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Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

Q: Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

I'm pretty colorblind, so a 32-Million color palette is, well... it's silly.

I want to set up Vista to run all black monochrome. I imagine this would also save compute cycles for my graphics card and, thus, electricity.

So, has anyone run across a black-and-white system palette anywhere?

Preferred Solution: Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

hm... haven't seen one.... tried making one yourself?

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I'm having trouble saving monochrome bitmaps.
Is this a 'known malfunction' ?
Or am i doing something wrong ...

The 'shading' function gets lost and turns to black.
Its ok til i save it, then it loses the 'Shading'


A:Help req with monochrome bitmap

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Dear all,

I am not sure whether this is the right forum for my question. Excuse me if not.

Anyway, my question is - is it possible to change the whole Windows XP interface from color to monochrome on a "regular" laptop computer? If yes, then how? In the old days, it was possible to do it under the display settings if I remember correctly; but now in my present computer, there are only two choices: 32 bit vs 16 bit.

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Just because. There is no particular reason.



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I`ve had a 2x 27" monitor setup ever since I got my laptop about a year ago. One monitor is connected via Displayport, the other one via VGA. I keep the lid of my W520 closed so I only use the two external monitors. Today I had my laptop unhooked from my workstation and now when I try to hook it back up again the screen that is connected via VGA shows up black and white.  Here is what I did while my my laptop was unhooked from the monitors:1) Took it to work as usual (it didnt drop or anything like that so I dont think it would`ve got physically damaged)2) Installed a new battery (just arrived today, Lenovo original) Here is what I tried to get the issue resolved:1) Update both integrated and Quadro 1000M drivers2) Switch monitors (the one that is connected via VGA is B&W always)3) Switched to a brand new VGA cable4) Restarted my PC multiple times5) Fiddled around with the settings under "Screen resolution"6) Checked VGA port - cosmetically it looks like it always has (no damage or anything like that)7) Switched back to old battery and tried everything again Please help me out! I would hate to have to take my computer to a hardware specialist because I am just out of warranty and I cant really afford professional servicing. Since I`m pretty sure nothing got physically damaged, what other software fixes could I try?  Thanks in advance!

-----------------------------------------------------------------W520 4270CTO, i7-27... Read more

A:Monochrome external VGA monitor

Check in the NVIDIA driver control panel under color settings. It might have saturation set to zero.

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When I try to print a photo, I check the settings to make sure it is in color, but when I select color, it reverts to monochrome when I go to print. This happened before and I cannot remember what I did to fix it. I think it has something to do with photo
viewer or paint that is messing it up.

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I have a dell D610 running XP with a SVG and a VGA output on the back. I need to display the screen on a cctv monitor that only has a BNC input. After some digging around I bought an s-video to BNC lead, full of confidence I plugged it in and got a monochrome, blurry image

I am a little confused, does anyone know what I should use to get a high resolution colour image on my monitor ?



A:s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image

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Hi TechGuys,

I have the following question:

Is there any software which could replace the background in my webcam (if I get a mono-colored backdrop) with a photo or a repeating video of my choice (RealTime)?

A:WebCam: Replacing monochrome background?

Nobody having any idea?

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My problem: the Cancel button is stuck in the depressed position. How can I free it up so I can continue to print? The problem occurred when I attempted to print the reverse side of a double-sided print job. I've cancelled that job and two others I tried as a test, so there's nothing in the queue now.

A:Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

get a flat head screw drive out and pry the button out...
take it apart and get the button out.

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I am looking for a method to run my system in black and white; not all the time, but only during certain circumstances (i.e. when focusing on writing or dedicated reading). Is there any way of doing this on a computer running Windows XP that does not require any programming knowledge or implementation of difficult solutions? Any solution that requires significant extra memory usage or WinXP visual themes probably isn't going to cut it. I'm looking for a way to do this that converts my entire user interface to monochrome temporarily. Is this possible or is it just an anachronistic pipe dream?

