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Solved: Liquid spilled on laptop keyboard...Please help

Q: Solved: Liquid spilled on laptop keyboard...Please help

Hello everyone sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm a newbie.

I spilled a little bit of milk on the keyboard of my laptop. This actually happened a few months ago, but I really need that computer up and running if possible so that my son can use it for his school work. Most of the buttons are functional but it's virtually impossible to use it with there being about 10 to 15 buttons inoperable as we are unable to spell out certain words...actually a lot of words. Other than that it runs just fine. It turns on, doesn't make any noise, and I was able to transfer files from the computer to my flash drive. My question is can it be repaired or should I just let it go? ( **fingers crossed**) Thank you all in advance

Preferred Solution: Solved: Liquid spilled on laptop keyboard...Please help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Liquid spilled on laptop keyboard...Please help

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I spilled fluid onto my Dell Inspiron 1545(vista) a few months back and had no problems for awhile until about a month or two ago when it started to behave erratically. The thing would be bringing up the right click menu constantly, the mouse pointer would move all over the place by itself, and clicking on desktop icons wouldn't do anything. I managed to stop this from happening however by turning it off and removing then reinserting the battery.
Then earlier today I was playing League of Legends and completely lost control of everything. I had to hold down the power button to turn it off. I did the battery removal but it's not fixing it anymore.
The laptop's behavior is different this time as well. The mouse pointer doesn't move by itself anymore, the right click menu doesn't appear by itself, and there is a beeping sound like the one you hear when certain key combinations are pressed. Also, when I click a desktop icon, every icon in that row is highlighted and pressing keys only sometimes has any effect (never the intended one).

(edit: I forgot to add, activating the on screen keyboard from the control panel does nothing as well)
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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My friend spilled a beer on her lap top key board last night. Now some of the keys don't work. A shop says the key board has to be replaced at $160 parts/labor. Is it possible to remove the keys and clean the contacts myself? Any other suggestions?
Thanks much....

A:spilled liquid on keyboard

Well if all that doesn't work are a few keys your friend should consider themselves lucky. I would just buy a new keyboard and replace the one that is having problems. Next to RAM the keyboard is ~usually~ the easiest thing to replace on a laptop.

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I'm fairly new to these forums. It seems like a good place for computer talk, and especially for some feedback on my situation!

So, the other day, I accidently spilled some milk onto my notebook keyboard (Toshiba Satellite a100-va1), it didn't seem as if much went inside, but apparently it was enough . For the first 10-or-so seconds only sticky keys and the 's' key occuring six times on one push were the symptoms. But then shortly after my screen started flickering, then random lines of black going through it, then big squares of black covering a total of 3/4 of the screen, then it just turned pitch white. I immediately turned off the laptop and removed the battery.

I came back to it around 5 hours later and put in the battery to test it. It turns on fine, all signs of the power working. But, the screen is completely black. It does not show the startup image of Toshiba or any loading of anything whatsoever. But it stays powered on fine? So basically I am left now with a laptop that powers on, but has nothing visible onscreen!

So, sorry if this is a long post, I'd thought I'd tell everything that happened exactly for a more accurate response . Basically I'm looking for what could be wrong with it. I'm thinking the motherboard failed?

A:Motherboard crashing problem? Liquid spilled in keyboard :(

you did several mistakes:
1st - if you spill some liquid on the notebook you should unplug it from the AC outlet and take out the notebook battery AS FASTER AS YOU CAN!
2nd - NEVER power on the laptop if there's still liquid inside.
3d - then you should take the laptop to near service centre where it will be cleaned from liquid rests and the keyboard will replaced.

if you can't take the laptop to service centre then you have to disassembly it by yourself and clean the liquid without assistance

now you have at least the problem with videochip or the northbridge(if video is integrated) or some PWM controller of the LVDS interface or so.....

BTW - this actions i've described is in the notebook manual. as i see, most of people just don't want to RTFM


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Hello, about 7 months ago in December 2018, I spilled some vodka on my MSI GT62VR 7RD, I don't remember much but what I do remember is that the spilling was a little in the right click touch pad button, and around the arrow keys, mostly underneath them.
And I wanted to ask, if there is anything important that liquid could damage underneath those places.
also my GT62VR sometimes on startup, showed the MSI logo and then instead of going to the home screen on windows, it just turns black and I have to restart for it to work, and after restart it all seems to be fine.
I'm asking this because of insurance, and I want to understand if there is any relation to the black screen problem and the spilling.
Thank you.

