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nvidia cart not detected (asus n55)

Q: nvidia cart not detected (asus n55)

After a BSOD, my nvidia disapear from device manager. then after that day, the card is detected only after 1 reboot of 10...now i tried factory reset, still nothing.
all drivers including bios and chepset are already reinstalled.
by the way, i see something called VBIOS, is that mean my card is not dead?

the specs of my asus is:

NV 635m card
Inter integrated card


Preferred Solution: nvidia cart not detected (asus n55)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: nvidia cart not detected (asus n55)

I suggest you call Asus support in your area, since this is a laptop issue, and not really a video CARD.

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O... Here's my dillema.   My HP NVIDIA card (HP p/n 466762-001 rev:M03) in my HP Model: 9520f Windows 7 Ultimate machine failed.   I replaced it with an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT card (p/n 5188-8004, asus p/n C403H) that came from a spare HP Pavillion Model a6150y Vista machine I had on hand. The initial VID/Graphics card failure and susequent replacement caused much havock with Windows and some other stuff (ie, not booting/loading Windows etc...) and after much effort I was able to get everything loading & working reasonable well again.   But the problem I'm still having is with the old drivers (removing them and all their remnants) and loading the new drivers for the ASUS NVIDIA card that is now in my machine.  I've tried normal uninstalls as well as the GURU 3D.com DDU uninstall.  I think (and it appeares) that all the old NVIDIA drvers and other software has been uninstalled because I can not find any of it in the normal locations.   But I am still unable to install the NVIDIA 8500GT drivers for the ASUS card from the NVIDIA site or even the NVIDIA drivers/software updates that Windows Update has detected and suggested in Windows updates.  The insalls start out fine but soon fail to complete. Evidently I (and my brother who was in my machine remotely for a good 6 hours because he is an IT/Computer tech and is ten times more knowledgable than I on this) are missing something very... Read more

A:Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500...

Mermiatwd, welcome to the forum. I suggest that you try Revo Uninstaller free version to see if it solves you problem.  I use the Advanced option.  It removes the program from the HDD and the remnants from the BIOS.  I have used it for years with great success with removing those difficult to remove programs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Hi I bought a HP Pavilion 15-ab031Tx few months back. I suddenly noticed that my laptop is using Intel graphics processor instead of NVidia 940M. Also in hardware list I don't see it being listed. Scanning for new hardware does not seem to help either. Please suggest, is there any other way to fix this apart than visiting service center? Thanks.Anindya 

A:NVidia GPU is not detected

Did it happen after you upgraded to Windows 10 or did you always have Windows 10?

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I have a 525w power supply that has a 6 pin +2 pin PCI power plug for a graphics card, and I am currently running a GTX550 TI.

Could I upgrade to this: ASUS STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 GeForce GTX 970 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support G-SYNC Support Video Card - Newegg.ca

safely with this PSU?


A:ASUS NVIDIA GTX 970 with 525W PSU?

Not totally 100% accurate but put all your hardware info into the calculator and even exaggerate a bit for headroom and it will give you an idea if you're OK, close to the limit or over it

Online Power Calculator

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Hello I have been reading a lot in the forums on how to fix this issue and finally decided to make one. I did some driver verifications and everything was fine. However Everytime I am in a game I crash and have to force restart. Here are some of the information from event viewer.

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
[ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}

EventID 41

Version 2

Level 1

Task 63

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000000000000002

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2011-09-20T19:21:44.159613400Z

EventRecordID 14209


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 4
[ ThreadID] 8

Channel System

Computer tkruja-PC

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-18

- EventData

BugcheckCode 201
BugcheckParameter1 0x23e
BugcheckParameter2 0x865c42da
BugcheckParameter3 0x9b03ef68
BugcheckParameter4 0x0
SleepInProgress false
PowerButtonTimestamp 0

I have deleted avast because someone suggested that caused the critical error, and I have done the driver verification. The problem is that every time it crashes in game it does not create a dump at all and the only place that has any info on the crash is event viewer with the info I have included.

Last week I got new ram because the laptop started crashing more frequently. Now the laptop is bsoding on its own, even when not in games. I reinstalled the newer driver 295.73, still getting crashes.

HOWEVER, in games now I have just been getting... Read more

A:Nvidia GTS 360 in Asus g60jx

Here is how the steam errors look like

Faulting application name: iw5mp.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4f2b6b88
Faulting module name: iw5mp.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4f2b6b88
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00338ad1
Faulting process id: 0x2f4
Faulting application start time: 0x01ccf4f275d0d3c6
Faulting application path: c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\iw5mp.exe
Faulting module path: c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\iw5mp.exe
Report Id: cf254d0f-60e9-11e1-9b93-e0cb4e5bd0b2

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Hello lads,

Recently, I bought a new graphics card (Sparkle nVidia 9500 GT PCIe 2.0).
So, I changed my old graphics card (6600 GT) with the new one & I turned up my computer but there were no signal in my monitor at all. Any ideas why?
I have already checked if that card needs an external power supply, but it doesn't.
Something I noticed yesterday, this card is PCIe 2.0, my question is: Is Asus P5SD2-X compatible with PCIe 2.0 cards or not?
I would be grateful to listen to any other ideas, suggestions & solutions.