I am using a Dell Latitude D400 laptop running WinXP Pro SP2, with Integrated Intel Graphics.

A:Looking for obvious or creative way to run OS in monochrome (black/white)

Hello shoeshinesally and welcome to TSF !

Depending on your video drivers you may be able to play with some color saturation settings in the advanced display properties, but I don't think you'll have much luck with an integrated intel video.

You may find something that suits you in the high contrast modes in the accessibility options :
Click settings to access different color schemes.

Or some shell replacement utility could have a black & white color scheme. Be careful when installing one of these, make sure you've got the right one because they can be a pain to remove.

Maybe you'll find other clues in this thread :

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I used a monochrome ribbon in my datacard sd260 printer and when i put the color ribbon back in its stilll only printing in monochrome.help!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

About a year ago I built a high end PC, and after considerable tinkering I arrived at a very stable system. This year I decided to make a very similar system for a friend, and knowing the challenges that I encountered the last time around I "played it safe" (or so I thought) by using the same motherboard & processor.

In both systems I am using a Gigabyte X79-UP4 motherboard, and an i7 3820 (2011 Socket Set) processor.

My challenges started when I assembled the new system and strange "boot up behaviour occurred" -

This screen would be presented after a time (usually about 1 to 2 minutes) -

Here is a video of the PC as it leads up to the image above -

Video of PC boot up behaviour

Knowing that an error was present I sent the motherboard back to the supplier. They confirmed the fault and sent me another motherboard, which I was quite excited to receive. However the replacement motherboard behaved almost exactly the same way as the original! I sent the replacement motherboard back to the supplier, and this time they investigated further. Much to their surprise they found a "fault" with several (if not all) motherboards in the batch that they received. In order to overcome the issue, instead of doing the honorable thing - and sending me a different brand motherboard (of equal or greater value) - they decided to update the BIOS in the motherboard using an older generation processor!

Whilst I have managed to install Windows on... Read more

A:System crashing, but I am using an almost identical setup to existing stable system!!

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I have just run a Norton Scan and I have found that I have a threat called "Adware.advertmen" in setup.exe. The status of this is 'at risk'. I also have a trojan horse in system.exe which couldn't be repaired.
Norton recommends that I quarantine these
Thanks in advance.


After an hour online to Norton AntiVirus' Tech Sales, sorry 'support', I have learnt absolutely nothing. I quarantined both files - the Adware setup.exe was immediately deleted but the trojan horse is still quarantined. I got the instructions to get rid of the adware from the Symantec website which also told me to go into the registry and delete certain registry keys but the instructions were so vague it could have been a weather report for all the use it was (none of the keys existed in the path Symantec had provided) I therefore left everything as is. I would appreciate anybody's advice on how to fix my now quarantined system.exe trojan horse as well as any thoughts on Symantec's crazy instructions on the removal of the adware problem I had (or still have).

Here is my HJT log
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 23:07:31, on 25/11/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\... Read more

A:System.exe and setup.exe

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Okay, so i've assembled a new system. (not the one in my specs, but moving some components over.) anyways its a Asus P5N-D,Memory, Two video cards to sli, and some cheapo hard drives to hold the OS's for now (storage disk(s) to come later), and a 48x IDE cd rom drive

my problem is that i cant get it to boot into a install CD. i've tried other drives which work in other towers.

A:New System Setup

Does your CD player work with anything? Did you set your CD drive as 1st boot device or select the one time boot option (the key will be on your startup screen) and select to boot from the CD drive? Make sure the IDE is enabled in bios. Does your CD Drive show up in bios? I know it is a lot of questions but necessary I think.

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Hey guys,

Just wanted anyones opinion on where the weak points of my system are. I use it for games ie: Doom 3/Wolfenstein and etc...online gaming and basic internet use.

