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XPS 15 9550

Q: XPS 15 9550

The trackpad on my XPS15 9550 recently started lifting on the bottom edge and is unresponsive for clicking. The machine is running extremely hot and the fan is on most of the time. It seems as though Dell is aware of this issue with the battery in this model. How doe I get it replaced or order a get a new battery and the trackpad fixed? Its a great machine. I have a hard time believing that its useful life is 18 months, especially for the amount of money I spent on this. Its my fourth Dell and the shortest lived one yet and the most expensive - not to good issues to put together.

Preferred Solution: XPS 15 9550

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XPS 15 9550

You'll need to call Dell support -- and in the meantime, get the battery out of the system and out of your home/office. A swollen battery is an immediate safety hazard.

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I have a wonderful top of the line late-2015 XPS 15 (9550) with the 1TB PCIe SSD drive.
I am a videographer and conduct regular field trips lasting several weeks. I need extra storage in the laptop. Is it possible to fit a second drive - either SSD or 2.5-inch HDD, in this model? If so, is it something I can do myself or would I have to send the laptop away?
Thanks in anticipation of positive replies.

A:Second SSD/HDD for XPS 15 (9550)

Hi Tourex,
It looks like it's possible, but I think the only hiccup you might have is the hard drive interposer.  This is a specialized SATA connection that converts SATA to a different port on the logic board.
Page 17 of the user manual starts the description of the hard drive replacement process.  Page 19 shows what the interposer looks like.

So if you have an interprose, great!  If not, then calling Dell to get one might be your best bet.  Otherwise this looks like a pretty simple procedure.
Hope this helps!

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I have this model, this is the second time I have had a failure of this type on this laptop. What happens is the unit goes into hibernation, then on subsequent attempts to power it on the power light illuminates for about 10 seconds, nothing else happens, no splash screen, num/caps lock has no effect. It does it both on power and battery.
The motherboard has been replaced once, it's being replaced again tomorrow, is this a failure other people have seen? It's running Windows 10 with all bios and driver updates installed.

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I run a XPS 15 9550 system with Windows 10 Pro and a Samsung NVMe 951PM SSD in Intel RST RAID mode.
 I used on a clean install below driver and have not had any problems with the system or the SSD itself so far.
I am interested in S.M.A.R.T.  data, but CrystalDiskInfo-v7.0.0 does not show any data, nor can above SSD be monitored by Acronis Drive Monitor-v1.0.566 via SMART.
What am I missing, or does a RAID system just not allow SMART readings?
Thank you and please explain in detail.

A:XPS 15 9550 and S.M.A.R.T.

It depends on the OEM firmware -- the retail versions of the Samsung drives DO report SMART to Samsung's Magician software -- that software isn't supported on OEM drives, which may not do the reporting (presumably Dell wants you to use the Dell diagnostics to test/survey the drive).

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Hi all, first time here.
I have been using the xps 15 for a while for school work and to prolong my battery / use apps, i switch from the default 4k settings to 1080p. However, there lines would appear underneath when viewed on the screen. (lines do not appear on the actual document) 

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There is a list of issue i've got with my computer.
Dell technical support so far has been completely useless. (hours of Calls, remote access, went to the store).
All drivers are updated to the latest version.
Main issues:- Sleep of Death. Does not wake from sleep - the computer seems to starts, hangs on a black screen for a while and then reboot. -> en.community.dell.com/.../19586456- The computer goes into some state that the screen is black, the computer is running and there is nothing else but holding the power button down to restart it.- Display driver not responsive and has recovered.- Getting BSOD 4-5 times a week, sometimes 3-4 times a day.- The computer is not able to wake the external monitor from sleep. This monitor is working fine with a lenovo laptop. I've tried HDMI, DP, Thourgh TB15 dock, nothing works. Has to unplug replug the cable. The computer does wake when the computer boot.- The speaker does not work properly, sound is very bad and buzzing.- repeated explorer crashes and freezes, the windows startup bar freezes or is slow to respond- HDMI is not able to drive a screen 2560x440 more than 23Hz. Macbook pro works without any problem on the same screen using the same cable.
TB15 Dock:Never been able to make it work properly.- Sometimes the dock crashes, need to disconnect everything and reconnect, including power cable.- Sometimes the dock reset during use, which can be extremely annoying. The change of screen to high DPI makes several software cr... Read more

