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NB305 - Keyboard dead after peculiar behavior

Q: NB305 - Keyboard dead after peculiar behavior

Toshiba NB305 Netbook

I washed the keyboard (and screen) with windex as I have done a few other times. I used a soft bristle brush and then wiped with paper towel.

Brought the computer out of hibernation and began reading an ebook I had been reading. Some time later, after a fair number of pages read, turning pages with right arrow key quit working.

I piddled with the ebook interface still could not turn pages with arrow keys. I then decided to reboot and see if that would re-initiate page turning with arrow keys.

On reboot, at login when trying to type my password, I would see 2 asterisks appear in the password box for each key press, even trying to bkspace over the extra character would result in 2 more characters (represented by asterisk). Even pressing enter, would add two more.

I could not get past the password..... I rebooted once more but when the login screen came up the keyboard would not respond to anything at all.

Now I have NO keyboard input at all, and have resorted to mouse and onboard keyboard which really slows any work down.

I am about to remove the keyboard and try to tell or see if I can see anything suspicious.

I could really use any ideas or coaching anyone might have.

Preferred Solution: NB305 - Keyboard dead after peculiar behavior

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: NB305 - Keyboard dead after peculiar behavior


Did you try to connect and to use the external USB keyboard?
Please check this. If external USB keyboard would function, this means that keyboard controller should be ok and the problem might be related to the internal keyboard.
In such case the internal keyboard needs to be replaced?

Not quite sure why the internal keyboard does not work but I cannot imagine that you damaged the keyboard while cleaning? but who knows?nothing is impossible?

Therefore test the notebook in connection with an external keyboard.

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So if anyone has ever seen my previous Posts I was having issues with a Gigabyte 650ti boost.R1 Long story short I finally got them to Replace it and that one was bad. So the fact of the matter that particular revision i can only imagine was a lemon and I spent 250 on trash. Got me this HIS 270X my problems ALL went away the moment I put it in.

Recently though I've been noticing every now and then I right click and select something and whatever I selected stays on screen. It's only apparently on the desktop. When I switch to a game or something and exit back out It still persists inside the windows 7 environment. Refreshing the screen does nothing to remove it.

What will fix it is changing the screen resolution to something else and reverting it back. But I have to keep doing it without resetting it. Whats even stranger, If I don't rever and leave said (artifact?) on screen It won't do it again. If I reset the resolution. It will do it again. Once I reboot the machine I have no issues for about a day or 2. It's not so serious that it is interrupting Gameplay or killing my machine but I am curious if anyone has experienced this before? My first thoughts are drivers.

A:Peculiar behavior. HIS Radeon 270X

You should check your Catalyst version. The current stable one in 14.9, but AMD has posted a 14.11.2 Beta set you could try.

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Hi,When I try to run regedit, the explorer bar disappears for a few seconds, and then reappears, as if the application has crashed and restarted and regedit doesn't run. I have read on this forum other people complaining about regedit and cmd not running, but cmd works fine for me.

A:regedit doesn't run, exhibts peculiar behavior

Sounds like you might want to take that to The infection forum.Good luck mate!

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I haven't been able to find any hits on this when searching, although I have to expect it has been brought up before. It is behavior that I used to see in Windows XP, but have definitely noticed it in Windows Vista when running in the XP "classic" view.

I navigate the Start Menu Programs Group list and run a program. Everything is fine. I eventually put my computer in Standby mode. Later, I wake up the computer and go to the Start Menu Programs list again. This time, I may see one or two different behaviors:

The last programs group I accessed is now hidden from view. There is a double arrow at the very end of the programs folder list that when clicked, it shows the programs group that was hidden from view.The whole programs group list is almost completely hidden, except for the last couple of programs groups that I accessed in the last session. Again, the double arrow icon is at the end of the list and when clicked, the whole programs folder list reappears.

