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Dual Monitors wont' connect

Q: Dual Monitors wont' connect

I am trying to connect dual monitors but it says your pc can't project to another screen. I am not sure what to do...any help is great. I have the Graphics Drivers Intel Q35 chipset. I looked online and it says the product is discontinued. Do I need to install a new graphics card? I am just confused. BTW.. I don't know anything about technical issues, or hardware...So I'll need layman terms.

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Preferred Solution: Dual Monitors wont' connect

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have an Acer Aspire 3 and want to connect two monitors to it. However, my laptop has only 1 HDMI port and both monitors only have VGA connections. Is it still possible?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A9-9420 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G, AMD64 Family 21 Model 112 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 7637 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 237 GB (170 GB Free);
Motherboard: SR, Squirtle_SR

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Is it possible to attach 2 monitors to HP Slimline 260-p009? Product info says on-board graphics not available if graphics card is plugged in. Can onboard VGA and HDMI be used at the same time as 2 separate displays?

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i need to know how to make
bf2 open on a dual screen setup?

my 2 monitors span perfectly up to and to include the
battlefeild 2 title
but then kicks to only one(primary) screen

i'm only using nvidias nview desktop software
and have not attempted any 3rd party
so if some one could help me i'd really appreciate it
amd 64 [email protected]
1.5gb ram
gfx 5700ve video card
catalina sound card
saitek x52,logitech g15,mx610,momo
e-d 3d glasses,naturalpoints irtracker,voice buddy recognition
usb headset w mic
old 21" hyunda monitor and 20" ezc at 1024x768
winxp pro 32bit

A:Battlefield 2 Wont Span To Dual Monitors


From Multi-monitor FAQ

Span mode (also called stretched mode): in this mode, all the monitors connected to a single video card form a single large monitor. Windows thinks that you are using a single monitor instead of 2 or more, and each monitor needs to use the same resolution and color depth settings, and usually also the same refresh rate.
This mode is mainly useful for forcing applications which have no native multi-monitor support to use all available monitors. For example most games will only run on the primary monitor, and in span mode all monitors form a single large primary monitor.
When using span mode, Display Properties will usually show the primary monitor running at a widescreen resolution, for example 2048x768 (2 monitors at 1024x768 each), with the secondary monitor disabled.

To enable video card-specific multi-monitor modes, you usually need to disable the secondary monitor(s) connected to the video card, then open advanced display properties for the primary monitor, select the video card manufacturer's custom settings tab and select the multi-monitor mode you want to use.

For more on the multi-monitor modes supported by the various video card manufacturers, take a look at one of the following reviews: ATI review , Matrox review , Nvidia review .

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Have a Razer Blade and Lenovo. Want to use Lenovo as secondary monitor to extend screen and ease tasks. Have tried everything suggested online to do this with no luck. Any advice?

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I upgraded because on windows 7 the second monitor would flicker so much. It was a pain and It would get super annoying. So I heard upgrading might help, but when I did so It wouldn't detect the second monitor, so I am guessing my drive would need updating...Which i cannot do currently. So now I am out of options. In need of any suggestions?
Ive tried: w/ windows 7 before upgrading
Fixing the wires
changing desktop backgrounds
Lower hertz
etc-I forgot the rest of what I tried
kept trying to identify other monitor- didn't help
Extend monitor
I tried everything i had come across besides updating drive since I am unable to. As these are work computers at a company i work for. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of anything else that might be successful.

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I have two laptops, an E5570 from work and a E5580 as private. I would like to connect dual 2560x1440 screens (Dell U2717D) to especially the E5570. How can this be done?
I would assume that I can connect this through the e-port2 advanced port replicator, but can't find any documentation to confirm this and see a forum post indicating the e5570 might limit it to 1920x1200 for some odd reason.
For info, it has the AMD R7 video chip.

