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I lose wifi connection when plugging in my charger cable

Q: I lose wifi connection when plugging in my charger cable

Product number: D1C68UA#ABA Serial number: CND3130F7F Hello, I am having trouble with my wifi connectivity. I've noticed that my wifi connection is generally much stronger and stable when I am not plugged into the the power cord. When I plug in my power cord to charge my battery, My wifi signal always loses strength, and most times loses connection. If i unplug the cable once more, the wifi signal will regain strength. I've updated my drivers, reinstalled a couple as well. I've also changed my power options for the Wireless Adapater Settings to Maximum Performance. Still this problem remains. Please help.

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Preferred Solution: I lose wifi connection when plugging in my charger cable

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Wifi turned off when plugging ethernet cable and i really want to use them both for wifi sharing or other reasons

A:Wifi turned off when plugging ethernet cable

I Personnally solved this problem by going to bios settings and disabling LAN\WLAN Switching optioni think that's working on all hp pc's since you got LAN\WLAN Switching option in bios settings

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I gave my 10 year old an old refurbished Dell Latitude 600. It seems to be intermittently losing wifi connection, even on my home wifi system.
Is there a card or something that needs to be replaced? Am I better off just buying a new laptop?
Thank you.

A:What causes this PC to lose wifi connection?

Is it using a network card? Or does it have built in wifi?

The drivers may need to be updated. Network drivers and firmware can both become obsolete over time. Upgrading newer versions of these things can sometimes fix network connection problems.

Do you experience connection losses on any other machines in the house? Sometimes there can be interference.

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Hi everyone,
I really need some help Please!

I have a very well updated Laptop running XP well patched with IE7.
I have run all the malware scans and there is nothing wrong on the PC.

After exactly 10 minutes of the PC being on, wireless internet connection is lost, BUT:

Signal Strength states "Excellent"

I can't access any website at all on the web. (Except for "Facebook" for some odd reason?) I can't access it
after the 10 minute mark but if I'm already on it, I can navigate thru it's site without being disconnected, don't
ask me why

I have tried the following:

- Dynamic and Static IP setting
- Turned on and off windows firewall and rebooted each time
- Ran all kinds of malware detection and virus scans
- Disabled power management on network card
- I've tried different PCs on the same network and they're fine
- Tried ipconfig release and renew
- Tried repair connection
- Tried netsh reset
- Tried FireFox and other browers
- Logging off and back in doesn't help, must restart the computer to get another 10 minutes

I'm at wits end, Please Help!

A:Lose wifi connection after exactly 10 minutes

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I have a perplexing situation. I have a home network with a wired router (Di604), feeding a Wireless router ( DIR615) set up as switch). I am just describing the setup, but please don't focus on that because it has been the same for about 5 years.

let me explain further....

the issue I have is when adding a second Blackberry to my WIFI, within half an hour ( varies) devices on the network begin to lose connection to the Internet... others still work, but later they will lose it also. This can span over several hours and eventually everyone is affected.... this affects both wired and wireless
My network has
2 devices


6 devices

would there be a limit to the number of devices my ISP might allow? That is the only thing I can think of? I could have sworn I have added others.
Sometimes they come back on their own, but rebooting rarely helps. I ussually have to go down and unplug the routers and modem and then put them back on one by one, do a release/renew (don't always have to). And everything settles down.

The only thing I liken this to is a Broadcast storm, but I don't know enough about the cause?

A:connecting to WIFI with certain device causes all others to lose connection

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I've been having a strange internet connection for a while. Mainly via wifi, but also via cable sometimes. I have another post of losing the Ethernet adapter once in a while, but that seems to fix itself when I manage to reconnect to internet through wifi. That problem boiled down to this "Incorrect Network Key", which was what always blocked internet access via wifi.

