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Problem with Export/Import Messages in Windows Live Mail.

Q: Problem with Export/Import Messages in Windows Live Mail.

I am currently replacing my old computer with a new one and part of that process is to transfer all of my email messages from my old computer to the new one. I use Windows Live Mail for my mail program. I went to the Microsoft web site and looked at the Help instructions for  Exporting and Importing messages and found it to be very straightforward.
I created an empty folder on USB drive and then proceeded to run the Export procedure. This involved selecting a destination folder for the exported files, and selecting which folders to include in the export operation. Under my primary email address, I have 10 subfolders, in addition to the usual Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc. On the screen where I was asked what format I wanted to use, I selected "Windows Live Mail Format" .On the screen where I am asked which folders that I wanted to Export I selected "All Folders". Then I clicked Next and received a message that the folders had been exported successfully.
I then took the USB drive to the new computer, started Windows Live Mail and then attempted to do the Import operation. I chose to import all folders and then initiated the Import. I got a message that the Import was successful. At the bottom of the account list was a folder that was titled Imported Folders. When I opened it, the only thing that was shown was the Inbox and Deleted Items subfolder, and also the Outbox folder. None of the other folders that I chose to back up were there. Also, the Inbox folder was empty.
I deleted the files on the USB drive and then tried another Export operation from the old computer, this time selecting all of the folders manually, but when I did the Import operation on the new computer, I got the same results. It appears that Windows Live on my old computer isn't really Exporting anything except a couple of folder names. I seem to remember doing this Export/Import operation in the past without any difficulty. Does anyone have any idea why the Export operation is failing to work properly?
Thanks in advance.
P.S., I was able to Export/Import all of my Contacts without any problem using the procedure outlined on the Microsoft site.
I finally solved this problem by forwarding all of my emails from the old computer to the new one. Took a little time but it seemed to be the only way to get this issue resolved. I'm just glad that I didn't have 500 emails that I wanted to save. (LOL).

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Preferred Solution: Problem with Export/Import Messages in Windows Live Mail.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am very pissed off riight now,

I backed my mother's stuff off to a thumb drive

BLUE BUTTON ( this this pc is win 7 )

export >> messages

then I went to her new pc with XP:

I clicked File > Import > Windows Live Mail Msgs

pointed it to the thumb drive

BOOM nothing I backed up showed up in WLM for XP

I had all of her emails stored up under her account and it didnt take why is that?

Where are emails suppose to be saved?


A:Windows 7 live mail export to import to XP WLM

Quote: Originally Posted by CWM880

...Where are emails suppose to be saved?...

If you exported them to the thumb drive using the export option and then import them with the import option it should work. (I admit I haven't tried moving emails from the 2011 version on Windows 7 to the 2009 version on XP.)

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Hi New Member here posting his first question, can you help please?

I wish to transfer the messages in my WLMail on my pc to my WLMail on my laptop.

I have already set up my email accounts on my laptop so just need advice on how to get the messages across.

Thank you in advance.

A:Windows Live Mail Export/Import

Windows Mail has an "export" function and you can save the file to Desktop, transfer to USB drive or CD/DVD and then "import" that file to the other computer.

This will work for Contacts and Mail, but I've not been able to get the Message Rules to transfer over easily.

However, I DID find the registry entries where the Message Rules are stored and I transfered those over, but WM ran VERY buggy afterwards, and I would not recommend trying it.

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I am having trouble trying to find the best way to do this.

On one laptop I am using Outlook 2007 on Windows XP Professional and need to get the emails and contacts from here to my new laptop which is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, which uses Windows Live Mail.

What would be the best way to do this?

Thanks very much


A:How do I import/export emails from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail?

Hi sophi, welcome to 7F!

Have you already tried, what did you run into?

Found this link that offers two solutions: https://social.technet.microsoft.com...ve-mail-client

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How do I import email messages into Windows Live Mail? Help!!! Thanks.