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I would like to connect my HP laptop to dual monitors.  I have the following ports: On HP Spectre x360:1 HDMI port1 Mini DisplayPort3 USD 3.0 ports On each HP 21kd monitor:1 VGA port1 DVI-D port My question is: what is the cleanest, fastest/recommended way to hook up to both?  I have a number of options--for instance, MiniDisplay to VGA, HDMI to VGA, MiniDisplay to DVI, etc. I am not concerned about whether audio is transmitted or not.  Ideally, I would like to keep as many USB ports open as possible. Thanks,Brad

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I have just purchased a Lenovo Y900i and I am having an issue with connecting dual monitors on my PC.My computer has two HDMI ports and one VGA port. However, only one HDMI port actually seems to work and the VGA does not.I have test both monitors and neither monitor is faulty.When I connect the monitors to the non-working HDMI port or to the VGA; they seem to sense that they are connected to something, but obviously do not display anything. However, when I go to the display options in System, it does not detect the monitor.I have also tried going into the NVDIA Control Panel to try to detect the device, but that is not working either.I have tried changing resolution settings, but to no avail. I have checked BIOS and there seems to be nothing about display or port options that would assist me in activating any particular port.I have a feeling that the issue has something to do with adaptor settings, but alas I am not tech savvy enough to figure this one out by myself.Currently both monitors are connected to HDMI ports.Model: Lenovo Y900iOperating System: Windows 10Graphics Card: NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080

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My small company does not have an IT department, so they cannot give me guidance.  They gave me a Lenovo ideapad FLEX 4-1570.  I had wished to connect it to my dual monitors, as I had previously done with my old Dell (in a docking station).  Can I buy anything that will allow me to connect my 2 monitors to this new Lenovo?

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i've never tried to hook up dual monitors before so its probably something simple. i installed a new graphics card a while back and haven't used the original for months, and now that im trying to hook up dual monitors it wont even recognize the original in the device manager, or that i have a monitor plugged into it. both monitors work perfectly fine in the newer card slot. any assistance would be appreciated. thank you for your time.

A:computer wont recognize original graphics card for dual monitors

You can't use your onboard video card and an add-in card at the same time, it's one of the other. Well you can, but only on motherboards that support hybrid CrossfireX. In most cases your onboard video is disabled when an add-in card is detected by the BIOS. To use dual monitors you will have to have a video card that supports it and connect both monitors to that video card. Then press the Windows key and the P key to extend your desktop onto the second monitor.

EDIT: Filling in your system specs would help.

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Having just upgraded from XP using the Nvidia dual monitor desktops for years, I was surprised to find Windows 7 has this feature in-built with the added bonus of slideshow desktop images C00L!
So beyond Win7 eye candy which is better, Does it come down to games running faster under the Nvidia dual desktops, what is the general preference here?

A:Is Nvidia dual monitors a poor cousin to Windows 7 dual monitors?..

afaik, there is no real performance difference, as all stuff is handled by the nvidia driver anyway.

And of course the more monitors the higher performance hit as there is more screen surface to work on (the same as increasing resolution).

Btw, the main pityfall of the multiple monitors is that the taskbar is only in the primary monitor, but there are a ton of good third party programs that can handle this, like Actual Multiple Monitors.

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I have an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9600 video card. It's been working properly for quite awhile and now suddenly the cursor moves to the second monitor when I drag the cursor beyond the bottom of the first monitor.

It used to go from one monitor to the other by dragging it from left-to-right. I can't figure out what caused it to start doing this or how to go about getting it back to the way it was before. Any ideas how to change it back. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!


A:Dual Monitors - cursor changes monitors vertically instead of horizontally

Display Properties - Settings - Drag the monitors to side-by-side position with the mouse, it thinks they are one obove the other.

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Hi! I just upgraded to Win8 this weekend and so far I really like it. I discovered something this morning that now that the weekend is over is bugging the crap out of me and I need help. I work from home and use this alot so it would be helpful.

I am trying to do a couple things I could easily do in 7,
- have Chrome open in both monitors at once with different things on them.
- currently Chrome has no minimize/maximize buttons on the upper right like it used to. Makes it very hard to multitask.

I have 2 monitors, the main is a 23" touch screen and the second is an 18" non-touch screen.

Also, is there a way to have the taskbar to appear at the bottom always like it used to?

