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NFC antenna for X240

Q: NFC antenna for X240

I would like to add NFC Module to my X240 20AL which originally does not have NFC on it.I found "04W3800 Foxconn 20792S NFC module without antenna" in the FRU list, but as it says, it is "without antenna". And I can't find any FRU for NFC antenna.Does this module needs an antenna to be purchased seperately. or it works fine if I just purchase the module 04W3800 and install it?

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Preferred Solution: NFC antenna for X240

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I'm looking for an external antenna for my Motorola V60t phone. I want to boost the signal inside my home. Currently, I get 2-3 bars when I'm inside and 5 bars when I'm outside. I'm looking to purchase online. Anyone have any suggestion as to where I should go and what brand to buy? My budget is $100. I just want a reliable antenna with a good return policy.

A:I need antenna

When I first read that thread topic I thought... Woah... that dude has issues.... !

But that's actually a very good question.

I am afraid I don't know the answer but I am sure another of our good members does....

Sorry for sarcasm...

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I have a tv tuner connected to my pc and have my outdoor antenna connected by means of a 50' coax cable.

I would like to eliminate the cable and connect to an indoor antenna.

Tried one this morning that I bought at Walmart and even though Media Center said I had signals, none came through.

Is there a decent one available for $50 or so? ( one that is consistent).



A:Indoor Antenna

What kind of construction is your house? How good is the signal strength of the TV stations you are trying to receive. Are there any buildings in the line of sight between you and the TV transmitting towers? I live in a mobile home and, because of the aluminum siding, aluminum blinds, and buildings and trees in the area, there is no way I can get a decent TV signal inside the house, no matter what kind of antenna is used inside; a roof mounted antenna is a must. I have to open the blinds to a window and stand by it just to get one or two bars on my cell phone.

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dear fellow IT experts
i am looking to increase my wifi range by buying a few aerial. what will fit my netgear wpn311 wifi card. also which is teh best for range as i hear parabolic are good but they are expensive. i found this site with antenna's on it. any clues as to which is the best?


cheers everyone

A:Wifi antenna

They appear to have the standard reverse-SMA connector, so I suspect all of them are compatible. If you have a point-to-point situation, the directional antenna with the highest gain is the best choice. It doesn't matter what the style is, it's the gain that determines the amount of improvement in signal strength.

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I have an antenna that came with the computer, but do not see a place to connect it. The end is just 2 wires and the computer only has places to plug in. I am able to get on the Internet for less than a minute so I'm hoping the antenna will help keep it connected. My husbands laptop has no problem staying connected & our phones don't have issues.

A:Antenna connection

This circa 2006 HP m7480n had an internal Wifi card of the b/g nature.  It would be limited to 50Mbs. The internal card has 2 circular tabs that connect the antenna leads.  Just connect the antenna and route the cable internally.  It should have a sticky tab to adhere the other end to the inside of the case.  Here is a typical NIC card, abeit b/g/n. 

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I recently moved to a new house (about 2 blocks from my old house) and am unable to get high speed internet because of no cable access and phone lines are not good enough. So far the only high speed internet I can get is satellite.

I brought my laptop to my new house and was able to find serveral networks some unsecured, but not able to connect to them because of signal strength.

My question.
Can I purchase an outdoor antenna and boost my signal strength to connect to these networks. What I would like to do is mount an antenna outdoors, have it connected to my desktop and use a router for my laptop. Basically free internet. Is this possible?
If so, please explain in detail what I need to buy and how to set it up.
thanks in advance.

A:Outdoor antenna????

Content removed.

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Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, but i need your help again

my sisters laptops wireless antenna used to turn on automatically, after a few updates and whatnot, i need to press fn+f2 every time i boot, granted it's not much of a problem,but i believe i just need to add a program to the start up list and the problem is sorted...any idea what program i need to add?

the laptop is a Asus k50c, with windows 7 on it

Thanks in advanced

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Quick question.Is T60`s antenna ( 2 pieces )the same for standart and wide screen ? I know that lenovo gives  different FRU # but they do the same with all other parts which are exactly the same like cooling fans...and wifi adapters .Thank you . 

T60p Frankenpad

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I've got a d-lnk dsl - g604t router. I've had an etheret over mains adaptor twice, but both of them stopped working within a month for no reason so now i'm on wireless (PCI 802.11g). The signal is pretty weak most of the time and sometimes, like today, the network hasn't been detected at all (over 5+ hours). I was thinking of using a high-gain antenna to help this but i dont know if any are compatible with my router. It uses a sma connection, but all the antenna's i've found have been lynksis which i'm not sure will work http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_Product_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1115416829339&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=2933939789B63 that's an example.

