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{RESOLVED}win98 - no sound

Q: {RESOLVED}win98 - no sound

hello. i recently bought a new hard drive to put in my old computer. its all set up and working fine, but now I am unable to get the sound working again. device manager shows that the device is installed fine, and I don't have any IRQ conflicts (i checked)...so what is up with my system? any ideas?

Preferred Solution: {RESOLVED}win98 - no sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: {RESOLVED}win98 - no sound

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"Yo Guys........."
Thanks for your continuing support- I DO appreciate it.
Now on to my latest query. I have AOL7 running on Win98, and can't figure out if my problem is AOL or windows related. Maybe you guys know.
While online, I would get bumped off every twenty minutes or so.
An AOL tech told me to delete my global files, which helped temporarilly. After a second Query the next tech told me this;
start RUN and type in MSCONFIG. Then, click off the LOAD startup
group items and then RESTART.
After this, I go into expert setup and delete the Modem. I'm supposed to update the modem drivers after this, but never got past Auto-Detect.
I did manage to get back on line briefly after reinstalling ver7, but then it bonks me and I'm right back where I started. The netmeet window in windows tells me I have no server. The device manager says my stuff is okey dokey, and I'm perplexed.
Sorry to ramble on so; feel free to ramble back with your thoughts.

A:{RESOLVED}Win98 question

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I have installed a home network. I have a 10/100 switch, 2 PCs with 3COM NICs.

I have installed "query application" this tells me that I have an IP Autoconfiguration Address, Subnet Mask & DHCP Server address all assigned. The light are lit on the switch.
So I guess the hardware is working.

My Win98 SE network setup is:
Client for Microsoft Networks
Microsoft Family Logon
3Com .... adapter NIC
Dial-Ip adapter
NetBEUI -> 3Com Etherlink PCI NIC
NetBEUI -> Dial-Up Adapter
TCP/IP -> 3Com Etherlink PCI NIC
TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter
File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

Primary Network Logon is
Client for Microsoft Networks

I have set up sharing for hard drives.
I press OK for network logon.
Both PCs workgroups are the same name.

When I boot, the first time I access network neighborhood it says network is not available.
Later I can see the workgroups, but I can not see the other computer under the workgroup.

Anyone got any ideas please?

A:{RESOLVED}win98 ethernet

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I have windows 2000 intsalled on a win98 machine and just the other day every time I try to access a word document or start the program the system freezes and I get an error that says, The system is dangerously low in resources. Would you like to terminate the following application? WinWord [not responding] I don't get this when using any of the other office products and nothing has been added to the machine that I know of. I ran an antivirus program which detected nothing. I also removed and reinstalled office but am having the same problems. Any advice would be appreciated. Trevor

A:[Resolved] Word lockup in WIN98

Try doing a Find Files for normal.dot

Rename it normal.xxx


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Im having a bit of a problem... I would like to connect to a Win98 machine with my WinXP machine and Vice Versa... Is there a way I can do it... I can connect Win2000 and WinXP together but I just can seem to get Win98 to do the same...


A:[Resolved] Networking Win98 to WinXP

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I'm just getting to know 2000 and one of the first annoyances is trying to get rid of that blankety blank tray ICON for Easy CD -CreateCD that is auto started on boot.

With Win98 MSCONFIG was always there to stop uninvited loads. Is there any equivalent in Win2000 and if not does anyone know how to get CreateCD stopped without un-installing the app?


A:{RESOLVED}equivalent of Win98 MSCONFIG ??

msconfig for W2K

Enjoy !

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I have a machine running windows 98 using a member server on network to access the internet.

They both have static IP addresses and the connection is fine for about 3 minutes. I can only get a connection if I ping the win98 machine from the server first, then the internet connection and the internal network work fine. For about 3 minutes. After this time the win98 machine can still browse and access every other machine on the network with the exception of the internet server. Drive mappings are no longer valid to the server either, and pinging the server returns a timeout message. I then go to the server and ping the win98 machine, go back to the win98 machine and everything works fine for another three minutes. I have other win98 machines on the network that are not doing this, this is the only one. What could be causing the server to be hiding from the win98 machine? Any suggestions....?


A:{Resolved} - losing connection win98 to NT server

Since other machines are not having trouble, I think it more likely that the problem is in the 98 machine, not the server.

Any chance you can try another NIC in there? I know it is seeing other machines ok, but it is such an odd problem that if you have a spare I think it would be worth trying.

