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noticed entire display was vibrating

Q: noticed entire display was vibrating

I've been leaving PC on overnight periodically, uploading my iTunes collection to the new Google Music beta online storage.

I come in this morning- the program had finally finished- over 6400 songs- and I noticed that the screen was vibrating. It does about 500 a night or so.

the 'Google' logo on the web page. Even the icons in the systray. Back and forth. very subtlety.

A reboot, and it's gone.

Preferred Solution: noticed entire display was vibrating

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A: noticed entire display was vibrating

Was it fast? slow?

Did you maybe turn the monitor off while the computer was on all night?

Or maybe the monitor got auto power disabled duringthe night?

If so then the video card may have switch to a different timing mode and did not switch back properly when the monitor came back on...

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I have a 4-year old Samsung SyncMaster 913v, 17" monitor. A few days ago, when the pc was brought out of hibernation, the display on the monitor was vibrating. It corrected itself after a restart but now won't even do that. What could the problem be? The video cable is new and when I hooked up a different monitor, the same thing happened.

A:Display Vibrating

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Hi All!A few minutes ago, while cleaning my X280 noticed that the lower bezel of the display (the part between the Lenovo logo on the left and the X280 lettering on the right) is a lot more flexible than the rest of the bezels. Noticed while cleaning it with a soft cloth with a gentle cleaning solution appropriatefor displays.The other bezels (side an top) are noticeable more sturdy.DId anyone noticed this before?  

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Please help! My entire desktop display is now too large. Everything from the icons, the desktop picture to webpages.. the font & pics are huge. This happened yesterday when my 10 month old baby leaned forward and hit the keyboard with his hands. He only hit the keyboard a few times and the entire screen and display went huge. There must be some kind of windows keyboard shortcut, but I cannot find it anywhere. I am using a laptop with Windows 98. Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Entire desktop display too large

Odds are you have a video control hotkey the child hit to reset your desktop.

Right mouse click on a blank area of your desktop and choose properties. This will bring up the video display console. Choose settings. Odds are you are in 640x480 mode now and laptops tend to be in 1024x768 mode [which makes for smaller icons/more desktop space]. Since you are running Windows 98 try changing the setting to 800x600 to see if this was your original setting before going to the 1024 mode.

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Wife has a VERY old Compaq 2300 XP laptop (yes, I know; I should trash it and get her a tablet). Today when she turned it on, the Desktop and any software, does not fill the screen. Everything is there, nothing disappears off screen; it just no longer fills the entire screen. I've tried changing resolutions, increasing the font size, etc., but these do nothing to fix the problem. And I can find no graphics property (right click empty area on screen) that deals with scaling. It looks like something has scaled the video back to ~75%. Is there a setting that will stretch it out both horizontally and vertically? If so, where is it?

BTW, I've already checked Desktop properties, and it's already set to "Stretch".

A:Display does not fill entire screen

Right click a blank area on the desktop and choose Properties. Go to the Settings tab and move the slider to the right for Screen Resolution.
If you cannot move the slider, then download the display driver for your computer. Drivers & Software - HP Support Center.

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Wife has a VERY old Compaq 2300 XP laptop (yes, I know; I should trash it and get her a tablet). Today when she turned it on, the Desktop and any software, does not fill the screen. Everything is there, nothing disappears off screen; it just no longer fills the entire screen. I've tried changing resolutions, increasing the font size, etc., but these do nothing to fix the problem. And I can find no graphics property (right click empty area on screen) that deals with scaling. It looks like something has scaled the video back to ~75%. Is there a setting that will stretch it out both horizontally and vertically? If so, where is it?

BTW, I've already checked Desktop properties, and it's already set to "Stretch".

A:Display does not fill entire screen

Right click a blank area on the desktop and choose Properties. Go to the Settings tab and move the slider to the right for Screen Resolution.
If you cannot move the slider, then download the display driver for your computer. Drivers & Software - HP Support Center.

