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Which is the best all in one inkjet printer in India

Q: Which is the best all in one inkjet printer in India

Hi all

I am planning to buy a all in one inkjet printer for my home, my usage will not be very high but i need the best printer for it and also not exceed my budget of Rs6000-7000. Plz help me

Preferred Solution: Which is the best all in one inkjet printer in India

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A: Which is the best all in one inkjet printer in India

I don`t know what`s available in India.

I`d recommend Canon printers. Superb quality, and reliability. The ink cartridges won`t cost a lot either.

I`ve just checked, and apparently Canon is available in India.


Regards Howard

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I think my epson Photo 1400 is dying. I can't get yellow to come out on the nozzle check.
What is a good inkjet printer to get? Is there any out there that will let you clean just one color, and not waste the others when cleaning?

Should I get separate cartridges for each color, or just one for color and one for black.

Is there any cleaning cartridge out there I can try to put in my epson stylus to try to clean the heads throughly?


A:New Inkjet Printer

have you cleaned the print head

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Just purchased a used Epson Inkjet 777 Printer off ebay. It did not come with the installation software. Is there a place that I can download or obtain an installation cd for this printer? Drivers and user manual can be found on the Epson site but no installation cd. Thank you, Gary.

A:Epson 777 Inkjet Printer

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Ok, I've used Epson since the early 1990's, never switched, even though I've had several defective models that gave out in a few months, most recently my terrific Photo 1400 for which I spent $300, figuring that if I got a really high-quality printer this time, instead of a $79 inkjet, it would last. Well, it lasted 1 1/2 years, and now is a paperweight.

fwiw: I have an HP P2035 B&W laser printer that I use for all non-color jobs. My new printer is needed only for the occasional color photo print or job, greeting cards, etc. (I recognize that you need to run ink cycles now and then or they'll clog).

So, I now have an open mind. I just need a recommendation for an inkjet that meets the following criteria:

* Prefer to spend $150 or less (hopefully- if there is a fantastic printer out there for a little more, fine.)

* Print very nice quality color photos; nice enough for 8 x 10's on premium glossy paper to go on the wall.

* Won't break down in a year! * Reliable and trouble-free (as much as possible; I don't expect miracles.)

Any suggestions appreciated!

A:Need recommendation for a new Inkjet printer

We have a HP Deskjet 1220c and it runs great. We got when we were running early XP. The label on the back is dated May 2001.

Note, it is a 11 inch and can handle 11 x 17 like a charm. We use it for photo's, spreadsheets, and etc..

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Hi all,

Sorry about my bad english (i'm french)

I know there is an old post about the BJ30 printer (http://forums.techguy.org/windows-7/990380-windows-7-64-bit-bj.html) in a Windows 7 system and there is no real good solution found.

So i make some experience and Vista extraction and some Inf modification and i think i find a good solution. But i don't have this printer (i would bought one). So, did someone have the printer and test my driver package and use the "have disk" method for the installation in the Windows 7 system. This package work with 32 and 64 bits.

The driver is here => http://www.mediafire.com/?qbl7q946chxpn59

Thanks about your test.

A:Windows 7 64 Bit and BJ-30 Inkjet Printer 32 Bit

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I have a laser printer home, which was bought a few years ago. I never have an inkjet printer.

When it prints, it always gives out some strange odor from the ventilation hole. I believe it's from the gaseous form of carbon or graphite. I have a small home and I believe it to be unhealthy

1. Does inkjet printer also emit anything in the process of printing?
2. Can you recommend a brand of inkjet printer that is good on average performances?

Thank you

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I have recently purchased an ASUS A52F Series Laptop.

This is fitted with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit and Office 2010 Suite

The Printer which | have hitherto used is the Canon BJ-30 running with Windows XP. The Printer itself is very compact,light and it only prints in black. It is ideal for transporting around in a Padded Computer case with the Laptop.

I would like to continue to use this Printer if possible. Is there any way I can do?

I have contacted Canon who said that they did not make a 64 Bit Driver for this Printer only 32 Bit. Have I to consign this excellent Printer to the Garbage Bin because of the compatibility.