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whats up?

okay today i went to best buy, and bought myself a ati 9550 256 mb ddr ram video card. came home, took out my 9200, uninstalled the 9200 drivers and all that other useless crap, installed the 9550, restarted my comp, installed the 9550 drivers, restarted the comp, and no display came up

is there something wrong with my card, or with the drivers

ps. my system specs: 2400+ amd xp, 512 ddr ram, comp is about 2.5 years old, it has a agp 4x slot


A:problem with ati 9550

When you uninstalled the 9200 did you reboot with Standard VGA drivers , and then install the 9550?
If not try it this way, and it might be a good idea to reset your CMOS before installing the new card. (Just make note of BIOs setting first)

BTW Welcome to Techspot

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Just hooked me new XP15 to my Phillips monitor via HDMI and the picture is very low in contract, very low black level, the problem is not the monitor as I have had another computer on the same monitor and it is fine. Is there a setting I need to adjust on the XP15? Picture on the laptop screen looks great.

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hi. i'm having problems with my (almost brand new and unused) xps 15 9550.
i was trying to figure out the health of my ssd drive (came with the laptop) but no software i download seems to recognize my laptop as having an ssd, and i can't seem to find any answers online for it.
can someone help me figure this out please?

A:xps 15 9550 ssd issue

Is this a system with a small 32-G SSD and a large hard drive?
If so, Windows won't see the drive - it's not used for storage, but as a cache.  The Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) should be able to test the drive, though.

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Seemed to be a no audio problem on my new XPS 9550 that per below I eventually have somewhat resolved. Am posting this in case it helps others.
There was no audio in most situations I checked.  Out of the box did not change audio defaults.  While setting up the system and loading applications and files I did not notice whether audio was ok or not because was involved with installing programs.  But after installing Firefox noticed there was no sound when actuating video news links. Did not install any audio media applications, just imaging applications as I am a photographer.  I have been an electronic hardware tech in Silicon Valley for decades so am very familiar with testing and troubleshooting equipment that does not work especially computer hardware and software.
Went online and search for "XPS 9550 audio" and noted some others were having audio issues but different than below.  Did note some were reinstalling audio drivers.By bringing up Settings...Dell Audio...AdvancedRestore Defaults then selected the Restore button to make sure the PC was set to defaults that of course would have sound functions enabled generating sound.  Actuating that button caused it to go black, light blue,  then blue indicating a function ran.Settings...Dell Audio...Speaker tab shows MAXXAUDIO PRO.Selecting Speaker setup selecting the speaker icon button runs the speaker stereo test correctly with sound generated.  However later when repeating thi... Read more

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Present system runs with BIOS vers. 1.2.16, a Li-Ion 6 cell 84 Wh battery and an original SSD PM951 drive already installed under Windows 10 in RAID mode.
Question, is it technically feasible to add to above system a Samsung 950 Pro, by just changing the boot order, where 950 Pro becomes the boot device, load Windows 10 onto the 950 Pro and recharge the 950 Pro drive with an Acronis PM951 system image?
What has to be observed and will my system just incorporate all those changes automatically and also what the Windows 10 licence is concerned?
Thanks for your help.

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I've ordered a car charger for my 9550 twice from Dell and both times received one that does not work with my machine.
The plug for both chargers was too big for the 9550.
I'm guessing that the thinner design needs a smaller plug.
No list of compatible laptops for car chargers includes the 9550.
I asked Dell chat people for one that was compatible, but they recommend incompatible units.
I'm surprised that a laptop thats been out for over a year, does not have a car charger available.
Anyone know of a compatible car charger for a 9550?

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Hi,did somebody maybe tested CPU core2quad q9550 or 9540 on Thinkcentre M57? I now have quad q6600 which works OK

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I have recently bought the 2016 Dell XPS 15 (9550) and for some reason it does not connect to enterprise networks, specifically 802.11k and 802.11r. I cant find a fix and neither can Dell support or the "IT guys at school". Im just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas. Thanks

I have all the latest drivers, BIOS and everything.

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I have an ASUS motherboard A7N266-VM/AA. I recently purchased the ATI RADEON 9550 128MB AGP. When I insert the 9550 into the AGP slot, the motherboard locks up. It wont even initiate the POST and no video signal to LCD display. I pull the 9550 and PC boots correctly. Is this a defective video card or incompatibility between the video card and motherboard. The motherboard supports 1.5v 4x AGP video cards like the 9550.

