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Compaq PSU 6-pin connector plugs onto Mobo near IDE

Q: Compaq PSU 6-pin connector plugs onto Mobo near IDE

Okay I've searched up and down the web and can't find anything about this connector.

First off this is a 300-watt Compaq PSU from a Presario 7000 Desktop.

This Compaq computer won't power up. When I installed a standard ATX-12 PSU, the green light on the mobo came on but because most ATX-12 PSU's don't come with this very proprietary connector the computer failed to boot up. The CPU fan didn't even twitch. But the mobo green light AND the PWR LED on the front of the case lit up. Neither lights came on with the original Compaq PSU.

This connector is white and labeled "P8" and is a 6-conductor white plug. The overall size is similar to the power connectors you plug into your hard drive and other IDE devices. It looks like an oversized floppy drive connector. The wiring colors are: Red, Orange, Orange, Black, Black, Black.

I've traced the wires and here's where they go to the PSU's circuit board:

Red - connects to the same red lead on the IDE power connectors
Orange - connects to the same orange leads on the main power (mobo) connector
Black - connects to what looks like the PSU's chassis ground.

It looks pretty straight forward and I could probably modify a standard ATX-12 PSU to a Compaq PSU by snipping off this 6-conductor plug and splicing into a generic PSU's standard wiring.

But before I attempt this, is there anyone out there that knows the pin configuration on a standard/generic ATX-12 PSU and a Compaq PSU?



Preferred Solution: Compaq PSU 6-pin connector plugs onto Mobo near IDE

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compaq PSU 6-pin connector plugs onto Mobo near IDE

This link may be of some use to you possibly.

If not, i have opened up and rewired many psu's.


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Hi, i have a http://www.fic.com.tw/product/motherboard/INTEL/VG33.aspx and i dont know where the case connector plugs go (power on, h.d.d led, speakers) I dont have any manuals or cd's, just the mobo.

A:Need to know where case connector plugs go on new mobo.

Go HERE and download the manual.

Regards Howard

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My motherboard USB connector is not compatible with my case front panel USB plugs. The USB connector on my motherboard (NetVista A22p 2292) is for one 10 (two rows) pin connector. The plugs on the tower (A-Top XBlade Black/Silver Ultimate Gaming Machine With 450W PSU & Side window, Model "AT859A-BK") front USB are two separate 4 pin USB plugs (They are VCC, USB1-, USB2+, GND pins w/GRN wire). What can I get or do to make them compatible? Thanks.

A:USB connector not compatible with case front panel USB plugs

See if this helps..not exactly sure if it will:http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/usb_adapter.html

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My wife's computer - spec build: MoBo MSI A55M-P33 /N1996 / MS 7786 v.1.0. I found a MoBo description (on internet) which says it has a FDD connection. I think I've looked everywhere but haven't found it. Is it there or not?

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How does one tell if their mobo has a 20 or 24 pin power connector (short of opening up the case and looking)?

EMachines T3508 Desktop

Intel Celeron D Processor 356 3.33GHz
533 MHz FSB | 512 KB L2 Cache
300 watt PSU

A:Mobo And PSU: Connector

You really just need to pop the side of the case off and look, unless you know the brand name and model number of your motherboard and can look it up on the manufacturer's website.

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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!

I am trying to replace the standard 300 watt power supply in my HP m7350n computer. It looks like I can handle it, except I am worried about the 24 pin connector that attaches to the motherboard (P5LP-LE). I don't want to break anything, and it doesn't want to release when I press on it and try pulling. I am tempted to use a tiny screwdriver, but that feels like a bad move.

Any hints?

The new 430 watt supply has a 20 plus 4 connector. This just attaches like the 24 pin connector but in two parts (right?)

