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Default Color Settings

Q: Default Color Settings

Good Morning,

I am looking for an instructional as to help me change the color settings in Windows 7 to the default color settings in Windows XP so I can run a tool in Microsoft Excel.

Preferred Solution: Default Color Settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Default Color Settings

sure if it wil do the trick for you, but have you tried the desktop right click - personalise, and select the Windows Basic theme?

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Hello all, I'm new here.

I have a question:

We have windows XP home edition and our monitor is pretty old. It does have an updated graphics driver, however, which I just downloaded (it's an intel graphics media accelerator driver).

Everything works just fine, it's just that the screen is very dark. So I went in and changed the gamma/contrast/brightness settings on the graphics driver and got it to how I want it. That works fine as well, it's just that everytime you log off/on, turn the computer on in the morning, or run a full screen program it reverts back to the default settings.

I saved my settings as a scheme, but I don't know what to do from there. The weird part is that when I go into the graphics driver when it has reverted to the default settings, the settings it appears to be set on are the ones I want, but it's actually set on the default settings (even though mine are shown). If I simply click on one of the bars that adjusts the gamma/brigtness/contrast, even if I don't change it, the screen goes back to the settings that I want (the ones that are shown).

So, is there a way to have the screen always be the same gamma/brightness/contrast for every user and even when running a full screen program, without ever having to touch the driver again?

Thank you for your time

A:Default XP Color Settings

Before messing with video settings in the driver, you should adjust brightness and contrast with the buttons on the monitor casing (assuming it has any).

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Hello everyone.

I want to color calibrate my new Dell XPS 15z laptop, but before I do I'd like to back up the existing color profile in case I prefer it to the calibrated one ...

The only problem is, when I open Color Management, NO default color profile is listed, so I don't know what to go back to. I know there HAS to be a default color profile somewhere ... How do I find it?

Thanks for any and all help you can offer!

A:No Default Color Profile Listed in Color Management?

You don't need to backup the default color profile...so don't worry about that.
Anyways its probably using sRGB IEC61966-2.1 you can see it in the advance tab.

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Yeah, you may think this seems like just a normal message from oc'ing too much, but a problem-I haven't overclocked anything! It booted to that point, then my hard drive went mad clicking and crashed. This was after it being turned on and off to see if my graphics card was booting because I had no video, but it turned out I had just been downright stupid and plugged it into the onboard graphics. Anyone know what could have happened? Thanks

P.S. would the power drawing thing (molex on my case fan) need to have a seperate connector or just draw power from another device? Thanks.

A:'Previous overclock settings failed, default settings enabled'

If this happens just once then I wouldn't worry about it too much but the PSU or HDD could have something to do with it.

You can connect a molex connector fan to its own power connector or you can put it on an optical drive's connector for example, but it's ok to do either as they don't use much power.

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I am trying to set my monitor's screen give accurate renditions of my pictures. I use Quick Gamma to set gamma. When doing this I can use either Nvidia's controls or windows controls (right click desktop>Nvidia Control Panel. When using Nvidia's Control Panel, there are two choices: Use other applications control color settings or Use Nvidia settings.

First question: Am I correct in assuming that the former setting is Windows?

I always check the button to use Nvidia settings (and then Apply>OK), but when I go back to this screen at a later time, the Other applications control color settings is always selected. How come? I'd like to default to Nvidia.

A:Nvidia color control vs Windows color control settings?

Hi, have you found a solution to your problem?
I'm having the same issues and its just annoying going to nvidia everytime i reboot to put those settings back in.

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My daughter got a hold of my mini HP and I can't figure out password what do I do

A:Bios settings for Mini - what are the default settings

Hi, Are you referring to a Windows log on password or a power on password? If it's a power on password, at the password screen, hit enter 3 times and you should receive a 'halt code' - post back with this code. Regards, DP-K

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Could someone help me with changing the color of the default color for the text on my windows. I've attached a screen shot so that you can see what I'm talking about. I would like to change the default color to white instead of black.