Any thoughts appreciated..thanks..


A:ATI 9550 Locks MB

Lets See Who gets it first..

3 Tickets opened..



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Hi there,
I really hope somebody here has the solution, because I would like to keep my XPS 15 althoug it should be stable and not give 2 BSODs a day..
My first XPS had 5 BSODs in 24 hours after I opened the box, after which he would boot anymore. I checked the dumps and all pointed towards the wifi driver (bcmpciedhd63.sys with error code 0x00000663 bcmpciedhd63.sys+222b2).
After some communications with Dell I received a new XPS. 
This machine gave the same problems. I used an external wifi card to see if this was the culprit, and yes no more BSOD. The SSD speed was way lower than normal (factor 10x) so Dell service desk send a technician to replace the SSD and the wifi card.
The current machine has a new SSD, new Wifi card and updated bios (01.01.19). Did a fresh microsoft windows 10 install and installed the latets drivers. Still the error returns...

I don't know what to do anymore.... Is the motherboard faulty? Maybe only at the connection of the wifi adapter?
I hope you have an answer, because it really drives me crazy... 3 months down the road with a load of down time after buying a premium laptop like the XPS 15 9550...
Many thanks in advance!

A:XPS 15 9550 keeps getting BSOD. Tried everything.

Having the same exact problem with my new Dell XPS 9550.  Seems to occur when the computer is idle for a bit.  I updated every 'urgent' and 'recommended' driver.  Also running the latest BIOS.  So far I've had about 10 BSODs since I bought the *** thing.  Dell really needs to get their f^cking act together.

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hi all,
must i pick the msi rx9550 256mb ati radeon or club3d 9600value 256mb


A:ati 9550 or ati 9600

Hi, are those the only cards you can afford? For $100 you can get a much better card.

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I have no way to contact technical support. My laptop has the wrong number service tag. So I ask the question here.
My laptop I bought ebey as new. But the service tag system does not accept. How can I register my number in the system?


You'll need to contact the seller to have that person transfer the ownership into your name.
If they will not -- or cannot -- you'll have to decide whether an orphan no-warranty system is acceptable, or to ask for a refund.

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Hello friends,
since i purchased my 9550 fhd / i7 / 16gb / 512gb Toshiba i always have the problem that the fan is running @ ~ 2500rpms while charging the battery. The cpu is under no load. Drivers are all up to date. Bios 1.2.10 (newest bios has problems with charging...)
It is independent of the bios charging modes. System cooling policy is passive (on battery) and active (plugged in). Switching these doesn't change anything - as soon as the battery is charging albeit the cpu/system usage the fan is kicking in. It gets quite annoying, i only tolerated it because i thought in would be fixed in the near future.
I read through quite a few threads/posts with the same problem - but most are months old and/or with suggestions/fixes i already tried.
I had the same problem with usb c - also a well known problem. Currently i don't have an usb c device so i can't test if this problem still exists.

Is there any known fix? Or is it just designed that way and all 9550 users have to suffer under these problems?


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I've recently acquired an ATI Radeon 9550 video card.

Anyway I just want to know everyones thoughts and comments about this card. Has anyone else gotten this card and found any problems with it? Is it stable, etc. Thanks for any responses.

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I just received my brand new Dell XPS 15 wich is supposed to have a 1TB disk along with a 32GB SSD disk,
Since the booting of the machine is terrible slow I looked for the 32SSD disk, but Windows filemanager does not show it.
Is it hidden or just somehow not active (or even present?).
Do I need to activate it?

A:XPS 15 9550 1TB but no 32GB SSD?

It won't show under Windows - go into system setup and you should see it.
While the cache will speed up the hard drive, it's no match for a native SSD - and if the system came with McAfee, ditching that alone will speed up the boot.

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I have a one year old (but rarely used) XPS 15 9550 (it is a spare that lives in the office in case anyone needs one). Well I needed it today but can't make it work. It was last used a couple of weeks ago.
When I press the power button, the power light comes on but nothing else happens. If I wait about a minute fifteen seconds the power light goes off.
If I press a key while the power light is on, then the keyboard backlight comes on.
Other than that absolutely nothing - the screen remains black and I hear no sounds.
If I press the power key, release it and then hold the power key down for a couple of seconds, I hear the fan come on then about 2 seconds later the fan stops and the power light goes off.