Thanks, Gordon

A:Release 24 pin ATX connector from mobo

Yes just break away the 4 extra pins, using anything you have

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Hi guys. I just received a PC a bought online. The motherboard is a "ASUS 1155 P8H61-M". The thing is that I ordered an extra fan apart with the one that comes with the case, and the thing is that this extra fan they gave me has a 3-pin female connector (see first image).
My motherboard only has 1 male 3-pin connector, and its reserved for the cpu fan. It also
has 1 male 4-pin connector but its occupied but the fan that comes with the case...
There is a weird series of 7 pin connectors in which my fan connector would fit, but I'm not sure if those are meant for fans 'cause to those 7-pin connectors my HDMI audio and USB connectors are connected....

My psu has no 3-pin male connectors, just more female 3-pin ones or some weird 4-big pin ones (see second pic).... what should I do?? Is there some kind of attachment I need to buy?

A:can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo

sorry not 7-pin connectors.. they have 9 pins

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Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.

A:Mobo power connector

partofthechaos said:

Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.Click to expand...

what mobo is it? does it have an additional 4 pin power connector? or an additional 8 pin power connector?

The more specs you can provide the better.

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I've got a Premio mobo. a 212J, that has an unusual board socket for the power supply.
It's a white plastic socket with the internal pins.(2 banks)
A scan of this board can be seen at:

This is probably a real newbie question but I've never seen a power socket like it.
Thanx in advance.

A:mobo power connector???

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I have a MSI Z170A Mobo. It comes with an on board RGB connector. I currently have two RGB Fans connected and working properly.

My question is how many more can it handle. I want to expand to 6 fans all RGB connected in series

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Im working wth a computer that lost its power supply. Specs are not needed, my question is very general. Helping troubleshoot via telephone.

Bestbuy brand power supply died. Owner replaced it with a Thermaltake PSU. The system shuts off after heavy usage like gaming and stuff.
Visual inspection shows that the 4 pin ATX connector socket on the mobo next to the CPU has some melted plastic inside it, so the new PSU connector doesnt fit snug.
If the connector is held down with tape, it will stay on longer, but eventually shuts off again.

I was wondering if I could clean the plastic off, or just get a 8" 4 pin extension cable, plug the female end into the new PSU, cut off the male end and solder it to the mobo.
I know that I will have to be careful and make sure nothing will short out. Just wondering if that would be a solid fix or not? Thats the only visible damage. Thanks in advance!

A:Burnt 4 pin 12v ATX connector on mobo

Only if you are experienced, and very good at soldering.
There should be a way of using that extension cable by slightly compressing the socket... and I do mean slightly, just to make the fit more firm.
If you have access to a womans power sander or file that many women use to repair and polish their nails, you might be able to clean up the posts in a way that would be helpful.
As you are aware, be very careful to avoid putting pressure on those posts because the motherboard is very fragile and any pressure offers the risk of damaging the contact between those posts and the board, and that will be extremely difficult to fix...

Be sure to use very good lighting and perhaps a magnifying glass to be sure it is not already damaged.

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System Specs:
p4 3.0 prescott core
gigabyte socket 478 mobo
radeon 9800 pro (Sapphire)
dual 1gb rosewill mem. (2x512)
Compusa 500 watt power supply

Well let me start from the beginning. A few weeks ago my computer started to shut off while I was playing counterstrike 1.6. I checked my temps and they were well below the threshhold. Maybe about 65 C. So I figured it might have something to do with the graphics card being that i wasnt getting any problems outside of the game. I uninstalled the driver software and it gave me a couple errors. "Zero Display Service" error. I spoke with a friend and they told me to use nasty file remover, while booted in safe mode, to remove all the files. By this time I had cancelled windows "adding new hardware" thing, and clicked on the updated drivers I had downloaded from ATI. During setup i recieved two errors. One was an "INF Error : display driver not found" then "Setup could not complete, try installing thye standard VGA driver before beginning setup." Well the only other thing I could do was install using the disc that came with my card. This too gave me an the "Zero display Error" but it still completed the installation. This did not fix my computer shutting off problem. After cleaning out my computer and checking all the connections, and disconnecting and reconnecting I finally got the driver installation to not give me an error. I'm not sure how I did it, I used the cd, but for so... Read more

A:Melted 4 pin connector (mobo-ps)

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hey all im really desperate with this. so i hope this doesnt be in wrong subforum.

well i recently cant get my computer booting. apparently because of the 4-pin mobo connector. im not sure whether its the mobo part loosen, or the power supply itself.

so after playing with the cables and such, my computer working. but its been twice from just now it freezes, (because of loosen 4-pin mobo).

so im confused, and worried, what to do in order to make the computer stable again? must i check the cable jack or....