A:Changing The Default Color

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In the attached Color.jpeg "Hepskukkuu" is the device profile in Windows
Color System Defaults.
Which devices does this "Hepskukkuu" profile control apart from the display (monitor)?

Hepskukkuu is a nonsense word in finnish.


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How do I restore *all* graphical user interface display to the defaults which are set out-of-the-box when you first start Vista? I want to wipe the slate clean and return to *every* default setting.

My fourth grader changed something which destroyed the display of buttons inside the windows. Right now it does not display the edges of buttons when they are inside windows.

I have tried rebooting, going into Control Panel\Personalization\Appearance Settings and resetting it to "Windows Vista Basic", "Windows Stardard", and "Windows Classic". All three failed with and without rebooting. I also tried the "Advanced" settings but none of them fixed things.

A:restore default color and appearance


I think the best way is to try system restore. Do you know how that is done?

Go back a few days before the problem

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Im runnin Win XP pro and recently installed service pack 3.
I have my desktop appearance color scheme set to silver but when I boot up/reboot it reverts back to the default blue (which is gross!). I heard it could be a spy/mal/ad ware problem so I've ran both Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware, both in normal and in safe mode, but to no avail.
Could it be related to the SP3 installation or is it something else?
And can i fix it?


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I've made a Win 7 PE. In my 7 PE, Image A Menu selection Color shows with my default theme. I tried changing the default theme (with Windows 7, Classic and Basic). But no one defualt theme shows menu selection color B. When I change the theme manually with mouse click, all theme shows menu selection color B. I need Menu selection color B by default theme. How to set it?

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I think i have mistakenly changed my windows color system default. I changed the defice profile from something to "scRGB virtual device model profile"

What is the default for that option? Also, can i get the defaults from other options as well (Viewing conditions profile; Default rendering intent; etc.)? For backup, just in case.

Thanks in advance

A:What is the default for the Color Management option?

Hello Headshot,

This is what I have as default.
Hope this helps,

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Hello Everyone

I don't think it's too far into Januay to wish you all a Happy New Year. I feel really dumb asking this, but there you are: senility has to set in sometime! I cut and paste a lot, and print out online Xwords which don't give you a chance or a choice to change the font or its000 color.

Suddenly, my pastings are printing in a reddish-brown hue. I haven't messed with anything that I'm aware of, I'm ashamed to say that I can't figure out where or how to change the default back to black. I've been over every inch of settings (R/C on empty spot on desktop) but just can't see it. Or is it hidden away elsewhere? I want my black back LOL Any help would be appreciated. I'm running xp home

Many thanks.

Larry (moreproblems).

A:Solved: Default font color

moreproblems said:

Hello Everyone

I don't think it's too far into Januay to wish you all a Happy New Year. I feel really dumb asking this, but there you are: senility has to set in sometime! I cut and paste a lot, and print out online Xwords which don't give you a chance or a choice to change the font or its000 color.

Suddenly, my pastings are printing in a reddish-brown hue. I haven't messed with anything that I'm aware of, I'm ashamed to say that I can't figure out where or how to change the default back to black. I've been over every inch of settings (R/C on empty spot on desktop) but just can't see it. Or is it hidden away elsewhere? I want my black back LOL Any help would be appreciated. I'm running xp home

Many thanks.

Larry (moreproblems).Click to expand...
If reddish brown is a clue to anything, it's the colour attributed to Visited Sites in Internet Options. Have a look on the General tab and click the Colour button - see if there's anything helpful in there.

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Running XP on Medion 2.6 ghz. On startup, or on re-boot, when selecting my account name from initial screen (have 3 account names for family members), the color quality is reverting to 8 bit from 32 bit. I have gone into the properties menu for the Display properties, changed the quality back to 32 bit under Settings tab and saved as the desktop theme...but it still reverts to 8 bit with each new startup or reboot. This does not occur when starting under the other two account names. Where should I look-or to what function do I go to-to correct this annoying glitch. I am always able to change to 32 bit once started up and it stays as 32 bit until I either reboot or shut down and start again

A:Color Quality wrong default

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This has been bugging me for a while now, and honestly I don't even know how to search for the answer to this question. So I've come here.