A:import email messages from outlook into windows live mail

I wish I knew what to advise you on this topic, but I also find myself in the same position. I recently purchased this new laptop, with windows 7 installed on it. I also decided to upgrade my Microsoft Office from the 2000 version, to the Student/Office 2010. Several hours after roaming through the Office program went by, and then I noticed that Outlook Express is not included with that program, but can be purchased for an additional $149.00

Windows Live setup didn't go well either. I tried to run the wizard, and set up an email account, but I never could get the sign-on to acknowledge the password for the windows live, or the email account/s Gmail, or others that it stated would import all contacts from the old account (Outlook Express).
I'm not using Windows Live becuse of this, but to be more honest, i'm not really sure what the importance of the program is, other than using it for Video email of sort. I just let it stay closed, and go on without Windows Live right now.

Hope everything works out for you, and maybe we can both benefit from any responses on this topic.

Have a great day,

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Using Windows 7 and attempting to import mail from Outlook Express. The following message appears:
No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open.
Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.Click to expand...

Read-only and hidden attributes have been removed from the containing folder and its contents as well as every other folder in the path..

I have researched this and Googled up many sites that deal with the problem when this message appears, including Microsoft's official approach to this problem. None of the solutions I have found work for me and as far as I have researched, no one has ever reported a successful solution.

A:Windows Live Mail cannot import Outlook Express messages


I went back to the source machine, deleted folders.dbx, reran Outlook Express so as to recreate folders.dbx, copied the newly-created folders.dbx to the destination machine and import went smoothly except it reported it could not import some of the mails in InBox; but, that isn't a problem.

My guess is that folders.dbx got corrupted in the transfer of the Outlook Express Mail containing folder to the destination machine.

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I also have same problem, please help.
Here's the problem: when I try to import the messages from the flash drive using File/Import/Messages, select "MS Windows Mail 7" format and navigate to the directory containing the .eml files, I get a "No items match your search" in the import browse window.
I did note that the export format option reads "MS Windows Mail" while the import format option reads "Windows Mail 7". Not sure if that's the issue.

I don't know where I am doing wrong. I checked your document also but I didn't get it. Please help.

A:Windows Mail Export/Import Problem

Hello Robin, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Importing the messages can be tricky. Copy the exported folder to your desktop instead, then try selecting the folder to importing them.

Depending on how many messages (.eml files) you have, you could also just drag and drop the .eml files into your Inbox in Windows Mail to add them back.

Hope this helps,

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Hi. I have an Acer Extensa 5220. I reformatted my comp today as the hard drive was almost full, but I made sure to back up all my emails. I use Windows Mail with several folders. I exported them all onto a hard drive in a folder with today's date. There were 5 inbox folders in all, 1 sent, and 1 draft. However when importing them back, one of the inbox folders has an error. It shows all the correct senders/time/date etc. but when I go into the content of the email, they all show the same content. Very grateful if anyone can advise if they have seen this issue before, and can possibly offer help or suggestions as there's some important emails I need to get back if at all possible. Thank you.

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I want to move some Window Mail emails between computers. I can export them fine selecting "MS Windows Mail" format and they are saved to the destination directory with what appear to be hexadecimal file names with .eml extension. If I move the files to the other PC on a flash drive and click on one of them, it opens perfectly in Windows Mail.

Here's the problem: when I try to import the messages from the flash drive using File/Import/Messages, select "MS Windows Mail 7" format or "MS Outlook Express 6" options, and navigate to the directory containing the .eml files, I get a "No items match your search" in the import browse window. I've tried the MS Exchange and MS Outlook format options, but they error out.

I did note that the export format option reads "MS Windows Mail" while the import format option reads "Windows Mail 7". Not sure if that's the issue.

Anyone have any ideas why the import function can't see the .eml files?


A:Windows Mail Export/Import Problem

Hello NuToVista,

This may be able to help you do this. Please post back with any questions you have about it.

Windows Mail - Messages

Hope this helps,

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to look over my question. If it has already been posted, then I apologize, but I could not find it.

I've just upgraded to Win-10 from XP and I'm having an issue with Windows Live Mail 2012. Specifically, the contacts import feature.

