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Windows 10 Serial Numbers for fresh HDD

Q: Windows 10 Serial Numbers for fresh HDD

Hi all, I have a A475 (?470) that new i think came with Win 7 Pro, but i bought it 2nd hand and has 10 Pro on it and all is good, however i fully aware that any drive could die and i would have to buy a new drive and reinstall windows, which may be an issue for me as i have no media and no SN to activate my version of 10. I'm guessing (correct me if i'm wrong) i could download the 10 Pro ISO using MS download tool but i'd still have no SN and given a drive would have been replaced how do i go about making my copy legal again, is it a sinple case of running jelly bean or is their more to it? All1

Preferred Solution: Windows 10 Serial Numbers for fresh HDD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 10 Serial Numbers for fresh HDD

Please try this Windows 10 Key viewer:https://www.chip.de/downloads/Windows-Product-Key-Viewer_58663752.htmlorhttp://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/win_product_key_viewer.htmlor any other and you can write down your keyfile for later.

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Is there a way to find out the serial no. from a software disk itself? We have multiple copies of identical software that someone mixed all up!

A:Serial Numbers

If you go to HELP and down to ABOUT, you should see a bunch of information. Maybe even a serial number or product number. Got a big mess hey?

Have fun!

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Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I think it's great. My question is. Is there a program that will scan your hard drive and come up with all the serial numbers that your using on the hard drive. I'm using XP pro.
Thanks Mike

A:Serial Numbers

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What does the serial number on my laptop tell me about the product? Specifically, is it a code that tells me information regarding the product? I currently have a Latitude and the serial number is 


Does this tell me where and when the product was made along with the type of product that it is? Any help is appreciated. 

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i need a serial number for windows vist home basic i lost mine thanks for the help

A:Serial numbers

Hello Sammy,

If you still have your Vista Home Basic installed and activated with your key number, then you can use the program below to retrieve it from within Vista.

Product Key Number

If you have a OEM (store bought) computer then the key number will be on a sticker on the bottom (laptop) or back (desktop case) of the computer.

Asking for a product key number is not allowed since this is advocating piracy. It will get you permanently banned, so do not ask for one again.

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does anyone know where about in the registry serial numbers are stored.i uninstalled zone alarm pro,removed all registry entries,then reinstalled it a couple of weeks later and the serial was remembered.

A:Serial Numbers

Sometimes when you uninstall a program you have to make sure it deletes entirelly, sometimes they leave the main folder behind and that's why if you try to reinstall it will show you some of the options you had before, this may be the case.


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Have discovered that a care plan warranty was in place for my laptop between 2011 and 2014. However I purchased the laptop in 2015 as new from a national store in UK. What are the chances of serial numbers for two laptops to be the same, especially years apart? 

A:Can serial numbers be duplicated

Zero. What model laptop is this? Likely did not exist in 2011. 

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I have a very odd situation. I have two external Western Digital hard drives. They were both purchased in two different years. One in 2011 and one in 2010. Sadly the one brought in 2010 is having hardware issues. Thankfully it is under warranty. Sadly the serial number is incorrect on the hard drive. At first I thought this was a simple mistake. The consumer rep wanted to test my other hard drive's serial number to see if this issue was on his end. Turns out BOTH hard drives have incorrect serial numbers.

So, now I have send them pictures by email to prove to them that I own these hard drives and to show them the serial numbers.

Has anyone ever experienced this with Western Digital?

A:Incorrect serial numbers

Both have the wrong serial numbers. I have never heard of such a thing. Where did you buy these hard drives ???

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I have bought two games a year or tow ago, then my HDD crash, got a new HDD.
How can I get this from the old HDD, I have bought them online, but can not find the serial numbers.
I do not want to buy them again.

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I have Acer Aspire X1300  Desktop PC  I  found a label on side of PC  but the Alpha Numerics do not seem to be what is needed by Acer to enter into a chat with them.   Is there another place to look?  I had follow the instructions to find the label I do see.   