When I cannot get connection via wifi, I run the Diagnose Connection problem in IE7. (I'm on XP2). A couple of times it has told me there's an issue with the Winsock and that it will proceed to reset it. But most of the time it tells me the Network Key is incorrect, although the wireless connection indicates that I am connected properly and have an excellent signal. It prompts me to reenter teh Nw Key in Network Connections. When I do, the existing NW Key is always different from what it should be. It also happens if I just open the Nw Connections panel and check the Wireless Nw properties for my wifi nw. What I have entered as a correct key, is not what appears.

It is like it doesn't "save" the Nw Key.

Where I live, there are two computers connected. My XP2, and an iMac G5, along with its own wifi nw for Apple TV etc. There are also other wifi nws in the building, but all protected. Also, these are not on my preferred nws list.

Any ideas?

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Hi I've been using my X220i for the last 3 years or so and decided to upgrade to an i7 X230 a few days ago. After a few days of no problems, using the same charger I've been using on my X220 (the 90w slim travel charger) I plugged it in to charge while the laptop was powered on. The laptop powered off instantly and now it will not power on again. There are no status lights visible and nothing happens when I plug it in. I have done all the steps of removing the battery and pressing the power button etc and on putting the battery back in the fingerprint sensor light was flickering orange - it is now back to no signs of life at all again other than the left side of the palmrest gets hot when I insert the battery. I am strongly suspecting a fault with the charger fried the motherboard when I plugged it in but am wondering if anyone else has any suggestions before i try to make a claim within my remaining 1 week of warranty. Thnaks

A:X230 dead after plugging in charger

https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X230-suddenly-powers-off/td-p/1853378 https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/x230-dead/td-p/1681933 YES, there seems to be some sort of problem!  

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I have IBM 1871PA2 thinkpad laptop. I have issues that it shuts off few minutes after plugging in the charger or sometimes it just freezes and I cannot do any thing. All I have to do to get back into laptop is force restart. I tried running on AC power without battery. Same issue. Need assistance.

A:Laptop shuts off after plugging in charger

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When I put in the original charger to my ThinkPad E555 after pressing the power button, I get a message the wrong charger is connected. But when connected later or when off the laptop charges fine. A BIOS bug? I have BIOS 1.18 and WIndows 10.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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I have a Lenovo G50-80 (Model: 80E5). The issue I am facing is that whenever i plug in the charger irrespective of the amount of battery charged it sometimes turns off the laptop. One of the things i have observed is that if I plugin the charger inserting the jack very slowly into the charging port it usually does not turn off. Has anyone else have this kind of a problem and can help me with this! Its really annoying to have your laptop restart whenever I have to plug it in. (My laptop is almost 3 years old but the problem came up after 2 years i believe.  Suggestions are welcome!!!!!!!

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Hello, as I mentioned in subject after upgrade from widnows 8 to windows 10 when I'm plugging in charger screen turns off. The battery is still chargin thou, and when I'm plugging charger out display turns on. I'm waiting for suggestions, Thanks.

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Hi, just bought the 2-1 laptop last week. I want to enable a notification sound while plugging in the charger and also when I'm unplugging it. I've checked the device sound properties but don't seem to find it. Please help ! vsen

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Everytime I plug or unplug my charger from my notebook, the brightness keeps changing?!?!?  Its very irritating and I've tried everything to try to fix it including going to the advanced power settings and turning off the "enable adaptive brightness."  Nothing has worked, please advise.

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Why do I lose audio after plugging in an HDMI external monitor to the laptop?  When I unplug the HDMI monitor the sound comes back to the laptop.  I have a Inspiron 13 5378.

A:Why do I lose audio after plugging in an HDMI external monitor to the laptop?

Because HDMI is capable of carrying audio, so in case you plugged your system into a TV or receiver, it defaults to sending audio out of the HDMI port.  If you wish to override this, while you have a display connected, go to Control Panel > Sound, right-click your regular speakers in the list, and click the "Set default" button.  You may need to close and relaunch any open applications for them to start using your regular speakers at that point.

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First of all, thank you very much for all your previous help. I'm back with more difficulties. 
My laptop (HP Envy dv7) recently forced a Windows 8.1 update. Ever since, whenever I plug or unplug the charger, the screen goes black for a second or two. Troubleshooting didn't fix it? Help is much appreciated.

