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We are installing a printer with a Windows
NT server and a laptop as a work station. We
can print without going through the internet
ok but when trying to use ipp adresses and
subnets and gateways there appears to be no
communicating. The NT is version 4. I was also told there is something called Web Share
that may resolve this. Can anyone advise how
this is set-up.
Thanks Very Much

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Preferred Solution: {Duplicate Post} - IPP PRINTING VIA INTERNET

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Don't know what is going on??
Will incluce the email message I am receiving over & over again, have never had this happen before.
Scanned my computer for viruses, (none) but just received another one of these,
Is it something from your end???
Need help on this people

A:Getting duplicate & more duplicate copies of reply to post!! ???

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a connection issue caused a duplicate post....I have edited it to delete the substantive material

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Duplicate post, please delete

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But nobody has answered it in the security forum. here goes:

Pesky problem w/ information bar


I think I understand how all of this works, but apparently I'm missing something. My information bar warns me that my browser does not allow activex controls and this page may not display correctly. The page is in my trusted zone, and I have ActiveX enabled. When I click the bar, nothing happens. It's my webmail inbox page! I've tried resetting the options to 'prompt' and then back again, just to see what would happen, Nothing I change w/ ActiveX changes this behaviour. Out of frustration, I finally removed Norton Internet Security 2005 (took 3 reboots). I installed ZoneAlarm internet security today - problem persists. I also use spybot and ad-aware. I *think* I've checked everything in both of those programs and don't see any setting that would cause this. I've run registry mechanic also.

Possibly related - today I joined a C++ developers forum, and can't login. I keep getting the message the "this site uses cookies, you must have cookies enabled to login". Well, I have cookies enabled for my trusted zone. (I added the forum to my trusted zone). I've even tried accepting all cookies, 3rd party or 1st, doesn't matter, can't login. I added the site to my ZA sites list and enabled all of the cookies there, doesn't matter, can't login.

This is really starting to frustrate me. I f... Read more

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Ok, I have a 56k 3Com US Robotics internal modem. Prior to getting AOL ( ), the modem software could set the volume of the modem - now it doesnt !

I went in to modem>properties>connection>advanced and changed the extra settings to M0 (thats M zero) so taht the modem is quiet upon connection. HOwever, AOL seems to over-ride this and makes a loud connection noise anyway.

Anyone know how to fix this ?

A:Modem noise and AOL (not a duplicate post btw)

Try placing a ATM0 in place of the M0. I believe AT is like saying "attention modem" and then your command to it is "modem sound off". Its a long shot, but worth a try.

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Db, I don't know what I'm doing. I am new at this. Where do I type in HKEY_CURRENT etc.I meant to look in files, and typed in on the computer search. Will it be the same process to delete entries I use in the files/folders?

A:{DUPLICATE POST} edit registry...HELP!

Take a look at your original post for some suggestions.


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please delete this is duplicate post.

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I hope somebody can help me. I just found the W-BOOT-B Virus on my computer, and my anti-virus program did not completely get rid of it! Does anyone know of a patch or download that I can use to get rid of this virus? Can't use my computer, it won't boot properly. I can get to Safe Mode with some trying, so would be able to try to fix it if I knew of some way to download something on a floppy from my other computer (this virus is on my second computer). Thanks ANYONE!
Oh, and I am NOT an advanced user, so hopefully the fix will be an easy one? Yikes!


Take a look here for your answer. http://vil.nai.com/vil/default.asp
Or http://www.symantec.com/resource.html

Good luck.

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For some reason I'm not able to use my email when responding to email address links. Until this morning this wasn't a problem. I get an error message: "Can't write the item."
I have not intentionally made any changes to my settings.

A:[Duplicate post] Outlook 2000 email problems


Closing this duplicate

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(4/29 free $5 added - free computer headset ends 4/30!):

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Hi everyone. On various forums I visit, I use the Quick Reply feature. Well, I seem to have found a bug that is not specific to any one forum as it occurs on multiple forums that I visit. It is a bug with the Quick Reply feature. When using Quick Reply, I get an error saying that what I just posted is a duplicate of another post. Thing is, I didn't click the submit button twice or anything like that. I click one time and let it do its thing. I am not sure what is going on.

Anyway, I am using Mozilla Firefox

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I have a HP all in one printer and a computer with word 2003 with office.
I do not know the steps to be able to scan pages of names and address
data to my computer. Then I need to be able to edit them and put in a-z
order, then be able to send post cards and letters from this database.