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Help! I have tried everything I can think of to remove and/or reinstall the Display Drivers on a brand new build. I'm running Vista x64 Ultimate. CANNOT GET IT TO INSTALL. How can you tell if you have a bad Graphics card?

A:Help!! Nvidia 9300 / ASUS P5N7A-VM

If you are running Vista, it will inmediately install Generic Drivers for everything you have but, you can always install the latest drivers for your card as long as the manufacturer has drivers for it. What or how are you trying to uninstall the drivers?

I would say that if the video card is bad or damage, you wouldn't be able to see anything on the monitor but, I could be wrong here.

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Hello! Would the installation of the Asus 8400 be an upgrade from the 7600? Would I get better performance? 256mb memory in both. Thanks in advance!

A:Nvidia GEForce7600GT vs. Asus EN8400GS

Other than adding DX10 support, not in the slightest. here is a review of the slightly faster 8500GT (faster than the 8400GS, not the 7600GT that is),

techPowerUp :: Zotac GeForce 8500 GT Review :: Page 1 / 15

It doesn't have the 7600GT in it but the slower 7600GS, and the 7600GS still beats or matches the 8500GT in most tests.

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I just put the finishing touches on a mid level system. I purchased an Asus En8500GT Silent graphics card to top it off. However, when I place the card in my PCIE slot, the system makes no display through either output on the card. The card, mobo and everything else is brand new. I tried the card in two other systems, in which it worked in one, but not the other. No display, no bios, no nothing. I can boot the system with another PCIEx card successfully (1950xt radeon), but the Asus does not seem to work.

Here are my specs.

Asus EN8500GT Silent
M Audio Delta 66 Sound Card
Athlon Dual Core 4600+ (low power version)
2gb 800mhz DDR 2 Mem
500w Antec True Blue Power Supply
(2)Asus 18x LiteScribe drives
250gb Seagate Sata Drive
Elite Group C51GM-M HT2000 Nforce 6100 Chipset

A:Asus Nvidia 8500GT Incompatibilities?

You answered your own question... the video card is NOT compatible with the motherboard. Use the 1950xt radeon

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I HAVE this persistent beeping from my pc speaker...at first i touht it was my graphics card because it was telling me it wasn't gettin enough voltage...and i solved that because i somehow installed 4 monitors...dunno how but now my smart doctor tells me my card's fine...if i run a game, like starcraft for example, my computer starts to beep and im positive its coming from the small integrated speaker inside my pc... its really starting to piss me off cause iit's only when i run games...if i exit the game after 5 minutes or so, the beeping stops but its just soo annyoing..its getting to the point that i want to throw my computer out my window...hints the name windows... well i am willing to take any suggestions you guys might have

A:ASUS Nvidia GeForce 6600LE

sounds like to me there might be a heat issue in the system... are you sure that you have checked the heat to make sure something is not over heating in it...try that then go from there

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Hi I Have A Home Theatre System Which I Use Fo Xbox Fo Dolby Digital Sound. The Question Im Askin Is If This Mobo Comes With A Coaxial Output Or Optical Out Fo Dolby Digital Sound. I Kno Most Mobos Use Optical But Im Already Using Da Only Optical Port On My Reciever Fo Xbox And I Was Wondering If This Mobo Uses A Coaxial Fo Sound Too Or If Any Mobo Out There Uses Coaxial Fo Surround Sound With The Certified Soundstorm Apu. I Was Goin To Upgrade My Cpu So Im Upgrading My Mobo Too So I Figured I Go With Da Ones With Da Only Sound Processing Unit That Does Dolby Digital Real Time So I Can Use My Home Theatre Speakers.i Had A Fortissmo Iii But It Gives Me Too Many Problems In Y Games As I Previously Asked Fo Any Help But I Guess Its Hopeless. Any Info Would Be Good. MOBO IM LOOKIN AT IS ASUS E DELUXE. IF THERE IS OTHER MOBOS WITH COAXIAL PLEASE TELL ME . THANK U

My Specs
Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ Originally Compaq S3000nx
Switched Da 256 Ddr 2100 To A 512 Ddr And Sold 256
Have Ati Radeon 9600 Pro

