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SATA Drive Not Showing Up / asus cm5570 Desktop

Q: SATA Drive Not Showing Up / asus cm5570 Desktop

Hey guys, hoping you can help, i have tried everything...
I have a ASUS CM5570 desktop, this originally had a 640GB SATA drive that crashed. I replaced the drive with an identical one, couldnt get the machine to see it, in other words woulds boot to it, so I tried a different drive, a 120GB SATA drive, I was able to load an image on it and it works fine.....Still cant get the SATA drive to show up, EXCEPT if I connect it via USB...just to try, I got another 640GB SATA drive and had the same result. Any ideas? I am actually repairing this for a friend....Thanks for your help!!

[email protected]

Preferred Solution: SATA Drive Not Showing Up / asus cm5570 Desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SATA Drive Not Showing Up / asus cm5570 Desktop

What OS?
Can you see this drive in the BIOS?

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I currently have 2 monitors set up with my Asus CM5570 Computer. I would like to set up a third. I have tried to do this:
First Monitor: HDMI
Second Monitor: DVI
Third Monitor: VGA
That did not work. Either why I did it, the 3rd monitor did not show up.
How would I go about putting 3 monitors on my computer?

Thank you.

A:Asus CM5570, 3 Monitors? HELP!

I believe that your video card can only output to 2 monitors even though you do have 3 ports.
You would need a second video card to run a 3rd monitor.


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When I push the power button to turn on my desktop, the light comes on, but it doesn't sound like the fan or anything else is starting up and neither of my monitors show any signs of it starting up. I've been reading about possible solutions, but I can't find anything definite.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm much better with software than I am with hardware so I'm a bit stumped with this and where to really begin to diagnose my problems.

A:Asus CM5570 won't boot

I'd start by trying another power supply that you know works. The PSU may have died.

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In case anyone on earth missed it, the cause for the majority of owners of this pc is this...

The power button assembly doesn't reach far enough inside to make contact. Asus is worthless when calling them. Their only solution is to send it to them for repair. This problem has by documented by literally thousands of owners. Even though I had the Asus part number, they told me they had no clue what I was referring to, even thought I got the number from their website. When I gave them the url for the part, they told me it was no longer there, even though I was looking at the page as I spoke to them. Magically, I refreshed the page and it was no longer available. I love the computer, but the service is deplorable. I'll never again buy an Asus product.

Ps...the fix is a matter of gluing the switch inside so the assembly makes contact.

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Hello all, need a little help here. I have an ASUS CM5570 that I a repairing. The initial problem was that it wouldnt boot (power on) every time...it was pretty hit or miss......so I replaced the power supply, No it powers on correctly, cd drive lights up, etc, however it never seems to go past that stage of the initial powering on....doesnt seem to boot, nothing is displayed on the screen, no beeps coming from the tower either....

Any ideas?

A:ASUS CM5570 / Power Issue

I have tried multiple power supplies....it seems to be booting now...now I am having install OS install troubles...this thing may not be worth the time.....

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I have an ASUS Essentio Series Desktop PC, Model CM5570, which has a partially broken on/off power switch. It belongs to my widowed sister and I am the family tech support person. It will power on with the front panel removed consistently, so there is nothing else wrong with the PC. I ordered a power switch/cable from ASUS Estore and they sent me one that will not work (does not have four wires). It was the only one I could find on the website. Does anyone know where I can find the part number for the cable and switch (they are one unit)? Finding the part on their website is futile. Is there any other place that I could order this cable from. Thanks in advance.

A:ASUS CM5570 Desktp PC Power Switch

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Had a pretty good electrical storm last night so I have a feeling that fried something but I can't seem to find out exactly where the problem is.

Shut down my computer last night as normal and powered off everything using the surge protector power on/off switch. Upon starting up my computer this morning, everything appears to come on (green light on the mobo, fan spins, computer lights up, etc.) but no BIOS screen, nothing. The monitor acts like it's asleep. After a couple seconds everything shuts down like it was powered off (green light on the mobo stays lit though), and then it starts right back up again on its own. Same thing, all the lights are on, the fan is spinning, etc., but still no BIOS or any reaction at all from the monitor. The computer stays on this time though, does not power off again unless I do it.

Now, I've checked the monitor on another computer and it works fine. I tried the monitor in both the graphic card I installed and the one on the mobo with the same results. So I unplugged everything from the computer, opened it up and disconnected everything from the mobo but the power supply and fan (I mean everything else was gone including the RAM). Reset my BIOS by pulling the battery for 10 minutes. Powered it on and the same thing. Starts up, shuts off for a few seconds, then turns on and stays on but no BIOS screen. Now the power supply is connected to the mobo in two slots. One is a 4-pin connector that plugs in close to the fan and t... Read more

A:No BIOS screen after starting up Asus CM5570

Same Problem


Have you found a solution to your issue?