A:Mobo 4-pin connector going nuts

The 4-pin CPU power connector is supposed to snap in and lock... Did the locking lever break off, or is the whole connector loose?

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Title says it all pretty much, I'm getting my computer in about 30 or so days and my case has 3 fans on it and my motherboard only has one case fan connector, what can I do besides buying a more expensive motherboard?

Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119197

Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131647

Any help or advice is appreciated, this is my first build so I'm just trying to figure these things out lol.

A:3 fans 1 connector on mobo, what do i do?

The fans on that case look to have the 5 pin molex connectors . . you can use them instaead of the 3 pin motherboard connector

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I bought a Startech hot swap tray for my 5.25 bay and it installed with no problem,but I have a 2pin connector for the LED and I do not know where to plug it in at. Also do I need to plug it in? I have a EVGA 680iLT mobo if that helps. I do not see anything in the mannua.l

A:Plug 2 pin connector on MoBo

Can you provide a picture of the 2pin plug. It would help greatly.

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I have a compaq preserio 2105 laptop, I have been having trouble with the ac power connector it has worked loose..it makes contact sometime but most of the time will not power the computer or charge the battery.
Does anyone know where I can find a diagram or manual on this computer so I can take it apart and see if I can fix the connector myself without haveing to send it back to compaq and pay outragous prices to get it fixed. I have no experience working on laptops, have worked on desktops but laptops are outside my scope of experience..
thanks for any and all help ahead of time.
yes cct, the cord seems to be ok, but the connector on the back of the computer that it plugs into moves around and that does not seem right. intermitant power when wiggled and held just right will supply power, but not all the time
thanks for the reply

Thanks to all who responded and helped me with this problem, I am in the process of getting it taken care of... darrell

A:compaq 2105 power connector has come loose

Are you talking about a detachable ac cord from the wall plug to your ac/dc coverter?

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I've wanted to know the difference in useing ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector. my mobo and psu both support ATX and ATX 12V. standard atx i kow has been around for awhile. so what the difference?

A:Solved: Mobo Power connector

1.2. Key Changes for ATX12V Version 2.0 and later as Compared with ATX and Pervious Versions of ATX12V Power Supply

This section briefly summarizes the major changes made to this document that now defines ATX12V power supply. With the move to 12V voltage regulators for the processor, ATX guidelines for 5V as main power are no longer provided.

1.2.1. Increased +12 VDC output capability
System components that use 12V are continuing to increase in power. In cases where expected current requirements is greater than 18A a second 12 V rail should be made available. ATX12V power supplies should be designed to accommodate these increased +12 VDC currents.

1.2.2. Minimum Efficiency
Minimum measured efficiency is required to be 70% at full and typical (~50%) load and 60% at light (~20%) load. New recommended guidance has been added to provide direction for future requirements.

2.03 is the current version of the ATX Specification as of this writing. Future references to the ATX Specification in this document imply version 2.03 or later, as applicable. ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide 8

1.2.3. Main Power Connector:
The 2 x 10 main power connector has been replaced by a 2 x 12 connector. This was made to support 75 watt PCI Express*requirements. Pinout assignments are based on the SSI recommendation.

With the added 12V, 5V, and 3.3V pins the need for an Aux Power connector is no longer needed and the guidance for this connector has been removed.

1.2.4. Separate current limit for... Read more

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My motherboard is a model Ms-6330 Ver: 2.1 (Microstar) but it also has the gateway part number 2512595. I am currently relocating this motherboard to a brand new case that I just bought and I ran into a problem. The front panel connectors (power switch, led, hdd led, etc) go onto the motherboard in a certain area where there are 15 pins. Unfortunately I have no idea which connectors connect to which pins. Can someone help me? (Maybe someone with the same motherboard/problem). All I need is a way to identify the pins and make sure I don't like accidently fry my motherboard. Thanks a lot! -Andrew C.