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

A:Windows 8 Dual Monitors, need help having browser open in both monitors

Answered my own question. Google Chrome was showing in App mode. When I downloaded Chrome for 8 there is an option to have it show in desktop mode and the taskbar, minimize/maximize, and multi window option came back. YAY.

Now if someone could tell me why windows 8 won't fill the screen at the resolution recommended for my 23" monitor I'd be good!

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i have 2 ati radeon hd 4850's. right now they are connected with the crossfirex bridges and i'm only using one monitor and running crossfirex. i'm thinking of getting a second monitor for better gaming/seeing more stuff in flight sim X.

what i can't find is how to use 2 monitors with 2 cards. do i remove the crossfirex bridges and connect one monitor per card, or do i keep the crossfirex bridges and connect both monitors to the first card, still running crossfirex?


A:dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

I would just connect the 2 monitors to the one card and then extend the desktop using either desktop properties or Catalyst control center.

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Can anyone please tell me how to set up another monitor to work with my laptop computer? I've made a little progress, HOWEVER...

I would then like to open my Excel Workbook that has 2 sheets. One sheet is constant data input into various columns using my laptop. In the second sheet, I have formulas which constantly updates the data within a formatted table that I would like displayed onto the external monitor.

My project is to hook the laptop monitor into an overhead flat screen tv using HDMI cable. Then, while sitting in a corner with my laptop entering data, the results would be constantly updated for the audience to see.


A:dual monitors / dual programs set up

Hello dunna, welcome to Sevenforums

With a laptop, (assuming you have an HDMI port), it shouldn't be too difficult. However, laptops are different. For example, mine, you plug in the secondary monitor, and there is a function key (Fn) that you press, and the corresponding key to change the output mode (for me, it is F1). It should let you choose how you want to display to the monitor. Test it out yourself to see, but if you can't find it, let us know. It helps if you provide the laptop type, so we can tell you the keys exactly

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Yesturday my vista was working great, and on the screen as i went to shut it down said "updating files do not shut down computer 3/3 100%" but it stayed like that for 4 hours, so i turn it off manualy once i turned it back on the next day it asked me for my password i put it in and as it was loading it was vey slow and would take 5-6 minutes for programs to load up.

Also when i go to click on like my internet it dont work, not even my games work, they try to load then freeze. So i did a scan on it and its still having this problem. After i got frustrated i went to shut it down again and it says "logging off" but stays like that for hours, so i have to manualy turn it off. Now with internet issue, it works in safe mode with connection, but not in my normal screen. WHY IS THIS DOING THIS?

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What is the least expensive way to add a second monitor, not including cost of monitor

A:Dual monitors

All you need to add a second monitor is a graphics card with at least two display ports (which most do). Two DVI connections is recommended but you can use DP or HDMI as well. The desktop can be configured and arranged after through your video card's control panel.

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I have problem with my new pc when im trying to use 2 monitors. on my old pc i could use 2 monitors and have discord, steam, stream on the second and i could still play games on my main. But on this new, as fast as i drag something over i feel laggy on my main like the hz drops from 144 or something else. I dont know where the problem comes from.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 12
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 16300 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 111 GB (37 GB Free); E: 0 GB (0 GB Free); F: 931 GB (235 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Hello. I cannot get a dual monitor setup to work for the life of me. I've made a LITTLE progress though by tweaking the BIOS to load from the Mobo VGA port first on boot, but now the second monitor just stays lit up with the windows 10 logo and nothing else, while the first still works just fine. Windows will not detect the second monitor, nor will extending it on the projector settings work. The main monitor is plugged into DVI on an old ATI Radeon HD 7700 Series card. Forget the exact model and that. I believe it's an H.I.S. Radeon. But I'm going through all the options and i'm scratching my head here. help would be appreciated.

EDIT The Radeon card I have only supports one DVI connection and one HDMI. Both monitors I have are VGA/DVI.

A:Need help with dual monitors

I'll happily be wrong, but I don't believe you can run one from the mobo and one from the video card together.

Disable the mobo GPU in BIOS.

Then get an HDMI/DVI adapter so you can run the second monitor off the card with the first.