I have the exact same problem with my ASUS CM5570.
Mine started after an extended power outage. After the UPS battery backup expired, the power was completely out for a couple of hours...After the power returned, it behaved exactly as you described.

Please let me know if you found a solution...


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I just bought a WD1600JD SATA hard drive but can't use it cause the bios on my ASUS K8V-X motherboard won't see it.

I have tried everything and it just won't work. Took it back to the shop and they tried it out and it showed straight away. The shop even installed XP on it but it still won't show on my computer.

I upgraded to the latest BIOS but that doesn't make any difference

Could someone please help out as I don't want to be stuck with a hard drive I can't use

Many thanks in advance

A:ASUS K8V-X won't see SATA drive

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Hello, I am wondering why my sata drive wont show up in windows 7, its has xp installed on it but I pulled it out of one machine and put it into my pc with w7 installed and nothing???

asus p5p800 mobo

A:Sata drive not showing up

Does it show up in the BIOS setup ?

How about Computer Management Disk Management

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..on wink2k install.

I have heard that windows cant format a partition over 130ish Gigs. how do I avoid wasting the remaining 30Gigs of HDD space?

It is going to be the only drive on the system.

the motherboard is Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 and Harddrive is WDCaviar 160GB SATA 8MB cache 7200.

really would like help on this 1 please

A:160 Gig SATA Drive only showing up as 130 Gig

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I am running XP Pro, with Asus K8V SE M\B and currently Maxtor SATA drive.
I needed to clone my hard drive to a new one, as the old one was suspect.
I used Norton Ghost to clone my O\S and data over to the new "WD" SATA drive (which was connected via a sata-usb adapter for convenience)

When inserting the new WD drive in to the M\B, the bios wouldn't detect the drive at all (although Windows had previously). I tried all SATA connectors on the board, but no joy with detection.
The old MAXTOR drive was only 2 yrs old (80gb), and the new drive is 250gb.

I can't see any settings in the bios to detect the sata drive.

Any ideas guys?

Many Thanks


A:Asus K8V SE and SATA Drive detection

IIRC these old VIA sets with the VT8237 southbridge did not upport booting from SATA. I coud well be wrong and it might be that you have to install the VIA motherboard drivers for the SATA to function. Either way it is indeed a pain.

I would reinstall the old drive and make sure the SATA drivers are indeed there. Then I would reclone the new drive from there and stand back and see what explodes.

Good luck.

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hey i got a brand new asus dvd drive and everytime i tried to make a back up of anything it freezes my computer and i couldn't do anything else.
please help
i'm using window vista 32 bit ultimate
gigabyte ga-m 56 s3 bios updated
gt8600 xxx
patriot ddr2 4gig(2x2) 800mhz
3 hdd (500,250,80)
enermax 620 wattz

A:Asus sata dvd drive 2014L1T

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I've considered installing Windows XP32bit instead of Windows Vista 64bit, but when installing Windows XP you need to hit F6 key to install RAID drivers for it to detect the Sata HDDs.

This was simple with my old motherboard (ABIT AV8 3rd Eye) because I had a floppy with the required drivers on, but now I don't have any floppy... can I download the files somewhere?

I hope what I've said is clear Please ask if there are any problems understanding something



A:Help with ASUS P5K-E SATA drive detection

You should be able to find the drivers at:

I've had to install a driver for a RAID array, but never a drive.

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I recently installed a SATA drive with a SIIG SATA controller on my A7V133 mobo and have been using the drive a few weeks for backup files. Now I want to use it as my boot drive, but Win XP Setup can't detect it. Before booting from the XP CD, I enabled SCSI in BIOS, set SCSI as second in boot sequence (after CD-ROM) and entered the SI website's latest driver when called for in Setup. The setup message is "there is no disk in this drive" and it labels the drive as "157066 MB disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on si3112 (MBR)." The Asus has a RAID option, but I'm not sure whether this would be an option since the drive runs off its own card. Appreciate suggestions!

A:Asus A7V133 and SATA drive

You should have gotten a CD with your motherboard drivers on it, if you look through there, there should be raid/scsi chipset drivers for your OS. Copy those to Floppy ( preferably just the version you need).