Custom built pc:
intel p4 2.53gig 533mhz fb
ecs pt 800ce mobo
1 gig ram
24bit sound blaster live 7.1
bfg geforce 5500 256mb oc
win xp

I plan on moving upto a 3.2gig HT P4 and adding 1 more gig of ram. Also I might change mobo to a Asus P4V8X-X. Other then that, what do you think of my current system? Where should I improve it?

A:system setup

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Looking for any pointers to avoid conflicts for my setup below. I am wondering what the best RAID array setup would be for the hardware I have as well (0, 1, 0+1). Curious about the avoidance of heat issues also. Please offer any and all suggestions you can think of.


MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI nForce4 Athlon 64(FX) DDR ATX Mobo
AMD Athlon 64 3500
(2) eVGA GeForce 6800 GTs
(2) Maxtor Ultra 160GB SATA HDs
(2) Crucial Ballistix 512mb DDR PC3200s
Plextor PX-716SA 4X Internal Serial SATA Dual Layer DVD
IOMEGA Zip 750mb Internal ATAPI Drive
Vantec SP-FC70-BL Spectrum Fan Card
(2)Thermaltake A2017 DC 80mm Blue LED Fans
OCZ 520W Power Supply
Aerocool Black ATX Mid Tower Jetmaster-BS
NEC 3.5 floppy
Hyundai L90D+ 19in LCD 8 ms response
Soundblaster 2 ZS Platinum

A:New System Build Setup---HELP!!!!!!

With the system you are building you want RAID0 ("stripe"), which is speed. The problem with RAID0 is no backup.

RAID1 ("mirrored") gives the backup without the speed.

RAID0+1 gives speed and back up but it requires 4 drives.

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Hi, I've just plugged in a Creative Inspire 5.1 speaker system, but only the 2.0 speakers seem to be working. I configured the speakers in playback devices window as 5.1 and have tested them within that windows test feature, they all work.

I've tried playback in winamp and a dvd (old dvd, played in vlc), but only the front 2 speakers are playing.

I am using the Supreme FX X-FI Audio Card that came with my Asus Crosshair III Formula motherboard.

Thank you

A:5.1 sound system setup


Normal music is only recorded in stereo (2 channels), so if you want to hear it on 5 speakers you have to set some sort of effect/emulation like virtual surround or 5 channel stereo in your audio configuration panel.

If that's not available you could download and install a surround sound plug-in for Winamp, there are several on the Winamp site in the plug-in section.

If you try a dvd be sure it has 5.1 surround sound or you have to do the same procedure as I described for stereo music.


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i have a server (well not really a server) its an old IBM desktop (celeron 1.6)
512mb ram

the trouble is its running till software...its like the till server.
The fan has been making a noise...its old...and proberbly on its last legs.

i would like to clone it onto another machine...

i need to keep this one going and have another one just like it as a redundant system, for if the system falls over...all the tills in the shop will be down.

i need both to stay online and one to carry on if one breaks down

what is the most cost effective way of doing this?

any info please


A:Redundant system setup

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Well its been 5 years now since i ever upgraded and played anything on my computer. And now that i notice some hot games, that demand many new harwre i was willing to look for an alternative. And that is i need a new system. And i am CDN and i am willing to spend roughly $1000 with taxes. And this is what i came out with.

My new setup- Advice needed

Asus P5N-E SLI - $155 CDN
Core2Duo E6300 1.86MHZ 1066FSB- $230 CDN
Corsair TwinX 1GB 675MHZ- $105 CDN
XFX 7600GT - $175 CDN
ThermalTake VX Case- $90 CDN
SilverStone 560W PSU- $88 CDN

Note- Hard drives will be carried over from old comp.

And any changes i will consider. Thakns

A:New System Setup- need Advice

Looks pretty solid.

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I reloaded Win 7 pro 64 on my machine the other day. Now when I go to Windows backup it is not set up. When I click 'set up backup' it opens a dialog box that says 'starting windows backup' and runs for a minute or so then I get the error....
I have tried the suggestions in the System Restore Not Working - Windows 7 x64 thread.