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I want to install a two-monitor set-up. After Windows 7 driver install, Windows detects the new LG 2486L as 'LG 2486 (Digital) on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' and shows only one display icon as #1, failing to detect the older NEC display altogether, thus no option to extend the display onto a second monitor appears in, 'Change the appearance of your display'.

I am running the DVI cable that came with the new LG monitor. I am using an VGA/DVI adapter to connect the older VGA monitor. I disconnected the NEC monitor and restarted the system using only the LG monitor connection and still get the same result.

Monitors:NEW: LG 2486L (DVI Cable)
OLD: NEC LCD 1530V (VGA Cable w/Adapter)
System: Windows 7 64-bit
Asus P7P55D
Radeon HD 5770 (ATI)
Can anyone guide me through a correction of the errors or oversights I've made and help with the set up of these two monitors?

Thank you.

A:Dual Monitors: Set-Up

I just installed a Geforce GT 220 in my system and had the same problem you have. After installing the latest NVidia drivers my second monitor showed up.

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Are there any games that support this as of yet?

I have used a TV as a 2nd montior in the past to watch downloaded eps on a larger screen, but now with the lower cost of larger monitors I began wondering about this when i bought a newer video card capable of supporting dual monitors

A:Dual Monitors

Hi Corwin,
check this out! it gets more insane as you go down the list


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I just bought a new TV and hooked it up to my Acer Aspire X1200 Desktop PC via HDMI Cable (HDMI from PC to HMDI TV input).

Every time I drag something over to the TV, (e.g. a Video)... the TV Picture works OK but I lose all the desktop icons on the PC Monitor and get an error report (one of which I sent for analysis).

In order to get the icons back, I have to reboot the computer and usually the icons are reconfigured in a cluster....i do not have 'align to grid' selected (Lucky I have a little Gismo which will reset the desktop items to my previously configured favourite layout).......

I have a VGA to HDMI Converter but did not use that yet because I am waiting for a splitter for the VGA Cable which will boost the signal to both monitors (and I believe would simply duplicate my desk top anyway).

If I could simply use the TV as an extension Monitor without all the problems after I have dragged something over to that screen, then I would not even have to use a converter or a VGA splitter.

Any ideas as to why my Desktop Monitor goes 'skewiff' after I push something out to the extension monitor?

A:Dual Monitors W7 x64

One monitor with VGA connection and one with HDMI, both of the same graphics card (which from the Acer Aspire X1200 I am assuming is the integrated NVIDIA GeForce 8200).

If you press the (Windows Key + P) together, holding down the Windows key, is the option Extend selected? If not, can you select it please (still holding down the Windows key, press P a couple of times until Extend is selected).

How have you setup the two monitors, their resolution mainly but anything else?


Originally Posted by Knucklerapper

...(Lucky I have a little Gismo which will reset the desktop items to my previously configured favourite layout)...

Can you turn this off temporarily and test?

[QUOTE=Knucklerapper;4161611...I have a VGA to HDMI Converter but did not use that yet because I am waiting for a splitter for the VGA Cable which will boost the signal to both monitors (and I believe would simply duplicate my desk top anyway)...[/QUOTE]

Yes, a VGA splitter will only duplicate the output, you will see the same image on both monitors.

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I have been using my and my Tv to watch netflix movies in dual monitor mode, but today when I turned everything on my dislpay on the tv is rolling rapidly. I can see my desktop wall paper but it is not in color and rolling not sure what changed can anyone help?

A:Dual monitors

Can you post some system specs(ie. OS, mem, proc, vid card, ect.) Have you tried to roll back with system restore? Have you tried switching the monitor outputs to see if it is a problem with the card?

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Not really dual monitors. 22inch LG monitor, and 50 inch plasma tv.
I have a new HP HPE-150F, with an Nvidia 230GT video card.
What I would like to be able to do is watch a movie, with media player, on the tv, using the hdmi port on the back of the computer, while still allowing my wife to use the computer, on the monitor using the digital connection.
Is this possible?
The computer has the power to run both, but can't find how to set it up.
Thanks in advance.
Windows 7 home premium,
Core i7 860
8gb ram

A:dual monitors

Have you tried the Windows Media Center that comes with Win7 (and Vista) but improved with W7:

+ a review here:


Good luck

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Hi all,

I'd like to run 3 DUAL monitors on my computer.