When you start installation of XP hit F6 to install 3rd party scsi drivers, after some time it will ask you to select your device. Put the floppy in and select your device and it will read off your floppy ( it should display your chipset controller).

Then it should take you to your partition screen, install the os on your SATA drive.

I know youre not using raid ( I think),but my promise chipset controls both my raid and my SATA drives. Should be the same for your chipset. Unfortunatly, you have to "preinstall" the drivers to full functionality, to use part of it.

Its much easier if you just slipstream through. You can do everything all in one swoop, raid drivers, sp2....

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I've been trying for the last 3 days to get my new Seagate SV35.3 up and running with my K8v SE Deluxe with no luck. Whatever I do my motherboard just doesn't want to see the drive. I currently have my system drive on a WD IDE and I'm replacing my current internal storage drive (also in IDE) with the Seagate sata.

I am connecting the Seagate it to SATA1. I've been to the ASUS download section for my motherboard and have downloaded every driver that could possilby work but this motherboard will just not see my drive. I've tried hooking it up to the Promise and downloaded those drivers but with no luck either. The drive is very quiet but it's heating up which leads me to believe it's getting power and therefore not the power cable.

When I plug the drive into the Promise (Primary Sata) with the Onboard Promise Controller enabled in the bios (Onboard IDE Operate Mode), it says 1 of 2 things. Either, Detecting, then "Warning- The BIOS does not find proper hardware configuration, Please check your system again!
Detecting.....then it lists one of the long numbers that's on the top of the Seagate, followed by IDE BUS Master Enabled. One would think an encouraging sign. Read on...

When I try to boot with Onboard Promise Controller set to RAID, the drive also shows up as
ID =1
1+0 Stripe
Size 500107M
Track Mapping 60801/255/63
Status = Functional
with an option to enter Fastbuild Utility.

Either of these ways, when I... Read more

A:ASUS K8V Deluxe Won't see my Sata drive


Could be Bios update


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I have a ASUS K8V SE MOBO which supports SATA primary and secondary drives, as well as RAID configruations. I currently have Windows XP with a 160 GIG IDE Drive as primary. I bought a SATA drive (300 G, WD) in the hope of making it a secondary drive for data.

The MOBO comes with PRomise RAID controller, but I am still unable to setup the new SATA drive. I have enabled the Promise controller in the BIOS Setup, but as the machine boots, the controller reports on Devices found. I have connected the drive to the Primary SATA connector.

Has anyone had similar experiences?. Can anyone guide me as to how to set up this drive as a Primary SATA drive.


A:SATA Drive - Problems on ASUS K8V SE

Hi and welcome to Techspot. Since you have two different-sized drives, you will not be needing the RAID controller. Disable it, and everything should work fine.

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Hi all,

Sorry I'm new here, I've been trying to fix this problem for a while and really am quite stuck.

My brother recently got a nice brand new SATA DVD+-RW drive for his Windows XP machine. However, the drive has issues - when reading any type of disk (on a fresh install of Windows XP Pro, SP3 installed) it seems to instantly restart, followed by a "Windows has recovered from a serious error" message. The error details (as recorded by him) read as below:

BCCode : 10000050 BCP1 : E8270100 BCP2 : 00000000 BCP3 : 80564328
BCP4 : 00000002 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1


The interesting detail is that Windows installs just fine using it - it's only as soon as he gets to actually using Windows that he runs into problems. We tried an old IDE CDROM drive in it's place temporarily and it works just fine.

It's the second SATA device on the machine, there is already a SATA HDD running.

I'm guessing it might be a driver or power issue, but I'm not really sure what to do - would it be worth getting a new power supply or does anyone have any ideas on some software options I could take?

Any input/help would be greatly appreciated!



A:ASUS SATA DVD drive issues

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Hi,  I have a Lenovo P51 with 2 x 512GB NVMe M.2 SSDs and 1 x 1TB SATA HDD. I have configured the NVMe drive in a RAID 0 configuration and installed Windows. For some reason I cannot get the 1TB drive to show up int Windows, or even in the BIOS. Is there any trick to getting this working, is this a configuration issue or is it possible my SATA drive is just dead!? Thank you in advance. Jonathan.

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Hi,  I have a Lenovo P51 with 2 x 512GB NVMe M.2 SSDs and 1 x 1TB SATA HDD. I have configured the NVMe drive in a RAID 0 configuration and installed Windows. For some reason I cannot get the 1TB drive to show up int Windows, or even in the BIOS. Is there any trick to getting this working, is this a configuration issue or is it possible my SATA drive is just dead!? Thank you in advance. Jonathan.

