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Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive failed to reset PC - locked drive

Q: Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive failed to reset PC - locked drive

Used Lenovo OS recovery DVD's for Win8.1 to setup machine (old system crashed and couldn't be recovered) back to factory default. Once in Windows, used the Recovery tool (Control Panel -> Recovery) to create a recovery USB drive. Followed instructions from https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht080887 and created a recovery USB drive. I then wanted to test this drive before I loaded all my applications and again followed the instructions in that article to "reset pc" using the USB drive. It appeared to reset the pc (I watched it go from 0% up to just about 100%) and then it rebooted. After reboot, it went right back into the USB recovery drive. I removed the USB drive and rebooted it again, and got a "no operating system..." error. When I insert the USB recovery drive back in and use the utility, it tells me the drive is locked. This tells me it didn't "reset pc" like it was supposed to do, but I followed everything to a "t". Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive failed to reset PC - locked drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Win 10 Pro P51 with 2 drives: (factory configuration though original NVMe had problems and was replaced)NVMe - was factory boot/system drive, but replaced with a new uninitialized drive.HDD - 500 GB data drive (came with system, was mostly unused).I'm trying to reinstall Win10 on a new uninitialized drive using a USB recovery drive created when the system was fairly new. I booted the USB Recovery drive, select Reset My PC.  Both options, Keep my Files or Remove Everything, start to run but fail at about 77% of they way.  The error message pretty non-specific - "There was a problem resetting your PC". It seemed like nothing was done, there was no partition table on the NVMe drive.  So I booted into a Linux recovery USB environment and discovered that windows recovery wrote to the HDD instead of the NVMe.  The reset/recovery environment nevers asks which drive to write to. There should be a warning / bug report that the Recovery environment doesn't let you select which drive or do any confirmation. So any suggestions for doing the recovery without physically removing all but one drive?     

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Model: HP ENVY 15T TS j000 I can't boot from USB to install windows, can't refresh, can't reset, too. Somebody help me, please! Here is the image when I use ADVANCED STARTUP to refresh my computer:

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A:Can't refresh or reset windows 8.1 because drive is locked

HI Thiet, Thank you for your inquiry, I am happy to help! I grasp that you are unable to do a refresh or a restore, that you get the error message the drive is locked.I regret you are having this difficulty. Here are some links to  assist you.  Windows crash - Refresh - Hard drive locked, unlock hard drive ( from answers.microsoft.com) Drive where windows is installed is locked  ( from tom'sHARDWARE) Here is a link to assist you with the recovery option. Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8)During this process you will receive the opportunity to backup your personal files to prevent data loss.If you have not already done one, I suggest you do it now.   Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 8)  Good Luck! 

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hi my acer aspire E17 was upgraded to windows 10, something has happened and I can't reset my computer saying that my hard drive with windows is locked. I have tried lots of stuff but wont let me reste my computer with files?Help.

A:locked hard drive wont let me reset windows 10

check on BIOS if your HDD password is set as frozen:http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32674/~/bios-password-frozen

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Hello, I'm from Mongolia I Have HP desktop computer, I have a problem. I can not log in Windows. Windows is locked. I know password, but wrong. I can not recovery. Help me

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Hello, I'm from Mongolia I Have HP desktop computer, I have a problem. I can not log in Windows. Windows is locked. I know password, but wrong. I can not recovery. Help me

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Hello I have a harddrive that have SED and I have enabled encryption via DDP software that comes with dell. I can authenticate with my user/pass at PBA and I have also *.dat files. So only thing i need is "windows recovery kit"  that was detailed at 
How to create the recovery media for DDP | E Security Tools Self-Encrypting Drive | Dell US

When Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) is provisioned and the user’s credentials are accepted in the PBA, the system goes to a screen stating "Parity Error". The system must be recovered using a SED recovery kit, obtained from support and by removing the PBA using the [.dat] file that was...
to create bootalbe media that contains DELL OPAL SED Recovery Utility. Support unable to deliver so I need to download this

Pleas help


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Windows wants me to unlock my drive with a recovery key even though I know my password. I have tried multiple computers and laptops but they all have the same problem. PLZ HELP!!!

P.S: I don't know my recovery key and I don't know where it is :(

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I have my mac running dual boot with Windows 10. I have had windows on it a long time, and need to do a full factory reset of my windows partition(of course I have moved all the files I need to save on to an external drive). I created a "Recovery Drive", and am trying to use "Recovery-->Reset This PC", but I get the error that recovery environment was not found. I have the recovery drive connected right into the USB port(not through a HUB). I have a win7 code that I THINK I used when I first installed it, but I am not sure it will work.