A:Temporary black screen (un)plugging charger

That means your display driver is not usable for windows 8 and windows 8.1. I would advise you to download and install Windows 7 display driver in compatibility mode and review if it helps.
There are few steps to set up window 7 display driver
Install & download display driver
Right click on the driver & go the properties
Select compatibility’ tab and test the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for” and click Windows 7 operating system from the drop down.
Finally click on button ”apply” then “ok” and run the file to install it

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I recently bought a new Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop. Whenever I plug in the charger to charge the laptop, the IMDb webpage of the movie "Don't Breathe" opens. This only happens once, i.e. when I plug the charger for the first time and not after that. It's a really bizarre problem, which I am not understanding. Can someone else please shed a light on this?

A:A rogue webpage opens on plugging in charger

You'll want to give the system a deep scan with a malware removed - the free version of malwarebytes will clean up the system just fine.

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Plugging in or taking out my charger turns my screen black for a second before it flahes on again. I never really heard of a laptop doing this before so is this normal on the X1E model? Anyone else experience this?

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The past few days, my laptop has been freezing after about 20 minutes (lately the amount of time has been decreasing to now about 15 minutes). First it would only freeze if it went idle but now it's freezing randomly. It would only freeze when I plug in my charger.

I replaced my adapter to see if that was the problem, but it wasn't. I also tried changing my set up so that my computer wouldn't sleep but still, it would freeze. I also launched CCleaner to try and clean up my registry and though it did fix up some problems, yes once again, my laptop would freeze.

I installed several anti-virus/malware programs as well but none of them seemed to work. They wouldn't detect anything through quick scan but once I try full scan, it would freeze. I tried going into safe mode, but before making it in, my laptop would stop and go into regular mode. And just a few minutes ago, I got the blue screen of death.

Please help!

A:My laptop freezes 10-20 minutes after plugging in my charger.

Make sure the charger has same specs as original factory one.

Run memtest86+ - http://www.techsupportforum.com/2863029-post5.html

Run HDD diagnostics - http://www.techsupportforum.com/2828431-post7.html

Uninstall all of the security apps; reboot after each removal. Install MSE - http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Regards. . .



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My hp laptop will no longer connect to the internet thru both a wifi connection or cable connection. I've also tried to do a system restore to an earlier date and it will not let mme do this either. HELP!!!

A:No internet connection thru wifi or cable connection

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anyone know how to do this? when plugging in to AC adapter, the system switches to a different power plan?

A:Any way to auto switch power plans when plugging in to charger?

In what way,
There are already different settings for plugged in and battery usage
Power Plan Settings - Change

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Hi, my new Acer V Nitro laptop makes a short, beep tone (coming from the speakers) when I plug and unplug the charger. I have read online that it is due to the driver and/or BIOS and I have done everything to disable it (installing new driver, searching for options in sound menu of Windows, going into the BIOS settings...). Finally, I have found the solution: deactivating the autostart of Realtek Audio driver on Windows start. Do you think that it is normal to hear this tone? I have completely reinstalled Windows and the tone finally reappeared (only after installing all updates). Thanks, 

A:Beep tone when plugging the charger - Acer V Nitro...

Hi, Well it makes a beep to tell you that the charger has been plugged in. Nothing wrong with this. It makes the same beep when you unplug the charger. It is normal, and it is implemented on more acer notebooks, not just yours.

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I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a method to enable sounds for when you plug in or remove a charger connected to your laptop. It is not a problem with my pc, but is an option that is not available for me which i would like to install to let me know if i accidentally unplugged the charger, particularly if I'm working on a full-screen feature. Any help would be appreciated.
I have Windows 7 home Premium 32-bit installed.

A:How to enable sound when plugging/unplugging charger for laptop.

In the System Sounds, there is an option for device connect or disconnect. This will probably do what you want. You will have to assign a sound for those functions.

The System Sounds panel can be accessed from Start/Control Panel/Hardware and Sounds. Click on "Change System Sounds".