I find that this behavior is inconsistent, but most frequently happens after accessing Microsoft Office programs. Unfortunately, because I was familiar with this behavior in Windows XP, I didn't make a mental note of when I first started noticing it in Windows Vista (I've been using it on my laptop for over 3 years). It could be that it wasn't happening initially when I first got my laptop, or I simply didn't pay attention as the frequency was low. But, I've come to notice it more lately and I'... Read more

A:Peculiar "folder hiding" behavior in start menu programs list

It's not clear to what you're seeing. Are you talking about the list of programs shown when you click on the Start button? Perhaps you could post a screenshot.

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My laptop has a button which used to trigger software (Acer PowerSmart Manager) which was supposed to reduce power consumption through undisclosed methods. The program was an irritation since it overrode screen brightness settings (actually making the screen brighter than I wanted it) and could not be customised so I uninstalled it. I would like to reasign the button to opening a program called GameBooster which I can use to close down many programs at once and restart them all again at a suitable time. The problem is that I don't know a) how to find out the scan code of this peculiar key (I think it might actually simulate two or more regular keys being pressed at the same time) nor b) how to make this trigger the execution of the GameBooster program (preferably without running an additional application). Surely Windows 7 has the capacity do this built in?

A:Mapping a peculiar keyboard key to start program

I found a program called Keytweak and found the scan code for a special key, but it can only map to another key.

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I suspect it might be some sort of keylogger, but in general I am really confused by this weird behavior.

Recently I had been having some trouble with my keyboard. Some keys have simply stopped working altogether, and it seems to be registering the ctrl key as being pressed down at all time. Occasionally I could unplug the key board, put it back in, and it would work again, but only for an hour or two.

I resigned myself to using the on-screen keyboard, which worked as a temp fix while I ordered a replacement keyboard.

What's odd now, is that this morning, I have discovered that the on-screen keyboard no longer works. It is exactly mimicking the problems I had been having with my physical keyboard. I plugged that one back in, and sure enough, when the 'v' key didn't work on the hard keyboard, it didn't work on the on-screen keyboard either.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 6135 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series , -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 202302 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P6T DELUXE, Rev 1.xx, MS1C8BBJ4N01896
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\MotoHelper\MotoHelperAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\Sou... Read more

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Win 95 user was recently upgraded from MS to Novell client for networking. Since then the zero key on her numeric keypad will not function properly in her DOS apps. The key appears to be 'dead'. It works appropriately in MS apps and the zero on the keyboard functions in the DOS apps.

I can't understand how changing her network client would have this effect. We don't want to put her back on MS client because she was experiencing SPOOL32 errors and those have not occured since upgrade. We have swapped out keyboard several times.

Vendors of DOS applications have nothing to offer. Any suggestions?

A:Odd Keyboard Behavior

You said you swapped keyboards. Were they all the same type or a variety? Have you tried removing the keyboard via Device Manager and letting Window refind the keyboard?

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When I am typing in Word the cursor seemingly jumps to another place in the document. This happens quite often, I am in the middle of a sentence and then I am suddenly typing in a completely different paragraph. I do not if I am hitting a key that does this manually but it is very annoying. Hope I explain this thoroughly but I have no idea what is going on and I hope someone knows what is happening.

Thank you in advance.

A:Keyboard Problem/Odd Behavior

for more detail fill your system specs.
and also are u using notebook or PC?

The first thing to do when registering with our forum (especially if you have an issue you want assistance with) is to fill out your system specs. This allows our knowledgeable members to assist you better with your issue. It is very simple to do: please follow these steps below

First click on UserCP

Next click on Edit System Spec

Now you will see various fields for different types of hardware. Don't worry if you have no idea what kind of hardware it is asking for or the brand you have as I will explain how to get Windows to list it for you. For now keep that window open

Now click on start and type msinfo32.exe in the search field and press enter

Now you should have a window resembling mine below

With this information in hand lets start to fill out the specs

System Manufacture/Model Number
As you see in my screen shot I have no listing due to my laptop being a custom build

OS or Operating System for short is the main program that drive's your computer...notable example here being the Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation.

CPU or Central Processing Unit (Processor) is the brain of the computer.