Any suggesting apart from binning the said item would be most welcome

Thank You


A:Windows 7 64 Bit and BJ-30 Inkjet Printer 32 Bit

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How are these things? Assuming you buy from a reputable dealer, do they work well? The prices are great. Since I print out a lot of charts, the cost per page would be considerably lower using these refills.

Any comments appreciated,

A:Inkjet Printer Refills?

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This is a question about an HP Inkjet Color Printer. Need help!
This printer has recently been moved. The printed line is slanting. Any suggestions for correcting?

Thanks - Monique

A:HP Inkjet Color Printer

Like it prints all pages at an angle? Did this happen after you put in a new ink cartridge?

There should be a button on your printer so you can recalibrate how it prints.

I will try to get more info if you still can't fugure it out.

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Greetings !

My printer is a hp 640c inkjet. 1 black and 1 colour cartridge.
since I do not use colour the cartridge had dried up and the black had got empty. The refil of the black carttridge was not successful and now I plan to buy a new one approx 20$.

my question is :

Will the new catridge (black) work although the colour has dried up ? ( there is ink present)

When I print in black( ie documents) does the printer use a mix of colour as well ?

you see there are ways for declogging the colour catridge , but it is in my favour for it to be dried up, the reasons are as follows:

1. i don't use colour so if the colour is automatically used up with black then i end up always buying a color cartridge .(which is a waste).

2. my printer does not work with only the black catridge it needs a color as well and that too with ink in it , it won't work if any of the cartridges are empty.

any suggestions would be helpful.

A:Printer Question (inkjet)?

Yes, a new black will work with the old color - its working now, why would it stop?

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Hi there,
I am leaning CISCO at the moment, and we have just been covering printers.
When the instructor was doing a presentation about it, he said that inkjet printers can become blocked (never witnissed this) and thats about the time when people will throw them away and get another.
I have given a quick google - and not found much...is there a way to 'unblock' printer nossles?


A:Inkjet Printer Block

They can be cleaned if they get clogged, here's a Google search: http://www.google.ca/search?client=...en&q=inkjet+cleaning&meta=&btnG=Google+Search
Some cartridges come with a new print head, so each time you replace the cartridges you replace the print head.

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There are no instructions for hand or manual cleaning of parts of this printer. On the right side inside behind the on/off switch, there is incredible amount of crud, leaked ink, etc., in the bottom. Still prints fine. Should I attempt to clean this mess, or just ignore it?

A:HP 712C inkjet printer

Hi Bus Driver
Its up to you. If the ink isnt near any circuit boards you can just leave it. Many hp printers just use the bottom of the printer as a waste basket and figure that you will upgrade in a few years.

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We have windows 8 and I have a HP deskjet printer 2200 but for some reason I cannot print any documents from Word Help??

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I have Windows 98 and recently installed PrintKey shareware. My printer prints almost to the edge of the paper when printing from e-mail or from the Web. In Word, my margin settings are working fine. Maybe this is a major senior moment, but I cannot find a way to change the printer margins for Web and mail printing. I print some items on 3 hole punched paper to compile in notebook used in the shop for one of my hobbies. The print now is lost at the holes. Hope that I have explained my problem sufficiently. Thanks.

A:HP 712C inkjet printer

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I need a printer with the following specifications:
1- Color (inkjet)
2- Able to print up to A2 sheets (no more)
3- High resolution is NOT required
4- Speed is important but not critical

note: I want it to print (plot) CAD files' which don't consume so much ink.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:inkjet A2 size printer

Does any one have an idea where to look for an A2 color printer?

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Can anyone tell me why the printer takes SO bloody long to cancel a document after i hit the cancel button right on the printer?

after the button is pressed, the printer should just dump the memory and spit out the paper, but instead it takes on average 30-60 seconds after hitting cancel to actually begin the process.

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2 custom PCs with XP Pro at same SP level.
PC1 sees printer thru switch.
PC2 (newer PC) can not see printer.

PC2 connects and sees printer when I cable the USB DIRECTLY to the printer instead of going thru a switch. Therefore, I know PC2 can print.

Have tried 2 different switches. An A/B data switch and Belkin's 4x1 USB Peripheral Switch F1U401. PC1 works with both switches but PC2 does not.
USB cabeling is shorter than 15 feet in all connections.

