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Google mail prob.no account option in mail

Q: Google mail prob.no account option in mail

Can't directly create or sync my google mail in windows 8.
In other site i see mail account option including account in google but in my version i doestn show up
Pls Help

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Preferred Solution: Google mail prob.no account option in mail

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can you send me Google e-mail account please

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I have several accounts in Windows Mail to use in different locations. When I am at home I set the appropriate account as Default. Windows Mail uses this reliably when creating mail. However, when replying to incoming mail the programme always tries to use another account (not default but one I use in Portugal) and of course it fails to Send because the settings are not correct. I have to manually change the account in the outgoing address box. Any solution?

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I need to get mail from my Live Mail Account immediately  I normally view it on my phone but I need to print a doc

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Hey there. Basically I have an fsmail.net account and I want to set it up for use on my iPhone. I've been told the best way to do this is to add the account to google mail. However when I try to add the account it keeps telling me that "Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password. Server returned error: "[AUTH] Invalid login/password pair"" even though both are definately correct. I have tried it on POP Server pop.orangehome.co.uk and pop.orange.net but I still get the same message. Please can you help? (Hopefully I've explained that properly.)

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Actually when I'm trying to add google account in Mail in windows 8.1 from "Add Account" option it's asking me to choose what kind of account
is that whether IMAP or EAS. I have tried adding google account by both options IMAP and EAS. But unable to do so. It's giving me an error.

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newcomer just looking for an answer to: how one forwards their outlook mail account to an aim.com mail account?

A:How does one forward their outlook mail account to an aim.com mail account?

There are no such things as Outlook mail accounts (in the context of your question anyway). Your mail account is on a server where Outlook fetches mail from.

The better way to set up mail forwarding is on the server. If you have some sort of a web interface or a shell account, then you may be able to set the forward address yourself. Otherwise, talk to the mail server administrator.

You can set up mail filtering rules in Outlook too, which say that whenever Outlook receives a new message, it will send it so somewhere else. This approach is very bad though, since you would have to have your Outlook running 24/7 to keep the forwarding ability.

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I can only guess that the Account.equals() method in Windows' codebase looks like this:
return this.emailAddress == account.emailAddress;

A while back, I realized I no longer needed my Hotmail address, and set up my Microsoft account to use my G-mail address. This simplified things quite a lot for me. This is the account I use to log into Windows 8.
I just decided to try out the much-hated Mail app, and set up my G-mail account there. After some imperfectness, I thought about just removing it and using Chrome G-mail on its own. However, I ran into this:
They seem to falsely think that my G-mail account is the same as my Microsoft account, when in reality there's no reason I shouldn't be able to remove this. (Heck, it wasn't there 10 minutes ago) Any ideas? If this is a real bug, any way to submit it to Microsoft?

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I am using multiple mail accounts at work, some of which require me to use access cards at specific work stations.

I wonder if there is a way to have MS Outlook to send me a notification from my mail account B to my primary mail account A whenever my mail account B recieves an email, because I simply have no time running back and forth between workstations checking for emails that may not be there anyway.

Because of security policies, I can not simply forward mails from account B to account A, so what I need is Outlook to email me a notification saying "an email has been recieved" - nothing about the subject and/or content of the recieved email.

This would be pretty much like the notification on for example smartphones saying "one new email", but for obvious reasons I can not access this account with my smartphone, nor would I be allowed to anyway.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance!

A:Can I have Outlook notify me via mail to another account when a new mail arrives?

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I am new to Vista and actually like Windows Mail. I have my ISP email account which works as it should in Windows Mail. I also have a @live.com (I suppose this is the replacement for the hotmail account.). Is there a way of adding the @live.com account to the accounts in Windows Mail? If this should be addressed in the Vista Forum feel free to move it please. TIA for any help

A:Solved: Windows Mail and @live.com mail account

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I said is the windows store mail app. how to remove an account in it?
On the other hand, I also don't know how to ADD a second acccount in Mail.

A:how to remove mail account in mail in windows 8?

Open the Mail App.  Display the Charm Bar by either swiping from the right bezel or pressing [Windows] [C]. 
Choose the Settings Link.  This will display the Mail App Settings.On the Settings bar at the top choose AccountsTo add an account select the Add an account linkTo remove an account select the account to open it and click the Remove account button all the way at the bottom of the panel.Paul Stork SharePoint Server
MVP Senior Solutions Architect: BlueChip Consulting Group
Blog: http://dontpapanic.com/blog
Twitter: Follow @pstork
Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves your problem.

