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Solid Edge DRAMA

Q: Solid Edge DRAMA

I'm currently running solid edge v12 and it just isnt working.
I've got a Matrox parhelia 128 video card, and a gig of ram. p4 2.4 ghz running. It all looks great until i get to moving a part around in assembly and BAM it freezes up. Is there something i can use to find out WHY its freezing up. Inititially i thought it was ram, so i replaced the ram and now that the ram checks out sometimes it just dies on me.
Do you guys have any troubleshooting tips for me?

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Preferred Solution: Solid Edge DRAMA

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey ya'll, I'm currently running an older version of Solid Edge. I have a pretty decked out computer and video card and for some reason when im viewing some 3d rendered objects, when im moving them sometimes it will slow down a bit, stop, then catch up with itself.
It's kinda begining to be a hassle, anyone know if why this might happen.
my video card meets the standards that the program requires to run all 3d models.

A:Solid Edge V12

How much RAM you have in the "pretty decked out computer"? Plus when did U defrag the PC last? Scan for Spyware?

What amount of hardisk space you have free?

Really if U post more info., it makes it easier to respond.

Good luck

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Does anyone in here still use SE v12 or at least HAVE used it and might be able to offer up some assitance with it.
I have a 3ghz/1gb/matrox parhelia128 computer that runs it great for the most part, whenever i go to rotate the 3d model, after say 20 seconds of rotating it sorta just freezes for a second or 4
sometimes for longer.
our support for SE is nonexistant and the phone service is giving me the run around, so getting an update is just about short of impossible. how is v16?

Is it backward compatible? If i use v12 to make something, and have someone using 16 open it, would it cause problems for the document?

A:Solid Edge V12

I'm sorry I can't help you with your problem, but I found this thread through Google, and I'd like to ask a question about a problem of my own, which is a bit similar to yours...
I just started at Helsinki University of Technology and I have a machine design course where we use Solid Edge v15... The university has an academic license for it and they are giving it for the students to borrow home so they don't have to use campus computers to do their works for that course. I borrowed it, of course, but it says it won't install, cause the program is for win2000 or XP only... I have windows 98...
Does anyone know what is the latest version of SE that supports windows 98?
And if so, I repeat the question of the previous poster: Does v15 have backward compatibility? We're not using very advanced features, so I think I might be able to do my work with an older version...

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When I install Solid Edge everything goes find but in the end Removing temporary files used just keeps loading... I ended setup process and Solid Edge works fine, but now if I try to install any other appliaction its says: Another install process is paused, and it then it gives me option to remove solid edge or close setup of new application. I have tried running in vista sp1 mode, as administrator, but still the same, so is there any way to somehow end the install.


EDIT: Nevermind, I'm gona roll back to vista, too many problems.

A:Problem with Solid Edge

If you kill the process "PrinterInstaller.exe" the installation will continue and you will be able to use Solid Edge. The problem is that you can't install any MP on top of this installation.

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Quick info on my setup:
q9450 @ 3.2Ghz
4gb Corsair @ 1600mhz
BFG H20C GTX 280
W7 64bit Clean Install

I cant get Solid Edge running well on my pc. Its so jerky and not smooth though I have had a slightly older version that worked fine. Thinking it was just bad software I managed to get a copy of their latest version ST3 which runs just as bad. All drivers are up to date. WHAT WRONG WITH IT ??



A:Solid Edge - Just Not Smooth

Check the system specifications here:
Solid Edge System Requirements: PLM
What Version of Windows 7 do you have as it would seem you need Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)?

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I used to run Solid Edge version 20 fine on Windows 7, but I want to install the newer version called SE2, but when I start the installation it keeps saying that the old version has not been uninstalled...even though it has. I cannot find any solid edge files anywhere on my computer, I have even gone through the registry and deleted all the Solid Edge instances. Now I am out of ideas on what to do next, and I really need this program asap.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Having trouble installing Solid Edge SE2

I have both Solid Edge ST2 and V20. Both work fine with my xp system but I am actually having trouble installing V20 with my w7 system. The setup wizard seems to "jam" after it removes backup files. I can use the software but after restarting the computer it seems to uninstall itself. The only way I can exit the window is to use the task manager. Did u have this problem when installing V20 on your windows 7 system?