A:Serial and SNID numbers

Hello, You'll find them in the bios setup utility but normally they are identical:Start up your desktopPress [F2] when you'll see the Acer logoS/N and SNID in the information tabNote themExit without saving

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I had to replace my motherboard with a new one. But the serial number is different, how can I change it to agree with my system serial number.

A:I have two serial numbers on my laptop.

Hi,Contact HP in your region.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.htmlThey can only help you in this regard. HP propriety BIOS tattooing tools are needed to tattoo BIOS with the product information and hardware hashes.RegardsVisruth

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I am thinking of getting my second computer online. Problem is, it has the same serial number as my main computer. Will this be a problem? If so, is there a work around so I can get updates on my second comp without raising a red flag to microsoft? Any help would be most appreciated.

A:duplicate serial numbers

I would recommend that you read the forum rules regarding such activities.
You are trying to circumvent the licencing of software issues, as Windows can only be loaded on one PC per licence.

I predict an early closure for this thread.

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I have an R60e Thinkpad Lenovo that is not the newest in the world and it also does not have an ID serial number sticker despite having other stickers. The CMD prompt does not seem to bring me to the right file. The biggest disappointment however, is simply that the there is a R60i and an R61e in the list of types online on this site but no R60e. I really would like to find  my serial number but I cannot enter the correct type even to start direct detection online. Does anyone else have a similar problem that they have resolved? My underlying problem is with WiFi but the basic challenge I face right now is communicating my machine type and serial to Lenovo sypport and diagnostics. Thanks for any help... 

A:Serial numbers and types

Boot into the BIOS and it will show there.  There is a motherboard serial you don't care about and a system serial number.  A machine of that age might have a serial number that starts out "L3".  You will probably also be asked for a type.  Serial numbers at that time were not unique, except by type.  It will be a 7 character with 4 numbers, and 3 more characters (numbers or letters).  You want the first 4 numbers.

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how can I find the serial number to my game so that I can install it (The Sims-Living Large). Trying to install it, but I have lost the case, so I don't have the serial number available.


A:Serial Numbers for games

Here have mine,

Sorry against site rules, please don't do it again

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I bought a desktop PC which came with a free upgrade to Windows 7. This had to be sent off for and took a while to arrive, and I wanted to get the desktop PC up and running in the meantime. So I bought a new copy of Win 7 and installed it on the desktop machine. Then when the upgrade arrived, I used it to upgrade my laptop, which was running Vista.

Recently my laptop has been displaying messages saying the copy of Windows is not genuine. A call to Microsoft informed me that because the upgrade to Win 7 was OEM only, it should have been installed on the desktop PC, not the laptop.

I asked if there was any way of swapping the serial numbers around and she said no. The only solution would be to uninstall Win 7 from both machines, and reinstall using the correct serial numbers.

This seems a bit drastic. I wonder if anyone can answer the following:
- is there any way to just swap the serial numbers around?
- if I uninstall Win 7, will I lose all my data and settings?
- will I need my Vista CDs and serial numbers to do the uninstall, as I only have these for the desktop PC - no idea what happened to the laptop version.

Any comments gratefully received!

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Is Service tag number and serial numbers are same ?

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How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup to avoid hardware detection?

I want to change all serial numbers and MAC addresses to random ones.

This is for Windows Vista.

A:How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup?


What good will it do?

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How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup to avoid hardware detection?

I want to change all serial numbers and MAC addresses to random ones.

This is for Windows Vista.

A:How do I randomize all hardware serial numbers each bootup?

Not sure how about the serial numbers or why you're doing this, but there are command line programs to change MAC addresses, it should be easy enough to write a program to send random values to it on boot up.