I was using XP Home with Outlook Express as my email client. I did export both a .WAB (addressbook) file, as well as a .CSV file from my address book. However, I am not able to "import" it to the Windows Live Mail. At least I'm not able to get the contacts to show up in there.

The import option seems to go through the motions and appears to be working as it should, but when I hit the "To..." button to load a recipient's email address, there are no contacts displayed. It just says; "None of your contacts have an email address defined." I did google the problem, but I really did not find a solution.

The contacts seemed to load fine in the address book and I can see everybody's email addresses, so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.

I should note that when I imported the contacts, Windows Contacts noted that one of the email addresses was bad, which is an indication that it did import something. Also, I did try using both files (.WAB / .CSV) a couple different times and no change.


A:Windows Live Mail Import Problem

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I have a computer (A) with outlook 2002 & another computer (B) with microsoft mail (MM). Both computers are vista & i want to export from outlook & import to microsoft mail. I have sharing set up on my network & have exported my 'personal folder' from computer 'A' to 'B'. Now when I try to import in MM the message I get is 'No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open'.

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I recently was having trouble with my Windows Mail so I Exported all my files to a Windows Mail folder I created in My Documents. I have a dual core 64 bit HP PC with a VISTA HOME Pro OS. I use Google Chrome as my browser. The email files were exported in the format ".eml" (I was not given any choice). Later, when I tried to bring them back Windows Mail Import only looks for "Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express 6 or Windows Mail 7" so sees no files to import. This makaes no sense , to export in one format and import in another. Is there any way I can change the format of the files so I can import them? Thanks for any help.

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Am trying to export contacts from laptop (Windows XP) using Microsoft Office to laptop (Windows Vista) using Windows Mail. Actually, I would like to just copy the contacts so they'd be on both computers. Need step by step easy directions to do this -- and thanks.

A:Solved: Export/Import Contacts: Microsoft Office to Windows Mail

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I been using Outlook 2003 for 5-6 years and have about 4000 Outlook e-mails saved including a folder which contains all my purchased software serial numbers. I carefully exported all my Outlook 2003 e-mails before switching to Windows mail. I have discovered to my dismay, that Windows mail can not import Outlook mail and somehow in the process of installing Windows mail, my Outlook 2003 program disappeared. My old 2003Student and Teacher Office disk which contained the Outlook 2003 software is too scratched to reinstall. I have looked for some kind of Outlook to Windows Mail converter from Microsoft; but no luck so far. I am absolutely amazed that Microsoft would publish a new mail program and not include import routines for its own legacy mail programs. Outlook 2007 apparently has the same problem with Windows Mail. Even if I purchase a replaacement disk from Microsoft ( I have the orginal box and serial number for my Student and Teacher Office package, so I thick I could still get a replacement disk), I would still have to use two e-mail programs and eventually Outlook 2003 would stop working with some future OS upgrade). Any suggestions??

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When I import messages from Windows Live Mail into Windows Live Mail, I proceed as follows:

- In Windows Live Mail I select Import messages, then Windows Live Mail and then finally I browse and select the location. Eventually I get a screen saying: Importing message ... of ... messages.

- When I check later in the Storage folder. I cannot find all the messages. During import it says that it is importing for example 21 files but when I check the Storage folder only 3 files are displayed.

A:Problem importing messages into Windows Live Mail

If you meant Import "Windows Mail" Messages into Windows Live Mail
refer the link{s}

Windows Live Mail - Import Windows Mail Messages

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages

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I am new to this forum.
I have a problem of backing up emails in my WLM using the export function since I cannot even go into WLM.

I have the typical problem of -
-when I start windows live mail (v2009 final version) it said this :
Windows Live Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. Windows Live Mail was unable to locate it`s message database. If you`ve moved the database filesto a new location.clik OK to resetthe database path to that location. Otherwise, click Cancel to proceed, any existing messages found will be avaible under Orphaned Accounts. (0x000000000, 2)
-if I click OK it said :
Windows Live Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x80070002)

Please help me back up my email!

Thank you!