A:System Restore will not setup

both Volume Shadow Copy service and Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service are started? Please try to start them maually. Errors?

Can you create a manual restore point?

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i know it sounds silly, but i have had the worst luck the past few days, and i just wanted some assurance that my setup looks ok, before i power up.
here's the specs-
-AMD Athlon 2200+
-Asus A7N8X
-PCI video card (temporary)- it's a "videoplex-pci"??? it also says "optibase".... this is the longest pci card i have ever seen! it's over a foot long!
-20 gig quantum hdd
-512mb pc2700 (also temp- till i get the dual channel ddr)
-400W Duro power supply

all im doing here is testing the board. does anyone see anything that i don't?

A:system setup- i need reassurance

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Hi All,
I would to install and set up CVS (Control Version System) under Solaris 8 system, please advice.


A:CVS system installation + setup,


Do you have the companion cd? If so, take a look at this:


If not, which version have you got of CVS?



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I have a Blackbird002 that has been running great for almost 2 years. Recently I started getting some hard error that causes the system to shutdown. When I power back up and use DEL to go into setup mode, just after the setup screen appears the system powers off.

I have been messing around for a week trying all kinds of stuff. If i go directly to a boot drive or CD the system comes up and runs fine. I have run PC DOctor diagnostics on the running system and boot CD. I have tested memory with memtest34a and memetest86 4.0, and even replaced all of them with another set.

Motherboard is a ASUS Striker Extreme with Intel 8650 quad at 3G and Nvidia 8800 Ultras (in or out of SLI mode). Temperature is running 38C for motherboard and 47C CPU.

If I let the system set for 2 days or more everything seems to run OK since I can get into setup mode.

Any one experince something like this?

All the water cooling is fine, does the guew every losen up on the CPU?

At my end point, can't figure out what is toasted at this point. CPU, mother board or maybe the PSU.

Only thing I have changed of the last quarter is Microsoft patches, including Vista 32 bit SP2 and Office 2007.

If you have a clue, thanks in advance....

A:Setup Powers Off System

Replace the power supply first

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I have Windows Vista Ultimate OS (upgraded from Vista Home Edition) and am trying to setup the Encrypting File System. Right now, I am unable to encrypt a folder or file via the Advanced Attributes of the File Properties due to an 'Access is Denied' error that occurs applying attributes to the file.

I also have tried changing the properties of the Encrypting File System via the Public Key Policies of the Local Computer Policy to allow encryption but it stills does not allow me to encrypt a folder or file.

Since I am not familiar with how to setup the EFS and Data Recovery Agent and am not able to find any Microsoft documentation about it via online, I am wondering if someone can help me with this issue. If you know of any documentation or checklist with all the steps, please also let me know. Thanks.

A:How to setup the Encrypting File System

Finally, I was able to resolve this problem by doing the following:

1) Modify the permissions of the System Volume Information folder by granting the local Administrators group Full Control over the folder.
NOTE: If the disk is partitioned, you would need to do this change in the drives where this folder is contained.

2) Change the properties of the Encrypting File System via the Public Key Policies of the Local Computer Policy to allow encryption.

3) Change the permissions of the folder to be encrypted to grant the local Administrators group with Full Control.

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I am trying to reinstall windows using Windows Media Center Edition 2005. I ran the compatability wizard and everything seems to check out. Whenever I boot from cd, I get a black screen that says Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration. It stays there for about 5 seconds then reboots. If I attempt the same thing with WinXP Pro SP2 it loads fine.

I tried removing some ram, my extra dvd and hard drives, the external devices, and the pci cards. Still the same problem.

My specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8Ghz)
Gigabyte GA-7VT600-P-L
MSI GeForce FX 5600 128MB AGP w/ VIVO
1.5 GB DDR (3x512) Running at 333MHz
-Kingston ValueRAM PC2700
-Generic RAM PC3200
-Kingston ValueRAM PC3200
Soundblaster Live! 5.1
Generic 10/100 NIC Realtek Chipset
120GB Maxtor SATA HD on via 8237 sata raid mobo chipset
80GB Maxtor IDE HD
Sony 16x +/- DVDRW

A:System reboots at WinMCE setup

Any ideas? I'm beginning to regret buying the NVTV tuner as opposed to a regular one that works in XP Pro. :S

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My wife laptop, a toshiba satellite m35-s320, had a fatal HD problem. I've located the same HD online and today, Nov 4th, I tried to reinstall the original software that came with the computer. At first, all went well:
The HD was partitioned, the software installed and windows toke me to the coustumary initial set up. After I clicked finish, the computer restarted and then when the problem begun. It went on a perpetual reboot loop that was ending with the same error message:
the system is not fully installed. Please, run setup again

I've tried everything I know (which is very little) but I cannot get the computer to do anything else. Can you help?

A:the system is not fully installed. Please, run setup again

When you say software installed do you mean you re installed Windows on the new drive

Make sure the disk you are using is cleaN

Did you let the Windows disk format the drive

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Hi, I currently have 7 PCs in my small business's office.

I am looking for a way to allow all 9 users to be able to have one account which they can login with from any of the PCs.

There are 3 operating systems involved: XP, Vista and Seven. (3 on XP, 1 on Vista and 3 on Seven; all 32 bit). It would need to be able to give them access to their user account settings and personal files as well as a couple of network drives.

We currently have one of the Windows 7 PCs setup as a CCTV server and the as the PC our network drives are attached to; if this is of any help.

Do I need to buy some new hardware at all.

Does anyone know how I may go about doing this.

Thank you in advance.


A:How to setup a Network Logon System.

Quote: Originally Posted by osholt

Hi, I currently have 7 PCs in my small business's office.

I am looking for a way to allow all 9 users to be able to have one account which they can login with from any of the PCs.

There are 3 operating systems involved: XP, Vista and Seven. (3 on XP, 1 on Vista and 3 on Seven; all 32 bit). It would need to be able to give them access to their user account settings and personal files as well as a couple of network drives.

We currently have one of the Windows 7 PCs setup as a CCTV server and the as the PC our network drives are attached to; if this is of any help.

Do I need to buy some new hardware at all.

Does anyone know how I may go about doing this.

Thank you in advance.


We have that capability where I work, so it is definitely do-able. I'm not the Admin guy, so I can't offer specifics about how it is done.

From looking around, it appears that you will need an Active Directory server. Here are some sites on scripting that may help:

Creating and Using Login Scripts | loginscripts.info from Sembee Ltd.

Logon Script - Examples MapNetworkDrive, Windows VBS map network drive to UNC path

Logon Script FAQ

Microsoft - Scripting Concepts and Technologies for System Administration

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Hey everyone, hopefully one of you can help me out with my problem.

Basically when I try to install a program, I get this error:

Setup.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation

The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll occupied an address range reserved for window system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for the new DLL.Click to expand...

I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

A:Setup.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation.

Take a look at this:


Good luck Kitaro

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I have never had to re-enter the settings and have not copied the current values. Is there an EASY way to have them available if the system crashes or some how they are lost? I could enter the utility, scroll down through the options and write them all down but .......!

I have a Dell XPS 8300 running Windows 7 Home premium.

A:Solved: System Setup Utility

Not real sure what your asking here; but if info on your system is it, this free program is one of the best.

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

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I wanted to know how to setup my system to run XP,and Vista.

Which OS should I install first?

Last I came upon this notation in another forums post about duel booting XP and Vista:
"An important note to keep in mind! If you multi boot XP and Vista, every time you boot to XP it will kill Vista's restore points. The drive that Vista is on would have to disabled in XP to prevent this. There are also third party programs out there that will also prevent this issue.+

Is this is true could you let me know what to do or were to go to find out how to deal with it wen setting up.


