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Removing dead icons from Start menu All Apps

Q: Removing dead icons from Start menu All Apps

After disabling and uninstalling Cortana, Edge and others as well as Search I ended up with 2 dead icons in the All apps menu one for Search and one for Edge. When I drag the Search icon to the desktop it's named as:
@{Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_1.4.8.176_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2txyewyms-resource--Microsoft.Windows.Cortana-resources-TileDisplayName} but not sure I want to start deleting various reg entries where this shows. I also tried in all the usual places where the shortcuts are supposed to be but nothing worked and the icons are still there so wondering if anyone has an idea how they can be removed if at all. It's more of a cosmetic problem as I have no issues with Windows otherwise

Preferred Solution: Removing dead icons from Start menu All Apps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Removing dead icons from Start menu All Apps

Originally Posted by shimshom

After disabling and uninstalling Cortana, Edge and others as well as Search I ended up with 2 dead icons in the All apps menu one for Search and one for Edge. When I drag the Search icon to the desktop it's named as:
@{Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_1.4.8.176_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2txyewyms-resource--Microsoft.Windows.Cortana-resources-TileDisplayName} but not sure I want to start deleting various reg entries where this shows. I also tried in all the usual places where the shortcuts are supposed to be but nothing worked and the icons are still there so wondering if anyone has an idea how they can be removed if at all. It's more of a cosmetic problem as I have no issues with Windows otherwise

Here you go brother, shimshom

Get a yourself the Unlocker 1.9.2 ( install it )

Get your self also take ownership right click command tool
Here is the task after you get both tools

You need to remove the entry from AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database\vedatamodel.edb or rename it to vedatamodel.edb/temp after you pushed the ownership command and the unlocker tool in rename mode

Also take a extra backup copy of it, just in case something does go wrong.

*** Reboot your windows and the broken link or dead link within your windows 10 menu should be gone.

You might need to add new short cuts again yourself example office and other apps you have installed, after the menu system sector has been flushed after the main reboot that's an easy fix

PS: you might also get a access error that's also a an easy fix if you get nailed for an area after the menu reset or flush

Go back into the location and delete the vedatamodel.edb/temp and your set and do a clean total update check and cleanup and take a back up restore image and your set and good.
AcuraTML ; )

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Hello !
Apps icons do not appear in Windows 10 start menu also disappear and icons from the taskbar.

It really is annoying. Can you help me ?

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Hi guys,

Just got this error and couldn't find anything like this solved.
The icons (or maybe the apps) are missing from the start menu.


A:Start menu icons/apps missing

If you have one you can try a system restore to a time before this happened. You could also try down loading the ISO from MS and doing a in-place repair install. Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums
To do the in-place repair mount the ISO by double clicking on it. Then look for the install.exe and clicking on it. This will repair Windows 10 without you loosing anything and hopefully fixing your problem.

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So the other day my pc screen went totally blank with no icons or start menu. The only thing that appeared was the wallpaper. Earlier Avira alerted to a couple of possible threats but I thought they were false positives. Though I was fairly certain I had some sort of bug because I was getting popups for different electronics sites. I tried to run some antispayware but was not having luck. Superantispyware would not run at all. I would get an error message sating access denied. I tried to run Malwarebytes and it appeared to be working then something happened... I minimized it or something and it went poof. So I had no icons or start menu after that.

I tried restarting multiple times but no luck. The same thing happened in safe mode except the screen was black instead of having wallpaper. I could only get access to cmd prompts and task manager.

After I realized I could open and run programs using the task manager I managed to run system restore and after system restore ran it said it was unable to restore anything and no changes were made to the pc however I did have my desktop back. So I used the pc for about a day when suddenly around 9 or 10pm everything went blank again. I managed to run Malwarebytes during this time and it did seem to find several files (not just cookies) and I removed them and allowed the pc to restart as it requested.

Then I tried to restore it again but for some reason I couldn't get it to work the same way I did before. So I just tinkered with... Read more

A:No Desktop Icons or Start Menu- Exploerer Dead

Terribly sorry, I am not intentionally posting just to bump my thread but I realized that "right clicking" on the desktop is what's causing the desktop to disappear. If I right click on the desktop (not an icon) everything gets wiped and so far the only way I've found to get it back is using system restore.

Also, I am totally unable to start Avira Antivir. It says Service Stopped on it's little console and when I try to enable it, it just hangs up for a few moments then this little help link shows up on the console. If I click that it will hang up again for a bit then nothing happens.

thanks again.

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I have a new Toshiba satellite A105-S4084, with an Intel centrino duo. I want to remove a "Buy toshiba.com" icon from the start menu. How can I do this? It's easier to remove windows icons.