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My computer has Window's 98. It is a Toshiba laptop. When I move the curser up, down, or side to side, the entire screen moves. It doesn't happen initially when I first turn the computer on, but after a few minutes

A:entire screen display moves with curser

It probably because your resolution is too high. Try right clicking your desktop and go to properties. Then click the settings tab and slide the bar you see a little to the left. If it is still the same move it some more to the left and apply changes.

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i need a step by step guide to how to fix this. everything is just upside down. my comp is perfectly fine i am just reading and typing everything upside down. guess how long it took me to register for this thing. please god help me.

A:[SOLVED] my entire moniter is display is upside down

k i figured it out no worries. just pressed ctrl alt up.

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Lets say i decided to format and delete a partion of a harddrive then i want to do a fresh restall of vista again, after the reinstall of vista do i still have to remove old display drivers with a driver cleaner or are they already all removed? Thanks!

A:If i did a entire fresh install of vista again do i have to still clean old display..

They should already be removed.

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I am talking about the image that first appears before you log in. I have Photoshop, yet it seems whatever I do it crops the height. I am not concerned with the width but what the entire height. My resolution is 1920x1280.

Also, my screen saver consists of images, of which some of them are being cropped as well. What is the max width & height in pixels I need so I get no cropping>


A:How do I resize opening image to display entire height?

Is 1920x1280 your native resolution for your monitor? Meaning, is that what it's official rating is?
If so, then that should be the resolution, why it is cropping, I would not know, that doesn't make much sense.

However, I have an image that I am using for my lock screen that is 1920x1080, but my native resolution is 1600x900
I do not get any cropping.

On the screen saver, if you are using the Photos screen saver, it should resize them to fit the screen

You may need to reinstall or update your video drivers.

Also, have you done any tweaking to your system? Made any changes at all? Reg Keys, customizations?

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Windows 7 64-bit
Service Pack 1
CPU: i5-760 2.8GHz
GPU: GTX 660 Nvidia Driver: 335.23
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850W
Mobo: ASUS Maximus III GENE
Boot HDD: SAMSUNG 830 Series SSD

Basic Explanation of the Problem: When I'm playing games, no matter the graphical intensity, my display will randomly shut off and audio will duck out. It stays like this for about 5 seconds then everything comes back online, with an error popup bubble from the system tray that says something along the lines of "Nvidia display drivers crashed and have recovered." Sometimes this happens very often, sometimes I can go for a few hours without it happening. Sometimes when my display ducks out, instead of a black screen it will be pure magenta, or pure yellow, or pure green, and the audio instead of ducking will hang. It doesn't recover from this state and I have to hard restart my computer. Sometimes the system just crashes entirely and automatically restarts. These latter two issues happen more rarely, the "display driver crashing and restarting" error is by far more common.

Details and What I've Done Already:
This is an issue that's plagued me for about 3/4 a year now. I thought I solved it by using an older video card I had (a GTX 460). Everything was going fine with my 460 except sometimes I would boot my computer up and everything that used the GPU would run at like 2 fps. I'm talking games, Windows Aero fades and window size ... Read more

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I can't figure out if VLC can display/show a video's running time. So far it only shows how long I've been watching the clip, but I want to be able to see a.) how long the entire thing runs and b.) how much time is left in the clip. Can it do that?

A:Can VLC Player display video's entire running time?

What version are you using. .9.9 and 1.0 display the total run time right next to the current run time in the lower right corner in windowed mode and centerish on the full screen panel and right side of the full screen panel respectively. I don't think it displays how much time is left except as a calculation of total time minus run time so far.

I don't know that it is always accurate though, like its reading the length of a .vob file instead of the whole DVD movie, maybe some other things that confuse it.

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(I really apologise if this is in the wrong thread, feel free to move it if it is, but I just wasnt sure where it should go cause im not sure what the problem is)
Ive got a new computer, and I'm using my Hitatchi 19LD3750DU TV as the computer monitor. I've noticed that down the left hand side is a back bar where the display doesnt reach the edge of the monitor, and also the entire display is slightly stretched vertically. Its like the whole display has been compressed slightly from the left. Since I work with photos and drawings on here, this isnt good.
Ive gone into display settings and its only options are set display options, currently at 1360 x 768, the reccomended option. Trying to change the display on the monitor just makes it auto adjust back to this setting. What I really need is some way to "stretch screen to fit monitor" option, but I cant find anything like this in the system. What can I do?