Please help.
I'd like to be able to use the printer for both PCs.

A:Can't see Epson Inkjet printer thru USB switch

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Hey, when I go to add my HP inkjet 5740 printer it says I don't have the correct drivers.

It is attached to another pc in another room which is not running vista.

HP doesn't have anydrivers as they say its supposed to auto get them.

All help appreciated!


A:HP Inkjet 5740 printer on a NETWORK

Well the problem is that when you "share" a printer, the host machine will be supplying the driver, since it does not recognize the OS it's trying to share to it does not know what driver to supply.

On vista this printer uses a driver which is either generic or written just for vista (and not downloadable) therefore it will not connect.

You would probably have better luck connecting the printer to the Vista computer and then sharing it to the XP computer.

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I am in the market for a printer for home. I don't print alot and in the past inkjets have been a pain because the cartridges dry out.

I am thinking it would be better to get a laser printer. They are so much cheaper than they used to be!

Am I right in that laser toner cartridges don't dry out? Toner is powder isn't it?

Are there any other considerations I should think about?

A:Inkjet vs laser printer question

I have never heard of toner drying out. I have had both lasers and ink jets in the past - but have switched exclusively to lasers.

I have a HP 2200d mono and 2600N color laser. The 2200d has the original cartridge in it and I've had it for years. I don't print that much - but that just shows that it still prints perfectly.

The 2600N prints great color and I'm still using the original toner cartridges. Don't use a color laser for picture quality however!

I'll never go back to ink jet for 3 primary reasons:
Nozzles gum up
Cost of ink
Slow output

I've had to throw away ink jet printers because the nozzles would gum up. You don't have to worry about that with lasers!

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Hi,The other day a sheet of paper was stuck in our HP 612c inkjet printer. This sheet was pulled from the top discharge.Now it just rapidly and steadily blinks yellow.Anyone have any ideas on a possible home-repaire?Any help would be appreciatied.Thanks,Doug

A:HP inkjet printer 612c __ It's blinkin'!

I am assuming you hjave turned it off and back on again to see if the error has cleared. Did the paper rip? If so open every accessible space and look inside for pieces of the paper that may be stuck in there

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Hi guys... do anyone know where can i get drivers for my model of printer??
my present drivers are not compatible for windows 7...

if anyone knows where can i get it for Windows 7 i will really appreciate the help...

A:drivers for HP 1210 psc all in one inkjet printer

Welcome to seven forums .Try here Select your operating system HP PSC 1210 All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English) Fabe

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Does anyone know why my hp printer is only printing in grey scale, black and magenta? WhenI first bought this printer it printed in the full spectrum of colors, but not any more.
I tried using the maintenance menu and auto-align the printer heads,color calibration, clean printheads, etc. There is an error message -Firmware Error-. Any suggestions?

A:HP Business Inkjet 2300 Printer

go to printer settings, right click your printer, printing prefs, color management, unckheck grayscale

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I'm trying to find a very good choice for an inkjet printer that is simple, easy to use, and hopefully works great with Windows 10 for less than a $100.00. Any advice is most appreciated.

A:Recommendation please- Inkjet Printer that is very easy to set up

I've had HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon and Epson. So far I have liked best and had least problems with Epson.

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Hi all, I am looking for a kinda cheap printer that only prints in black and white, (or can print b/w without ALSO needing and using color ink, maybe inkjet printers say they print black and white but they use up the color ink too, probally a scam tactic to force you to buy more) I have no use really for color printing for what I plan to use it for. I have a printer currently but it won't print even just in black and white without full set of color ink cartrages. It also uses said color ink when it prints black and white (scam tactic by them so your forced to buy color ink too?) I am not super picky on print quality or speed, since most of what I will be printing will be text anyway.

Any suggestions? From a place based in canada prefered if possible. We have a Futureshop, staples, the source nearby where I live.

A:Looking for a b/w only inkjet printer, do they exist anymore?

Any particular reason you insist on inkjet?

I don't know about Canada, but in the US you can buy a black and white laser for under $100; I paid under $60 for mine on sale a few years back.

I don't print much and am still using the original toner--it has an exceptionally long shelf life, unlike inkjet cartridges.