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The web is full of sites on how to find the serial number of your computer but not all serial numbers of hardware belonging to it.
I also found 'Hardware ID Extractor.exe' which is extremely limited and both Belarc Advisor and Speccy do not provide such info.
I was wondering if there is such info. Obviously this assumes the info is attached/embedded somehow on the hardware itself which may not be the case.
I have recently purchased an audio card. In wanting to register it the serial number on the box has a sticker with another number on it. I called Asus and asked them which of the 2 it may be. They said to not trust the sticker on the box and to look at the actual card. Makes sense to me except the card is already in my PC and every time I open it, it is hell--too much stuff in there and a slight movement of some wire or other creates havoc. Hence me asking this question.
Thank you

A:How2 find hardware serial numbers

Im afraid if you want to be sure then you will need to look, there may be software out there however you dont know if the information they are providing you is correct.

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I've just been wondering something recently, given either a computer's MAC address or it's serial number is it possible to look up the other?
Can you by looking at a computer (whether a laptop from a factory or a motherboard* supplied for someone to build a custom tower with) and reading the serial numbers on the labels determine what MAC address or other such connectivity details it will have? What about the reverse, from seeing a computer connect to a network (wired or wifi) and getting it's MAC address and any other details that the PC makes available to the network can the serial number be worked out? Or for that matter can a website visited in the browser see these kind of details (I'd guess this latter case to be a no)?
Are there algorithms which allow one to get either from the other (in the same way that there are algorithms like that which lets a barcode be error checked, or for that matter algorithms which calculate a sha-256 given a file)? Or is this the sort of data that a manufactuer typically keeps in logs of all the equipment they sell, but which is not predictable one-from-the-other except by the manufactuer consulting such logs? Or are things such as a computer's serial number and the serial numbers of components like the hard-drive and CPU (the sort of things that speccy can reveal for a machine it is run on) totally independent and unlinked to any identifiers it provides to networks and or websites visited?
I've just been wondering, of all the unique iden... Read more

A:Serial numbers of computers, MAC addresses, other details, any links between?

To my knowledge, the serial number of a machine and the MAC address it uses have no connection.
The MAC is a part of the network card (including WiFi or wired) and these are replaceable items seldom made by the companies that actually put together the components to make a computer.  The same is true for virtually any piece of hardware in a computer down to and including its motherboard.  Those can be replaced or upgraded.
The serial number on a given machine is just that, the serial number of that machine as a "manufactured thing" but is not connected to the serial numbers (and those exist) of its component parts.
I can't say anything about what may or may not be supplied to various websites, but I doubt very much that anything that's as "low level" as serial numbers are among what would be given to a random website (as opposed to, say Microsoft when you're licensing Windows 10, which does link directly to the serial number of the motherboard - which can be changed out if it were to fail but you then have to contact Microsoft to get your existing license key associated with the replacement motherboard instead of the one it was originally associated with).
Tracking cookies have been "the traditional way" that various sites keep track of when you've been visiting them, and those are placed on your machine by said sites and are queried on future visits.  One can, of course, put in "do not track" requests and/or purge cookies, which remo... Read more

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 Hello,  I am currently working on a ThinkPad Edge 15 0302-2BU for a client of mine.The system is able to POST and I can enter the BIOS but the UUID is all zeros and the Machine Type Model, System-unit serial number, and System board serial number are all blank. I went to the support page for this model and downloaded the ISO file with bootable BIOS update utility for BIOS ver. 2.20 (82ET80WW) I updated the BIOS in case there were any issues with the current BIOS release. Rebooted then went to update the model number off the bootable utility. I entered the model number, Updated, and Rebooted again. Still having the same issue. The model number didn?t record after I punched it in. I am still able to POST and get into the BIOS configuration.The system will not load an OS or boot off a CD into something like Windows PE.I'm not sure if Windows not being able to load is due to the BIOS or not but I'm inclined to think so since I have trouble booting off CD. Regardless, is there anything I can do to fix this?  I sold this unit to my client from our store here in Cleveland and the unit is about 5 months out-of-warranty.I would hate to have to sell this guy a Motherboard after roughly a year and a half.  Thanks, any help is appreciated.If I don't get a reply I will most likely be calling Lenovo Directly.  - Cory

Go to Solution.