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Tv: Panasonic Viera E6 PC: Asus K55VM with Win8
Basically the tv cuts the corners. Can anyone help me?
Screenshot by Lightshot
Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance

A:Tv connected by hdmi cable to pc doesnt display the entire screen

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is Windows set to the correct resolution?

Are your video drivers up-to-date?

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Have created some basic online forms. Now I am tasked with displaying each entire field length (visually somehow) so the user can see approximately how much room they have to enter test. Examples:
Name: Field length highlighted or shaded
Location: Underlining would work to indicate field length
Phone: ( Parenthesis might work )

If I type "Enter Name Here" in Properties, under Default Text, only "Enter Name Here" is shaded. The shading does not extend to the maximum length I selected. The field extends that far, but no indicator of the entire field length. Thanks to everyone for being patient. Attempted to be specific as my question seemed unclear in other unrelated forums. This forum/posting/threads, etc. is new to me. I am 62, so go figure!

A:Forms/Word 2007/Display entire field length

Welcome to the Seven Forums.
This is unfamiliar to me, have you tried enter spaces in the chosen field?

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Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks etc ?

I am using method of

Right click entire hdd

Change owner
Find now

Name - In Folder
Users - Computername(mine is for example Furkan)
Ok this makes me even able to enter inside of System Volume Information folder

Can this cause any problems in future?

For example if i format windows can i still access these harddisks without any problem ?

Are there any details, detailed information, article about ownership of files / folders on windows 8 ?

ty very much

Windows 8.1 x64
Also changing windows having driver - boot driver ownership from Trustedinstaller to user would cause any problem ?

A:Changing entire ownership of entire hard drive any risks e

When I took ownership of C:\ There were numerous popups saying it was unable to take ownership of various folders & subfolders.

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Hello. I was cleaning out my cpu fan about 20 mins ago, and one of the fins had cracked. It was bending too much, so I broke it off to prevent it from damaging anything. Well, now the CPU fan is vibrating, and I'm scared...Will the vibration kill the CPU? Where can I get a new stock CPU fan? I'm running a P4 1.8 gHZ Willamette with stock fan spinning at 3750 RPM.

A:CPU Fan Vibrating :(

you definately need a new fan, it should be cheap to get another fan, you could google it and find it easy.

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Hi. I purchased my laptop in May and it was running like a charm.  Now everytime I take it somewhere, shut down and start up again, the fan is noisy - like it is vibrating or hitting something.  It is intermittent, and sometimes either quiet or very noisy.  I am not quite sure what to do, and could use some advice.  The laptop is still under warranty, so I do not want to take the back cover off to see what lies beneath.  Thank you.

A:Vibrating Fan

Get some strong compressed air like a can of air or better yet an air compressor. Stick a bent-out paperclip in the grille to hold the fan blades. Blast in the air. Laptop should be off for this obviously. Now turn on. If the fan still makes a noise you have to either risk the warranty by opening it or send it in for service. 

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Hi folks, I just got a Thinkpad x120e E350, and the fans are running constantly regardless of whether the cooling settings are set to active or passive. The cpu fan in particular is very annoying since it makes the whole chassis vibrate. I could maybe tolerate the loud noises, but the vibrations are really uncomfortable. Is there any way to slow down or fix these fans? Thanks.

A:x120e CPU fan always on -- vibrating

Have you run ThinkVantage System Update to ensure the X120e is up to date with all of software, including the BIOS, power and thermal management programs?
Aryeh Goretsky

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When I start my PC up it makes a vibrating noise until it finishes booting up. I'm not sure how many moving parts a PC has, but I don't know why it's making this noise. Could it be the fan?

I have had it 2 years and haven't done any cleaning or maintenence.

A:Vibrating noise

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My laptop is noisy and vibrating for a couple of weeks now.I don'tknow what causes the problem. So far I tried making the cpu usage to less than 10%.y laptop is fully functional.