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My wife spilled some liquid on top of my laptop. It immediately turned off. We let it dry overnight and prayed it will work but this morning pushed the power button, it would power up but nothing on the screen and no HD spinning. Should we continue to see if things work better with more "drying". Please help....

A:Spilled liquid on a dell laptop

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I ran across this very informative article which should be helpful to those who have spilled liquid on a laptop.


I don't know how long it will remain posted at that site, so you might consider saving and printing it.


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I pray this is not "too little...too late"!!!

Last week my husband, me and my 4 year old daughter had to travel out of province for our daughters surgery. Before leaving, I had asked my employer if I could borrow his laptop so we could send emails/chat, etc from our hotel room while our daughter was recovering. He agreed and off we went!

One evening (last Tuesday, actually), I had taken the laptop down to the lobby of the hotel because the internet service was not working in the room. There was wireless available in the lobby and lounge. Because there were no available seats in the lobby, I went into the lounge and found a little table where I set up the laptop. I ordered a glass of wine....and the rest of the story is as you can imagine....

I spilled what I 'guesstimate' to be about 1/4 cup of rose wine on the top right corner of the laptop! I was horrified and after about 5 seconds of being frozen in time, I grabbed the laptop and turned it with the right corner on its side tilted down....I then set it on its end on the seat beside me while I ran in search of napkins. I dabbed at it and left it on its side.....then I raced back upstairs to the room where I left it turned upside down. I had no screwdrivers to open anything up nor did i have google to save me by offering me advise!!!! The business centre was closed and I had no way to find out what I should do!!! The next couple of days were a blur as my daughter was having her surgery - then it was tim... Read more

A:PLEASE HELP! Spilled liquid on boss's laptop!!!

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I tried searching for an answer and I am not so sure if this is the right place to post so please direct me.

So being a complete clumsy person, I spilled liquid coolant on my video card, parts of my motherboard, and hard drives while the computer was on. It was on the devices for a good 3-4 seconds before I could pull the plug, but for some odd reason during those 3-5 seconds my computer was running fine. So far I have sat my computer in my garage (Vegas weather +100 degrees) facing down with the case open that way all the liquid could run down and evaporate. It has been over 12 hours, and everything seems dry. Before I power the rig back up any suggestions or cleaning methods I should take? Does the coolant leave dry residue that needs to be cleaned? A good friend of mine, said that frys carries some sort of spray cleaning solution without the need of wiping but couldnt remember the name of it, if anyone has any idea what it is please let me know. Thanks.

A:Solved: Spilled Liquid Coolant :(

You can get some electronic cleaning spray from most
electronics supply stores and some computer stores.
Don't spray it in the hard drive vent hole or the video
card heatsink unless you want to replace the thermal compound.

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I just bought my refurb HP pavilion DV2915 four months ago, and ever since I have been ocd around it: no drinks, no food on the same table, putting it in a case when carrying it from room to room.

well its just my luck that today I absentmindedly put a glass of water on the right side of my laptop. I've done this a number of times but always have been lucky by realizing my mistake halfway through and and putting the glass on the floor.

But today I reached out to get scissors from my cup of pens and BAM, half a glass of water onto the right side of my keyboard.

Now, here's when I go into panic mode - I got my hairdryer, turned to the the high setting and left the blowdryer on the part that got water on it. The laptop is ON throughout this time seemingly fine. Then my keyboard starts typing "BBBBBBBB" repeatedly without me pressing it and wont stop. This is when I become smart and think to turn the laptop off, but then like an idiot turn it back on again to see if it is working. as the microsoft load bar is starting up, it freezes. I again panic and then pull out the battery without shutting it down properly. Now I run to my roomates computer and quickly search up what to do with a wet laptop. (I am using her computer now)

My face fell as I realized that what I have done is exactly what you should NOT do when trying to deal with a wet keyboard
1-do not use a blowdryer since it can blow dry water deeper into your laptop. the heat can also melt components ... Read more

A:Solved: Water Spilled on Laptop Keyboard - Short Circuit? HELP!

