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Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop...

Q: Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop...

Problem: It seems as though my brand new Thinkpad Yoga 12 doesn't know that it's in laptop mode and turns the keyboard and trackpad off as soon as the log in screen (Windows 8.1) comes up. But if I lightly press the screen back, both come back to life. I let go and they switch off immediately. I also found out that if I put something under either one of the front corners of the laptop, the keyboard and trackpad work and stay on for longer ... with 90% success rate. What's weird is that when I go directly to the BIOS, then the keyboard works perfectly, which gives me the impression that it's a sensor problem. Touchscreen works always and perfectly. Previously troubleshooting attempts without success: Re-install all drivers. (Keyboard, sensor, etc.)Update all drivers.2x 8.1 Windows reinstall.All (non-Microsoft) services off.Sensors and HID keyboard off / uninstall.Safe Mode System Details: Windows 8.1, BIOS Version 1.03, i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Wacom Digitizer etc.

Preferred Solution: Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop...

I have 4 of these Yoga 12 and the same issue. Sent 3 back to Lenovo. Received 2 back and issue is still occuring.

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I want to remove the monitor, basically gut it, and turn the keyboard and trackpad of my laptop into a keyboard with built-in mouse for my desktop. It's an old laptop that I was thinking about throwing away anyway, so I might as well turn it into something useful.

look at attachment.

I want be able to connect that to my desktop with USB and be able to use it as both keyboard and mouse (have both the keyboard and trackpad work)

My desktop is right next to my bed, so I sometimes swing the monitor around and put the keyboard and mouse on the bed. But it's damn hard to use a mouse when you have bedsheets and blankets and other stuff that's soft as a surface.

Also, I can't have any compatibility problems, it needs to work with all 3 systems in my house that I may want to connect it to. Mac OS, Windows XP/Vista, and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora)

A:I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse

would anyone happen to know, and can give me a step-by-step?

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 i have searched through the forums and have not found a decent solution for this problem.  When I power on my laptop from off, or wake it from sleep, I will randomly lose functionality to either the Touch Screen, or both the Keyboard and Trackpad, or at other times I will lose functionality to all three.  Other times all three regain functionality and work perfectly fine until the next time it sleeps or powers off.  I see the keyboard and trackpad in Device Manager at all times, even when they don't function, on the other hand, the touch screen with swing in and out of Device Manager, The touch screen works 100% of the time it shows in Device Manager, and fails to function 100% of the time it does not show.   Any Ideas Why?

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Hello All. Wow!The more I mess with these things (trying an 11s and a 13" yoga pro 2) the more I find that they are choc full o' glitches.I really wanna like one of them but... I use Chrome in laptop mode on both and every time I enter a text field the virtual keyboard pops up.Yes, this would be appropriate if in tablet mode, but completely unnecessary and counterproductive in laptop mode. Can this be disabled somehow? ThanksB

A:Turn off virtual keyboard in laptop mode of Yoga Pro 2

Windows key + R > services.msc > "Touch screen keyboard and handwriting panel" > double-click and change it from "Automatic" startup to "Manual".This will mean that when in tablet mode, you will need to click the keyboard icon on the taskbar, when you want it. You can also make a startup script that uses the sensor to stop and enable the service when in laptop/tablet mode. Look into ahk.

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I prefer the click approach on the Apple Macbook Air, where you can click anywhere on the trackpad to get a normal (left) click.  On the Yoga 13, you can click anywhere EXCEPT the lower-right side of the button, where it instead registers a right-click.  Thta's kind of annoying because I have to be aware of where on the trackpad I can click and where I can't. Does anyone know of a way to turn off the right-click area and just make the entire trackpad a left-click? I have already turned off the tap-click ability, so I'm just talking about clicks where you press the surface of the trackpad down.

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A:Turn off trackpad right-click "button" on Yoga 13?

Is there a Lenovo staff person who could answer this question?

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Hello, i work in a school and the majority of our students use the Yoga 11e laptops. Recently we have recieved a few with keyboards and trackpads that seem to be disabled. My guess is that the laptop is stuck in some sort of "tablet" mode that triggers when the screen is flipped fully back.  Any help with this issue would be very much appreciated, thanks!

A:Yoga 11e disabling trackpad and keyboard

Hi JamesOasis.
Welcome to the forums.
Can you please post the full model number of the machines? Are you using Windows 10 ?
Let me share some ideas.....
Tablet mode on Windows 10 does not disable the trackpoing or the keyboard, if the computer is on Laptop layout. (not bended)
Let's try to see first if it is a configuration or software issues.
Check out the "Control Panel - Mouse" and see the "Thinkpad" tab. See if the trackpoint is disabled, just in case.