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My hard drive failed last Saturday, reading "operating system not found." BIOS testing resulted in error 10009, replace hard drive. At this point, the drive won't boot, but data can still be read.

I have a new hard drive. The backup disk I made for Vista isn't working.

I thought of borrowing one from a friend, but my OEM key on the bottom has completely worn off. HP says they cannot help and Microsoft wants me to pay for a replacement key. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Is there any way to use the recovery partition on the old drive to install Vista on the new drive?

My laptop has two hard drive bays, but I only have one caddy, so ideally I'd like to connect it using an enclosure.

Also, I do have access to another computer that I could use as a "go-between" if needed. For example, if it's possible to simply copy and paste the recovery partition files, I could use the enclosure to copy them from the old drive to the working computer, then put the new drive in the enclosure and copy the files onto that.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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I think I might've messed up pretty bad.
I wanted to set up a partition to run an Umbuntu OS.  During that process I made my C: drive instead of that other little 100mb or so system drive my primary drive.  Not sure if that was my big mistake also or if it's nothing.
I then set up a 16gb or so partition and double clicked the Umbuntu .iso that I DL'd (should've put it on a thumb drive I'm guessing).  It said something about demo-ing the OS before you install and I was like oh, that's safe, go ahead and restart... then I get the message in the title.
To make things more difficult I don't have a working CD drive to run my recovery discs on.
So, I've DL'd the umbuntu ISO again and something from a filesharing site that says it'll boot Windows 7 64 from a thumb drive.
The umbuntu iso on the thumbdrive isn't booting at all.
I've run a few checks from the menus available and everything has passed.

Turns out the Windows 7 thing I DL'd will definintely not work.

Screen says Status: 0xc000000f
info:  The boot selection failed because a requried device is inaccessible.

A:"Windows failed to start" (no CD drive for recovery)

You say that Windows isn't booting, but it is implied that the computer is trying to start, so you can get into the BIOS. If you can, set a USB drive to be first in the boot priority list and you should be able to boot from a thumb drive.
It is always possible that you have a BIOS that will not recognise  USB drives for booting, in which case you are going to have to get a working CD drive into the computer. It is possible that your BIOS may recognise a USB CD drive where it doesn't recognise a thumb drive, so you could try a CD in an external drive, if you can lay your hands on one.
Make and model of computer would be useful next time, or main specs if it is a self built machine.
Chris Cosgrove

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So, my surface pro 3 started giving me blue screen of death errors and attempting to reboot automatically. I talked to Microsoft tech support and they gave me the instructions to make a USB recovery drive. But then, I got a new support tech and they had me do a "2 button reboot." This solved the problem for a while. But the errors started again.

Here is a list of the errors it gave me some multiple times:

While I have attempted to totally factory reset the thing it would error out before I could get the recovery key in. Attempting to use the recovery USB only results in an error of error codes:
0xc0000098 or 0xc0000428. The window's directions for creating a recovery USB included downloading a "recovery image" specific to the Surface Pro 3 and moving it to a USB. But the following directions for creating the recovery drive required going through the control panel and using some built in recovery drive creation process BUT this process deletes all info on the USB drive including the recovery image. I had to create the drive on my work desktop, but there is details on the page saying things like "make sure this USB is only ever used with the Surface." Well it's tremendously late for that. Even more fun, I tri... Read more

A:Failed reset with failed Windows 10 recovery reinstallation

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Ok, my wife's hard drive is toast. Can't read at all. I even removed it, put it in an external enclosure with USB connection and tried to read it on my computer, nada. Tried Spinrite on it. Nada. So, it's gone, and I can't recover anything.

I'm buying a new HD. The OEM version of Windows 7 was pre-installed by HP on the laptop. So I have no disks. I do have the 3 Recovery Disks my wife created when we bought the machine. But when I was trying to revive the harddrive one of the recovery screens said Windows 7 had to be already installed on the hard drive for that to work.

So, is there anyway for me to get Windows 7 on the new HD short of buying a new copy? The laptop does have a sticker on it with a product key.