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I was at work when some one spilled liquid in my desktop. they said there was 3 loud pops and now i get no power. the power supply doesn't work as its fried. the mother board had some spots in it. if the power supply fried what else could it have taken with it?? i want to buy a new power supply and put it in and try to turn it on but i don't know what if any thing else is shorted out.

i need help to start a trouble shooting solution to it. would pics help anyone. i will clean the spot off the MoBo due it can cause shorts. i would use a Multimeter but i don't know what the range is for Ohms. any help would be nice.

A:Some one spilled liquid in to my desktop

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My 22 Month old decided son he wanted to clean my new laptop screen with liquid starch. While it was only only on my screen for less than a minute and I was able to clean the screen off immediately I think some of the liquid "whicked" behind the screen and now I have several clouds appearing. It's now been a week and the clouds are still there. Is the LCD damaged? The model is a Toshiba Satellite A305 with a 15.6" screen. Any suggestions on what might help are appreciated as it's become extemely distracting. Thanks~

A:Spilled Liquid on Notebook Screen

Hi zmccrea and welcome to TSG.

Are the clouds visible with the laptop turned off and the screen held up to a strong light?

If not, the liquid probably got inside of the LCD module and wicked between the backlight assembly and the liquid crystal glass assembly. In that case you would probably need to replace the LCD module or attempt to remove and disassemble the LCD module to clean up the liquid inside of it. The internal components of the LCD are rather fragile and can easily be damaged during removal or reassembly.

If the clouds are visible with the laptop turned off. The liquid may have gotten between the LCD module and some kind of protective or anti-glare window placed over the LCD. Some disassembly of the laptop cover and bezel may allow you to clean up the liquid.

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i need serious help here, it may short out again at any time and i just wanna talk to my lady friend on yahoo please help, could it be shorting out? what do i need to look for? any ideas?

A:PC keeps shorting out after a small amount of liquid was spilled on it

Is this a laptop you're referring to?
What kind of computer do you have?
What was the liquid that you spilled and where did you spill it?

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Okay, well I have an IBM ThinkPad 600E running Windows XP, using 2 hard drives (C:\ and D:\) and I spilled Kool-Aid on the keyboard. It continued working until I shut the laptop down and restarted it, when it brought up an Error screen (my mouse became a duck) and asked if I wanted to restart. So I did, and it booted up fine but brought me to the same screen. So I pushed CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and it restarted and booted up just fine, loaded windows and let me log in all great, but then the keyboard stopped working. The Function keys for the volume still work, but no other buttons work, and neither does the built-in red dot mouse in the middle. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver, and doing a system restore. What's wrong? Why would the keyboard work during boot-up, but after Windows loads give me a Code 10?

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Greetings everyone,
So about 2 weeks ago I spilled hot green tea on my laptops keyboard (Asus X53E), I proceeded to unplug all hardware and dry it and drain it as much as I could, unfortunately there seemed to be serious damage since now a lot of my keys would type 2 letters/numbers instead of what it was supposed to be. Example... If I pressed "v" it would type "v3" etc... also my Caps Lock is now "enter" for some reason. After that, I unplugged the keyboard from the motherboard and tried drying it even more, but the problem did not go away, it turned worse since now it spams a couple letters for no reason (Example... "EEEEEEE") so I was wondering what can I do to fix it? I've read that time will fix it, since I had a similar accident before where my space bar was damaged but after about a month it was working fine... should I wait and see? Should I trim the keyboard cable a little? Any suggestions to fix the damage? Also right now my keyboard is unplugged from the mother board and I plugged in a desktop keyboard.

A:Spilled Green Tea on Laptop Keyboard, what to do?

Replace the keyboard, or simply wait and see what happens.

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I accidentally spilled some coke on my Acer Aspire laptop keyboard. I opened it up and cleaned what I could but now the keyboard either doesn't respond or presses buttons at random.

It is a chiclet keyboard.

What options do I have? Will it help if I completely remove the keyboard and try to clean it completely or do I have to order a replacement keyboard?

A:Spilled coke in laptop keyboard..

I would remove it and soak it in distilled water and wipe it down. Allow plenty of drying time. Then try again to see if it's still sticky. I say distilled because tap water has minerals in it.