A:How to setup duel boot system

You could try this:


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How do I establish a dual boot system? I am running WinXP on both drives.


A:How is a dual boot system setup?

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Hello everyone,

A few days ago i decided on completely reinstalling everything on my computer, but as you can see in the title, i have a problem within the installation of Windows 7. Everytime i try to install it from my USB Flash Drive, i manage to get as far to select wether to upgrade or custom. I pick custom, as all old files have been wiped, but upon selecting my drive to install it on, it gives the error of not being able to create a system partition, and is unable to find an existing one. This happens both when ive created a new partition and formatted it, and when i leave the drive on unallocated space(preffered method)

All other hard drives have been unplugged, and im installing from an USB 3.0 flash drive in a 2.0 port, and all excessive USB devices have been pulled as well.

Ive tried using a method through diskpart, but that failed.

DiskPart <ENTER>
list disk <ENTER>
select disk 0 <ENTER>
clean <ENTER>
create partition primary align=1024 <ENTER>
format fs=ntfs <ENTER> (Will Take a While)
assign <ENTER>
active <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>

A:Setup can't create system partition

Work through these steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

Once it gets going then look over the steps to get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

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I need help from you SME out there, How to setup a Multi-OS boot system using <Win98> <XP Pro> <Vista Ultimate 64> on three separate SATA hard drives. All there is required for operation.
First, I created a RAID stripping with three SATA drives. Using XP Pro partitioned the Array and formatted into three logical drives. Installed XP Pro first without a problem, but my Plextor optical drive would not recognize Win98 CD and stopped any attempts for installation.

1. Is it even possible to setup multi-boot OS in RAID configuration?
2. Can multi-boot OS be setup on separate HDD in non RAID configuration?
3. Which sequence should the OS be installed? Assuming Vista 64 is last.

Windows 98 ? drive 01, FAT32
WinXP Pro ? drive 02, NTFS
Vista Ultimate 64 ? 03, NTFS

Thanks in advance.

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Working from a December 2008 thread here that concerns replacing a battery in a Dell Dimension 8300 due to "System battery voltage is low", the instructions direct the owner to the "System Setup Folder" as the first step so a bunch of settings can be recorded before replacing the battery.

My question: where is the "System Setup Folder" and how do I access it?


A:Solved: System Setup Folder

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I'm in the process of setting up a touchscreen kiosk system for work.  I currently have the system set to boot into the Kiosk account so that user is only able to access the metro app Internet Explorer and that app has its homepage set to the site I want users to access.  I have blocked all other domains/applications so the user can only access that page.  The problem that I'm running into is I want this set up so that w/o me touching the machine I want it to come back to the home page every few minutes.  I would also like to restrict user access to the address bar.  Basically I want to set this machine up so it boots up to the website and that is the only thing that the user can do with the machine.  Would anyone be able to advise me on how I can get this done?
My current configuration is such that the computer boots up into the Kiosk account.  It then launches the IE application and goes to the website.  All other sites are blocked from access from that account but users are still able to enter them into the address bar which takes my terminal away from the site that I need it to automatically return to for the next user.  Is there a way I can take away the address bar or set the terminal to automatically return to that site periodically?  Thanks in advance.

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I just got a new computer for my father-in-law. I started setting it up for him for the first time by setting up his microsoft account and putting in the wifi info. It then ask me to setup a pin #. I did that and the next thing I knew the screen went black. The mouse will still move on the screen and the hard drive light flashes like it is doing something but that is it. The computer will go into sleep mode when I press the power button but i don't get any other resopnces from hitting the alt control and delete keys or anything else. It's been 4 hours now and still the same thing. Any ideas? 

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Hi have a problem with my laptop (comapq nx6310 notebook)it boots but eventually brings blue screen.

When i try to install fresh copy of xp,i fails to go on coz, it shows no hard disk installed.