I used to use integrated graphics on my computer until recently, where i started using a video card
My video card has 2 outputs, so i can (have) two dual monitors right now.

I read in a article that when I plug in a new video card, the integrated graphics is disabled.
is there anyway i can enable the integrated graphics WITH the video card so i can have THREE dual monitors??

I have a AMD Athlon XP disc, with ATI Radeon 9550.


A:3 Dual Monitors

Let's think about this. Three dual monitors equal 6 monitors. Welcome!

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I have an Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition laptop. I currently use 1 monitor, but I am thinking about expanding. Would a HDMI splitter work for the 1 HDMI port I have, or would I have to use the USB C port for one monitor and the HDMI for another? 

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Hello everyone, I'm still stumped. I have 2 samsung22 monitors hooked up to a 8800gtx running on windows7 64bit. The problem I've had ever since going to windows7 is 1 monitor works, the other just black screen with power on. I've gone into nvidia control panel and also through windows and it shows both monitors present but I noticed one monitor is attached through an analog cable but both are hooked up with the dvi cables. Could my card have a bad port? when I plug in monitor 2 in the r/s dvi port it shows the right side desktop portion of the extended view and when I switch to monitor 1 on the right side dvi port it shows the left side desktop view but nothing comes up when attached to the left side dvi port. I've taken a snap shot of my desktop and it shows both screens. I've tried older drivers as far back to 170's and nothing worked.

A:dual monitors

You are on the right track, if when either monitors are hooked up to the r/s it works, and when hooked to the l/s it does not, then I think it is safe to say that the l/s is bad. Have you tried removing the card and the drivers, and then reseating th card, then reinstalling the drivers? But wait, you said when you go into the display settings, you see both monitors when they are both hooked to l/s and r/s? Have you tried clicking the detect button to see what happens? Sorry I have more questions than answers.

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I am attempting to install two monitors to my existing Gateway 5026E system. I have a NVIDIA grahics card 8800 GT OC from my son's older computer. I am usure whether I should even try this since I am assuming that my existing computer may not have all it needs to accomplish this task. I have installed the card and have the installation cd in telling me "the grahics adapater installed in the system is not compatable with the current set of drivers". I also realize the I need a power supply of at least 425w. I am overstepping my knowledge here and any step by step assistance would be appreciated. Let me know what other information is needed to assist. Thanks.

A:Dual Monitors

firstly the power supply will need to be 425 or 450w min as for the drivers the ones on the disc could be for a 32bit windows you could be running a 64bit i would right click my computer and click on properties at the bottem then click device manager in there find the card under display adaptors ( should have a yellow trangle next to it)
right click that then click on update drivers and search online (windows updates) for some new drivers also you could check the nvidia web site for new drivers 1 other thing did you uninstall the drivers for the card that you had in before?

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I would like to eventually do a dual monitor set up.

I have this video card EVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card I wanted to know if I need a different video card and whatever else I may need.


A:Dual Monitors

you should be able to run dual monitors with this card, your card will come dvi converters if your monitors are old, but im assuming you're going lcd. You should be fine.

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I'm using two 22'' Widescreens both connected to my current nVidia 9800GT Vidcard, is there a way to extend screen 1 to screen 2? For example, having the taskbar start on screen 1 and finish on screen 2? I know in the nVidia control panel it just lets you run multiple displays...

would I need an additional vid card? I'm planning to ugprade to the gtx285 soon..

A:Dual Monitors

Hi! I think you can't. I use two monitors like you and I can't figure out how to do it.

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How can I control/save the location and size of pop up windows.  A program I use at work utilizes a lot of pop ups.  The problem is they always open up straddled across both monitors, so I have to be constantly moving them over every single time.  I only have to re-size once in the morning, but the location is not saved.  What determines which monitor will show the pop up?

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I am running W2K Professional with a Matrox G400 DualHead video card. My only complaint is that all of my messages/login screens pop up in the center of the screen (right in the middle of the 2 monitors) and get cut in half.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this? It drives me batty!