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Please Help me. I'm stuck.
Thank you,

Kent Bailey

A:Not able to add my Outlook E-Mail account to Windows Mail

Would someone PLEASE help me?????

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Windows 7 with Windows Live Mail

There are two -mails accounts with WLM/Windows 7, one is 'main' and other is 'spare.'

When I e-mailed/reply to the sender by assuming from 'main' account, however it was sent by another/Spare e-mail account, that never happened before. Then, I was totally shocked to see it happen today.

How to find the e-mail I'm going to send is from the 'main' e-mail account with WLM/Win.7?

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:E-mail was wrongly sent by a spare e-mail account, WLM

I might be being a bit simplistic here but click on icon top left hand corner(next to home)select options then email accounts highlight the account you want to send from then click the make default button.Hope thats what you wanted to know.

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I can't get rid of gmail from outlook-I've gone thru the steps posted on line but cannot scroll down to the delete 'button' on the rectangular box that appears when you go thru all the steps because the delete box/activator appears below the screen--i'm
ready to get rid of Hotmail/outlook (is that possible on a pc?!) and just do with yahoo. All this happened because I forgot a new password have not found it anywhere for gmail when I was using a pubic computer.  Now I can't get rid of that pop-up 'you
gmail account settings are out-of-date--help my computer has been hijacked--it's worst than a virus--never recalled google/gmail asking me if I wanted them to question my use of other computers--this is totally screwed--I hate gmail/google with all my heart
and hope that company will come to the bitter end they deserve. I doubt I will receive an answer to this--but if I could be google/gmail and even outlok/Microsoft edge into the dumpster on my computer I would.

This is the way corporate giants are contolling our lives--they take over our computers--it's souds nuts--but it's actually true.

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All instructions for adding an e-mail account to the mail app, say to go to Settings and click on accounts. When I click on Settings all I get is Change PC Settings, and there is no account option there.

A:Adding e-mail account to the mail app

Hello Ray,

The tutorial below can help show you how to add an email account to the Mail app.

Mail App - Add an Account in Windows 8.1

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I'm trying to add a google account to Mail and when I choose Google I get the message,

'something went wrong error 0x80040154'

Has anyone had any success getting this feature to work? Or has anyone else found a way to solve this error?

Since posting this I did read a suggestion about adding it under IMAP/POP option instead of choosing add GMAIL. I tried this but since my Gmail has secure settings the test email was blocked. There is an option in Gmail setting to make the account less secure, but I don't want to do this.

A:Trying to add Google mail to Mail and get error 0x80040154

I did a clean install of Windows 10 and I will probably not try again anyway. No error when I opened it.

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DATE: 24APR2010 (Sat.)

I'm having a problem with my FastMail.FM (i.e., http://WWW.FastMail.FM ) E-mail Account.

...The problem I'm having is that the SPELL CHECK(er) is INSERTING a DOUBLE QUOTES SYMBOL Followed By a GREATER THAN SYMBOL (i.e., "> ) in the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINKS" that I put in My E-mail Messages whenever it "encounters" a ".COM" in a WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" WHEN I DO a SPELL CHECK of an E-mail Message.

(FOR EXAMPLE: A WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" such as HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM is often CHANGED TO: HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE">COM .{You should see how the SPELL CHECK[er] completely "TRASHED" one of my E-mail Messages when I put some "LONG" WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINKS" in my E-mail Message. ...The .COM,as mentioned above,was CHANGED TO ">COM . After the .COM was CHANGED TO ">COM ,though,the SPELL CHECK[er] would either TRUNCATE the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" [For example, http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl WAS CHANGED TO: http://maps.google">com ] OR the SPELL CHECK[er] would TRUNCATE the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" AND MOVE the REST OF the WEBSITE ADDRESS "... Read more

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So I added my outlook account to the Windows 10 mail app. I can get mail on my iPhone and thru the outlook site in the Edge browser, BUT the mail app wont let me log in, wont let me delete the account (it says "something went wrong" and wont sync with my account. So what in the world can I do to fix this?