The question is: When you switch to 256 colors (Say, in the Windows display settings), what RGB values correspond to each of the 256 colors?

A:What's the default 8-bit color mode palette?

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I use Windows Live Mail. When I insert a hyperlink, it is defaulted to show in a light blue. I prefer a color that has more contrast to the white page background, e.g., red. I can manually change it...which I do...but would like to change the default so I don't have to continually do the manual change. Have searched and been unable to find a way to change hyperlink colors only. Is there a way??


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Every time I come to TSG, the color scheme of the page is khaki.
Log in, same.

I have changed on a regular page. I have changed while editing my profile and hit "save changes" or "save and exit" or whatever it says.

It always opens in khaki.

How do I get it to stick with a different color?

I hate the khaki. Makes it difficult for me to see some of the buttons and links.

A:Solved: TSG default color scheme

Hi RootbeaR

Logout of TSG and delete your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.
Login into TSG set your preferences, logout and login again to see if your preferences remain.

Let us know if that makes a difference or not.

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I have an HP Deskjet D4260 and I would like to be able to have color printed with the black and white, when a page contains both. It is black and white by default. I can click on Color under Properties and then OK. There is no Apply to click on here. It will do that for the present page but then it reverts to just black and white again.

How do I make color the default?


A:make color the default in printer

Open your Printer's icon in your "Control Panel>Printer's and Faxes"
There change the defaults for that printer.

Note: You can set up more than one printer icon for any one printer.
For example, I have two icons set for my one color printer. One is set for the default of printing in color, the other is set for the default of B&W.

That way, I can print using either "printer" depending upon whether I want color or not. No other selections are necessary.

You could also change the settings to print duplex (if your printer has that capability) or 2 sheets on one side of paper, etc. and have separate icons for those defaults, as well.

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I changed the original color settings on the computer, and then decided I didn't like them. Went back and reset them to the default, but when the computer goes into sleep mode I lose those settings; it doesn't save them. Tried to use an "apply" button but couldn't find one in the area where I was trying to save it.

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if i have the color settings in photoshop. different then my monitors settings. will there be a conflicked between them when i use photoshop? in both settings i can only see the same match as color match rgb as in picture A&B but when i open a pic in photoshop i always get this pop up as in picture C


A:color settings in PS7

I would think the C screen would be normal opening any image you didn’t create in Photoshop. It isn’t likely that a digital camera etc is going to embed Nvida’s color system. You can set Photoshop up to convert to ColorMatch automatically without any intervention and you will no longer see warning screens.

I’m not sufficiently familiar with Nvida’s ColorMatch to know whether it is good as a working space. If your prints come out very close to your monitor it might be a good deal.

An alternative would be to run Adobe Gamma that comes with PS to match the monitor and use a common working space like sRGB or Adobe RGB. Most cameras put out sRGB I think and it matches most web browsers, but Adobe RGB is a little richer.

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I'd like to set my color settings in PS Cs2 but am a little unsure. What settings should I set as defaults.

A:what settings for color in PS Cs2

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In my system Windows XP Pro and Sis 6326 8MB AGP card is installed and 1024 x 768 at 24 bit is set. Run the Sisoft Sandra 2002 it give me the tip that set the Color Quality to 32 Bit. But in the Color Quality Setting it shows maximum 24 bit please tell me it is possible to set color settings at 32 bit.

A:32 bit color settings

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I bought a 32 Inch HD TV for myself for Christmas...I have it all hooked up and going...I absolutely love it except I'm having a slight problem with color settings. (TV is PC ready just plug and play or something like that. It is plugged in with a monitor cable I got at radio shack)

I have a 1 GB Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT with most current update from Nvidia.com, I also have all updates via windows update.