The motherboard is where all the hardware parts of the computer are connected to.
Memory is what allows applications to run on your computer. The more memory you have the faster an application ... Read more

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I have installed Vista and Windows 7 in dual boot. My keyboard is acting strange only in Windows 7. i tried usb and ps/2 keyboards and both are acting strange only in Windows 7.
While you type, there is some sort of lag, and if you type some word fast if lag happens, the word is typed in reverse order. for example if you type word "windows" it wlli type "swdoniw".
Also if you turn on "caps lock" it will type randomly lower letters.
caps lock is on, but it looks like it randomly type lower 'n'
Shift is not working every time, but again, sometimes looks like it is pressed all the time.
Once when some service reported stack overflow, my keyboard worked fine.
Please help.

A:Strange keyboard behavior

If you are using an HP printer, some models have a provision for mirror image. This feature must be turned off. I have heard about this in HP printers. I can't be of much more help, even though I do have and HP Laser Jet, I do not have that feature and I have no problems.

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having a very strange problem with my keyboard... the letters "B" and "N" randomaly just not work. One second they work fine then the other second they don't work. Or the "N" button stops working no matter how many times i press it but the "B" works and the "N" doesn't work.I wait about a minute then they both work suddenly. If there were something wrong with the buttons shouldn't they not work at all? Is this a usb problem? Or maybe a power problem? Anyone have a similar exp? thanks for any help in advance.

A:Abnormal keyboard behavior

It probably has more to do with a faulty keyboard than anything. Cheap ones tend to do that. Also check for crumbs and make sure no liquid fell into it, if any liquid did wait for it to dry up first.

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I have a Dell Latitude CPx J with standard configuration. Occasionally, some of the keys on the built-in keyboard will not work. The specific keys are: 8; i; k; ,; and =. Oddly, all of them, except for the equals key, are in a straight diagonal line down the keyboard. I first thought that the problem was due to heat, as my laptop doesn't have the best cooling in the world, but, until recently, you could plug a standard USB keyboard in, type in any one of the faulty keys, and it would work. Then all the previously bad keys would work again. But just today, this technique has stopped working. I've tried finding new drivers, rebooted the system twice, cold started it, everything, but the keys will not work. But if you plug in a USB keyboard, as I'm doing now, I can input the characters just fine. Is the keyboard faulty?

A:Strange keyboard behavior

Looks like its the keyboard, if its still under warranty then id send it back if i were you.

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I recently had an old keyboard fail. It was a Dell "clicky-clack" that was at least 15 years old. The "s" was not functioning (verified with a keyboard testing program). I replaced it a few months ago with a "newer" clicky-clack keyboard and now it has failed with a problem in the same keyboard area. In particular, all the keys in the diagonal line consisting of 2WSX insert a space either before of after the target key (it is a bit random and does not occur all the time).

Now the really interesting part: the problem only occurs when caps lock is off. If I turn caps lock ON, the problem goes away.


A:Strange keyboard behavior

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I have an old IBM PC300GL with Windows NT4 and as soon as I login the mouse flickers and moves from top to bottom and the keyboard also be comes unusable. These actions stop when the task manager is opened and they do not occur before I login. I'm thinking there is a process running that is causing them to act like this. The problem is I can't tell a good process from a bad one. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hey. My Lenovo Y-50 is just over a year old and all of a sudden the keyboard started acting strangly. On the windows login screen everything is normal but then the keyboard doesn't work at all. When I turn on the on-screen keyboard it starts working right away. Any ideas what the problem might be?

A:Lenovo Y-50 strange keyboard behavior

Hi Svalm ,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
How was it if you use an external USB keyboard? 
Erratic key behaviour may be influence by softwares (ex. malware/virus ) so would this also happen with the laptop working on safe mode ?
Try to update the keyboard drivers and if same issue , uncheck the box to disable filter keys .
When did the issue started ? If there was changes made on default settings a system restore to go back to previous date maybe able to fix it the way it was on that date .
How was it if you create another user account as administrator? This is to isolate if issue is systemwide or only on user profile.
Finally check the keyboard performance in the BIOS (refer to manual downloadable from the support site on how to go to BIOS specific to your model) or booting on a rescue image. If same issue then it may be an issue with the hardware and best to check if there are obstructions (dirt/particles/ liquid spills) that may cause this . 
Update us how it goes. 