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I recently bought a S-video/RCA cable to connect my computer to a TV. The RCA cable is connected to the TV while the S-video cable along with the green sound cable is connected to my graphics/sound card ports. Basically all the cables are plugged in the right spots.

I went through display settings and went to the second monitor and checked the extend desktop box, but every time I click apply it unchecks itself and does not work. It use to work but it doesn't anymore.

Now I don't know if I am doing something wrong but I also can't change the resolution on the second display. It stays at 800 by 600. I have tried changing my main monitor to 800 by 600 and trying to recheck the box but that still does not work.

Any suggestions?

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I Have an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop with the xb3000 dock station. I'm running XP pro SP3 (legit but aftermarket). I plugged in my Fuji monitor (which is working). The problem is both monitors show the same thing. I want to run an expanded desktop. I tried to go through the control panel display tab but I do not have the dual monitor choices i would prefer. If it helps, on settings I only have 2 options, 800x600 and 1024x768. Do I need a special driver or update?

A:Dual Monitors

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I am trying to enable dual monitors on my system using Dell S2409W(Digital) as my primary and Dell 2007WFP (Digital) as the secondary. The primary monitor works fine, but the secondary monitor can't detect a signal and remains "asleep". The computer recognizes the monitor exists, and the extended display is enabled (I can move my mouse off the primary into the blank secondary monitor). How should I resolve this problem? Listed below are the specs of my computer using the Tech Support Guy System Info Utility.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to help

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8173 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570, 1280 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 894717 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8P67-M, Rev x.0x, MT7014044500110
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

A:Dual Monitors

Have you tried simple troubleshooting such as hacking the secondary monitor works on its own and whether the setup would work with reversed roles? Should help narrow down the problem if we can know the outcome of these points.

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I just recently started running dual monitors, my first monitor is my laptop screen while my second monitor is a 19" Dynex lcd tv. The resolution on the laptop screen is set to 1280x800 where as the tv is set at 1440x900

My problem started when I decided to try and play a game on the tv monitor. The game was set in a 1280x800 resolution and as far as I can tell it must be changing the tv to a resolution it doesn't support, because i get the error message "Mode not supported". This also happens when I change the tv's resolution to a resolution below 1440x900.

I fixed the problem and as long as my laptop is open i can use the second monitor as a main monitor or a secondary one. However when I close the laptop screen the tv screen goes blank and displays the error message again ("Mode not supported"). What should happen is the tv should automatically switch to main and only monitor. So I am assuming somewhere in the computers settings this is messed up I just can't find where and its driving me crazy.

I can't find the solution in the nvidia control panel or in display settings.
Thanks in advance.

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Well, problem solved by NOT USING the Nvidia control panel, just the plane jane windows controls work fine, they see the seperate monitor as not capable as the NEC's resolution, allow me do dial it down to an appropriate rez and keep the NEC nice and sharp. Go figure, would have thought that the card's control panel software would be better than Windows, but no. Solved.

I just built a PC, which I have done before several times, including a PC back 5 years ago with dual monitors - in which I did not have the problem I am having now.

I have a good new Nvidia 256mb card with both DVI and standard outputs. I am trying to use my old 15" monitor with a nice professional NEC monitor (nice one on the DVI). The secondary monitor I want to be a place for pallets in photoshop or just to keep a web browser open. I.E. it doesn't have to be fancy, just functional. The problem, however is the the Nvidia control panel really reduces the resolution of my primary monitor significantly when I try to use the 2nd monitor. Both the aspect ratio and all-over resolution are "ruined" on the good NEC. I was told that this would not occur by the salesperson on this card, that it was capable of handling 2 high-res monitors. When mixing my good and the old monitor, however, it seems to be defaulting to the lower res monitor (even when I make the good NEC the primary screen).

I don't want to, but am I going to have to get another video card? Is there some other 3rd pa... Read more

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I just bought another monitor for my computer. Is it difficult to set up two monitors, or can I just plug in the second one and go?

A:Dual Monitors

Depends on your video card. If it has two ports (and is set up to use them--not all video cards are), you can easily set up the display settings to use both monitors. (I assume you want to extend the monitor.)