A:Problem backing up messages in Windows Live Mail

Hello leinaday & welcome to Vista Forums.
If your Anti Virus Program has an email scanning component turn it off to see if that makes a difference.
BTW What Anti Virus are you using?
Another thing to try - right click on your Windows Live Mail shortcut on your Desktop - select "Run as Administrator" - click on "Continue " if User Account Control requests it.
Hope that helps.

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I tried to transfer my mails (outlook express) from my old computer XP to the new one W7, where I installed WLM for the email service. I followed the procedure:Copied the Microsoft Otlook folder with the .dbx files to the new computer
Used the import function in WLM to import the messages
Everything seems working. The imported folder in WLM is created, but unfortunately with no messages in it.
Can someone explain the cause of the problem and suggest a solution
The HD of the old computer is re-formated, so I saved the .dbx files on an external HD

A:Problem importing messages to Windows Live Mail

Hello saro71 and welcome to Seven Forums. I'm afraid I can't help you with this problem but I just wanted to suggest you get in touch with your ISP or computer manufacturer for tech support, but thats only if no one here can help which is very unlikely, we have some computer genius' here. Good Luck

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I recently installed a second larger hard drive in my Dell PC running WinXP, SP3, and now would like to export/import email messages from the original hard drive to the new one. I successfully did an export/import with the Addressbook, but the emails are less straightforward. Both HDs have OE installed.

A:Procedure to export/import email messages.

Here's the "right" way:
How to back up and to restore Outlook Express data

There are manual ways of doing it, but they are risky and time-consuming.

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I have an Windows (Vista) notebook with outlook 2007, and now I have an new notebook with Windows 8.1. Where I want to export my mail & contact to Windows live mail, how can I import this in WLM on my other notebook?

I already have configure my mail on WLM where I can receive and send messages. I tried something with the program Mailstore 8 but my mail is now on another computer.

I also find this link: how to export mail,calendar contact in outlook to windows live mail clientWith the "Outlook Conversion Application" solution but is this possible on different computers and has WLM an import function?

A:Export mail and contacts from Outlook 2007 to Windows live mail 2012?

Don I might be way off track here mate but was the Outlook account the same email address as you have set up in WLM?

Just a thought you might try adding an account to WLM using the old address and password. I did this with my old account from my service provider then went to a Hotmail account.
Now admittedly it was still within WLM but worth a try.

What I will do is try and add my work account (Outlook) to my WLM and see if it works.

PS It added the account but I have to get the POP and STMP settings right first.

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clearlyclueless said:

I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks
Click to expand...

This thread was previously closed due to lack of answers, however I found a solution.

When importing a csv file into Hotmail, the email address field is expected as "E-mail Address" however in the csv file created by Windows Live Mail the email address field is "Email Address".

Note the missing hyphen. This means that the email address is not transferred over to Hotmail.

The solution is to edit the csv file using Notepad - simply add the hyphen to the top line of the csv file, save the file and import it into Hotmail.

If you have the same problem with other fields, a useful test to see what field names Hotmail expects is to export a contact from Hotmail and then inspect the csv file which is created using Notepad.

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Thanks for that, but tips and fixes not in reponse to any specific member should be posted here: http://forums.techguy.org/25-tech-tips-tricks/

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I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Windows Live Mail is Hotmail, with a new look. So I am confused as to what you are trying to do.
It sounds like you created a whole new name for Windows Live Mail... you didn't need to do that.

If you just open Windows Live Mail and logon as the HotMail name you will see all of the contacts.

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I decided to backup (copy) all my folders with messages in Outlook Express 6. I did a Google search and found numerous sites which gave specific instructions for doing this. All, including Microsoft, were basically the same. I exported to my desktop assuming everything would be in one folder, but rather every folder was displayed separately. I created a New Folder and dragged them all into it. I then opened OE6 and found there were no messages at all there. I then followed the suggested procedure for importing back to OE6 and the messages returned. I then deleted the New Folder I had created on the desktop and re-opened OE6. All messages were gone again. I was able to recover most of them (not all) by restoring from the Recycle Bin. I have attempted several times to recover all the messages and restore OE6 to the exact state it was in before I started this process, but could not. I picked a date prior to beginning this and did a System Restore, but it still left all the icons (folders) with messages on the desktop. Every time I would attempt to import these back to OE6, I would loose more messages. I have tried everything I can find information on but with no success. I simply want to get as many of my messages and folders back to OE6 and removed from the desktop. Can you help?

