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Domain laptop cannot use UNC address to one server. but when login to another domain pc it works normally

Q: Domain laptop cannot use UNC address to one server. but when login to another domain pc it works normally

Dear Community,

My company use around 700 desktops and laptops on a domain. our file server has a home share drive that the AD links to and then maps when a user logs onto any machine when using their domain account. my problem when I log onto my normal laptop
it says network name is no longer available. when I log onto another machine it connects and maps normally. all other servers UNC name works normally. I can ping it by DNS and IP and can RDP to it but not see any shares.

Please can you help?

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Preferred Solution: Domain laptop cannot use UNC address to one server. but when login to another domain pc it works normally

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I don't even know how to word the question. Here is what I got.  I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place.  I will gladly repost if necessary.
I have one Windows 7 desktop (out of a couple of 100 Windows 7 and 10 machines) that I have put onto our domain.  When the user turns it on she gets the domain "username/password screen", logs in and all is good.  A few times
over the last several months the computer is turned on and the user does not get the domain login screen but boots right to local desktop.  This computer is no longer connected to the domain.
I assumed the user did something so I put the computer back on the domain.  I logged in as user and it created a new profile.  All programs that I installed were not there including Office products, AV products etc.  Could not find any reference
on the hard drive that they ever were there.  This user now has username.000 001 002 etc.  When I put the pc back onto the domain I also copy documents from the previous profiles that I have found.  All profiles will have the same date which
corresponds when the issue presents itself. 
Restore points are not there.  Windows updates are run as if this is a new machine out of the box.  I am completely baffled. All help is appreciated.

Edited - I have noticed that my event log has several entries dated from when we purchased the pc and then the date ski... Read more

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PC was on Windows home version. It was upgraded to Windows Pro but it made us install the anniversity update before we could upgrade.

Joined the computer to the domain with no issue. After reboot we could not log in with the domain user account. Tried other domain accounts too, even domain admin account. It say username or password is incorrect but that is not true.

Tried to unjoin and rejoin to the domain no luck.

Confirmed dns settings on the PC. Using wired connection. Not going through a VPN connection or anything like that.

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I have recently set up an AD domain controller on a windows 2003 server. The other PCs I have tried see the DC, but it takes them a loooooong time to join the domain and even longer time (about 15 minutes) to log in to the domain after joining. I have AD and DNS running on the main server. Static IP on the server and the PCs are all DHCPd by my router. I have tried static IPs all around, but the same problem persists. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.
BTW... all units are connected through a 16 port netgear 10/100 switch on a 192.168.0.x network.
thanks in advance,
Derrell Simpson

A:Server 2003 AD domain login trouble

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So we have a server at one of the places I work that is a domain controller and DNS server, as well as an smtp server.

The domain is named companyname.com.
The website is, you guessed it, companyname.com.

Now why they set this up like this, I don't know, but because they have, every now and then, the DNS server decides to point companyname.com to the domain controller, and ignore the fact that I have a www Host(A) record pointing to the web server's external IP address, and a record saying that companyname.com should also point to the web server's address.

The problem seems to stem from that when the server reboots for updates... it of course forces the DNS server records to update, and it puts an entry in there that contradicts my static records, with the domain controller's local address in for companyname.com

Can I force it NOT to put a certain entry in there, or rather not update a certain entry that it has in there?
Or can I force it to treat my static records as primary?

I'm fairly new to this, as I've not dealt with this issue before... and I'm out of ideas.

A:DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address

Hmm; for the External DNS accessible to the web

create a CNAME for www.company.name
create another for dns.company.name.
each pointing to unique IP addresses
this dns ONLY supports publicly available services; NOTHING internal

the Domain Controller should have a SEPARATE DNS, internal to the LAN, not accessible to the Web.
Internal users configured to -> internal DNS which performs recursive lookup to your ISP's DNS.

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our Windows 10 all clients are hanging while login to domain server. 1 PC which is not part of domain can access domain server without any issue, but all domain clients hangs. I have restarted the domain server but still issue has not been resolved.
Please help in this.