A:Hard Drive has failed! Install Windows 7 on new HD from Recovery disk

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs: Looking for Recovery Discs? - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower PC*-* HP Support document - HP Business Support Center

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Have decided to take the plunge to reset my computer (because Windows Store would not open). Booted from the installation disk but cannot Reset or Refresh, I get "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again."

Never used Bitlocker and chkdsk checks out OK. My mind is not working on all cylinders today and unable to resolve.

A:Unable to Refresh or Reset, drive locked

you could try this:

list volume
select volume xxx (where xxx is the write protected problem drive)
attributes volume clear readonly

EDIT: If you are already booting from installation disk you could just format and do a clean install (just a thought). It might be quicker.

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Got all files copied. Put the hdd back. Found the flash bios for my model laptop and downloaded.

Got it installed.

Tried to do a refresh and the error said it was unable to do so as my hdd is locked.

How could it have gotten locked ? And how do I unlock it so I can refresh with a new Win 8.0 install ?

Thanks !

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I have already solved this issue myself, but perhaps I can help someone else with the same problem. After installing the latest firmware on my Ideapad 700, I was met with a list of bootable devices (HDD + network cards), none of which worked. To solve this, I put the Windows 10 installation on a USB flashdrive and booted from it, then navigated to the command prompt (Repair your computer -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt). From there, I entered the following commands:diskpart
sel disk 0
list volI noticed that the wrong drive (the FAT32 system partition) had the letter C assigned, so I selected that one and changed it to a free letter:sel vol 0
assign letter h:Then changed my Windows drive back to C:sel vol 1
assign letter c:
exitI then rebuilt the boot sector (using the FAT32 system partition), just to be safe:bootrec /fixboot
bcdboot C:\Windows /s h: /f
exitThen, I rebooted and it went back to Windows! Hope this helps someone.

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I have an Asus T300LA Transformer with Win8.1. My keyboard stopped working so wanted to use the recovery utility, but when I get there it says my hard drive is locked and to unlock it. How do I do that?

A:Recovery says my drive is locked - how to unlock?

Are you using Encryption like TrueCrypt? If so, maybe you need to turn it of and decrypt the drive first?

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Ok this for the first hard drive I've been trying to unlock my original hard drive again I have a second hard drive that is also locked an would like to get both unlocked so I've been working on the 1st drive to get it unlocked I will try to list what I've
tried to get it unlocked.
I've tried running :
Chkdsk.  f,v,r,l,x,    bootrec/fixmbr , fixmbr , fixboot , scans , rebuildbcd.   Wmic I've tried using different items from here even tried bitlocker cmd.   Bdehdcfg.exe , manage-bide.exe , repair-bide.exe , manage-bde-status an
said that bit is unlocked I've tried booting from a CD , flash drive ,int & my ext drive tried all kinds of things an I'm not getting any where and very frustrated cause now having a new drive to also become locked and trying to getting unlocked using
some of these item on it also an got no where with it and i really wondering why this is happening an what would be causing this issue is win 10 or my WD backup drive I'm at a lost in this matter an could use so e assistance in this matter with both drives
I've kept a booklet and written down things about issue an all my items that I've saved stuff on my phone & tablet to try. 
Thank you in advance for any assistance , Shagg(Jerry)

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Hey Guys,

I needed*to install SQL Server 2014 Management Studio for a database course that I'm taking. I wasn't able to load the database, so I played around with the C drive permissions and I ended up losing all access to my C drive.*If I try to*go anywhere like Acer Recovery Management or C: Security Tab or UAC, I get "access is denied".*I have my Windows 8 recovery USB and I played around in the command prompt but ended up making it worse. (Before I could still log on and use Chrome) but now I'm getting "\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD - You'll need to use Recovery tools" It*messed up when I tried this command "bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL" I tried all the other commands from this website:


except for the paid software:

Easy Recovery Essentials ?

but haven't bought it yet. I know*it can be fixed*from the command prompt but I'm not sure how. When I try "Reset*/ Refresh your PC" from the recovery media, I still get "The drive where windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again"*I have all my files saved on Google drive so I don't mind losing anything. What can you suggest?