A:Nvidia Soundstorm Apu On Asus E Deluxe ?

closing duplicate, view this thread

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Hey guys, im just wondering on how i can disable the integrated NVIDIA 635M GPU on my ASUS K56C. I want to do so because i am using an eGPU Adapter on my laptop, and would be better off by disabling it. Regards, -Yannic


Also, i should be more clear. By disabling i mean like in the BIOS making it so it goes for Intergrated Graphics and not the NVIDIA GPU. The problem is, disabling it in the Windows Device Manager, and then installing the NVIDIA Driver for the GTX 970 makes the 635M enable itself again after reboot. Trying then to disable it again, rebooting and then opening the NVIDIA Control Panel, i get the error that there is no NVIDIA GPU connected, however when i go into the Device Manager, it says that the GTX 970 is connected and there is no black-yellow exclamation mark (or Warning) symbol to tell me that there is a problem. What do i do now?

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Hi I Have A Home Theatre System Which I Use Fo Xbox Fo Dolby Digital Sound. The Question Im Askin Is If This Mobo Comes With A Coaxial Output Or Optical Out Fo Dolby Digital Sound. I Kno Most Mobos Use Optical But Im Already Using Da Only Optical Port On My Reciever Fo Xbox And I Was Wondering If This Mobo Uses A Coaxial Fo Sound Too Or If Any Mobo Out There Uses Coaxial Fo Surround Sound With The Certified Soundstorm Apu. I Was Goin To Upgrade My Cpu So Im Upgrading My Mobo Too So I Figured I Go With Da Ones With Da Only Sound Processing Unit That Does Dolby Digital Real Time So I Can Use My Home Theatre Speakers.i Had A Fortissmo Iii But It Gives Me Too Many Problems In Y Games As I Previously Asked Fo Any Help But I Guess Its Hopeless. Any Info Would Be Good. MOBO IM LOOKIN AT IS ASUS E DELUXE. IF THERE IS OTHER MOBOS WITH COAXIAL PLEASE TELL ME . THANK U

My Specs
Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ Originally Compaq S3000nx
Switched Da 256 Ddr 2100 To A 512 Ddr And Sold 256
Have Ati Radeon 9600 Pro

A:Nvidia Soundstorm Apu On Asus E Deluxe

Did my best to understand your post, but can only suggest you check the specs on the manufacturers site, where all will be revealed......

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Hi I Have A Home Theatre System Which I Use Fo Xbox Fo Dolby Digital Sound. The Question Im Askin Is If This Mobo Comes With A Coaxial Output Or Optical Out Fo Dolby Digital Sound. I Kno Most Mobos Use Optical But Im Already Using Da Only Optical Port On My Reciever Fo Xbox And I Was Wondering If This Mobo Uses A Coaxial Fo Sound Too Or If Any Mobo Out There Uses Coaxial Fo Surround Sound With The Certified Soundstorm Apu. I Was Goin To Upgrade My Cpu So Im Upgrading My Mobo Too So I Figured I Go With Da Ones With Da Only Sound Processing Unit That Does Dolby Digital Real Time So I Can Use My Home Theatre Speakers.i Had A Fortissmo Iii But It Gives Me Too Many Problems In Y Games As I Previously Asked Fo Any Help But I Guess Its Hopeless. Any Info Would Be Good. MOBO IM LOOKIN AT IS ASUS E DELUXE. IF THERE IS OTHER MOBOS WITH COAXIAL PLEASE TELL ME . THANK U

My Specs
Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ Originally Compaq S3000nx
Switched Da 256 Ddr 2100 To A 512 Ddr And Sold 256
Have Ati Radeon 9600 Pro

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6 months ago i went to the US for vacation and bought an asus K501UW laptop with Nvidia gtx960M, as i work on my desktop, never used it a lot.

Today i've tried to run a game and it says i need a better GPU, when i cheked dxdiag, Intel graphics was detected as display adapter. Nvidia control panel wasn't even opening.

Unsitalled nvidia drivers and wont be able to install again with default nvidia installer as it doesn't find hardware.

Nvidia GPU won't appear in device manager, not even as hidden hardware.

When i boot into bios and go to Advanced/Graphic Configuration i only get "DVMT Pre-Allocated and a 64M option". PS: bios seems to be updated to last versio avilable. Can't find any nvidia GPU information there.

Disabled Intel graphics and now it seems im running on onboard lowres vga. I can enable Intel graphics again, but theres no way to find nvidia adapter.

There's no way to install drivers as the GPU seems absolutely missing, not sure if vga was ever detected by the computer.