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I'm just desperate now, I'm about to buy new ones but what if it doesn't help....

These are compaq mouse and keyboard that came with the computer... PS/2, both corded, mouse with a ball, two button and a wheel. Windows XP Media Edition.
It started a couple of months ago, only related with Internet browsing. Worst affected was Firefox. WHen I clicked to write in a field, the cursor behaved as if I pressed the wheel and turned into the cross arrows to move the page around. The page was thus scrolling up and down depending how I moved the mouse. In IE the cursor seemed "not working", clicking had no effect whatsoever. Most of the time it would "pass" by itself. Just leave Internet for 30 mins or so and do something else.
Then it stopped, I had no problems for maybe a month.
Now the same problems came back, with an exception IE is fine. Only FF and it's rare. My problem is that now one of my favorite apps seems to be affected by these weird problems. And it's even weirder. When I open Photoshop, (not any other part of the suite, ImageReady works fine) certain parts of the screen are un-clickable. It looks as if the mouse click on them (you know, the mouse-over effect), but nothing happens. Sometimes keyboard shortcuts work, sometimes they don;t, but there's no shortcut for some important functions that I need to do.

Is it my Photoshop suite not working? Is it mouse? Is it OS?

A:Strange Mouse Behavior (and Keyboard?)

I would uninstall all of your Firefox add-ons, then uninstall Firefox. Then install a freshly downloaded copy to see if it fixes your problems. Add the add-ons one at a time and test to see if the problem returns.

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because of a back injury I spend much of my computer time flat on my back and use a wireless mouse and the windows on-screen keyboard. This Windows 7, 64 machine constantly will cycle the open window when I click on the on-screen keyboard, for example if I have a browser page open and need to enter a bit of text, I will mouse down to the application bar, click on-screen keyboard, which will popup, but instead of that same active browser window staying up (which it would seen obvious that's what I am working with) that window will minimize and another currently minimized window will now be maximized, and I will have to go digging around to re-maximize that window. It is completely random, It could be a windows explorer window, it could be a Windows photo-viewer window. This is extremely annoying and costs me much time and aggravation

A:unwanted behavior by on-screen keyboard, bug?

Hello Mike, sorry to hear about your situation. This may help:

Go to Control Panel, click Ease of Access
In Ease of Access Center tab click How Your Mouse Works
Then click Make The Mouse Easier To Use
There should be an option to Make It easier To Manage Windows
Uncheck the option to Activate The Window By Hovering...

I'm not at a Windows 7 computer right now so this is from memory and the wording may be slightly different. Please post back if this helped or not.

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Brand new x360 (have had it less than a week). Backlight used to come on with a key press and then go off after a few seconds of inactivity. Two days ago, while using the notebook, I heard a loud pop and the backlight was no longer working.  Now, I find that I can turn the backlight on and off using the f5 key, but only in that way.  The auto on and off behavior no longer functions. As far as I can tell, everything else is functioning properly. Any Ideas?

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I'm using old application named Jot Notes, developed for Windows in the 90s King Stairs Software.
It has worked flawlessly on all Windows versions through Windows 7.
On my specific Windows 8 laptop (Dell 3147) there is a serious issue.
When scrolling through a text note that is long, the keyboard repeat rate gets progressively slower as I advance through the note, so at the bottom
of the note, the repeat rate is very slow, for example when I hold down an arrow key to advance the note line by line the repeat rate is over 1-second.
A few key points. This issue doesn't happen in notepad, wordpad or MSword. Also, I tried an external USB keyboard and the problem still occurs. Interestingly, I tried a friend's Windows 8 laptop and this issue was absent (Jot Notes worked completely fine on my friend's Windows 8 lapop). I wonder if there is some Windows 8 setting that could be causing my issue. This is extremely annoying and I want to see if there is a way to troubleshoot and fix this issue. I would appreciate some guidance.