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My computer was on and i had the power cord in the top socket in my room and a extension cord in the socket below it. I had the monitor and phone chargers. I plugged in another phone charger that i was going to use with an xbox one controller to play with and the computer turned off and i saw a flash and the socket zapped. I smelt a gross burnt smell coming from something and i noticed a small hole in the power cord that i havent noticed before. The computer would not turn back on. I dont know what to do can someone help me?

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I have charter internet with a direct cable connection for my desktop.Is there anyway
or program that I can get wifi for my wifes laptop.Of course I want this to be legal,just
wondering if this is possible.Thank-you.

A:WiFi with cable connection

Can you not just get a wireless router and contect it to your cable modem

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I recently bought a wireless 3G USB modem / hot spot. Although i use it primarily by plugging in my PC USB port, It just occurred to me that my smartphone charger also has a USB port. So i was wondering if i can use the modem by using the charger USB port or not. That way i will not have to keep my PC powered on all the time. My charger has a output rating of 5V and 830mA. I reckon there shouldn't be a problem but want to be sure lest i damage the modem.

EDIT: The title should read 'Power' instead of 'Charge'. Apologies for any confusion caused !!

A:Solved: Can i charge my USB hot spot by plugging it in the cell phone charger?

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just curious if I could share cable connection by WiFi so it could be used by a smartphone as well. I don't have a hw router however I have a laptop connected to cable modem. The question is if I can somehow setup Windows to share the broadband connection by it's WiFi adapter. If possible, please for a howto guide. Thanks.

A:How to share my cable connection by WiFi

You can share the connection if it's a WiFi to WiFi shared connection but a hosted wireless connection isn't made to share Ethernet to WiFi.

The link below explains the process and has links to show you different ways to set up a hosted wireless network.

Turn Windows 7 laptop into a wifi hotspot

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I have an Insignia 8" tablet that I use to listen to an internet radio station. WiFi connection to my 2Wire 3801HGV router. I have it powered by the AC charger. I have the display to turn off after 5 minutes, never to go into sleep mode when powered by AC. After the 5 minutes the display is turned off, the music continues as expected and will continue for hours. But if I try to do anything I loose my WiFi.
Right after the screen is shut off I can enable it again with a stroke. Then the music stops. I no longer have internet access.
Network settings says I still am connected but somewhere the connection is broken. I disconnect from my router and then try to reconnect and it will not. I get, Checking Network Requirements, Can't connect to this Network. The only way I have been able to get connected is to do a restart.
Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I have not found any settings that have been useful. All it should be doing is shutting off the screen. Not go into any other sleep or power down state.

A:Lose WiFi connection after screen re-enable, after timed screen shutdn

Hi Rudy,
Welcome to the forums, go to Device manager, expand Network adapters, right click Wi-Fi, Properties, go to Power management tab, untick "Allow the computer to turn off......" and reboot, HTH.

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When is on the charger I can use internet and everything is ok. When I unlug charger cable, instantly lose internet. I read somewhere to change in power plan to maximum performance. I did it and nothing happen. Help. I have LENOVO ideapad 510-15ikb  thanks  

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Trouble shooting has completedThe remote device won't accept connection - wifi & network cable

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Just noticed this whenever I plug or unplug the charger. The laptop lags for 1-2 seconds before returning to normal. This is noticeable when playing games or watching videos. Haven't seen any abnormal drops or spikes with the temperature of the CPU, GPU and HDD which would suggest a hardware issue. Tried doing this while running 3DBenchmark, and there is a huge drop in FPS, from 130-200fps down to almost 16fps esp. when unplugging the charger.Is this normal?

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This is Windows XP on an old Dell laptop. Just got new cable router modem and everything is fine except when I unplug USB adapter and plug in cable from modem I get strange message from bottom of screen. Message says badurl.grandstreetinteractive.com.
Is the problem with cable connection with modem or something else?

A:Cable connection problem from brighthouse. All ok with wifi usb adapter.

