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HD: Reliability Of Different Brands/Models ?

Q: HD: Reliability Of Different Brands/Models ?


Regarding a new 1 TB External HD.

There seem to be a zillion different reliability surveys out there.
You folks are the real experts, so let me ask here:

Is there any consensous as to which Brand and Model is considered "the best" regarding reliability for
an external 1 TB (or 1.5 TB perhaps) HD.

Really confusing knowing which to get.

My Seagate, with very minimal use, lasted only about 3 yrs.
Was only used for backing up, (once every week or two) and unplugged the rest of the time.
Quite disappointing.


Preferred Solution: HD: Reliability Of Different Brands/Models ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HD: Reliability Of Different Brands/Models ?

Yep, I have had bad luck with the last 2 Seagates I have bought, one was a 2TB and the other 3TB. The 2TB lasted about 14 months, the 3TB (both only used as a backup) only lasted about 8 months, then fried itself, yet I have 2 WD 1TB that have lasted with no probs for 3-4 years, and 1 has games installed on it.

Next week I am buying 2 new HDD's both WD a 3TB & 4TB, then 2 weeks later a Samsung 120GB 850 Evo, for my windows drive as I only use about 75GB as it is, all my other stuff is on other drives.

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Is there anything I should worry about when using two different brands of RAM? I have a gb of GEIL pc 3200 and was thinking of adding a gb of Corsair pc 3200.

A:Different RAM brands

why bother adding corsair? even if the corsair were better or faster it wont matter. ALL your ram will only run at the speed of the slowest module.

you would be better off just getting more geil.

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I have used Memorex DVD's for my movies and never had a problem.
3 out of the last 5 movies I made would hang up and stop.They were made from one stack of DVD's that I bought. Backing up and fast fowarding would get past the "bad spot" so to speak. This is what I am asking or don't understand. With the high RPM's that these discs turn how could a manufacture brand of a DVD cause a disc to hang up?

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Does it matter the brand of whether you have two different brands of memory as long as they are the same speed?

A:Can you have two different brands of RAM

no it doesnt matter if they are two diffferent brand name ram, as long as they;'re the same speed

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I currently have 2x2GB of: http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php...GFfhk7GScEqL4PE7PeEPMfA0bympIwND2kpjXn+RZ5y88
I was wondering if I buy the ram under this, will it be fine since there same clock speeds? I couldnt find my ram on newegg or I woulda posted it from that.
Thanks ahead of time!

A:Different Ram Brands - Need a yes or no!

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I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to the best brands of cd-r's or dvd-r's or which brands to avoid, or if it matters at all.


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Quick question for everyone!
What do you people think of specific Laptop brands?
I'm sort of down to either a Toshiba, Dell or Acer. The Acer is ~2/3rds the price of the Dell or Toshiba, but I generally have thought of Acer (or am I mixing it up with Asus?) as a second tier brand.

Any thoughts/Comments??

A:Laptop Brands

correction ADVENT is the name I meant not asus

Advent would be a make i would avoid, as in UK was only available via dixons group (and people who have had them , all had problems , but thats only 3 examples)

all other brands i have found OK

Sony, HP ,Fujitsu are also good (although sony can be expensive for what you get)

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I have read there is such a thing as 'cheap' memory ram
for a computer,sometimes called 'value ram'.

is this accurate?

Also i am deciding between buying Kbyte and PNY brand
computer ram. Is one brand better than the other? Both
are on sale locally

A:Computer Ram Brands All The Same?

Yes there is cheap ram. It is not always compatible with the motherbiard. Most name brand ram has a lifetime guarantee which makes it a better buy also. PNY is good ram, never used the other. I have gotten ram online from crucial.com and it is good also.

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can anyone recommend a good brand that makes PSU's?

A:good PSU brands

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Does the latest version of firefox or another browser ; have an accelerator i can use to speed things up and is it noticable and how do i get it and use it - thanks

A:Fire Fox or Other brands

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I realize this may be an odd question to ask here, but I can't seem to get any answer out of Dell themselves, so thought that maybe real-world users might be able to shed some light.