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Hello - I'm tired of sluggish performance when booting/waking up, and think replacing the unimpressive hard drive with a SSD will help. Does anyone have any tips or advice for how to best install an SSD, including what size/type i'll need to buy and how to best install it? Thanks!

A:Edge 2 1580 Solid State Drive SSD

Get the right size SSD. Since it's using a mechanical HDD it's 2.5" SATA SSD you'll need. You should however check whether an ordinary 7mm SSD fit or you need to hunt for a 5mm (they're rare).As for SSD size... Boo. 120 GB is fine for normal office use but it depends on how many data you want to bring along, convinience etc. Go for a 240-256 GB I think they're the sweet spot right now for price/size. But  hey even 480-512 isn't that expensive these days. As for what brand/model. Boo again it depends on your requirements. But hey even the slowest will be way faster than your HDD.If you want to have the restore partition on it chose a brand which has a clone tool on their website (which of course only works to clone to their device). Put in the SSD in a USB enclosure and clone your HDD onto SSD if you want to have the restore partition as it's a bit special to clone. Or you can also pay for the full version of Acronis True Image but it's rather expensive (although fantastic tool) If you want a clean install you're more free without it cost extra for special tools. Just download a windows image creator tool from Microsoft.If machine is boprn with Win8 you need to download win8 tool even if you want 10 as you have to install 8 then upgrade to 10 - as the key stored in BIOS is for windows 8 thenEasier if machine is born with 10 then just download tool for 10.Put in SSD and boot from the USB stick to have it do a clean install of Win to your fresh SSD. Afterwards got... Read more

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So my late grandfathers USB was found the other day with lots of photos on it, was working perfectly in my grandmas computer and again today in my dads when loading some movies onto it, then I brought it home and it wouldn't plug into anything all the way, I saw there was lots of dirt inside it so I used a nail and gently dug it out, there was ALOT of dirt, now when I plug it in to anything the light on the USB comes on but no device registers the USB to actually be plugged in, I have tried a laptop, TV and a Digital Photo frame, I don't care about the movies but I need those photos!

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I have a DVD-RW + NeoDVD4 +DVD Burner + Playstation2.

I set the DVD to burn using the DVD-Video format, the DVD burned/played fine on my P.C., but when I went to test it on the t.v. using the PS2 (don't have anything other than this to play DVD's on t.v.) it didn't play, nor was the disc recognised.

The other 2 settings I can select in NeoDVD4 are: VCD & DVD+VR.

What should I do? Is it the DVD I'm using (-) or should I select another burning setting?

Thanks in advance

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Ok, for some time now, i have been having problems with multiple programs on my laptop. Today I called dell to have them send me a windows restore cd, the tech did a scan of my m140 and found multiple viruses. Internet explorer has not opened in months, when i use Mbam or any other malware scanner, nothing shows up. Windows defender will not run, my antivirus will not pick anything up or update. My antivirus is out of date, and i have a new a/v program but i can not install it. I posted a similar topic a few months ago, and i never got a response, so i am hoping to get some help this go round. thanks, and have a good day, ryan

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Hello guys. I got a problem to solve, please help me out:


1. My friend Netbook's OS (Window XP Home) died because of viruses.

2. I took it and reinstalled it, but the sticker (which is usually on the bottom) got erased over time.

3. We called Acer and Microsoft support centers and all they said "sorry we cannot help you, the only way - purchase new copy of windows!"

4. So I used already used CD key from my Desktop PC...

5. After 30 days its no longer goes beyond "Selecting User" screen.

6. Agree, it was not wise to not write CD key down on the paper. I decided to give her CD key from my Acer. So far it was not activated (and does not asks) - a virgin CD key... While I am going to pazzle out her CD key.

Here is what I need:

I need some how to change CD key of that Netbook to mine, without reinstalling anything or loosing any data. I need some how access it to do so, but how? From what I heard from her, it does not let her beyond that message.

Shes very far right now, and I do not have direct access - but I can simply guide.

Few questions:

If I tell her to chose "activate alter." Will windows start up? (30 days expired already). It would be awesome to get another 30 days, shes going back in a month.