Ths topic can be closed as I found the problem myself. The bad url message is actually just a bogus line totaly meaningless as windows often use it, if it does not know what to do, I guess.
The real cause was that I used the computer on Verizon DSL. Then when I gave it to my friend Julie she connected it to her cable modem from Brighthouse. She could get online just fine with the USB adapter. it seems that with WIFI you can get oline with any Iternet provider, provided you have the security key. But with the cable I had to use the Windows Network Wizard to set up the computer to connect to the Brighthouse Network.

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I have an HP Desktop PC running Windows 7 home premium. It has an ethernet connection to my Huawei router. I have 2 other devices that connect wirelessly to the internet. The problem is that the desktop keeps losing the internet connection after running ok for a while. I run networking diagnostics but no problem is found - the network and sharing dialogue says I'm connected to the internet. The wifi devices are ok. I have to reboot to regain the internet connection. This has been happening for about a month, but was working fine until then. I even tried doing a system restore to an earlier date but it made no difference.

Please Santa help this damsel in distress.

A:PC loses cable connection to internet but wifi laptops ok.

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I'm having a problem with my internet connection via wifi. One day my laptop simply refused to connect. The day before no problem. I can connect by using the LAN cable, directly connecting into ADSL router, but when I try without the LAN cable plugged in, via wifi, there is no connection. What I have also noticed is that the Ethernet adapter, Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabyte Ethernet, v. 8.48, does not appear/load when I am not plugged in via cable. This was not the case when everything was working fine. Even to the point that it appears when I am on cable, but when I disconnect the cable, the Broadcom card disappears from my Device Manager.

I have tried to update the driver, but cannot find a higher version than 8.48 anywhere. Note that in the 2nd case (with LAN cable), the Broadcom Ethernet adapter appears, while in the first case it doesn´t.

Any ideas on how to resolve the Ethernet adapter issue? I could not really figure out how to update the driver properly. I tried downloading it from HP, but the system says it cannot find a more recent version, or even the one I have now.

Here is my Ipconfig for both cases:

Without LAN cable plugged in, tryingt to access only via WiFi router
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Filip
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : home

Ethernet adapter Wireless N... Read more

A:Losing internet connection going from LAN cable to wifi, Ethernet adapter uninstalls

Hi there,

at first check out those possibilities:
When you open your network connections and go to the properties of your Lan-Connection (Cable) uncheck the box in which is says that you should be warned if this connection has low connectivity. Do that also at your wifi connection.

After that deactivate your Cable connection if you try to connect via Wifi.


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Hi all,

My boss is in Arizona and when he plugs in cable at his sister's place, he cannot get on the internet but she can. Is there some configuration he needs to do?
Any help would be great!

A:No Internet After Plugging In Cable

By "plugs in cable" are you saying he is trying to connect to a broadband modem, router, or ?

Is he rebooting the modem or router and then booting his computer?

Is this computer usually used by plugging a cable/dsl modem into its ethernet connection or does it usually use a modem connected to a regular phone line and a dialup ISP?

Has he tried the "New Connection" wizard in Win XP?

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Hye guys, got a quicik question to ask...

I just moved back up to school and I just didn't feel lik lugging my TV all the way here. Didn't think I'd miss watching it.

Its been 12 hours and I need a TV again haha


I have cable through my coaxial running into my room, but the only video output device I have is my LCD monitor that has both DVI and D-SUB inputs. I also belive my motherboard has an RCA video IN as well.

Basically, I wan't to be able to watch TV on my monitor/computer.

Any help would be great


A:Plugging coaxial cable into LCD Monitor/PC

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i have two laptops,

both are connected by wireless to a speedtouch router. Also, i used to have them both connected by lan cables to a netgear hub which allowed ethernet. Now that i have them connected to the wireless, when i plug in the lan cables between the laptops and the netgear router, the wireless no longer works... any ideas? thanks.