I am considering a Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition with a 256GB SSD but cannot get any info on who is likely to have made it/what brand it will be. I need to decide if I should get it included, or opt for a cheaper version and get my own SSD from a 3rd party sine there are some big differences in performance and specs etc. I'd rather not have to go an re-install my OS mind you, but would like to be sure that Dell is using a good top of the line SSD.

Anyone out here using this machine and can tell me?

Many thanks.

A:Which brands does Dell use for its SSD's

We order a lot of Dell laptops not XPS in particular but i have mostly seen Samsung and a few Intel SSDs in the 80 laptops we have ordered so far for our users.

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I have an Evga 7900GT CO but havent been able to find another one for SLI. So I got a Gigabyte 7900GT. It doesnt work. When SLI is enabled its BSOD galore. I was just wondering if I missed something because you're supposed to be able to use different brands with nVidia drivers 80.** and above. I know I can flash the BIOS of one of the cards but I dont want to void the warranty.

A:Anyone have SLI but cards are different brands?

The clock speeds differ, the eVGA is overclocked, that might be the problem.

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I am planning to upgrade my PC RAM. I currently have a 2 GB RAM. Details below

Can i add a crossair RAM with 1333 Hz?

A:Can i Mix RAMs with different Brands?

Quote: Originally Posted by Ijas619


Hey there Ijas619

What's the specific memory unit that you have in mind.
Typically you shouldn't have any issues using different branded RAM sticks as long as they run on the same voltage, same clock speed (frequency) and fit in the DIMM slots.

You can easily check with the motherboard's manual if the desired memory is compatible with it or not. Though it is not really recommended to have different memory units in the DIMM slots you should be able to run your computer.


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List the best and worst brands for each product

Graphics Cards
Optical Drives
Input Devices

A:Best/Worst Brands

Mob anf graphic cards has to be BFG. Brillianr products, and the stock overclockng is great- can also recommend the warranty. Any prob, they replace - from reporting problem to new GPU was 6 days for me, pretty damn good!

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I have 2 x 2GB of RAM and 2 x 4GB of ram, both different brands, can I mix them?
Here are the serials and stuff, I realize if ones a slower speed it will make them all run that speed but would it be beneficial with the larger amount of RAM?
Kingston 2x2GB 2RX8 PC3-10600U-9-10-80
S/N KN2GB0700211900F949200

2x4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 -1600 Dual Channel
S/N (I think) KHX1600C9D3K2
Hopefully I gave the information needed, thanks for any help

A:Mixing different brands of RAM?

The only true answer is that you can try it and see what your results are. In many system upgrades I've performed, it occurs quite frequently that RAM comes from different vendors. Sometimes its the RAM that doesn't play nice together, sometimes it's the mainboard that doesn't allow it, but most of the time correctly selected RAM works just fine. You can increase the chances of success by ensuring that all RAM shares the same timing. If both types of RAM are "certified" for the mainboard being used, there is a good chance they will work together.

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Whats the best brand for memory? Im looking for 2gb DDR Dual Channel

A:Memory Brands

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I am a consumer in the market for a new computer. I do a lot of graphics and a lot of multitasking so I need a good video card, a ton of RAM, and a fast processor. I have a lot of graphics on my computer for the originals so I can alter them later. Yes, it is a Star Trek fan site and is on my personal profile. I currently have a 160 GB hard drive which doesn't even come close to my needs. I cut down on the files and the programs, but it's still over half full.

I would like other things like RAM, the CPU, and the OS to be updated too. (Right now I'm running WinXP). The computer is over 5 years old, was top of the line at the time, and is still in good shape but not really all that practical for what I use it for.

However, the brands have me confused. I have been told by some that Intel is preferable to AMD, while others told me it was the other way around. I have been told by some computer repairmen that Dell and HP are still good brands, but told by others that their hardware fails more often and Asus or Acer would be a better choice. Then still others warn me about those brands.