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Recently i had just moved my computer from a desk to a new one, and I unhooked all the connections and all that. Before the move, i had the monitor plugged into my graphics card, Nvidia 9800Gt. I hooked everything up the same, but I turn the computer on, and nothing shows up on my monitor. I'm using a DVI into the card. However when I plug a VGA into the computer directly, it works fine. I would like to know what happened, and if there is anything i can do? Anyone had this problem before?

A:Nvidia 9800gt not detected?

remove and reseat te graphics card and then turn it on, if that does not work, there might have been a static build up, so when you unplugged the cable you may have set that of, and blown the gpu. and also, if you can, borrow a friends GPU and plug it in and see if that works.

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I have an Asus n56vz with an Nvidia Optimus card.
I set the 650m to be the default on the Nvidia control panel, as well as set it to be used when I play all my games in "Mangage 3D Settings." Ever since I tried playing Sonic Generations a while back all the processes that should be done with a graphics card seem slower and/or worse. When I right click the desktop and click "Screen Resolution" then detect displays, it only brings up the Intel 4000 integrated graphics card. Same thing when I open Sonic Generations, that's the only card it shows in config.
The Nvidia card does show up on the Device Manager. But in the DxDiag it shows Intel as the graphics card.

A:Nvidia card not being utilized by Asus Laptop

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So I was thinking about getting a new graphic-card and wished for one for Christmas. Naturally I assumed that the "9400 GT" would pwn "7900 GS" but doing some research seems to imply that that isn't as obvoius as I thought it was. When I got the 7900 GS like 3 and a helf years ago that was top-stuff, very expensive card, but I figured a relatively cheap one, like 9400 GT would still out-perform it hands down. Im just wondering if thats the case, or have I made a bad wish xD

A:Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS vs Asus 9400 GT 512 MB

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Hi all as above. I have read that my board does not support quad sli unless I buy some daughter board ?
I have 2 Nvidia 295 GTX graphics cards that have 2 pcb's per card. I will be using PCI-E slots 1 and 3.

Will this rig work please, or should I sell and go for another card ?

Thanks in advance

A:Asus Rampage Extreme III and 2 Nvidia 295 GTX will they work ?


Looking at the link below . It does say you could use either SLI or Crossfire


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Should there be any problem using nVIDIA nforce4 drivers from their website on an ASUS A8N-E board with the nvidia nforce4 ultra chipset? Is there any advantage to using the nvidia drivers, if possible? Or are the ASUS ones good enough? Installing from ASUS drivers seems to be just running nVIDIA install files but the version numbering appears to be different... what the deal?

A:Using nVIDIA chipset drivers on ASUS board

Yes you can use the NForce4 drivers from the Nvidia website instead of the ASUS provided ones. One possible advantage is that the Nvidia provided drivers are the latest and may include new performance tweaks and compatibility fixes.

Asus in many cases uses their own numbering scheme. Its best to go by date. Sometimes ASUS makes small tweaks of their own to the drivers, like putting in their own logo, but the driver is basically the same one that NVidia released, although like I said before it might be an older version of the driver.

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Hey !

I got this nice little head scratcher, I bought an Asus P5Q-EM DO motherboard and I`m having problems when I try to install my Nvidia 9800 GT card drivers.

After switching my boards, I did a fresh windows Media Center Ed. 2005 SP2 install, did all the updates for it, now when I went to install my Nvidia drivers things didn`t go too well.

The install programs runs fine, until the installation status bars nears 100%. That`s when I get a black screen with only a flashing ''_'' in the upper left corner and there`s almost no apparent PC activity. If I reboot, my pc freezes on the XP loading screen. I have to remove the device in safe mode and use the generic VGA drivers.

There are a few options in the bios to decide which graphics controller to use as the primary boot device. Configuration options: [IGD] [PCI/IGD] [PCI/PEG] [PEG/IGD] [PEG/PCI]. But Asus doesn`t give any clear indications as to what is what in these options.
Any Ideas ? Is this bios related at all ?

A:Asus Board & Nvidia card not in Love

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Hi !
Now I've tried mostly everything within reason, trouble and knowledge, so I need some advice here.

First for the goods:
I've got a brand new ASUS motherboard, P5Q-EM, with a Intel dual-core E8400 3GHz processor, a 500W MIST powersupply with 20A on 12V, and then the troublesome Gainwards NVidia 8800GT card.

The software:
Vista 32bii Ultimate SP1. All drivers up to date afaik.

The symptom:
Whenever I try to access the video card above anything basic, like f.e. just starting the PC Wizard 2008, the system freezes completely up. PC Wizard writes out what it does on its status line, and it stops when it says its reading the video card.
It also happens whenever I seem to trigger anything with a little bit more than basic graphic, may be 3D or something.
It freezes, and requires a cold boot to recover. And no trace of whatever happended in any logfiles I've found.