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My floppy drive is not showing up in Win2K. I can reboot to Win98 and it is there. So, I don't think it's hardware related. It used to work in Win2K, but now it's not. I have done several changes to this PC, but none that should affect the floppy drive. I changed some network settings, installed a new printer, installed a new video card. It could have stopped working before all that - I don't use it much. Let me know if anyone has seen this before in Win2K. It's probably some setting or something simple wrong.



A:{Resolved} - No floppy drive in Win2K, but one in Win98.

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Hello all:

After much reading....My friend and I have attempted to Network to PCs. Original PC is Compaq running Win98. Was connected to the Internet via Cable modem and worked fine. PC#2 just purchased used from employer, running Win98SE. Installed a NIC card in PC #2 since it came without. Connected both PCs to a Dlink DI-704P router. Both PCs can access the Internet no problems.

Trying to access each PC is where the problem is. When opening the Network Neighborhood Icon on PC#2 , it shows itself under the network. Does not show PC#1. On PC#1, PC#1 does not appear, but PC#2 appears in the network and you can browse the C drive we shared. Both computers are setup under the same workgroup. Under Network Properties on PC#2 it shows: Client for MS Networks, the Network Card, IPX/SPx, NetBeui, and TCP/IP. PC#1 has the same except it does not show IPX/SPX or NetBeui. We cannot share a folder or drive on PC#1 either, the Tab to select sharing does not appear.
Since this is all we can find different between the two-IPX/SPX or Netbeui are not on PC#1 , could this be our problem?

We appreciate any advice and help you can offer, and in the simplest terms if possible. It's quite obvious we know next to nothing about Networking!!!We will try to continue this 'attempt' this evening, hopefully with some instructions from the good people on this forum!

Thanks in advance.

A:[Resolved] Newbies to Networking-Win98 to Win98SE

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I just got a new PC. HP Pavilion 8650c. It is an intel celeron 530mhz running Windows 95. I had a Logitech PageScan Color scanner running fine on my old Windows 95 machine. Now after I scan a page and click on "no more pages" I get an error message that an error occured in my application. I click ignore or close then then get an illegal operation error message.
I just downloaded the softare version 1.6 from Logitech. Their tech support pages say Windows 98 works with Imageware 3.0
When I called to upgrade to Imageware 3.0 I was told it was unavailable.
Any suggestions on what to do now?

A:{RESOLVED} Logitech PageScan Color not working Win98

Is that the program that does the actual scanning, or is that the image editing software? The actual scanning pretty much has to be done by the program that they wrote, but image editing and TWAIN acquiring can be done by lots of other programs. When you do a TWAIN acquire it will run the scanning program - so it has to be working.

If your scanner company isn't around anymore or doesn't offer any upgrades... well, there isn't much you can do.

There are some higher end applications, like Corel Draw, that have their own TWAIN source scanning in them, but they don't work with everything. My scanner (cheap Canon) doesn't work with it, for instance.

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Just thought I'd share this for the record.

I have a cable router and a switch with win2k and win98 computers. For some time I wasn't able to access the internet with the win2k machines, although the win98 machines could connect to the internet.

The problem was also strange because the win2k machines could still access all the other computers on the LAN.

Simply turning the router off and back on did not solve the problem.

Solution: Shut down the computers, the switch, and the router. Then turn on the router, switch, and computers again... all in that order.

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O.k. the correct error message is as follows:
Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device number 3, service B. Windows Configuration is invalid. Run Windows setup program again to correct this problem.
I am using a brand new 20g Maxtor H.D. on a Packard Bell dino, and it's funny because I can get all the way through the initial loading of the files, but after it reboots and is "preparing to start windows for the first time", it goes through about fifteen seconds of the Windows logo before hanging up around msmouse.vxd. If your wondering how I know this, I opted for a step-by-step confirmation about the third time I was prompted to choose...Normal, Safe Mode,Step-by-step,etc. My understanding is that the .VxD extension is for Virtual Device Drivers, so if you could help me resolve this issue I would really appreicate it.

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A:{RESOLVED} Invalid VxD dynamic link... When loading Win98.

What kind of a mouse do you have and have you tried editing the system.ini? Updating mouse drivers?

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I actually have about 3 different questions, but I don't want to start a new thread for them all. I did a search and nothing seems to be very close to the answer I need. So here goes...