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I have 2 drives connected to my computer, an IDE and a SATA. They both work fine from within Windows but I was just wondering why only the IDE drive shows up in the BIOS?

A:SATA drive not showing in BIOS

Check jumpers on the unit, drivers, or maybe (hopefully not) may be defective?

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I have just bought a second hand PC .
It has sata connections on the Motherboard but when i installed a sata hard drive its not showing.
And i cannot find any setting in the bios that says sata its says ide.
Please HELP
Kind regards

A:sata hard drive not showing

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Bought a LG Blu-ray internal sata rewriter. Installed it and windows 7 found it first time. So far so good.
Put windows into sleep mode and when I woke it up the sata drive was missing.
The drive was not only missing, but the tray failed to manually open and the activity light did not illuminate.
Drive totally dead. Check all power and sata cables all ok.
Done a full reboot and drive came back ok

This only happens when the machine is put into sleep mode. Sata drivers all up to date and all cables 100%.
Turn the machine fully off or restart and everything works ok each time. Use sleep mode and it fails when you bring the m/c to life.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how can it be put right? I use ( well I did ) the sleep mode quite a lot and this has become a bit of a pain.



A:Blu-ray sata drive not showing up in explorer.

Hello barnowl. Welcome to the forum.

Is the new optical drive plugged into one of the main SATA connectors (the Intel SATA ports 1-6) or is it plugged into a different SATA port?

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I have an older asrock dual sata board, bought a hard 250gb barracuda drive, installed it. It shows up in the bios as working, shows up on post as enabled, but does not show up in windows 7. I read around and also tried to assign a drive number to it, but it does not show up there either.

I have tried running it in IDE mode and still get nothing. but I tested the drive in an xp system and it works fine. On one restart after installing the drive it said it needed ULi SATA/RAID Controller (M1689/M1695) driver. I got them, but they wouldn't install, but then I ran them in vista mode, however they didn't fix the issue. Anyone have anything else I can try?

A:Sata drive not showing up in win7

Try right click on computer, manage, disk management and enable the drive.

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Just built a new PC with an ASUS X99 Deluxe Mother board. I have installed a new SSD drive and two SATA drives from my old computer, along with one new SATA 2G HD. I plan to migrate data from the old drives to the new one. All the drives show up in the BIOS but when I boot to the OS the new drive and one of the old ones does not show up in Windows. I have installed all the ASUS drivers in windows, and I am now wondering if the OEM version of Windows 8.1 that I purchased has a limitation of how may drives it will support. Can someone please clarify?

A:SATA Drive Not Showing in Windows 8.1

I just checked the Device Manager, and it turns out that Windows does register the drives, however I still cannot see them in Windows Explorer, puzzling, any one have any suggestions?

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Hello Everyone!

Ok, I'm totally frustrated. I have a PC DL Deluxe mother board, in which I was using a 500 gig Sata drive without any issues. I had 3, 150 gig sata hard drives kicking around, so I decided to buy more sata cables to connect them to my computer.

Well, after plugging them in, only one of the 3 extra drives works. Now, I know for sure all of the drives work. And it's some kind of issue with the sata port things on my computer.

When this computer was first built for me, I did have raid and I knew that some drivers had to be downloaded ("RAID" / "PROMISE") (those words stick out in my head) and installed with a 3.5 diskette so the drives would be seen or setup with raid.

Well, since then I've wiped my computer and no longer use RAID. I only want to use these 4 drives as NORMAL hard drives. So, when I connected them all I didn't think I would need to do anything, but I guess I am wrong.

Can someone please help me? I have no clue what to do. I'm totally lost.

A:Asus - PC DL Deluxe - Sata Drive Issues

It sounds like you need to reset your BIOS so that the other SATA drives are enabled. Go into the BIOS setup at boot time by repeatedly tapping "Del" (on my computer anyway) as the computer starts the boot cycle. Under one of the headings (Advanced BIOS Features is mine) you will see the 1st boot device etc. Probably the 3rd and 4th are disabled or set to Network. Just enable. Then save and exit the BIOS.

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I plugged a new SATA drive into my computer and my BIOS sees it and it shows up in windows xp device manager but it doesnt show up in my computer. How can I fix this (I restarted my computer 10 times).

EDIT>>>>>>>***OH I lied, it's not showing up in device manager.****<<<<<<<

A:SATA Drive not showing up on drive list

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Hi guys
My laptop is not displaying my Sara drive in the my computer screen. I have had this issue before with an IDE drive, a strange issue where my external drive only appears in the list when I unplug it and then when I plug it in, it disappears.