Thank you in advance guys

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Hi All,
Have had my XPS15 now for +/- a month, and i love the machine up till now. Checked everything, and a earlier problem with usb ports seems to have resolved itself and back-light bleeding is ok with only one spot with minimal bleeding. One thing that became apparent though is that my tab and caps lock keys are a little loose. The sound they make is slightly different when subtle touching them. This is in no way a problem with regards to functionality, but it makes that they vibrate when the laptop uses it speakers, especially around the 400 Hz frequency.
Does anyone know a fix for this? or should i contact support for this issue? Its kind of annoying while watching a movie or listening to music, given the premium class of this system. Furthermore, I had to wait over a month (delay) until the laptop arrived and as i need it for work, I cant really miss it for another extended period of time.
Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.
Happy new year to all,


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Hey all! So my laptop started making vibrating noise. i can feel the vibration in my hands while typing you these words . so here they are all the information i can tell: -the vibrating noise started 2 months ago and still going. -the noise is always accompanied by vibration felt near the power button, left to the touch pad and in the keyboard -the vibration is felt more on the left side than the right. -the noise onset is intermittent, i mean either it start when i turn my lap on or after a while but when it starts , it usually goes on forever until i turn the lap off for like 6 hours. -the vibrating noise reaches its peak when the laptop is Shutting Down -sometimes it happens when my fan is at high speed (2,700:3,000 rpm according to speedfan software program) and other times the fan is just 1,700 rpm and the noise still going. -sometimes it`s accompanies by high CPU Usage (65%) and other times it`s going on while the CPU Usage is less than 10% as it`s now while typing this. -the voice and vibration goes off when i tap near the power button (slightly to the right of it) with a little bit of force. then after like 10 seconds, the voice show again -upon inspection, i opened the laptop and found nothing wrong , i cleaned the fan so well, didn`t make anything to the fan parts, i searched for any friction prints on the fan case or near it but i found none, and lastly i secured the fan with the 4 screws very well and in the mother... Read more

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Hello, My Speakers have started Vibrating and Buzzing when i watch youtube, it only really happens when i skip the video, but it also happens when i play music, i ahev tried everything on lots of other posts and forums, but nothing has worked, i have tried to up date driver, roll back driver, the dts speaker is already set as defualt. I had installed a new update of windows 10, i dont know if that affected it,   could somebody PLEASE help me! Thanks 

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Within the last week I have noticed an issue arising with my desktop computer. When I boot it up in the morning, after a short while (generally by the time it has reached the desktop) there is a relatively loud vibrating sound. I'm pretty sure that it is a mechanical problem, as lifting the computer or placing my hand against the side of the case dulls the sound. Generally, from the moment it starts, it immediately begins to get quieter and quieter until I can no longer hear it, and the PC is running normally. It lasts perhaps 20 seconds, tops. The only other time I have ever noticed it is once when the PC was under heavy load, and it stopped after I had shut down all running programmes, which leads me to believe it may be a fan? I haven't cleaned the inside of the PC in around 4 months to the day (silly I know). A local techy has offered to have a look at it for free as I don't know much about computers, but I figured maybe I should just blast the inside with some compressed air and see if that resolves the issue before resigning myself to having no internet access for 24 hours. Yes i'm addicted. Thanks, Chris.

A:Vibrating noise when booting PC.

Check for loose case fan screws, power supply mounting screws, and hard drive mounting screws.

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Computer started opening multiple windows yesterday--up to 35 of the same program.-The hour glass flickered and without clicking on a specific desktop icon when I tried to open it.
Small multiple windows kept opening and the bottom bar was filled with them as when you minimize something.
This morning I turned on and Outlook Express started opening to e mails.
I could not click on the X but had to hit the X to shut off explored completly.
Then the computer went to shut down mode and I clicked to shut it down but it re booted.
I could not get it to shut off.
The box that you click on with XP said I was running 2 programs.
I went to help and support and had the computer revert back to the 28th of April.
Now I am able to type this.
Do I have a virus or ?????
Running Norton / Zone Alarm / Adaware SE


A:Vibrating Hour Glass

If you updated Norton, Zone Alarm, and Adaware SE I would say not likely. The problem could have been a driver update.