I would like the opinions of people who work with or have a newer computer (sold in the last 18 months) so as to get a feel for the current climate as far as brands go.

Thank you very much in advance.

A:Brands: Good and Bad?

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I have a Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L 775 v1.3. Windows 7 X64 Quad Core Processor

My issue is im trying to mix these two rams and whenever I do sometimes I get a blue screen physical memory dump..sometimes it takes 15-30 mins sometimes it does it right b4 windoes loads..I dont know if i have to overclock anything..but the specs on both brand of ram are the same



A:Mixing Two Brands of Ram

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I'm considering purchasing a 24x CD burner. I know Plextor is a great name. I'm also considering the new Sony (24x 10x 40x, model CRX175A2).

There are no reviews on the Sony that I can find. Their web site (http://www.sonystyle.com/vaio/storage/crx175a1c1.shtml) says it uses their Power Burn Technology which "eliminates" buffer underruns. (The Plextor comes with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator 5 and DirectCD, while the Sony comes with B's Recorder Gold and with with B's Clip for packets).

Is the Sony probably as good or better than the Plextor?

Is 24x writing established enough by now to be practical and reliable, or do errors tend to offset the time saved in burning? Does Sony's representation that it "eliminates" underrun erros seem plausible? Will the writing process usually flag me on its own if there's a recording error? Besides a potentially noticable slowdown, is it practical to do multitasking while burning at 24X? (I'll only use CD-Rs. I have a 600mhz P-III with 128MB RAM.)

How advisable/necessary is it to obtain "24x" or higher media? I'm looking at some "no-name" (well, "Spin-X" if that's a "name", at Office Depot) CD-Rs that say they're 700MB, 80 min, and "32X" compatable. Is that all I need to know to know they're able to write at 24x?


A:Brands of 24x CD writers

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Can anyone help me out here?
I'm looking for processor brands. I've searched Google and that's helped me out, but there is one that starts with a E and I cannot find them, does anybody have a long list of processor brands/manufacturers on hand? I got AMD, Cyrix, Intel, Motorola, and IBM.


A:Processor Brands

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Say that I get an XFX 7900GS soon. Then, later on when new stuff comes out and prices drop, I decide to get another 7900GS. But - what if, for example, there are no more XFX 7900GS's to be found, but there are EVGA's? Would I be able to get that and then SLI the two, even though they are from diff. manufacturers?

Also, what about models? If I get a model-A 7900GS and then a model-B 7900GS from the same manufacturer, will it work (XFX has like a thousand 7900GS's, no idea why....)? And, if they are diff. companies AND with different clocks (for example, XFX's normal 450mhz and EVGA's F-OCed 500Mhz)?

Thanks in advance!

A:SLI'ing different brands, but the same chips?

This hapened to me over the summer. I had a 7900GT and couldnt find one to match it so I tried 2 other brands and they didnt work together. Even though the cards have the same chip, different brands use different BIOS,s. I had to sell my card on Ebay and then buy a matched set for SLI. According to nVidia using different brands is supposed to work.

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I am trying to trouble shoot a very pesky FIC VC11 motherboard that will not accept drivers. Tech support finally called me back and (among other things) gave me a list of RAM brands that should be used on their boards, as other brands would cause difficulties with their boards. The RAM I am using...consequentyly the ram that CAME with the motherboard kit was not on their list of acceptable brands. I am using PNY ram btw. Would that make such a big differance? I was under the impression that PNY was good ram (that and Premium) This tech rep said that those two brands are crap and I shouldn't use them.


A:RAM Brands on different motherboards

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My video editing software renders much faster with compatible GPUs. I recently upgraded to a nVidia GTX 560 Ti which improved rendering 16%. I've like using two monitors but the second monitor drags down rendering performance of what it could be. I was wondering if using my old GIGABYTE Radeon HD 5670 as a second GPU would cause issues? This would not be a SLI setup, just one GPU for each monitor.