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HI All,
i have the same issue, my new Dell XPS 15 9550
it was working just great for two weeks, then suddenly one day, its temp. gets too hot even when i'm not working on it,
any help guys,
i'm getting carzy

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Hi, received my new XPS 15 this morning. One very noticeable thing - the fans never stop.. Even when sitting at 0% CPU usage they're constantly spinning - not full pelt, maybe about 30%, but they just never stop.
Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

A:XPS 15 (9550) Fans

I've used SpeedFan to get the core temps:
why are my fans on? seems very strange...

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Greetings,I thought all my problems with CPU capping/throttling were gone with the BIOS update, but it seems they are not. I "had" a problem where on battery power my CPU would throttle to ~0.8GHz when playing games. In the menu the CPU would still be around 2.9GHz, but the moment the actual game would start, the CPU would throttle to 0.8GHz and my FPS would drop drastically. I tried numerous solutions to solve it, but since I mostly play games on AC, and in all other situations CPU would function normally (AC like frequencies), I decided to let it be.But, since yesterday, my CPU is capped to 0.8GHz whether I'm on battery or on AC. Nothing I do can change it. I tried switching power profiles, setting the minimum processor state to 90% and 100%, changing the thermal settings in Dell Power Manager, reverting Windows to previous states where I know it worked normally, resetting the BIOS, nothing helped - the CPU is still capped at 0.8GHz. I thoroughly looked into it and it seems the reason for throttling is BD PROCHOT. It appears it sends CPU to its lowest power state, as if it was overheating. The CPU is definitely not overheating, temperatures are around 35°C and it's idling. For the first issue (gaming performance drop) I have no idea what was the cause, but the second I suspect has to do with firmware update for Thunderbolt (Intel_TBT3_FW_UPDATE_NVM16_A03_02.12.07.exe). Because it is the only thing that changed in the time. I have the FHD... Read more

A:XPS 15 9550 CPU still throttles!

Seeing as how I'm getting absolutely no response on this forum, what are my options besides giving the notebook back for repair? I'm currently on a long business trip abroad and sending it back for repair is not an option. 

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I have the XPS 15 with 32 gb SSD + 1tb HDD. I was planning to unraid both drives and swap the 32gb SSD with a 512 gb one. However, after some digging, I found that the ssd slot is for m2 SATA which is quite slow compared to NVMe SSD. So, I just wanted to know. Can the samsung 960 PRO (NMVe PCIe) fit in this or do I have to get an m2 SATA SSD like the WD blue SSD?  

A:Dell XPS 15 - 9550

Which generation, 9550, 9560? Both support m.2 NVMe, 960 EVO or PRO should be fine. With the PRO you must use a thermal pad to take some heat to the case (2mm thick but soft fluffy standard type, not some dense world-class-thermal-conductivity kind) - doesn't harm with the EVO either.

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I have an ati 9550se made by connect 3d.No matter what driver I install it doesn't seem to work right.If I install the latest driver from ati and then play a game ,it'll play for a minut then freeze.If I install the driver from connect 3d it'll play for a couple of minuts and freeze with little squares and lines.Is there a secret to this???I think the one with the sqaures is the closest one but it needs to be tweeket or something.Please HELP!!!
PS everything else works on the computer.

A:Ati 9550 se driver???

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Anyone else have a problem connecting to this laptop when the lid is closed?  I have my software development environment all set up on this machine and everything customized the way I like.  I had to abandon it for a while because of bsod issues, but the latest BIOS seems to have fixed fix that.  I was ready to have hope again, but then the "Intel HD Driver has stopped working" (over and over again) issue came back.  So I decided to use another, less powerful machine and remote into this one to do my development work.
But I can't remote in when the lid is closed (Yes, I have set the power options appropriately and the firewall is set correctly -- I can remote in, no problem if the lid is up). 
This machine is a bad joke.  I have had it since November 2015 - almost half a year.  The re-installs and the troubleshooting have cost me (in my time) much more than what I paid for it and, during the brief times when I had hope and thought it was working, sudden "HD Driver has stopped working" problems have undermined my professional credibility as a developer during desktop sharing sessions.
The only happy thing is that I never had enough hope that it will work to actually waste more money on a TB15 dock. 
If anyone has a quick solution, let me know.  I am past wasting lots of time trying several combinations of drivers.  Been there, done that. 
No computer purchase in 25 years as a software developer ha... Read more

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I recently purchased an XPS 15 9550.  My screen is flickering almost all the time.  I have updated the BIOS and video drivers.  It is still doing it.  Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you.