Does anyone know if there's an antenna that will work for me or could you maybe offer a suggestion to what could be wrong with the ethernet over mains connection.
here's what it was like before, but now pc2 is on wireless.


A:hi-gain antenna

Almost all of the antennas have an SMA connection. I have an SMC, D-Link, and Hawking hi-gain antenna, all of them have the same connector.

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I have a used desktop optiplex 980 with a missing wifi antenna. what is that antenna and what does it do. What is its price?

A:The Wifi antenna

RU297 is the antenna. 

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8181 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 459487 MB, Free - 355292 MB; D: Total - 17147 MB, Free - 2792 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 95 MB; G: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 48769 MB; H: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 351610 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 7001, 35.35, CNF01314MZ
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Disabled

I have been reading hundreds of posts (figuratively speaking) and I cannot find my problem listed. The configuration is a wired internet connection going to a modem then a router. From the router it goes to a couple desktops and an external antenna (Luxul circular polarity non line of sight) which signals to another of the same antennas with almost a 1 mile distance between the two. From there I have tried another modem, a router... I am at my wits end trying to get the signal to reach receiving antenna. I tried to configure the IP and Subnet Mask, SSID I think... what am I missing to get this connection to work. Both locations are mine and I want to extend it to the other building on my property. Do I need POE, a switch, repeater or anything else to get this to work? Am I supposed to configure the routers to talk to each other? I can't use netstumbler because I have no signal, I can't even... Read more

A:No antenna signal

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Can anyone help me find a replacement antenna for a WAG54G? I've tried just about evrywhere, even ebay dont have any listed

A:WAG54G Antenna

it seems to be a standard antennae for all lynksys routers

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I need a replacement for the WiFi antenna that screws into the card in my HP Computer.

I note two similar antennas, one rated at 5 decibel gain vs. 8 decibel gain. In there any benefit for the higher decibel gain for WiFi basically reception and some upload (i.e. email). The building that I live in has WiFI Routers.

A:WiFi Antenna

have a read here

is there much difference in price?

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I don't know if this is an appropriate subject for this forum?

At one time I had a hardware filter that allowed the 60 cycle wiring in a house to be used as an antenna to a TV (this was back in the OLD DAYS when rabbit ears were used). I'm only interested in picking up local channels. I am geographically situated such that it should work well. Is such a filter now available that, of course, will provide voltage isolation as well?


A:TV Antenna Filter

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Good day!i am planning to extend my wifi signal so that it can reach to my mothers house.which wifi antenna should i use?a biquad or yagi antenna..the distance is less than 500 meters away but there are 2 buildings in the line of site.

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Just got my new m910 desktop.  Among the parts is a "dipole blade antenna."  What's it for and where does it go?  I don't see it shown in the meager documentation that came with the desktop.  TIA.

A:What is the dipole antenna for and where does it go?

Dipole antennas are often used for WiFi. 

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On my new acer laptop with Vista installed, for some reason lately when i boot up, it give me an empower technology window that says " you are connection to the internet... are you sure you want to close the antenna?" I didn't ask it to shut down the antenna so why is it continuously asking me this question when i boot up? any ideas?

A:Antenna on Visa

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I have a Dell E1705 laptop with Intel's Pro wireless built in Wifi card...The signal I receive is poor to none. Is there some magic way of adding an antenna to boost the incoming signal? If not what would be an answer...? Do they make express port card or is some kind of usb less expensive

A:Need to add wifi antenna

I doubt you'll add an internal antenna. If you feel the need, you probably want to consider either a ExpressCard or USB adapter with provisions for an external antenna.

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I'm looking for a better antenna system for my D-Link DI-624 router and D-Link WIFI PCI card.

Perhaps it would be best to improve the antenna on the PC, not the router, since I don't really want to broadcast my WIFI signal outside of the house (I am using standard 128 bit encryption).

Perhaps a directional antenna is what I need.

Can anyone suggest one?



A:Better WiFi antenna?


Mine works well. It still won't shoot through thick concrete, brick, or steel walls, but in a regularly constructed house, it is a good improvement.