Also Ive been advised to do this:

boot into SAFE MODE and use this tool to change the CD key for a valid one.

http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/se...en&sGuid=fafb4bdb-cd18-49b4-81b4-41bd478290e0Click to expand...
... Read more

A:Windows XP Drama

i think windows will start if you press activate later but will either log you off/restart/shutdown the system every 10 minutes you will have to download a key changing software (i dont remember any names right now)
install the software & the enter the new key

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I got a phone call from my best friend stating that an email that was sent out to one of her friends was connected to me. This is how it happened. Last month I was looking into buying a new cell phone from ATT and my mom was on the phone looking on her computer ( from Memphis) and we begin talking about how my friend's friends has this company that can help with debt. Well, when we were talking, my mom told me to get her (friend's friend) to email her some information on the service. I clicked to to open a new tab on the window and I emailed that friend. I told her that my mom was interested and how and what does she needs to do. She emailed me back. So, the next day, my best friend told me that her friend gotten as email and she wanted to know if I knew of it. I told her no. The email was from a Shannon B. at yahoo and that her friend thinks it was me. I told her no it wasn't. Note: The email was like a blackmaling email. As if someone was trying to cause a friction between my best friend's friend and her friend. The next day, my best friend came over and showed me a cipy of the email. I looked at it and I was so pissed. It was like from the start, my bf thought it was me. I told her many times it wasn't me. Why would I do that. Her friend is jealous over our friendship and I told her that she could've did it.

Now, today, my bf called and told me that her friend said that my email and that Shannon B. email connected somehow with the server. Ho... Read more

A:Email Drama...

This is a common problem, it's email spoofing. Here's a link that describes it better than I can. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail_spoofing

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My Dell colour printer will not print anything but the first thing I asked it to print. It contiually prints the same page over and over rather than what I want printed.

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I was advised to delete the Active X from my computer and i haven't had the prompt again to re-install it??? i can't download anything as it takes an age and i can only upload 5 photos a time on facebook!!! Any help would be much appreciated.

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Shortcuts dont work. Error message states "Windows cannot acces specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

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Ok, I am stumped and know alot of people come here, so thanx in advance for any suggestions.

Ok here is what is going on.

I have 4 comptuers.
1 Dell Laptop running WinXP -computer name George
1 Dell Workstation running WinXP - comptuer name Kitty
1 Hp multimedia Machine Win98 - computer name Rusty
1 Custom build running Win98 (hard Drive dump) -computer name Marty

Ok now that you have stoped laughing about the names, here is my problem.

I have set up a nice network, and 3 of the 4 puters are doing what they are supposed to.

George, Rusty, and Marty can see all 4 comptuers on the network. My problem child is Kitty.

I have check all the componets and they are all installed correclty, I have ran the set up wizard on each machine, I have checked the domain name and they are all the same, I have uinstalled/reinstalled the components on Kitty, and still nothing.

With Kitty I can ping the other 3 systems, and vise versa.
With the 3 other systems I can get to the "shared folders" on Kitty, but cannot get to the other systems from kitty.

On Rusty, Marty, and George I can see all 4 machines in the Workgroup,
But on Kitty the only one that shows is Kitty.

I am useing the Microsoft Broadband Netowrk Utility, and it shows all 4 machines with the correct IP address, and can access the folders thru that as well, But just cannot get the other machines to show up on Kitty.

Any help is much appriated.

A:Networking Drama...

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Device Manager (under Network Adapters) shows MS ISATAP disabled with "Windows cannot load driver...(Code 31)". When I try to update the driver, "Best driver already installed" comes up. The option to rollback driver is greyed out. A previous suggestion was to disable it in Dev Mgr and disable IPv6 in Network Connections. It was diaabled and the problem still exsits, still cannot connect using wireless connection. I even tried removing the driver but Windows recreates it on next boot with same error in Dev Mgr.

Here is the line from Dev Mgr:

Is there a way to restore this driver without a complete OS reinstall or System Restore? Or is it even necessary?


