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Wire Configuration for CAT5 Cable in Plug?

Q: Wire Configuration for CAT5 Cable in Plug?

How do I configure/organize the wires in a plug to create an ethernet Receptacle/Wall Plug?

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Wire Configuration for CAT5 Cable in Plug?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Wire Configuration for CAT5 Cable in Plug?

check this link http://www.lanshack.com/make-cat5E.asp

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Can an expert out there tell me how to resolve this problem:

I plug in a LAN cable to my laptop but apparently Win 7 can't detect it. However it does detect the wireless connect and automatically connect to it.

Please help. I'm a noob when coming to Win 7 and Computer stuff.


By the way, I'm using a Linksys router. Please let me know if I need any other information to help resolve the problem. Thanks

A:Can't Detect LAN Wire Even After Plug in Cable

Are you certain that the driver for the LAN connection is installed?

Either Windows update or the manufacture of your laptop should have a driver for the LAN connection.

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hi.i have just purchased a wired router.i have a pc and games consol to it.i have lots of cat5 crossover cables.can i use them or have i got to use a straight rj45 one.

is there any performance issues with either cable


A:Solved: cat5 cable or rj45 cable

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I have a grey wire coming out of my 24" dell monitor. Where do I plug it into?I have my 3 black ones in ok! Wife undid all wires!!

A:where to plug wire

find the model of the monitor and tell me.

all i can think of right now is that maybe its the ZERO VOLT Resistance wire

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I have a DSL connection with 2 computers with a D-Link DI-624 router.

I've heard that a CAT6 ethernet cable will make a "faster connection" than a CAT5 ethernet cable. Is that true?

If so, would I need to get a CAT6 cable to replace EACH existing CAT5 cable to notice any appreciable difference in speed?

As usual, thanks for the reponse.


A:CAT5 Cable vs. CAT6 Cable

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Alright, well many of you may have seen my question about wireless networking (I wanted to take my connection from my living room and have a wireless setup to my bedroom for my consoles), well I've decided if I'm ever gonna have enough money sometime in the near future to get a new video card, I'm going to have to skimp out on the wireless network setup.

So, a friend of mine's dad works for comcast, and for whatever reason he has a big spool of Cat5 (I think its called this) cable. Said I could have whatever I needed for free, so hey why not??

Anyways, from my living room to my bedroom is about 40 feet, so I'm thinking I'm probably going to need about 50/60 feet to run this cable through my living room floor, through my basement, and up into my bedroom, with some slack in each room.

My main question is, is this too much cable? Will I be experiencing a lot of signal loss? Just trying to figure out if its going to be worth the trouble trying to run this cable.


A:Cat5?? Cable, How much is too much?

The maximum length a Cat 5 cable can go before a signal repeater or booster is needed is approximately 90 to 100m.

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Hello there, a few hours ago, I very clumsily tripped over some wires and it ripped out the part where the opposite end of the USB cord plugs into the HDD. Now I was looking at enclosures to plug the hard drive into my I'm not sure which one will work. Can you let me know if this one will work on my Seagate Expansion 500GB External 3.5 Hard Drive.


And if not, one that will? I just need a cheap enclosure that I can get delivered to in the UK. You don't have to do the research for me if you don't want too, just let me know what kind of specs I'm looking for in a enclosure. The black one says it will work on SATA drives but i'm not sure if the HD in my HDD is SATA?

Thanks ahead.

A:I broke the USB wire plug in part to my HDD

nevermind. I was rushing and didn't bother to read some very basic details on the hard drive, instead i just read stuff on the case. I got it now.

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I have a very long cat5 patch cable. Can i use this as an ethernet cable? I tried using it but it didn't work. It is of course possible its damaged.


A:Cat5 Patch Cable

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i have a mac pro but it doesn't have the optional airport extreme wireless card installed and it only has the ethernet ports in the back.

is there a way to connect the mac pro to my pc with the wireless adapter and share the network connection like that?