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The wifi antenna button on my keyboard (aka F12) is supposed to turn the wifi antenna on or off.  It has done that successfully for a couple of years.  It now turns that airplane mode on or off.  I haven't been able to turn on my wifi since that happened.  I can't turn the wifi on with the sliding switch either.  This may have happened when I upgraded to Windows 10, but I am not sure.  There was about a month between the upgrade and the next time that I tried to use wifi.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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Here we go. Daughter uses a desktop running Windows 98 and I have an HP laptop running Windows XP home. The desktop is about 6 years old and has been updated to 256K memory. DSL is working great! Very fast. The problem is that my daughter and I have to plug and unplug the cable from each others computer when we want to be online. I got an SMC2755W wireless router (802.11a wireless access point) to try to solve the problem. I don't have my PCMCIA card yet (Proxim Harmony802.11a CardBus) but anticipate no problems using it with the laptop. This leaves my daughters desktop without online capability. I am looking for an antenna that I can plug in the back of the desktop so she can access the internet. I am having a hard time locating an antenna that operates in the 5GHz spectrum and compatible with Win98. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:DSL, WAP, external antenna's

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I am looking for suggestion for a hi-gain antenna that might work with my Netgear WGR614 V4 as I need more signal strenght in my familyroom.

I will take other suggestions to improve this as well

Thanks in advance.


A:Hi-gain antenna

Check out this thread.http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?p=2890535
Here is the link.

Good luck.

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I have a Yoga 2 Pro. The wireless card has periodically failed. Replacing it fixed the problem. Looking on forums, perhaps I just needed to reseat it, but that's beside the point.  Last time I was replacing it, I damaged the miniature RF coax connector on the black and white wires coming into the card. I'd like to buy a replacement, but I can't find an appropriate SKU or product number. On most Lenovo laptops, that's part of the antenna. The Yoga 2 Pro service manual does not list the antenna as a part, and neither do any online resources I've been able to find.  Any idea as to what part I need to buy? 

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Just wondering, this webpage says that the first antenna listed(Cisco Aeronet ANT1949), would have a range of 18 miles at 2 Mbps...

i dont need that kind of range, maybe 4 miles would be nice, but would this antenna actually work? i only have a laptop, so what else do i need to buy to connect to this antenna, a router or an access point? i'm on the edge of town and would like to connect to a free signal that is about 4 miles away...i have high ground, so i should have line of sight to the signla, except for a few trees, - just wondering if this antenna is a good way to get internet access...the cost is
not a big deal, just want to make sure it would actually work...

A:would this antenna work?

No chance. That is hopelessly optimistic advertising! The trees are the killer here, I'd be amazed if you were able to get a signal. FWIW, there are plenty of external directional antennas with at least as good a gain for less money.

Here's a 14dB one for $119 for instance: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?In...etworking-_-WirelessAccessories-_-HAO14SDP-DT

Truthfully, I wouldn't invest a lot of money in this endeavor, because I really think 3-4 miles with trees is pretty unrealistic for 802.11. LOS I might have a different opinion.

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I have a few general questions about wireless router antennas. I currently have a Linksys wireless G router and also a Hawking Tech router.

I'm in a faily small apartment and I can get a "strong" signal anywhere in it, but it tends to not always be stable. My intuition says that this is probably because of the wireless card in my computer (I have either a Linksys PCMCIA card or an internal Intel a/b/g card depending on the computer), but I wanted to ask about getting a better antenna for the router.

First of all, will this do anything to enhance stability or will it only extend the range? Secondly, does it matter who I buy the antenna from (brand names, etc) or are they all universal?

If you have any experience with such things, I would appreciate the input. TIA.

A:New Antenna for Router

There are antennas that send out a signal in just one directional. I think they call them spread antennas as opposed to the standard router antenna that broadcast in a circular fashion.

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I need a extrenal wifi antenna under 40dollars anyone know of a good 1 to get for a desktop .thank you for your help

A:Need a external Wi-Fi antenna

steelth said:

I need a extrenal wifi antenna under 40dollars anyone know of a good 1 to get for a desktop .thank you for your helpClick to expand...

Or you could always try tinfoil.

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 At the top edge of the display a red thread (string) comes out. Is it possibly an antenna. What do I do now?

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I have 2 buldings about 1000 ft apart and have a D-Link wireless system in place.

Both antenna are OMNI-Directional (360 deg range).

I want the remote building to have a Directional anntenna that will narrow the direction to the main building. Reason being is that there is company behind us that is on wireless aslo.

The only product that D-Link has that is out door directional is a YAGI antenna that will hone into the direction I want but travel a few miles beyond the building.

Can anyone help with some feed back or knowledge of wireless antenna or otherwise a better security feature other than WEP.