A:0302-2BU Missing BIOS UUID and Serial Numbers

Hi and welcome to the forum!BIOS information is likely empty because perhaps the motherboard was replaced and data wasn't fed into it using lenovo's maintenance disk. Only lenovo support centers, certified techs etc. have access to this disk, you can try taking it to any authorized Lenovo service centre and request them to feed the info. for your client: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/product-service/service-provider/findServiceProvider.page?Hope this helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en EspaŮol Visit my YouTube Channel

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For starters, a little background. I am in the IT dept at my company, and we have a large number of HDD's that we need to archive. I have a powershell script that will grab hostname and username info from the drives, but I would like to grab the serial numbers as well if I can.

Here's what I currently have that will grab the serial number info:

$Disks = Get-WMIObject -class win32_PhysicalMedia
foreach($Disk in $Disks) {Write-Host $Disk.SerialNumber}

Ok, here's my question:
This portion of the script works just fine, but it seems that the serial number field that stores this information is blank unless the PC was booted up with the HDD connected internally. I have close to 200-300 HDD's that I need to go through and we usually get a couple more every day, so it's not very feasible to reboot the computer for each drive (as opposed to using a USB HDD dock). Does anyone know if it's possible to have the computer re-scan the disks, or some other action that will cause this serial number field to populate, or will it only be populated when the drive is installed internally from boot-up?

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Find serial numbers on slaved HDDs with Powershell

I'm not a cmd line person but you could try these two 3rd party program install on the mother computer. Then just plug in the usb drive and run the program.
On my systems their is no reboot needed. Just plug them in the usb and run one of the programs.


Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.


From Belarc

Drives 239.82 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
182.38 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

CD-ROM Drive [Optical drive]

INTEL SSDSC2BP240G4 [Hard drive] (240.06 GB) -- drive 0, s/n BTJR443200ZV240AGN, rev L2010420, SMART Status: Healthy
Memorex TD Classic 003C USB Device [Hard drive] (2.05 GB) -- drive 1


From Speccy

Hard drives
Disk drive
Heads 16
Cylinders 29,185
Tracks 7,442,175
Sectors 468,857,025
SATA type SATA-III 6.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
Serial Number BTJR443200ZV240AGN
Firmware Version Number L2010420
LBA Size... Read more

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I am using Excel 2010 to create a catalog of products that do not have their own serial numbers. I am auto-generating serial numbers in a userform as each product is added to the catalog. The new serial number is always the previous +1.

I need to create the option of an exception, where the new serial number would not be +1, but rather something else to indicate that the item being entered is the same as the previous with only a slight variation. A letter or a +.1 would work.

Is this possible?

Here is the code I am using:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Me.Label1SerialNumber.Enabled = True
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("MediaCatalog")
'find last data row from database
iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1) _
If ws.[A2].Value = "" Then
Me.Label1SerialNumber.Caption = 10001
Me.Label1SerialNumber.Caption = ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value + 1
End If
End Sub


A:Auto-Generate Sequential Serial Numbers + Indicate Variations of Same Product

Hi, welcome to the forum.
You are generating numbers based upon numbers, this is okay, but if you add an A or something non-numerical you will get an error.
The exceptions could be entered by adding a promt, is this an exception? if yes then you edit the resulting serial number before saving it but the next batch will not add 1 to 100001A +1

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Computer: Dell OPTIPLEX 755
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)
Problem: Missing PCI Serial Port
Fixes tried:

AMD Radeon HD 2400 XT Graphics Driver Driver Details | Dell Australia (AMD Radeon HD 2400 XT Graphics Driver), complains that it is a multidisk installer and needs the last part to be inserted.

Intel G31/G33/Q33/Q35 Graphics Controller, v., A05 Driver Details | Dell Australia (Intel G31/G33/Q33/Q35 Graphics Controller, v., A05), complains that it is a multidisk installer and needs the last part to be inserted.

Intel Matrix Storage Manager (OS Pre-Install Driver Only), v., A12 Driver Details | Dell Australia (Did not give a specific setup installer, just installed a bunch of files.)

Intel AMT HECI, v. PV, A02 Driver Details | Dell Australia (Used this to fix another error, worked for that one. Did not work for this one.)