After that I will check the Mouse driver.
Check the support site for the Yoga 11e:
- Search for the mouse drivers, and just in case install the latest version.
If that does not work, I would get into a firmware and driver update rampage
Check out any BIOS update for the computer and be sure to use Windows update to be on the latest level. Check some other drivers on the Lenovo support site that may need to be updated.
This are only some ideas... let us know if you have any progress.

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Hi there, need some help please, for some reason my keyboard and trackpad have stopped working. completely dead from start-up. The touch screen keyboard is the only way I can use my laptop, that is the Yoga 700 14isk.  

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Hi All, Just got a new Yoga 370 with windows 10. I sometimes have the problem that the keyboard is not working. This happens quite allot when i am using the integrated keyboard. It is not happening when i use an external board. When it happens, i have to either wait, or to move the mouse a little bit with the trackpad (i usually only use the trackpoint) ant then in starts reacting again.  Quite annoying, as i use it to evaluate it for business, and i really like the device exept of this annoying problem.  Best regards and thanks for the help!  EDIT: The title was somehow bogus!

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Hello "Lenovo community", First sorry for my english  I start this post because my laptop Yoga 700-14ISK have a big issue. After a night in hibernating mode when i opened it the keyboard and the mouse was not working.- I try to do fn + F6 but nothing.- I try to go in tablet mode and back in desktop but nothing.- I try to reboot but nothing.- I try to reinstall drivers for trackpad and keyboard and after reboot ... nothing.- I try to go in the bios and wooooo the keybord is working at this point i m so happy i can do my presentation at work tomorow ... I leave the BIOS .. back in windows ... nothing ! What the f..- I try to boot in Ubuntu with a USB LIVE ... nothing !! Oh my G..- I try to FLASH the BIOS with the last version .. nothing .......- I try to reinstall Windows 10 through the one recovery backup ... nothing ...- I try to empty the battery but guess what .. nothing ! I use the word nothing too much at this point and I dont remember what i did  because ofcourse i try all google can offer to me as solution but NOTHING !! My theories :- Sensor who detect switch beetwyn tablet and desktop is broken.- Somewhere in the motherboard there is a memory keep a bad config and someone said me i should reset the CMOS but i dont know how i can do this witheout open the laptop and break the guarantee. If somone have a suggestion or resolv the same issue please help me. In advance thank for all your contribution and read my bad english so far.

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So I booted my PC after an update the other morning and the keyboard and trackpad weren't working. I tested the brightness keys on my keyboard and they still worked so it couldn't be a hardware issue there, and my mouse still worked so it was just the trackpad that had something wrong with it. The trackpad has a driver error (code 10) but the keyboard says it's working correctly. Here's what I've tried in hopes to resolve the issues so far: -Reinstalling trackpad drivers -Uninstalling both trackpad and keyboard drivers then restarting -System Restore -Chkdsk on both drives -A trick I read on these forums where you flip the device into tent mode, then after a few seconds flip it back round to laptop mode. I am utterly confused as to what's wrong here as nothing has even slightly helped my problem. Any help?

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Keyboard and trackpad stopped working on Yoga 260 laptop. USB mouse and keyboard work fine. Also keyboard works in BIOS settings. I have replaced keyboard/ trackpad / system board and even hard drive w/fresh Windows 10 image. Same results: keyboard and trackpad don't work. Your help is much appreciated.

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Simultaniously my keyboard backlight, touchpoint and trackpad stopped working. They do not appear in device manager and reinstalling drivers did nothing. On Lenovos advice, I purchased replacement palmrest, trackpad, keyboard etc and fitted them successfully but this has made no difference. Could it be a power management issue? I've updated PM drivers. Motherboard damage? As far as I know no water or physical damage has occurred. 

A:Thinkpad Yoga (20CD) trackpad and keyboard backlig...

Also I've done various system restores and reinstalled Windows 8.1

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Hi all I have 2016 thinkpad yoga 12 still under warrenty, I barely used it. Suddenly, the trackpad stopped working. Its even not recognized by the windows 10. Also, I noticed that the keyboard back light is not working and the cpu fan is not blowing at all anymore. I tried a linux usb boot stick to make sure that it is a HW problem. Still not qorking under linux too ( obviously a HW probelm). I like this device alot but I think it wont be able to perform in summer because of the fan issue. Currently, I am out of country and I have no access to lenovo support. Can any one help me please?