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System: Toshiba C55, i3, 6 Gb mem, Win 8.1 x64 OEM
Hello all, I have been struggling w/ a very slow boot up time that just started happening. I have gone through alot to try and isolate the problem to no avail. I did have an issue with check dsk in safe mode that said it found errors but was unable to see any specifics in event log as it said event log service was unavailable. I disabled start up progs and apps still a problem, SFC did not find any problems, tried bootrec scenario to no avail. I cannot seem to find the culprit-driving me mad. I created a recovery USB drive when I first got the laptop and was wondering if I could do a system restore with that or do a system reset. System is fine when booted but hate waiting for the boot plus there is obviously something ill going on. Also a little concerned with the chk dsk error report in safe mode-no error found in normal boot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also has anyone used Ontrack prog to assess hard drive health.

A:Can I use recovery USB drive to reset win 8.1

Yes, that is what a USB recovery drive is for. Thing is, it will take you back to day one when you made it if you do a complete restore. Even with refresh you will lose some user installed programs. Back up any data you don't want to lose.

Could run a chkdsk /r from elevated command prompt. Reboot and it will take some time to complete. Could also download the drive manufacturers utility to check/repair the drive. At least you'll feel better about the drive itself before going on to something more serious.

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I just got a P51 and I reset my P50 to factory settings; but I could not do it without a recovery USB stick; I know you're supposed to be able to do so. Why was this the case?

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Hi, and thank you for being here.

I did a system restore on my laptop after recklessly cleaning files off of my hard drive. Since then I can't access my d:/, so I can't reinstall anything, including my internet and Microsoft Office software.

If I look in the control panel I can see everything (I didn't lose any personal files), but D: always comes up as D:/RECOVERY, then fiendishly warns me not to look inside (which I haven't).

Please help.

A:System Restore locked my CDROM drive into D:/RECOVERY

Welcome to TSG....

Where is the recovery disk? Did you put it in the D:\ Drive? I suggest that you look inside the drive even though the computer says not too.

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When booting the hard drive light just stops and everything freezes. I tried system restore multiple times with no luck. I can run in safe mode.  I ran the hard drive tests on both drives. When testing the main drive the test ran for a few seconds and failed saying to replace the drive. The second drive passed with no problems.  The recovery files are on the main drive. Can I order a new drive with the recovery files on it?

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Hi there, Please help me.My desktp pc hard-drive failed in January 2017.Is there chance I may recover the data on the failed drive? Kindly advise what I can do.  Wilson

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I'm getting occasional ticking sounds from my c drive so, I guess I should expect a failure soon.

Including the c drive, I have two internal SATA drives and two external USB SATA drives. I have enough room that I can put a complete c drive backup image on any of them.

If the c drive fails, I have no idea how to boot from the backup image.

In this case is it better/easier to have the backup image on an internal or external drive?

If this can be done directly from a USB drive (preferable), I have no idea how to do that either.

And the most important part; is there a step by step for dummies?

TIA, Dale

A:Confused about recovery from failed c drive

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System:pentium dual core T4500 @2.3 GH 3 GB ram drive that failed: 320 GB Toshiba from HP I purchased a new PNY 240 GB DRIVE that my first set of recoverry disks(used once before) stopped  at 26%"copy file fail: e:\preload\base16.wim to C: (can't read my own writing)." I opened my 2nd set of system recovery disk (still factory sealed) and got the exact same results. I searced the web, forums , everywhere I could for help. I read the a smaller hard drive may cause the recovery to fail. I took a 500GB WD Scorpio Blue hard drive I had reformatted when my Pavilion failed. Tried recovery again ...exact same results. I checked out the hard disk at cmd and I found X:\recovery still there but with the original date from 2009. I have tried diskpart,  format and killdisk to get the hhard drive ready to restore,  any ideas? 

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My drive failed. I have installed a new drive and I have the recovery CDs but the system gets to the HP BIOS screen and will not let me change the Boot Menu or enter setup to select the boot drive. If I disconnect the DVD and the new drive I get the message that I don't have a bootable drive. How do I get the System Recovery to boot and install to my new drive? Thanks for any help.

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My hard drive went bad. I had a new one delivered by dell. During the interim I had it up and running but it was failing some of the tests but I did not have the tech do the change out as I assumed I would save the new one for later and hoped the drive was not going to fail again. I was wrong. the drive has failed now and fails the short and long test. Error code:0142, Validation:104554, SN Z1E20W69, Message: Short Self Test Unsuccessful. The machine will not take F8 to go to the recovery partition.
I made a recovery drive with a USB stick. When I restart the PC with the thumb drive in and get to command prompt I have no view of the C drive. I also have an external SATA drive attachment that allows me to look at the drive on another PC and no joy the drive does not show up at all on that setup. I do get The drive where windows is located is locked trying sfc/scannow. chkdsk_c:/F does not work nor does bcdboot_c:\windows. I also get File \BCD Boot configuration data file is missing required information.
I have an external SATA drive and the replacement internal drive. Can I recover the OS? If not how do I format the new internal drive, load an OS and re install it to the xps 8500?