When ever I scan for hardware changes in devmgmt.msc, it attempts to install the PCI serial port but is never successful.

Properties of the PCI Serial Port in the unknown devices section of devmgmt.msc shows this:

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Any and all help is appreciated, thanks!

A:Fresh Install of Home Premium, missing PCI Serial Port Driver

Are you actually using (or want to use) the serial port? If not, disable it in the BIOS, then the error will go away.

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Hi hopeing someone here can help out.
built a new PC and installed Win 8.1 and updated it all.
had the BSOD clock watchdog time out since system 1st built
here is speccy link
minidump file zip
could only get access to 1/2 of the files ?
also attached is output of last 10 errors from mini tool box.
I am going to run 10 Pass memory test overnight to see if there are any errors with the memory.
Did speak to guy where i bought the components and his idea was to do full wipe and reinstall of windows.
I do try and leave this to last ditch attempt.
Thanks for all and any help or advice.

A:Clock watchdog timeout win 8.1 fresh build pc and fresh windows install

A wee update.
ran mem test over night. did 10 passes and no errors with the memory.

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My music computer started having problems with Windows 98 locking up at irregular intervals, and after a while the thing simply wouldn't boot up all the time. The lockups had been getting worse, so naturally I thought I had been vicitimized by some spyware/adware/virus infection and took measures. After countless hours, I finally gave up and bought a new hard drive, installed it, and put on a fresh copy of Windows 98 SE from my recovery CD.

It worked fine - for a while.

Now the computer is exhibiting the same symptoms with the new drive as it did with the old drive. I tried running the Seagate SeaTools to see if I could find any abmormalities and it checked out fine. What is odd is that the computer locks up at no particular place, with no particular interval of time. Quite often I can't even get it past the Windows splash screen.

My uneducated opinion is that this has to be a hardware issue, and I'm feeling frustrated by my inability to isolate the problem. If anyone can make suggestions as how I should proceed, I would be very grateful, indeed.

The computer has an AMD Athlon processor with 512 MB of RAM installed on an Azza 366X AS motherboard by the manufacturer, CyberPower Inc... It clocks around 1.4 ghz... The computer has a CD-R/RW, a Toshiba DVD-ROM, a 1.44 floppy drive, a Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live 5.1, GeForce 64 meg video adaptor, a 56k modem, a Turbolink switching power supply (375atx) and extra cooling fans. The original drive is an IBM Des... Read more

A:Fresh drive, fresh Windows 98 install, same old lockups!

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Hey everybody.

I don't know if the title is a good one for this problem, but here goes.

I have a column that has numbers in this format: 54321-1234

Now, I want to take off the last 4 numbers, and the dash, from all the numbers in the column, using a formula. So that the output would be: 54321.

I want it so the first 5 numbers stay the same, but the dash and last 4 are gone. Is this possible?


A:Solved: Excel 2003: Replacing Large Numbers with Smaller Numbers

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This was asked before by KlausdB:

"I have 4 x HDDs on SATA AHCI (Intel Controller) in Native Mode and 1 x ESATA on Win 7 Pro X64.
I noted that looking in Admin. Tools\Computer Management\Storage (as an example) the 1st HDD (Port 0 in the AHCI BIOS) is showing as "Disk 2" instead of my expectation of

"Disk 1".
Selecting the Drive's Properties correctly shows the "Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)".
I also note that the Disk Number allocation in Windows will change randomly after some reboots/startups - going anywhere from "Disk 1" to "Disk 4".  I can force/replicate this

behaviour by removing the ESATA drive.
Is this expected behaviour?
It doesn't appear to create any operating issues at this stage, however, is there a way I can force the Drive to always map to (eg) Device 0 --> Disk 1, Device 1 --> Disk 2,


 This was answered by Nicholas Li:

"As far as I know, how the disk is plugged physically and the order it is displayed are not related. For a simple example, if a drive is plugged to SATA interface 4 and it is the only disk, it will be displayed as Disk 0. If there is no related issue about
the disk order, I think we can safely ignore this."