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Installed keyboard sometimes only types 5 or 6 letters then behaves as if the control key was held.  Any new key selected would jump to the shortcut if applicable.  If I then select the print shortcut and close the print window, I can type five more letters/numbers.  Sometimes I can type a whole sentence before it does this. I have replaced the HDD, reset the bios to default.  All drivers are up to date, and there are no viruses.  However I could not load the 2010 Bios update because of an admin lock.

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I?ve just installed windows 7 on my wife?s HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop, and she is reporting that her keyboard is behaving very erratically. She says that while she is typing the cursor will jump to another part of the page, highlighting some text, then erasing what was highlighted with her further typing. She is getting very frustrated, especially after I promised her a better user experience after upgrading to Windows 7.

I suspected at first that she may be inadvertently hitting the mousepad, but after more testing, I?ve confirmed that this is not causing the issue.

Does anyone have a clue as to what may be causing this?

A:erratic keyboard behavior after installing windows 7

Welcome to the forum

There can be many reasons for your problem. Here are a few as presented in the MS forum.

The cursor jumps erratically while typing regardless of program.

The reasons would be the same for Vista or Windows 7

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My Dell Inspiron Keyboard has been acting up for a month now. I ordered a new keyboard, received it today from FEDEX: Installed the new Keyboard; but the situation has not improved. I'll be typing an email...and the cursor jumps elsewhere on the screen...most times 2 or 3 lines about the current line.

Could this be a SOFTWARE Problem with VISTA ?

Help...this is so so frustrating.

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and I loaned it to my wife for a class in Visual Basic. Most of the time it works okay, but every once in a while the keyboard acts up and several of the keys don't work as they should such as the Backspace key or the Y key does not do anything when pressing those keys. So, I usually have to pull out a regular PS2 keyboard at that time and that keyboard works fine. I am suspecting that either one of the special key sequences was pressed by accident or the accessibility which I hate engaged itself somehow. Any ideas as to how to default it back to its original configuration?


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OK, I see there are a myraid of posts concerning this issue, but no fixes. Even the HP employee gave a link that does nothing and appears broken. I purchased and installed 8GB RAM and that didn't fix it. What a waste of money. And for HP to ignore all the posts about the problem is, frankly, disingenuine, reckless and bad business. There simply MUST be a fix or workaround for this.  IF I HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER, IT WILL NOT BE AN HP. Are you hearing me, HP? My statement says a lot. I have been computing for 21 years and only ever bought HP or Compaq. I use the computer for business and the state my computer is in currently is far from a shining example of streamlined productivity. Double, triple, quadruple clicking on single click stuff, no response clicking, clicks bring up multiple duplicate windows, click for new tab and 2 tabs pop up, insert or remove SD card nets low keyboard battery warning and on and on and on. What's going on? WHAT IS THE FIX? EDIT: as with most users, this all started with the Win10 upgrade last Fall.

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I have a Dell KM632 wireless keyboard/mouse set which I got second-hand.  (The specific keyboard model is KG-1089.)  This model does not have a Num Lock key.  Instead, whenever a numeral on the numeric keypad is pressed, if Num Lock is not already on, the keyboard sends a Num Lock code before sending the numeral's code.
However, the decimal point key on the numeric keypad does not work this way.  If Num Lock is not already on when this key is pressed, it works as a Delete key.  Once Num Lock has been turned on, the key works as a decimal point.
Is this the way this model of keyboard is supposed to work, or is my particular keyboard broken?

A:Behavior of decimal point key on KM632 wireless keyboard?

What exact PC model and version of Windows?
Is there a Num Lock option in BIOS setup that would automatically turn Num Lock ON at each reboot?

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Is it possible to put Windows 8 on a Toshiba NB305-106 (now there is the starter version of Windows 7 on it)?
If it's possible (but I'm afraid it isn't), do I have to do something before, so my mini is ready for that?
Thanks for your answer! :-)


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A:Windows 8 on a Toshiba NB305-106?

I use my NB520 with own Win7 version and it runs much better than with original starter version.
In my opinion this machine is not the best one for Win8 but you can try it.