Further, if I just start up the NVidia Control (form Control panel f.e.) it freezes on the first pane, where it's supposed to show some 3D.

I've been through countless similar, but not identical threads all over the net, but haven't found anything that seems to help.
So has anyone out there experienced something similar, or have the expertise to give some solid advice ?

best regards
Terje - A "depressed" software guy

A:Problem with Vista/Asus/Nvidia freeze-up

What is "the PC Wizard 2008"?...

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hi guys i have a gaming tower with the following spec: Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) 3.20 gigahertz Intel Core2 Extreme motherboard ASUS P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 6144 kilobyte secondary memory cache 64-bit ready Multi-core (4 total) Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5E3 Deluxe Rev 1.xx Bus Clock: 400 megahertz BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 750W thermaltake pcu Thermaltake case V3 with side window, 2x120mm blue LED fans+ 2x120mm fans CPU Cooler Thermalright 120 Ultra+120mm fan RAM Patriot 2x2GB 1333MHz 1500.06 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio two Nvidia graphic cards GTX 295 Dual GPU card microsoft office Multi memory card reader there was only one gtx 295 graphics card in the tower when i bought it but i bought another and sli them together. but its not happening when in opertion. can my mother board sli them and if not, is there anything i can do to get them to work together???? thanks tom

A:can i sli two nvidia gtx 295 on a ASUS P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi motherboard.

Your motherboard would work fine for sli, I think your motherboard is chip X38 so it is SLI PCI-E 2.0 x16 x2, So i don't think thats the problem, i do believe your psu is not powerful enough for two gtx295's. I would suggest a 800-1000 watt psu, but you will easilly get away with a 800watt psu.

Hope I helped in some small way

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I own a asus k55vm laptop with nvidia 630 gtm graphics card which 3d supported but I am not able to enable the 3d vision. Is is the problem with my display? I have already updated my display driver...

A:Is asus k55vm nvidia 3d vision ready?

According to the Nvidia link for GT 630M , the Asus K55vm is not supported or 3D vision ready.

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Cannot install the drivers for this card on my XPS 8300 = oem card failed and I have to replace, but, no luck with the drivers on the N GRX 750 Ti ....

Anyone have any suggestions except the usual -
I installed from Nvidia = I installed from Device manager - Tried the disc that came with - uninstalled old drivers first in SM, etc.

I am lost with what to do next or why this card cannot be installed....

A:Asus Nvidia GTX 750 Ti - install problems on XPS 8300

I'm pretty upset taht you don't have an answer ... nobody does?
i too have my old xps8300 with pretty much everything the way it was apart from a new hard disk.
I have tried several times , to install the same card as above Nvidia GTX 750ti and everytime the driver gets installed the system goes into a black screen and then restarts, then it will keep doing that. help?

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Note: Please pretend im a 5 years old kid when explaining your responses to me. I am not that good with computers and I may call some computer parts the wrong name. I R nub!

I am currently building my first custom computer. I've gotten everything that I needed for my tower but I wouldn't be wasting my time just to tell you that. Sooooo Heres whats up. -_-

My motherboard for my PC is the ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard. Now according to Newegg and my googling a computer case for this Motherboard would have to be an ATX case. My problem is if you view the pics on that Motherboard and look at the l/O panel and compare it to a ATX computer case. It does not look like it will fit. (Example) I have look at many other ATX cases and I get the same thing. It only seems like it will fit in a MicroATX. Only because l/O panel on the case is just a big rectangle whole. But like I stated above, I R Nub! So I am not sure. I was wondering if anyone know what brand name case thats on www.newegg.com will be proper for this Motherboard or what type of case. ATX doesn't seem like a match.

thnx in adv.


P.S My soon to be pc:





http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?ite... Read more

A:ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570

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Hi all,
I've just brought an Nvidia Asus N7600GS AGP 256Mb card for my machine.

The Nvidia sentinel pops up periodicly and tells me that I need to attach a supplemental power supply to the card in order for the system not to be damaged and for it to work properly.
Can anybody give me an idea where to start, as this is my first major Graphics upgrade in 2 years, and one which it seems requires a little electrical knowhow.

Machine specs

E-machines 590/790
P4 2.66Ghz Cpu
1 GB Ram
Nvidia Asus N7600GS AGP 256Mb graphics card.
Power supply?

Thanks much

A:Nvidia Asus N7600GS power issue

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Cyberlink Power DVD

Cyberlink Power Director 10

MAYA 3D Software

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe After Effect

Please tell me how to connect these Program with graphic card with full GPU

A:how to connect any Programe with ASUS N-Nvidia 550tigpu


the programs will use the GPU normally. If you correctly installed the drivers of the GTX 550 Ti, it is actually working with them.