 Because the topic was closed I want to ask a new question here:
 What happens if one of the 4 HDD drives or 5 has an OS installed on it? I ask because windows always write some bo... Read more

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I have three SATA hard drives :
Main system/boot drive , WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 0 port
A backup drive, identical WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 1 port
Another dirve, Hitachi 1 TB, connected to the SATA 2 port
When I installed Win 7, only the main drive was connected... and it remains the only drive with active/system/boot partitions.

All three drives reporr correctly in the BIOS, and in the right order, but why is it that only one of the drive (the one on SATA port 1) has a "SATA:" prefix and the others have a "HDD:" prefix ?

Why is it that the assignment of Disk #0, 1, 2 ( as seen in Disk Maanger or DiskPart) does not seem to have nay rhyme or reason?

I would have expected:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port O, to be assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, to be assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, to be assigned as Disk 2

but instead, I have:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, is assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 0, is assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, is assigned as Disk 2

Just curious why that is.

I am assuming there is no way to chagne this. Its not something I would dream of reinstalling Windows 7 to correct ( even if it did correct it).

A:SATA port numbers vs assignemnt of Disk numbers/

Best advice, leave it alone. It may bother your (and others) sense of order but it won't affect how anything works, and no re-installing Windows won't change it.

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I have been given four transcripts of telephone calls recorded at a call centre. All at different times on the same day. Two have the same callID number. The sequence of the numbers attributed to each call are odd. The first call has a higher number than later calls and the last two are also out of order. I am not sure if this is the right forum but i am desperate for some help. The transcripts are VERY important and I cannot be sure that they are the real deal because of the callID numbers. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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I was checking my program and software list and at the top of the list I noticed two (2) sets of numbers that I have never seen before. I checked the internet to see if I could find out what they were. It kept taking me to sites for spyware, adware,etc. I could not find out what they were or why they are on my system. I do not want to remove them until I know what they are. I have not noticed any problems with my system, but I do not know what might be going on behind the sceen. The numbers are listed as follows:



A:Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

The first one > http://www.acresso.com/products/is/i...d-overview.htm

The second one > http://eraser.heidi.ie/

Both are legit and not malware.

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I have Windows XP, with Wordpad v5.1 and Notepad v5.1 as well. In Notepad, if I toggle off Word Wrap, I can then toggle on the Status Bar, and it shows me the line and column number in the status bar. It does not look like Wordpad has the ability to show line and column numbers. Does anyone know if there is a way to show that in Wordpad? Thanks.

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Having a connectivity issue with a serial device when using meter reading software on Windows 10 build 1809. The serial device is connected to the machine via an FTDI serial-to-usb convertor. When the application opens it cannot detect the device despite being present in the Device Manager and connected to the appropriate COM port. This problem did not occur with build 1709. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

A:ThinkStation M920Q not reading serial device when using FTDI serial to usb connection

This is serial port attached?  Do you have any that are USB attached, do they work? 

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Having a connectivity issue with a serial device when using meter reading software on Windows 10 build 1809. The serial device is connected to the machine via an FTDI serial-to-usb convertor. When the application opens it cannot detect the device despite being present in the Device Manager and connected to the appropriate COM port. This problem did not occur with build 1709. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

A:ThinkStation M920Q not reading serial device when using FTDI serial to usb connection

This is serial port attached?  Do you have any that are USB attached, do they work? 

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Hey, I'm installing windows XP onto a 500 g SATA hard disk that I just installed into a Dell Dimension 9100.

I have an .iso file that I need to place onto a DVD to serve as the OS boot disc. My DVD-R is in my Mac. So i need to burn this .iso file on the mac but have it boot the PC..

What is the proper file extension for the dvd file? is there anything I need to do that I'm missing?

A:Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL


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I'm having troubles with my pc and want to dispute my warranty. But I noticed the serial number (and product number) given in the receipt of my email do not match the ones that are on my PC. What do I do?

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Hi, I'm a newbie here and I've loaded a prolific programme in my computer and it can't go lower than com7, I would like to change it for lower, like com1 or 2.