A:Isatap drama

That may not be your issue. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932520

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I have loaded a trial version of Flash MX, the Windows SP2 hot fixe, and the Flash 7.2 updater, but the program goes into "Flash has encountered an error and must close. Sorry ...." as soon as the program launches.
I have disable pop-up blockers, virus protection, spyware, and firewalls. I have tried un-installing and re-installing. The details in the error message to Microsoft does note a kernel32.dll error. I have tried the Windows repair.

Is there something else I should look at OR does this laptop just get tossed out the window??

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My operting system is Windows 7. I am using the trial version of windows 7 professional. I was clued for a windows update and now windows willnot open. I tried to re-install the outlook and the micrsoft program again and it still will not open outlook. I saw a message stating that a file.dat is missing and htat I needed to goto properties and add this. I do not know how to do this or what they are talking about. Plese help. My blackberrry is receiving allof my emails but I cant open the outlook 2007 program at all.

A:Outlook drama

Where did you get this trial version of Windows 7?

If it is the Beta version, then is is about expire if it has not already.

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I'm having trouble with my e-mail account. It lets me enter an outgoing address and type on the subject line, but it won't let me type in the text box or attach files.

the Internet Explorer error number is 2046, somebody help me please!

major curry

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hi, I am having popup problems CID
please please help.
the following is my superantispyware log the my hijackthis log.

thank you thank you in advance.

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 10/09/2007 at 03:41 PM

Application Version : 3.9.1008

Core Rules Database Version : 3321
Trace Rules Database Version: 1322

Scan type : Complete Scan
Total Scan Time : 02:27:13

Memory items scanned : 687
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 9452
Registry threats detected : 0
File items scanned : 41818
File threats detected : 203

Adware.Tracking Cookie
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
C:\Users\Norman\AppData... Read more

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Greetings to all-

Ove rthe past weekend, my computer was infected with the Vundo Trojan. After searching around, I found instructions on McAfee's site which I followed in order to remove the program (it involved downloading Process Explorer, suspending winlogon.exe, explorer.exe, and rundll32.exe, then using Virusscan to go through and detect files, then hard reset-ing the machine).

At first this seemed to work, as I stopped getting the occasional McAfee "We have detected a vundo.dll" warning, but I started to receive even more IE pop-ups (I never use IE, only Firefox) from things including a pool seller and some Martha Stewart offshoot. I am flummoxed, and eagerly am looking for help.

Below is my hijackthis log.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:05:35 AM, on 6/5/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16441)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C... Read more

A:Deeper Trojan Drama

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I have a telstra pre-paid wireless broardband dongle, it's fine on my previous computer with vista, although my new computer with windows 7 will not let me connect???? Can someone please help me?

A:internet connection drama....

Hi toots

Check for new drivers & software for your dongle.

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im not a computer wizz by no means. I am making my daughters wedding invitations on micorsoft word. all of a sudden it has stopped letting me do anything on it. the toolbar at the top is faded out. i have attempted to download the programme and been given a product key which i have entered, this always comes up with ' the product key is incorrect' even when i copy and paste it. im desperately trying to continue. please help...... my computer is a windows vista....

A:wedding drama for word......x

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Hello, For the past month, my FF shows "not responding" constantly and it will stay stuck there to where i have to go to the task manager and ending the task doesnt work well and it takes forever so i have to go processes to end the process of FF. I really need some help, its really a pain.

Can someone please help me?

A:Solved: Firefox drama!

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I am trying to use the scrolling wheel with Word 2007, but it doesn't work on one of my computers, on the other one it works fine. I have Logitech mice on both (I changed it for the Micrsoft I had that somebody said had problems with Office 07)

What kind of setting or override do I need to be able to use it on my other comp?

Please help, I really need it!!!

A:Mouse wheel drama

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I think this is dead. But I wanted to run by the experts here before I give up on it totally.

So I wanted to clean up the files in my data traveler. I had some files that I wanted to erase and fee up some room on flashdrive---get rid of the residue as well. I was using that powerful eraser product that cleans up files off hard drives and thought it would be good to do the same on flash. I've done this before in the past without a problem and so I figured it wouldn't be a problem here.