The problem I currently have is by default what I am seeing on the tv is very red. So I went to the Nvidia Control Panel and Color Settings tab where you can adjust brightness/contrast/gamma, digital vibrance & hue. Under these color settings I turned the red brightness down and the contrast a little down. I was then having a problem with white looking yellow tinged so I pulled up the blue brightness and contrast. Now black looks slightly blue. I tried messing with greens and tweaking other colors here and there but I'm getting no where fast.

Before I was using a 17 inch LCD monitor and the colors were fine.

I'm just wondering right now if anyone else who has a setup like mine or someone who is knowledgeable about Nvidia color settings maybe help me figure out what settings I could try.

Currently using

Brightness: 25
Contrast: 40
Gamma: 1.00
Brightness: 60
Contrast: 100
Gamma: 1.00
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 75
Gamma: 1.00

Digital Vibrance: 50 (default)
Hue: 0 (default)

Default on the RBG is Brightness: 50 Contrast: 50 Gamma:... Read more

A:Color Settings

Thanks for sharing useful information....

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I have an ICC profile that I have to convert all of my images to for print and am a little confused on a couple of issues. One, when opening an image for edit do I first convert the color to my working space and then adjust the pixels (if need be) and then edit? Or does it matter in what order. Two, should I place a check mark in the color management policies so I know what adobe is doing with my image? And a little off topic, when editing can I do so while in soft proofing? Or is this just a final step for tweaking?

A:color settings in PS Cs2


I take all my in camera pictures in Adobe 1998 and have my settings as such in Photoshop. When I get a photo that is not... I convert it right away to 1998. Some will not agree but I have been to several Epson and Photoshop seminars and that is the general consensus.

I calibrate my monitor once a month using Optical and a spider and use Epson profiles and what I see on my monitor is exactly what prints...The two or three photographers that I print for are very happy

just my thoughts

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Hi, have just installed a new hard drive and installed Windows 2000 and cannt change the color settings. Any pictures I try and veiw are garbled. Under settings it shows only 16 bit.
Anyone help??

A:color settings

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After receiving Windows 10,(which I like) I went to Personalize section where the options for changing your choice of colors and such are offered for choices. I was trying different colors and then it showed , "High Contrast" I, am pretty sure that is how it read, I clicked on it and then it showed the reverse of colors what I mean is where the back round is Black, and the type is white or what ever other color you may choose, I clicked on one of those that were offered and the only way I could actually see if I would like it I clicked apply. That was when I created this 5 day mess that I have not been able to get myself out of, and I am in great need of direction to put my screen colors back to normal. I have looked many times trying to locate a default for restoring back to original color and have not found it. I am using a Acer Aspire E-17 64bit Windows was 8.1 and Monday 8/315 the new Windows 10 was installed. And, it was Windows 10 that I created this problem. I really have told everything that I did and I hope you have what you need to understand how I messed up, hoping you will have what is needed to know the steps to correct this.

Thank You and Appreciate Having Your Help and Support
Sincerely, Sacramento Girl

A:Windows 10/How to Restore Default Screen Color

Do a System Restore to a time before you made the change.

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Our Outlook 2003 is setup so that mails from a certain recipient is bold and in color (red) before it is read and then just in the color after it is read to highlight the importance. The problem is that it only stays that way on some of our domain pc's and then goes back to only being bold and not in the color. At most of the people it stays like it should be but few we have this problem ....why ...please help...

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I was looking at my display settings and it recognizes my current main display as HP s2031 wide screen LCD monitor. So that's good because it's right.

When I clicked the advanced settings in that same window and proceed then to color management tab followed by clicking on the color managment button in that same tab, it then shows the drop down list of devices.

The first one is my default monitor which is HP s2031 wide screen LCD monitor as I mentioned before.

There are two color profiles listed in the box under this monitor but the tick box doesn't say to use either one of them on this device.

those two profiles, assuming that I was to check that tick box become managable once ticked but I don't know two things.