I also have tried to enter system setup by pressing F10 but it prompts me to setup password.

How do i work this out,im compeletly stark,please help


A:Failing to enter system setup

Ndulu - You answers are here:

How to clear an unknown BIOS password

Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

Please post back if you require further assistance

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Running a Dell XPS710. Was on the phone with tech support and had to go into setup to check on something. after I got off the phone, I rebooted and tried to access setup and can not. I don't know if I accidentally checked off something that won't allow me to use the keyboard until the machine boots into windows because pressing F2 (Setup) or F12 (Boot Options) when the Dell splash screen appears won't work. It just goes into Windows.

Any other way to get into Setup?


A:Solved: can't get into the system setup (BIOS)

Do you have a USB keyboard? You may have disabled something in the BIOS called "Enable USB Legacy Devices". If this is disabled, you can't use USB devices until the OS has loaded.

I actually keep a spare PS/2 keyboard laying around just for this purpose.

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Hi, all

When restarting my PC I get a choice of 2 systems to load..


Now this would not be a problem if the top one was the default, but its not. If I do not monitor the restart it automatically enters the setup option.
The setup then runs (blue screen) until I get the option to Quit (F3).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to remove the setup option from the boot?

Thanks in advance.


A:XP Setup In Operating System Choices

Hi .Try the following: Removing the invalid entries from Boot.ini - http://windowsxp.mvps.org/bootopt.htm Louis

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Hello everyone.

For some reason, I have lost access to the Installation menu accessible through both the Installation CD and a bootable USB with the same files as the Installation CD. I'm not sure when this started happening but I'm going to say within a couple of months. I had no problems before putting the Installation CD in and accessing the "Repair Computer" menu, the Disk Partition Menu (that one where you can view what's on the HDD such as OEM partitions, your drives, Recovery, etc), and every other menu that is accessible through the Installation disc.

I discovered this a few days ago when I was backing up my system with Windows System Image feature. The system image worked and is accessible but ONLY through "Revert to a System Image You Made Before" menu while running the OS. If I try to access this same menu using an Installation Disc or a bootable drive with the installation media on it, my screen will freeze at the screen where I am supposed to select my language. I also cannot use my mouse or my keyboard. The keyboard light does not appear for NUMLOCK and my mouse has no response; matter of fact, there's no mouse cursor on the screen either.

My PC is an Alienware X52 and it's had at least one clean install before. I don't know if that was a result of why my PC is acting strange but I was able to access the Setup Menus BEFORE this happened and a couple of months ago. I don't know why I can't now. I've checked the Installation CD on anot... Read more

A:Cannot Access System Setup via Installation CD or Bootable USB

Was the backup image made onto external media? I'm asking 'cause I'm hoping Windows Backup did not accidentally over-write the factory restore/recovery partition.

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I have an existing raid setup and I am about to upgrade my computer. I was just wondering how I transfer my existing raid to a new system. Do I just setup the new raid the same way I did the old and then plug in my drives? I am running the raid using 2 80gig harddrives and it is filled up and I don't want to lose any of the data. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Hello all!

I have installed windows countless times and this is the first time I have ever run into this problem. Yes, I have read countless forums on this; however, none of them help at all.

I unplugged all USB devices etc. Being that this is the first time something like this has happened, I don't even know where to begin.

I just purchased this brand new HDD today, and Windows decides it doesn't feel like installing.

A:Setup was unable to create a new system partition

I'm no expert on this, but, with just installing one extra HDD inside the case you have to make sure which one's goin to be the master and which one's goin' to be the slave. It depends on how you connect/set the ribbon cable.

You don't offer much in the way of specs except you have x4 HDD's? and your talkin' USB?

You have given us absolutely no architecture on how your system is set up with these x4 HDD's.

One item that would really help is a screenshot of your disk management: Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

This link will take you to the beginning of the HDD tutorials: Windows 7 - Tutorial Index There might be something there that may help.