A:Export-Import Messages (Folders) in Outlook Express 6

Please tell us...the exact steps you took...to import messages into the new message store.You know...you could simply have changed your message store...to that folder...and your email would have worked fine.It's not necessary to import messages into OE6...if you just change the message store location. I have all my old emails in folders labeled "2009 Emails", "2008 Emails" and so on and I do not use the default message store (which is in Documents and Settings).Inside Outlook Express - Files and Settings - The OE Store Folder - http://www.insideoe.com/files/store.htm Louis

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I paid a tech to install WLM on my Vista Home Premium SP2 system. MISTAKE!!!

WLM has now become messed up and I'm thinking it might have something to do with Windows Updates. Additionally, I have never like it very well anyway. It's a confusing mess as far as I'm concerned.

I was going to un- and reinstall WLM, but the Microsoft download page I was directed to says Windows Live Mail 2011 is no longer available for download for Vista.

Then I went to a Microsoft site which offered chat and the person I talked with there confirmed this. So it appears that doing a clean, fresh install of WLM is not an option.

What I would like to do is ...
1. Delete all folders and messages from my Windows Mail account, which I quit using when I started using WLM.
2. Import the folders/messages I now have in WLM back into my Windows Mail program.

Can I do this? I Googled this and found lots of instruction for importing Windows Mail messages into WLM, but not the other way around.

A:Import WLM messages to Windows Mail

Hi again,

Look here for your Windows Live download requirements.

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I have had Windows Mail up and running since day one of installing Win7 but I just tried to import our messages(Inbox, Sent, Draftes ect...) into it but it doesn't see the files in the saved folders. All files and folders were succesfully saved via Export Messages in Vista's Windows Mail. I also tried finding the folders manually within Windows Mail in Win7 thinking I could just copy and past the messages into the files but couldn't find them(thought like vista it would be in the hidden "Application Data" folder but it was not...

A:Can't import messages into Windows Mail?

When it asked me to open a folder I picked one such as "Inbox" and then it opened it and couldn't see anything BUT when I picked the main folder with all folders in it(Inbox, Sent, Drafts ect...) and clicked open it took it and imported all the messages... Thank goodness for I have like 7000 total messages transfered

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My computer is unstable at present and will only run in safemode.

I am intending to do a repair install and as part of backing things up I want to export my mail to a USB stick.

When I choose Export in WM, the option to browse a location to store the messages is grayed out and I can't type a location into the box.
I therefore can't continue with the export.

Any ideas why?

As an alternative, can I just take a copy of C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
as my backup?

Thanks in advance

A:Can't export messages from Windows Mail in safe mode

I have the exact same problem. Can anyone help?

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If I try to import messages into Outlook Express, I receive the following error message:
Messages can not be imported from the MAPI client. An error has occurred.

If i try to export messages from Outlook Express, i receive the following error message:
The Export could not be performed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI.

anybody knows the solution to the my problem?

A:MAPI error message when import or export messages in Outlo

Hello jeremybryan279 and Welcome to PCHF

There is a whole page on Microsoft about the issue you face, read it here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/179637

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I am using Windows Live mail in Windows 7. I want to reinstall Windows 7. Obviously I want to preserve all my contact e mail addresses. I have tried to export them to a memory stick which worked OK. Hoever, the addresses were save in Xcell form. I will not be installing Office this time because I only have version 2000, which does not run very well. How can I save in straightforward text form which is useable?