However it was massive a massive file. Anyway something happened with the eraser program, it hit a snag and I closed out of it. It's failed before in the past. I looked into my computer and everything seemed to be working fine so I thought nothing of it. Then I tried closing out of data traveler. And things were moving along fine. Then I had an error problem. I noticed the name Kingston didn't turn up when I logged.

I then went into my computer and when I clicked on drive G, twice it gave me the option of reformatting the drive. And twice I decline. I then closed out and put it back in and it reinstalled itself and when I clicked to reformat it. I couldn't do it. I then removed it and went into the usual Device Manager---it shows up as a Generic Mass Storage drive. My computer gives it a location but when I went into Drive Management---nothing.

I went into two other computers--neighbors house a laptop and a desk top and it was not recognized on both. Wait, let me rep... Read more

A:Kingston DataTraveler Drama..

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A kay, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista Home Premium as the default OS. I've had this laptop for the past three years now and I recently upgraded to 7 Ultimate x64 in February.

Last Tuesday my computer notified me of important updates. I updated and as I was doing so my laptop froze and I had to hard reset it. Now, I try to boot it and it goes into Startup Repair. It scans for issues and says its nothing that Windows can repair automatically.

I tried using chkdsk from WinRe and it reports that my files are unreadable and doesn't even finish the task.

I can't get it into SafeMode to try and create a System Image.

I can't even get it to boot at all.

A week and a half ago I remember the computer getting the blue screen of death a few times when I either had many applications open or I tried to open iTunes.

Is my hard drive dead?

My laptop is three years old after all.

What do I do?!?

Please help!

A:Hard Drive Drama!

What do you mean when you say WinRE. Have you tried booting a windows 7 install DVD, taking the Repair path to get to a Command Prompt then running chkdsk from there?

Do you have backups? Sounds like you don't which is unfortunate.
If you have data you don't want to lose you could install a new hard drive and reinstall Windows 7.
You could then attach the old hard drive via a universal USB IDE/SATA (or similar) and see if you can rescue the data with one of the free programs like Recuva.

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I have a problem with a video card I recently purchased. It is an ATI Radeon x800, and for the most part, it works very well. However, when I want to restart the computer, it just shuts down and I never get a picture, although the comp is running. I tried just turning the power off and on again, and the same thing happens. I can hear the system start up, and all the fans start, but the monitor never turns on. Usually, after I wait about an hour or two this problem goes away, but it is extremely annoying. To make sure it was a problem with the card, I just reinstalled an old card and the problem disappears. Could the vid card be overheating? I think it runs at about 50-55 C. Thanks for your help!

A:Video Card Drama

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So every tuesday around midnight my computer has been cting very odd first it changed all my boyfriends facebook passwords and then the following week it changed all mine, now on feb 15th another tuesday it sent a bunch of pictures I was working on (I'm a photographer) to my boyfriend from his aol account to his aol account, which is also the account he uses for facebook hmph. He claims he didn't do it and it is very odd that they are on his account (its a junk email) he also doesn't have a computer and he's a huge computer nerd so I feel as though he would go about this (if he was trying to get them) in a different way so there would be no need, but the pictures were a recent thing and all in the same file only thing in the file. And all .jpg my computer is running very odd, freezing, which its never done - dropping my router, not fully loading things, freezing when I type, etc.

What's going on? Is this even possible, that a virus could send the pictures?

A:drama in the virus land! help!!!

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My terminology is probably way off, but I'll do my best to descirbe the problems I'm having.

My computer specs:

2048 MB memory
64 x2 dual core processor
22'' Samsung flat screen monitor <--mentioned that because it may be part of the problem.
ATI Vid card.

Ok..here we go..

Problem #1--- Lag! Not the typical slowness I used to experience when I played on an older PC. This is more of a ''stutter'. Like the environment around my character is having trouble keeping up. It's really bad after a restart but eventually works itself out.

Problem #2--- Ventrillo. Sometimes when I want to stop moving, I keep going...and going..and going..with no control over my character. Sometimes when I try to turn left or right, I just sit there and spin in a circle. Like the lag, it was really bad after a restart but slowly went away.

Since I got the new vid card and monitor, it WILL NOT go away. I definately have a beautiful picture though! Vent is pretty much unusable and the lag refuses to go away.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

A:More World of Warcraft Drama.