A:Connect mac pro to PC via cat5 cable

should not be a problem if your wireless router has Ethernet ports most I've used do

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Hi, I'm having the same problem someone else was, but they decided to give up. I'm hoping we might try again... I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with Windows XP. It has no trouble connecting wirelessly, but will not connect with the ethernet cable. (I know it's my computer and not the cord because someone else connected with their computer just fine; also I couldn't connect when at a hotel.)

When I go into Network Connections, for Local Area Connection 4 it says "Network cable unplugged, firewalled." If I ping yahoo.com when not connected with the wireless, it says "Ping request could not find host yahoo.com. Please check the name and try again." When I do the ipconfig/all, under Media State for the Ethernet adaptor it says "Media disconnected." I also tried uninstalling the Broadcom hardware and then having the system reinstall it when it rebooted, but it didn't make a difference. (By the way, the ethernet cord is in the ethernet socket when it says it's not connected. Also, the lights around it light up just fine when I'm wireless, but when I'm not, there are no lights.)

Once upon a time the ethernet connection did work, but since I prefer wireless and use that all the time, I don't know exactly when this problem began. There are two things that I can think of that may have caused it - 1) I had the motherboard replaced in January. 2) I installed my university's internet software in March. The latt... Read more

A:Can't connect with CAT5 cable

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I'm interested in buying a CAT5 cable to stop the lag spikes while I'm playing Call of Duty 2. To what do I have to pay attention? And is there an estimated price for a high quality cable?

A:What to look for while buying a CAT5 cable

Look for Cat5e plenum grade cable with molded connectors. Do not use any hand-made connections unless you have them tested. There is a lot of quality loss in the connectors... but not much difference in the cable, though the big difference is between solid core and stranded wire.
Solid core is far the best, but has very little flexibility.
If the cable is rated at 1000-TX, 350Mhz, 24AWG, with solid copper connectors, you are getting what you need. Gold plating is a plus, but be sure it is quality gold plated stuff, or you are just wasting your money.
Hand-crimped connectors is not nearly as good, as machine crimpted then rubber molded.
There are several good brands available with a Gurgle search.

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Just wondering does the length of your cat 5 cable mean anything? will it slow down the speed?

A:Cable length cat5

In most cases, No. I've seen cable runs of over 100 ft in commercial buildings running to a hub and it did not cause any problems.

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FloridaFemal said:

there are a few ways you can do it, it depends on what u want, do u want to be able to access files and programs from one pc using the other one? do u want your older pc to be able to get online using your new one? also depends if u have dialup, or fast connect (DSL/CABLE), what exactly are u looking to do? i ask this because i have two pc's hooked together so i know there are a few ways of doing it depending on what u want to get out of it.Click to expand...

how do you do the latter? i got an old pc that i want to use through my laptop. any sugustions

A:Connect two PC with CAT5 cable.

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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We recently hooked up a Router to our new DSL modem. We used two cat5 cables our roommate snagged from her failed dot-com and one Cat5e UTP Crossover Cable from COMPusa. The router didn't recognize the computer that used the COMPusa cable so we swaped it out and voila, it worked. We returned that and exchnaged it for patch cable and it still doesn't work. Does any know what the mystery failed dot-com cable is that we're using? Any suggestions on how to solve our cable problem?

A:Cat5 cable problems

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Ok SO i have built a CAT5 straight thorugh cable (well actually its 2 cables), both the same length, about 35 feet give or take a few inches, I used top quality cable ( I know its good I pinched it from work) and finished the ends with the standard RJ45 plug, both securely fitted.

So whats the problem ?

Well the cable is to link my Broadband router upstairs to the Cable Modem situated downstairs, and it doesnt work..., I mean the first cable I built, I thought fair enough might be a faulty build, so I built a second one (now you why i said it was 2 cables) and that one (same length etc) doesnt work.

I have tested both the cables with a CAT5 pulse tester and both cables test all 8 pins fine on a constant check.

At the moment I am using a shorter cable length say about 15ft long and all is OK, thing is the cable modem is in a place that looks unslightly, hence the longer cable so it can go with the TV\Video equipment

SO here's what happens.

I plug in the cable to Router and Modem, Router doesnt show a light on the port, then it does, then it doesnt etc etc.