A:Removing Icons From Start Menu

Hi there...

have a look in the following locations for the shortcuts:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs

C:\Documents and Settings\*Your Username*\Start Menu
C:\Documents and Settings\*Your Username*\Start Menu\Programs

If that doesn't help, please let us know where exactly on the Start Menu the icon appears :)

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I have upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 and been using it for the last week now with no problems.
Today, during a mandatory update my pc went blue screen and said it had to restart.
Once it restarted it updated and booted fine.
However after the update I realized that my start menu stopped working.
If I press it nothing shows up. It is the same with my search menu.
Also none of my taskbar icons will work like the volume and notifications.
I have searched the internet and tried all the solutions provided like windows powershell and uninstalling antivirus and restarting explorer but nothing seems to work for me.
I can't reformat and clean install at the moment because it's really inconvenient for me and have some important files and big programs that I can't back up.

Can anyone please provide me a solution for this bug?
Is there anyway I can reinstall the last update again manually?
Or if I revert back to win 8.1 would this problem still persist?
I can't afford to lose anything since I am away and need my computer for work.

A:Windows 10 Start Menu, metro apps, and taskbar icons not working

Right click the start button and click on Programs and Features. (It's at the top.)
In the window that opens click on 'View installed updates'
Click on the updates you want to uninstall and Bob's your auntie's live-in lover!

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Whenever a new user logs on to a computer, Microsoft puts certain default icons on the Start Menu and the Task bar, whether you want them there or not. I need to remove these icons, and put our own on the start menu. I can put our own icons on the start menu, but I don't have a way to remove the default icons. I need to remove the clutter from the start menu.

Does anyone have a script or other method to remove those icons?

A:Removing Default Icons From Start Menu And Taskbar

See if this tutorial will help you out Connect To - Change Default Icon in Start Menu if so also look at the bottom of it there is a list of related tutorials that will help with the rest of them.

If that is not what you wanted change please post a screenshot of what you are trying to change.
Use these tutorials for posting screenshots.
Screenshot with Paint
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums


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Subject says it. Just setting up new pc for my wife. Came with XP Home preinstalled but the start menu was the classic. Switched it to the XP start menu (which I've grown to like better) and My Computer, My Network Places and Internet Explorer icons were removed from the desktop. Only recycle bin remained. Switching back to classic puts them back again. Oddly enough, when I was saving a dowload to the desktop (while set up as XP) the My Computer, My Network Places showed in the save to box when pointing at the desktop.

A:Switch from Classic Start Menu to XP Start Menu removed desktop icons

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I wondered if anyone out there has had a similar experience to me...

For some weeks now I have had problems where the START MENU wouldn't launch, metro apps (OneDrive, Tweetium, Money, News etc) would fail to launch (just a blank window up), right mouse clicks wouldn't work, internet browsing slowed up...
Signing out of my windows account then back in again solved it... FOR A WHILE. After an hour or two gradually (one app after another etc) the same problems would occur.
Researching this, I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 was corrupt (or at least my user profile was) and a re-install was necessary. OR I also read of compatibility problems with Windows 10 in my AV software (Kaspersky Internet Security and wondered if the problem lay there.
Yesterday I uninstalled Kaspersky and relied on Win Defender. For 2 days now (unprecedented recently) my laptop has behaved impeccably, no problems as above.
So, am I to blame Kaspersky? Am I safe with Just Win Def? Any other AV suites throwing up problems? Any Kaspersky users with any experiences to share?

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I am experiencing the following very strange intermittent problems and evil behavior in XP.

My Start Menu sometimes only appears for a split second when clicked and will not stay displayed. Also minimised apps. wont maximise and apps. and short cuts on the desktop wont launch when double left clicked and instead show properties as if they were right clicked!!

I have done the following to try and resolve these issues.

1. Updated from SP1 to SP 2 as well as all the security updates.

2. Ran Adaware and Spybot to find any unwelcome visitors. Adaware only found one minor issue.

3. Ran Symantec Antivirus which found and quarantined several viruses.

4. Ran WinDoctor which found and said it resolved quite a few issues.

This is really a pain as it makes the system virtually unusable except for when it is behaving which is rare.

Would be grateful for any suggestions, solutions, incantations or workarounds for this issue/s

Kind regards


A:Start Menu flickers/dissapears, apps. wont launch & minimised apps. wont maximise!!

Hi binaryboy, Welcome to TSG!!

Please post a HJT log for us to review.

Click here to download HJTsetup.exe: http://www.thespykiller.co.uk/files/HJTSetup.exe
Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.

Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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A couple of weeks ago (well maybe 10 days ago) I turned on my computer to see that the desktop was nothing but the photograph background I usually see. My icons were gone! Taskbar, Start Menu, too.

I tried CTRL-ESC. Didn't work. I tried to run explorer.exe. Didn't work. I can't even access Control Panel (control.exe). I don't have malware or a virus (though I did just do a big clean, but only the speed of my computer improved; I still have to run all my programs through Task Manager), but I think the damage was probably done by a virus or trojan.

I've tried the Fix on Kelly's Korner. I've tried looking at Microcoft's page for help, but I can't find anything. I even tried copying the explorer.exe file from my machine at work and putting it in place of the other explorer file (I kept the original, though renamed it). Nothing has worked. I'm fed up and don't want to have to do a clean install. Can someone help me?


A:Major Windows Problem! No Start Menu, Task Bar, Icons, Right-click Menu . . . :(

Welcome to Bleeping Computer MissBigBlue,Which fix at kellys-korner did you try?Line #195 "Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar"http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm Or, Line #117 - Restore Taskbar and Start Menuhttp://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htmOr, Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/taskbarplus!.htm Can you get into Safe Mode?Then you could try a System Restore.

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im having problems with my computer its nothing serious its just annoying and i want to fix it. the icons on the right side of the Start menu are now shown as folders and not the fancy one and i miss that, i was wondering if i can change them back? this all started a few days ago i think i caused it by doing something with CMD and some files showed up and i was deleting alot of them cause they looked like they were unnessasary, i think i deleted something that shouldnt of been deleted. now im just trying to figure out how to fix it with using system restore because i dont have the a restore point to fix that problem my restore points are deleted. does any one know what i can do.

A:Missing icons in start menu (icons on the right hand side)

Originally Posted by raitoyagami

im having problems with my computer its nothing serious its just annoying and i want to fix it. the icons on the right side of the Start menu are now shown as folders and not the fancy one and i miss that, i was wondering if i can change them back?

It is going on about Quick Launch Icons Quick Launch ,Show Desktop?- if not show any screen

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Need a help regd

In start menu when right click a app i don get option Pin to start r remove apps ...just app r app icon get selected...a tick mark appear. Can't remove also. No menu option shows..don know HW suddenly this happened. Made win 8.1 updates. Using 8.1 core edition x64

Can't resize also.

Tried to open gpedit.MSC . it throws error can't open gpedit. Make sure u typed properly

A:Pin to start r remove apps not working in start menu

search group policy and open it from there.

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I recently tried a new system wiper and it completely disabled my start menu. In other words, it removed all my shortcuts and will not allow me
to pin anything to the start menu which is now just a blank space. Any
program I start no longer places an icon there, nor can I drag anything
there through the start button. When I do, it just disappears.

In addition, the right click context menu command pin to start menu
has also gone away. I am annoyed and baffled.

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Is this really a limitation for win10? Obviously apps can be pinned as tiles, but it's impossible to pin them to the left area? It seems that only a select list of folders can be pinned there, but not apps, or any personal folders. You're stuck with some automated process to determine which apps appear and which don't (recently used, most used etc..). That's useless if an app doesn't fall into those categories.

Coming from win7, this is extremely dissappointing. It seems the new windows start menu is all about showy tiles, and seriously lacking in function. I guess folks were so used to win8, that any improvement was seen as a revolution.

Am I missing something here?

- Is there some way to remove all those "NEW" signs beside all the apps in the All Apps directory?
- Any way of narrowing the widith of the tile panel? I mean the height can be changed but not the width? I have a narrow strip of small tiles within a massive panel. If I remove all of them it dissappears, but can't simply decrease the width?

A:Can't pin apps to start-menu.

Hello sleepless,

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help add shortcuts of apps in the All Apps area of your Start menu.

All apps in Start menu - Add or Remove Items in Windows 10

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Hello all, is there a way to have the apps menu opened when i press the winkey instead of the start menu?

I like how everything is organized in apps, icons, sizes, etc but i can't find a way to open apps without opening the start menu first, or press win-x or click on search.

I have a lot of shortcuts in different folders and i'd like to have them organized the way the apps menu organizes all the programs.

thx all in advance

A:Apps instead of start menu

Hello Gallo, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Actually, the Start screen may be better for this since you could organize and arrange them how you like in Start where you can't in Apps. The tutorials below can help show you how to if you like.
Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8Start Screen Apps - Organize into GroupsStart Screen - Name or Rename a Group of Apps in Windows 8http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials...ndows-8-a.html
Hope this helps,

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For anyone NEW to Windows 8.

The start screen is NOT a replacement for the start menu.
The all apps area IS the replacement for the start menu.