A:[Thinkpad yoga 12] trackpad, keyboard backlight and cpu fan issue

Don't have the issues with the trackpad, but my fan too does not start at all.Everything updated, the freshest BIOS 1.30. Lenovo support unhelpful.

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Hi, Has anyone else experienced an infrequent but dull and audible popping sound from the keyboard after a few hours of usage? Seems like some parts are expanding unevenly and releasing the built-up stress. Is this normal? Thanks, will

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Hi everyone,  Today I noticed that my trackpad is not exactly flush with my chassis. There is a tiny gap where the trackpad ends and the chassis begins. The gap is bif enough for a piece of paper to slide through. This is concerning since dust can not get into the chassis. I have never noticed it before, and I have never dropped or damaged the computer. It may be a manufacturer error, and I may have never noticed it. I have had this computer for 5 months. Any ideas? Would lenovo cover this under warranty? Is it even worth going through the warranty trouble to get it fixed? The functionality of the trackpad remains unaffected. I have attached a photo so you can see what i mean. I have also attached a photo of the opposite side of the trackpad (left side) to show the difference. Thank you 

IMG_20171130_202932.jpg ?2403 KB

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Right now, when I turn my spectre sideways (purely for laying down and surfing), the screen rotates and the keyboard and trackpad are disabled. I know how to disable the screen rotation, but I can't find a way to enable the keyboard and trackpad. Is it possible to remove the software that binds rotation to all these features?

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Since I originally got a Yoga 370 I noticed that if I flip the screen 270-degrees to use the device as a tablet, then flip the screen back to laptop orientation, I can't use the device as a classic laptop right away because the trackpad stays disabled. The only workaround I've found for this is to press the power button off, then on. After the device comes back on, the trackpad's enabled again. But that's clunky; it takes at least 20 seconds to make that transition because I have to log in again too. I expect the trackpad to just re-enable once the screen's <180 degrees again, OR for there to be some 1-touch thing I can do on the screen (e.g. exit "tablet mode") that doesn't require logging in again. What am I missing?

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Hey guys and girls, my Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2018/3rd Gen's trackpad is giving off loud 'clack' 'clack'noises while sliding across the trackpads surface. I do not press it whatsoever and it occurs while sliding across different regions. I have the neweset drivers and the the newest Lenovo Software (via Lenovo Vanatage) and Windows10 updates installed. Any guesses?  CheersFelix

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Dell Inspiron 510M 1.25Gb running XP Home - have been around PCs since early 80s so generally know my way around. I think problem is more a Windows app software installation breakage.

Issue is that after recent reboot, I have no built-in keyboard or trackpad. An external USB mouse works fine but external USB keyboard does not. "Device Manager" shows yellow exclamation mark. (Computing with a mouse and the on-screen mouse-enabled keyboard is a tad slow !)

This has happened once before & despite valiant attempts, the only thing that worked was a restore to (after 2 attempts) the earliest restore point still available. I had tried reinstalling drivers and a repair install but neither worked.

Due to my probably poor habit of ignoring those app software requests to reboot after an update/install, combined with my long periods between reboots (I use hibernate), I suspect that there was a line of apps with "run once on reboot" instructions to perform. And this time, the earliest restore point is after my last good reboot so restore did not save me this time. Partly as I have been hammering the laptop heavily recently.

Device manager shows the following for "keyboard" and "trackpad" : "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)"

This seems to suggest that maybe some other software has installed a filter (or something) to capture these devices. I sus... Read more

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My laptop turns off the keyboard and trackpad when rotated to its side, which is really annoying for recreational use. How do I disable this feature?

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Hello everyone,

Greetings from Ecuador. A friend brought me a computer of another friend who has problems with his HP Pavilion G4 laptop. The laptop keyboard and trackpad is non-responsive when the Windows 7 boot. I combed the web and tried the many suggestions to get it working again but could not get the keyboard to work.

When booting up, the keyboard works; I was able to enter the bios and reset the configuration. But once windows starts, the keyboard no longer works. In the device manager, Windows showed that it cannot initialized the drivers both the keyboard (standard PS/2) and mouse (PS/2), with error code 37.