First, I'm talking about a network. 2 computers (laptop and desktop), 1 cable modem, 1 Linksys Wireless Router with 4-port switch. Laptop: Win98SE, P2 CPU, 64MB RAM, Linksys wireless NIC card, Outpost Firewall. Desktop: specs listed in signature, Norton Internet Securities Firewall. Mothers madien name:.........

1: Does the Linksys router come with a built-in firewall? If so, why did the driver disk that came with it have NIS on it? And if it does have a built-in firewall, how the heck do I set it up? Been to or whatever.... no help.

2: The firewall on the laptop is Outpost, the one on the Desktop is NIS. Both computers get on the 'net with no trouble, but I can't share any files when I have the firewall turned on on either of them. As long as I disable both firewalls, I can share every file I want to. Which, if you combine these two questions, brings us to....

3: How do I configure that dam router's firewall (if it has one) so that I can turn down the firewalls on the systems enough to share files? And how do I turn down those two dam firewalls so that once I get the Linksys built-in firewall figured out, I can turn them down enough to share files?

WAKE UP!!!!!

Talk to me please......

A:(Resolved) Win98 WinME file share problem thru linksys 4 port

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I went to give my Grandson an old Win 98 machine and wanted to install a music program. When it asks for a midi output driver, I get a message that there is none. When I go to control panel...sounds...the preview sound button is greyed out. Obviously I'm lacking something. This computer was used at work and sound was never needed. Do I need to download a driver or buy a sound card?

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I have a Kiwi 780 Laptop with Win98. There are no hardware conflicts.

The sound card (OPTI PnP) appears to be operating properly...however: I get no sound output to the built-in speakers. There is also no sound output to the headphone jack.

The POST beeps play fine through the speakers, but the system sounds and CDs will not play.

Any ideas?

A:Win98 Sound Card Problems

The volume controls maybe screwed up. Open 'em up and see if anything's muted

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Windows 98
No hardware conflicts
Hi-Val ISA PnP Sound Card

The only sounds that will play are short electronic chirps. The first time I heard them, I thought we were being contacted by the Vegans.

Any Ideas?

A:Win98 Sound Card (Different Problem)

that sounds (no pun intended) like a loose connection to your speakers

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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i have executed the following - but NO SOUND, Pls HELP!!

No conflicts in device manager
volume control dial on the monitor
volume controls - in control panel
mute controls - in control panel
speaker connectivity on hard drive
speaker connectivity on monitor​


A:No Sound - Novice -Win98 (Pac Bell)

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Should it be possible on a ten year old laptop which works fine on Win98 to give sound out of its own speakers now that Win XP Home has been installed. The sound hardware I believe is based on ES1869 from creative labs. The laptop is a pentium 2 based cpu and every thing else seems to have installed correctly except the sound software. Note I haven't been able to find any specific drivers XP based for this sound unit.
Am I missing some thing simple as I tried the fault finding guide from XP and it has not been any use.

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i installed a new hard drive on my comp. re installed the revoery cd. and i got no sound. i looked in my device manager, and the ENSONIQ card wasnt there. to i found the drivers online, and installed them, hoping to find it that way. still no avail. so a purchased a CREATIVE LABS SOUND BLASTER 16 PCI card.

i removed the ENSONIQ and put in the SOUND BLASTER, connected the cables and started up the computer. WIN 98 didnt recognize new hardware. i made sure plug and plat was enabled in the bios, and it is.

i tried searching for the new hardware, and the comp locks up.

do i need to remove the old driver files from the comp? how do i find them?

if you have any other idea, please let me know


PII, 333MZ

A:Win98 locks up seaching for sound card

Sound cards can be upsetting sometimes to say the least. First remove and uninstall everything, including any programs that may have installed to use the sound system. Restart the computer, install the new drivers for the sound card, turn off the computer and install the card. At boot up make sure you have disabled any internal cards if you have one then when windows restarts it should find the new hardware, just point it to the drivers you allready installed. One last thing make sure if there are any jumper setting on the sound card they are set to plug-N-play.

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Hi! I wasn't sure if I could find help here but I am going to try. I have been running Win95 for sometime on my computer but just a few months ago, a virus appeared and made a cause for an upgrade to Win98.
However, I no longer have access to my sound card, it just doesn't work and my display is down to 16 colors from 16-bit. I am sure that it might be something with the way I installed the drivers but since I am not to keen on the functionality of many of the drivers that I disabled (or left running) but I am just not sure what to do.