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so last night i spilled beer on my laptop (an HP 17" DV7t). i wiped all of it off the surface and used q-tips to try to wick away stuff that got under the surface that was near the keys. it seemed to work fine until this morning (about 10 hours post-spill) when i turned it on and the keyboard did not function. everything else was fine, just no keyboard. Since it's still in warrantee i can't remove the keyboard. i put it in a trash bag filled with rice. question is: does that work? if so, how long does it take? and finally, is there anything else i can do?

sending in for replacement is not an option because this is the end of the semester and i have reports due in less than a week.

A:spilled beer on laptop keyboard

The warranty would not cover spills on the keyboard anyway, only covers breakdown or faulty parts, so you've nothing to lose by ordering and fitting a new keyboard.

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HiI spilled my coffee on my keyboard. I made all the appropriate steps and i would like to know if it can be fixed by warranty.. I bought it only a month ago.

A:Spilled my coffee on my laptop's keyboard

Broom97 wrote:HiI spilled my coffee on my keyboard. I made all the appropriate steps and i would like to know if it can be fixed by warranty.. I bought it only a month ago.Hi, Your option is either send it to a local tech shop or send it to HP. Problem is water spillage including coffee is not covered by hardware warranty. IF you decided to send it for repair to HP, MAKE SURE TO TELL THEM IT IS A COFFEE SPILLAGE so it will be tagged properly. My friend back then sent his computer for repair because of coffee spillage. After a couple of days HP repair sent it back to him with a tag stating that the package is contagious. He then found out that HP repair center thought it was a urine spillage and sent it back (For hazardouz precautions not knowing that it is indeed a coffee spillage) Note: Coffee spill could smell like a urine in the long period of time.

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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I recently spilled water on my keyboard.  Two diagonal rows of letters/numbers do not work:  1,Q,A,Z and 3,E, D, C.  Tried taking apart as much of the case as I could, (no visible water inside) and blowing warm - not hot - air as far in as I could.  No help.  Any ideas on the problem or the cure?

A:water spilled onto laptop keyboard

Augustus1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about spilling water onto your laptop and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: You Just Spilled Water Or Coffee On Your Laptop - Here's What You Should DoHowever, if those don't get everything working again, then the water did some permanent damage inside the laptop and the only way to correct that is to take it to an HP Service Center to have them disassemble it, run diagnostics, and see what needs to be repaired or replaced.  Here's some information on the Service Centers:  HP Notebook PCs - Using a Certified HP Service Center to Repair a Notebook PC | HP® Customer Support Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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I have an asus rog G750JX-DB71 and I spilled about a half a glass of water on the keyboard 2 days ago. I immeditely turned it upside down wiped the water as well as I could. Then I unplugged it and removed the battery. I put it in a tent position for a while but because of the structure of the laptop it isn't very flexible. I thougth just turning it upside down would be better and left it like that for the night. In th morning I checked the screen and a small spot was a little damp and there was a drop of water on it. I had travel to another city that day so I packed it upside down without running it. Fast forward to the night I finally decided to run it. I runs fine but I had problems entering my password. Some letters I pressed seem to be making to marks. Finally after some tries I maneged to log in. Everything seems to be working fine except the keyboard. I checked the buttons on notepad these are some of the issues:
When I press a button it writes 2 letters like when I press a it writes a1 or when I press enter it writes this - .
I closed it afterwards I think it ran for about 5 minutes. I closed it again and ran it again today at afternoon the same problem continues but it is a little bit closer to normal. Do you think this is a permanent problem or is it happening because its not completely dry yet ? What should I do if thats the case ?

(sorry for my English by the way)

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I really need help, I accidentally poured water on my laptop keyboard and now my keyboard is messed up, Many of the keys don't work, my backspace makes a hashtag, some keys write 3 keys. I just don't know what to do! As an added bonus, my mouse when plugged into the laptop flickers on and off!

I tried flipping it upside down and letting the water evaporate for about a day and that didn't fix anything, everywhere I check that's all it says. I can't buy a new laptop since my mom won't allow that, I can't buy a USB keyboard either, Any ideas or do I have to leave it upside down for longer?

A:Spilled water on my laptop and now the keyboard won't work

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I spilled a bit of vodka on my acer aspire keyboard, some of the keys stopped working few minutes later.
During the next 4 days most of the keys kept working but then all of them stopped working.
This was 2 weeks ago, what can I possibly do?

thanks in advance.

A:Laptop keyboard died due to a liquid

At the very least you are probably going to need a new keypad/board. You're lucky if that's as far as the damage goes (it didn't get down into the system board and components). I think you have to take it to a reliable laptop service tech if you know one or can find one.