A:XPS 8500 Drive failed and will not boot from USB recovery

The hard drive is dead. No, you cannot get any data from it. You should remove that hard drive, install the new one. Then boot from the USB thumb drive. You should get options to format the hard drive and install the operating system. if that does not work, you will need to purchase the operating system DVD and install from it.

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After updating my Bios (1.24) using the Thinkvantage software, my Laptop wouldnt boot anymore.  after contacting Lenovo, they sent me a recovery usb stick, but it wont start, I think it is a bios problem.  (lenovo thinks it is a corrupt windows) I have reloaded the optimised defaults, used F12 to choose usb stick but the only thing I get is the red Lenovo Screen. Is there anywhere I can find the default bios settings for the Thinkpad P71 so I can check if evrything is correct. I have an appointment with a new client Thursday and need my computer. any help would be appreciated
Mod:  edited Subject line to add system type and more complete problem description

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sorry to trouble everyone, wondering if anyone can please to help. it would be much appreciated. i have tried reading all over in quite a number of other places, but cannot find solution.
i have a sony vpce vaio notebook vpceb2g4e, originally owned by my german girlfriend. original windows language was in german, but my better language is english, even though both not my first or second language.

when i inherited the notebook, there were problems with the display - pixelated is not the word, but lot of strange lines that pop up on the screen, which i could not get rid of through system restore, amd (or other) driver updates, etc. so combined with the difficulty of trying to understand this and other windows identified problems in german, i thought to do a "c:\ drive partition recovery", and restore the notebook back to its "original, factory-installed settings". please note there is only the c:\ drive on the computer, no other partitions.

for sony notebooks, it is possible to recover c drive from the "vaio recovery wizard" or the "recovery center". i used the recovery center and followed the instructions given exactly. before i did so though, i first created a set of recovery dvds, also following the instructions given in the receovery center.

so during the c drive recovery, i followed all the steps as instructed, and the notebook indicated that it was if i remember correctly that it was... Read more

A:Drive c:\ recovery failed, -> bootmgr is missing, & will not boot from

What sometimes works with failed Factory Recovery is to wipe the hard drive first with Diskpart Clean Command
then try running the disks again.

But that is still the inferior factory install so you'll be better off all around if you instead do the vastly superior Clean Reinstall Windows 7. Be sure to read the Special Note for Sony Owners at the end.

If all these still fail then test the hard drive with the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan, which also BTW has the quick wipe function on it and also on the Partition Wizard disk which can check the HD.

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I have Dell XPS 2013 laptop purchased in June 2013 with Windows 7 professional OS install in it. Suddenly the laptop stopped working giving an error message with complete black screen:
error: no such partition.
grub rescue >
When I took it to the service center they told me the hard drive of the system might have failed leading to such error. I am still unsure is it due to hard disk failure? On the top of that I have many important working files stored in the system for which I could not able to take back up. Is there any way I can retrieve my files? If I need to purchase a new hard drive which specifications I need to order. Unfortunately the system had only 1-year warranty period. Thanks

A:Data recovery from failed XPS laptop hard drive

Recover all data from its drive before it's too late. Here's how you do it - 


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I just attempted to do a factory reset of my Dell XPS 13 9550 running Windows 10. The factory reset failed. Now the laptop is in a loop - Shows the Dell logo, then a screen saying there is an error "hard drive not installed" then a black screen, then the Dell logo again.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 - Factory Reset (Delete Everything For Recycle) Failed & Now No Hard Drive Installed Error

Hello? Can anybody help me with this?

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Hard drive failed and unit would not boot. Work I.T department informed me that the hard drive was U/S. new fitted and recovery discs purchased form HP. Recovery fails right at end.  see following screen shots:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
P2PP BurnBoot Check Failed
Possible Causes:
1. Yellow-Bang occured at Device Manager
2. Some silent-install failure of applications
3. Found failed at PININST_BBV
4. Found failed at PININST_BBV2
5. Found Memory Dump file
1. Checking REGDEV_BB.LOG for drivers
2. Checking BBApps.log for applications
3. Checking MEMDUMP_BBV.log for memory dump file
Note[for ODM]:
If you know which component failed in preinstall process
after checking above files, please OTS it to the component owner.
Otherwise, suggest to contact TWN PDC NB-PreinPM or create PIN-Log and OTS it with OTS Category Image

Description : Unknown Device
PNPDeviceID : USB\VID_00... Read more

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Hey guys I was trying to partition my drive using 'Partition Magic 8' apparently 33% of the way in it came across bad sectors and aborted saying nothing had been changed.