The start screen is a place for links to get pinned. It is a launcher. A start screen.
Similarly, the desktop screen is a typical dumping ground for shortcuts that you might or might not want there. It would be up to the user whether to keep them there or not. The same holds true for the start screen.

The start screen is an application launching area. Whether you think the metro or the Windows Store is bad or good does not matter here. The start screen is not designed to manage everything and all installations on the computer.

The all apps area is where the Operating System manages, sorts, labels and organizes everything installed on the computer. NOT the start screen.

The all apps area uses a feature called semantic zooming (point your mouse to the bottom right corner where you see a minus sign or press Ctrl and roll your mouse scroll wheel in the all apps area) that summarizes the contents of what is installed on the computer.

Here, every block is alphabetically organized and labelled into their own program group. The zooming feature is highly adaptable to many installations and takes one to the screen where your program is located.

Unzoomed all apps is a new design to eliminate nesting and hierarchical menu structuring. Any frequently needed program can be pinned to the start screen or taskbar on t... Read more

A:all apps is the new start menu

There is another thread, arguing the pros and cons on this subject. I can see your point, but I see the (call it Metro) screen differently.
In windows 7 and earlier, I spent time, after an initial install, arranging the Start menu into folders. I knew the contents of those folders and, when I required an app, I could go there with the necessary clicks. (Start Globe - Programs - Folder - Application). I have arranged my Metro in groups, in a similar way. But I find a spin off here. I would like the groups folded. But I have eliminated those I use infrequently, and have finished with about fifteen "dailies". This , to me, is directly comparative to the old menu.
When I select "All Apps", I get a shortcut to every .exe on my computer. Not quite so good as my earlier, more selective, system, as I said, the folders are all open, but it works for me. One sweep and I am across to the other side. I have now got used to knowing which side particular apps lie, so it takes an instant of my time. With my method of customisation, I certainly do not regard it as a Start menu. It is what I find when I open respective folders.
My opinion only: I have never liked the idea (I know it is popular!) of cluttering my desktop (that is, the legacy desktop) with shortcut icons and, frankly, I see not a single advantage over the Metro screen, of the Desktop in you picture.

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it seems windows8.1 has more clutter than any before it...

there are so many apps i'll probably never use
i feel like deleting all of them
but i need to know what they are...

i suppose all these music movie reading and game links
go to websites so i could probably get rid of all those...

wildtangent games - isn't that a virus?

even the one that says microsoft solitaire collection
looks suspicious to me... what is it?
where does it go?

the thing that bugs me the most is how
microsoft ignored flash all these years
now suddenly all my flash videos open with
windows live movie maker which is some online thing
with all these agreements and such and who knows what
and every time i accidentally click on one there it is again
and it yells at me for not accepting...

windows live essentials 2011
If you use the software to access content that has been protected with Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM), the software may automatically request media usage rights from an online rights server and download and install DRM updates in order to let you play the content.

i'd like to get rid of all of this...
all this cyberlink stuff all this hp stuff
who knows if i need it or not?
there's like sixty programs installed...

is there a list somewhere of all the apps installed
that would let me know what and where they are
that would help me make an intelligent decision?

i could click on everything and see where it goes
but i really don't want to do that...

thanks for any help y... Read more

A:start menu apps... are any necessary?

You could try Should I remove it.

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3 days before my Windows 8.1 pc wasn't working during log in it showed up with "The System Event Notification Service service failed the sign in."
I posted this thread but no one replied then back yesterday I ran it into Safe Mode and used the CMD and put these "sfc/scannow" then the PC booted into Safe Mode.
But in my Start Menu many apps won't open accept Facebook, Twitter, Photos and the Store opens, and when I goto install apps it shows "This app wasn't installed"
And my Start menu is like this:
And the "sfc/scannow" command shows that there are Corrupted or Missing Files
Then I also did these:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /ScanhealthDISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
But then also no luck please suggest me what to do
I updated my PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 4 days before
And this happened 3 days before
And the PC started to boot from yesterday.
Please reply Please

A:My Windows 8.1 apps won't start from the Start menu

Store - Re-register in Windows 8 and 8.1

Store Cache - Clear in Windows 8

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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I personally enjoy the Windows 8 Start Menu and I was wondering whether I could directly go to Apps when I press the Windows key instead of going to the Start Menu first, then right clicking, and then going to All Apps. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

A:Is there a way to go directly to Apps in the Start Menu?