So i plugged the cable into my laptop and then into the Lan socket of the router, same thing, the light goes on and off and the laptop shows "Acquiring network address....." then " Network cable unplugged, then "Acquiring network address....." etc etc etc

So next step was to put a Hub in line so the cable ends in a Hub, same thing hub light comes on then goes off ... Read more

A:CAT5 Cable Issue

Sounds like the cables are too long!! Try making one cable as short as you possibly can to do the job then fit a new plug on it!!

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Good day everyone.
I just opened case of cpu and re-pluged front usb port plug into motherboard. And then switched on pc, as I on my pc I seen that front usb port plug's red colour wire was fired. I imediately switched off the pc. I cant understand how this happened? Please tel me the reason if anybody knows.

A:Front USB port plug wire burned

Hey Krrish007. Can I ask why you opened the case. Was the USB front port working before?. I also assume the red wire wasn't discolored at that point, put you saw it after you powered up.
Are you 100% sure you plugged it into the correct pins on the mobo?.
If you disconnected the plug and power up, does the system work otherwise?

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My cpu runs fine until i plug in the internet. When i do the physical drive the memory and the cpu core all go to 100%. The cpu slows to a crawl. when i try to open applications with internet plugged in the programs freeze. when internet cord is unplugged everything works well

I have McAfee on CPU. could not get to scan uninstalled. attempted to install avg i could not. to run the scan u recommended i had to download thru another cpu and transfer over

I tried doing net stop spooler was recommended on some posts when i did this cpu went back to normal until we plugged internet back in.

i typed in net.exe stop superfetch it helped until Ethernet hooked back up again

thank you for any help you can offer

A:cpu crashes when i plug in internet/ ethernet wire


They call me TwinHeadedEagle around here, and I'll be working with you.

Before we start please read and note the following:

At the top of your post, please click on the "Watch thread" button and make sure to check Watch this thread...and receive email notifications. This will send an email to you as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing me to solve your problem faster.
Please do not install any new software during the cleaning process other than the tools I provide for you. This can hinder the cleaning process. Please do not perform System Restore or any other restore.
Instructions I give to you are very simple and made for complete beginner to follow. That's why you need to read through my instructions carefully and completely before executing them.
Please do not run any tools other than the ones I ask you to, when I ask you to. Some of these tools can be very dangerous if used improperly. Also, if you use a tool that I have not requested you use, it can cause false positives, thereby delaying the complete cleaning of your machine.

All tools we use here are completely clean and do not contain any malware. If your antivirus detects them as malicious, please disable your antivirus and then continue.
If during the process you run across anything that is not in my instructions, please stop and ask. If any tool is running too much time (few hours), please stop and inform me.
I visit forum several times at day, making sure to respond to everyon... Read more

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ok same problem opened pc to !o ram because of beeping. wires not connected.HELP please

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i use d all anti viruses malwares and all but when i plug my wire to lan card
my pc Firefox crashing win32genhost services error come to ma screen :S

any solution pleaseeeeeeeeeee

A:when i plug wire in lan card vorus e attack my pc

Hello,please do these next.Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes: Flush DNS Report IE Proxy Settings Reset IE Proxy Settings Report FF Proxy Settings Reset FF Proxy Settings List content of Hosts List IP configuration List Winsock Entries List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.>>>lease download TDSSKiller.zip and and extract it.Run TDSSKiller.exe. Click Start scan.When it is finished the utility outputs a list of detected objects with description.
The utility automatically selects an action (Cure or Delete) for malicious objects.
The utility prompts the user to select an action to apply to suspicious objects (Skip, by default). Let the options as it is and click ContinueLet reboot if needed and tell me if the tool needed a reboot.Click on Report and post the contents of the text file that will open.

Note: By default, the utility outputs the log into system disk (it is usually the disk with installed operating system, C:\) root folder. The Log have a name like: TDSSKiller.Version_Date_Time_log.txt.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it. To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Rename and give it a random name with the .com file exten... Read more

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I have a wire that came loose or undone from the back of the PCIE plug of my Power Supply.
How can I fix it? Or reinsert it?