I have never used office or excel, so I will have to have easy steps.
Thank You,

A:scaning-then printing post cards from data base

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One of the Windows components in Windows 7 is the Internet Printing Client. Maybe it was there in Vista or earlier, but if so I never noticed it. I've discovered in the past the Microsoft (and other companies) often use 'Internet' as synonymous with TCP/IP. Is that the case here?

I never print across the Internet-but I do have several printers on my local network that use TCP/IP. And I know it's easy enough to remove this client & see if I can still print to my printers-but it doesn't seem like I should have to figure things out by trial & error.

Do you know whether or not this 'Internet Printing Client' is needed to be able to print to any TCP/IP printer, whether it's actually on the Internet or not? Thanks.

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Whenever i click on the explorer icon, i just cant open it...it says in a window "Program not Found" then in it says, "Location of PROGRAM.exe then C:\" So do i need to download the program at the microsoft site or what else do i do?


Please don't post your question more than once. Reply to the original: http://www.helponthe.net/tsgbb/Forum5/HTML/000855.html

Closing duplicate.

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Whilst online ie5 will stop communicating with my isp.It can happen at any time.It says the page is unobtainable and if i go to OE it will not collect messages.If i disconnect and go with another server the problem remains .Only re.booting sorts it out.
I have removed and reloaded everything imaginable.Hope someone can help?

I tried IE5 fix , but it hasnt made any difference,can anybody think of anything else to try? PLEASE


[This message has been edited by Keith mason (edited 05-26-2000).]

A:{DUPLICATE}internet explorer 5

See if the repair IE5 option will help. Read about how to do it here. http://www.helponthe.net/tsgbb/Forum11/HTML/001561.html

only if you have the pipeline

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Here's an image of what it looks like.. It is not another browser either, it's like a image back in time staying there until I minimize/close/restore the browser. It's very annoying and need these fixes dealt with as I believe it could speed up my computer and bring me a more peaceful lifestyle internet wise. Thanks for any info or any help!Edit: Moved topic from Am I infected? What do I do? to the more appropriate forum, as suggested by helper.~ Animal

A:Internet browser having duplicate image?

Hi Parity This looks more like a "bug" inside Google Chrome more than anything else. Have you tried to uninstall it completely (and delete its folders in Program Files (x86) and Local) yet and reinstall it?

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My computer is running very slowly and I am receiving duplicate emails. Sometimes the emails time out before being received.

A:Slow Internet and Duplicate Emails

Duplicate emails are usually caused by your ISP email server issues.
Wait couple more days and see what happens.

The title of your topic says slow internet.
Then you say slow computer.
Which one is it?

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This problem seems to happen randomly, and whenever it does, I have to disable and enable to connection, then restart.
I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem that is either automatic, or so that I will not have to fix it at all.

I can ping webpages, and my connectivity still exists, but no webpages appear. I have checked my DNS settings and they appear to be allright: they are set to AT&T. I have tried comcast DNS servers and openDNS servers, but htey al have the same problems.

Any help would be appreciated.


Yanjchan (my username is a typo...)

A:Duplicate:Internet Connects, DNS works, No webpages?

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I'm not positive it's malware, but I imagine it's quite possible. I am getting BBCode e6 BSODs quite often. I can connect to the network, but I get no intenet access (everyone else does). The final thing I've noticed is that I seem to be getting duplicate, odd start up items which made it take a while to boot/start up - until I removed a few myself a few weeks ago; it is starting up faster now. I realize it may have not been smart, for diagnostic purposes, but I didn't suspect malware then. I've used Driver Genious in the past, and I don't know if that may have messed things up. I just switched from Norton 360 (thinking it was causing my 9f BSODs) to Microsoft Security Essentials about a month ago. Is that okay - is something else better?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 11:16:02 PM, on 5/30/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP MAINSTREAM KEYBOARD\ModLEDKey.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Odometer\hpsysdrv.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Internet Services\ubd.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\distnoted.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorIcon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ep... Read more

A:Ca't accsess internet, duplicate/odd start up items, BSODs

Bump! Sorry for the typos in the title. Should I have posted this in a different spot?

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I am getting BBCode e6 BSODs quite often. I can connect to the network, but I get no intenet access (everyone else does). The final thing I've noticed is that I seem to be getting duplicate, odd start up items which made it take a while to boot/start up - until I removed a few myself a few weeks ago; it is starting up faster now. I realize it may have not been smart, for diagnostic purposes, but I didn't suspect malware then. I've used Driver Genius and maybe a registry cleaner in the past, and I don't know if that may have messed things up. I just switched from Norton 360 (thinking it was causing my 9f BSODs) to Microsoft Security Essentials about a month ago. Is that okay - is something else better?