A:Wireless outdoor antenna help

The purpose of a directional antenna is to receive weak signals not provide security.

This page contains good advice for wireless security: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1152933,00.asp

This page contains several articles on wireless security: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/tools/wireless_articles_security.htm

You can get a secure wireless network running with several precautions taken. Even without spending loads of money, you can make your wireless network very difficult to break into. You should also assess the value of what you are protecting and the threat to it to decide how far you want to go into the security of your wireless network. For example, how worried are you about that other company? Are you afraid they would casually somehow connect to your network or do they have a hate on for you and will hire experts to try to spend months trying to get your secrets?

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I only recently discovered that you can buy directional antenna for wireless routers/pci cards. Since i live in an area with high wireless activity (detecting up to 15 networks) i deicided my network was taking as much interferance it could so i decided to get one.

D-Link 6dBi Indoor Directional Antenna - Ebuyer

It has increased & stabalised my network signal loads. To put into perspective, i used to get -55dbi at most when there was a few networks in my area. Then it gradually started to decrease as more networks popped up. last few weeks ive been stuck with it dropping to -70dbi which is always dropping out. After attaching directional antenna, ive got -50dbi with a good strong stable connection.

Now that wireless routers are popping up all over the place coz the broadband companies offer them for free, it might be worth investing in.

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I am wanting to create a homemade antenna and I have a few questions. I found a website..... http://wireless.gumph.org/articles/homemadeomni.html that I was going to try out. What I am curious about is am I able to make more than one of these and somehow connect them so as they act as one in a type of "flower mount" effect? Or would the signals interfere with each other and cancel everything out? I am trying to extend my reach of the antenna that came with the card basically. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Homemade WiFi Antenna help

I'd suggest some tried-n-true designs. I've used a pair of Cantenna units with some Linksys equipment to link two sites about 3/4 mile apart.

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where i can buy a Internal Wireless Antenna for alienware 17 r4? i cant find anywhere! please help me!greetings

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There is an antenna on the back of my Dell T3500 CPU that has broken.  Is it necessary and/or helpful and, if so, where do I get a replacement since Googling it was unsuccessful?

A:Antenna on Dell T3500 CPU

Probably for the network card. If everything works, don't bother replacing it. Or just get another network card. www.dell.com/.../networking

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Hello I need to replace the antenna on my Pavilion Checking on part surfer there are two part compatible. One is TS and the other is non TS. What's the difference?

A:What is the difference between a TS antenna and non TS anten...

Hi: The only thing I can think of is that one refers to the Touchsmart models and the other is for the non-Touchsmart models. So, if your notebok has a touchscreen, then it is a Touchsmart model notebook.  If not, then it is a non-Touchsmart PC. The basically use the same service manual except for a few minor differences (like if you need to replace the display screen for example).

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Hi,I have an acer apire V5-572PG. This morning I woke up and my wifi wasnt working. Normally this isnt a big issue as its usually the routers fault and I just have to restart. I did this and the problem wasnt solved. I soon realised that if I connected via ethernet it worked properly, then I realised that my other devices were connecting normally. Finally I realised that if I had my laptop in the same room as the router I could connect fine but as I carried it away and into my room it would DC but not actually inform me. The browser would just stop connecting and then eventually the wifi tray icon would return to the "networks available" icon. I can connect through my iphones personal hotspot, and when in the same room as my router.I have now plugged in a USB wireless adaptor and its working and connecting fine around the house.I have tried uninstalling and updating drivers, and installing older drivers.I have also taken the laptop apart and tightened the screw on the wlan adaptop and made sure nothing is broken or freyed. Everything seems to be connected. But I am not sure how to identify if it is one of the 2 antenna wires that go from the adaptor up beside the screen. Any help at all would be MUCH appreciated.


Go to Solution.

A:Is my wlan antenna broken, can I fix it?

I've solved it. I had to swap the main and aux wires on the card. One of them must have been faulty or burnt out I guess. Back to full connectivity.Thanks for all of your help though! I wouldn't have been able to solve it other wise.

View solution in original post

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Is it possible to install an external antenna to my laptop to get better wireless reception? Is there a website giving instructions.
Lou Cherry

A:External Antenna for Inspiron 15

Not with the internal wireless adapter, no.  It IS possible to attach a USB wireless adapter, though - it will have its own antenna.