Here's 2 inexpensive models from a Canadian supplier:

Samsung ML-2165 Monochrome Laser Printer 1200X1200DPI 20PPM USB 2.0 - ML-2165/XAA

Brother HL-L2320D 30PPM 250-SHEET Capacity Tray AUTO-DUPLEX Monochrome Printer - HLL2320D

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I have owned a Canon PIXMA MP-530 multifunction printer for about 1-1/2 years. I have been very happy with the machine, but there are some peculiarities that are annoying.

Yesterday, I was trying to send a fax directly from the computer through the machine. The fax would not go through. There was an obscure error, which basically said that the transmission was unsuccessful.
I tried several times with the same results. At one point I lifted the phone on the same line and heard data being sent.

Today, I attempted to send a fax from the machine, rather than the computer. This time I got an error message "Memory Full".
This really had me confused. Why was the memory full? There were no jobs in queue, but perhaps the machine still had the fax I had tried to send from the computer stored in its memory.

Next thing I did was to shut the machine down, and re-start. At the same time, I changed out the black ink cartridge since it had been indicating low for some time (I don't change them out right away when they indicate low because there is still ink left in the sponge).
Finally, I tried re-sending the fax from the machine, and it sent successfully. I then sent another fax from the computer, and it also sent successfully.

What I am asking is why aren't error messages more verbose? It is very confusing. Reminds me of Windows itself. Sometimes, error messages appear to have no meaning whatsoever, or are completely irrelevant.

Anyone else have t... Read more

A:Inkjet multi-printer question

There isn't enough engineering time put into printer error messages... Sometimes they get updated into the system, but unless you are in contact with some knowledgable tech support person at Canon, you end up with the struggle you have survived.

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After refilling the Epson inkjet catridge, can the out of ink/low ink message be turned off?

A:Out of ink message-Epson Inkjet printer

not positive of this and no doubt someone will affirm it.
i think if you turn off the status monitor the popup will go away,although the "minimize" tab usually does it for me.
hope this helps

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I had a laser jet printer for many years and got sick of it as it was costing a fortune in ink even though I was hardly using it. The problem I was having was cartridges getting blocked and by time they had been cleaned the ink was running out. Even though I wasn't using it for colour printing it was still costing me on colour cartridges as they needed to be replaced in order for the printer to work.

In the end I was advised that a mono laser printer would be the best option as they use toner instead of ink and as a result they don't suffer from the same problems that inkjet printers do, and as a result the are much cheaper. I have been very happy with my Samsung mono laser printer which I bought for ?30 of amazon, and never at any point suffered from the problem of the print heads needing to be cleaned before I could print.

I am now looking at buying a colour laser printer and would just like a heads up on whether the same is true for colour laser printers that because they use toner the print heads don't need cleaning and you can then not print in either black and white or colour for many months and still not have the problems and costs that you get with inkjet printers.

A:Laser colour printer better than an inkjet?

Laser VS Inkjet Printer

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I have an old HP2200 Inkjet printer that I have had for several years but never used. I am trying to download the driver for it but an error message keeps popping up that says "unable to download driver because win9x driver not present". Not sure what this means. I currently have Windows XP and am wondering if it is not compatible with this printer?? Any ideas?? Thank you!!

A:Need Driver for HP 2200 Inkjet printer

This should be the driver for the HP2200 injet for Windows XP


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I want to buy new printer. I have an old HP inkjet F380 printer but it is slow and can not print many papers. I mostly print white and black but sometime I print color pages.

I want to buy laser printer since I read that they are faster and cartage last longer but I am concern about the refill cost. the refill ink for inkjet printer is easy and cheap: Just use needle and refill or I can buy printer that has large tank and tubes which refill the cartage.

A:Student: I want to buy new printer: laser or inkjet

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When I print using this printer, anything in black ink doesn't come out right. When the paper comes out, words in black are only half there, as in half VERTICALLY there, like someone just cut the bottom of each word off. When printing from the color ink cartridges, this doesn't happen. I've tried replacing the black ink cartridge, and that didn't work. I've tried using the maintanance panel to 'clean' and 'deep clean', but that didn't work either. Any help is appreciated.

A:Problem with Canon i550 Inkjet Printer

I believe that your printer has Heads that are separate from the cartridge. This means that replacing the cartridge will NOT solve a bad Head problem, which is what I think you have.