A:XPS 15 9550 video

I would suggest you give up and buy another brand. I have this same issue for about a year. recently I sent the machine to dell repair center for this issue. They sent the computer back after 2 weeks with the issue still there... I called them and complained, and was asked to send the machine to them again. They sent it back again after 1 week, and the issue was still there.... And I called and emailed them to complain again... They said they are gonna replace the keyboard, and sent a guy to my home. That guy came after a week with only a keyboard shield (a black piece of paper) that doesn't even fit my model.... he said dell gave him the wrong part, so he just left and asked me to call dell again... I already gave up and purchased a lenovo.

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Good day you all!i have a dell xps 9550 i7, 16gb of ram non touch!
just upgrade the bios and some other thing, from the web and from dell update!
when im listening to something with the speakers i can hear some weird noises..
like if you are disconnecting, when it only happens one in a minute..the real problem when im going from 0 to 100 the Brightness button and vice-versa!what would it be? Thank You!

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Ok, new problem. My graphics card is new. It is a ATI radeon 9550 (AGP). It is currenly woking with games such as World of Warcraft, Civilzation 4, Age of Empires 3, and Command an Conquer: Generals. When I go to run games such as Halo and Rise of Legends it tells me to update the drivers. When I do this the drivers fail and have to be reset. How do I fix this?

A:ATI radeon 9550

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got a 9550 today. now i installed the drivers including the Catalyst Control Center and it won't let me set the AGP Speed to 8X. it keeps going to "Off".
i have also tried setting it to 4X and it won't stay on that either.
i know my motherboard's slot is 8X so why won't it stay on 8X?
oh and the 1X and 2X is greyed out.

my system:

Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
System Model: A7N8X-X
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.2GHz
Memory: 1024MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

i posted this on another forum and they suggested to get my motherboard's latest AGP miniport drivers. i went to the asus site but i couldn't find them. then i did a google search and still haven't found them. in the direct x dialog it says that AGP Texture Acceleration is not available which leads me to believe that it isn't running with full 3D acceleration.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Radeon 9550

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I just bought it today and am having difficulty installing it. We've inserted it into the correct slot (I think...it fit) but when we insert the hardware CD we have some trouble. We've been doing the express installation, and it gets through everything, but once it's done installing all components, it does not prompt us with a finishing message that says asks whether or not to restart the computer. All windows disappear and we're left looking at the 'Software Install' screen.

I dont know if this is helpful or not, but under Maintenance, Display Adapter Info it says:

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm)64 Processor 30...
OS Version: 1106:0204 rev 0
System Memory: 447
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Direct X Version: 9.0c

I know my way around a computer, but I'm not so much with the technical aspects. Help would be appreciated!

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My new 256MB Radeon 9550 works probably in my computer when I first install it but as soon as I restart my computer or turn it off and turn it back on, it doesn't get a connection to the monitor. Then computer still boots up but it doesn't show up on my screen. The only way I can get it to work again is if I shut down the computer, put my old graphics card in (128MB Radeon 9200 Celestica Gold), boot up the computer, shut it back down, and put the new video card in again.

AMD Athlon XP 1.5GHz
80GB and 200GB Maxtor HDs

A:Radeon 9550

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I recently purchased the ATI Radeon 9550 and now I'm having a little problem with configuration and would like some help if possible.
I opened the ATI Multimedia Configuration and ran the PC Test I received three errors which I'm not sure how to correct.

1. DirectX test results state DX not installed properly to reinstall DirectX 8.1 or later. - Uninstalled/reininstalled dx still getting failed test result.

2. WDM (capture) drivers test results state- Possibility of the following

WDM devices INF file not installed
WDM devices are not listed in registry
WDM devices are not loaded or enumerated by the device manager
WDM devices are not registered with DirectShow

Recommendation: Get the capture drivers and the recommended ATI display driver from the ATI website.

I uninstalled/reinstalled driver to no avail same results.
Finally, last but not least.