Windows server 2012 R2

Thanks & Regards

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Hello Everyone!

I have a network with some computers ruuning windows Vista and a windows server 2003.
The computers are working in a network with a domain and fixed IPs and users logs in with their domain accounts at the computers.

Some computers are doing something that i cant figure out the reason.
Some computers works just fine, but two or three of them are having trouble working with the network eventhough they detect the network and open the folders shared on the network. If i try to run a software that normally works trough the network or if i open an office file or the windows vista network center the co mputer stops responding and windows explorer has to be restarted.
If i restart the computer the problem seems to be solved but it doesn't work all the time because sometimes i have to restart the PC several times until it works ok without this network related problem.

This problem seems to be random and i don't know if it is something related to the windows server or with the windows vista. I have other computers with windows vista on the network and they work ok.

I have already tried some situations but none of them fixed the problem because it keeps hapening:
Things that i've tried:

Start the pc with the anti virus software turned off;
Restart client and server DNS or DHCP service;
Unplug and plug the network cable;
Remove computer from the domain and add it again;

Anyone has an ideia of what might be the problem?

Thank you!

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Hello all,

I have purchased a domain name through a registrar (enom central)
I currently have a hyper v lab set up at home with a domain controller/dns server
and am thinking of starting a web server on either Apache or IIS on a
different virtual machine. I want to point my domain name to my home web server.

My question is this: What do I do I have to do at my domain name registrar? I'm assuming
I have to point a type of dns record to my home server's public IP and maybe vice versa.

I have a static IP at home. Do I have to create some DNS records pointing from my
domain name registrar to my server at home using my PUBLIC ip address?
If possible please provide specifics on which records I should point to my home server
PUBLIC ip address and if any DNS changes need to be made within my domain. Also if
any records on my home domain (windows ad domain setup)

I seem to be able to find a lot of info on Apache and IIS but not a whole lot of info
on how your web domain name registrar relates to your own web server . I'm not really
interested on IIS or Apache specifics but more interested in the fundamentals of how
a domain name registrar (GoDaddy, or any other registrar/host) needs to be pointed to your
web server and vice versa.
I know a lot of people on forums tend to point to links or tell me to go to google but
I find it hard to learn that way. If anyone has the time to give me some insight that is much appreciated!

Sorry if this seems kind of specifc i... Read more

A:Solved: Domain name registrar pointed to home web server on private IP address behind

Create or edit the www host (A) record at your DNS registrar and point it to your public IP address. Its that simple. Then when people connect to www.yourdoamin.com it resovles you public IP therefore sends them to your home network. Don't forget to port forward port 80 on your router to your internal web server private IP address.

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IP settings 

Subnet mask




Windows 7

IP address automatically  





error code reads 


following error occored wen DNS was queried for the servise location (SRV)

record used to locate an Active Directory Domane Controller (AD DC) for Domain



error was: "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."

code 0x000005b4 ERROR_TIMEOUT)


query was for SRV record_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.dalek.local.

DNS server used  by this com... Read more

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Hi TechNet! So, I turned my computer on this morning and started working. Nothing unusual came up. While working I was checking the detail of an image and noticed that the Owner and Computer listing had changed to "xoCDA". I have no clue what this
is or where it came from.
I've attached some pictures for illustration. (I CAN'T ADD THEM UNTIL I'M VERIFED)

So, in picture 1 you can see I immediately searched the registry and it came up in all the right places where the old name should have been. Confusing.
In picture 2, I went through the Event Viewer and found the "The NetBIOS and DNS name of this machine have been changed..." message which threw during the first morning logon.
In picture 3 you can see how it's displaying in an image's properties.
In picture 4 you can see under the System information that it's showing the computer name, domain and workgroup settings as what they should be. It's current.
And in picture 5, you can see the modified profile name.
I've rebooted multiple times and nothing has changed. AV scans came back empty. My questions are, how could this happen? It's not that easy to just change the profile name, is it? And, the big one, how can I get it back to normal. Can I just edit it through
the reg and reboot? Thanks for taking the time!