A:Windows live mail export

Hi andsome, I suggest getting a Windows Live ID by creating a Hotmail dot Com account, use it to sign in to Windows live Mail. Export your contacts in .csv format then import to new account. Now you will never lose them. If using other account/s, it/they can be added to WLM, use POP to access them if possible. You can delete the Hotmail account if you want.
P.S. I'm using WLM last release version of 2009, its far superior than the latest version. I have a copy if you want it.

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I recently upgraded my computer from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. I exported all my messages from Windows Mail to my portable hard drive not knowing that Windows Mail is not included in Windows 7. I have Microsoft Outlook but I can't import the messages because they are a .eml file. Does anyone know how I can get these messages into Outlook? Thanks in advance!!

A:Windows Mail gone now I can't import my saved messages

Download and install Windows Live Mail (free).

In Windows Live Mail, import your Windows Mail messages from File ... Import ... Windows Mail.

I use Windows Live Mail (it is virtually the same as Windows Mail).

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i would like to move my existing evolution email client content (mail, folders, contacts) over to windows live mail... as far as i know, evolution only exports content to .mbx files, which i'm guessing windows live mail can't read.

is there a way to transfer this content over to windows live mail?

A:import evolution mail into windows live mail

This application

Download EML to PST Converter and Free Mbox to EML Extractor | EML to PST Converter

is a free download and is supposed to be able to convert MBX files to other formats that Windows Live Mail may be able to handle.

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Does anyone know of a way to import Eudora 6 mail to Windows Live Mail -- for free? All I've found so far are in the range of $70.

If not for free then maybe for $cheap?

Or maybe there is a work-around that I don't know about, like maybe importing from Eudora to another mail program that Windows Live Mail would be able to import from.

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I installed Windows Live Mail over an existing Windows Mail on my Vista laptop and that went fine and I was able to import the old contacts. But now I want to export those same contacts to Windows Live Mail on another (XP) laptop but I can't find a way to do it. There doesn't seem to be any way to transfer, save, or backup Windows Live Mail contacts. I was thinking I should be able to save the file then copy it over my network to the other computer but I can't find it. Anyone know how to do this?

A:Export Windows Live Mail contacts??

From the lack of responses I have to conclude that there really is no easy way to transfer Windows Live Mail address book contacts from one computer to another?? Hard to believe.....

I did find one way... convert the old addresses in from Win Mail to a vcard format. But those can only be imported one at a time. Not a good option.

There HAS to be a better way, I hope....

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I just got a new laptop .How do I transfer/copy/export my existing mail/inbox/sent/drafts (windows Live) to my new Laptop. My current laptop is XP & the new one is Windows 7 Home Premium.


A:export /import mail to new computer

I have not tried this myself yet

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I've got an old PC running WinXP and I have always used OE 6 on it but I DO have Outlook 2007 loaded onto the same machine.

I want to migrate all my email and address book to my new machine running Win 7 Ultimate x64.

I know I can either IMPORT the emails with Outlook 2007 from OE... OR... I can EXPORT the emails using using OE 6.... correct ?

I read somewhere that if I used the Import function I woul dlose the date/time stamp on my old emails. Is that true ?

So... what is better ? To Import the OE emails thru Outlook and then back the pst up and move it to my new machine.... or us e the Export function on EO to try to export the email to Outlook ?

How about my address book ?

And once I get the email and addresses into Outlook 2007 on my old machine, should I use a Memory stick to move them to the new machine or try to use the Windows Easy Transfer and an easy transfer cable (which I already have) ?

Thanks for any advice.


A:Import or Export OE mail to Outlook ?


Just a quick fly by......

Some links below for you to peruse .

Migrate from Outlook Express or Windows (Live) Mail to Outlook | HowTo-Outlook

Importing and Exporting Address Books in MS Outlook 2007 | Information Technologies | University of Calgary

Copy Outlook Express address book contacts to Outlook - Outlook - Office.com

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Dear members,

I?ve just installed outlook 2011 on my mac and accidentally downloaded al the mails from the server. So I have 0 mails left on my live account but they I do have them in outlook 2011. I want to reverse it, but outlook 2011 can only export .olm or .eml files.

How do import these in Windows live mail?