Turns out I couldn't even boot my computer after... so much for 'nothing changed' right?

Anyway so I plugged it into this computer as a slave drive. It shows up in My Computer but as 0 bytes and when trying to open it, it says the drive is corrupted.

So is there any good file recovery software that anyone knows of? Anything that someone would recommend to me, paid or not paid.

Also as a side note, would it be better to format the partition and then try to find my files? As far as I know a format doesn't do much except for say the data is avaliable to be overwritten and I heard from a friend that if it's unaddressable it'd be better to format it and then try and look for stuff because while its corrupted part of it is unreadable by any program.


A:Partitoning Failed, Drive Destroyed... Any good recovery software?

Recuva does a good job from what I hear: Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

As for the part about partitioning the drive first. I would try using Recuva first. If it won't let you search for files on it, do a quick format. It does more or less what you described. A full format erases everything.

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Hi All,

Recently my older Acer Aspire 5570-2792 notebook hard drive failed on me. It's about 3 1/2 yrs old. Was running Vista Home.
I of course like an ***** never burned the recovery media from the hard drive. And it's just my luck that Acer no longer has the recovery media available. They told me there was nothing they could do for me and directed me to Microsoft.

My question is this: I have Windows Vista home running on my Desktop. If I smack in a new hard drive in the notebook, can I use the recovery media from the Desktop to reinstall the OS on the notebook? If not, do I have any other options? I guess I could always run Ubuntu.

I know this is an older notebook, not necessarily worth a lot but I'd like to keep this running for my wife. She uses it primarily for web surfing and she's hogging my laptop like crazy every since her's died.

Thanks in advance,


A:Acer Aspire hard drive failed... recovery media no longer available?

You can't legally used your Desktop's recovery media on your laptop (also because usually manufacturer's build such medium for a particular piece of hardware, with all drivers etc. pre-installed).

I think you can either choose to run Ubuntu or you can get one of those cheap OEM windows media from e.g. newegg. However, one draw back of this is, I believe you can't get any help from Microsoft directly, if you ever need it.

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when I try to boot from usb the screen just goes to blue and does nothing? 

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I'm helping a fellow in Kampala with a new Windows 10 computer, and he doesn't have a USB drive. He does have access to writable DVDs.

1) Is it possible to create the equivalent of a USB recovery drive on disks? If not, isn't he better off simply creating a recovery disk and a system image on several DVDs, and placing them in sealed plastic bags?

2) Which writable DVDs would be best for this project? I assume that the write-once disks are the way to go.

I'm working off this article: https://www.howtogeek.com/131907/ho...ery-drive-or-system-repair-disc-in-windows-8/ Is there a better one?


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Anyone out there that has actually used their Windows 10 USB Recovery Drive - did it work?

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Ok-I was reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 1750. I, by mistake, installed it on the D/Recovery Drive. Did not realize this until I went to install my MS Office again. After realizing my mistake I reinstalled on the C drive. Now I have Windows 7 on C and D. My recovery drive is completely full and I wanted to see if there is a way I can remove it off of my recovery drive. The one on my C drive is working great. I do know a little bit about computers. I looked over several forums online but nothing seems to be in just plain "cornbread english" for me to understand fully. Can anyone please help me....


A:Windows 7 Installed on C drive and D/Recovery Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by awalls

Ok-I was reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 1750. I, by mistake, installed it on the D/Recovery Drive. Did not realize this until I went to install my MS Office again. After realizing my mistake I reinstalled on the C drive. Now I have Windows 7 on C and D. My recovery drive is completely full and I wanted to see if there is a way I can remove it off of my recovery drive. The one on my C drive is working great. I do know a little bit about computers. I looked over several forums online but nothing seems to be in just plain "cornbread english" for me to understand fully. Can anyone please help me....


When you reinstalled Win 7, did you do it from a DVD? If that is the case, there should not be anything on the recovery drive that you would need. Let me know how you reinstalled Win 7 and what is on the D drive.