All info about Win8 installation you can find on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8-message/
Check Toshiba Compatibility Matrix and Windows Compatibility Center. There you can find info about all supported models.

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Hello, thank you in advance for the community's assistance. I'm experiencing unusual behavior when trying to hold down keys or buttons. Specifically while playing a PC game. My issue is sporadic and doesn't apply to all keys, and persists despite switching out my accessories for backups lying around just to test and check.

My issue is when I hold down the ctrl key or specific buttons on my mouse, the game or my PC does not register them as holding the key, but rather just pressing it a single time. The issue doesn't apply to the primary rt click left click mouse buttons for example though, and only to these secondary buttons on the left side used primarily for back/forward web browser navigation.

The problematic buttons/keys are ones that I have customized in the keyboard customization via the in game options, which could play a large part in this. For example, I did not like a certain mapping for a function or action, and added ctrl as the secondary or primary button press for this action.

Wanted to see if there was something I could do in the control panel, or in one of the mouse / keyboard setting programs I have, as I don't see anything that jumps out to me in the game settings. Logitech mouse is controlled by those settings, keyboard is controlled by the Razer suite, but as I said I tried different accessories. Perhaps something is conflicting, or I activated a setting with an unintentional key combo and didn't notice. Apologies for the length, I try to provi... Read more

A:Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard

EDIT - posted on game forum as well, where other users identified the issue pretty quickly as they had the same problems.

Thanks for any considerations, but the matter has been resolved.

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Hi, I recently purchase a HP ENVY x360 - 15-u493cl laptop which came with Windows 10 preinstalled. I need to have it running Windows 7 for work related purposes. Taking help from other  members here I was able to successfully do a clean install of WIndows 7 on the laptop and have gotten most of the drivers. Currently I am having a problem with the laptop keyboard and touchpad. They work but act wierd. Whenver I type, a lot of the times, the cursor moves elswhere on the line or to a different line. Words/lines get selected in random. Wanted to know if anyone has seen this behavior before and have a resolution for it. I tried using a external keyboard and that works fine, so I know its got to be driver releated. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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My question is:

how can i reset the user's password if i don't have the USB flash drive or floppy disk required for this operation?

My model is:Toshiba NB305-106.Thank you.

A:NB305-106 - How to reset user password

Why you need USB flash drive or USB floppy drive to reset the User password?
The user password can be removed in BIOS

+What is a BIOS user password?+

If you don?t know the password, the Toshiba ASP can delete it.

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Hello Friends

What happens is that while the mother is presenting machine blue screen shot, and since this started since I did a BIOS update, the question is to update the BIOS for NB305 netbook, but it seems I'm wrong on the model already I noticed that the machine was a 442BL, may be able to place the correct BIOS for the machine to me no problem, or there will be some form of downgrading the BIOS of the machine to which I had before I give the problems, Greetings

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A:NB305-442BL - Problem with BIOS

To be honest I didn?t understand your problem.
Where have you bought this notebook model? Usually on Toshiba support page for this country you should be able to find right BIOS update.

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I have the netbook mentioned above running W7 Starter 32 bit.
With pretty much nothing installed other than a software I use to do taxes
U file is the name.
Since I am busy now and just for comfort I tried to work with an external keyboard and a Trackball mouse targus PAUM008 and of course I need a printer
I have three installed a Brother MFC-7440N an MF7220 and the default is a HP deskjet 460. ( all have drivers installed)
My problem is that I have one usb port on the left side of the netbook and two on the right, the ones on the right would not recognize any device and if I plug them on the left port they work! properly.
I been trying to disable the usb devices and rebooting with no success, I hope somebody can help me, thanks!

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I want to install Windows 10 on my netbook NB305-106 but I can't because the NX is not supported. How I can make NX supported ?

A:NX not supported on NB305-106 - Cannot install Windows 10

NX-Bit means “No eXecute” Bit and this is a CPU feature. This is the important requirement in order to be able to install the Windows 10 system and as far as I know if the CPU does not support the NX bit, the Win 10 installation would not be possible.