A:Using 2 monitors with 1 GPU. OK to use different 2 GPU brands for each

Anyone know if this is OK to do?

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Can anyone recommend any TV tuners on the market other than ATI. I just want to know if i have any selection before i put any money down.



A:TV Tuner - brands other than ATI

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I am not looking to buy anytime soon. I was just wondering what people's
experiences were with costumer support, warranties, etc... for different video card brands.
I am mainly wondering about:
(over $100, current generation GPUs)

I realize it is a long list, but what ever info you have would be appreciated.
Thank You :wave:

A:Feedback on GPU brands

IMO the companies go like this
XFX has the best warranty if you register your card
Evga has a great warranty and there 90 day stepup program lets you step up to a better card in that 90 days for the difference in price.
Msi has great products and there overclocking software is amazing
Sapphire is a well know good brand and only makes AMD cards
ASUS are good cards i have a 4850 that is this brand nothing bad to report also a well known motherboard manufacturer
Gigabyte dont know about there cards but there motherboards are top notch
Palit no bad but not the best IMO but they have one of the fastest gtx 460 cards available

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Could someone please let me know exact brand, type and may be Lenovo's part number of SSD drives mentioned in P51 configuration page:1. 512GB SSD PCIe MLC OPAL22. 1TB SSD PCIe TLC OPAL2 I need to check their specs before I make my decision to buy one.Thanks

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Im looking for an SSD, At least 60Gb, mainly just for the OS because i heard it speeds up your computer, Are there any recommended brands for SSD's that you guys would be willing to share? Thanks.

A:Good SSD Brands to buy?

Samsung, Intel, and Crucial; any of them. I have an Intel. If I were buying tomorrow, I'd probably get a Samsung.

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I want to know what brand of laptops people feel/find are the best priced, reliable and maybe good customer after support?

Also over the threads I have read many post's people have said.
"Avoid Sony, Compaq, Alienware if you want reliability."
"and buy only HP,lenovo,Toshiba,Asus,MSI. Avoid acer and vaios at all costs".

I have pretty much always liked Vaio's, maybe I am wrong? I also thought Acer was good. Could anyone who feels Sony and Acer are not good brand please explain?

I am asking as I am in the process of either repairing my 5 year old Vaio or buying a new laptop

A:Laptop Brands?

Depends upon your intended use.
All laptops will fail sooner or later. It is difficult to know when, and sometimes it is difficult to pay for the parts that are needed...
Lenovo's are generally the most reliable found in our shop...
But if your intended use is as a gamer, you do not want a Lenovo.
I would buy almost any laptop that met my specs, and had at least a three year warranty available.
In our repair shops, Sony VAIO and Alienware are the most difficult and expensive for replacing parts. Alienware has a very poor record.
With HP, Compaq, Gateway, and Toshiba, the warranty says it all.
I would not buy a laptop that is not in the upper third of the price range... but I know that is difficult for most users.
I would not want a laptop that has only a one year warranty with no upgrade, as the monitor is likely to fail early.
On most laptops. the hard drive and memory are good and all are about the same for long life. But those other components can be problems... costly ones.
We own Dell inspirons, Dell Latitudes, Gateway, HP, Compaq, and Lenovo. We need them for our rental business and as temporary replacements while we are repairing failed laptops. But we have learned from long and bitter experience to avoid Sony, Alienware, Asus, and no-name brands...
Of course, many other users have mileage that differs.

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I have two 512 sticks of sdr. One is Spectek and the other is not(dont know). I just had my comp redone with new case, CPU(Athlon XP 2400), XP Home, AK73 PRO (A) mb.

After about 10 minutes of gaming it will shut off and say "You may have a problem with your memory". So I tried with just one stick and it only worked with the Spectek. My computer guy says it needs to be the same brand. because the new CPUs are bitchy about that.
Does this sound right? If so Where is a good place to buy Spectek 512mb srdram?