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Hi, I've read through quite a lot of posts and my problem seems quite common yet havent been totally identical to what I've experienced.

A few days ago my CDROM drive totally disappeared. I checked My Computer and it is not there. My drive can still be opened and light still flashes.

I went on to device manager and selected to show hidden devices and it straight away appeared. It came back in My Computer and I was thrilled, I ran a cd and it worked fine. Literally an hour later I put another cd in and it failed to run..the drive had disappeared again! I repeated what I had done last time but it did not come back. I have gone into BIOS mode, there was no trace of my lost drive.

I started the computer in safe mode and still no trace and have also opened up casing..all wiring seems fine( as far as I can tell at least!)

My final point is that I checked my system history and it states there that the cd rom has been removed, added and then removed again..I also restored my system to a checkpoint in november when everything was fine..no change whatsoever.

Apologies for the long post..hope it makes sense to anyone who reads it. Any help is appreciated..even if it is simply confirmation of my feeling that the cdrom has simply died.
My OS is windows XP and the drive is a samsung SD616, and just over 2 years old.
Thanks Rebecca

A:Endless CDROM Drama!

Check the IDE cable connection to the drive.

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For the last few days or so, I've been getting an error message saying "USB Device Not Recognized." I've tested every USB drive, and they all work fine, which made me think it wasn't a hardware problem.  
Then, tonight, it started becoming the case that my computer couldn't seem to register the on-board microphone at all.  Further, when I was disconnecting from Skype, AVG jumped on me saying that it was infected and uninstalled a driver from Skype(making it unusable now.)  
So I'm not sure if these problems are all related, if it's malware, or what's going on.  
Thank you much for any help you can provide.

A:"USB Device Not Recognized" and other drama

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ANTEC SLK2650-BQE tower
350 WATT
Pentium 4 HT CPU
P4 Titan 865PE mobo
40G Dell harddrive from old tower Dimension 4600C
1GB Kingston RAM upgrade from 512 dell standard

I will start out by saying that I have not done any of the following.. I am only trying to help my hubby fix the computer before my credit card is maxed out from all the replacing!

This all started out as a "simple" graphics card upgrade to be able to play BF2 (to the ATI Radeon..umm the red one with the fan) sorry no specs. didn't check the size before leaving store and tower would not close after installation. However it worked fine. Then needed/wanted a RAM upgrade. bought a 1gb Kingston card for tower, got home and realized that power supply was not sufficient, went back out and purchased Antec tower. worked for one day. and then went out and bought the mobo listed above. It ran a little after that but then just shut down. (this was while heatsink was just sitting on CPU w/o fan) DUH! Now system will not power on. Have replaced CPU the with intel listed above. Now all that happens is the continuous beeping on start up. Obviously this is a power issue but where should I begin? Taking tower back to store tonight hopefully will do something. Thankfully we have 2 comps but mine will not be a party to this madness! Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

A:Power supply upgrade DRAMA!!!

if the hard drive is from the Dell it sint going to boot up and run on a different motherboard and CPU. you are going to have to do a format and reinstall windows. and your DELL XP disk isnt going to install on a non dell machine.

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I'm having problems with my sound in OFP. It sounds good for about one mission then it starts to play up. Like my gun shot sound comes off as a secondary sound on a mono speaker. The sound drops out totaly so there is no gun shot. There is no breathing or footsteps either. All the other sounds for the AI players seem okay but have played up on occasion. I've done everything that the sound thread in this forum said to do previously with no effect. I'm up to date with all drivers(VIA 4in one, DirectX 9) I scaned the disk, ran defrag, uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game with all patches, checked for virus and have spent the last 2 weeks tweaking around with the settings for sound control on my computer changing sound to Mono Laptop, Headphone even tried to work it to try and turn up the fading sound side. Flashpoint has no balance control in its preferences so that can't be set wrong. Everything done at least twice. The Operation Flashpoint site for fixing problems is down and has been for a while. I could't find any reference to Flashpoint on this site in the games threads, and the only sound problem thread I checked refered to all the above things to try.