I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop so I cannot open it up to see what is inside. Please help!


A:Sound & display trouble after Win98 install

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OOPS..... Ive been trying to get Ensoniq Mixer off my computer for months. I finally got some help thru this forum.. THX!!! I deleted Creative via add/delete programs. Finally Ensoniq is permanently removed. However, I have now lost my sound card to my computer. I looked in the recycle bin and cannot find it to restore. Any idea how to get my soundcard back ? Disk, website, etc.

A:Deleted Sound from Win98 Dell computer

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Am trying to install a 4-ch, 6-ch PCI sound card by Gamesurround( by Crystal, Model CS4620 CM, chip by Criius Logic). I get the sound driver installed and then re-boot and the thing tells me to find the PCI card driver and then the Multimedia device driver! Ok. I am not really stupid about these things but WHERE the heck are they? I thought the install program would have all that on it as it comes with the card. I looked on the install CD, Win98SE CD, even went to the website... still nothing. Maybe I am dumb. Have been doing these things for a long time and this is a first for me. How humbling! Someone bail me out!! I am trying to get this older computer going for my girlfriend as a backup and we need the sound. Thanks..MamaRedHawk

A:Solved: Installing sound card for Win98 se

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I Have a WinFast 3D S900 video card, and I can't get it to work properly since I upgraded my OS from Win98 to Win98 SE.
I already tried to update the BIOS and the drivers from the internet and nothing worked.
Now the resolution of my screen is only 600X800 and it shows only 16 colors.
Whenever I try to change the resolution or the colors, it tells me that the addapter is incorrect or my hardware does not support my settings.
What can I do?

A:My video card is not working properly since I upgraded my OS from win98 to win98 SE

Have you tried removing the adapter from the control panel, restarting and allowing windows to find it again?

Also, take a look at what is showing up under monitor.

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I am wondering if anyone has an opinion about the best way to remove windows 98 from my C drive and convert to windows 2000.

Here's the details.
I originally had win98 installed in my C drive and then installed win 2000 on my D drive. I now run in win2k solely and am running out of space on my C drive. I have also run into a few problems that look like they might be related to the dual boot configuration.

Anyway since I don't want, need, or use 98 I want to remove it and run solely with win 2k.

The options I am considering are:
- Remove win 2k from D drive, and then reinstall win 2k over 98 and reformat the C drive to be NTFS for better security etc. This looks messy and prone to error.
- Install win 2k over win 98 and reformat C drive without removing the D win 2k installation. Then reformat the D Drive to get rid of win2k. I would do this using the win2k 4 3.5 floppy installation disks and the win2k CD.

I realize I will need to reinstall all my current applications and drivers but I believe that is a fact of life when doing this type of thing.

Any suggestions as to which is better or what the best procedure is?

A:Removing win98 from dual boot win98/2k

Howdy Todman and welcome

Don't know to much about it but...here's what MS has to say



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Dear TG,
I recently asked you for help with a printer problem, it turned out that the problem was with the printer.
I mentioned at the time that it had caused problems with the PC,causing it to shut down improperly.
I have now got another printer,different make ,and it is working OK,but after uninstalling the previous printer I have discovered that the sound has vanished from the PC completely,
I have Sound Blaster 128 PCI ,on board sound card and the speakers were plugged into the sound card.
I contacted the PC suppliers and told them I had done the following...checked Device Manager and found no conflicts-uninstalled Creative Labs and re-installed-
checked that Mute was not applied--tested the speakers and found them OK.--made sure that all connections were OK,and they said that they could not offer any other suggestions as to why there was no sound,can anyone?

A:[Resolved] No Sound


Have you tried the sound test from Start/Run and type "dxdiag"
w/o quotes?

That would be my next step.


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I am running Win 98 SE
with Window Media Player 9. and Quick time player 6

My problem now is that WMP has no sound and QT is OK. Please help.


A:(Resolved) MP v9 no sound

This is funny, Iafter I have download the update for the Direct X 9a, from Window, it solved my problem.

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I've recently installed winamp 3 and since, I've been unable to play any sort of sound/video. I went back to winamp 2.5 afterwards and it gives me this error. I just cant seem to get it working.

MMSYSTEM032 The specified format cannot be translated or supported.Use the Capabilities function to view supported formats.

I'd appreciate any help...

A:{RESOLVED}No sound in ME


What is your sound card? Go to Control Panel | System. Device manager. Under Sound will be the card.