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Printer has stopped printing IE browser web pages. prints a first blank page and does not print the rest.

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I bought an epson nx130 and the cartridges are way too costly to replace and a generic replacement (i know) is not recognised by the printer.
I am looking for a inkjet printer that is basic in functions and cost and one that will allow me to refill or replace ink cartridges cheaply as such.
Is there such a thing?

A:Solved: inkjet printer refillable friendly

I have been using Canon printers for a while and currently have a PIXMA MX882 All-In-One. I have been having good luck (knock on wood) with inexpensive third party ink tanks for them. I just need to make sure I get "chipped" ink tanks and have not had problems with the printer recognizing them. The cost of the tanks is low enough for me that it is not worth the hassle and mess of refilling them myself and resetting the chips.

NOTE: This is my personal opinion and your mileage may vary.

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Hey all,
Im getting a new computer, it comes with a free printer
How easy do you think it would be able to sell it on eBay, and for how much?
And an Nvidia XFX 8600 GTS, how easily would that sell? (it still has the box and the connectors, like new.)

A:HP Deskjet 6988 Color Inkjet Printer

The printer is selling for like $89 in different web sites, you will have to sell it for less in ebay, as for the video card is about $74 to $79 in most of computer related web sites.

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No battery available for Lenovo Ideapad 510 bought 14 months back. Service Centres in India and neither the Lenovo India Management have any clue or ETA about the battery availability or its pricing as confirmed by them. Few other Lenovo exclusive charging or rather black marketing with different high prices with various warranties for those batteries. They do not have any uniform pricing patterns which raises issues on its authenticity.
Feel cheated and deceived for putting trust in such a company leaving aside other brands like Dell and HP.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I have 2 brand new X1 Carbon computers and both of them are experiencing the same issues.  I can install the inkjet and the laserjet but when it comes to printing it says the printer has experienced an error.   Both WIN10 What I think is the key piece of info on this is if the computer reboots then it spits out the spool on the laserjet.  Not sure about the inkjet.  I had gotten that to install and test print by installing the HP software in Win 7 compatibility mode but now nothing. Spooler doesnt seem to be the problem.  I've tried both the regular drivers and the universal drivers and it displays the same issues.  

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Last year I bought a HP Pavilion running Vista, and I'd like to download a driver for my HP 5 printer. HP tells me it can't be done, but has anyone managed to do it? I have downloaded a file with an "inf" extension on my hard drive for the printer; I found a tutorial but can't see the tab for the driver under devices. Thanks.

A:adding printer driver for HP inkjet to Vista system

Device Manager - Install Driver
This may help

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i have installed my printer (HP InkJet 1200) on my Vista x64 and have given the Printer free to my Network. On my Notebook (XP 32Bit), I can see the printer, but couldn't print because of false drivers (64Bit instead of 32Bit).

So I have to install the 32Bit-Driver in Vista64 as additional-printer-drivers but I haven't Vista drivers (HP has not). The only drivers are on the Vista-DVD, but how can I extract the Drivers from the Vista-x86-DVD?

Thanks and greetings


ich hab ein Problem mit meinem Drucker (HP Inkjet 1200), Vista x64 und einer Druckerfreigabe zu XP (x86).

Ich hab den Drucker an meinem PC angeschlossen und den Treiber von der Vista-DVD installiert. Bei HP gibt es keine Vista-Treiber f?r den Drucker. L?uft aber alles soweit.

Meine Druckerfreigabe funktioniert auch, aber Windows XP kann nicht drucken, da der Treiber auf meinem Vista ja ein 64-Bit-Treiber ist. Ich wollte also in den Druckereinstellungen in der entsprechenden Option die x86-Treiber hinzuf?gen. Leider kann ich die ja nicht downloaden und den von XP will er nicht. Ich wollte also die von meiner Vista x86-DVD nehmen, kann dort aber keinen finden.

K?nnt ihr mir sagen, wo ich den Treiber auf der Vista-DVD finde?
Oder mache ich da was grunds?tzliches falsch?