My computer specs:

W98 SE
AMD/Athlon, KM2M Combo Series
VIA KM266 Chipset Based
Geforce 2 graphics card
3 gig Hd(C Drive) +1.2 gig Hd(slave)
512MB of RAM
On board sound Realtek AC97 Audio
CD Drive
Floppy Drive

My speaker is an amplifier so the game has only mono sound I... Read more

A:Operation Flashpoint sound drama

Giday all,
In continuation to this thread I was going to reinstall DirectX9 and read that you cannot uninstall DirectX9 after DirectX9 is installed. Do in need to uninstall it? Or can it be just installed over the old install? Woah, better slow down, gettin dizzy. I installed DirectX9 about 3 weeks ago.

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I read the thing for these forums and I am busy running an IMSI online scan (after doing a clamwin scan). I'm doing a deep scan so that is taking a while.

In the mean time, I have HJT and I've run it in "safe mode with networking".

I don't get a core dump when I am in safe mode, so I'm gonna guess that the logfile from safemode is not going to help much.

Given that I have a few seconds in normal mode before it core dumps, I'm wondering if I can use HJT with some command-line options to automatically generate a log file at start-up. I can put this command line instruction in runonce in the registry.

any help appreciated.

Attached is the safe-mode version (not much use since it isn't core dumping in safe mode).

A:core dump drama (broken pc)

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. After it has finished, two logs will open. Please post the contents of both. log.txt will be maximized and info.txt will be minimized. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. Thank you for your patience.If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cle... Read more

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I have an ASUS N53S, with up until yesterday a Windows 8 Pro VL 64-Bit.

Until yesterday I had Windows 7 and for a month now the Windows 7 Explorer has been giving me a migraine. If I open a folder or a file, it could be a text file in a folder or a video file on my desktop the Windows Explorer will crash and continuously restart itself for about 10 minutes the longest and 30 seconds the shortest.

I can use the internet as it hiccups and even type, but I am unable to click on any folders. Because I felt it might have been something that I deleted I upgraded to the Windows 8 VL Explorer, hoping that would rectify the problem. I think I just made it that much worse.

While originally the Windows Explorer would politely inform me of a restart, through a little box popup. Now it does not do this and spends far longer going through the restart process on a continuous loop. I then tried to do a system restart. Impossible to do and even my F8 button doesn't seem to work. So I can't do a system restore and I can't seem to figure out what the problem may be.

I have done a sfc/scannow several times but doesn't seem to target the issue.

Any suggestions or advice would be helpful here.

A:Windows 8 VL Explorer Continuous Loop Drama

Try pressing the Delete key instead of F8.

Also try running: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

in administrator command prompt.
Run sfc again.

Post back with results.

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Ok, strap yourselves in 'cause this one is a doozy and if anyone can help me out with this you'll be regarded as legends (in my eyes anyway).

I had a 160gig Maxtor drive fail on me about a week ago (thats whole another story, I suspect it was a virus that destoyed my MBR and then created bad sectors on the drive = unrecoverable) Anyway, I bought a new SATA 200G Western Digital (WD2000JD) and went about installing windows. This is when things started to go a bit awry. Basically during the WindowsXP installation process the drive refuses to boot and continue the process, this usually happens on the first reboot that the installation tries to do. The computer goes through the BIOS process as normal and then just goes blank when it tries to continue the installation. Just freezes. Well after much swearing I finally went about seeing what was wrong with the drive, I booted up another copy of XP on another drive (a small 20gig Ultra ATA drive) and installed the new SATA drive on it. It works fine, you can even see the files that Windows copied across to continue installing. Ran the usual tests and it came up good, so I went to the Western Digital site and downloaded the Data Lifeguard tools and rebooted the computer to see if I could prep the drive for a windows installation and guess what? it worked! the Data Lifeguard tool reformatted the new drive (NTFS of course) and I ran the XP installation and it then went through the whole process without fail. So once XP was i... Read more

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and to Vista Ult64. Today I had a nightmare experience. I was running a standard PowerPoint 2007 presentation from my new HP laptop with Vista Ult64 connected to a standard projector and the laptop went very strange switching in and out of the presentation while the CPU was showing an extraordinary amount of activity (especially when I was playing short low res AVIs). It even crushed Powerpoint at some stage. At home when I am not connected to a projector all is well with no drama at all.