Is this happening with all files? Also, what is the version of Windows you're running?



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I'm on windows 98.

My sound recently stopped working the last time I got a Windows Update from that site. One of the downloads was an updated driver for my PCI Audio sound card or whatever. Anyway, there was a problem downloading and I don't have any sound.

If it helps, when I try to play an MP3 in winamp it says:

Bad DirectSound driver. Please install another driver or use another device in configuration.
Error code: 88780078

A:(Resolved) Help, no sound here!


You may want to see if a restore will help, as it looks like its only a few days old.

Reboot to DOS, and at the prompt, type the following:


and pick a date prior to the download. Don't pick the oldest one.

If no joy, then you may need to update the drivers for the card from its own website. To determine what you have, go here:

Control panel | System. Device manager. Under Sound will be your card. Also, rightclick and choose Driver tab. Whats the version?



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This is my problem I have a creative labs sound blaster audigy xgamer card. I have a creative labs inspire 5.1 surround sound unit. I currently can't get any sound to work on any of my programs except creative labs audio HQ. I'v checked all the volumes of all my programs to make sure they havent been muted or turned down.
I reset the defaults on my sound card, but I still dont have any sounds.

I hope you can help me.
Thanks for reading hope to hear from someone soon.

A:(Resolved) No Sound

go here. http://www.americas.creative.com/support/welcome.asp?rd=download

Then click sound blaster, then click sound blaster, the click sound blaster audigy gamer. and download that driver install the driver, reboot, your sound should work fine after that. I had the same card and same problem did what i just told ya everything worked after that.

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I am not getting any sound from my system when trying to play a cd or off the net. When Windows Media Player or other media players open, I get a message that the media player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly.
I have checked the device manager for an error but it says that the device is working correctly. Any advice?

P.S. I'm using windows 98se.

A:(Resolved) No sound

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My sound has stopped in Windows. I get sound when I turn my TV card. And the system sound level hasnt been changed. There's no click when I go from link to link in windows, and I get no sound from Windows Media Player.

any ideas?

A:(Resolved) sound

nevermind. somehow the wave/direct sound had been turned all the way down. i didn't do it. no one else touched it. weird.

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I recently uninstalled a codec package from nimo and ever since I did this I haven't been able to get sound. I've tried reinstalling the nimo package and still get no sound. I've also tried downloading Directx 9.0, physically taking the sound card out and puting it back in and installing the most resent drivers for the SB 16. After downloading directx 9.0 i can play files in WMP and Quicktime but I get a error when I try to play them in MusicMatch "waveout format not supported" and when I try to play a few different games it says it doesn't allow for asynchronous playback, system files don'y playback either. Am I missing a certain codec? I'm running this on a Xp box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:[Resolved] No Sound

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Hi, i think i have got a similar problem to a few other posts i have seen, not sure if the conditions of my computer is exactly the same though.
Basicly i cant play any sound, and whenever i try and play a sound my computer seems 2 freeze, also i dont seem to be able to use mozilla or windows live messenger etiher.

i have tried uninstaling and reinstalling my sound drivers but has had no effect. Heres some screencaps to help describe the situation:




all the microsoft devices with the yellow errors, i have tried uninstaling, but they seem to come back againt after i restart the computer or reinstall realtek97 audio.

if anyone has any advice it will be seriously apreciated, thank you in advance,

A:(Resolved) No Sound,


Originally Posted by kaoticsypher

Hi, i think i have got a similar problem to a few other posts i have seen, not sure if the conditions of my computer is exactly the same though.
Basicly i cant play any sound, and whenever i try and play a sound my computer seems 2 freeze, also i dont seem to be able to use mozilla or windows live messenger etiher.

i have tried uninstaling and reinstalling my sound drivers but has had no effect. Heres some screencaps to help describe the situation:

Attachment 17988

Attachment 17989

Attachment 17990

all the microsoft devices with the yellow errors, i have tried uninstaling, but they seem to come back againt after i restart the computer or reinstall realtek97 audio.

if anyone has any advice it will be seriously apreciated, thank you in advance,

Hello and Welcome to our forums, kaoticsypher!

Did you do a complete reinstall of the operating system recently?

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I can't figure this one out. When I put in any game in my CD rom drive I get all the sounds that come with the games, but when I put in a music CD I can't get any sound. I get no error messages and the program that plays the CD acts as if there is nothing wrong. It doesn't matter which program I use to play the music, it even counts down as if the song is playing until its over. how can I fix this problem.
[email protected]

A:(Resolved) no sound from Cd's?