From the desktop or start screen - move mouse to top right (or bottom) - get charms -
select the search - 1 click to ALL APPS
or - start screen - Winkey + Z / press enter
or from the desktop - Winkey + C / search / press enter

Unfortunately, we cannot speak to the computer and say:
"Computer > Start Screen"


"Computer > ALL APPS"

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Is there a way to move apps from the Start Menu to folders on the Desktop? I want to put all games that are now tiles in my Start Menu to a Games Folder on my Desktop.

A:Start Menu Apps to Desktop?

Just drag/drop the app to desktop, or to the corresponding desktop folders.

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I deleted a browser a long time ago and, today, when looking for an app I noticed the browswer software was still in apps list in start menu. It would not delete, so did this route and got it. Dont know if this is of any value but thought I'd tell you.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

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I think i am kinda stupid for asking this(seeing how it seems like it should be such a simple thing. Also, how i do i get an email sent to me when someone replys to my treads?

A:How do i restore apps to the start menu

Hello Neverhavemoney!

First r click on the prog / app in question and click "Pin To Start Menu".
Second go to "User CP", above then "Edit Options", "Messaging & Notification" change it to what you want.

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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Hi guys,

Can I have icons on the Start screen that do not show up on the Apps screen ?


A:Icons on Start But Not Apps Screen ?

Hello Emperor,

Sure, you can. Anything that you "Pin to Start" from another location will not be added to the Apps screen. It only pins to the Start screen.

Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8

If you like, you can add and remove items from the Apps screen though. Be sure to read the warning in the tutorial below though.

"Apps" Screen - Add or Remove Items in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I've tried the tutorial Here and it does not work.

I'm trying to add the app 'DotA 2' and have put it in the \programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs and then restarted my PC. It is still not showing up.

A:How can I add programs to the All Apps start menu list?

Same problem here. It just ends up pinning it to the right. :/

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Hello All,

After the nightmare update we have all be enjoying, which has reset a lot of my customisation and fonts as well as killing one app, I have also got all my apps showing in my start menu instead of the convenient 'All Apps' button which made my start menu so neat and tidy before.

Anyone have an ideas on how to hide all my apps again? My start menu is ginormous with them all taking up space in the middle there, and everything I need quick access to is there in icon form anyway.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice,

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Hello All,

After the nightmare update we have all be enjoying, which has reset a lot of my customisation and fonts as well as killing one app, I have also got all my apps showing in my start menu instead of the convenient 'All Apps' button which made my start menu so neat and tidy before.

Anyone have an ideas on how to hide all my apps again? My start menu is ginormous with them all taking up space in the middle there, and everything I need quick access to is there in icon form anyway.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice,

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I just upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP and I have run into a snag. I have my hard drive split into 2 partitions. One (the C drive) is for the OS, the other (D drive) is for everything else. I installed Windows 7 on the C drive, and performed a clean install. Everything installed fine, but none of my files populated on the desktop or the Start menu. Both drives are recognized and permit access in my computer and Disk Manager. Some files (movies and music) can be directly accessed from the D drive but all other programs (games, files, internet browsers) state that they must be installed before they can be used. Is there anything I can do or do I have to wipe my D partition and reinstall everything?

A:No previous apps in Start menu or Desktop

Unfortunately, unless you had used the upgrade version of windows 7 to start with and not used the clean install ever, all your programmes, games, whatever ( on "c" ) will be gone and you will need to install them all again ( if they are compatible with windows 7 ), you may have moved the folders of the programmes but there are also registry keys and hidden folders that you would not have been able to export or move to windows 7.

also, now you have overwritten or formatted your hard drive, even if you installed windows xp again.. you will be in the same situation, so the best advice I can give is to carry on to get it all working again.

That is what a 'clean install' is, it removes everything in that hard drive and installs windows onto it

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Having overall issues with the operating system on this machine. The system will boot to initially a blank screen, after a few moments the icons and rest will appear. 
OS: Windows8.1 
After the initial system file check, it did load the intial explorer shell alot faster but still have issues with the 8.1 Start Menu and related 8.1 Services including searching via the Windows charms. 
Ran System File Check , Found Errors unable to fix some. Attached System File Check CBS.Log. 
Initially the system was unable to launch the System File Check due to pending repairs. I had to manually delete the "Pending.XML" Files in order to launch the system file check initially. I am attempting to try to refrain from running a system refresh/reset. Any other additional suggestions or thoughts? 
Thanks in advance. 
Update: Appears that upon creating a new user profile that the start menu now loads. Search is appearing. I think it may be just a corrupt user profile. Think this is solved. Just wanted to share the update if anyone else had this issue later. 