Also, it's a Windows 7 64 bit.

EDIT: I just noticed I can access the internet now. But I still get mant BSODs and odd startup items.

A:Can't access internet, duplicate/odd start up items, BSODs

While you have access look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6-9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9 which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If GMER won't run (it may not on a 64 bit system) skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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I had to do a system recovery which involved reinstalling Windows XP. I downloaded and installed all of the updates and then upgraded IE to version 8. Every time I right click a tab and select dupicate tab the new tab displays for a fraction of a second and then disappears. If I select new tab the tab appears and stays but with duplciate tab it disappears immediately. I can right click on a link and select open in new tab and that works fine. I can also right click on a link and select open in new window and that works fine.

If I go to File and New Window, the new windows opens briefly and then disappears and a message appears advising Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience......

I can open a new window using the IE icon on the quick lanuch toolbar but cannot by using file and new window.

I tried reinstalling IE8 however still have the same problem.

I also tried a reset under internet options-advanced, but no change
Thank you

A:Internet Explorer 8 Tabs disappear when clicking duplicate tab

In Advanced, try restoring defaults. When you uninstalled, did it happen in IE7? When you reinstalled Windows and updates, do you now have SP3?

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I have a message in the Beta 5.5IE site but this problem has come up when trying to install the 5.1IE version.
When it starts downloading it bounces back and forth a couple times between installing internet 5 browser and checking signature for internet browser then the install quits.
Please can someone tell me what the signature for internet browser 5 is, why can't it be found and what can I do??
I have 5.00.26 now--down from the Beta 5.5

A:{Duplicate} 5.1IEinstall quits-checking signature for internet browser 5

This appears to be a duplicate question. Closing thread. Please reply to this one: http://www.helponthe.net/tsgbb/Forum5/HTML/000864.html

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I spent 2 days trying to get rid of the Internet Security 2010 trojan virus on a Pc on my home network. What an experience! Thanks to this website, you had the solution that removed the virus and put things back to 'normal'.

However, now IE does not find any website? I have email access no problem. I ran the MS diagnostics and it says that winsock is ok, but HTTP and FTP are not granting access. Did this virus change some port settings or anything like that?

It's weird, because it only happens with the login that I used to remove the virus. If I log on with another login on that PC, the Internet is accessible with no problem.

By the way, there were some left-over residue in the registry which I managed to clean up with no side effects. Search for IS2010 and just delete the entries. There were maybe 6 or 7 of them...not too bad.

ANy ideas out there on the IE problem? (I'm using version 6, SP3 on that particular PC).


Scott M.

A:Post Internet Security 2010 issue in Internet Explorer

Never mind...I found it. Evidently the Internet Security 2010 trojan changes the LAN setings in IE. That is, it turns on the proxy server setting on the Connection tab of the Internet Explorer options form. I unchecked it and we're in business again.

Just thought I'd share with everyone just in case

Scott M.

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Anyone know of a 3rd- or possibly freeware that will help me eliminate all the duplicates of songs in my itunes?

A:Itunes and duplicate duplicate songs

auslogics duplicate file finder i've been using..

set like this..

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When printing from the internet, the page displays what looks like the actual code used to set up the web pages itself. I can print from word processing programs and photos without any problems. It's only when printing while using IE 7 that I have a problem. I have contacted Canon (my printer is a PIXMA MP500) and they said it's probably an IE 7 problem vice a printer problem. I have removed all driver programs for my printer and relaoded using the supplied CD to no avail. Same problem. Any suggestions?

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I have a new problem that I've never encountered now.

I have a static IP address from my ISP. This supplies the Internet for the network in my building.

I have some software that is hosted on another server. It is going to need to print in my building.

The software MFG has stated that they can print via IPP.

Now as I am new to this I need to know how this will all work.

Can they use my external IP address and then use an internal IP address(static) for accessing this printer?

A:Internet Printing

So I've found on the printer itself some TCP/IP options.
I think that this is where I need to be.

However I have an External IP Address would that count as my Domain Name?

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I can print from word but if I click print from a website or my email it just prints a lot of technical stuff I have no idea what it says. I need help to correct this asap. I did do all the >tools..security...enable all that stuff, nothing worked. Please help is you can.

A:printing off the internet

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What are you trying to print from the internet?

If you right click on the page it should bring up the print menu.

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I have been having trouble printing from the internet. I can print from anywhere else on my computer. I have tried to select all and then copy it to a word processing program, but can not copy either. Does anyone have a solution to this?