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My monitor only makes this very annoying noise when I play Diablo. If I touch the corner of the monitor it stops. What could be causing this??

A:Monitor vibrating noise

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I just want to ask if why the folder vibrating when i drag it or move it somewhere along the screen or desktop? What is the main cause of it?

Please solve my problem.

Thank you very much...

Best regards,


A:folder vibrating when dragging

Hi and welcome to TSF try reinstalling the video driver from the makers support site ie Dell,hp,acer

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Hello guys.

A quick question over here.
I have a Cooler Master Silent Pro 850W PSU that today randomly decided to stop being quiet.
And not because of the fan.

The socket where you plug the cable seems to be coming loose and vibrates every other couple of minutes to an extent where it is uncomfortable. Specially since my computer runs all night.

I talked to the store and they won't take it back because it is not affecting it's performance and it's not an issue that jeopardizes my system. So they basically said ''Deal with it''

So, there may be a way to get this dampened or something, but I can't think of what I can do. I was thinking of just trailing the edge with superglue little by little until the gap that is vibrating gets filled up, and that would most likely be the end of it I guess.

Would there be other ideas you can recommend?

For the sake of the explanation, I include the part that is vibrating highlighted.

A:PSU output socket vibrating.

Have you tried a different AC power cord? Could be that cord is slightly under size.

If its not the AC power cord, then I would suspect either a bad fan or a transformer vibrating to the point its causing the problem. either way, contact Cooler Master. I had an OCZ power supply with a noisy fan and contacted them, they reported there was a batch of power supplies with defective fan controller circuitry and they replaced the power supply with a newer production run model that did not have the problem.

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My laptop's screen is moving up and down,and shaking.

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Hi - hoping someone can help me with my HP Photosmart 1315. I love this printer --- it makes photo-quality pictures, but over the last few months, it has been vibrating badly during printing, causing the print quality to suffer. It seemed the silver rail the print heads traveled on was a little "un-lubricated." I went back and forth w/ HP online tech support, who finally recommended to me that I take it to a dealer/authorized repair shop (if I tried to lube it myself, it could damage something...?). Anyway, I took it in to a repair place like they said and paid $50 for them to fix it. They ended up cleaning the rail and lubricating it with "3 in 1," whatever that is. That was a week ago, and it's a little better, but still vibrating. It's a little frustrating given I paid more than $300 two years ago for this thing. I'm not paying another $50 for these guys to "fix" it again...so I looked everywhere on the www for "3 in 1" but can't find it anywhere. The guy at the shop said it was a pretty common thing at a computer shop.

Any recommendations? I really wanna fix this. Thanks!

Charleston, SC

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I was working on my laptop and all of a sudden these pink horizontal lines appreared on my laptop screen. I use ProBook 4430s. I restarted my laptop, removed the battery but in vain.  Kindly help me solve this issue. Regards

A:Pink vibrating on laptop screen

Dear Customer, Welcome and Thank you for posting your query on HP Support Forum It looks like you are having issues with the Display of your Notebook. We will surely assist you with this issue 1. Please check if the Display/Screen of your Notebook shows pink vertical lines even in BIOS or notNote: Power ON the Notebook and keep tapping the F10 Key to access the BIOS 2. Please tilt the Screen/Display of the Notebook slowly towards back and the front side, check and verifyif the pink vertical lines are seen at all the angles of the display 3. Please connect an external desktop monitor to your Notebook and check if the pink vertical lines are shown even on the external monitor Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on left to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K

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Here's how the problem started..
My 17" crt display went kaput, and the monitor started emitting smoke. I closed the power immediately and that was it.
Forward 2 days later...
called in LG service and the guy fixed my monitor! bingo.
But now when I start my computer, it makes a REAL LOUD noise and everything vibrates wildly. the noise and the vibration 'stay' for 2-3 minutes before stopping.
Now I have searched a bit and come across several probable causes - and eliminated quite a few , like hard-disk, dvd-drive , wires touching fan..