A:Windows 10 Mail app wont access my mail and wont let me delete account

There is an update for Mail in the store that will bring you to the latest version.
Only released late last night early this morning.
Let us know if that cured your problem if not then follow this link

Mail app - Add or Delete Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
To see if that will help you

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My windows 8.1 mail app always gave me an option to add additional google/gmail accounts. It gives option to add Outlook and exchanger sever and "add other" but not gmail or google account. When I choose other and put in address it can not find
t.  I now have to go in thru google browser to open that account. Anybody no what happened here?

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I'm trying, what I thought, would be a simple task. I need a PHP script (or any script) that would send an order confirmation to our site users after a week. Here's what I've tried:



# This script sends an 'order in progress' email to the customer one week after placing their order



# Firstly, open a database connection


mysql_connect('''username''password') or

'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());




# Next, quer... Read more

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hi !
i use outlook express for sending my e-mails and have my both yahoo and hotmail accounts configured on it.
i have two problems with both my accounts.

1)my yahoo account is not able to send any e-mails whereas it can recieve mails . pla let me know why is that.

2)my hotmail account stops sending mails after sometime simply b cos my account limit gets used up.
so for this i have to go to my actual hotmail page on the net and clean all my inbox and sent mails folder.
cleaning my inbox in the outlook itself does not work.
my syncronisation settings have slected the all messages icon in the inbox hedding .

plz help

A:mail prob!!


your ISP may not allow email relaying (ie it has to go out from your ISP's smtp not yahoo's)
make sure your yahoo account setting in OE has the 'my server requires authorization' box ticked off, with the id/pwd info completed behind the settings tab, in the outgoing mail server area at the bottom
(tools, accounts, select the yahoo account, properties, servers)

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I installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 pc.  I have contact lists saved by google mail and outlook.com mail.  How do I copy those contact lists into the Outlook 2016 desktop client?

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I installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 pc.  I have contact lists saved by google mail and outlook.com mail.  How do I copy those contact lists into the Outlook 2016 desktop client?

A:Transfer contact lists into Outlook 2016 from google mail and outlook.com mail

This should help for Gmail:https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Import-Google-Gmail-contacts-into-Outlook-edbacfde-f48c-49da-a6a3-bcbb8f4f4819And this page has a section on exporting contacts from Outlook.com (the importing instructions from the link above should then work to import into Outlook 2016):https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Export-contacts-from-Outlook-10f09abd-643c-4495-bb80-543714eca73f

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Using Win Mail 6.0.6

Everything was working fine, until earlier today, a message got stuck in my outbox. Now, the message was actually sent; it's in my sent items folder. But it's also in my outbox with a "Message Can Not Be Displayed" error.

1) Can't delete it; I get a message saying "an unknown error has occured"
2) Can't send it; upon hittng send & receive, the message remains
3) Can't move it to another mail folder
4) Can't move it to the desktop; I get a message saying "an unexpected error is preventing the operation. Take note of this error code which may help you resove this issuse. Error 0x0000000 The operation completed successfully."
5) Can't send new email; that gets stuck in the outbox behind this problem message
6) Upon shutting down mail, I get a message telling me there are unsent messages, do I want to send them now, saying yes does not resolve the issue.
7) Rebooting did not help

What do I do here?

Thanks in advance.

A:Huge mail prob

What I would do, and not only to resolve this problem, is to update to the most current Windows Live 2011

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Hi.Running windows 7 and using windows live mail,Was working fine until today seemed to have lost all my emails,Also had subfolders ie Orders,Vital info,My Family etc.I had a backup in my documents but cannot find a way to get them all back,At the moment I just have my email address and under that Inbox.Sent.Deleted.draft.But all are empty.
I did get round it eventually but it was a bit of a bldy headache,I imported the emails from my backup but could not find them eventually cam across **sub folders and my emails were in there. is that the way that wlm is supposed to work??. What a nightmare.

I opened it and it was all blank lost all my emails,But got it back up and running as I had a backup but it was a nightmare to get it all working again. Now apart from that I would like to have some advice on how to set up the WLM I don't mean the email side,What I'm looking at is the main page. This is what I have:I have two emails one hotmail and one orange mail.Now under the orange mail heading on the far left I have sub folders 1--20.eg 1.Amazon 2.Ebay 3.Orders and so on. Would that be the correct way to set up the WLM main page,As when I lost the last lot of emails when I imported them they all went into sub folders but not the sub folders that I have set up.I had a problem finding them.When found I had to make new sub folders and copy and paste from the imported folders to the folders that I have under my email address on the far left. Am I doing this correct or incorrect... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail Prob's

Hi flogit, I have a folder on an external hdd, called Emails. In it I make sub folders named for type of mail I want to keep. All I do is when getting an email I want to keep, is, open it, click on file>save as (name of my choice) & save to desktop (for easy finding) the I right click it, drag to where I want, select (move here).
There are other methods for users who get large amounts of mail if your interested.