A:Solved: How do I fix a.wire that came loose from my pcie plug

I guess I'm not following, if it popped out of the plug then push it back in. Easiest done with the plug disconnected.

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Well guys I have two computers.!one is new and one is old..both containing windows xp operating systems.!Now I need to connect both of them only using a cat5 cable can any one tell the procedure how to?I don't have any kind of HUB or a router I just need to connect it with a cat5 cable.!plz help me guys.!

A:connecting two computers using a cat5 cable!

what are you trying to accomplish by connecting them?

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0x000000D1 (0x00000008, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xF7662C00)

NDIS.sys -- Address F7662C00 Base at F764D000, Datestamp 41107EC3

Dumping Physical Memory to disk: ###

Whenever i plug a Network cable in while the computer, about 3 seconds later it Blue Screens with this message. However, if i restart the computer with a network cable plugged in, it'll run fine on the network. but if i put it in standby or hibernate with the cable plugged in, it'll blue screen. If i unplug the cable and hibernate or standby, it'll shutdown and startup fine, but when i plug the network cable back in, bam. Any ideas?

A:BSOD On Cat5 Cable connect

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Alright, I've been working on this problem for a while now on this Win XP Pro box and I'm still clueless as to what it is. Basically, I have dial-up internet because I live in an area where you have to pay $60 a month for a 5GB transfer cap per month (up/download) or get 56k for $17 a month (prepaid for the year).

Anyway, with that said, I've been trying to connect up a router with DHCP disabled and be able to share my internet connection with the computer next to me (hardwired) and my laptop (wireless) (you can view my detailed situation here).

Well, I decided to take the router out of the picture and go back to crossover cable since I haven't been able to successfully get it to working (I figure once I get that working, it'll just be a matter of swapping the cables to go to the router...hopefully). I went ahead and enabled ICS by first adding my dial-up connection again, right clicking onto my current connection, selecting properties, then advanced (NOTE: I uninstalled ALL my "Network" Hardware in Device Manager as well as I deleted my dial-up connection then readded all this back after I rebooted [I didn't physically remove anything]). I checked the box that said "Enable internet connection sharing", then I selected the box for the network adapter which I would like to share with and pressed ok. It enabled Windows Firewall, which I disabled.

Now that I had ICS enabled, it changed "Local Area Connection" to be m... Read more

A:ICS Not Working (using Cat5 Crossover Cable)

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What's the length limit for a cat5 cable? I made a straight-through cable which is more than 100' in length, possibly 200'. When I connect it to the PC and the router, the lights on the ethernet card and the router turns on like it should, but I can't gain access to the router's setup page. I'm guessing it's because the cable is too long and that the integrity of the signal is weakend due to the length. I made another cable of length 6' and everything worked fine.

Also, when I crimped a straight-through cable with all 8 wires and connect it to the PC and router one way, the light on the router blinks while the ethernet card doesn't light up at all.
If I only use #1,2,3, and 6 wires, the lights turn on solid for the both ethernet card and router. I don't think it should make a difference if I use the 4 or all 8 wires; why does it?

A:What's the length limit for a cat5 cable?

Its not recommended that a CAT5 UTP cable exceed 100 metres.

You will need a signal repeater of some sort and then an additional cable if you want to go further than that.

Incidently, why the hell you do have a 100 metre cable anyway? I'd love to know what you are networking....

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Hi there,

I am installing a network in my small business and was given a spool of Cat5 cable to run wires... I know the length in feet of cable that I was given, but I was wondering if there is some kind of markers on the cable to tell me how much is left... I will be charged for it by foot after I'm done, and I want to know how much I've used. Do I have to just use a measuring tape? Seems unnecessarily complicated... I've checked the wire but can't see any marker of the length remaining.

A:Determining length used of Cat5 Cable

How much are they charging you? May be cheaper to get your own. About 10 cents/foot for bulk seems about right if I remember.

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I run a cable from a router for around 100m outside to a caravan.

It has been in place for a couple years no problem.

Half of it is between telegraph poles and the other half is overground in a plastic water pipe.

Suddenly stopped receiving signal from the router, so we changed the 2 plugs on the end - no difference.