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This laptop (1 year old with Win XP Pro) was set up to use a specific domain login for a large client/server network. It is now being used in a different location with a small peer to peer network which uses simple file and printer sharing. The forced domain login throws a wrench into trying to share files and a printer in the new P2P workgroup. Even tried using the domain name as the workgroup name. The PCs on the P2P are recognized by names but you cannot do any browsing. Simply. . . how the heck do you remove the domain login configuration from the system (it will not be used in the domain any more). I thought this would be an easy task, but apparently not. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please just let me know if you need any more info.

A:Solved: Remove network domain login from laptop

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Hey guys!

Really sorry if this is in the wrong category or something, but I'm new to this site and was a bit confused. I have an Acer Aspire Laptop 5315 with 802.11b/g WLAN on it. Been connecting wirelessly to my Netgear router perfectly for the past year. Working completely fine as of yesterday. Turned it on and I'm only getting local internet on it which isn't good. I clicked the icon for diagnose and repair, and the dreaded following came up:

"There may be a problem with your Domain Name Server (DNS) configuration. Windows failed to find the well known host "www.microsoft.com" using DNS. The server may be down."

I have a desktop PC that is connected via an ethernet cable via the router which is working fine (hence me writing this) so I know it is not the router. I can connect to the router from my laptop.

I read a few sites on the internet about pinging IP addresses and also changing the settings on the Internet Protocols and also using an OpenDNS for the itnernet, none of these are working.

I'm a Student Nurse, and I depend on my laptop for completing assignments and also talking to my tutors via Blackboard software, so I feel like I'm lost completely! I can't go on using this pc as it's my mothers and I don't live here, I live on my own.

ipconfig log is this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\nico>ipconfig /all

Windows IP ... Read more

A:Problem with Domain Name Server (DNS) on laptop!

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Hello Every One
I have the admin laptop and it works fine except the wireless. The wireless works fine if i take it out from the domain and join the workgroup.

I have used the domain admin account and the machine local admin account and it does not work.
The hardware is OK and seems enabled with no problem except it does not see any wifi network.
The Laptop run Win 7 Pro.
Best Regards


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is there a work around tried resetting win 8 reformat factory reset enter bios cannot even get the boot order to boot from usb do to the fact that everything I try either says device will not boot error or admin password request keeps popping up what do
I do work around please it was a gift for my daughter I dont believe this was a stolen devive I looked into it but I am intermediate at best with Microsoft software but can follow instruction please help

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Hello all.
We have Windows Server2003 on servers, windows xp on clients, protected by a watchguard firebox x550. VPN users authenticate to Firebox, not AD.
I am trying to setup pptp-vpn on a new laptop, which has Windows 7 Pro. Here is what happens.
I go outside the office, login to Windows laptop with the domain username and password. Then I fire up PPTP-VPN, login with the vpn username/password (leaving domain blank).

VPN Login goes through fine, I can see and ping servers by name and by IP. However, when I try to browse to the network drives, it says username not found.

I tried logging in with a different VPN/username, still the same thing. Not only that, but since that vpn/username matched a username on the domain, it actually locked that domain (not VPN) username out after a few clicks (group policy for domain users is set
to 3 times the wrong password locks the account).
So somehow, when I connect via PPTP-VPN on a Windows 7
laptop, the PPTP login overwrites the windows login. PPTP connection is setup with domain blank, and the box "Use windows domain/login" unchecked.

The same PPTP-VPN, on a Windows XP laptop works fine, does not have that issue.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I wants to perform the specific application under domain admin right for domain user account
I have try create shortcut and type:"runas /user:ComputerName\Username /savecred "C:\path\to\file.exe""
Then, I can run it and pop up the Attention. but  the application is appear "APPSCRASH", when press"Yes" 
If I type local / domain administrator account, it can run application normally.
How to fix it? The application is typing of the dead

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Hello everyone,

We are running into a somewhat peculiar issue that I have been unable to find any information about and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

Several of our Windows 7 laptops (We're working on moving to W10) have become unable to change the password for a domain account from the Change a Password screen after hitting CTRL ALT DEL. Usually when someone would select to change their password,
it would take them to the text boxes with the domain\username pre-populated, I'm sure you are familiar.