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Hi all,

Not getting e-mails from 3 yahoo groups I belong to.
All settings are correct. Using Eudora 5.0.2.
Can access all posts via the Yahoo site, but not in
my primary e-address. Settings at Yahoo site
are also correct. Help note sent, no return
as yet from Yaheeze.


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I had had the Firefox browser and never had a problem copying and pasting a previously written e-mail in Yahoo Mail in a New Message. Now, however, since I ditched the Firefox browser and downloaded IE 9.0 (which does seems to be much faster in every respect), when I copy a previously written e-mail and paste that message into a new e-mail, all the HTML with color text and everything is gone! It seems like IE doesn't like to be copied in Yahoo Mail. It's a "bear" for me, for in my business it's necessary for me to write a letter using the same information I had typed previousy, and it's been a tremendous time saver to just copy and paste it. Now, I can't. Has anyone else experienced this same problem ???

A:Yahoo Mail - Copy Prob in IE 9.0

A Google search shows compatibility issues with IE9 and Yahoo. Yahoo has discontinued their phone support. It appears the only way to contact them is by email. And good luck with that!

Make sure Microsoft Updates are current. There may be a current fix for this issue.

Use a different email client, or go back to IE8. Try reinstalling IE9.


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No sense in panicking...no other problems, but this machine hasn't been looked at, soooo.

DDS (Version 1.0) - NTFSx86
Run by John at 15:31:13.20 on Tue 11/11/2008
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6001.1.1252.1.1033.18.3070.1308 [GMT -7:00]

=============== Created Last 30 ================

2008-11-11 14:35 250 a------- c:\windows\gmer.ini
2008-10-28 23:54 147,456 a------- c:\windows\system32\Faultrep.dll
2008-10-28 23:54 125,952 a------- c:\windows\system32\wersvc.dll
2008-10-28 23:54 443,392 a------- c:\windows\system32\win32spl.dll
2008-10-27 19:52 428,544 a------- c:\windows\system32\EncDec.dll
2008-10-27 19:52 217,088 a------- c:\windows\system32\psisrndr.ax
2008-10-27 19:52 293,376 a------- c:\windows\system32\psisdecd.dll
2008-10-27 19:52 177,664 a------- c:\windows\system32\mpg2splt.ax
2008-10-27 19:52 80,896 a------- c:\windows\system32\MSNP.ax
2008-10-15 07:39 468,992 a------- c:\windows\system32\newdev.dll
2008-10-15 07:39 74,752 a------- c:\windows\system32\newdev.exe
2008-10-15 07:38 2,032,640 a------- c:\windows\system32\win32k.sys
2008-10-15 07:38 288,768 a------- c:\windows\system32\drivers\srv.sys
2008-10-15 07:38 3,601,464 a------- c:\windows\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe
2008-10-15 07:38 3,549,240 a------- c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
2008-10-15 07:38 827,392 a------- c:\windows\system32\wininet.dll
2008-10-15 07:38 1,383,424 a------- c:\windows\system32\mshtml.tlb

================== Find3M ==================

2008-... Read more

A:A little prob...received an infected e-mail from myself.

Just an update...

This morning I woke up to a "white screen", which, after a little fiddling, caused me to hard boot.

Vista took over and, after analysis, recommended a system restore, which I approved. The system then rebooted normally.

Perhaps, all is well.

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windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Opereting system - Windows 7 Home Premium.

I use windows live mail version 9.

The account on there at the moment is an Office 365 account for btconnect.com,

I wish to set up two other email accounts which must not be Office 365 accounts but still using btconnect settings.

Can you provide full setup details including server details and details of port settings.

Any help would be much appreciated .



A:windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server field, enter pop3.btconnect.com.

Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name field, enter smtp.btconnect.com.

User name: from your btconnect account Just use the part of the email before the @btconnect.com
Check the Outgoing server requires authentication box.