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Hello all. My brother has run into an annoying problem with his sound. He's not very smart with his computer, and in the process of doing his own 'cleaning' he removed the drivers for his soundcard in Add/Remove. However his 'soundcard' is built into the motherboard. Normally I would know how to fix it, look to see what kind it is, DL the drivers, piece of pie. However since his 'soundcard' is just a silverbox connected to the motherboard I have no idea how to tell. I looked through device manager, tried to reinstall the drivers for the few items that showed up under Sound Devices, but it couldnt find any more up to date drivers, and I figured that since it is built into the motherboard that the original drivers would already be installed on the computer, and the computer would locate them and put two and two together and reinstall, but unfortuanetly I got nowhere. Under the Sound Device tab were 6 things; Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Media Control Devices, Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio (hmm), and Video Codecs. I tried to 'Install Newest Drivers' for the Legacy Audio Drivers and Soundmax ones, but nothing. I hope I have provided enough background info to answer my question of "How might I go about finding the name of my soundcard, or installing new drivers or whatnot?" BTW, the problem is not that the music doesnt play, its that it sounds really high pitched, like the Chipmunks. And i have tried different speakers, so thats not the case. Thanx in advance.

A:[resolved] Sound Problem

Well you could remove the whole kit'n'kiboodle from the device manager then it may detect a new device. The drivers are normally located in the .inf folder.

What make/model is the computer? Does he have a restore/motherboard disk?

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After formatting my HD I installed Win.Me. I don't know where to find the information on my PC that will tell me what driver I need to install - if that is what I need to do to get sound? (My HD was wiped out from a virus, I was using Win98 update from orig.95.)
Appreciate the help -Thanks, Rusti

A:[Resolved] No sound problem..

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After system crashed, got it restored but all my MIDI and WAV files are missing, I cannot play CD's or any system sounds.
It seams that everything regaurding sound has been wiped out. I have tried reloading windows 98 and have tried to reinstall sound card but nothing seams to bring back sound.
i have gotten error message of there is not hardware or something but I am running out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated

A:{RESOLVED} No sound/Files

We need to know the model / brand of your sound card before we can start to help.

You said your WAV files are missing? You did a Start, Find, Files for *.WAV and *.MID and nothing shows up?

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Okay this is the weirdest thing. When I go on the computer all the little sounds are there, like the AIM noises for example, but when I try to play a song it doesn't work. I go to Volume Controls and I noticed the Wave bar is all to way down. So I move it back up and I can then hear the song. I try to play another song, and it goes back down What do I do to fix this stupid thing, thanks

the farm

A:{RESOLVED}For Some Reason I Have No Sound...


Are you using Winamp for the playing of the music? If so, have a look at this:




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I dont know if this helps, but one I installed speakers in my HP Pavilion computer,my sound was so much better. They are not very expensive and I don't have to do hardly anything to them. I have a remote control and a headset. I no longer have a "metallic" noise and I can now understand what people are saying.

You can get speakers most anywhere at different prices. Don't think you have to purchase the "high-priced" speakers to get the best sound. I love mine and now I love waching movies and listening to online radio---and I can now understand the words!!

There was no software to put in. I just plugged them in and it did the rest! I've never had a headset befoe either, and they it is so great. I can sit and just listen to anything I want; and I don't bother anyone around me!

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Hi all,
I am sure someone will know the answer to this one. I have Hogs of War (by Infogrames) and I don't get any sound when I play a map. I get sound (voices/music) on the intro, but once I have slected my team and chosen a map to play and start it.........no sound !! Now this is no fun, 'cos I like to hear my piggies squeal and listen to the satisfying explosion which leaves their smoking boots.....
All other games (UT/Half Life/ SoF and Quake II) play with no problems at all, so it must be something other than the sound card (SB Live Value 1024)
I went into settings and moved the sliders for volume fully to the right, but on exit I noticed that the sliders reverted back to the 'start' position.
I have since fdisked/formatted (due to this problem and some others) but I still have the same problem........no sound on the game.
I have tried running the game with only the sys tray and explorer running, in case it was something to do with a/v or firewall, or other running items...........no difference.........no sound, and the volume sliders revert back to the start when I close the volume settings.
This has got me baffled..........the game was fine until I thought I would play it again, loaded the disc, off I went.....no sound.
Prior to this it all worked ok.
Anyone got any bright ideas as to what is causing this lack of sound ??
Am running win98se/xp1800/abit kr7a/256ddr/geforce 2 ultra 64mb/sb live value 1024/20gb hdd.