A:Two brands of ram conflicting

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I was just wanting some opinions on what the best laptop brands are?

A:Laptop Brands

I had a HP computer once, it was terrible. Within a year almost every piece of hardware broke. I then turned to Acer, they have great Computers/Laptops. I would recommend Acer.

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What have you had the best success with in terms of brands of DVD and CD media and where is the best place to buy them online?

A:What is the best media (DVD/CD) brands and where do you buy them?

I've never had a problem burning any brand of cd.
But dvds are another story. Buy name brands (Sony, Maxell, Fuji, etc.) that are made in Japan, not Taiwan. They should be Taiyo Yuden discs, which are cinsidered by most (in the know), to be the best. Or, you can go to supermediastore.com, and buy Taiyo Yuden brand.
About the only exception to the "Japan" rule, is with Verbatims. They are considered to be #2.
Good luck!

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Ok so I bought myself a computer for christmas and the girlfriend wants gift ideas ideas and I was thinking of an extra gig of ram or something.

I'm not sure the brand of the ram I'm getting but I know it's pc5300 667mhz.

I know some ram is better than other ram with regards to timings and all that but is it a good idea to buy a rnadom gig of ram in the same speed to add to my existing 2?

A:Mixing different brands of ram?

If the mobo is asus then mixing ram brands is a nightmare, if it's another make you may be ok.

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I've read, several times, that the quality of the DVDs/CDs is important (and can prevent some of the errors we have when burning them.

In that regard, which brands are considered 'generic' and which are considered 'brand'?

Sony (Brand)
HP (Brand)
Office Depot
.....any others that you know/recommend.

Also, if price is of concern, do you have any recommendations other than Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

Thanks in advance!

A:DVD / CD - Which brands are 'generic'? Where do you buy?

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i suppose this is more of an opinion.

i was just wondering how the different computer brands stack up to each other in terms of reliability. just take each of them as an all-in-one type of computer and see how they stack up ya know.

right now im using an acer and ive had it for about 3 years and its maybe 5 years old since it was made. or something along that line.

my sisters have both had gateway computers and those lasted about 2 years before they completely got destroyed. personal opinion is: gateway hardware is terrible.

my friend had a dell computer which lasted him about 2 or 3 years, broke down completely trying to upgrade the computer. personal opinion: dell isnt any better.

i mean ive had my acer for about 4 years or so, and its still running very smooth and ive had no problems once i formatted the hard drive.

i understand that brand names are just a bunch of parts from companies with a logo, but i gotta admit some companies do their computers wrong.

of course i understand there are many types around so what do you guys think?

if you want to put them in a list and say why next to them that would be the quickest way i suppose, if you have had experience with multiple types

A:how do the brands stack up?

In my personal experience, and my own humble opinion:

Laptops I would buy: ACER and Toshiba - both brands seem to be solid and reliable.

Laptops I would not buy: HP, Dell - too many horror stories heard, and my company has had to replace a number of HP and Dell lappies that have just broken for no reason.

As for desktops, I might consider an ACER, but prefer a self build. You get more bang for the buck that way.

As for buying a brand name desktop...

HP - poor build quality, failure prone, locked BIOS. As an example, I have an HP test machine in my lab for running various testing programs. In the past year, the following items have failed on that machine:

- Motherboard graphics - had to put in discrete card
- All front USB ports (at the motherboard connector - these were never used)
- DVD burner
- Front card bay reader
- One RAM stick
- One serial port
- Front audio connector at the motherboard - rear still works
- Rear exhaust fan

Maybe I just got a lemon, but this is only from day to day operation, 24/7 in an air conditioned environment. The IBM ThinkCentre that sits beside it is still chugging away. Dunno...

Gateway - Some fellow employees purchased some on a volume buy through work. A number of hardware problems were seen, but Gateway was good in taking care of them right away. That was a few years ago, but if the customer service is still the same, and the price was good. Who knows?