Danke und LG

A:Searching for Printer-Driver (HP Inkjet 1200) on Vista-DVD

Hi huelfi and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but I don't understand German. Could you please provide an English translation of your post (see Rule 10 here: http://www.vistax64.com/general-disc...tml#post561775)

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Hi there,

I've only been using my Epson SX200 inkjet printer for 6 months with unofficial cartridges and it has been working fine ever since. However, since last week the yellow cartridge doesn't print any ink and the black ink is printing blurry text. I can see this when I print a test sheet after head cleaning and printing documents. I have tried the head cleaning function about 20 times and this hasn't made any difference. As a result I have had to change all my cartridges twice and still no difference.

I asked Epson and they told me to use their official cartridges, but I've been using my printer fine up until now with unofficial cartridges. Has anyone experience a similar problem? I find it hard to believe that the cartridges are the reason, though I may be wrong? I may as well buy a new printer as it would near the same amount to buy the official cartridges.

I have attached an example printout from my printer.

Many thanks for your help.

A:Blurry text printing on Epson SX200 Inkjet Printer

I've seen this on rare occasions and it is always fixed by using the manufacturer-recommended ink cartridges.

Cheap ink, cheap results.

If you want to lower your ink costs, I recommend you get one of the printers that tout 'lowest ink cost' in their advertisements. I had one a couple of years ago and it was really what they claimed. The first company I saw with such a printer was Kodak. HP followed close behind with their own model. There may be other brands; but, I do so little color printing, I don't keep up with it. A black laser does 99.9% of all my printing at about zero-point-six cents per page average. That's not a typographical error; I can print 100 pages for about sixty cents.

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Hi; I have a HP deskjet printer 842C. Could someone tell me how to clean the copper strip
on the cartridge. TY littlejay2

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I've heard that it is not good for your inkjet printer to turn it off by a remote master switch. It is best to turn it off by the printer's own on/off button. I was told that it would shorten the life of the print head! Is this so? And if yes, Why?

How much electricity does a small inkjet printer use? Is it safe to leave an inkjet printer on all the time?

Thanks for any info you can give me on this!

Tom Carter
[email protected]

A:inkjet printers

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I have a Canon Pixma MX300 printer and use 30 black and 31 tri-color cartridges. Are cartridge refills from office stores, Walgreens, and other stores generally safe and reliable?

A:Inkjet refills

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Does anyone know where I can download a Win98 driver for my old HP 1200C Printer ?
I'm limping along on a 3.11 driver and HP doesn't have a 98 driver on their site.
Hate to get rid of the printer ...it's a good one ....Maybe there's a patch ?

A:Inkjet Driver

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We're looking for a good inkjet for around $200 US, that will do a good job with photos and at least decent with text. The fastest speed is not necessary. Our current camera is 3+ megapixels, canon A75. We're considering the HP 8250, Epson R320. Any other suggestions, or experiences with those printers? Thanks.

A:Inkjet recommendations

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What is it about inkjet photo paper that makes it unusable in laser printers?:suspiciou
(At least not recommended to)...

A:Inkjet vs laser

Inkjet photo paper is coated to assist with absorption, retention, and color balance of the inks projected to be used with it. Each different printer manufacturer has, (presumably), a different coating concoction, that produces optimum results with their brand of inks.

Part of this is marketing BS, as a color balance "profile" can be developed with aftermarket paper and inks. In the case of many paper manufacturers, a downloadable profile is available, in order to produce the correct color balance of their papers to any given commonly used photo quality printer.

This answer is specific to "inkjet photo paper". By that I mean paper used for the printing of photos of exhibition quality.

To this I might ask the question, "why would anyone want to put a true photo quality photo quality paper in a laser printer in the first place"? It does seen like a massive waste of money and good materials.

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Had a inkjet for about 2 years. Suddenly, the printing quality went way down. It would print part of lines of text, but leave blank lines right in the middle. If I printed multiple pages, it would almost "warm up" and then print ok. The window that popped up letting me know ink levels showed them at normal levels, and if I did the test page/alignment/cleaning processes, they all came out perfect, but if I immediately printed another page, it would go back to being bad. It did this on my desktop as well as my wife's laptop. We bought a new printer, so I'm not hurting for an immediate answer, but if anyone has seen this before and knows why it happened, I'd love to know as well.

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