First, do I leave the thing unticked as it is and second, If I tick the box that says to "use my settings for this device" then which profile do i use?

These are the two profiles listed should I choose to tick that box.

HP s2031 LCD mMonitor(default) --- HP s2031.icm


sRGB IEC61966-2.1 --- sRGB Color Space Profile.icm

Also, is there a reason that the box is unticked to "use my settings for this device" in the first place, I wonder?

Of course, in the middle of this posting, I clicked that "change system defaults" button in the advanced tab and it did something. I have no clue what, it was so fast.

Geez. I told you I was a noob at this.

A:Noob Question about default color profiles

It's likely that windows is already using the HP color profile. The RGB color profile is an image profile (of the color space assigned to the image), the standard profile for jpg images. For instance, I use the ProPhoto RGB color profile for all of my images until I save to jpg, at which time the sRGB IEC61966... profile is applied.

The HP profile is a device profile, created specifically for your monitor.

You can create your own color profiles for your devices using calibration software. You would check the 'Use my settings' option if you wished to use a profile you or someone else created, meaning really, any profile other than that windows assigned.

If you have no need for different color profiles (i.e., to ensure that your monitor or other device is displaying accurate colors, which you would need for image editing, etc.) and are happy with the appearance of your display, don't worry about it. If you're just curious and want to change the profile, you can always check the 'Use my settings..." box and choose any profile you like, switching it back if you don't like it. Try the HP profile first to see if you see any difference, although, as stated, it's likely already in use, esp. since Windows correctly identifies your monitor.

It may be wise, however, to create a System Restore point before making such changes, just in case things go south.


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I really cannot stand the color of the Desktop and Explorer window highlight color (light blue.) How do I change the hover color on the desktop, or remove it completely? I would like to change it to the olive color I managed to change my notepad highlight color and hot tracking color.

I changed my drag color (hot tracking) color to this olive green color.
I also got my highlight color to change to the same color in notepad
I want to change my highlight color in the menu (hovering refresh) to a different color.
I want to change the color of these selected items in explorer
The same with the icons selected on the desktop

And finally I want the hover but not selected icon color on the desktop (even lighter blue) to be changed as well.

A:How do I change my Desktop default highlight color?

Woww, that's a lot you want to change!
I'm using several 'Stardock Software' for my custumisations.
Take a look at:

Stardock Corporation - Products

It's no freeware but most of their procucts are small priced AND you can always try it for free (fully functioning if i'm correct)
Hope it helps you

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I received a replacement LG monitor W2242T. I connected the monitor and began to use it. About 5 minutes after I started the colors all went crazy. What caused this and what can I do about it? What are the normal settings I should start with?

A:LG Monitor Color Settings

Can you be more specific about "the colors going crazy"? So, did your monitor display wrong colours?

Have you tried to reset your monitor to it's manufacturer settings(there should be a button in your monitor which will bring up a menu, then you can select to reset your monitor's settings). I am afraid to say that either the replacement monitor or your VGA/DVI Cable is faulty, If you had no luck with the hardware reset that was suggested above.

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Hi again everyone. This time im having trouble with video on anything played with windows media player. The video image is all bright yellow and blue but i tried the color options and cant get that to do much good. Other color/video works good--anything like desktop anything else is good I can even get other video like stupidvideos.com works just any video played through WMP. Is there any other video settings that would correct this? Any help will be appreciated!

The computer is a custom with a 1.2 duron, Windows XP, ECS L7VMM2 motherboard (using built in video), and the monitor is a Philips Brilliance 107mp.

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I have the WORST TIME with my NVIDIA Control Panel to adjust the desktop color, contrast, video and other settings!! One scene on the monitor, it's too dark so I lighten it. Then, the next page, it's too light, so I darken it! I've never seen ANY "program" where just about all the things I see on my monitor must be independently adjusted. Talk about a nuisance! Is this NVIDIA the ONLY option I have? Is there not a much BETTER way to adjust all the things (that need to be adjusted for lightness, darkness, color, contrast, etc.) by doing it ONE TIME and never have to worry about it again? Or, is this asking for too much? Just a very BIG annoyance.