With this drive, I get the message the device can perform faster in a USB 2 port (something my prehistoric laptop doesn't have,) then I get the message that the device is ready to use.

If I go into device manager it does appear as a USB Mass Storage Device and I've tried updating driver, rollback, uninstall and everything else I can think which all seem to work ok until I go into my computer and it isn't there.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Sata drive not showing on My Computer screen

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hi my new sata hard drive is showing as a scsi in win7
and it seems to be running slow and making alot of accessing data noises
how can i fix this back to sata

A:new sata hard drive showing as scsi in win 7 help

With some hard disk controllers it is normal for it to show up as a SCSI disk - particularly if the disk controller is running in AHCI mode, which is preferrable since it allows features such as NCQ. One thing you may want to check is: locate the drive itself under "Disk Drives" in device manager and go into the properties. Select the "Policies" tab and view what is set. For better performance you will want it set to "Better Performance" with both of the boxes checked. Though if you lose power you may run into minor file corruption issues - I personally have not had issues with this. If you disable those check-boxes performance can decrease significantly.
-David Betournay

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Hey all,

Common problem I know, but no solution so far. Here's what's happening:

No DVD/CD drive showing up in my computer, won't auto run

Here's what I've done:

Made sure auto run is on

Assumed disk-drive failure: install virtual drives, they also won't show up

Run Microsoft fix it from:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Regedit: remove UpperFilters, lowerfilters not there, reboot still nothing:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Diskmgmt.msc: Change letter of drive, autorun pops up disk! Then the disk disappears and says drive /f: etc can not be found, tried multiple letters.

For some reason it seems windows is automatically taking away the drive letters I assign, any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated!!


Robert Wright

A:CD/DVD Drive not showing up in Vista on ASUS Laptop

Did you select "AutoPlay" from the Control Panel? In this dialog, you are given a multitude of settings to control how Windows behaves when a disc is inserted.

But from what you're describing, Windows isn't even seeing the device correctly. When it appears in Disk Management, what drive letter does it appear as? It should be the first available letter that follows the hard disk partition(s). Or is it showing up without a drive letter assignment?

There is also the possibility that the CD/DVD driver has become corrupted. If it comes up in the devices list, you should be able to perform an "update driver software". If that doesn't work, you could try uninstalling it so that when you reboot, the "new hardware" wizard is launched to set up the device from scratch.

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Hi, i am having some problems with my new system that i am building.

I have bought all the parts, and everything is being detected apart from the SATA 1TB Hard Disk Drives.

I have two 1 TB Sata Drives and they are not being detected by the BIOS or by windows installation boot disk.

Under the Bios Main Tab i see the following:

Main Settings

System Time
System Date

Primary IDE Master :[Not Detected]
Primary IDE Slave :[Not Detected]
SATA 1 :[Not Detected]
SATA 2 :[Not Detected]
SATA 3 :[Not Detected]
SATA 4 :[Not Detected]
SATA 5 :[Not Detected]
SATA 6 :[Not Detected]
SATA Configuration

System Information
Under SATA Configuration i have tried setting the drives to RAID, and IDE, i have also tried Disabling the OnChip SATA Controller with no luck in detecting the Drives.

I have never used a SATA hard Drive before so i may be setting something incorrectly in the bios.

Please bare in mind that this is a new build so i do not have a current windows installation of any kind.

Any help would be greating appreciated.


A:Asus M4A88T-M Not detecting Sata Hard Drive

Two things. Make sure all of your connection are correct (I would reseat each connection including the power connectors) for the 2 SATA drives and check that the SATA Controller is set to AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). You should be able to verify this in the Integrated Perpherals section of BIOS.

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I am trying to get windows xp installed on my new system but it keeps telling me that it can't find a hard drive on my system. I have used the motherboard cd to make a sata driver disk and I have pressed F6 at the beginning of the XP cd loading. I have chosen the WINXP Promise driver, it loads it I press enter then I press enter again to install windows and it says that there is NO HARD DRIVE. WHAT THE CRAP! Can someone give me some help. I have 4 serial ata ports on the motherboard. 2 of which have "pri sata" & "sec sata" written. The other 2 have "sata1" & "sata2" written. Is there a certain one that I should plug into? HELP! Should I use the power adapter for the SATA DRIVE or just the regular power cable? ANY help would be great thanks!

A:Maxtor 160 Gb Sata Hard Drive On An Asus K8v Se Deluxe M.b.