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i have formatted my hard disk and made partition in it to install new windows 7 professional now i cannot find the system recovery to go back to the factory setting status. Unfortunately i couldnt made the system recovery disk before installing the new windows.
please help me out.

A:how do i restore factory setting in my toshiba nb305

Since you didn't make your recovery discs first, then you will need to contact toshiba.


Of course,
If you have a Win 7 DVD with Win 7 Professional, then you could:
Make a 100% clean install of Win 7,
Update your Win 7
Go to Toshiba website to get driver updates unique to your computer.

Let us know which approach you will be taking.

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased this netbook for my aunt and I've spent the last two days trying to work out this one issue I'm having.


When pressing the Function key + F6 / F7 the brightness does the opposite to the key being pressed.

e.g. pressing Fn + F6 increases the brightness but according to Windows the brightness is being decreased ...
& pressing Fn + F7 decreases the brightness but according to Windows the brightness is being increased

I googled this and got the following thread:


I tried the above but for me this doesn't fix the issue :(

Please help me resolove this as my aunt requires the netbook on 27th November before she goes on holiday.

Thank you for your help in advanced.

PS: I've installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on it for her. It also has English US in the BIOS with a physical US keyboard ... she doesn't want to pay ?37 to get the UK keyboard which is fair enough.

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The bios and all drivers are up to date :)

A:NB305-N600 Fn F6 and F7 (brightness) working but wrong way around?

I guess this issue might be related to the graphic card driver.
Just to check if its really Intel GPU driver problem, I recommend you to uninstall the Intel graphic driver and to test the FN F6 / Fn F7 key combination.

In case the keys would work correctly, I would recommend you to check the driver version which was installed on your notebook.

The notebook seems to support the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 3150 and in case the driver from Toshiba driver page would not solve this issue, I would recommend you to check the driver from Intel page.

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I own mini notebook Toshiba NB305-10G which has one 1Gb of RAM installed. I would like to upgrade this to 2Gb. Where can I find list of supported memory providers and memory models which will work with this laptop ? As far as I know not all memory chips will work with this notebook. Is that true ?

Tomasz Piechowicz

A:NB305-10G - supported memory list needed

I?m afraid such list is not available but I;ve checked Kingston page and found compatible 2GB memory module for your notebook.

Please check it HERE .

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help! I just got a new Netbook and downloaded the XP Pro. I can't disable single-click on my touchpad and each time i brush past it clicks onto something and drives me crazy.
I have tried the Control Panel / Mouse but there seems to be nothing I can find to disable the click. My last XP laptop had a synaptics but my current netboook doesn't seem to have this.
thanks for all suggestions.

A:Toshiba NB305 XP Pro: Can't disable click on touch pad

Looks like you may need to download and install the synaptices driver
for your model from the toshiba website support section.
Enter your info here.......
To download the driver.
Once installed,it should show up in mouse properties.

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I was wondering if anyone could help.

Can anyone suggest a high capacity replacement for my original battery as fitted to my NB 305?

I have read conflicting sales blurb regarding 6 or 8 cell replacements and can't quite reach a definative answer.

Any help on the existence or merits of a high capacity replacement would be appreciated.


A:Re: NB305 - high capacity replacement for original battery


Recommend checking the NB305 specification sheet PDF

Here you can find the compatible parts and the battery is listed too.
It seems that you can use the Toshiba Primary High Capacity Li Ion Battery Pack
(6 cell), Silver part number: PA3734U-1BRS

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I have a laptop ( win xp home) that will boot up but the keyboard will not work , The mouse works but nothing else I reloaded the drivers for the keyboard but it still did not work . Any Ideas out there?? Thanks Joe


Welcome to TSG Joe! You've posted in the wrong forum and I've requested your thread be moved to the proper forum for a proper answer! Take care! angel

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A new fairly new HP laptop, and a couple of times recently when I leave it for a while and it goes into hibernation, when I come back to it everything opens fine and I can move around to where I want to go, but when I try to type, the keyboard is dead!! Nothing!! Screen is fine, mouse works, touch pad works but the keys are dead!! I've tried everything I know but it is simply dead!! Only thing I have found that will get it back into operation is to shut down and re-boot. This is time consuming and really aggravating!! I even tried a "System Restore" to date before it happened the first time. No help.