A:Desktop Color Settings - Never Right

You may try this at first ...
Let us know if not works !

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I keep having to recalibrate my color settings or go to Advanced under Color Management and hit the " Reload current calibrations" button which fixes the problem for a day or so - but the problem keeps coming back.

When the color goes wacky on me things like the blue side scroll bar in Firefox become so faint I cannot see it at all. I do not know why this happens and in 20 years of using Windows operating systems have never had such a problem.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:I'm having to recalibrate my color settings - How to fix ?

No one has any ideas on this?

Has not anyone had this problem before?

BTW, The checkbox in Advanced tab that says " Use Windows display calibrations" IS checked and is not grayed out. I mention this because i tried to follow the suggestions Here with no luck: ( even though this is for Windows 7, it should work the same) Stop Losing Display Calibration with Windows 7 - Laszlo Pusztai

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I restarted my computer today, and the color scheme was set to the lowest setting.

I recieved a message about this, and I was given the option to restore to the original settings, which I accepted, but nothing happened.

When I click on "Properties, Settings" under color quality, the *only* option I have for color quality is "Lowest (4 bit). I can not change my "Screen Resolution" either: it is stuck on "less" 800 by 600 pixels.

How do I correct this?

Thank you

A:Color settings screwed up

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How do I clear the colors in PSP 7?

I don't know how to explain it clearly. It seems like the colors are set on yellow (I has varigated yellow on the lower boxes that say "style")

When I click on paintbrush, and on a color (up top where it says foreground and background) it changes in those boxes, but the paintbrush still shows yellow.

If I put on eraser or air brush it will change the colors and work.

I'm one of those people who finds something I want to do and then tries things till I find out how to do it, or just experiements with what's there.

I never learned what the little boxes that say style/texture, etc. do. They seem to have a way of being locked, and unlocked.

Also, sometimes when I bring up a picture I want to change something on, ONLY those colors in the picture come up to choose from on the color pallet and I don't know how to clear this to get all colors to choose from.

I've tried to find a way to reset or clear (back to default?) with this but can't.

These are the 2 boxes on the upper right hand corner (foreground and background) and pallet under it and boxes uder that that set texture, etc.

I know.... it would be easier and less frustrating in the long run to learn from basics and see just what and how everything works.

~ Carrie

A:Changing color settings in PSP


"Also, sometimes when I bring up a picture I want to change something on, ONLY those colors in the picture come up to choose from on the color pallet and I don't know how to clear this to get all colors to choose from."

with the picture open click color then increase color depth then 16 million colors


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I still only have 2 color settings,2 & 16, (see previous thread- Monitor Color Setting)
I've re-installed the drivers but it says the monitor drivers are not installed, even though when I install it goes thru. I've run the problem with the multi-media interface and it says to re-install driver, which I did and it seemed to install, yet it tells me I have the same problem! HELP!!
P.S. I'm new at this so any advice, please give DETAILED instructions! Thank You

(I deleted what I felt was un-needed info from Belarc)
System Model
Windows 98 SE (build 4.10.2222) No details available
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
333 megahertz Intel Celeron
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 4.60 PGMA 08/06/02
Drives Memory Modules c,d
24.77 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
23.04 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

LITE-ON LTR-52246S [CD-ROM drive]
Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

Generic IDE hard disk drive (20.46 GB) -- drive 0
Generic IDE hard disk drive (4.30 GB) -- drive 1 256 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot '0' has 128 MB
Slot '1' has 128 MB
Slot '2' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 20.46 GB 18.91 GB free
d: (on drive 1) 4.30 GB 4.13 GB free

Controllers Display
Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
Secondary I... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Color settings still not right

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I actually have 2 different questions. Most important of them being that my compute does not detect CDs when they're inserted in the drive. I have Windows ME and when I use disk detector im not even given the option to detect from the CD drive. When I go under My Computer, the only drives visible are the floppy drive and the HD. If anyone can tell me how to get disks read it would be a great help.