Recently, when following the same steps, an account selection screen comes up with the option to use a smart card or simply type in the username. While we are working on implementing smart cards, they are not yet in use and in fact should not even
show any options for them yet. After opting to type in a user account, rather than populating the username field with domain\username, the field remains blank with grey text saying "provider\user name" instead. If the user types in their domain\username
and attempts to change the password, they get a generic error stating it is unable to change the password.

Users are still able to use a co-workers machine to change their password from the same screen by substituting the username. Most of the affected machines are from users that work in the same team, even though those same users can change their passwords
elsewhere just fine. It appears to be isolated to specific ... Read more

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Currently we are in the middle of a migration project. We are migrating users from child domains to the root domain of one organization.
The user accounts are migrated with powershell using Move-ADObject cmdlet. This works as expected. The SIDHistory attribute is updated correctly.
Recently we received complaints from some *migrated* users - they lost their default/custom file associations. This happens only on Windows 8/Windows 8.1.
What happens:

the user is migrated and logs onher profile loads and everything's preserved (as expected)the user clicks on a .jpeg file (previously associated with program XYZ)OS asks the user to choose a program to open the file withthe user chooses a default program XYZ and the file openswhen the user clicks on a .jpeg file again - OS asks to choose a program again
i.e. the settings are not preserved.

Our investigation shows that it is connected with the UserChoice registry key and the HASH value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.SomeExt

According to this blog 
the HASH is calculated based on user's SID. But after the migration the user has new SID and the HASH becomes invalid and we hit this:
"However In Win 8, the registry changes are verified by a hash (unique per user and app)  that detects tampering by apps. In the absence of a valid hash, we ignore the default in the registry."
Currently deleting the UserChoice key for all a... Read more

A:File associations are lost when user account is migrated from one domain to another domain (SID changes)

Hello Petar K. Georgiev,
Please check the following article to change the registry key to change back to the default file type associations.
Please note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Best regards,
Fangzhou CHENPlease remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I am trying to add a win 7 pro pc to a domain and I get this error " an attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed"
I am running win server 2003 can anyone help?

A:error an attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed

Ok I got it to work I put in the DNSserver address agine same as I did yesterday ( I must have put it in 3 or 4 times) and it din''t work I did it agine today and it worked the frist time. Thank you every one for your help

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Here is the scoop ... Two networks connected via frame relay line. Two different PDCs and domain names. Can ping internal IP address, but can not browse through Network Neighborhood. Set up WINS on both and when trying to get them to share info I get Connection was aborted by the remote WINS in the event log. I can see the IP addresses for the remote network through the DHCP manager. Any ideas on what I should do to be able to browse the remote network and also set it up so that I can administer it remotely, would be greatly appreciated.

A:{Advice Offered} - Domain Browsing in a Multi-Domain Environment

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i have changed the domain of the computer (from say old.net to new.net).
there is a folder shared on another machine on old.net domain. the user X was able to access it. aftter changing his domain from old.net to new.net he no longer can access that shared folder.
User X has working credentials for both domains.

on accessing it it asks for credentials. upon entering his correct user name in the format (old.net\X) he is not able to access it.

i had exactly same setup with another user Y and he was able to access data .

is there anything that i am missing ?

also accessing that folder first time asked for credentials but now it doesnt asks .. why ? there is nothign in credentials manager.


A:cannot access shared folder after changing domain with old domain cred


Have you removed/re-added the User's credentials (from the PC with shared folder) with the new domain name?
Also, make sure that the shared folder has Everyone permission in the Security Tab.

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I'm running into a problem with connecting to network drives over a VPN. The common difference is whether or not the computer is part of the domain by default.

1) Computers connecting to VPN using local account on computer: Prompted for a domain login when attempting to use the network drives. Can get in.