Thanks so much

A:Windows live mail import .olm or .eml

I believe .eml messages can be dragged from Windows Explorer directly into a folder within the WLM program. I'm not familiar with Outlook, but if it can export to .eml, it's worth giving it a try. It might also be possibe to import a group of them in the Windows Live Mail format since that is .eml. In that case you would navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer that contains the exported *.eml messages.

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I currently check my emails online from http://rogers.yahoo.com. This brings up an online email client where I can create folders, save settings etc and store my messages.Is it possible to import all my folders & messages from online into Outlook or Windows Mail?I currently use Vista Home Premium and Outlook 2007.Thanks in advance?

A:How Do I Import Online Email Messages Into Outlook Or Windows Mail?

According to the page below, you can set up an email client for your mail access. Hope this helps. http://help.yahoo.com/us/rogers/tutorials/cg/cg_access4.htmlAfter you get the client set up, let it download your inbox. THEN create a folder for temporary use, move the inbox contents to the folder. Next create folders with the same names as your web based mail folders. Move the messages from one folder to the inbox, open up the email client, download, then move them to the newly created folder. Repeat this process for each folder. Finally, move the contents of the Temp folder back to the inbox.If you have any questions about the client you set up, all you have to do is ask, and someone will answer them.

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Is it possible to move email messages out of Windows Live Mail and import them to a Webmail account, such as Telus.net?

A:How to export Windows Live Mail to other Webmail account

'mornin, Eljay!

Scroll down a bit more than half way till you see Set up TELUS email for your computer using Windows? Live? Mail 2012, see if that works.

This looks about the same: How to set up Telus on Windows Live Mail

Here's the search page I found them on, there may be more answers there: https://www.google.com/search?q=WLM+...utf-8&oe=utf-8

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I'm working on a laptop with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail 2012 is not exporting email properly.

There are 4,008 messages in the Inbox folder but the export function will only copy out ONE message. A web search finds that this function of WLM 2012 is very badly broken and apparently Microsoft is not going to fix it. No difference in its dysfunction if it's set to work offline.

Exporting from Outlook then into WLM worked fine, but WLM can only (not) export to WLM and Exchange, which requires being on a network with an Exchange server.

A:How do I get Windows Live Mail 2012 export to work?

Open the blue File menu
Select Export email > Email messagesSelect Microsoft Windows Live MailChose the export destination folder, [Make New Folder] is a bit tricky, the Folder: field doesn't always automatically get updated, I just click on the folder above it, then click on the folder I created. As long as both the highlighted folder and the name of the folder in the Folder: filed match, you're good to go.
Press [OK]Make sure the radio button All folders is the active selection.
Press [Next]The export should begin and every eMail message should be in the destination folder you chose.

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Please note that this is not Windows Live (Hotmail) but the offline Windows application with that name. I find Windows Live Mail as a great way to manage my email, I want to manage my contacts there too. However, all my contacts are currently loaded on my iPhone (I have the contacts manually created on the phone a long time ago).

Thanks for your suggestions.

A:How to export iPhone contacts to Windows Live Mail?

If you want to directly export the contacts use a small application intended to run on your PC called CopyTrans Contacts.

1. Run the tool on your computer and connect your iPhone. You can download the program from here: export iPhone contacts

2. Once your iPhone contacts appear, drag and drop a selection to a folder on your PC

3. Select the type of contact files you wish your iPhone contacts to get exported in. Windows Live Mail recognizes Windows Contacts, so select that format

4. Your iPhone contacts will be saved to your PC. Now go to your Windows Live Mail application and import the contacts from the folder on your PC where you saved them in

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I've given up fighting Windows Live Mail [the client-side version] many bugs and have moved on. But I need to get the Contacts, and then the folders/Messages. Every time I attempt a .CSV Export of the Contacts WLM crashes [hangs, spins up CPU, does not resolve itself]. Anyone know the cause or cure for this?

Failing a cure of this yet-another-bug, where is the Contacts store? Anyone know its file Extension? how to safely copy until I can figure out how to extract and use?