With SATA, there are 2 POST's. First is BIOS. 2nd is SATA. Enter the 2nd by pressing a key. Refer to manual. Add the new drive there. Save and reboot.

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Good evening!
I have the asus board in my Vista Ultimate system. I had a couple of 500GB sata drives, and wanted to replace one of them with a 1T drive(Western Digital WD10000CSRTL) . When I connected the new drive, the system just hangs at the point where it's listing the drives right before boot. Strange thing is, it gets the model number, but hangs at capacity. It does the same thing even if it's the only sata drive in the system. Does the a7n8x board support drives that large, or do I need to take back the drive? Asus's website has been less than helpful, and google searches didn't net a hit on this combo and problem. I turn to the gurus for enlightenment... Thanks for any assistance!


A:Asus a7n8x doesn't recognize 1T sata drive?

Your Asus motherboard is too old to support these hi-capicity drives

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Hi guys,
I'm hoping you can help
On Friday I purchased an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH. Installed the correct RAM and HDD and installed windows 8.1 through USB. The system installed the OS and booted normally. However, when I shutdown the mini-pc and later turned it back on, it would not recognise the SATA drive.
I assumed something must have gone wrong so I removed it, formatted it in another machine and repeated the process. Eventually I re-installed windows 8. To check, I shut down the computer immediately, and the same problem occurred.
The initial startup screen (showing F2 for setup) hangs when the drive is plugged in but the bios still shows nothing, I tried mounting the drive in an external caddy and connecting it by USB and the computer was able to see it again.
On Friday I updated to the latest BIOS (fy0039). I rolled the BIOS back to (fy0015) and tried every update since then without luck.
I don't think its a hardware fault as a format fixed it until I booted into windows. Before I booted into windows I was having a bit of trouble finding the right installer and the drive was showing up fine. It seems that it's only once I've booted into windows that the drive vanishes on shutdown.

I am using a trial copy of 8.1 Enterprise from MS website.
Please note I have also posted this question on the Intel forums (https://communities.intel.com/message/254820#254820) but in the past have had quicker and more relevant help from this forum.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Ma... Read more

A:Intel NUC DN2820 SATA Drive not showing in BIOS

Is BIOS set to legacy or UEFI and are you formatting as MBR or GPT? Is strange it won't appear in BIOS though, could be a hardware problem.

Try deleting all partitions and start over.

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I received my new Plextor PX716SA SATA drive (hope I have the model # right - it's the dual-layer SATA drive). Put simply, I cannot boot the system if this drive is attached.

My board is an Asus k8V-Deluxe. I have three other SATA devices, all three are hard drives, and they are recognized and run fine.

However, if I plug the Plextor into the Promise 20378 controller (running in IDE mode), it fails during bios boot, detection phase, with a message that my hardware is misconfigured. This happens on either drive, and I've checked the connections and all.

If I plug it into the VIA VT8237 Southbridge connectors, it'll detect, but I'm not sure it's detecting correctly - it sees it as a Plextor during detection, but in the BIOS Boot Devices screen it shows "MBA UNDI (Bus0 Slot)" - but partway through booting into windows, it'll fail with an Inaccessible_Boot_Device error. I've tried disabling it in the BIOS Boot Priority screen, but still get the same error.

System boots perfectly fine as long as the SATA cable for that device is unplugged.

Anybody have any advice? Anyone know for sure if this board is compatible with this drive? Can't seem to find anything that says yea or nay.

Appreciate any help/advice. I did go to Plextor's site, but it wasn't any help.

Oh, and it's getting juice, I can open/close the door and the light comes on during boot.


A:Solved: Problem with Plextor SATA drive on Asus board

It could be defective. I once had a modem that would make Windows freez on startup. I also had this problem on a CD-Rom drive that went bad on me. It just may not working right. Send it back, where-ever it came from and try another.

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I have just started building a new computer. And I ran into a few problems. I'll first list out the stuff I put together.

-Asus P4P800SE Motherboard
-P4 3.2e GHZ processor
-Corsair PC3200 XMS Series 3200CPT 512mb Ram
-Samsung SP1213C 120 GB SATA harddrive
-Generic Floppy
-Geforce2 ultra (just for now)

I tried to boot up with win xp, but the DVD ROM would not boot up. It detects the SATA hard drive but it is listed as the third ide master (i cant change it to first ide master. it detects the floppy but the light on the floppy is always on. everything is plugged in correctly, i double checked and triple checked. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced

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I'm having an issue with a newly built computer.
My motherboard, an ASUS P5KPL-CM, does not always recognize my new SATA hard drive.
Until I get this issue under control I am not able to install windows. 9 times out of 10, when i check out my BIOS settings, it does not recognize the SATA hard drive.