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someone just stole my TP link wifi card, so I need a new one.
can you please give me a recommendation on a good card, that meets these requirements:
1. at least G standart, if possible, N.
2. supports BackTrack (AirCrack, Airodump etc.) and monitoring mode.
3. good range and power.
I thought on anything from here:
also need a good antenna to go with it.

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Hi guys,

Please anyone has info on the linksys omni-directional antenna HGA9N? To what devices can it be connected? Its outdoor range/bitrate? Is it reliable? Can it support large number of users/traffic? If anyone has configured or installed one before please i would welcome his comments on the product. Info on other types of omni-directional antennas would be really helpful.


A:omni-directional antenna

Any antenna will have the full bandwidth of the wireless connection, it's only purpose is to more efficiently use the power available, as well as provide more signal strength for incoming signals. It can be connected to any router or wireless card that has a reverse SMA connector, which is the standard for removable antennas. A hi-gain antenna should be very reliable, since there are no active components. As long as you don't abuse the cable, it'll probably work forever.

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I have a wireless card now ( GO wireless Data Diamond card 802.11 b) and it looks like there is a slot for an antenna but i cannot seem to find one, is there such a thing? where can i get one and are they worth it? is it also an internel accelerator?


A:laptop wireless antenna

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I'm trying to bring my wireless out to the garage which is a metal building

the signal is strong outside it, but inside you get no signal

I've seen booster antenaas but do those only transmit? I have a WRT54G

A:wireless antenna question

You don't need a booster; you need a hole in the metal. An antenna in front of a window would probably do; else figure out a way to mount an antenna outside.

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I was looking for a part number for antenna for wireless card.
Can anyone please help me?
My system is: Dell Latitude E5530
Service tag is: <Removed Service tag>

A:Antenna for wireless card

The antennas aren't sold as separate parts - they're sold as part of the display assembly.

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hi guys,

i have a lan with sbs server 9 clients...bla bla bla

i have an antenna at the factory (where the lan is)
and an antenna at the house...
(where we need internet)

there is a linksys wireless access point connected
to the antenna at the factory by
coax (and its plugged into the main switch
[by ethernet cable]) and a linksys ap at the house.
(that a coax comes from the dish to the AP)

how would i go about getting the link working
is it wds that needs to be configured
or do i have to bridge

can somebody please briefly explain what
needs to be done to accomplish the link...

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i've just moved my wireless router and broke the antenna off it, i've stuck it together and am gettin a very low conection to the laptop.

Can anyone tell me where i can find online a shop which sells spare antennas for a peak router.


A:where can i find spare antenna?

If it's one of the screw-on types, you can get compatible antennas from most any major router manufacturer or other outlets. If it's a permanent antenna, you may have to get it from the manufacturer of the router.

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I have had a problem connecting to the wireless networks at my school bc I can barely get a signal. I am using an internal wireless card. I have read that I would get better reception if I used a high gain external antenna.
My question is what adapter cable would I need to connect the antenna (rf cable) to the two little connectors on my internal wireless card? and what kind of range improvement could I expect with a 7.5 dbi antenna?

A:Laptop Wifi Antenna

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Basically I'm looking for an antenna for this router http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/MR814v2.asp
It's pretty old, so I thought that might change something.
Anyways, I live in a dorm, so I need to go through like 4 or 5 walls to reach the router, and Im getting really crappy signal, even though the room is only 30-40 feet away.
Any suggestions?

A:Router antenna (many walls)

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I got my x1carbon 5th gen couple weeks ago, and play it around for sometime i realize that a 4g module could be installed.After searching, i ordered a em7455 lte module and installed it. But i can get the gps works.I do installed the latest drivers&firmware from sierra site,and"Sierra Wireless Location Sensor"do appear in device manager.But i couldn`t get a fix in maps,or in sierra`s skylight.So what`s wrong? 

A:A question about em7455,antenna and more

Welcome to the CommunityLocation applications might need NMEA port if they (usually, legacy applications) can't work with sensor. Default modem' configuration doesn't provide such port. Check out the applictions settings.

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Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I was trying to get an antenna (possibly make one like http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/448 ) and was wondering how I would connect this thing to my laptop. In the picture they connect it somehow to a wireless NIC card, but mine is built in. So, where would I connect it, and with what?


A:External antenna for wireless

With built-in you might be out of luck. e.g in my laptop the aerial is inside the leaf with the display wound round three sides of a square (rather like the internal aerial in some mobile phones such as Nokias where there is no external aerial) and there is no facility to connect an external antenna.
In the case of this exernal antenna I think you would have to resort to getting a wireless NIC with an aerial connector ... !

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