A:Unable to Display 8.1 Start Menu and Apps

Update, Launched SFCFix Version 3.0 to assist. Here is the Log. 
SFCFix version by niemiro.
Start time: 2017-08-17 20:02:56.523
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 3 - amd64
Not using a script file.
CORRUPT: C:\WINDOWS\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-i..riptcollectionagent_31bf3856ad364e35_11.0.9600.17728_none_b95b0f747be53a73\JavaScriptCollectionAgent.dll
CORRUPT: C:\WINDOWS\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-i..riptcollectionagent_31bf3856ad364e35_11.0.9600.17728_none_5d3c73f0c387c93d\JavaScriptCollectionAgent.dll
SUMMARY: Some corruptions could not be fixed automatically. Seek advice from helper or sysnative.com.
   CBS & SFC total detected corruption count:     2
   CBS & SFC total unimportant corruption count:  0
   CBS & SFC total fixed corruption count:        0
   SURT total detected corruption count:          0
   SURT total unimportant corruption count:       0
   SURT total fixed corruption count:             0
AutoAnalysis:: directive completed successfully.
Successfully processed all directives.
Failed to generate a complete zip file. Upload aborted.
SFCFix version by niemiro has completed.
Currently storing 0 datablocks.
Finish time: 2017-08-17 20:29:01.032... Read more

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I am using Windows Vista Ultimate x86 on a Dell Optiplex PC. I have a strange request here, but I hope there is a way to fix it. I do remember when Vista was coming out, I was hearing that the Start menu will have a feature that displays recently opened programs. When I ended up getting Vista though, I noticed that in the Start menu, there was a list of everyday apps already in there before I opened anything, but when I do open apps though, the orientation changes. But I myself happen to like the orientation it comes with, so, ever since I got Vista, I have been going crazy attempting to keep the Start menu in that orientation, and it has just become a habit. But is there any way to make it stay the way it is? I have heard that if you open Taskbar properties, then click Start menu, and uncheck show a list of recently opened apps, it would do what I wanted. But no, when I did it, it just removed them all! I had to open them all back in the right order to get them back! So what I am saying is that I don't want it to rearrange anything as I open apps, and just keep the same orientation. So basically, I just want this feature disabled, and make it just a convenient list of everyday apps. Is there any regedit, group policy editor, or any trick for this? Please help! I have been driven nuts over the past few years since I got Vista!
Here is the orientation I like:
Top: Welcome Center, Windows Media Center, Windows Ultimate Extras, Windows Media P... Read more

A:Start menu rearranging after I open other apps. No!

I don't have Vista but this works for 7 so I am assuming it works for Vista too. Right click each of your above programs and select Pin to Start Menu. Left click and drag to arrange them in the order of your preference. After arranging the the programs right click in the recent menu list and select Properties. Under the Start Menu tab uncheck the box next to Store and display recently opened programs if you only want to see your pinned programs.
Vista end of life arrived in April of this year and Security Updates are no longer offered by Microsoft. I would advise against doing any banking or internet purchases on the computer. There is a BC thread showing how to use Windows Server updates for Vista but this is not supported by Microsoft. 

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Windows 10 Start Menu is Locked.
Cannot Pin or Unpin Apps in Windows 10 Start Menu.
I have also tried this command in Powershell -
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} But my problem was not solved.

I am showing a Video regarding this Issue.
Win 10 Start Menu Problems - YouTube

Please provide a Solution as soon as possible ?

A:Cannot Pin or Unpin Apps in Windows 10 Start Menu.

Run a sfc /scannow.
I won't post the "how-to" because I assume you know the drill.

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I can place a new folder or custom shortcut in the correct start menu location (current user or all users) but it will not appear in the All apps list. If I go to the folder or shortcut and right-click Pin to Start it will appear as a tile in the start menu, but still will not show up in the All apps list. I think this behavior started with Version 1511 since it was working for me in the previous version.

A:Unable to add to All apps list in Start Menu

Hi, a quick test seems to show the same. The representation of traditional start menu items and structures in Win 10's start menu is (in my experience) garbage. And not just since the November upgrade. Sorry to have to say that, but it flattens all the subfolders inherited from a 'normal' menu used in Win 7 and 8, loses the sub-folders, including those created by each program's installation, leading to things like


where each 'Help' is from a different program.

If you want a meaningful start menu without these quirks and oddities, try e.g. Classic Shell.

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So, I've been trying to add a few things to the app list in the start menu for a while now. Every site I've gone to says to put the shortcuts in "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs". I have done that multiple times, checked to make sure the shortcuts were pointed at the correct executable, moved the short cuts up a directory and then back to the Programs folder. I have restarted my machine since then, and I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong.

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Hi guys,

Long time reader, first time poster.
I've searched the forum as well as I could here to check if anyone else had a similar problem, and I even glanced through the first six or seven pages of General Discussion, in case someone posted it differently there; unfortunately, it seems either no one else has noticed this issue, or I'm the only one experiencing it.