Please help me. I'm dying to get my new machine up and running.
Any more information is available upon request.

A:ASUS P5KPL-CM doesn't recognize SATA hard drive

can someone close this thread? i wish to start a new, more detailed one. i have more details i would like to include.

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Does anyone know how to get a 2.5" SATA External Case to show up(plugged in by usb (2.0))? Ive spent over 2 days trying to figure it out, please let me know if you know how to fix this...... below is the list of my problem & the things ive tried so far

Heres a little back ground:
I used to have a Sony Vaio computer with a Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 Hard Drive. One day the screen just went black on start up and it says "Error loading operating system" & since then ive tried
1) reinstalling Windows XP on the computer.....didn't work

2) recognizing the drive through ms dos.....didn't work

3) Opening the old computer & taking the Travelstar 5K100 hard drive & inserting it in a 2.5" Sata External Case and plugging the usb on to my current computer, it seemed like there was hope as the red light was solid red & when I felt the box, the hard drive seemed to be spinning and working shape, but still.....didn't work

4) I've went the "most popular solution" selected computer, right clicked Manage scrolled down to the left panel & clicked Disk Management, my hard drive is nowhere to be found, only my current drives in the computer so.....didn't work

4.5) I went to Device Manager right clicked all of the usb ports to make sure to turn off the power so that it would save enery or something like that, then restart...... still.....didn't work

5) I tried to find it in bios but I didn't seem to find... Read more

A:2.5" Sata Hard Drive Not Reading(or showing up) Anywhere On My Computer, please help

not seen in the bios

faulty data cable or [connection]

or drive has gone

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Hi. I know there has been some discussion about this before, but I think I'm in some kind of in-between status with this installation:

My motherboard is an Asus A7N8X Deluxe.
I already have 3 IDE HDD's hooked up and 2
IDE CD/DVD drives (w/no issues).

I am now trying to add a Samsung 1 TB SATA
(the jumper is correctly set on mobo), but the boot
sequence stops at this line:

Sil 3112A SATA RAID Controller Bios Version 4.1.50
Copyright (c)1997-2002 Silicon Image, Inc.
Primary Channel: Samsung HD103SJ
Secondary Channel: Drive Not Found

I cannot see the Samsung 1 TB SATA drive in
my Bios. My OS (XP) is installed on another drive (IDE drive) and operates fine when the SATA 1TB drive is unhooked.

What should I do next?


A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo not recognizing SATA hard drive

Have you looked it up on the ASUS site?

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Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop (M45 S2692) I was trying to install a new partition using Partition Magic, apparently it didn't go too well. Upon rebooting it never installed my software and I got the message "Operating System Not Found" I couldn't boot, so I switched back to my primary OS (Windows XP Home) I got a few errors when doing so,
"xmnt 2002 program not found" and "autochk program not found"
I did a little research and found that Some parts of my partition were hidden so I needed to go in and make them visible. Well, lets just say that didn't go over too well. Now it wont boot at all. I get a black screen with a bunch of things on it. So, I gave up and went onto my desktop to see how I can retrieve my data so I can just clear my hard drive and do a fresh install on it and put my files back on. I bought a Manhattan SATA 150 to IDE Converter. I hooked everything up, the problem I am having now is that my computer recognizes the drive, but it is not visible or accessible. I trie4d changing the BIOS, changing it from Master to Slave. still no luck. If I change the pins to slave, I cant find the hard drive in Admin options. When it is there, I figured I would try to change the letter of the drive so it might pop up in my "My Computer". No luck. When I right click it, all I get is the option to delete the partition. I'm lost now, I have no clue what else to do, and I can't afford $150 to get it done... Read more

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Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop (M45 S2692) I was trying to install a new partition using Partition Magic, apparently it didn't go too well. Upon rebooting it never installed my software and I got the message "Operating System Not Found" I couldn't boot, so I switched back to my primary OS (Windows XP Home) I got a few errors when doing so,
"xmnt 2002 program not found" and "autochk program not found"
I did a little research and found that Some parts of my partition were hidden so I needed to go in and make them visible. Well, lets just say that didn't go over too well. Now it wont boot at all. I get a black screen with a bunch of things on it. So, I gave up and went onto my desktop to see how I can retrieve my data so I can just clear my hard drive and do a fresh install on it and put my files back on. I bought a Manhattan SATA 150 to IDE Converter. I hooked everything up, the problem I am having now is that my computer recognizes the drive, but it is not visible or accessible. I trie4d changing the BIOS, changing it from Master to Slave. still no luck. If I change the pins to slave, I cant find the hard drive in Admin options. When it is there, I figured I would try to change the letter of the drive so it might pop up in my "My Computer". No luck. When I right click it, all I get is the option to delete the partition. I'm lost now, I have no clue what else to do, and I can't afford $150 to get it d... Read more

A:Transferring files from a laptop SATA drive to a desktop IDE drive

If the desktop has SATA, then just plug the Laptop drive in, make sure the BIOS is set to boot from the IDE, and thats it.