What I really want to know is that could there be any relation between my monitor going dead an smoking, and the cpu vibration?

The system is functioning just fine right now and a soft reboot does not cause any sound or vibration. Also the problem does not happen everytime..

Specs -
17 inch crt LG
amd x2 4000
asus m2a-mx
1gb ram
no pci cards , pci-e cards..

A:Cpu making grinding sound and vibrating

Hmm, the only moving parts on a computer are the fans and the hard disk itself. This might sound crazy but have tried to to remove the side panels and listen/see what is vibrating?

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I have hp laptop with dvd writer lightscribe i purchased the laptop a month ago but today suddenly when i insert the disk it started vibrating like a piece of shit please help me out it's really annoying. i tried the solution like maintaing dvd balance nothing works

A:Laptop drive vibrating like jetengine

A hardware problem. Do not fool around trying to fix it. Only, A month old bring it back for an exchange.

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Hello, I've had my ideapad z500 for exactly 4 years last month, 4 years in which it worked perfectly (except for the brightness problem that seems to plague this model and had me recover the whole system evry time I accidentally lowered brightness) It still works perfectly, but 3 days ago it suddenly started whirring and vibrating. The vibration seems even throughout the laptop, but the sound seems to come form the left side (again, I can't really tell).First time it happened, I freaked out and force-shut it down (holding the power button). This made the whirring stop, but when I started it again, it resumed. Again, i stopped the machine and I started trying to unscrew everything I found (I mean, it's been 4 years, so I assume I had no warranty anyway), but I couldn't really open anything, so i put back the 9 screws. I mention this because, apparently, me turning it on all sides must've done something to it, because after starting the laptop again, there was no sound. The next days it worked just fine.Today, however, it started again. I didn't close it immediately and I continued using it some 3 minutes (and except for the sound and vibration, everything was working perfectly), hoping that it will go away, but it didn't and I turned off the laptop. Other details that might be important:-while I normally use the laptop for cpu-intensive tasks, this occured in a week when I distinctively didn't do anything other than text editing and web browsing. The c... Read more

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Vibrating USB Joystick (Model: JS-3101V) fix for Windows Vista and Windows 7

It was released with only Windows XP support and no-one ever released any Vista or Windows 7 Support for it.

I upgraded to Windows Vista, it figured out it was a joystick but the vibration and configuration wasn't working... I looked in the windows registry and I figured out what to do to get it working!
I have made a self-installing registery file for Windows Vista and Windows 7 which you can install and gets the vibration and the configuration working!

I am releasing it to the public because I think all of the other owners of this joystick should have this privilege too!

Vibrating USB Joystick (JS-3101V) fix for Windows Vista and Windows 7

This update for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is by James Norman (jamesnorman93)

This file includes all of the files you need to get your Vibrating USB Joystick (Model Number: JS-3101V) working with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

1. Run the "setup.exe" to install the software.

2. Run the "Vibrating USB Joystick (JS-3101V) - Windows Vista Fix.reg" registry file and give Windows permission to run it.

3. Done! Your Vibrating USB Joystick (JS-3101V) should work now!

Happy Gaming!

*Please don't claim this Windows Vista file as your own, I made it completely
by myself (James Norman - jamesnorman93) and would appreciate
the credit that comes with it.

WARNING: These files are on... Read more

A:Vibrating USB Joystick (JS-3101V) fix for Windows Vista

I'll presume this has helped 224 users so far then...???
Some thanks or letting me know it works would be good...

Also, I have the Windows 7 Beta and it works with that aswell

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The topic explains it..

I've restarted twice and this problem stops,

im 1, worried and 2, the sounds annoying.. what do i do?

A:Video card making a vibrating sound?

Tighten the screw?

If it was a cheap card, then it may have a lousy fan on it. Try putting the computer upright or flat.