A:printing from internet

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I have Windows XP and am having problems printing off the internet - my printer works fine all other times. No matter what i try i cannot print from the internet - the message reads that i have a script error.
I HAVE TRIED THE " Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 303486" but the Header/Footer bit doesn't apply and the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) box does not appear in the Properties dialogue box - i have an Epson Stylus C70Plus printer.

Someone please help me!


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OK im at home finishing up a project, the project needs to be printed for the AM group, I do not want to go to work 8 hours early just to print the dern project, So how do I make the print server print a file from my house to the the printer via the internet. cable at home dsl at work. File transfers from my home to work are easy no issue there, And I guess if I used some remote admin prog I could do it just like Im at my desk. But I would like to add the work printer to my home list......... is that feasable?

A:Internet Printing

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I have just got a refurbished HP 2300 dn which i have set up to have A4 in both trays. The printer works perfectly when printing from Word but when I try to print from the Internet it tells me to load letter in the tray, and even when I do change the paper size to letter it will only print one page then comes up with a message wrong size in tray. To make matters worse its an akward loop to get out of because it keeps printing the 1st page even after canceling the print job.

I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me.

Ian Wallace

A:Printing From the Internet

Do you have it connected to multiple computers? (ie connected to your network) or otherwise?? If so, does the printer work fine on those pcs? Also have you made sure the drivers on the pc are ok? If all of this has been checked then i would think the problem lies in the printer itself.

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I've endlessly searched these forums to figure this out but I've come to find nothing that helps me. Here's my situation. I work in an office with 9 computers. Its a telemarketing office so we have phone lines up the wazoo, which is what confuses me about the whole situation and how everything is connected. Obviously it's all networked together somehow. But I'm not sure how because I dont see a basic router or anything of the sort. There IS netgear box thats flat and long and has like 60 ethernet cables going into it. We have two printers, one is linked to a computer and setup as a shared printer but when I try to find that printer on any other computer I cant find it. Any suggestions on that? And the other thing I wanted to know is, we have a HP OfficeJet 7310. Its hooked up to the ethernet line and has an IP address. From any computer in the office I just type http:// then the IP address the printer shows on its screen and it pulls up the info on the printer, I can scan documents the are on the printer, and change some settings. But I have NO CLUE how to print from these printers. Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Let me know if theres any information I should get you guys.

A:Printing Via Internet

The Netgear box sounds like a 48 port switch. What is the model? It will probably be somewhere on the back near the fan. Sounds like you have the switch and some sort of WAN connection off of that. Are there any uplink ports or different coloured cables to signify the connection type? Is nothing labelled?

If you can connect over the network to the PC that the printer is connected to, you should be able to share the printer with your user group and then find it by adding a network printer.

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I am using Internet Explorer 4 and until recently, I had a print button on my toolbar. I still have back, forward, stop, refresh, home, search, favorites, history, channels, and fullscreen buttons, but no print button. I can go to file and print, but I was just looking for what happened to my icon and how I can get it back. Thanks for any help.

A:Printing on the Internet (IE4)

In IE5 I know you can right click on the toolbar and goto customize, then add the print icon to the toolbar. I assume it is somewhat similar in IE4?

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Hi! I'm teaching myself server 2003. I'm in the printer section, and I'm trying to setup a web printer server. I follow the text, install IIS, open the management console, and there is nothing about printers. I open the help file, see nothing in there, switch to index, type printer, and there is nothing about printers, print, or even a pri entry. I uninstalled ISS, then reinstalled clicking on everything to install, go to the console---same thing. How do I enable printers in IIS? It's just an exercise, but I would like to know how to do it and continue the chapter. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Internet Web Printing

An addendum to the above. I have searched the Web Service Extension folder; it's not there.

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I can no longer print from internet sources. I run Windows 98 and have a HP 600 printer.

My printer works just fine from MS Word and Excel, but now when I try to print from internet source, "PRINTING ERROR: The printer could not be found" appears.

What happened? And more importantly, how do I fix it?

A:Printing from internet

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Hi All, First off, thanks for the help.
I was wondering if it would be possible to configure my printer to be able accessed over the internet directly. It is connected to my WLAN. By using my IP address assigned by Comcast, shouldn't i be able to access the printer? I think the problem lies in fact that i do not know which ports i need to have forwarded to the printer.
I currently am using a Cisco Linksys E1500 Router with DD-WRT.
Printer: Lexmark Pinnacle Pro-901
Just in Case you need it: Lenovo U400 with Windows 7- 64bit.
Thank you so much for helping point me in the right direction!