2) Computers connecting to VPN using a domain account (but on another network): Unable to connect. Specific error changed based on below info.
A) Computer logged on and connected to an outside network. Never connected to domain network: Can't find folder error.
B) Connects to domain network at some point before connecting to an outside network and using VPN: Might be in use error, attached.

A:VPN Network Shared Drive Error Domain/Non-Domain Differences

Sounds more like the network the VPN connection puts you in has trouble making kerberos connections to domain controllers, but NTLM connections work fine (kerb might be blocked). The errors are likely bogus if you can get #1 to work - if the computer is connected to a domain it's going to want to use Kerb before NTLM, and if the machine still has (what it thinks is) a viable kerb ticket, it's going to try and validate that with a DC (to achieve auth), and if this fails, so does the connection.

This may not actually be the case, of course, but it sure has the symptoms of it.

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I hit major problems yesterday when a power surge killed my server (despite ups/surge protection!). We have a small set up of 15 win2k machines and one Windows server 2003 all connected under a domain.

Basically all user machines were unaffected but my only method of getting us up and running was installing a fresh version of 2003 server on a new machine. i followed this guide and configured it to use the same domain as last time (hoping that all the client machines would carry on as they were before the server out). i've managed to set up access to shared drives hosted on the network. That is working.

However i am now having these problems on all client machines

Client machines cannot connect to shared printers from another client machine. - Logging on as an administrator to their machine locally (not domain) you can add and print. Simply changing their policies to admin does not allow them access.
Each machines is still connected to the domain (so it says) but if you take them off and try to put them back on the domain i get this error:the following error occurred attempting to join the domain " ". network path was not found
If somebody can help me out i would be very gratefull. I'm alright with basic networking but have never installed Win server from fresh. I like to think i've just missed a simple checkbox or similar!? I've basically followed the guide and have done little else in way of changes, so you should be able to get a good i... Read more

A:Complete Domain Issue! Shared printers & adding domain

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dear all

i have a problem in adding addtional domain controller in my forest domain.

when i try to add additional; domain controller after working few miniutes it gives meessage THE ACTIVE DIRECTORY WIZARD IS UNABLE TO CONVERT THE COMPUTER TO DOMAIN CONTROLLER ACESSES DENIED


But the user name has full permission he is administrator

please help me

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when i add win 7 client machine to a domain i got this error " an attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain contrller in the domain being joined has failed" how to solve it . plz help

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We have been getting sporadic reports from our users of the error, "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."  The workaround has been to dejoin and rejoin the domain, but it keeps happening and we need a permanent
fix.  We are primarily a laptop shop.
It has been suggested we disable the automatic machine accouint password change on our domain members in GPO.  While this may be a viable option with relatively low security risks, I'd really like to figure out why it's happening and try to
fix it. 
The machines can lose the trust relationship at random.  It can happen overnight, or after going into hibernation.  I've had it happen to me a few times.  The DCs (we have 2) both show error 5722, but one is spitting out a specific Kerberos
error that the other one is not:

While processing an AS request for target service krbtgt, the account kriegesh did not have a suitable key for generating a Kerberos ticket (the missing key has an ID of 2).
The requested etypes : 18. The accounts available etypes : 23  -133  -128  3  1. Changing or resetting the password of kriegesh will generate a proper key.
My main issue is trying to determine why this continues happening and if we can resolve it without disabling the account password.  If that IS our best option, then so be it.  Any
thoughts are welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!  ~Sarah

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I've got a machine running Windows 7 logged on the network domain but when I try to map a share to a machine on the network, but not registered on the domain I cannot connect (even though I have a local account on the networked machine).When attempting to connect Windows 7 prompts me for my connection credentials and it automatically fills in the domain name.  How can I connect to this network share using credentials that are local to that network share?

A:Logging in to Non-Domain Network Share from computer on Domain

When you say local credentials I assume you mean local on the "TestServer", not local on the Windows 7 box. Then you should be able to just type in TestServer\LocalAccount and the password (the domain you see should automatically switch to "TestServer")Also; have you tried mapping the drive using the IP address (i.e. \\xx.xx.xx.xx\TestShare)?