3. Sound card clock stability test results state - Clock stability <+/-0.2%
Explanation: The audio card clock synchronizes audio with video during
DVD playback and video capture.

Recommendation: Ensure that I have the latest drivers for my audio card.
Video card is a Creative Audigy SB Value 2. The driver that I have installed is ctaud2K.sys dated Dec. 8, 2005.

I'm sorry for the long post but I'm at a lost as to what I should do to correct the errors I'm receiving any and all help will be appreciated

P.S. When I connect my headphones sound is very low I have to turn volume up.
__________________... Read more

A:Ati 9550 Problems

Never mind guys I found how to correct this problem. I totally uninstalled the drivers and supporting software and did a Driver Cleaner Pro run (you can get this at www.majorgeeks.com) - and download the older Catalyst 5.11 drivers with the classic control panel.

So far running well .

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I tried to install the new BIOS 1.2.0 for my XPS 15 9550, but could not for some reason.  It just stays with my previous version, 1.1.19.  If there is anyone who has this issue, please share your experiences.  Thanks.

Dell XPS 15 9550 A06 System BIOS
 View details 

File Name: XPS_9550_1.2.0.exe
Importance: Urgent

Description: Windows/DOS (9.21 MB)
Release Date: 12 Apr 2016

Version: 01.02.00 ,01.02.00
Last Updated: 12 Apr 2016

A:XPS 15 9550 BIOS 1.2.0

I figured out...  I use a USB extender connected to a USB 3 port.  If BIOS is updated with the extender, it is not updated.  I guess my XPS tries to boot from the USB 3 port and BIOS upgrade is not completed.

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i just got a ATI radeon 9550 256mb and wanted to put my res upto 1600*1028 (monitors max), but my drivers don't have that setting... they only have 1360 * 1024 - 1600 * 1200+

is there any way or forcing this setting?

or getting new drivers?


A:ATI radeon 9550 res

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Hi friends!
I have a question about the XPS 9550's ability to display HDR content.
My XPS 9550 has an Nvidia GTX 960m graphics card. I understand from Nvidia's website that "All NVIDIA GPUs from the 900 and 1000 series support HDR display output," which seems to include my card. However, I also understand that mobile versions of cards often differ from desktop versions. I haven't been able to get a response from Nvidia support confirming whether the GTX 960m does or does not support HDR content, so I thought I'd come here! Do you know the answer?
I'm a mediamaker, and have a camera capable of shooting HDR content (specifically HLG/10-bit). I'd like to start experimenting with editing and delivering HDR, but I'd like to know if my GPU can support it before I sink the money into an HDR-compliant monitor! I know that the HDR market is still developing, but I'm sure there are folks out there who know the answer.
Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Does the XPS 9550 support HDR?

No HDR support. I?m not aware of any laptops on the market that support HDR right now except the latest Precision 7000 Series models. There are 2 limitations involved here. First, the GeForce GPU in the XPS 15, like almost every other laptop system that has a discrete GPU, is a render-only device, which means that instead of directly controlling the display outputs, it passes rendered frames to the Intel GPU, which then sends them to the display ? and no Intel GPUs today support HDR, which they would have to if they control the outputs. Additionally, HDR requires either HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.4 to transmit, and that system only has HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2. And the built-in panel definitely doesn?t support HDR.
The reason the Precision 7000 Series models are special is because they have a DisplayPort 1.4 output AND a BIOS option called ?Graphics special mode?, which allows the discrete GPU to take direct control of the outputs. This is possible because those systems use a more complex and expensive motherboard consisting of DisplayPort multiplexers, and this also allows them to use other technologies that the Intel GPU doesn?t support, such as 5K displays, VR, G-Sync, etc.

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I can create a custom resolution, but seems that 1280 x 768 is the only resolution that win7 will "apply". Could it be that windows 7 is overriding the ati ccc settings?

A:catalyst 9.3 + ati 9550 ?

does your CCC even work? and why not use the 9.6 drivers?

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if you like fixing things well the radeon 9550 is the card for you. i have updates everything on my computer - windows, chipset, drivers, BIOS. when i first got the card it was working fine then it just stoped working. when i boot my computer i will see the loading screen then the login screen will come up and then i log in and the screen will go all black and i can hear the microsoft sound but nothing on the screen. if i uninstall the drivers i can use the computer but i get a very low FPS and cant realy do anything. i can boot the computer in VGA mode and it will work but everything is realy big and i dont get much colour. everytime i boot my computer a message will come up saying some kind of error then another box will come up with that email box saying that i should send the crash report.