Also, although I realize this may not be the correct thread for such a problem, My color scheme seems to be configured incorrectly. I believe it used to be 32 bit and was displaying colors fine, now its at only 16 colors and when I enter the display settings and try to drag down for more color options, It shows that 16 colors is the only option. Currently I have a Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) and the software version is 4.0. If anyone can help me to get all of my colors back it would be most appreciated.

A:Help with CD drive and Color settings

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I reinstalled win 98 SE (IE 6)and now the colors are out of wack. The graphics are blured and the colors are unnatural.
I can get to the color management:
display properties>settings>advanced>color management>color profiles(none).
I would appreciate the settings that I should have.
Many thanks

A:Color Management settings

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Well, see here is the problem. There is no color red on my computer...they only time i see red is when i click the buttons on the monitor to adjust it....my setting is at highest 32 bit...and my graphics card is fully updated the Nvidia gforce 6200....so im wondering what is going on here.

A:color display settings..can not see red

Duplicate post

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 My laptop's color settings are completely normal when connected to a monitor (Display 2) but when my monitor (Display 2) is disconnected from it the color settings or colors displaying on my laptop is wrong or way off. Also I can't access "display adapter properties" when my laptop is connected to my monitor (Display 2).  http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/I-need-help-regarding-the-color-profil... ^additional information relating to my problem.

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i hope someone can help me with this crazy problem.ive googled this for three days and am getting nowhere
i went to control panel and then display and for some reason i messed with the colors.now when i need to type an email the backround color is too blue and i cant see what im typing.this also happens on some sites where i have to fill in forms
everything i google doesnt quite pertain to my problem.
is there a way i can bring the colors back to default settings
any help would be appreciated because i have some important job applications to fill out and emails to send.
thank you very much.
i have windows xp media edition
service pack 3
32 bit

A:display color settings xp

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I have an amd-k6 processor with some sort of integrated video card and I have tried everything in my power to get true color out of it, and the best I can do is get 256. When windows choose the "best possible driver" I can't get better than 16 colors. This is something that is really getting me stuck. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have a 4 year degree in computer science. Someone save me please!!!


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I did a windows update and rebooted my computer. When it came back on it was all messed up. The icons on the desktop were huge and the color was messed up. I went into the control panel to display and I am unable to change the color from low 4 bit to anything else and I am unable to change the screen resolution. How do I fix this?
Thanks, Debbie

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I've a computer running WINXP. The videocard i'm using is a Creative 3D Blaster4 MX420.
By some reason sometimes (be when I play MOHAA on the internet) my collor settings are changed to 4 bits colors. When I reinstall my display driver the problem is solved for some day's.
I'm using the latest driver from nvidia.

A:color settings lost

Hi there,

What have you tried using to check, clean, or tweaks in your system?

Was this card or the system itself recently upgraded/replaced?

Any other software recently installed or uninstalled?
- Are you running it oc'd [over clocked]? -
What version of DirectX are you running?

All system system and security updates ?

Tried doing a basic system cleaning/checking ?


Any other errors you have noticed or been having ?

Any other notes ?

Keep Us Posted!


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When I try to switch my color display from 16 Colors to 256 Colors, the computer tells me to restart. But after I restart, the color setting switches back to 16 Colors.

A:Problem WIth Color Settings

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and my system config is as mentioned in my signature. The problem is that the color of my pictures look different when opened with Photoshop CS5 and with Windows Photo Viewer. Colors with PS CS5 & Irfanview are the same and Bridge & Win Photo Viewer are the same. The colors in Photoshop are a bit reddish when compared with Bridge.

As for my color settings in PS, I have set it to Adobe RGB(1998) profile and did the same for my monitor. Then why is there a difference. Do I need to change any other settings?

Please help.

Thank you.

A:Problems with Color settings

try sRGB

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