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As the title above, my gpu is not detected in device manager, and i can't found it in bios either.
Laptop spec : Asus A55V, nVidia geforce 610m, i3 2.40Ghz

-uninstalling & installing the driver
-uninstalling & installing in safe mode
-clean install windows

Screenshot is included, any help from expert would be appreciated.

A:My Nvidia graphic card is not detected

Check if your power plan is on Power Saver by going to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Then click on the arrow on the right side of the ''Show Additional Plans''. When it is enabled, choose either Balanced or High Performance Mode(Warning: Battery Life may become shorter on this plan.).

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I have a Lenovo z500 ideapad laptop which has a Nivdia GT 635M graphics card and an Intel (R) HD graphics 4000. Currently running Windows 10   It had recently come to my attentoin that i was getting a significantly lower FPS when gaming. upon further investigation, i realised that the games were all running using the Intel graphics and not the Nvidia. I then realised that i was unable to open the Nvidia control panel.I immediatley tried to find some solutions and as i had not updated the drivers in some time, i went to the Nvidia website to try and download the latest driver for my graphics card after i uninstalled the previous versions using DDU. and of course, the installation failed in the first step, displaying an error message saying ''The graphics driver could not find compatible hadware''. I also tried to install older versions of the driver (compatible with windows 10) but it still displays the same error message. Geforce Experience did not work and reinstallation of it failed.    'Display adapters' in device manager only shows the Intel (R) HD graphics 4000 and does not show any signs of the nvidia graphics card. i have also read in other forums that people have found their drivers under 'other devices' but this does not appear for me in device manager. It's almost as if the Nvidia graphics card never existed!!!   I finally visited the lenovo website to try and find the drivers here as i thought they may have been modified slightly for i... Read more

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Hey guys , whats sup ?
ok i dont really understand on computers , at all
i have 2 graphic cards , one who came with my computer
and my Nvidia graphic card ( 9500GT i think )
sometimes my computer detect it , but sometimes dosent
what can i do about it ?

A:Nvidia graphic card not detected

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Please fill in your System Specs .. The Link below will help you achieve this ...

System Info - See Your System Specs

Do you have any errors in the Device Manager ? ....

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Hello, I just bought a new thinkpad T540p (In tunisia new T540p are still available).The Machine Type Model is: 20BFS54L00 Bios Version is :GMET72WW (2.20)the Seller is indicating that a Nvidia Grapic Card GT 730M (1GB) is available , but It is impossible to detect the card (neither at the bios level nor in Device Manager). I have all mentionned solutions tried (but not Bios update), but without success. I would like to know if the machine model contains a gt730 m graphic card. if yes, could a Bios update correct the problem Thanks.     

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Everything was working fine and dandy until one day I turned off my computer. I have a dual monitor setup. One monitor was connected to the integrated graphics card on the motherboard, while the other monitor was connected to the Nvidia Geforce 8600GT.

When I turned the computer on the next day the monitor connected to the 8600GT stayed in a black screen. I discovered the Device Manager stopped detecting the graphics card altogether as well. However, when I hit the windows+ P button to extend and go into screen resolution it shows 2 monitors. However, the one connected to the 8600GT says "Another Display Not Detected" and the resolution is grayed out. When I move my mouse over, the mouse goes onto the other screen, even though it does not detect the graphics card and the monitor is black!

I have tried and searched EVERYTHING. I have found MANY other people with the same problem and no solution. I switched monitors to make sure they both worked. I have gone into the BIOS and switched it to load the PCI Express graphics card instead of the onboard g-card (there is no option to disable the onboard g-card in BIOS). I went into the Nvidia Management options to make sure it was set to allow dual displays. I have installed older drivers, tried compatibility with Vista, unplugged and replugged the graphics card.

Is there anyone out there who has actually solved this problem? Does anyone have ... Read more

A:Nvidia Graphics Card Not Being Detected

By any chance did you install the NVIDIA beta drivers? If so they are broken for the 8600GT right now (been documented EVERYWHERE)

The only way to fix it is to system restore back before the driver was installed OR a reinstall of Windows

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I quited my XP 64 bit, after long fights with errors and programs what did not supported 64 bit versions. I installed 32 bit version of Vista.
After installion i tried to put on my graphic card drivers from the disc. When disc started there was below of nvidia menu text: Graphic card not detected. When i tried to install drivers from disk, it sayd that drivers don't match for my current hardware.
I downloaded the new drivers from nvidia page, started installation, and after it finished it sayd "Sytem has not been modificated".
Okey, it shows on device manager that new drivers has installed (there was standart VGA, but now there is Nvidia 9800GTX+ drivers).
But the problem is i want to get VSYNC off and i don't have nvidia control panel.