A:radeon 9550

i had very similar problems on my old 9700pro this is why i hate ati becuase of this card. if you are using the latest ati drivers try getting a older version of them just an idea might not nessasarly work.

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I've had an XPS 15 9550 since mid-July and ever since I've had it, I've had flickering issues on the bottom two brightness settings. I've updated all drivers on the entire system, and have even done a clean install of windows, yet the flickering is still an issue. I've spent countless hours trying multiple different solutions, yet nothing works. 

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I'm experiencing intermittent freezing with my 5 month old 9550
I've seen a similar problem for the 9560 here

The freezing mainly happens after the screen has come out of standby mode, then when using Google Chrome the mouse pointer will freeze and Chrome will momentarily say it is not responding before the machine resumes as normal, then it will freeze again and repeat over and over. The only way I found to stop it freezing was to reboot.
I also noticed that the brightness up/down buttons do not function correctly after the first freeze has occurred.

Any help or same experiences appreciated

A:XPS 15-9550, 5 to 10 second freezing

To verify that the culprit is standby...* Click Start- Shutdown- Shutdown- Ok* Turn it on* Retest. Do you see the issue (Yes/No) ?* Click Start- Shutdown- Restart- OK* Retest. Do you see the issue (Yes/No) ?

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i just got a new graphics card. radeon 9550 and it was working fine but now it is starting to stuff up. the effect of the problem will change sometimes. sometimes the will just come up with just garbage all over the screen or sometimes nothing will just come up at all. i was reading some old posts and it said that it may be that i need fans or something. but i can use the computer when i boot into VGA mode. everything may be realy big but it is the only thing i can use at the moment. i have the latest drivers. when i uninstall the drivers i can go on my computer like normal but i cant play any games.

A:Radeon 9550

I suggest you set that card off and buy a new card. Radeon 9550 cards are crap for game play. You need to buy a new card. The question about the garbage all over the screen never happened to my 9550. So make sure you arent forcing the monitor to be refreshing past its Hertz rate.

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Yesterday, I purchased an XPS 15 (9550) laptop, the devise was sold as having a 1Tb harddrive + 32Gb SSD.
I am unable to see the SSD under either Windows Explorer nor is it listed in Disk Management. The boot time very slow in excess of ninety seconds.

Is there away to confirm if the disk has been fitted and is operating correctly.

A:XPS 15 9550 32GB SSD

It is not a storage drive - it is a cache drive for the hard drive.  It will not show up under Windows -- but will in system setup (F2 at powerup).
While it will (after a period of time) speed up the operation of the hard drive relative to a system that has only the spinning drive, don't expect barnstorming performance -- the hard drive itself will be the system's bottleneck.  If you're looking for good performance, replace the hard drive and the cache drive with a native solid state drive (you'll need 256G or more to run Windows acceptably in the long term -- anything less and you'll run into space issues).

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I had an issue since I got my XPS 15 9550 where I would have to restart Windows Explorer to swipe away notifications that freeze up on the screen as well as I cant play videos. Dell support fixed the issue by resetting W10 on my laptop but since the new anniv update coming out the issue is now back.
It get seriously annoying and slow, is there anything I could do without restarting windows on my laptop again that will fix this issue? All drivers are updated. 

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Recently, I started noticing black smears on the edges of my XPS 15 9550 (bought about a month ago) appearing after a few hours of usage. I was wondering if these smudges are part of normal usage or if there's something faulty about the machine.
Not sure if this bit of info will help, but I brought the laptop with me to a country with relatively high temperatures, and it randomly turned on in my bag a few times. (the heat alerted me) Maybe the heat might have to do with this? not sure.

A:Is this normal? (XPS 15 9550)

Hello!  From what I can see in the picture it could be heat related but I've also seen screens that do that every now and then.  Some of the coatings on the screen or how it was put together could have been affected somehow when it turned on in your bag a few times.  If its worrisome for you, you can contact Technical Support and see if they will swap out the screen for you however if you do not have Accidental Damage protection they may not help you.  It depends on what it falls under. 

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