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I'm getting this error when trying to install windows 7 rc x64:

"Setup couldn't create new system partition"

Then it asks me to check the setup log, but I don't know how.

Trying to install onto the 2nd partition of a 160 gb drive, split in half. It's disk 0, the first partition is active primary and has XP. The second partition is formatted ntfs primary and when I select it in windows setup, that's when I get the error message. I let windows 7 delete it and create a new partition and formatted it, but when I select it to install windows onto, it give me the above message.

It's a SATA drive running in native IDE mode on an AMD790GX board with a Phenom II X4 940 and 4 GB RAM.

It doesn't seem like it would be a drivers issues, since Windows sees the drive and both partitions, allows me to delete, create and format partitions, just won't let me install onto it. Any ideas?

A:Setup couldn't create new system partition

How are you trying to install?

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I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 onto my brand new Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD. I keep getting the same error "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information".

I am trying to install Windows 7 x64bit Ultimate version via a USB (plugged into USB 2.0) the image was tested on another computer and found to work.

Methods I have attempted from reading other threads:

Letting Windows Setup configure everything for me.
(Try to install on an unallocated space,
Try to install after creating a new partition,
Try to install after formatting the partition created before)

Create a new partition via DiskPart:
DiskPart <ENTER>
list disk <ENTER>
select disk 0 <ENTER>
clean <ENTER> (Also tried Clean All)
create partition primary align=1024 <ENTER>
format fs=ntfs quick <ENTER>
assign <ENTER>
active <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>
exit <ENTER>

I've tried having the SATA drive settings in AHCI and IDE mode as well as IDE compatibility mode

Have attempted to plug into SATA 3.0_0 and SATA 3.0_1 on the motherboard.

Have unplugged ALL other drives including the DVD drive.

Attempted to install Windows with the SSD plugged into another computer

Bios can see the SSD as well as read/write create partitions etc, and as mentioned this is a brand new SSD

A:Setup was unable to create a new system partition (NEW SSD)

googling around found this:

When you see the error – remove the flash drive from the computer
Press exit (red cross in the top right corner)
Start installation from the beginning (without reboot)
After selecting Windows 7 edition you will get new error
Press OK in error window, you will be redirected to installation main menu
Insert your USB Flash drive in to the computer
Install windows

(credit to [Fix] Error during installing Windows 7 from USB (Setup was unable to create a system partition or locate an existing partition.) | Druss Blog)
Can't hurt to try....

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Hi folks!

I've been experiencing some troubles installing Windows 7 from a bootable USB.
I was so clever that I deleted all the partitions even with my Windows 8.

I was trying to downgrade and had loads of issues getting the USB to work, but that's fine now and I got to the setup. However, I had problems with partitions unable to be written onto. I have cleaned and formatted and set the partition to ntsf as I found somewhere in these forums. At The end, I'm still getting the same old error setup was unable to create a new system partition..............

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Setup was unable to create a new system partition

Hmmm, is this a UEFI based system? If so you need to do things differently to install Windows 7.
See here: UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with

If no help, try this.

Delete both partitions.
Create one single partition encompasing the entire drive (you can re-size it later if you want another partition or two).
DO NOT format, just click next and let the install program do what it needs.
See if that works.

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When I install drivers for my graphics card this message appears..any solutions?Thanks...the drivers are for windows vista 32bit....

A:Setup detected operating system in use is not Windows.

Are you installing the drivers with vista compatibility.

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Clean install of windows 7 on 2 160gb sata HDD's set up for a raid 0
when i select a partition to install the OS onto it gives me the error

"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. see the Setup log files for more information."

any suggestions?

A:Setup was unable to creat a new system partition

Quote: Originally Posted by Demosthene

Clean install of windows 7 on 2 160gb sata HDD's set up for a raid 0
when i select a partition to install the OS onto it gives me the error

"Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. see the Setup log files for more information."

any suggestions?

Probably the raid driver. You need to download and install it during the win 7 install.


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