A:Front Panel Connector on Mobo

For starters, have you checked your manual? Also, look on the m/b...in really tiny abbreviated letters you should be able to see where these go (you may see "pw switch"...."HDD ACT"........i know when i was installing my connectors, i got most of them wrong..but dont worry..no frying of the motherboard.....if the connector is in the right place but no light from the LED..try reversing the cable........the easiest cables to place are the pw switch and the reset..as you can test these easily....good luck

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I have a hiper modular psu, and the asus A8N-Sli premium mobo, in the antec p180 case, for anyone who has a similar set up (or has just used that case in fact) has probably noticed getting the 12v 4 pin atx connector from the psu (in bottom left hand corner) to the ATX slot (in my case the top left hand corner), is kindof hard unless you have a rather long cable (espesically as with the case layout you have to slide it through pretty much the middle of the case). Anyway this wasnt really a problem for me until I bought a new sound card and the fact that the cable is tought across all my spare pci slots is suddenly rather annoying, basically I either need to extend the original cable, convert a molex into the 4pin 12v ATx cable, or buy a whole new cable thats a bit longer (as the PSU's modular). Feedback on how to do either of these (or which is best) would be greatly appreciated (even just a website to buy the parts from would be great as I can't find one anywere) as having a soundcard sitting on my desk is rather annoying, to think i could be fragging in surround sound

A:4 Pin 12V atx connector to mobo isnt long enough

I'd go with an extenstion since all you need is a little more slack.

Found one at this UK site Maplin.co.uk
I don't know where you're posting from, but there's likely to be a retailer that has a similar item near you.

EDIT: Doh, just noticed they're out of stock.
Lots of extentions here: performance-pcs.com

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I have a connector on my mobo for USB 2.0, It lists 2 pairs of pins like
5V, 7-, 7+, GND and 5V, 8-, 8+, GND

Then it shows a single pin at the end of the connector labeled NC.

One my USB from panel connector I have 2 sockets matching the 2 pair of pins on the mobo USB connector. Then there is a single wire in the same bundle from the fron panel USB socket with the 2 connectors that is labeled GND. Does the single wire from teh front panel socket that is labeled GNDgo on the mobo pin labled NC?


A:Pinout label on USB mobo connector

I believe that the label NC stands for No Connection.

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Hi, I researched this board and found two other posts documenting this issue:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P51s-sata-ribbon-attachment-FAIL-NO-FIX/...https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P51s-sata-HDD-cable-FRU-dislodged/m-p/40... Interestingly enough, this seems to be a problem to at least two other people during the month of March 2018. I have this same problem. My p51s just all of a sudden stopped detecting the storage drive. I opened the case to find that the SATA connector wasn't even connected to the motherboard. The connector that should hold the sata cable is just completely detached. And the piece that was within that connector is out of place as well. Please reference this photo (NOT MY PHOTO -- not taken by me, credit:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Upgrade-ThinkPad-T570-from-SATA-HDD-to-M...):  This person's laptop seems to have a strong solder, which I don't believe mine did. Please advise how I can get this repaired, get a new computer, or just give me my money back. I've used Lenovo for ~10 years and have never had problems like this. I need this computer to work.

A:p51s sata mobo connector is broken

+ picture of connector parts, detached

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does anyone know or have a good reliable psu (550w or so) with a native 24pin mobo connector. im gonna get this dfi lan party mobo and its highly recommended to have a 24pin and not a 20 with an adapter so ive been looking around but all i can find are the adapter ones and really expensive ones. im looking to drop at most $150. much thanks as always.

also needs to be pcie compatible and sli and sata and other goodies

planning on putting in a evga 7800gtx KO if newegg ever gets it back in stock.