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I'm using Windows Vista Home, downloaded the new Windows Live Mail, cos i need to access my hotmail (Windows Mail does not support).
However, i am only able to read the "header & sender" of each message.
The content cannot be shown.
Error message:WINDOWS LIVE MAIL encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. CHeck your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again.

I've been searching thru the net trying to find a solution to this for a few days already. Basically tried everything others suggested, but still no help.
Some of the steps i tried:
1. Manually configure server settings for e-mail account. --> HTTP server
2. deleting everything in C:\Documents and Settings\Liam\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
3.uninstall & reinstall Windows Live Mail
4.disable antivirus & firewall etc
5.sign in to hotmail (using www.hotmail.com) -some say this need to be done the 1st time
6. i tried so many things, i dont really remember
However, there's no problem accessing gmail with Windows Live Mail.
Headers & the content are downloaded & can be viewed.

Really hope somebody can help me!
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Live Mail - Hotmail Prob - HELP

Hi Smilealwaz,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

What antivirus program are you using? Some of these can cause unexpected problems when you have the email scanning options turned on. You should turn these options off. If you have McAfee or Norton, you will most likely need to uninstall it completely.


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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 10 and was loving it (was). Saw there was a mail app and thought that would be pretty handy. Signed in and since then, I have to log in to my PC as my email address and password.

I don't want that.

How do I revert my existing user back to a non-Windows live user, with a normal, local account and password?

I am happy to not use the Mail app if that's what it takes, but my concern is that the profile I have now has all my icons and docs and stuff and I don't want to go through the hassle of copying over the profile.

There must be a way to undo this change, but I can't find it.


A:Signed in to Mail app - now account is my Windows Email account

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first,sorry for my bad english.

I couldn't install my email account on thunderbird. Impossible to open files in windows.old, than impossible to install my email account and all emails...

In Mail, is it impossible to install, email account from other than Microsoft or Google ?

Thinks in advance for your help

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I'm getting rid of an old netscape web based email account and begin a new yahoo account. I would like to forward the mail from my old account to my new account automatically.
Yahoo gives instructions on doing this but says I need a POP server name. Will this type of mail forwarding work with web-based email? If so, how do I find out netscapes POP server name?

A:forward the mail from my old account to my new account automatically.

POP Access on Yahoo is only for paid accounts I believe, not free.
Settings are:



All this is on the Yahoo site.

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I need to know how to add an E-mail account in Outlook Express when logged in as a guest. Windows says that I have to log is as an administrator! I need the account to be accessed by the guest user.

Hope someone can help.


A:XP Home Guest Account E-mail Account

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I'm looking to have every e-mail that reaches my old @aol.com e-mail account automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com e-mail account. I'd like it to be forwarded automatically, without delay, so that as soon as the e-mail hits my old account, a copy of it is then also immediately and automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com account. Can that be set up somehow?


A:I'm looking to have every e-mail that reaches my old @aol.com e-mail automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com e-mail.

Wow, haven't logged into AOL in a while... heh.

Anyway, couldn't find anything on their webmail gui that allows for forwarding.

So, barring help from them, the only other suggestion is to use something like gmail to handle what you're trying to do here. It would go along the lines of, setup a gmail account, use it to download your AOL mail, then use its filters to forward to the new AOL account.

But that begs the question, why don't you just use Gmail?

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I have Windows XP with OE and mail attachments are my problem.
When there is an attachment and I click to open it, it ALWAYS opens
in the windows picture and fax viewer instead of word pad if it is text, making it impossible to read.

I would like to be given an option as to which format to open each attachment in. Is this possible?
Thanks for your help.

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I am running Vista Basic and the problem I am now having is that the red X for deleting e-mail in Microsoft Mail keeps disappearing. Why is this happening? I then have to right click above the program and activitate/deactivite the "view" and then it will come back. Any ideas ---- a bug?

A:Delete option keeps disappearing on Microsoft Mail


Any ideas?

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I have a sky email which is Yahoo when i go into sync i dont have a option "As items arrive" if i setup a gmail account i get this option. I have even gone so far to uninstall the mail app and install it again but its still missing,Ive tried it on the yahoo and other account both times its missing.

Anyone know how to get this option or know why its not appearing.