I've noticed this on both a clean install of the 32-bit version, and an upgrade from x64 Vista Ultimate on a separate system.

It seems every time I launch any application by typing the name in the start bar or through Run, Windows 7 seems to redirect to my user folder, and that too incorrectly. For eg:

My username on the computer is "Rohit Kapur". If I try and open Notepad by typing as much in start, Windows responds with this:

And this is what pops up every time I open any application, or even if I try and open a folder without typing the direct path (eg: %Appdata%).
Any ideas?

Oh, also, if I DO try and open the "file" to see what exactly it's doing, it tells me that the file's name is "C:\Users\Rohit". I guess it encounters a problem as soon as the space comes in between the username, and cuts off there.

Help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

A:Problem in running apps from Start menu/Run

Not sure if I follow you but I just typed "notepad" in the start menu and that's what it opened.

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The start menu only shows pinned apps and nothing else. I have settings checked to show all apps.
This just happened recently. Help?

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On my Start Menu, the All Apps doesn't always include the items I want (I solved that problem) but MS added a bunch of garbage/stuff that I do not want. If I want them, I'll add them myself. I don't need all the clutter.

Examples are Java; Get Office; Calculator; Get Skype, etc. Some aren't even installed. I don't need this stress in my life. I'm a simple man that only runs a few programs.
Any help?


A:Delete items from the Start Menu / All Apps that you do not want

These are only links, as you yourself state, "not even installed".
If this causes stress either stop using W10 or get some tranquilisers.

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I recently purchased a game from the Windows Store. It said it was installed. I went to the start screen to find it and it is not there. I did a search and it does not show up. I went back to the store to re-install it but it says I own the app,

Anyone have any ideas how I can sort this out. I am running Windows 8.1 Preview.

A:Purchased Apps not appearing in start menu

does it show when you view the 'all apps' screen or use the search option using the app name?

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Hi, my name's Pedro and I'm using Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332.
I have a laptop Lenovo Yoga 11s, Intel I5 3339Y, 8GB, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (last driver) and 128GB SSD card.

In the last build (14328), after a good install and a normal work short period, the All Apps in Start Menu has disappeared. It doesn't appears in Start Menu anymore since then.
I've installed the new build (14332) hoping that this could be solved, but that doesn't happens. I've changed the video driver but that did not work either.

So I'm asking here if anybody has some information about this that could help me to solve it.

Thanx in advance

A:All Apps doesn't appears in Start Menu

I do not understand your question.

Since 14238, theete is no longer an "all apps" link. All Apps are just shown now.

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I have experienced a sudden problem starting programs. The computer boots correctly, and all desktop icons appear correctly. But when I double click a desktop icon, or start a program from the start menu, I get a popup window displaying a list of programs and asking me which program I want to use to start the application. I select the correct program (or browse to the appropriate .exe file), but still the application doesn't start. This includes IE and Windows Messenger. My virus scanner was about the only thing that I could start up, and I did a system scan with Panda Anti-Virus, but it didn't show anything substantial (just some cookies).Using my WinXP set up disk, I've tried to do a repair (I guess reinstallation without reformatting the hard disk), but after I entered the License Key, the computer did a reboot and then stopped. It is stuck on the XP splash screen and won't go any further (I once let it run over night, but it was still frozen on the splash screen). I even tried to repeat the repair process, but that didn't work.Automatic updates did download an update just before this problem started (I think it was the day before the problems began). I don't know what this update was and I'm not sure it was SP3 (system does have SP2 installed).Considering that the computer freezes now when booting up, is there anything that I can do short of reformatting the Hard Drive???? I also have another hard drive that I can use to install XP onto.... Read more

A:Programs will not start even though desktop icons & start menu appear

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I am having a problem with my laptop (running Windows XP SP2 with AVG virus).

When I log into my user name, an error about nnlmk.exe pops up (can not access or have permission) and then my task bar/start menu and desk top icons vanish.

I can recover them briefly by going through Task Manager and running explorer.exe but then it cyclically appears and vanishes.

I have ran AVG and "repaired" some infected files as well as ran SpyBot/Adaware/Spyblaster.

I beleive this problem is very similar to that of this thread


but I can not physically delete nnlmn.exe since the explorer crashes too quickly for me to access it.


A:Desktop Icons and Start Menu vanish after start up

I am posting the Panda Scan results and DSS Log results.