A:good psu with a native 24pin mobo connector

Newegg list of SLI PSU's

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Hi everyone. Ive just finished plugging my power led, hdd led and pc speaker into my motherboard. The only thing i have to plug in now is the reset switch but i dont know where it goes. Does anyone know where it plugs into? My motherboard is a DCS 370VB.

A:Cant find reset switch connector on mobo.

It shows up nowhere in the manual ? Generally it is quite close to the set of pins to which you plug the HDD led, speaker, etc.

ps. searching for your motherboard on Google doesn't yield much results so I can't seem to find a digital manual for it.

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I'm having a problem with the Karajan audio connector on my new DFI NF4 Ultra D mobo.

I just finished putting together my new PC last night, and I've got Windows loaded and all of that good stuff.

But I'm having some audio problems.

My computer is not even recognizing any sort of audio output device.

The motherboard on-board sound piece is actually a separate piece that you connect to the board.

I have it connected well. I went back and made sure it was on good, and I installed the drivers and such, but I still can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

Karajan makes the audio piece, and I did a bit of Googling and I came across a guy on some other forum who was having the same problem, but he never mentioned how or even if he got it working.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

A:I'm having a problem with the Karajan audio connector on my new DFI NF4 Ulta D mobo.

From here - http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=67098

"I had a similar problem (no sound output) and the way I fixed it was that I had the front case jumpers connected incorrectly and when I connected them correctly, it fixed the problem."

"I pulled them all off and swapped the front output from Line_Output_Front on the Karajan module to Line_Output and now everything works"

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SYSTEM: HP Compaq 6005 Pro MTProcessor: AMD Phenom II X4 B97 3.2 GHzmainboard: HP 3047h    531966-001    BTXBIOS: 786G6 v01.15Win 7 Pro What is the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) of the motherboard (MOBO)Thank Youfalcon

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I know, compaq....
Right now I have a 2.5 celeron, two 256, pc2700 and one 2100, I know...
I have a ati 9250 pci, and Trigem Imperial-gv socket 478 motherboard.
I know It's the mobo, checked everything, I was thinking about geting the same mobo on ebay Mobo But I was wondering, can I get a cheeper one that is compatble with my system?
I haven't really done work with a mobo before.
Anything would help, thanks.

BTW, the compaq I have is a x5000nx.

A:Dead MoBo, Compaq....

Yes you can get other Mobos that will work with your current setup. (if you would like some recomendations, we can do that)

But the only problem with getting another motherboard is that you are going to most likely going to need to reinstall windows. And as compaq does not give you a full OS disk, your going to have to buy another copy of it.

But if you get the same exact mobo, then that will not be needed.

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Can anyone tell me if I can replace my blown 700mhz mobo with a 1gig board? I have no idea if it will fit and I cant find any info anywhere else on the net.

A:Compaq e500 MoBo replacement

What do you mean "if it will fit"? And chances are if you can't find any info about the board you are going to buy, you shouldn't buy it.

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My friend wants to upgrade his memory on his computer.

I know a lot of things with compaq is proprietary and I was wondering if the mobo would see name brand memory or would I have to go to compaq to upgrade memory?

Thank you for your time.

A:Will Compaq mobo see name brand memory?

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I will attach pictures, kindly check and tell, is all this rams are same like timings etc. The samsung is currently running on my pc. My hp compact 6000pro small form factor .


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I need a bios update for this motherboard, i do not know what model these boards were used in so I cannot locate the correct bios update on the compaq website for it. It is physically identical to the FIC AZ31, but made for compaq and I guess the FIC bios is not compatible with the compaq board. I have two of these boards that I cannot get to work with modems or NIC cards. These would have been Socket A Athlon or duron systems sold in late 2000 or early 2001. If you can tell me about the specific model numbers I would appreciate it. Thanks.

A:FIC AZ31 mobo (Compaq UWAVE)bios update

You would need to contact Compaq, often part of the BIOS is located on the hard drive in their models.

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I have a presario 5000 and had to replace the motherboard. A know it all guy tried to use a different board and tried to rewire the power button connection on the board and messed it up. Does anyone have the proper wiring diagram for the power on button.