Any ideas on what causes this or how to prevent it will be appreciated. It's not consistent, so I hesitate to take it back to the store until I can reproduce it.


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I have the same problem as some others on this site. A brand new Spectre x 2, out of the box, and the keyboard won't work.  Mousepad is fine, I've got to the third screen in setup, and  I can't enter the network key, So, I skip it and then can't enter the computer name and password. I've tried turning it off and hitting esc when it restarts, but there's no setup screen. I've tried detaching and reattaching the screen but no difference. To say I'm unimpressed is an understatement. Hope someone can suggest a way forward.

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Hello, I would like to know if it is a hardware problem of the keyboard on my Acer AspireV5-571P, only some fkeys are working and the numpad enter iis working I already tried the following:
Reinstall keyboard drivers
Reboot computer
Remove battery
Windows actualisation
Tried with a live USBLinux and the keyboard isnt working in Linux too.

Is it a hardware or software problem? Thanks !

A:Keyboard is dead???

anything spilt on it

if not try an external keyboard and the windows on screen keyboard

control panel ease of access - on screen keyboard

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Hey, Just bought a new keybord, logitech g810. plugged i tin and it worked fine, downloaded logitech gaming software and it told mei needed to update the keyboard. Told me to unplug and replug the keyboard to start the update, but i did and nothing happened, and now its just dead. tired different usb ports with the old and the new keyboard and they are not broken, tried rebooting and tried to find the g810 in device manager but i cant find it.

Plase halp!

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Hello everyone, new here and hope I can get some help. Ive looked around here a bit and searched some but without much luck.

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m with windows XP (still under warranty) that has been very problematic.

The last few months have presented a whole slew of problems, so to keep it short i have reinstalled windows, started fresh and have used adaware, spybot and avg to get rid of a whole bunch of viruses and spyware.

Now, the keyboard won't work. It went from working, to spitting out dashes, equal signs and smilies and bringing up the help window for whatever program i am running, to simply nothing.

As far as i can tell all the software and drivers are up to date, and there appear to be no other problems

Its never been dropped, HOWEVER, a couple months ago (yes i know i sound like an idiot) i got a little big of orange juice on the keyboard...the start of the problems (many of which in the beginning i left out). Cleaning the keyboard seemed to work for some time, but recently its been acting up again.

during startup there is a lot of beeping, similar to what would result from a stuck key, but no keys appear to be stuck, and the computer seems to recognize the keyboard as fully functioning.

Any thoughts?

I hope I gave you all the info you need, and i appreciate any insight you can provide,
thanks in advance

A:dead keyboard

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First I will say that my desktop has an extended warranty.

The desktop was behaving fine last night, and this morning, the keyboard appears to be dead. No lights glowing on it. I don't recall the connection in the back if it is USB or ??

Could it be mechanical or should I try a System Restore to yesterday or ??

Just wondering where to start to fix this ASAP.

Thanks in advance for any replies

A:Dead keyboard?

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My wife was typing an e-mail on my son's computer and the keyboard just stopped working. I went through all the troubleshooting exercises and it still doesn't work Would a keyboard just crap out all of a sudden like that? I should probably mention that it is a laptop computer.

A:Keyboard Dead?

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While typing in works I inadvertently entered an unknown combination of keystrokes which totaly killed ally keys on the keyboard. I believe one of the keys was the alt key.

I have had this problem in the distant past, but do not recall the remedy.

any thoughts?


A:dead keyboard

shrgood said:

While typing in works I inadvertently entered an unknown combination of keystrokes which totaly killed ally keys on the keyboard. I believe one of the keys was the alt key.

I have had this problem in the distant past, but do not recall the remedy.

any thoughts?

ShrgoodClick to expand...

Pressing random keystrokes won't screw up a keyboard. In windows, certain keystrokes can turn on windows sticky keys. To turn this feature off ctrl+alt+shift keys, or go to the control panel in the accessabilities options and unclick sticky keys option.

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