Below is what I have tried so far:

1. Before windows starts, the keyboard works; I'm able to go into bios and change configuration.
2. Attached an external USB keyboard, it does not work but works fine on another computer. An external USB mouse works though so I was able to try some of the steps below.
3. Start up in safe mode -> keyboard and track pad does not work there either.
4. Tried to restore from previous restore point -> there are no restore point to restore to.
5. Uninstalled both standard drivers for keyboard and mouse, reboot; keyboard and track pad still does not work.
6. Uninstalled both standard drivers for keyboard and mouse, scanned for hardware changes; drivers get reinstalled; keyboard and track pad still non-responsible.
7. Read about Avast problems with non-responsive drivers, but Avast is not installed on this system.
8. Trie... Read more

A:Windows unable to initialize laptop keyboard/trackpad

Quote: Originally Posted by Gnimble

When booting up, the keyboard works; I was able to enter the bios and reset the configuration.

That means the devices are working.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gnimble

But once windows starts, the keyboard no longer works.

Seems to be some sort of system drivers corruption; but it would not be an easy fix without any keyboard/mouse working.

IMHO a Clean Rinistall will be a good fix.

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I have an Asus G73jh with synaptics touchpad. Everything has been working finr since I got it, but recently, after not having installed any windows updates in a few months, I went ahead and ran the updates. Now the built in keyboard and mouse do not work inside windows.

The keyboard works fine in BIOS and I couldn't find any relevant options within the bios settings. However, once windows 7 boots, and I'm at the login screen, the keyboard and built in touchpad don't work at all. My wireless mouse works fine, I haven't been able to try a USB keyboard, but I imagine it would work fine if I tried it.

In the device manager, both devices ate listed and "working properly" without any errors.

I tried looking up a few of the updates that were installed and couldn't find anything that seemed relevant other than one update which apparently changes the euro sign. I uninstalled that one and it still made no difference.

I have searched online for possible solutions but everything I've found mentions reinstalling windows or rolling back to a restore point. I would prefer to avoid either one of those and rather just find the direct cause of the problem so it can be addressed.

If anybody has any ideas other than the "on screen keyboard" please let me know. I really would appreciate it.

A:[SOLVED] Laptop built in keyboard and trackpad not working.

Situations like yours is what System Restore is for. Just restore to the date and time before this happened. It will not touch your personal files.
If you don't want to do that, First boot to Bios, go to Integrated Peripherals, look for Legacy USB or Keyboard. If it is disabled, Enable it. then go to the Device Manager, and right click the Keyboard and Mouse and choose Properties/Drivers/Roll Back Driver.
You can also go to the Asus Driver page ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download G73Jh and download the Touchpad driver for your model.

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Heyy there, good people! Haven't gone here in quite a while! But tragically, I'm in a pickle, one I didn't cause for once :P
I got a new laptop a few weeks ago. A Sony VAIO VPCEB3KFX to be exact (oh my lord, just $650 for 500GB HD, 4GB RAM and an i5, couldn't resist!)
...but a few days ago.....something happened.

I was doing a curves adjustment on a fractal I made in Photoshop (yes, I'm that specific) when my ALPS touchpad freaked out on me and I suddenly found myself without the ability to left-click or tap-to-click. My (very) temporary solution was to switch the right and left-click settings, and that served me well...
UNTIL (bum bum BUMMM)
The touchpad decided to stop working entirely.

I restart my laptop, try to do as much as I can with the keyboard alone (no access to a USB mouse), and manage to download and install a new driver for it. Restart again, start typing my password...keyboard stops working 7 characters in. lkjaskjlkjlskjlfdskpwaeaprkvaslr; (that's probably what it would've looked like if my keyboard logged my inputs after it died)

Oh,and btw, got BSOD'd 10 seconds later; ACP_Index_mismatch
Then it restarted itself. Lather, rinse, repeat, until I cut off the cycle and let the laptop spend the night in solitary confinement in its bag.

The next day, ...blue screen errors...but nothing happens. I'm at the login screen...and I can type! Huzzaaaah! The keyboard works. So I manage to roll-back the driver, restart, and my trackpad and keyboard work ag... Read more

A:Win7 x64 laptop trackpad and keyboard being trippy (this is totally worth reading)


Supposedly a non related question, but where did you purchase "machine" from?

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Hi all, I just purchased a new yoga 710 15 inch laptop. Is there any other way to turn off the backlit keyboard other than Fn+spacebar? Anytime I turn on the laptop, the backlight turns on and will not turn off with those keystrokes. It is only a minor nuisance to have the backlight always on, but I would of course love to be able to turn it off in order to save battery. Is there anything else I can do, or is this just a defective machine? If it is defective, do you all think it's worth sending it in to fix the defect? I can't decide so I'd appreciate opinions, but hopefully there is some way that the keyboard can be turned off. 