A:Compaq Presario 5000 Mobo power connection

What board did you have installed in the case? Is it aftermarket, or identical to the original. If you can find out the board make/model, you can dl the manual from the mfg's site and it should have a front panel wire diagram.

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I bought four Compac Pro EN Series MoBos, All with 500 MHz CPUs.
I hooked one up and installed WIN XP PRO.
Windows rebooted as always and the install was complete. I always run the Tour Windows so I can see how the graphics look and stuff on a new install.
All was fine.
I let Windows shut down the computer.
The computer will not start again.
I have power to the Mobo as I can see the aug LED light on the Mobo.
I used several on off switches and the same thing,nothing!
This has done the same thing to two of the four mobos.
I let the BIOS reset itself to default settings at POST both times.
The only problem I had at POST was two short beeps as the time and date were not set correctly. I set that in the OS after the OS install.
Does anyone have any idea as to what I did wrong?
Did I destroy the Mobos? puke:
I cleared CMOS and reset the jumper, but I probably just erased the time again doing that, but it did no good eather.
I am truely stumped. Tried another power supply and memory to no avail.

A:After first OS install computer will not start. Compaq Pro EN series MOBO

Dead battery comes to mind (the little silver round one).
If the mobos are all the same, set the switches identical to one that works.

You may be able to save the BIOS from a working mobo and flash that onto a non-working board (but save that BIOS first as well, if you can).

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Hi there. Please view this item

I am confused whether or not the antenna or cable will screw onto my wireless adapter card.

My wireless Adapter card has a SMA connector on it with the screw wedges on the outside rather than inside with a pin in the middle.

Heres a photo of a similar SMA connector - http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en-commons/thumb/9/90/200px-Gniazdo_RPSMA.jpg

The brand of the network adapter is the same as the brand of the antenna they are both D Link so youd think they would fit.
will the antenna or cable screw onto that?

thanks, jordan

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Hi. I am new to building computers and have a question on fans. My case has three fans. Two of my fans have both pin connectors and molex connector attached together. How do I power the fans ?- do I need both connections?

A:Fans with molex connector and pin connector

The 3pin connectors are to plug directly in to the motherboard......if your motherboard does not have the 3pin connectors then plug the molex into the power supply

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I have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value, I use a splitter to seperate my ear plugs and speakers. There are around 4 holes I think... can I use any of them for my ear plugs so I need not a splitter?


A:Ear plugs

Blue = Line in jack for external devices.
Red = Microphone in.
Green = Line out powered speakers or amplifier for audio output also headphones.
Black = Rear out jack for rear audio output.

I think if you plug it into the Black. Then click on the sblive icon in your task bar you will see a speaker option open it and you will then click on the guy in the chair. it will give you the option of 2 speakers or 4 or headphones.

This space for rent.

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These are the USB listings on my PC:

Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD
Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4
Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7

Does this mean that I only have 1 USB 2.0 and how do I know which one it is on my machine? I have 2 plugs in the front of my case and 4 in the back.


A:USB plugs

No, all your USB ports should be USB 2.0.

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I am looking at getting a 8600GTS card and the pictures of the cards show a DVI plug that looks different than the one on my monitor. Are there different standards I need to consider when buying a card, are there adapters, are they different on each end and don't worry about it? Am I being over-analytical? My new monitor is a viewsonic Q20wb and the card I'm looking at is the MSI NX8600gts T2D256E OC.


A:What are the different DVI plugs?

Yes, there are five different DVI connector configuration types.

The following web site seems to have a pretty good explanation of the different types of DVi configurations:


You need to determine what analog and/or digital outputs are supported by your video card and by your monitor and then get the cable to match.