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I have a friend who wants me to set up a dual monitor system like he has at work and I'm confused. He has an HP Win 7 machine and the graphics card has a regular vga port and one that according to the specs says is a DVI-D.

I went to pick up a VGA to DVI-D adapter for the second monitor and the guy said that it wasn't possible to do that without a "converter box." That doesn't sound right. Help?


A:Dual Monitors WIn 7

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Alright, so I have my primary running on a radeon9200se with omegadrivers... and I want to run my secondary on my onboard which is an asus p4s800-mx and i checked in the bios and it's enabled. BUT i can't select in the display settings to have that monitor run on the onboard instead of the radeon... and i don't know what to do.

A:Trying to set up dual monitors

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I have a desktop running Windows 7 and a laptop running Linux Mint... And for some reason, I can't extend my screen from my desktop the my laptop. Can anyone walk me through how to do this?

A:Dual Monitors

You can't. It's a laptop, not a monitor. How is it even connected? There isn't a video input on a laptop, just a video output.

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Is there a way to switch between using a single monitor and multiple monitors without going through properties or the control panel?

Is there some sort of OLE I could use to access it all?

Any hints or tips please let me know.


A:Dual Monitors

It might be possible to create an autoit program to do this.
It would require a lot of skill and computer knowledge patiance and willing to learn some programing if your up for it. see this link. AutoIt 3.0
THe easiest way is to set it up to simulate mouse clicks and keystrokes. You use note pad to write the script and save it as .au3
A list of functions can be found here Functions
You can also use a nifty little gadget included called AutoIt Window Info which provides you with details about the enviroment your working in.

Other than that i dont know of any other programs
Hope ive been help full

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I have searched the internet trying to work out if it is possible to use both a DVI connection and a VGA connection to set up dual monitors but I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere.

I have a nVidia Geforce3 graphics card which has DVI, VGA and an S-Video connection and I just want to know if it is possible for me to set up dual monitors as I want both my computer monitor and my TV screen hooked up at once.

Thank you for any replies!

A:Dual monitors: DVI and VGA

Yes it should be possible to hook up via different connector types. I've used hdmi and dvi for tv and monitor

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Hey guys, today i bought a new 3d LCD monitor for my laptop. My laptop screen is 21" and my other monitor i bought is 42". My problem is that the wallpaper isn't correct, its been cropped (its not the full image just partial amount of it). However if i open up a window and maximize it, its the proper size. Also, how can i spread the taskbar, at the moment its only on the main window. I can do this with Desktop Fusion, but its dodgy.. Is there a feature in Windows 7 to change it?

Many thanks!

A:Dual monitors

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Hello everyone!

Here is my problem. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on my desktop PC. I installed a fairly old graphics card (dont need anything fancy for software programming). It is a Jaton 117PCI with 32MB memory. Also I have a ATI Radeon HD Pro 2600 Installed. I cahnged my BIOS to boot PCI first instead of PCIe. Windows will boot up but no display on the ATI Card. I go to device manger and it shows both cards, with no conflicts and working properly.

When i access the displays menu in Windows 7 it will only show my montior on the Jaton card and will not show my ATI card as being active.

Is there anything i can do to get these two cards to work together? (I thought i was really good at computers, but now haha this has thrown me for a loop)

I found this post:
Triple Screen troubles
it was identical to my problem except my setup was different, his method of fixing his problem i dont think is going to work for me.

Also, the ATI card has two DVI ports and a S-Video, i just dont have another monitor with DVI. When i use a DVI to VGA converter the monitor wont come on it will stay in power save mode. I know the ports on the card are working because I can remove the converter and plug it up to my other monitor that has DVI on it and it will power up.

So any help to solve either one of these problems will be greatly appreciated. If there is anymore information you may need please let me know!

Thanks, Jonathan.

P.S. Sorry for making another thread concide... Read more

A:Dual Monitors

When you right click on the desktop and select Resolutions do you get the option for both cards there?

If you dont, have a look in Device manager and see if they are both WDDM 1.1 Cards because i believe they have to be to run together.

If you do, try installing the actual drivers for your monitors, as that fixed similar problems mentioned at the end of my original thread...

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