lately that one of the External ones (Seagate FreeAgentDesktop 1000) has a VERY low write speed when copting files to it.

I did a test with HD Tune Pro and low and behold, all of my other HDDs have a write speed of 25MB\s and the problematic one has a write speed of 5MB\s.

I did many kinds of tests on the drive but every one says that the drive is healthy. Not overheated, not fragmented, nothing.

I googled this issue and can't find any solution for this problem. Any ideas?


A:HD Sudden Slow WRITE Speed

That's actually pretty good to get that kind of performance on everything else on a system configured that way (must be XP). The most common speed I get on multiple external drives on one system is in the 15-17 MB/s but I do get a 5-6 sometimes as well.

It might have something to do with the write cache capability of the drive but USB is also a shared bandwidth protocol so the more USB devices that are attached, the more speed may be affected.

Possible solutions might be to convert some of the drives to firewire or eSata if possible, if using a USB hub, one or more ports could be 1.1 and also only use one external drive USB connection per one USB controller with nothing else attached which could cause bandwidth sharing. Also try playing musical ports and testing speed to see if its maybe just that drive or just that port.

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Is it better to have your cpu fan run slow or fast to get better temperature's?.

A:CPU fan speed, better fast or slow?

For one thing, your computer tends to be a little louder when your fan is running full out. As long as your cpu is running at normal specs, I would let it run using the bios or a third party application to control it.

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Afternoon All:

This will be a fairly long thread for I need to include a lot of info. Hope you'll indulge me.
   About a week ago, I noticed that a flashdrive suddenly started 'writing" at less than half the speed it previously had.Went to "net"
and a few forums and after many attempts at restoring the drive, all failed and it was concluded the drive was dying. I was willing to accept that until yesterday when 2 more of my drives started doing the same. Ahmm..this isn't a coincidence. Something is
causing these drives failure... well, they really aren't failing, but are corrupted as opposed to their original abilities. I have run a series of 'corrective" measures on the first drive that started acting up. I've only run virus/malware scans on all
3 drives and all came up negative. If you'd like to know what I've done in regards to "repairing" the first drive, then please request it for it's an extensive list.
So, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish; #1. Identify and correct whatever is causing these drives slow writing speed. #2. Restore these drives to their original specs. You need to know that these drives aren't old by
any standards. Have never had any problems with these drives until they suddenly started writing at an exceeding slow speed. OK, I'll tender the specs:
[Kingston DT101 16Gb 2.0~original 7.4+Mb/s] [Sandisk Cruzer 8Gb 3.0 ~ original 14.6+Mb/s] [Sandisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 256Gb~ o... Read more

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Windows 2000 pro sp4

P4 3Ghz
1GB DDR 400

200gb maxtor hard drive 7200rpm 8mb cache
two partitions 120 gb & 60 +GB

The load time on Windows is 4 minuets
I used Fresh Diagnose and the hard drive's speed is:
write speed is 1.5 mb/s
read speed is 68.7 mb/s
When i copy files, (besides it taking a ridiculous ammount of time) the cpu is at 100% the whole time, rendering the computer useless becuase it is so laggy.
I followed the directions in this thread:
Still no change.
I hooked the hard drive up to another computer using windows xp and it worked normal.

Any Ideas?

A:Slow Hard Drive Write Speed

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Hello all, I am new to these forums and like what I see so far!! So, to my problemo!

I was given my friends laptop to attempt to fix. It's about a year old, and for approximately 3 or 4 months it has apparently been running very "slow". I did the usual virus/spyware checks but to no avail. So I moved on to hardware checks. It also seemed that anything I did took AGES to finish... For example, I did a simple chkdsk from command prompt in windows. This took about 1 hour to complete, stating "there are erros on the disk". I then ran the full chkdsk after reboot, which also took a very long time, and eventually began streaming errors very fast saying "The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters detected in file 1 of name." and this kept going counting up and up and up. I left it overnite counting upwards of 40'000, to find it in the morning, rebooted into windows.

I then moved onto downloading the HDD Diagnostic tool provided by the manufacturer. The HDD is a Fujitsu (MHV2080AT) 80Gb, IDE. There are 2 tests available in this program. The "Short" and the "Extended". The approximate times given for the tests were 2 minutes and 70 minutes respectively. However, the short test took an hour or so and passed and the extended was going for about 2 hours before I went to bed, it being at 25%. And once again, passing once I came back to it in the morning.

I got my hands on Freshdiagnose next and I finally see... Read more

A:Solved: Fujitsu HDD Write Speed Very Slow...

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So today I ran Crystal Disk Mark 3.0 on my new Intel 520 120gb. The results where Seq Read 460 MB/s and Seq Write 163 MB/s. Kinda seems sorta slow on the whole write part. I'm new to this whole SSD thing so let me know if this is right around where they should be.


A:Help plz Intel 520 120gb Questions?Slow Write speed?

Here is a test I just did.http://i1225.photobucket.com/albums/ee399/Bradley_Martinsen/test.png

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hi all, having a major issue with my SSD, all of a sudden it has terrible write speeds of only 1.5mb/s - I noticed a real slow down on PC, narrowed it down to SSD. Tested with various things, although read speed is ok, the write speed is atrocious. Tried it on both SATA 2 and 3 controllers and is the same, I have tried to delete it and clean using diskpart, recovery from image is taking 15 hours to write 139gb image in acronis, sure it should only take a couple of hours. Any help or advice appreciated please.

A:Extremely slow 1mb/s write speed on PNY xlr8 240gb SSD

Sounds like an issue for PNY support. I hope it's under warranty.

Have you tried new cabling? I assume you've tried all possible ports?

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