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I have a domain joined windows 7pro (64bit) not able to connect to shared folder on a non domain joined pc with windows 7pro (32bit). Only public folders are accessible. I get a do not have permission message, I tried adding the domain\user to share permissions but domain is not recognized on the non domain-joined pc.

Does my domain admin have access to the homegroup and the shared folders on the home pc?

What are my options for access to a non public secure folder on the non domain pc from the domain joined pc.

Sorry for the awkward description, don't know how else to describe the situation.

my apologies if these questions were addressed elsewhere, I could not find any relevant threads.


A:Domain joined pc, does domain admin have access to my homegroup

Hi Takatso, welcome to sevenforums. As I read you post, it looks like you are logged into your domain joined PC as a domain user is this correct? If so, your PC will be treated as acting as a part of the domain. If you then try and connect to another pc at home, there will be a problem as your home pc is not recognised by the domain pc as part of the domain. You should set yourself up a user account on the domain pc whilst it is NOT connected to the domain, login to the new account whilst not on the domain and then try sharing the folders with the non-domain pc.

No, your does not have access on the home computer as they are part of the domain and not the homegroup.

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Can I access a network share on the domain with a non-domain computer? I would connect the computer directly to the corporate network. 
For what reasons could this be blocked (firewall? policy? settings on server-side?) and what configuration is needed to make sure it is possible to access a network share with a non-domain computer?
Thanks already for your help!

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I've been trying to join a new Windows 7 Professional machine to a domain controller running Windows 2003 Server with no luck.  We currently have 4 Windows XP machines running on that domain without any issues, but when I try to add the Windows 7 computer,
here is what happens:

A computer account on the domain could not be found (confirmed it is already there)
I put in the computer name and domain again, and Administrator credentialsNow it tells me: "An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a DC in the domain being joined has failed."
I currently have DNS on the Windows 7 PC set to the Domain Controller and have IPv6 unchecked under Network Properties.  I can even ping the domain name (resolves to IP of the domain controller).  It looks like it can, indeed, find the domain from
the message in step 1, so am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Cannot join Windows 7 to domain even after setting DNS to domain controller IP

You need flush your DNS cache in client side first.
Then, let?s create the following registry value for a try:
 - Created a DWORD DomainCompatibilityMode = 1
 - Created a DWORD DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0
Reboot the machine and check the result again.Alex Zhao
TechNet Community Support

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Hello everyone,

So on my work laptop yesterday i got disconnected from the network, and upon trying to reconnect i had internet access but no network access, ran through some diag, was able to ping my other work station, ip,dns and dg where all fine, checked for dns records issue, none found. so i removed it from the domain and tried re-adding it, and this is where the problem is no matter what i do i cannot add this laptop on the domain. i get full internet access on the network but no network access. i know the Dns server is functioning perfectly and cant be the issue, i have also flushed dns, rebuilt tcp/Ip stack and removed all lan and wlan profiles. i am also getting a certificate error when trying to access the network on wlan.

Using my local admin here are some print screens of first the issue when trying to add the laptop back to the domain, then Ping results to my DNS server .

after removing the machine from the domain it now no longer picking up the correct DNS server.

Would assigning a new DNS record resolve the issue???

he following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate an Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for domain "bareesc.bareescentuals.com":

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

The query was for the SRV record for

Common causes of this error include th... Read more

A:An active directory domain controller for the domain could not be contacted

Funny enough, we've found a handful of users on our network today unable to access local resources for the same reason!

Your DNS settings are being hijacked. They should point at your DC, but instead are pointed at a malicious DNS server hosted somewhere in Israel. Give your computer a good bath before letting play with the other children again.

We're currently in the process of mediation around here, too.

Hope that helps!

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Hi everyone!
Noticed, that if I try to access a shared folder located on domain computer from non-domain computer, typing \ \ computername\sharename, pop-up authentication window appears after some time (30-80 sec). But, if I type \\computername  without pointing
sharename, pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
If I run created shortcut for this share - pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
I can easily reproduce this problem, it appeared on all machines I was testing.