Dell - Well, read some of the Dell hardware comments on this forum.

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I want to get another card but Tigerdirect is the only place that still sells my card and they want $220 for it. Thats $20 more than I paid originally. Does SLI still need both cards to be the same brand? I tried mixing 7900GTs a few years ago and it was a bust. There are some really good deals on 256mb 8800GTs now. Thanks

A:Has anyone mixed brands for SLI?

I believe it will work, I think they only need to share the same chip set in order to use SLi. You do mean like an EVGA with a BFG for example?

How about buying from newegg, it will be cheaper and you will be able to get the identical card.


This is prob the one you have but the memory clock is faster, I can't find a 650/1800 T_T


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Anyone recommend a brand of motherboard they usually go with, AMD AM3 that support amd phenom II x6 cpus? I was looking at this ASrock 870 extreme3 I hear people with good reviews but not very great at O.Cing but I like Japanese made Items that's probably why im siding with them and its only 99-109 bucks thats really my budget probably buy something better in the future but any economic boards out there good for money because im not cheaping out on the PSU so yeah..

A:Anyone recommend brands of motherboard

I usually stick with Asus and Gigabyte motherboards. Been quite happy with both brands.

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have a computer connected to the net with a wireless g adapter/belkin & am using a belkin wireless g router for the main computer, but the router is getting old & when i unplug or whatever to move my setup, it's a real deal to get the router to see my computer etc, so was wanting to upgrade the router to say a trendnet tew-639gr. will i be able 2 connect the pc with the adapter with the new router? when i config the adapter it uses a passphrase i input from the main router, so that's my ? Thx

A:Solved: crossing brands

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I am looking for a good brand of Recordable Media for my computer.

I was just wondering what some good and reliable brands are for CD's and DVD's. It can be R or RW. Thanks for the help!

A:Brands of Recordable Media

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I have a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 5447 series service tag (S/N):226Z602

These computers have 2 RAM slots of 8 GB each, one which already has a Dell brand 8 GB. (or the brand that came with the computer)

Can i place in the other slot another 8 GB RAM Card from another brand, or I have to place the same brand in the 2 slots?


A:Ram Memory upgrading 8 to 16 can be different brands>

In general, yes you can mix brands, but sometimes it doesn't work even if you match other aspects of the memory modules (such as speed, CL timings, etc.), and unfortunately there isn't always a way to predict whether a specific combination will work.  However, one thing you can try doing is using Crucial.com's Memory Selector Tool, since it will allow you to specify your laptop model and then display modules that are expected to work.  Of course this will only show Crucial brand memory, but in my experience, I've found that this Crucial's recommendations are very reliable, so it should improve the likelihood that the new module you buy will work.

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At the moment, I've got two 512mb RAM sticks together in dual channel. One is just plain OEM ram, while the other is kingston hyperx. This gave me problems at the start, but these dissappeared when the sticks were switched around for some reason. Anyway, my question: I'm thinking of buying two more 512mb pc3200 ddr sticks, preferably of kingston. Maybe hyperx, but maybe not. I'm wondering if having another model(/brand?) of RAM can give me additional problems? the other two are working fine now, and the two new sticks would be from the same model. Or would two more hyperx models give me better results? or would it be better to sell the ram I have, and go for either 2x1GB sticks or 4x512mb sticks, all of the same brand and model?

thanks for the feedback


A:Different brands of RAM together in dual channel?

branding is of little consequence (other than the obvious quality issue),
but make dead sure you get exact match for the M/B you're running

dual channel doesn't mix well with single, and different speeds is a mess.

match the specs and you'll do fine

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This is what I have

XFX nForce 750a Motherboard

8 Gig of DDR2 ram

AMD quad core CPU.

And windoze vista Home Premium 64 bit....

Vista has caused more problems than any previous version I have had, and I started to windows 3.0.

This MB does not support Linux. GParted cannot find any volumes.

I built this from a bare bones kit, plus other toys I thought I needed.