I have a nvidia Go 7600 (512MB) Graphics card, Duo2 processor and 2G RAM. All genuine software.

What could possibly be the reason? Please help?

Many thanks,

Terry - Melbourne AUS

A:Vista Ultimate 64 PowerPoint 2007 drama

Do you have the latest nVidia drivers installed? Also, did you have the display properties properly configured to hook up to the projector?

The fact that it wasn't a problem when you weren't connected to the projector definitely suggests a graphics issue.

The next time you're at work, you might want to try hooking up to the projector again to see if you can recreate the problem. Maybe it was just demons.

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Alabama vs Wisconsin Live Stream

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Good day to all !!!

Now I have to clean my Gmail space or else !!! I have been deleting a lot of messages when I was about to reach the limit. However I noticed the deletion was not reflected in the percentage of space available. It went from 93% to 95% instead of decreasing. I am uncertain if what I have been deleting are just mirror copies in my Inbox, when I should have effected my quota at the Gmai server. Do the POP and/or IMAP settings create mirror messages only for your e-mail client ? When I deleted hundreds of messages, did I delet the original messages at the Gmail server ? This is the only logical explanation to understand why instead of decreasing the space taken by my mail, the space usage percentage did indeed increase. Could someone please tell me how to address this problem because my account is going to get an stop maybe today...... !!!

A:Solved: Drama !! Gmail told me i am over 95% of my storage.

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/* This code works on all other browsers and loads the 800 + fonts, in Edge does not load anything, but if I limit the load to 300 fonts in the loop these are loaded, any idea? Is my fault? */

var familiesArray = [];
$.each( lorem_ipsum.items, function(index, val){ //load google fonts asynchronously
//if (index < 300) familiesArray.push(val.family);
//if (index > 550) familiesArray.push(val.family);
//if (index > 100) return false;

/* lorem_ipsum.items.forEach(function(val, index){
/* for ( var i = 0, len = lorem_ipsum.items.length; i < len; i++){
WebFontConfig = {
google: {
families: familiesArray
(function(d) {
var wf = d.createElement('script'), s = d.scripts[0];
wf.src = 'https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.6.26/webfont.js';
wf.type = 'text/ja... Read more

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Since installing the November Windows 10 update (11/17/15) none of my favorites are being stored in the default Edge folder. While in Edge the favorites are available but when I go to the default folder they are not listed. Is there another location they may be being saved or has my default location somehow been changed? My AppData folder shows a creation date of 11/17/15 with no modifications being made in favorites since that date.

A:Microsoft Edge Favorites not in default folder but availalbe in Edge

Hello mongands, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Microsoft Edge Favorites - Backup and Restore in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Microsoft Edge Favorites - Add or Remove in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Starting in in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10565 and Windows 10 TH2 version 10511 build 10568, your favorites and favorites bar in Microsoft Edge are now stored in an ESE database file in the DataStore folder at the location below.


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I bought the brand new x1 carbon 6th gen about 1 month ago, 2 weeks ago I found the screen got a dead pixel on it and I asked for the service, they sent me a box and I returned it for the repair, when I got it back I was happy they replaced a new screen for me and the dead pixel is gone. However, when I start using it I found another problem, the screen is not fitted edge to edge, kind of like distorted, details show in pictures below:There is like a gap between the frame and the app iconsalso a black space there                   Then I have to call the customers service again for the help, they ask me to send it back to them again. It took about one week till today I get it back, however this gaps are still exist.  Should I call them again? Is there any ways that I can do a walk in to talk to the specialist face to face to point out the issues? Because I don't think they understand from my description.Please help.Thanks a lot.       

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New system. .   ran virus & malware scans. .   cleaned startup . . 1st 10 min after laptop turned on hard disk running at 100 % . .   it then drops to 10% or less . .  but when opening an app or browsing it jumps back up again . .     apps   running slow. . .  ! Thanks

A:Lenovo edge 15 & edge 2 hard disk running at 100 %

Sorry running windows 10 . . .

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