A:(Resolved) Hogs of War...sound

This is just a test.
Open the 'Sound' folder of your game....and check that all the sound files are copied properly during installation.

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I do not have any audio sound from my dvd disks. No sound from using either Intervidio WinDVD or from a Windows Media Player. I do have sound from cd music disks on my CD RW drive using both the speakers or head phones. I have, in the near past, had audio sound from my dvd NEC DV-5800A drive. But now the sound is gone. I have a one year old Dell Dimension 8200 computer and Integrated Audio with a Soundblaster Pro/16 compatibility sound card. The operating system is Windows XP. I have tried some things in the control panel, but without any success. I am really a novice and have retracted to original states from any changes that I have made.
Really Frustrated

A:{resolved}No sound on dvd player


If you rightclick on your speaker icon near your clock and choose Open Volume Controls.

Options | properties. make sure all the boxes are ticked, OK.

Are any sliders muted or lowered? If so, unmute or raise them, to see if that helps.



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Halo sound crackles after 2 minutes of play polease does n e 1 kno how to fix this. fankoo

A:[Resolved] Halo sound

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Hi i have a win 95 standalone...when i put a cd rom in and i want to listen to sound via the speakers which is a hi tex cp55 computer speaker system. However no sound I go to control panel - sounds and there is a empty windows icon...does this mean i need to install a soundcard?????if so how do i do it and which soundcard do i install if thats what the problem is

A:{RESOLVED} sound problem

Confused, being that you have speakers your sound must be working in windows but not from the cdrom. That's my guess anyway. There needs to be a cable from the cdrom audio out that connects to the soundcard, or if on board sound, to the motherboard. To check and see if the cdrom is suppling sound plug some headphones into the jack on the front of the cdrom and see if you can hear the sound, if you can, then the audio cable must not be installed.,

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since i had broadband installed, the sound on more powerful games cuts off after a few seconds(everything was working fine before!) when this happens i also lose any connection to the internet until i restart my computer. can anyone help me?

A:(Resolved) sound on games

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Ok I don't know if this goes in this section but I have no sound on my computer. I have windows 98 & have asked loads of ppl about this problem but none of them had any idea really.

It seems that the only thing that I can seem to get sound on is a game that my little brother plays other than that there is no sound at all. Ppl have said that I should get a sound when I switch the computer on but there's nothing.

I want sound so I can listen to downloaded music & friends on instant messengers. I have tried what the person at the computer shop said where we brought the computer just over a yr ago & have made sure that everything is switched on & not on mute.

I am not sure if I have a sound card but ppl say i must do but I haven't a clue really.

I would be really grateful of some help please, thanks.

A:(Resolved) No sound on comp

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Hiya, I've got a rather strange problem...

I've searched on Google for about 4 hours now and looked inside of my casing for my PC to check so many things, but I have yet to found a solution.

My problem is this: there is no sound! My computer recently ran Windows Vista, and it truly sucked compared to XP (no offense to you Vista users =]). Just it didn't have support for half the games I played and I am an avid gamer. Everything else worked so-so you could say, Windows Media Player 11 wasn't the greatest, but it worked! Now that I have downgraded back to Windows XP, no sound whatsoever will work. Strange, ain't it? Windows' worst-rated system by consumers actually had my sound working, and the best-rated system did not. I have installed the newest nForce driver (I'm pretty sure that's what my motherboard runs with) and everything to no avail. I downloaded Everest and Everest still has no idea what my motherboard is (Unknown?). I figured it's a Biostar due to its unique code. I'm not 100% on this though, and I will post what Everest came up with for extra help.

Note: I cut off a lot of the ending data as I see it irrelevant (I still have it though, if you shall need it =]).

--------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
Homepage http://www.lavalys.com/
Repor... Read more

A:(Resolved) Sound Problem...

Hi and welcome to TSF.

As far as I can tell, the sound system is a Sound Blaster X-FiTM and the drivers for his should be on your Dell installation disc. The motherboard is a Dell Inc 0UW457.

Click on this link, as it may help you. Post back to let us know how you get on. I'm off to bed shortly, but others will be around to help you.

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