Incident Status Location

Spyware:Cookie/Advertising Not disinfected C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pvuxdl7q.default\cookies.txt[.advertising.com/]
Spyware:Cookie/Mediaplex Not disinfected C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pvuxdl7q.default\cookies.txt[.mediaplex.com/]
Spyware:Cookie/YieldManager Not disinfected C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pvuxdl7q.default\cookies.txt[ad.yieldmanager.com/] ... Read more

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Ok, there are multiple users on my computer from my family, so I am not the only one who uses it. I had a worm on my computer that I was trying to get rid of and im not much of a computer expert, but when I went to remove it I guess the program found and deleted anything that was infected which im assuming were some important programs because now on restart I dont even have a start menu, any icons, and when I try to Run programs it doesnt let me, the only thing I could get up was Internet Explorer. Is there anyway I could restore, or how should I go about fixing this?

A:Huge Problem on start up! NO ICONS/START MENU

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Launching an app such as weather or easy gmail will sometimes bring up the app, freeze on opening and never open and then I can't use the start menu anymore. I have tried running sfc, no problems. I have tried using the powershell to reinstall all apps but it just happens again soon after. This last time I logged out of my account and then back in and it was fixed, but so far the freeze rate is at least 75% of the time and I used to use the weather app all the time and don't want to have to keep logging in and out as it is very disruptive to work flow.

Sometimes when I click on the magnifying glass it will pop up but I can't type to search for things.

This is on a fresh install on a new hybrid hard drive. All I've done is installed a few programs, apps that were already on there and if it matters anti-spyware beacon which I had on before without issue. Windows is fully updated, although yesterday it seemed like update had frozen when trying to download windows defender updates.

Thank you

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Hi guys. I've recently needed to disable Windows 8 Start Menu due to the reason for laziness and that I wouldn't go unpinning each program one by one, after I installed the Office suite and K-Lite Codec Pack, the start menu was flooded by all the programs!

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Is there a way to massively remove all pinned apps in Win 8 Start Menu

As far as I know no there isn't I also like this screen to be "simple" If you think about it, it is a touch screen start menu and all these entries (as annoying as I personally find them) really and truly belong to the start menu

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Hey all,

So as the title says, Im unable to remove the icons from the Start menu "app" section, not a huge deal, but makes it look ugly having a whole bunch of unusable tiles there

so I followed Brink's walk-through

"Apps" Screen - Add or Remove Items in Windows 8

and still having them there and not able to be deleted..

so any ideas of what I can do?

A:Uninstalled Apps still show in Metro start menu

when you right click the icon - choose Open FIle Location - then delete the shortcut or folder from start menu
may have to do it for %user% and %allusers%

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Many of the apps and folders in my Windows 10 Start Menu appear "grayed-out" and I don't know why (see screenshot below).

Some of the apps are from the Windows Store. When I open them, I sometimes (but not always) get an error message that says the app can't open (pictured below). Reinstalling the app from the Store usually fixes this issue. But this only happens with some of the Windows Store apps. Sometimes, they are grayed-out and they open just fine.

Not all of the grayed-out apps are Windows Store apps. Some are just regular Windows programs (for example, "Access 2016" in the screenshot above). Also, some of the folders are grayed-out too (for example, "7-Zip" in the screenshot above). I can still click on them and launch them if they are grayed-out. They are just colored gray instead of the usual white.
The items that it chooses to gray-out seem to increase throughout the day. When I first boot the computer up, all of the items look normal. For example, this morning, after about an hour, half of the items were grayed-out.  Restarting Windows Explorer fixes the problem temporarily, but soon after, the items start to turn gray again.
I've tried the solutions here and here, but they didn't work for me. Most of the sites I've visited seem to be focused on fixing the Windows Store apps in particular, and don't address the broader issue of random items being grayed out.
Some sites suggested doing a Windows rein... Read more

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One final hack/adjustment and I will be at peace.
So far no-one has come up with a way to remove the stupid letters from the start menu apps list... have they?

Please do NOT suggest third part apps.
I value the right click menu features on the Start button and all the third party Start Menu apps screw with this.
I don't want another program, I just want the stupid clumsy letters gone!

Any creative geniuses out there?
I'm not the only one who wants this, surely!

And it doesn't even work...
Is the name of the program used to determine where the app goes or the name of the company that makes the program.. or even whether it's free or not!
(See image F for Free!)
Useless and pathetic Microsoft!

A:Kill the letters! (Start menu apps list.)

All apps in Start menu - Open and Use in Windows 10

There is no way to remove the letters.
They are a carry over from 8.
The Windows 10 menu is an updated desktop version of the metro UI in 8.

It is designed to reduce or eliminate scrolling.
Clicking a letter takes one to an install title.
It is up to the developer to generate a proper name.
The menu can only work with what it is given.

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