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Sorry if I didn't post on the right section.

So basically I spilled liquid on my laptop keyboard and now it doesn't work anymore.
I turned it upside down for a while, I blow dried it and yeah at first it worked but after like... 2 minutes it stopped working forever! Guess the liquid short circuited the keyboard.

Should I just send my laptop in to some store and get it fixed?
Or should I remove the keys (which sounds really complicate and a delicate work)
Maybe I should uninstall the keyboard driver and re install in?

For more info I'm using a COMPAQ Presario v6000

***P.S: The weirdest thing is that when I open my laptop, it makes a loud beeping noise and then I kinda freezes on the startup screen (shows COMPAQ, and tells you to press ESC for config)
So I press ESC hoping it works and yeah it does. I press ESC again and windows starts up.
-> Does it mean that only the ESC button on my keyboard work?

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I knocked over a small glass of water on my laptop last night, most of the water skirted off. I dried the computer by taking the keyboard out, opening the case from one side and using a hairdrier on low.

Here are the problems: Keyboard is typing by itself, types double letters/number and some keys dont work at all. I tried reseating the cable, but this did not help the problem.

Power - The main power button does not work. I can get the pc to power on by taking the battery out, unplugging the power cord from the back, then plugging it back in. If the battery is in or the pc has been shut down without the battery installed and with the power cord in, the pushing the power button does not power on the pc.

Please let me know how I can approach fixing these problems.

A:Spilled water on laptop, keyboard typing by itself/incorrectly/NAA and power issues

and the laptop is HP? anyway, we need the model name.
what would you do if you spilled some liquid on keyboard?
1. shut off the unit immediately!(that means, plug out AC cord and battery as faster as you can).
2. turn it upside down(if it's possible open it and lay it on the table upside down, thus the liquid won't spill LCD module).
3. after some time, start to disassemble it fully and clean inside the laptop.

in your case, the liquid is already damaged power chains inside the laptop, and you'll have to fully disassemble it and clean!

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Spilled about 1l of water on my entire laptop...
I wiped water from it, and turned it on. The only parts that don't work: Mouse, Keyboard.
What should I do?
P.S: In the BIOS the keyboard works(and other stuff before the OS actually loads)

A:Spilled water on entire laptop, mouse and keyboard dont work.

First and foremost ...... are you SURE everything is dry inside? I spilled about a half glass of water on mine last winter and it was a couple of hours before it was dry enough for me to even try it. In my case I was lucky as everything was fine. Have you tried a system restore to a point before this happened? (I know I know... but simple things first.) An sfc/scannow will check for corrupted/bad system files and possibly repair them, have you tried that? Heres a link to a tutorial on how to do that : SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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my daughter spilled some water on my laptop over the weekend. since then I've read some online suggestions to take the battery out & unplug the laptop after the accident. I did not take the battery out but did unplug it & turned it upside down on a towel. I tried to boot it up yesterday & it went into the BIOS side of the system... then it made a beeping sound continuously. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to get it working again or is my laptop fried? It's about 4 years old. Thanks.

A:Solved: Water Spilled on Laptop

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Some water spilled on my keyboard a few days ago, and now my left Ctrl, Alt, and Windows keys don't work. I took the keyboard apart and looked at the inside; it is two plastic sheets with circuits on them, pressing up against a metal sheet. I dried it out and the other keys work, but these don't. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it, short of buying a new keyboard? Thanks.

A:Spilled water on my keyboard...

If you had a wet/damp circuit board, or at least parts of it, for more than half an hour it is likely that a few of the circuits may rust and thus become unstable/broken. The three keys are all in the same location bottom left, so I bet this is where most of the water collected or was not dried fast enough. Sometimes repairs can be made - see the link below for instance - but often as not a trip to the PC shop for a new keyboard is on the cards. At least they're cheap these days! but you could dry the old hairdryer on it to make sure it is totally dry first (not too hot though) and recheck it.



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My daughter spilled gatoraid on her touch laptop and it quit.  This happened several months ago.  Now she is wondering if it can be repaired.  This thing cost only about $600 on QBC so I was wondering if it is worth fixing or should I buy another one?  It's a shame to just through this one away, it was like brand new when it happened.  