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I've got an external drive that runs both a USB2.0 and a firewire cable. I've got an 80GB HDD in it and the firewire cable powers it fine, but if I need to use the USB cable, I need to plug the external drive into a power outlet because the 80GB HDD is rated for more power needed than what the USB can provide. I've seen other brands of external drives that run a USB that has a cable where it plugs into the external and then here are 2 usb plugs that can be plugged into 2 USB ports on the computer to provide more power. My laptop doesn't have a firewire connecter and the PCMCIA firewire card that I got has he same problem where I need to plug it in to power it up for the external. I've got 2 questions:

1 - What is that double USB plug cable called so I can search for it? Is there a common name for that specific type of USB cable?
2 - If I get it, will it provide enough power to the external to run it? The power adapter is huge and I don't want to carry that thing around when I travel with my laptop.


A:USB Cable with 2 plugs

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On my GA-7VRX (2.0) my cpu fan is connected in to the cpu fan slot and beside the cpu slot is a system fan slot.

My question is what is the system fan plug there for and if you plug fans into it were do you put them?

A:wierd plugs???

Its for the case fan that normally sits next to your cpu, sucking hot air out of your case. Most cases have one at that location, though usually, they tend to be of the 4-pin variety, and so won't connect to your mainboard. You can always replace it with a 3-pin fan if you prefer, or you could even attach your PSU's speed sensing wire to monitor its fan speed. Most users only use the cpu fan connector.

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Yet another question from all of you. I want to plug in an additional set of speakers on my computer. Someone told me ages ago what I needed to get but now don't remember what they told me. Today I stopped by our local Radio Shack and the guy there couldn't help me. It seems as if I had to have some sort of adapter, that plugs into the computer and has two plugs attached to it that the speakers can be plugged into. Guess I dn't really know what I need to ask for. Can anyone tell me what I need to tell those people so they can fix me up with something to make this work???

Thanks again.


A:Speaker plugs??????

It's a simple splitter and I'm amazed that the Radio Shack guy didn't have a clue...

The splitter you are looking for (presuming that the new speakers have the same type of plug that the current ones do) is the same one you would use if you wanted to have two plugs for your walkman or portable CD player. If it's possible, bring in a walkman or one of your existing speakers and tell them that you are looking for the splitter that will fit those plugs.

The one I've most often seen looks like a plastic triangle with a plug at one end and holes on the other two corners.

Should only cost a couple of bucks. Hope this helps.


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Running an HP826 on ME. I have two hard drives, a CD reader, A CD burner and a floppy drive. Over the years I have probably mixed up the power cords to these units. Only the floppy drive power connection is the way the computer was delivered. All the power connections are numbered: P1, P3 etc. but these come out of the power supply on two different cable groups.

Does it make any difference which CD units and Hard drives are connected to which cable?



A:power plugs

Doesn't matter.

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I have wanadoo livebox and i am wondering if i can link it to solwise homeplugs and if it will work.

I want to connect my pc and xbox 360 to it upstairs i am just wondering wether it will work.

A:Home plugs

Please do not post duplicate threads for the same issue.

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I have an older stand-alone DVD player which I want to give to my daughter, who only has a laptop (no TV). I bought connectors where the White/Red/Yellow (audio/audio/video) DVD player outputs resolve in a USB. It fits fine in my laptop, but the OS (Win 7 64 Pro) won't recognize it. I tried "Discover Devices," but still it couldn't find it. Any ideas what to do next?

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I wasn't sure where to post this so if its wrong sorry well i'm curious i use dsl and was wondering does it really matter what cat 5 plugs you use cause i wanna make sure i'm getting the speed i'm suppose to

A:Question about dsl plugs


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I have a wanadoo livebox and i want to buy some home plugs so i can connect my computer and xbox 360 upstairs.
Does anyone know if the solwise homeplugs work with my wanadoo livebox.

These are the ones i am looking at:

A:Home plugs

Plese relpy to me
i need to know.

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one for the books...

i have to toggle my mouse cable to get it to work. i havent changed the mouse.
you'd figure i would have by now, except:

the same thing is happening with my power cord. i did change the power cord - same problem. toggling required.

re: toggleing means i remove the plug from either the pc or in the case of the power cord, the wall. and keep pulling it out and re-inserting it.

what's happening? no other symptoms.

A:plugs and cords

Computer make/model?

Off the top of my head, I'd say maybe a bad power supply or motherboard.

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