Then made up a connector which joins wires 1+2, 3+4, 5+6 and 7 +8 and plugged it into one end of the wire.

Came back to the other end and ran an ohms meter between 1+2 etc and got an average reading of 84ohms

Tried the same measurement on a 100m of new cable and got a reading of 17ohms.

What does this mean ?

I had a similar problem with another cable to the caravan over 2 years ago which had been in place for 2 or 3 years ????

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Dear support pleaaaaase help ,Today is the first time I open my new laptop , I plugged the power wire plug to the wall socket and the power wire to the adaptor and did not connect the adaptor wire correctly to the laptop , when I switched on the wall socket , a spark came out small blue spark ,Please will this damage my laptop or the battery thankyou

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Does anyone know the maximun length for a cat5 cable? What about a cross-over cable between HUB?


A:{Advice Offered} - Length of Cat5 Cable

The maximum length of Cat5 Cable is 100 metres. However you could use a repeater to increase this length, i.e. connect two segments together.

Mark Bewick

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OK guys, need a bit of help here. I just moved into my new house, and got my Comcast cable internet setup. Only problem is, I have TWO pcs I need to connect to the internet, and they are in different rooms. I am leasing one modem from Comcast, and they told me if I bought another one, I would be able to avoid the additional $45 per month fee of adding another cable connection in my house. Am I crazy, or is this absolutely asinine? An additional $45 per month is essentially me paying for a whole new internet connection--two in the same house!!

Is there a way to have both of my computers connected (in diff rooms on opposite sides of the house; wireless, or running 150'+ of CAT5 from a router is not an option) to the internet from one connection? I saw something at Fry's while picking up my cable modem that said it converted Coax to CAT5 or something similar, but it was a box that ran about $200, so I didn't pay much more attention to it.

The issue with wireless is that neither of my desktops have a free pci slot (too many vid cards!) I am was thinking about something like this http://www.hdtvsupply.com/ethernet-over-coax.html which should convert my coax to a CAT5 cable--thoughts?

Can anyone help out?


A:connecting two pcs with cable internet / cat5 converter

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Hey Guys,

I have been running cat5e cable and have been using the Leviton quickport cat5e jacks to terminate the cables. However, I noticed that a couple of my jacks say just "cat5" instead of "cat5e" like the other ones.

They still has the same amount of termination zones for the wire.

So, my question is does it matter that it says just cat5 on that jack? Can I still get gigabit as long as I use a cat5e cable with that jack (by this I mean cat5e cable in the walls)?

A:Using Cat5e cable with Cat5 jack?? Can I still get gigabit?

The jack indicating it is CAT5 means it has been tested and rated for CAT5 use. Will this affect GigE operation? Hard to say as the only true way of determining if the jack will support GigE is by putting a cable tester on it.

My suggestion is to just replace the jacks so at least you have the peace of mind everything is up to par instead of wondering.

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I use this item occasionally and have continued to pay the CyberGuys price; but, does anyone know where I might find this item at a lower price?


NOTE: This question is for those experienced at terminating network cable. Those without experience applying terminal ends to CAT5/6 cable will likely not understand the function of the linked item. There are abundant items that look the same or similar but do not work the same.

A:Looking for lower price on CAT5/6 cable splitters?

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I have a running setup of eight pcs in network (win2kserver, win2kprof client). Reciently I bought a pentium 4 pc (win 2k prof) and installed it in my network. I am using cat5 cable to connect my pc to the switch. Following things are happening:
1. when I am bringing my pc close to the switch and connecting it with a small cat5 cable the full network is available with this pc being able to ping all other pcs on the network
2. when I am taking the pc to a little distance (70m)from the switch it is not showing any connectivity
3. I have tested the cat5 cable for continuity and found it to be ok
4. on self pinging from this location it is giving the message ?destination host unreachable?
5. I am using DHCP to obtain IP for this pc with DHCP server kept near the switch
Please help as this problem is new to me

A:networking problem due to length of cat5 cable

I know it's obvious but...