Apparently WLM does not like any copies of OE on a system... it monkeys with Outlook Express system files when it cranks up - I guess they share stuff under the hood?.. dunno. Attempts to get answers to these various issues on "Microsoft Answer" are time-wasted, in my experience.

A:Windows Live Mail Contacts Export Crashes - how to get them?

Contacts are stored here

C:\Users\Your user Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Contacts\Default

Try exporting while in safe mode.


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Hey everyone. I have been on a mission to solve this problem. I've been seeking out and posting on several MS/tech/computer support forums looking for an answer. I've also spent quite a bit of time googling for a solution on my own. So far I have come up empty handed.

My situtaiton and problem is as follows:

I'm working in a small office where we have some computers running Windows Vista and using Windows Mail (version 6.0.6000.16388). We have hundreds of contacts and a couple of contact groups on these computer.

A few months ago we got two new computers which are using Windows XP and Windows Live mail (version 2009, build 14.0.8089.0726). Other computers in the office still have Vista and the other version of Windows Mail.

I have been able to export our hundreds of contacts and import them into Windows Live Mail so the new computers have all of the contacts... however I was unable to find a way to import the groups.

These groups are all very large and consist mostly/entirely out of contacts which don't have individual contact entries.

I have been googling to find a solution to this problem. The closest page I could find was this one:


I was very discouraged when I saw the big red warning near the top of the page:

In Contact Groups from Vista, only the contacts that are also included as normal Contacts will be imported into Windows Live Mail. Contacts that were created fo... Read more

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How do I Export then Import my inbox/mail, sent mail, & contacts (everything) from one computer to another.

A:Export/Import: Mail/Contacts From Outlook

It all depends on what e-mail program you are using. If you are using outlook then you want to copy your *.pst files and *.pab files. *.pab files is your personal address book. Hopefully you created a *.pst files, this is your personal folders. if not then you can either create one or export it. you can also export your calender too.

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I've got a problem with importing business cards into Windows Live Mail. I received a business card in .VCF format and tried importing it into WLM but it just says that it's partially imported and doesn't actually import it. I use the 2010 version of WLM even though 2011 is out, I prefer 2010. I can't find a solution online so I'm coming here for help. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

A:.VCF Import Problems, Windows Live Mail

I dont use business card with my WLM2011, all I get are bills and few emails from friends. That being said, I do know of this guide that may or may not help
May I suggest, if you give your email address, for this or any other reason online, set up a spam account. You will get all your spam there and your personal mail will stay that personal
Good Luck
Import contacts in Windows Live Mail

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I see that in WLM one can export messages and accounts. But only messages are allowed to be imported. So how do you import accounts in WLM? Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail Import Accounts

Click on accounts under tools in the menu bar and then it will open and has a command to import.

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How does latest version of Windows Essentials Live mail handle imports from Vista's Windows Mail (emails and contacts)? Any problems, losses, hinkiness, evil goin-ons there?

How is the upgrade experience? Were you impressed with the interface? Anything you wish from Vista was still in Live? Thanks for sharing your experiences .

A:Vista Windows Mail to Live import?

Hello msalton,

It usually imports pretty well. The tutorials below can help show you more on this to help make it easier to do.

Windows Live Mail - Import Windows Mail Messages

Windows Live Mail - Import Windows 7 and Vista Contacts

Hope this helps,

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I'm at my wits end. From Windows Live Mail, on my 1st PC I've exported my 1900 contacts as CSV files, (using excel) transferred to my new, 2nd machine (via email) and tried to import them to WLM but only 40% show up and there's no error message. Is there a better way to export / import contacts?

Thanks, John / Airpix

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I moved the OE6 address book to the new Windows 7 system and double-clicked it. The system said I was about to import the addresses so Proceeded. I cannot find any of the addresses in Windows (7) Lve Mail.

Where did they go?

How to I access them?

A:Cannot see contacts from OE after import to Windows (7) Live Mail

When I moved the OE address to the new Win 7 machine, I exported to a file then moved the file to the new computer and imported it into Wiindows live mail. That worked for me..

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