Can it be fixed somehow? In my scenario, I can not use net use cmd.

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Hello everyone.

A while back before I knew better I gave a client of mine an active directory domain that ended in .org and did not exist on the internet at the time. Now, I'm discovering in the DNS event log at regular intervals errors about how the computers in the internal domain are unable to register in the DNS server of the web domain of the same name. So, my question is whether there is something I can do to change the Active Directory domain so that I don't get those errors anymore.
They're running Windows 2003 server standard with Active Directory, roaming profiles, routing and remote access for VPN, DHCP server, standard fileserver, and print server. I may have missed one or two things but likely I haven't. The server has itself as the primary DNS server though it's not the 127 address it's the actual IP. The secondary server is the router but I have the DHCP giving out the servers for opendns.com as options 3 and 4 after the Domain Controller and the router but I had the problem before adding the opendns.com entries.
Anyone know why the local DNS server is trying to register entries in the DNS server of the web domain? Anyone have any ideas on how I can go about fixing it?


P.S. if this is a question more appropriate for another area feel free to move it.

A:Oops! my active directory domain is the same as an actual web domain.


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Ok, I'm currently being hosted with Dreamhost.com, but my domain is with FXDomains.com. How do I make it so that the domain I have at FXDomains.com will work like the domain I have at Dreamhost.com, for example FXDomains.com provides me with the domain x.com, however Dreamhost.com provides me with y.com. I want to make it so that when someone goes to x.com, it behaves like y.com, such as x.com/forums would go the same place as y.com/forums It's not domain forwarding, it's something ro do with DNS or something. I changed my FXDomains.com's DNS thing to NS1.DREAMHOST.COM, NS2.DREAMHOST.COM & NS3.DREAMHOST.COM so what do I do now?

A:Linking an off-site domain provider's domain to my hosting.

Nice to see I was completely ignored.

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Hello friends,

I am currently using Whois tool to get domain name but it only provide host name.

Is there any tool that provide domain name from ip address?

Thanks in advanced


A:How to get Domain name from IP address ???

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I have Windows XP computer which does not part of windows 2003 domain, sometine I want this compteur acces to the share of the domain.

This windows computeur is a personnel computer of user wich connect to the network by VPN( Fortinet solution).

which is best way, for user as authenticated on all resource on my Windows 2003 domain.


PS: Sorry for my English , il not speak english very well.

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For reasons I don't want to get into I logged my W2K Pro machine off a NT 4.0 domain and joined a W2K domain. The problem I'm having is I logged off the W2K domain and can not log back on to the NT 4.0 domain. I know the domain exists because we are using DHCP and I get the proper IP address, so I know it's connecting with the PDC. Any idea what is going on here? I'm connecting as admin and running SP2.

A:Can't login to NT 4.0 Domain

Have you talked to your network administrator?

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I have a win2k pc on a win2k network and after a power outage yesterday shut down the pc, it will now not allow me to log back on. It won't let me login to the pc as administrator and I can't login to the domain as usual using any other users login or even the admin login. It won't take anything.

Also I should mention that occaisionally in the past this computer wouldn't login so we would reset the users password on thier account on the server and then they would be able to login. But that is not working this time.

Any tips on how I might trouble shoot or repair this problem?


A:can't login to pc or domain

Ran defrag & now it works?

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I need some advise on how I would get the domain name I purchased, to do a dns lookup on my own ip address.
So basically when www.mydomain.com is typed my webserver is reached.
I know that when you buy a domain it is registered against a couple of name servers
when i transfer my domain to a new webhost that i need to change the name servers
but what do i do when i want a domain to point a the ip address of my webserver sitting in my office?
i am not sure how to approach it, i dont want to purchase the domain through someone that will make the process difficult aswell
advise would be welcomed


A:domain forward to ip address

setup a nameserver(s) in your office, and go from there, or, use something like http://www.dns2go.com

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So, have 3 domains
( 2 ending in a .com ) and ( 1 ending in .ca )
would like the primary domain to appear in the address bar to be the one ending in .ca
so, if anyone types in the .com version of the domain, the address bar automatically redirects and changes it
to the .ca address

how do i get this accomplished ?