Have you attempted to remake the longer line even though it tests good for continuity? I had a similar problem to this about a year and a half ago, ran a line to a new system and couldn't get it to obtain an ip. Tested the line and it came back as being good. I don't know exactly what was wrong with the first one but after making a new line and replacing it, solved my problem. Hope that works for you.(If you haven't already tried that of course )

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Is there a way to extend an existing network cable? I have one that reaches my brother's room by carpet but now I have relocated the router and it no longer reaches. The easiest fix I want is just to be able to attach another cable to the current cable to make it longer.. Next fix is more cable but that seems more expensive due to length.
Thanx in advance.

A:Solved: Extend a Cat5 network cable?

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I have put this in networking as it appears to be the most relevant forum.

The current setup is a networked (CAT5e RJ45) PC located approx. 40m (accross a courtyard) from my ADSL modem/router. The cable has been in place for some time and works fine.

I need to extend the analogue phone connection (for modem Dialup) to this PC, but don't want to run a second cable, too much hassle to install etc. and can't use wireless due to interference from a nearby generator which badly degrades the connection strength.

Is it possible to split the CAT5e cable so that the existing network and the analogue/dialup connecetion both run over the same cable?

Thanks in advance

A:Analogue voice and IP Network over single CAT5 cable

You can use any of the unused pairs as Ethernet only needs the Orange and Green pairs in a properly wired connection. Most telcos use the blue pair for phone line 1

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Hi All

This is my First post. i just registered today and try to search but its unsuccessful for me.

Here is my issue. I hope you guys help me

I have 2 PC's both have WinXP Pro. i have one network card port in each pc. so i am disconnecting my pc from internet and trying to connect with my 2nd PC. but its not detecting. i am new with the networking. i am not using any router or hub as i don't have. when i connect with ethernet (CAT 5) cable both pc is not detecting each other. Try to create new network connection but it wont help at all. I need to transfer few files from one pc to another. if you guys have any step by step guide or any kinda help Pls let me know. As i need to transfer file urgently pls.

Thanks in Advance.

A:Can't Share Files when i connect 2 pc with ethernet (CAT5) Cable

Chk local connection on both laptops if the firewall is ON, Disable the firewall or chk if any antivirus shield in not letting you ping both systems if you have then disable the shield.

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Hi all,

New to this forum and I am sorry for this long post.

In 1998 I had house built that included a Lucent Homestar Wiring System ( Series SC200).
Up until know I have provided a Wireless network throughout the 3level house with some pretty good success. I thought I would take advantiage of the Homestar features which were suppose to allow me to use a wired Network through the house.

So i Bought a Linksys Cable Router and a Linksys Switch. I moved the Cable Mdem to the Basement where the HomestarBox is located. Hooked up theHomestar to the cable modem pluggd into to the router. Hooked up the router into the switch . From the swicth plugged into the Homestar Panel. (BTW Had my laptop hooked into the same switch using cat5 cable and I was able to surf internet)
The phonejack are dual mode allowing me to plug in a cat5 cable or a rj11.


Does anyone have any experience with Homestar?
Am I missing something in my Setup or my Logic?

As I said in my profile I know enough to be dangerous. I have built my own computers and setup and troubleshooted wireless networks, Also do room to room sharing of 2 tivos over a wireless g network.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Happy New Year

Paul in ATL

PS if this post does not match this forum please feel free to suggest the correct forum. THanks

A:Plugging in CAT5 Cable kills dial tone

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Thanks for your input.
I sorted the problem now. Found that the cable was going through 150m of coil that i didnt know about, once i cut it down to below 100m it worked like a treat.

Im so happy



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I have a network printer that I would like to use in a room away from the router. Can I use an RJ45 splitter so these two devices can share the same cable? It doesn't have wireless capability.