If it doesn't, then the most painless way is an external USB Caddy - like this: http://shop.mcgtech.com.au/s.nl/it.A/id.2988/.f?sc=2&category=8641


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2 days ago I did a re install of windows becuase of hardware upgrade..

Since this new install my new SATA Drive shows up as a detachable item..Like a USB Pen drive..

Any Ideas..

Info in screenshot..
Thx for any info..

A:SATA Drive showing up as a "Safe to remove drive" ?

From your sig, you have an nforce mb. That is normal. After you install the nforce drivers, it shows as a removable drive. It is because the board supports hot swapping the drives.

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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything, but here it goes..

I have searched and have come across many posts for this topic. Even in the few posts I have read here I still am not quite clear as how or if this would work. Will try to be as clear as I can..

I am looking into building a system, which I have built many, but want something a bit different. I am looking at a ASUS MB which has Sata connectors as well does the PS.. My question is, can install a 2.5 drive in the place of the normal 3.5. I know you will need a mounting bracket of some sort.

My question is more along the line of the power for the drive, I have seen posts concerning 12v vs 5v and grounds. I have read that it will work and some say it will burn it up. I am thinking going Sata cable to Sata drive is the same no matter the size of the drive. Is there a pin missing on the 2.5 that would not make contact with the 12v pin on the cable or something different.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get enough info out there..

A:Sata 2.5 Drive In Desktop

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Yesterday I had a PC technician around to see why my PC was not booting-up properly and also to change my SSD to a larger SSD. As I am visually challenged I cannot do hardware upgrades etc, so I got a Techie guy in.

We used Zinstall HDD by-the-way and I would highly recommend this application for such a job plus, it is extremely fast.

Anyway, while he was diagnosing my boot-up issue he discovered I had a malfunctioning network card; while removing this, he noticed all the SATA settings were set to SATA 2.

When he reset these to SATA 3, the PC would not start-up! When he set them again to SATA 2 there was no problem and it worked fine?

Can anyone illuminate me on this please?

Thanks for any/all imput

A:SATA 3 not working on Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with SATA III support

Many people have had issues with the Marvell controller on that MB.
You may want to live with SATA 3g/s. Easiest path, no real difference except for benchmarks, and no chance of data loss.
But in case you're not satisfied with that, here's something to look at.

AHCI-mode on Marvell 9128 controller in Windows 7 Ultimate x64


[Solved] ASUS P6x58D-E, Win 7 (64) Marvell AT 91xx - Asus - Motherboards-Memory
A fellow name Jaquith seems to know what's up.

Bottom line is you need the right drivers.

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If I right click on my computer C Drive and then click on explore, the first item in the tree in the left hand sidebar is Desktop. All the folders in the desktop are shown at the end of the tree but pdfs, docs and videos which are on the desktop are not shown. Why?

A:Desktop items not showing on C Drive

Click >> Program Files or >> Documents

They are stored in Program files or usually in Documents ------

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I have a home built computer that allows for only sata drives. My cousins laptop recently hit the fan and would like all of her information taken off the hard drive. She needs this done today as there are important files on there she needs before her meeting tomorrow. What type of cable can I get to transfer the information from her IDE (pin connector) drive to my computer? I can purchase the cables today, just not sure which one to buy.

A:How to hook laptop ATA drive to sata desktop

You can use a laptop ide to USB adapter or a multifuntion adapter
that can handle all drives,or just get an external drive case and
use that.
They do make adapter boards,but I have only seen them online,
so it takes a while to get them shipped.
The external 2.5" IDE USB case is probably the easiest thing
to find locally.

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Got a Samsung sata dvd burner for friend to install in his fairly new Dell desktop.He said there was a sata port on motherboard and he hooked it up but it is not being recognized by his xp computer.Wonder if other sata port needs enabled in bios or if need drivers.Was an oem burner.Any idea's?

A:Samsung sata drive and Dell desktop

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