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I am using a laptop with Win Vista and Outlook 2007. I have set Outlook to the the default mail handler (both in Start/Default Programs and in Tools/Options in Outlook). Yet, when I start Windows Mail and look under its Tools/Options menu, it shows that "this application is the default mail handler"! In other words, both programs seem to treat themselves as the default ones. This is a problem because whenever I try to install the Plaxo Windows toolbar, it adds it to Windows Mail (not Outlook, which is the program I use and want to be the SINGLE default mailer).

Any suggestions for resolving this?


A:Problem with mail handler default option


i don't have this problem. outlook and winmail are just getting along perfectly. maybe the simplest way of trouble is to run a reinstall for outlook2007; that always works.

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I followed the tutorial and in account settings there is no option to delete the mail account. There is sync settings then account settings but below that no delete options. Please explain how to add the delete option or provide support with regard to deleting the account

A:No delete option in settings for mail accounts

What email program are we talking about ?

If you are asking how to delete an account from the built-in Mail app, here is how................

Open mail > left side, at the bottom, click the Gear icon ( that is the Settings icon ) > right side, click Manage Accounts > click the account you want to delete > see screenshot below..........

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When I go to Internet Options > Programs, in an attempt to change the default mail handler to Outlook 2000 it's not listed. In fact, only Outlook Express and Hotmail are listed. I have searched for any known issues and found none. I looked at the registry for Outlook to see if there was anything missing or out of the ordinary, but noticed nothing. The Internet Explorer registry hive is a little more complicated, so I chose not to mess with it much. Any ideas, short of reinstalling?


A:Outlook 2000 not listed in Internet Option for Mail

is outlook installled? do you see it in add remove programs as ms office or just outlook.

it's part of ms office, unless you have the stand alone program.

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Friend with a problem: Whenever using Word, Excel or Adobe, and using the option to send the file as attachment, the attachment sends correctly, but any text written into the message does not display, nor does a copy of the email go to the MS Outlook "sent items".

Sorry if this seems vague, but it's all I have. When sending attachments from MS Outlook, every thing is fine. It's just when using the 'send to' option from other programs.

Anyone ever seen this?

Thanks in advance.


A:Excel, Word, Adobe 'send to mail recipient' option

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I have a IMAP mail server set up in the Netscape messenger as my default account. When I go to add another type of mail server, lets say POP3, it doesn't shows me the option of changing the type of mail server from the dropdown menu; rather there is just IMAP Server already in the mail server type.
There is an option of changing the type of mail server when creating the 1st mail server account from the dropdown menu.
Can anybody help me on that.

A:Pop3 Option Not Shown When Adding Mail Server In Netscape 4.77

Don't you have to create another profile for each email account in Netscape??
Have you tried that and can't change the type of mail server?

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Anyone got any ideas on how to get internet explorer 8 right click send to mail recipient option back into the context menu?

Its was there for firefox, ie6..i think ie7...but not in ie8.
Both ie8 and and windows live mail are set to default programs....

Also, for some reason when i click on the mail icon in the internet explorer toolbar, it will open up windows live mail, but it will not create a new message. i just open and sits there.

But i i use the regular windows explorer context send to option, it loads up the new message just fine...

Any and all suggestion are greatly appreciated.

A:Internet explorer 8 right click send to mail recipient option

Is your Windows Live Mail set as your default Mail application (within IE 8 options) ? If not, try that! Usually fixes it
This is sometimes treated differently in the Set Programs defaults you find in control panel or the start menu..

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After reading several threads, I am still not clear: Altho I uncheck the display preview panel button in layout, the panel re-appears every time I restart Mail. This is driving me crazy. Any way around this?

A:Windows Mail - Permanently change preview panel option

Hello Decorlady, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might consider giving Windows Live Mail a try instead. It is better in my opinion.

It supports Pop3, IMAP, HTTP website (EX: Hotmail) email, and is a lot more stable. Plus, WLM will minimize to a tray bar icon, checks spelling as you type messages, and has a separate Inbox for each email account. WLM will automatically import Windows Mail messages, accounts, and settings into it. Contacts will have to be manually imported from within WLM. (Tools, Contacts, File, Import, Address book for current Windows User.) To see the Menu bar, press ALT+M and check "Show all menus".

Hope this helps,

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Using WLM with Comcast account. Followed instruction to export mail/contacts. Click on contacts in WLM, then export. Account and Mail are the only options shown... no contacts..csv..etc?


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