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A:New Yoga 710 -- backlit keyboard won't turn off?

Hi amarquardt , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Would the other function keys work using its hotkeys (page 4-5 as example)? 
Will FN + spacebar work if you set in safe mode as it suppose to go on on- dim of modes ? 
You can try turning on the machine using the Novo button and set BIOS setup to defaults , check on version of BIOS if you have latest from the support site.
If you need further guide best that you call in technical support and they would be able to recommend you ways to proceed depending on the scenario and how the process of repair works so you can decide on your options too.
Update us how things go. 

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I tried to turn on my computer today and nothing happened, only the keyboard backlight flashes every 3 seconds. I tried holding down the power button for various amounts of time (30s, 60s, 90s) and the keyboard stops flashing, that's it. I'm running Windows 10 and there was an update a couple days back. I'm not sure if that's relevant at all. Any help on getting my notebook up and running again would be great. Thanks!

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I recently noticed that my Yoga 3 Pro 1370 is not turning off the fan or the keyboard light when it times out and goes into auto-sleep. However, the physical power button on the side, which is set to enable sleep, works properly. BIOS, Lenovo and Windows updates are all up todate. Any advice appreciated, txs!

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Hello, yesterday i just purchased my new yoga 900s - 12.5".when purchase ive been told it has backlight o keyboard, and also i do see a little light sign on the left side of keyboard.however, i couldt get it to work. Of course i've tryed the Fn+spacebar, and checked drivers.im clueless .. please help me figure it out


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A:Yoga 900s - 12 keyboard backlit wont turn on

Hi ozp , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Can you try FN + ESC (toggle function lock), then FN + Spacebar (toggle off-dim-full).
The specification does include a full-size keyboard, backlight, 6-row, multimedia Fn keys.
Update us how it goes.

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Hello, yesterday i just purchased my new yoga 900s - 12.5".when purchase ive been told it has backlight o keyboard, and also i do see a little light sign on the left side of keyboard.however, i couldt get it to work. Of course i've tryed the Fn+spacebar, and checked drivers.im clueless .. please help me figure it out

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After last BIOS update I can't turn on my keyboard backlit. There's no such option in Lenovo Vantage, pressing Fn+Spacebar not working anymore.

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Dear Lenovo support, My Yoga laptop is not starting up after 12,5 months of using it.Fan is rotating and leds are lighting up for 1-2 secs and nothing happens. I've tried every suggestion and standard procedure like deattaching battery, holding power button etc. and nothing works.I've read it's quite a often problem and it's most likely failed motherboard.Can you confirm what's the most common root cause of this problem with you Laptops ? My warrenty is expired (few days ago) and I'm really dissatisfied how my first experience with you products is ending.Seeing how common this problem is I'd like to know if you would classify it as manufacturing defect. Looking forward to your answer. //Mariusz

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I have a Yoga 700. Charger went bad so ordered a new OEM charger. Worked fine. Next day it won't turn on. Tried holding power button and all it does is blinking orange light. Any ideas?

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I was watching you tube and while watching I plugged in the ac adaptor soon as I plugged it in the computer turned off. And now I cannot turn on the laptop. I tried pushing the power button for 10- 60 second, unplugging and plugging in the battery nothing!When I press the power button, on only the white light comes on. Does anyone have a solution for this??

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Hey guys, i'm stumped.
Laptop Info:
Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7283
Windows 8.1
Track pad doesn't work. All started randomly one day when I started the laptop up. Just didn't work. Now the keyboard will stop  working after about 10 minutes.
Things I've tried:
FN Key  + F5 (enable/disable trackpad)
Double tapping the top left corner of track pad.
Uninstalled all trackpad drivers, restarted, let windows install drivers.
Uninstalled all trackpad drivers, restarted, installed Toshiba Drivers
Checked BIOS for disabled Trackpad.
Lastly, reinstalled windows 8.
I got nothing. I'm stuck.
Any suggestions?
Picture of error; http://i.imgur.com/jTMau9y.png

A:Laptop trackpad not working. Keyboard stops working.

Ruhhh rohhhh. No one has any ideas?

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hi all,i am facing issues with my keyboard as number 4 is getting typed continously and i cant stop it  (number 4 on keyboard not on numberpad). also i am unable to type upper case letters, as once i hold the shift key the cursor travers backwards and stops at the first word. plz helpi have tried below points:i have tried reinstalling windows which didnt work.there is no dust setteled on keyboard.please help.