A:plugging in LAN cable destroys wireless

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The title is somewhat misleading. This event happens maybe once every 20 plug-in attemps and only when I'm slightly up or down from a straight push in.
The device doesn't matter.
The port in question is one of four on the front panel of the case. The rebooting only happens with one port. Never had a problem with the other three.
I haven't pulled the front of the case because it happens so infrequently.
However, I would like some suggestions on the possible cause.

A:System Reboots When Plugging In A USB Cable

As the doctor says, if it hurts don't do it. It sounds like a bad port. Stop using it.
Antec sells the replaceable front port assemblies. Check their website and see if they have one to fit your model of case. They range in price from about $6-$12. It's not likely you'll be able to repair the port.

Antec Spare Parts Link

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I'm having a tough time diagnosing an issue a colleague of mine is having. Basically the problem is that whenever this user plugs in a LAN cable his computer would blue screen with the error 0x40000080. After analyzing the crash dump all signs pointed to "e1e5132.sys" driver for Intel® PRO/1000 Adapter NDIS 5.1 deserialized driver. A quick google search revealed a lot of other systems experiencing the same problems so we decided to install the latest drivers from both Lenovo and Intel as the system was previously using Factory Image software. The updates had no bearing on the blue screens as it continued to occur so we tried to re-install the operating system "Windows XP Pro" and saw the same problem creep up. This machine is a Lenovo T-61 so we contacted Lenovo and they replaced the system board citing bad hardware. The next day the same thing happened, in fact it happened to 3 machines within the same department who were all purchased in the same bulk to the best of my knowledge. This user was so frustrated that we switched him out with a brand spanking new Lenovo T-61 right out of the box. The only remains from his old systems were Documents copied over and E-mail .pst files. About a day later "Boom" blue screen again, same culprit according to the Minidump. I want to think there is some files on the system that possibly got copied over that were corrupt but frankly I'm running out of options on this one.I would appreciated some assistance... Read more

A:Stop Code Upon Plugging In Lan Cable

Read This...and specifically, make certain to follow These Requirements.Post back and let us know if you are now able to connect to the LAN without the bsod. Thanks!

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I have a VAIO VGN-AR61S running Vista Premium

Having a Blue ray drive, I wish to play HD movies on my TV... However, when I plug in the HDMI cable, my machine crashes.

If it is already plugged in, my machine won't boot up.... It reports a Hardware error.

If I plug in when up and running.... 'crash'......blue screen.

In panic I didn't take note of error codes....and I obviously don't wish to repeat the exercise .

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.



A:Plugging in HDMI Cable crashes my laptop

This is not a networking issue, I'll move you to the correct forum.

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Hi all,

I'm at a dorm room with cable internet. It usually works fine, but now if I unplug it, then plug it back, the computer doesn't connect to the internet anymore. Sometimes it says it's acquiring network address, but that doesn't change. The computer connects to the internet fine if I turned on the computer with the cable already plugged in.

Another computer doesn't have this problem with the same cable, always able to connect after being unplugged/plugged. Both computers are on Win XP.

I suspect the Windows firewall has something to do with it, if only because it is turned on the the problematic computer, and not on the other one. I couldn't turn it off, however, because it doesn't let me open up Windows Firewall Settings, giving me the message that the "associated service is not running" and whether or not I could like to start it. If I click "Yes", it simply says it "cannot open Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing service".

Please let me know what the problem might be and what i can try to get it working again. I hope I haven't given too much useless information.. haha. Thanks!


A:can't connect to internet after unplugging then plugging cable

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I have a Lenovo Y50 Laptop.

Seems that everytime I plug an external monitor via HDMI cable, I'll get a Blue Screen, the Laptop will restart and then it'll be working just fine with the 2nd monitor.

I'm new here, so please tell me if I need to do anything else.

Thanks in advance for any help suggested.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF8800636D2CE
BCP3: FFFFF88027A8DB80
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

A:Plugging HDMI cable into laptop BSOD

Complete this tutorial so our experts can have a look.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi.. think I might a problem with my hardware here.. sometimes when I plug in my RJ45 cable, the screen goes black but it's still on as I can see the outline of my windows. This happened before when I plugged something into the USB port next to it. I took the RJ45 cable out, and the screen was fine again..