A:Can I change com numbers on my windows

Quote: Originally Posted by apivin

Hi, I'm a newbie here and I've loaded a prolific programme in my computer and it can't go lower than com7, I would like to change it for lower, like com1 or 2.

Welcome apivin to the windows 7 forums.

You might help by filling out the system spec's on your system.

Also, Is your problem that the program your trying to run requires a com port higher than 7?

You can in most cases, in your system configuration rename the com port to a higher number.


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hi There,

Recently ive found out that my hard drive for my notebook GIGABYTE W551n, is in the process of dying, thanks to some great members here for helping me diagnose the problem.

I have been searching for a replacement, nothing to expensive as of yet, but would like to know if my laptop:

My current equipped Fujitsu MHV2080BH PL which is this one i think:

can i replace it and equip this one internally:

Im asking because im not sure of the difference between my current, which i think is Serial ATA 2, and if they are compatable with normal Serial ATA, im guessing the Serial ATA 2 is to do with the speed and not connection, if so i can therfore go ahead and buy it to replace ASAP.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Serial ATA II & Serial ATA interface

If you can, stay with the same model drive as you have now. You can do a disk copy task, and it will eliminate the need for re-installing Windows. Sometimes you can get away with this disk copy task with a different disk drive, but Windows is finicky about hardware changes...

cp /dev/sd(oldHDD) /dev/sd(newHDD) Substitute 'a' , or 'b' , for what's in (parenthesis)

You can also upgrade, and rarely are there higher-end drives that are NOT compatible. Best info source is the laptop manufacturer, ESPECIALLY if it's under warranty.

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I have some reference books I use and in all of them I have this problem:

The number written on the document pages doesn't match the number my pdf reader says, and for every document it has a different offset. That is, for example when I go to page 16, then on the page itself it's written that it's page 5 and not 16.

It's an annoying problem.
Is there any way to fix this by changing the pdf numbering or is there any workaround?


A:pdf page numbers don’t match document page numbers

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Anyone have any idea what I need to do in Windows 10 to get my Numbers Lock to stay on all the time?
Each time I start the system I have to remember to press the Numbers Lock button. On my Windows 7 it stayed on all the time unless I purposely turned it off.
It's no real big deal to push a button, but it's just a pain in the rear to type in a password or user name and discover it didn't work simply because this darn button was turned off by the system.
Oh, I did do a "regedit" and changed the numbers in the box to #2 and restarted the system. When the system restarted the Numbers Lock light was on and I figured I must have fixed it. However when I booted up today it was off again.
Thanks for your help!

A:Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

I can't say if your computer has this but some computers have a numlock enable/disable in BIOS.

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Im using windows 10 totally updated version and the problem im facing is that windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name/SSID and the number keeps on increasing. It aint causing any trouble with network usage but I still wanna fix it and wanna know whats causing this. Ive attached a picture with this thread where u can see the wifi name states Redmi 7 but my network name is just Redmi. This 7 was 2,3,4... some days ago. Please help me asap with this issue ill be grateful.

A:Windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name

I don't understand why that is a "problem" or why you are bothered, but I don't need to understand. In Network Connections you can right click on the connection name and select Rename and call it whatever you wish (within reason). I should add that you could do this in previous versions of Windows but I'm only assuming the ability has not been removed in Windows 10.

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I have 2 machines running at home both with Intel 17 920s and Asus motherboards with Vista Ultimate 64bit installed.

1 board is the Rampage II Gene, with 12gb OCZ Gold DDR3 ram and a Diamond Radeon 4890. Everything is set to factory settings, no overclocking yet. The best I have seen on the index is 5.9, with all the subcategories showing 5.9. The hard drive is a Western Digital "Black" 1 TB. Also have 2 optical drives, 1 HP super- multi with Lightscribe and the other is a LG super-multi. All this is in an Antec 300 box with an Antec 750W power supply. All the drive connections are SATA.