A:Solved: Can a network printer and computer share the same cat5 cable

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I was having network connectivity issues earlier tonight so I decided to disable my network card and re-enable it (I'm using xp home). So, I go ahead with this plan but when I re-enable the connection my computer decides to restart itself.
I have noticed the computer restarts itself ONLY when accessing the network card. If the computer is not connected to the network, it stays running like it should. As soon as I plug the cable in the computer reboots itself. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the card in windows but as soon as the card starts to be installed again the computer reboots. I thought maybe the network card was bad, tried another one and the same thing is happening.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

A:Computer restarts when cat5 cable is plugged into network card

same problem from spyware ULTIMATE CLEANER

I have the same problem .. Have just restored a computer from
the ultimate cleaner malware and now everything works fine
except when I plug in the network and then the computer restarts
H e l p

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My brother had a friend help him add a CDrom drive to his 1.4g Athlon system, Epox mb EP-8K7A. I noticed error message on bootup- "80 wire cable not connected". I think this message could only be related to the CDrom. I built the system 6 months ago and was working fine with two HDD on primary cable. The cables came with the system. The CDrom is working ok. The PC is in the Dallas area and I will be there again in about two weeks.
I'm not sure as to what problem to look for. I believe the primary cable is 133 and the secondary is 100. The CDrom is new and was installed a few months ago on the secondary cable. Nothing else is on the secondary.

A:80 wire cable

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I have an internet connection which is distributed through a wireless router. I use my laptop's (which also has a LAN adapter) WiFi to connect to that router. I have a PC too which only has LAN adapter but not the Wireless adapter.

Unfortunately I cannot wire my place as the router is in my housemate's room. I have network cables though to connect my PC and my laptop. Can I access Internet on my PC using connection between my laptop and PC and my laptop being connected to the Internet via WiFi?

I have DHCP enabled on my WiFi laptop. I am not sure what do I need to do and if I need to give static IP's to all the computers?

PS - I can access the router settings and I can change those settings unless it hampers my other house-mates to use the Internet.

A:Laptop (wifi Internet w/ethernet facility) connect to PC through CAT5 cable

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I don't know where the P4 wire belong

A:Luce wire (cable)

is this a new build you are putting together
is the PC working and you are just looking at spare PSU cables

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Are the new round cables interchangeable with the subject cables? Also, do all 80 wire/40 pin cables have the blue connector for MOBO? I reall haven't been able to find a answer searching forums or Google. Thanks for responding.

A:80 wire/40 pin internal cable

Assuming you mean 'old IDE cable' when you say 'subject cable'..

Yes, the round ones are interchangeable.

With all the IDE cables I've seen in the past few years, they all have a blue connector end for the motherboard.

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I am rebuilding my computer.The secondary IDE connector on the MOBO is black. Can I use an 80 wire ribbon cable on it to connect my DVD-RW master and CD-rom slave?


A:80 wire ribbon cable on DVD/CD

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I want to renew about 15 Connectors in our Firm's network. We have old unshielded Cat5 cables going through the building. Can I buy these connectors, although they're shielded?


Or do I have to buy the more expensive unshielded model:


This'd be the crimping tool:


I'm a beginner in connecting RJ45 Connectors. This is why I ask in order to be on the safe side.

Thank you very much for advise.


A:Solved: Connecting an unshielded Cat5-cable with to shielded RJ45 Cat5e-connector

The data connections are the same on both.
The CAT 6 you want to buy has better conductors anyway,
as it is designed for higher frequencies.
You just don't have the outer shield web in the cable for it to clamp to.
Won't hurt anything.

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Building wife a new computer.
Gigabyte GA 7VAX MOBO, Hard Drive Maxtor 20gb model 3204942
Board came with an 80 wire light Green ribbon cable, with a green connector on one end and black connectors on the top in the middle. The board has a green IDE 1 slot.
I am connecting the 80 wire green ribbon cable connector to the MOBO Green IDE 1 and the top black connector to the hard drive. It is pinned master and the only thing on the cable.
The CD rom is on the IDE 2 connector (which is white) as master by itself, with a regular 40 wire ribbon cable.

All the data that I have read has no reference to this cable. My compute has some 80 wire cables with blue connectors.

Am I doing it right?

Thanks! Paul

Putting in and AMD 1800+

A:80 wire ribbon cable question

It sounds correct to me. Color matching the connector to the motherboard. Try it and see if it works. IDE cables and drives are not damaged if installed wrong, They just don't work.

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