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Hi, I just bought a brand new YOGA 710-14IKB but the laptop won't turn on. When I press the power button it lights up and then it shuts down. I have read everything from the lenovo forum and on youtube but I can't fix it. It is very urgent as I'm leaving indefinitely. I could send it in to the manufacturer but I don't think they can fix it in time. Every piece of advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best regards

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im using a small laptop with an external keyboard.
the keyboard from the laptop seems to have a problem.
it types random keys as if something stick is holding it down.
^that happens at random times and occurs with random keys.
i've decided to use this external keyboard.
how can i completely shut off my laptop keyboard?
i've tried the control panel>hardware>devicemanager. and it didnt help. i've tried the
uninstall keyboard, but it's reinstalled when my laptop's rebooted.
thank you guys, and i need help ASAP!

A:how do i turn off my laptop keyboard?


The only way I know is to disable device installation, then disable the keyboard driver. So first import the attached registry tweak, then disable the laptop keyboard in the device manager and reboot.


You won't be able to install new devices, including new flash drives, USB drives, etc, unless you disable the policy by changing the dword parameter to 0.


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hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me with my laptop situation. Its a Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop (ideapad), I have had it for 3 months. I shut it down Saturday and then minutes after the display had gone off I noticed the power button light was still on. I tried to restart it and no response. pressed for long trying to shut it off (this works on my Lenovo thinkpad from work) and still no response. Its now been almost 48 hours the power button light is still on and machine wont start. The machine has not been connected to charger since saturday shutdown. Since the battery is encased in the laptop I cannot open it without voiding the warranty. I bought the machine in US and because of work I am now in Europe cannot take it back to Lenovo US. Anyone have a solution for me?

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hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me with my laptop situation. Its a Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop (ideapad), I have had it for 3 months. I shut it down Saturday and then minutes after the display had gone off I noticed the power button light was still on. I tried to restart it and no response. pressed for long trying to shut it off (this works on my Lenovo thinkpad from work) and still no response. Its now been almost 48 hours the power button light is still on and machine wont start. The machine has not been connected to charger since saturday shutdown. Since the battery is encased in the laptop I cannot open it without voiding the warranty. I bought the machine in US and because of work I am now in Europe cannot take it back to Lenovo US. Anyone have a solution for me?

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Hi, I have an Asus laptop running Windows 8.1. I have an hdmi cable connected to my tv with a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse. Is there anyway to turn the laptop without opening the lid by using the keyboard? I have searched and people suggested getting some external button which I am not looking for while others suggest hibernating the laptop which is also not an option as I use it only few times a week.

A:Anyway to use wireless keyboard to turn on laptop?

If there's an option in the BIOS to turn it on by keyboard like on desktops, it might be worth a shot.

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How can I turn off a sony vaio using the keyboard?

A:How can you turn off a sony vaio laptop using the keyboard

Can you better explain what you're wanting to do?

If you're referring to a "hard shutdown", press in and hold in the power button for 4 - 5 seconds until it powers off, then release the power button.


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Seriously sick of randomly clicking because my hands are too fat.  I know that my previous dell had an option where it would automatically shut off the trackpad if an external mouse was detected.  Is that available on the 13?

A:Turn off my XPS 13 Trackpad

Welcome to the community
Please try the following steps ;

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Hi! I bought this one 2  days ago and I'm amazed how bad the keyboard is. Just check the video:https://youtu.be/n4oN6H3x2nQThe keyboard actually doesn't match the photos: enter key is weird form and there are two \ keys. Space key sticks depending on which part of it you click. It also makes a weird noise. Definitely not the quality you expect from a premium model. I would actually be happy to return it, but I'm in another country for a while so looks like I'm in trouble. This is the second Yoga I have, but seems that I will never buy a Lenovo again.

A:Lenovo Yoga 710 - the worse laptop keyboard ever

Yeah, you see a lot of complaings about those keyboards, they are trying to make them too thin in you ask me. I would return it if you do not like it, even if you have to pay shipping.   The Thinkpad line have much better keyboards, and in my opionion are far more durable too.  Good Luck,

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My Yoga 710-11IKB Laptop keyboard has various keys that do not work when pressed on the actual laptop keyboard, there is no problem with the touchscreen keyboard but using the normal keyboard is very difficult.

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Hello Guys, I have a lenovo Yoga 2 13 laptop and the keyboard backlights are not ighting up anymore. I generally use to activate it by pressing Fn + Spacebar. Now it doesnt work. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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