Ive tried using drivercleaner, nothing works.
My friend told me, that aTuner is a great program to use to get off vertical sync. So i downloaded it, but when i try to change it from "default off" to "vsync off" it is about 2 seconds on "vsync off" and then switchback to "default off".

Maybe someone could give me some advice about atuner or my windows prob?
Ooh, and by the way: everything worked in XP.

Graphic card: Nvidia 9800GTX+
Proccessor: intel e8400

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I had to reinstall 7100 - don't ask! - and I had to force the system to think it was a 8400M as it got installed as Standard VGA card.
The problem is that running nVidia new driver just gives 'compatible device not detected' type error.
What is going on? Everything was fine before.
Any ideas?

A:nVidia card not detected on re-install!

Problem solved by installing original Vista drivers.

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Hello, I have an Asus x202e with I3, Win8 64 Bits. The defect is that the battery does not detect. Here's what I did: I disconnected the battery, I pressed the power button 30 seconds and not fixed. I reset BIOS F2, F9 and F10 and again not repaired. I uninstalled the Microsoft ACPI method battery and nothing. Do you think that a BIOS update will fix the fault? Mention that no longer turn on the battery. Thank you.

A:Asus x202e battery not detected

I doubt that any BIOS update will fix your issue. It just sounds like you have a bad battery but hang in there for more suggestions.

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I've been working on this webcam issue of mine for about the past five hours now. I've literally gone through, deleted off Lifeframe, Virtual Camera, Smart Logon, downloaded the drivers and keep getting an error "USB2.0 UVC VGA/1.3m/2.0M WebCam" every time I try running any of the drivers for it. I'm frustrated because I just installed a new one thinking my old one was perhaps defective. I've checked BIOS and haven't seen anything in reference to webcam, there's no imaging devices section in my Device Manager and I'm just completely confused as to what the heck is wrong.

If I can put any more information to be more assisting in my issue I will but for now this is all I've got.

A:Asus G73jh Webcam Not Detected

You could invest in one of these:

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I purchased a GF4 TI4600 video card to replace my GF2 Ultra but my MB won't detect the new card. I get the long beep...three beep sequence. Im absolutely sure that the card is seated correctly in the AGP slot (Ive re-installing it at least 10 times). My system: AMD Athlon 700, K7V MB bios 1.008d but also tried bios 1.008c and 1.007) and 400watt power supply. Are there any bios settings that would prevent the GF TI4600 from not being detected when my GF2 Ultra can be? I know I currently have my I/O voltage setting (VIO) at 3.4 volts.....would putting it back to the default 3.3 volts help?

I know this card should work with the ASUS K7V as I've read many people are running the GF4's with this MB.

Thanks for any help you give,

A:Geforce 4 TI4600 not detected with Asus K7V MB.

can you try the card in another system, sounds like the card is bad.

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Hi. I did use search function and still have the USB current status over detected and cannot boot properly. Here is a list of everything I did - if anyone has any additional suggestions please let me know.

I did the following:

1) Disconnect front panel USB
2) Check all USB slots for damage, there was no damage
3) Reset the BIOS by removing battery
4) Change the memory
5) Change the motherboard battery
6) Flash BIOS to newest version

I still get this USB error. I shined a flashlight at all the USB slots at the back and they look pretty fine to me. Note that previously, the computer could not boot into Windows properly because of a damaged SATA cable and I have changed it. It boot fine for 1 day and on the 2nd day, I received this error.

Thanks in advance to everyone who can help.

A:Asus P5k-VM USB current status over detected, tried almost everything

So you have all USB devices disconnected?

On the motherboard I believe there are jumpers for USB standby, possibly just one but could be a few, check the motherboard to verify. If it does indeed have them, try changing the jumper positions from enabled to disabled or vice versa.

Otherwise you may have faulty motherboard.

EDIT: you may want to see if removing the motherboard from the case clears the error, just set it up on card board and try booting it up.

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I have a recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title, and there seems to be issue after issue.

As mentioned in a previous thread, I had problems with my sound card popping a crackling. After updating my BIOS drivers, this fixed the problem.
Now I have a new problem.

Since updating the BIOS drivers, I've noticed that my battery icon shows an 'x' on the battery and says 'no Battery Is Detected' on mouseover. If I turn the computer off, disconnect the AC and try and turn it on again, it wont turn on at all.

I have tried going into Device Manager and uninstalling the two drivers under Battery and then reinstalling them, but this hasn't worked. I have seen solutions online that involve removing the battery and then adding it back, but the laptop I have has a non removable, built in battery.

What other options are available to me?