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Sorry I am a computer novice; but, I am running out of hard drive C space and I thought maybe I could put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive in order to free up drive C space.

If this is possible, can you refer me to some instructions on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Can you put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive to free up hard drive

To be honest a recovery drive won't give you much space (10 GB or so?). You are better off with a USB external HDD and move your less accessed data to the external.

I wonder what others will say.

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Hi -

i accidentally Locked myself out of a drive of my computer.
I am on windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit OS with NTFS File system.

Here is what i did:

Right click the Drive G: >> Properties
Security Tab: >>

I see 4 under Groups and User names.
Authenticated Users
Administrators (CHETAN\Administrators)
Users (CHETAN\Users)

FYI (Chetan is the name of my computer.)

I clicked the last one... [Users (CHETAN\Users)]
Clicked the Edit button and Selected Deny for All of them.

and there we are... i even myself can't access the drive now.

Even after turning the hidden administrator account... i can't do it.

Thank you!

A:Locked me out of Windows 7 Drive.

You could try running a System Restore and scroll down to Option Two, or booting into Safe Mode by repeatedly hitting the F8 key during Bootup and selecting Safe Mode, just chose the normal Safe Mode and if you can get logged in change everything back to Allow All..

If that doesn't work try doing this:

Repair Install

Clean Install Windows 7

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Yesterday I was working on some stuff on my computer and left it when my door rang. When I came back the computer was on but no matter how many times I tried to move the mouse or press keyboard shortcuts Windows wouldn't come back on. So I manually powered down, and then it got worse. It wouldn't repair manually or from the Windows disk. I tried all kinds of stuff. I tried a refresh install but I got this

"The drive where Windows is installed is locked"
Then this morning when I went back to back to turn it on and trouble shot. All I got was a black screen. No NVIDIA window or anything.

Please help!


A:Windows 8 drive locked?

Hardware problem??? Mobo??? Hard Drive??? Are your files backed up off computer? If yes, try reinstalling with the Win8 DVD. Doesn't sound promising though. Don't try if you are afraid of losing anything on your computer. Note that your drive might not be bad. Thus, file recovery might be possible via another computer or your computer if repaired.

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I have windows 10 pro x64 free upgrade after full booting all dialogue boxes does not open,as freezed,tried to boot from windows DVD to repair installation but no success,then tried to reinstall I received message "The drive where windows is installed is locked,unlock the drive and try again"I do not use Bitlocker,Windows 10 was running fine for months,I can boot PC from Windows 7 installed on dual boot and it runs fine,I cannot find reason for Windows 10 not running and drive locked,any help is very much appreciated.

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I have windows 10 pro x64 free upgrade after full booting all dialogue boxes does not open,as freezed,tried to boot from windows DVD to repair installation but no success,then tried to reinstall I received message "The drive where windows is installed is locked,unlock the drive and try again"I do not use Bitlocker,Windows 10 was running fine for months,I can boot PC from Windows 7 installed on dual boot and it runs fine,I cannot find reason for Windows 10 not running and drive locked,any help is very much appreciated.

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I keep getting this when trying refresh my w8 rp

The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again.

Help. Solution(s)?

A:The drive where Windows is installed is locked

Your problem may simply be one of making sure your privileges are set properly. But, do not take ownership of your C: drive in an attempt to solve your problem. See these links:

Cannot unlock drive and unable boot back into Windows 8

Fix - The drive where Windows is installed is locked

You cannot unlock a BitLocker-encrypted drive after you upgrade to Windows 8

Unlock a BitLocker-protected drive

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I was surprised when Windows 10 was being uploaded last Thursday morning. I was still not sure about 10 and decided to stay with Windows 8 so I declined the upgrade. My Dell started to reload 8. I made a BIG mistake and shut the system down and found out that my unit is now not working. I did not download the Windows 8 disk when I got my Dell and it is out of warranty. I have a friend that works with Dell and he gave me a recovery disk. I can now boot up to the advance options mode. However it will not recover as I am getting either a hard disk lock and or a disk partition error. When I try to do a complete 8 reinstall from the disk it requires a key. My Dell did not have the key listed on the box as I have been told that it was loaded to the bios on the mother board. Dell support has been no help as they had me run a diagnosis and all checked out. They told me to run the reinstall from my recovery disk. When it asked for the key they said my hard drive must be replaced?

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