Anyone have any ideas? Is my laptop deteriorating? hehe

Model: IBM R31
Operating: Windows XP Professional

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So tonight I shut down my computer and unplugged the VGA cable from my graphics card and tried to plug it into the VGA input on my motherboard. The reason for this was because I tried switched from dedicated graphics to integrated graphics (Long story). When it was plugged into the motherboard I tried switching my computer on and my monitor came up with 'no signal' and the light stayed orange. So I tried to plug The VGA cable back into my graphics card then I still got no signal!

II've tried everything from re-seating the graphics card and RAM to trying different monitors and cables. It simply isn't working and all I did was unplug the VGA cable from my graphics card into my motherboard VGA input. I can't post any detailed system info as I am writing this on my iPod (very time consuming!) as I can't even do anything on my computer. But my monitor was displaying everything perfectly fine before I unplugged my VGA cable (when my computer was shut down) I don't see what's causing this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:No signal from monitor after plugging VGA cable into Motherboard

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Hi everyone!

Recently I bought a new Full HD TV, it's a Samsung LE40B530. I'm trying to get this TV connected to my Compaq Presario CQ50-100ED laptop from hdmi output to the hdmi input on the TV. The videocard is a GForce 8200M. The latest drivers are installed.

The problem is that when I connect the two, the laptop screen goed black and the TV says 'No signal.' Pressing the FN F4 does not work. Also I'm not able to get back into vista on the laptop. The screen stays black even after unplugging the HDMI cable. I have to hold the power button to switch the laptop off. Not a good thing.

Any tips or advice?


A:Black screen after plugging in HDMI cable

More info, are you using the right input screen on your Samsung? Why a laptop? Does anyone use a tower computer anymore??

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I have a desktop with a 25 pin cable running to my printer, and want to print from my Dell D400 laptop to the same printer. The D400 does not have a 25 pin socket so I bought a USB to Parallel Printer DB25 Cable. But I can't get anything to print from the D400. I've put the original printer cable + new adapter cable into a USB port on the D400 but cannot get a signal of any sort to the printer.

I guess this is to do with selecting the right port; through Control Panel > Printers & Faxes I have set this as an HP Laserjet 6P printer. The port options are LPT ports, COM ports, USB virtual port, or Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port. None seem to work for this.

With the desktop, when I plug the new adapter into a USB and leave it on LPT1 it prints fine, so why am I not getting a whisper from the laptop?

A:USB to Parallel Printer DB25 Cable not plugging and playing

With the desktop, when I plug the new adapter into a USB and leave it on LPT1 it prints fine, so why am I not getting a whisper from the laptop?Click to expand...

This doesn't solve your problem; but, I haven't had good luck with those adapters. Either they work or they don't. May be because those adapters just don't work with some computers and some printers.

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Ok, I've already ran all the things to not be infected with a virus. What I did in order, removed the drive scanned with nod32, reinserted the drive, ran in safemode networking: spybot, malwarebytes, removed bad files, ran smitfraudfix, then combofix, unchecked things from msconfig, used hijackthis to remove bad things. Rebooted to regular windows, and cant get on the net. The system still responds but its almost like its having issues getting an ip or something. I also tried winsock fix, but it hangs also. Ive had this problem on two seperate computers. What I believe it to be is some registry problem or permission change by the previous viruses i removed. Please dont give me the usual virus scans etc routine. I've been doing this awhile I know how to get rid of viruses. This is separate issue, please help or point me in the right direction. I also had an issue installing avg with the error code 0x80070005, but i solved this by deleting the two DENYs in permissions. Do you think this is a similar issue but a different permission? Its not also a bad NIC card or anything like that because i used a USB nic and same thing, and also i am unable to do a system restore, yes the service is running, but it wont restore. Any help with this?

A:Computer Stops responding after plugging in ethernet cable

btw the other computer that had this internet issue, had the same error code when trying to install avg. some how it has to be related

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