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I spilled some wine on the keyboard of my laptop, a low-end Gateway model, and have a stuck key error at start-up. I know what I would do for the desk top keyboard but I've never messed with my laptop. How do you clean these out.

A:Spilled a drink in the keyboard

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Hi,  So i accidentally spilled water on my Y70-70 keyboard and the whole keyboard stopped functioning, but everything else are working fine. I went to a local laptop repair shop in UK and they said they have to replace the whole upper case due to the keyboard being wielded to the upper case.  I'm not sure if that is true but if it is, they said i have to pay around 211GBP or 300USD to replace the whole upper case which seem kinda expensive to me, since its only a keyboard problem.So i just want to know if this price is normal for this model? and is it cheaper to send it back to lenovo to fix or not? Also is it true that for this model if the keyboard stop functioning, i have to replace the whole upper case? Really regret spilling water on my keyboard now  Anyway, i look forward to a reply. Thanks Peter

A:Y70-70 Touch - Spilled water on keyboard

No Idea on cost. I can see the keyboard being damaged although it may have worked once dried out. It was water and no pop or booze which is worst. Welded unlikely but was it a authorize Lenovo shop if not then thats it.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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Hi I have a really old Toshiba laptop and spilled coffee on it now most of the keys won't work I tried cleaning it. What should I do?

A:spilled something on keyboard and now most of the keys won't work!

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I recently had the misfortune of spilling a small amount of tea on the keyboard of my notebook computer.

My computer is a Dell Inspiron 8100. I am comfortable with taking my computer apart, as I recently installed a new 60G hard drive.

I cleaned the computer as much as I possibly could. The insert, home, delete, end, backspace, and enter keys continue to stick. The delete key remains depressed about 10 seconds after it is used.

I took the keyboard off of the notebook to see if any further cleaning was possible. I was wondering if it is possible to submerge the keyboard into water to allow further removal of the spilled tea.

Anyone have any ideas for cleaning the remainder of the keyboard. I took one key completely off the keyboard, but it is hard to replace.



A:Spilled Tea on Notebook Computer Keyboard

Honestly, when it comes to a laptop keyboard, you're better off just buying a new one off ebay for a few bucks. You can't just dump it in water, you'd have to pull off the keys and clean it manually. My old Gateway Solo had a similar experience with a can of coke. I think it was $15 for me to replace it, I was lazy.

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I just spilled a little coffee on my brand new HYPE wireless keyboard. It was working perfectly before but now the middle letters(y,h,b,g,j) don't respond. And neither does the back space. I wiped it off asap,but sadly it didn't help. I went on my favorite goto for help and the only advice I retrieved was use a blow dryer, or take it apart and clean the inside...but I see no screws on it?? and I'm a lil nervous to use the blow dryer. Please help. I know it would probably be easier to buy another one,but this ones only been used 2 days.Thanks.

A:Please help..I just spilled coffee on my wireless keyboard.

Was it black coffee or did it have cream and/or sugar?
That can make a big difference on how much residue adheres to and dries inside.

Instead of just wiping it off, you should've turned it upside down and gently shaken it and allowed as much coffee as possible to drain out.
Setting the portable hair dryer on its coolest setting and blowing air onto that keyboard while it was upside down may have helped.

You're fortunate it's an external wireless keyboard(which can easily and cheaply be replaced) and not the built-in keyboard of a laptop(which could've been difficult and expensive to repair/replace).


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Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Gaming Laptop PC, Intel i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor, 16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD+128 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5, win 10

Hi guys,
before some months i spilled some Water on my notebook.
About 3 days afterwards, when i startet the notbook, i noticed that the screen was dim and flickering. I could still use it, but only in a dark place. i found that it wasnt a software problem. Asked an experienced friend about it and he said that there was a problem with the hardware and we found the place with the problem( i uploaded the pictures). it looks like its burned. He told me that this could be repaired easily by someone who has the right equipment, he didnt have them, so he couldnt do it. When i asked the pros they told me they have to look on the mainboard first, the pictures i made were not enough( maybe there could be other problems). And even for opening it up they wanted much money. Could someone please give me some advice what i should do now or does anyone know what to do. Is this even repairable? Or is there any different way to solve this problem.
I am studying architecture, without my notebook i'm dead.
Pleeeeeeease help I appreciate all advice.

A:Dim screen after water spilled on keyboard. Need help!!!