The second board is an Asus P6T SE with 6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3 ram
and an XFX Radeon 4760. Everything is set to factory settings with no overclocking yet. The best I have seen on the index with this one is also 5.9 but the processor score is 7.5 and the memory score is 7.4. The rest of the subcategories are a flat 5.9. The hard drive is a Western Digital
VelociRaptor 300gb . Also have 2 optical drives, 1 HP super- multi with Lightscribe and the other is a LG super-multi. This is in a midtower with an Antec 750W power supply. Again all the drives are SATA.

I have tried the SATA drives set to IDE and AHCI with no improvement either way.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to improve the performance?



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Hi all,

New here, so I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this(if it isn't, admins please move it to the correct forum, thanks!). I'm currently running Windows 8.1 and recently I took a look at my Resource Monitor and noticed a process called numbers.exe with the description "Numbers". It showed it as running in the background but in a suspended state.

As I've never seen that process before, I decided to search it up and it came up with some results related to a trojan/rootkit. But this trojan/rootkit was namely referred to as <random numbers>.exe (for example: 123456789.exe); nothing indicating specifically the process "numbers.exe". I did a bit of digging in the associated handles and noticed that some of the files were related to the default Windows Calculator App, which I have currently pinned to my Start. When I unpinned it from the Start the process was gone.....so I'm assuming it is the process for the calculator. But because of a trojan incident I had a few years back, I'm a bit paranoid based of the searches that popped up for numbers.exe.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if this "numbers.exe" is a legitimate process? Does anyone else who also has the default calculator pinned to their start have this process running as "suspended"?

Anyone help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

I just fired up Windows 8.1 Calculator. The only things I see listed are Windows Calculator under processes and calc.exe under Details. No numbers.exe. I hope this helps.

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Greetings All,Recently did a Clean Install of Windows 7 X64 on an HP DV7 and now My Windows Update will NOT work. It just goes searching forever / endlessly. I have tried and downloaded and installed a few KB Numbers (KB3083710, KB3102810 etc. ) to try and fix the issue with NO avail.  Yes, I am losing my Hair fast   Could  some one please help me with the Latest KB Numbers or Solutions I can try as of August 2016?  Any Help would be greatly Appreciated.Thank You in advance for your time.Best Regards, Rob 

A:What are the Latest KB Numbers to fix Windows Update NOT wor...

Rob3307 Folks have bandied about a couple of different KBs -- claiming these both "fixed" Windows Updates.  But further examination has revealed that NOT to be true. I continue to support a bunch of Win7 PCs, some of which were rolled back from Win10 because the owners disliked Win10 so much.But, I have noticed that recently, Windows Update has been performing really slowly on ALL these machines.The symptoms are that it searches for HOURS -- and does not appear to make any progress!OR .. it finds stuff, but then goes into downloading for HOURS ... and does not appear to make any progress!Anyway,  check for a Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads\ folder.  This is where Windows Updates stores the updates it downloads and its working files.  IF it exists, Windows Update is working -- even though you see no progress.  Over time, the folder will grow until all the Updates have been downloaded.  Then, it will shrink as the Updates get applied.  When done, Windows should remove it. If it does not, you can remove the contents of that folder, but do not remove the folder itself.And yes ... updates are taking hours (or days!) when they used to take only a few minutes. So basically, there is nothing wrong with your PC.  And -- if you RESET it, you are only going to make matters worse as that will start the Update process from scratch, and the last time I did that, it took three full days (!) to find, download, and apply all the updates... Read more

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I have two monitors. Before a computer crash, the one on the left was identified by Windows 7 as #1, and the one on the right as #2. Now the numbers are reversed and macros that rely on screen coordinates no longer function correctly. I've tried disconnecting the right (currently #1) monitor and starting the system with only the left monitor functioning. Windows identifies the monitor as #1 as desired, but as soon as I add back the second (right) monitor Windows changes the left monitor back to #2.

Is there some way of getting Windows to call the left monitor #1?

A:How to swap Windows ID numbers for two monitors?

Is the monitor that is now 2 selected as your main display?

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