How much trouble is it going to be to replace the MB with something that I can dual boot from?

Thanks, I appreciate the knowledge.

A:Swapping out motherboards for different brands

I don't think there is any reason to change your motherboard...i doubt its a motherboard problem with gparted.

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Basically i'm doing some research on brandnames. All you have to do is submit your vote/s but it would be appreciated if you can provide a reason for liking that brand. Please dont say which ones you don't like since I will make a thread on that also.

This is PART 1 because I can only post 10 poll options at a time and there are almost 30 well known brands.Please note that these are in alphabetical order. If you take the time to vote on this Poll, also please take the time to vote on PART 2 and PART 3 .



A:Motherboards: Which brands do you like? (PART 1)

Voted for 2 here. Abit and Asus.
I was using an Abit NF7-S for about 14 months. I have to say, it was fast and sooooo overclockable. On the downside tho, the bios was a little complex for the level of overclocking experience i was at at the time.

It was a good, reliable, robust, and cheap mobo (it was only 37 brand new) and the one and only reason i don't still use it is that i have now gone to 64bit.

My second vote was Asus as i am using a K8V-X right now. It has never let me down so far. I was a bit skeptical of it to start with because of its via chipset, but i have to say its given me no problems recently. It belonged to a friend before i had it and he did have problems with it. He gave me the board, processor and ram. It bsoded on me a couple of times then asus released some new drivers and a bios update and its been fine ever since.

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Basically i'm doing some research on brandnames. All you have to do is submit your vote/s but it would be appreciated if you can provide a reason for liking that brand. Please dont say which ones you don't like since I will make a thread on that also.

This is PART 2 because I can only post 10 poll options at a time and there are almost 30 well known brands. Please note that these are in alphabetical order. If you take the time to vote on this Poll, also please take the time to vote on PART 1 and PART 3.



A:Motherboards: Which brands do you like? (PART 2)

Gigabyte... i've never had a single prob with them, and the Easytune program is a real help for monitoring and quick tweaking

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hey guys, im looking at buying a new pc and monitor. i have found a package that looks quite good with all decent brand components(intel, asus, gigabyte, etc). with the package i have a choice of 3 different monitors from 3 different brands. the brands are CMV, AOC and ProView. ive had a bit of a look around the net and have found that most people who have had proview monitors...havent been happy with them. and ive found a bit of info telling me that aoc monitors are quite good value.

i was just wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with these brands or if any of you could please help me sort the good from the bad. unfortunately i dont have any model numbers for the specific monitors they are selling (im waiting for an email back to tell me). but they are 22 inch LCD monitors.

any help is much appreciated.

thank you.

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Basically i'm doing some research on brandnames. All you have to do is submit your vote/s but it would be appreciated if you can provide a reason for you liking this brand. Please dont say which ones you don't like since I will make a thread on that also.

This is PART 3 because I can only post 10 poll options at a time and there are almost 30 well known brands. Please note that these are in alphabetical order. If you take the time to vote on this Poll, also please take the time to vote on PART 1 and PART 2.



A:Motherboards: Which brands do you like? (PART 3)

I voted for Msi in this part because i used to have a 754ultra.
The reason i got rid of it was because of only being agp x4.
That poor 'ol board took a whole load of punishment from me from when i was learning about overclocking, i crashed it many a time and cooked it a bit. It never failed to restart even once. I also shorted it out a couple of times while experimenting. That board was damn near bullet proof.

I sold it to a friend about 2 years ago and he is still using it today.

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XFX Radeon HD 5830 1GB PCIe DDR5
EVGA 896-P3-1170-AR GeForce GTX 275 896MB

Can this be done? I have no experience with Sli, so any information will be helpful.

(maybe I am thinking of crossfire? ...not sure)

A:SLI with two different brands of video cards

No, this will not work, unless you have a Lucid Hydra motherboard, which you don't.

If you want you can use the gtx 275 for PhysX, which will help out in some games

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