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Hi all,1 day old ideapad Y700-15ISK, starts to vibrate/flicker really fast on colors, specially mid tones like gray. Impossible to see, eye-hurting, had to look away each couple of seconds or turn brightness to minimum. This happens still in BIOS! Went back and forth with both Intel and Nvidia drivers, didn't make any difference. Did 1 key recovery, got back to factory install, flickers persists but getting better/slowing down. Leave it overnight, flicker is gone, reinstall my own Windows, looking good. ALSOScreen backlight bleeding: Really annoying yellow bleed spot on top left side of the screen, and several others smaller around screen, really noticeable if the display is showing dark colors.   What to do? I'm going to be using it for a few days, maybe try to update BIOS, should I ship it back? thanks in advance.       

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I have had my 3G iphone for a few months. Its unlocked and jailbroken with version 3.1.2. It recently just stopped vibration. I am afraid of restoring it because i did not unlock/jailbreak it myself and don't want it to get relocked or stuck.
Any suggestions?

A:unlocked/jailbroken iphone stopped vibrating

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playing audio. audio of any kind. its coming through the detached speakers. do you know what this could be?

the noise is sort of a fast, digital "do do do do do do" & it sort of has a vibrating sound to it.

A:my computer is making this occasional disruptive vibrating noise when

It's interference, do you have a phone nearby your speakers? If so, just move it away a meter or two, happens to everyone.

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i am at an army camp for the month and i brought my own, new computer the only monitor available was a 7 year monitor be in mind,at army camp,its required to reformat computers before first using internet isps.

i hooked up my freshly reformatted computer to the monitor and the dsl connection. the last person to used the same exact monitor and same exact dsl modem/connect had no problem but they also had a very old computer
when windows desktop opened up, instead of the monitor screen showing one windows desktop,the monitor screen showed 4 windows desktop. all fuzzy,all vibrating,all blury,all vibrating.i immediately thought i fried the computer cleaning out the dust earlier. then another person hooked up
his new and newly reformated computer to the same monitor and dsl connection and the monitor did the same thing as to his!,4 blurry desktops opened up.

a third person,without a reformated new computer,hooked up his computer and the monitor screen worked,no 4 desktops. he then reformatted his
computer,hooked up again to the monitor,this time he got the 4 blury screens like the rest of us.
(i will not be able to reply to replys to this thread til wednesday,thanks)

A:Monitor Shows 4 Fuzzy,vibrating,blurry Desktops

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when i try to burn music from itunes on to a blank cd it makes a loud sound like a chain saw and it vibrates i dont download i stop it cause it scares me that something is going to break what is this ? 

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem here which is mysterious..

The System will not recognize the Yamaha CD Burner I have

installed, I downloaded and ran a firmware update,

re-install the drivers a few different times, but this is still


ANy ideas ??

Thanks in advance for all help



A:CD Rom Not being noticed by Win XP Pro

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I don't know if this is a PCIe thing but its something I noticed with my 220GT. No video card BIOS message during the POST. It goes straight to my motherboard BIOS screen. I don't remember ever having a PCI or AGP card that didn't show a BIOS screen first thing and then pass off to the motherboard BIOS. Something else I've noticed too is the way my 220GT handles dual monitors during boot up. Only the one connected to the DVI connector shows an image during boot up. The one on the VGA port shows a "no signal" until windows loads the desktop and then it shows my extended desktop. Any AGP card I've ever used would mirror the bios screen onto both monitors during the post and boot up. This isn't a complaint, I actually like it this way, just an observation. I'm just wondering if anybody else has noticed something similar?

A:Something I've noticed?

Are you supposed to get a gfx card bios screen? I do not. Maybe because I have a radeon? I never got one on my 7300LE geforce either.

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This is weird! Yesterday I was browsing and I noticed that Zemana Antilogger and Raxco PerfectGuard are exactly the same! Did you know? What do you think about this?

A:Have you noticed?


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I have a zip drive and I just started using it. 1st I couldn't get to put back the information that I had backed up, back into the computer. Even after getting a fix disk from Iomega.
Now when I put a disk in the lights just flash and the computer is not noticing the drive. Please help.
I am using w98, zip 100 parallel, 300 m

A:Zip Not Noticed

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