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i just performed a fresh install of windows xp on an asus a6r and everything works fine except for the fact that the cd drive is not detected by windows. i've tried the regedit fix which involves deleting the upper and lower filters in the registry key but those keys do not exist. the cd drive does not show up in device manager, however, the driver for sm bus controller is not installed.
is this due to a chipset driver problem or what? any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Asus A6R cd drive not detected by windows

How old is the Asus A6R?
Optical drives burn out, or become out of alignment, rather quickly... It your drive is over a year old, or if you have used it to burn a lot of data or music, it is time to replace it... About $22 online.

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Hello, My name is Jacob, and i was wondering if my Nvidia Geforce 760 GTX was compatable with my
M4A88T-M Motherboard. I tried plugging it in with all neccessary plug ins, and i dont know wether or not to replace my motherboard with a better one or psu, or anything. Heres my current specs:
Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
AMD Athlon II X2 255 67 F
Regor 45nm Technology
14.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 (7-7-7-20)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A88T-M (AM3) 74 F
NV Surround ([email protected])
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (EVGA) 78 F
698GB Western Digital WDC WD7501AALS-75J7B0 ATA Device (SATA) 81 F
Optical Drives
ASUS DRW-24B1ST i ATA Device
ATAPI iHAS324 A ATA Device
High Definition Audio Device
And i want to replace my nvidia geforce 640 gt with the nvidia 760 GTX. What would i need to do to do that? Please help soon :3 -Jacob

A:Nvidia GTX 760 EVGA Compatibility For M4A88T-M ASUS Mobo

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I just removed my ATI Radeon 6800SE 256mb to install a ASUS v9570 Nvidia GeForce FX5700 256MB.

All my games such as Supreme Commander ran fine on the slower, lower end 6800SE but even though the installation of the drivers and visible function of the new card went fine games now tell me to check my system meets the requirements.

I have run online tests which say i have failed the ability to run Supreme Commander, however i have passed all the individual tests. I have also tested everything using DxDiag and all test run perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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what possible graphics cards could you use with this pc? because i am looking for an upgrade that willl work with the 300 watt power supply

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My display goes black Frequently for about 10 seconds, then get an error that my "Display stopped responding but has recovered." is there something wrong with my video card or is it my notebook? I thought my notebook may be overheating for the exhaust was hot so I bought a chilling mat with 2 fans but getting the same problem?
I did blow it out with canned air & Of Course I'm 3 mos. over the warranty & stupidly, didn't get the extended warranty...

A:Nvidia GeForce 360M in my Asus G60JX Errors

Have you tried blowing the unit out? Also does the unit have any warranty left?

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Video Lock-ups / CD-ROM Locking problem

CPU Information

Asus A7A266Mother board with audio & AMD 1.2 GHz Processor combo,
256MB/133 Ram chip,
NVIDIA Riva TNT 2 32MB M64 APG video card.
Fujitsu 30 gig HD Re-formatted with a clean copy of Win 98se installed
50X speed CD-ROM
HP 9100i CDR
Two Kingston NICs
Modem supplied with Mother board
Windows 98se.

I have experienced the following problems:

1. During boot-up, the windows logo flickers one time every time its booting.
2. The CD-ROM will some times hang and lock the computer.
3. While running NASCAR 4, & Need For Speed. The video blinks out. Its like the screen freezes and then runs ok. This happens every 3 to 4 seconds. This makes the game unplayable.
4. I have seen when I was using the CD-ROM the CPU locks up and if I open the CD-ROM door the CPU will run again. Close the door and the CPU lock up again.
5. Every time the CPU lock up due to the CD-ROM (Ctrl/Alt/Delete) takes forever and it seems to crash the system so bad I have to hit the reset.
6. I have seen Windows Explorer screen flicker every once and a while.

Trouble shooting steps taken:

1. Installed latest driver for the TNTm64 video card ( Still having the same problem)
2. Installed a Voodoo 3-3000 video card and drivers. ( Still having the same problem)
3. Minimized all the graphic settings in NSACAR 4. Un-checked all items possible to achieve smooth video. ( Still having the same problem)
4. Removed both network cards and modem. ( Still havi... Read more

A:NVIDIA TNT2 M64 lock up problem on ASUS A7A266 MB

What are your irq assignments, any conflicts, what's sharing with what.

Device manager, any conflicts, ms-dos compatabilty mode drivers note, etc.

Anything running in the background to cause a conflict.

Directx diagnostic, any problems reported.

Is your cdrom on the same ide channel as the hard drive, if so change it.

One thing you might try but it's a strech, download sisoft sandra and run the benchmark program, once in awhile it will show a problem and how to fix it. I haven't used it for a long time but it use to have a diagnostic that would check the systme bus, agp bus, etc.

you should be able to get it at http://www.tweakfiles.com

Will keep my eyes open if I run across anything on some of the gaming sites.

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