A:Printing over the Internet

You'll need to set up port forwarding on your router for whatever port your printer uses. You can likely find this info in the properties menu of the printer or the manual. You'll also want to get some type of dynamic dns setup because your IP address will change.

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I have a Windows XP Pro on our network, and I have no problems printing from many applications, With the exception of IE 8. When I attempt to print it locks my computer up to the point I have to force shutdown. I have tried differant printers, also tried creating a PDF then printing, that works sometimes but not always.
I have done disk cleanup the the windows utility and Easy Cleaner from Toni Arts
Updated printer drivers etc. many of the printer are network printers and I have no issues with any other application but IE


Intel Dual core
500gb hd 2 raids drives
2 Gb Memory

A:Printing from the Internet

Maybe an IE Reset?

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Is there a way to print a page from a website and not have the link show up at the bottom of the page that was printed?

A:Printing While on the Internet

Welcome to TSG!

In IE, go to File, Page Setup, and remove the Header and Footer tags there!

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I had this problem a few months ago and was helped quickly and effectively on this site. The same problem has arisen.

When I try to print from the internet, "The printer cannot be found" message appears. (Printer works fine when not printing from internet.)

Last time I was told to change my IE 5.5 to 5.01, and it solved the problem. But I am still using 5.01.

Any suggestions?


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I am interested in enabling printing on my home printer via the Internet. I have a HP all-in-one deskjet 3050 J610 series. This is a wireless printer so I would like to be able to send commands direct via the wireless router to avoid the need to leave a pc or laptop on within the house. Some quick research suggests that IPP could be an option but I'm struggling to find out how to use it in Windows 7. There is also PrinterShare but I know that it needs to be installed on a machine that is constantly running which isn't great if I'm away for 3 weeks.

Is it possible to allow commands to be sent direct to the printer via the wireless router from a specific machine over the Internet? If so how do I change the settings to allow me to do so (i.e. how do I allow something through the firewall)?

Thank you kindly,


A:Internet Printing

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After printing a page from the internet, my printer delivers another page without any print on it. It only does this when printing from the internet.
Thanks for your help.

A:Internet printing

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I have recently moved and now have a new ISP - having problems, one being that I cannot print anything off of the internet. My printer works fine when printing from my files on wordpad, etc. Can anybody shine a light on my problem? Thanks

A:Printing from the Internet

I dont know if this is your problem,but it seems to fit what you are saying is wrong http://support.microsoft.com/kb/312446

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Right now, i share the printer on my XP Pro PC, and am able to print on my laptop(s). But, i MUST turn on the XP PC, or NO printing is possible. I read about Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), and wondering if i set that up, do i still need to keep the PC powered on? If yes, then, i'll skip it. Is there a way to connect the printer to my wireless router? It's a Lexmark X5495 USB AIO printer. Or, should i just buy a wireless AIO printer instead?

Thanks in advance.

A:Question on Internet printing

The computer has to be on and connected to the internet
to even think about IPP,and it is usually used to print from
remote locations.
No good in your case.
Might check into wireless USB print servers.
Probably cheaper than a new printer.

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My printer has stopped printing the URL at the bottom of the page. The footer code is still there. Printer is a HP 970 Cxi and defaults to 0.5 inch minimum bottom margin.

It used to print the URL. What do I need to check?

A:Printing URL in Internet Explorer 5

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Problem: When I print, I lose internet connectivity totally.

My system: New (3 days) Asus CM desktop with Windows 7 64 bit. HP 4200n printer. Both computer and printer are connected to a Linksys WRT54G2 v. 1 router.

HELP!!! This problem is killing me.

A:Lose Internet When Printing

I looked into this problem and it seems that the cause is mostly related to power distribution. Try plugging the printer into a different outlet or another circuit that the router isn't plugged into. What can happen is that the power draw from the printer starting causes the router to fail momentarily and then loses the connection.

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I don't know if this is a Windows 7 issue or IE 8 issue. I have an HP 1200 series all in one printer. It prints all microsoft office documents fine. However, since getting my new computer with Windows 7 and internet explorer 8, it will not print clearly when trying to print from the internet. Every other line prints unclear because the letters are split in half (top and bottom) and slightly offset. Sometimes each letter is double printed. Again, this happens every other line. I re-installed the printer but no help. Any clues?

A:problems printing from internet

Until you fix the problem (of which I have no idea of the cause), I suggest you copy the content from the internet into a Word or Wordpad document and print that.

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