Since you already extracted the PC boards, using Isopropyl Alcohol (>90%), use a soft brush and clean the PC boards. Use a soft fiber cloth to mop up excess fluid.

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I spilled soda on my Yoga 2 Pro keyboard. I turned it upside down and drained it all out, and I wiped it with a damp cloth, but now some of the keys are sluggish and some click. Everything seems to work except for the sticky keys. Is there a way to clean the keys inside?

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The inspiron 15  (3542) had something spilled on it not sure what. The system works just fine accept for the sticky keyboards, it still works though. The problem according to the user is the "g" key does not work at all.  When you turn the laptop on open word all you see is "ggggggggggggggggggggg" continously running until you hit enter or hit another key. After it stops the"g" key does not work anymore. I have replaced the keyboard and get the same exact problem with the new keyboard. The only things I can think of for the problem are new keyboard is bad or a short in the motherboard. Does anyone have any insight to this fix?

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My little sister spilled sprite over the keyboard. It turns on, but then says boot device not found. Then proceeding to say install an operating system on the hard disk. What do I do?

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I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 laptop. I accidently spilled some coffee on the keyboard, it's 100% ok but some of the keys are sticky/hard to push. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Keys are sticky after I spilled coffee on the keyboard

The only "fix" is to replace the keyboard.

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a semi hard liquid was dropped on yhe keyboard which made few keys are hard to use

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Dear Lenovo, I bought a Lenovo W550s laptop last August, and last week I spilled water on the keyboard. Now, about 8 buttons on the keyboard (at least), don't work. I am curious, will the warranty help me in any way with any thing?  Also, I am looking for a replacement (internal) keyboard, and am having trouble finding one. I am pretty sure that the keyboard that shipped with my laptop last fall was not backlit, as the keyboard never lit up (unless I didn't know how to turn it on). Anyways, the Parts No.: 0C44952, ID No.: 57P1ZW, FRU No.:04Y2387, Model No. KM BL-105US.  When I looked up the part on Lenovo's website, it returned nothing: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/partslookup.  So, my questions for you are:1.) Does the Lenovo warranty help me cover my malfunctioning keyboard?2.) Is the keyboard that I have, Parts No. 0C44952, a backlit keyboard?  3.) Where can I get a compatible keyboard replacement for this laptop? 4.) Will this keyboard replacement work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA3DY3CW6149&ignorebbr=1 Kind regards,Spencer

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Hi everyone, There was a sugary drink spilled on my keyboard and now the keys are sticky   Are there any ways for me to remove the keycaps, so that I can wipe the sticky sugar off my keys. I am not sure if I can just pop off the keys on this laptop. Can anyone help?

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Yesterday, I spill coffee on my laptop(Sony Vaio PCG-K13). Fortunately,everything works well EXCEPT
1)When I turn on the computer now,it makes this loud beeping noise before a screen comes up asking me to select Profile1. Didn't have this problem before the spill.

2)All the keys + touchpad mouse works fine EXCEPT the spacebar,which doesn't function at all. Currently,I using the on-screen keyboard to insert spaces.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for addressing one or both problems?


A:Keyboard Liquid Spill Problem

ugh. ugly situation. At worst you may have shorted some component and ruined the motherboard (requires replacement). At best, it is a minor short and the keyboard may only require cleaning or replacement.
Cleaning will require dissassembly of the laptop and electronics cleaning solvent.
I do not recommend this for an average user. Laptops are very tricky to put back together. You would be better off getting a professional.

If the motherboard is ruined, you can buy a salvage model and use the hard drive, RAM, etc, that is in yours to make either the salvage model work, or use the salvage model for a motherboard part.

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any recommendations for fix for 15-j126tx Liquid spillage or Broken keyboard?

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I spilled a full 16 oz coffee on my keyboard - a direct hit. The only real issue is that two 3 keys no longer function. The 'w', 'q' , and Backspace do not work.  I am looking to ship it to have the keyboard replaced. Is this the best solution, or is there a way to try to troubleshoot this myself?  Thanks,

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So I plugged a mac keyboard into my pc laptop and now ....

Some of the keys in my laptop keyboard work and some end up typing something completely different than what they are.

Anyone know how to fix this? I googled for a solution and couldn't find any results

A:Solved: Plugged a keyboard into my laptop. Now my laptop keyboard doesn't work

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