(sorry if this is not the correct place/forum to post this )

A:domain name change in address bar

You should be able to setup domain redirection
in the control panel of your domain registrar.
Sould be able to set it for each individual domain.
Redirection can negatively affect you search engine
listings for those domains though.

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Can anyone tell me whether it is proper or improper, legal or whatever for a domain name to be simultaneously registered to multiple IP addresses. I'm not referring to sub domains under the domain in question. I mean like example.com having 5 registered IP addresses for example.com

I'm not referring to example.com owning an IP block either.

I was checking out a site I use and the report is coming back that it is registered under 5 different IP addresses so I'm suspicious because from my experience it should only have one.

A:Solved: IP address to domain name.

Yes, the same domain name can have multiple IP addresses and the opposite is also true--an IP can have multiple domain names.

Because this page seems to no longer be available, this is the whole thing:


The most common types of domain names are hostnames that provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. They allow for any service to move to a different location in the topology of the Internet (or an intranet), which would then have a different IP address.

By allowing the use of unique alphabetical addresses instead of numeric ones, domain names allow Internet users to more easily find and communicate with web sites and other server-based services. The flexibility of the domain name system allows multiple IP addresses to be assigned to a single domain name, or multiple domain names to be assigned to a single IP address. This means that one server may have multiple roles (such as hosting multiple independent Web sites), or that one role can be spread among many servers. One IP address can also be assigned to several servers, as used in anycast and hijacked IP space.

Hostnames are restricted to the ASCII letters "a" through "z' (case-insensitive), the digits "0" through "9", and the hyphen, with some other restrictions. Registrars restrict the domains to valid hostnames, since, otherwise, they would be useless. The Internationalized domain name (IDN) system has been developed to bypass the... Read more

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I have a new file sharing APP for my iPad that asks for several items in its Configuration that, frankly, I have no idea how to find.

I am using a PC with Windows 7.
Also, of course, have a Router for WiFi.

The program asks for:

a. DNS Suffix

b. DNS Domain Suffix

c. Name/IP Address

d. Display Name

Where/how do I find these 4 items so I can enter them in ?
(are these for the Router or PC ?)

As always, much thanks.
A really great Forum.


A:IP Address, DNS Domain, etc. ? Where To Find Them ?

Start a administrator command prompt and enter ipconfig /all. That will give you some if not all of what your are looking for.

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I downloaded Hijack This because I've been having some "weird" computer problems and wanted to get help with that but the log file shows my domain name and IP address. Haven't noticed anyone else's showing that and wondered if that was normal.

A:Shows Domain name and IP address

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I need some advise on how I would get the domain name I purchased, to do a dns lookup on my own ip address.
So basically when www.mydomain.com is typed my webserver is reached.
I know that when you buy a domain it is registered against a couple of name servers
when i transfer my domain to a new webhost that i need to change the name servers
but what do i do when i want a domain to point a the ip address of my webserver sitting in my office?
i am not sure how to approach it, i dont want to purchase the domain through someone that will make the process difficult aswell
advise would be welcomed


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hi guys
my question is: how i can find the IP address of a domain name ?
ok there are many ways to find the ip address of the server of that domain. but i dont want the server, i just want the corresponding ip address of that domain name such that when i write that ip into the address text bar it turns me to the same web site.
i hope my question is clear.

A:How to find the IP address of domain name ?

is this what you mean .

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Have Lenovo with Win 10 Home installed.
Run upgrade to 10 Pro.
Joined to domain.
Assigned 2-3 domain users to be able to login to this machine.
Failed to login with any domain users, says" The user name or password is incorrect. Try again".
Tried to use static IP, re-join to domain, change computer name, disable IP6 -- NO LUCK.
Tried to do drive mapping from command line using domain user, it works.
Please advise.
Domain is in Windows 2008 R2.

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