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Looking 4method or software 2increase the volume of front speakers

Q: Looking 4method or software 2increase the volume of front speakers

I am looking for a way or software to increase the volume of the front speakers from a 5.1 speaker system. If I use Windows Volume Control Options and test the 5 speakers all sound great and equal. However, if I watch a movie or play a game the front speakers are barely audible. I am aware that the movie or game itself may have a lot to do with it nevertheless I would like to have control over this.
My sound is ''AMD High Definition Audio Device'' coming from the AMD catalyst set of drivers.
I looked up "Audio Manager" or "Sound Manager" but the result are of software, that in my opinion is wrongly named, being that they are music file managers and have nothing to do with sound/audio.
Thank you

Preferred Solution: Looking 4method or software 2increase the volume of front speakers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Looking 4method or software 2increase the volume of front speakers

AMD High Definition Audio Device from AMD Catalyst is NOT your PC sound device. The AMD is for HDMI audio.

You audio, according to the specs on the ASUS site, is VIA VT1708S 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC

Unless there is a VIA control panel with separate level controls for the different speakers you are stuck with what you have. Many video players and games have audio options and that is probably the best you can do.

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y0 I got this other problem i really hate. The most. Please jonathan_king, zigzag reply please. I beg you, i got this problem that i plug in my headphones and its extremely low volume. It use to work fine, but now nope. I tried the jacks on the front, back and my monitor. Please help me.

A:Extremely low volume on headphones but high volume on speakers

Just so you know, Ken and I aren't the only members of this site. We have 200+ active, knowledgeable members, many of which I'm sure can figure out your problem. Ken and I just roam the Crashes section.

Have you tried a different set of headphones? Have you tried those headphones in another machine?

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I'm getting now sound out of my speakers when I try to use them for music or games, but I get sound when I test them in the sound panel, but only get sound out of my center and subwoofer. In the sound panel, it says my two front speakers are connected to the green FRONT speaker jack, even though it's plugged into the rear jack. I've tried different drivers and even a regedit found on this forum. I continue to have no sound and I don't know how to fix it.

A:No Sound out of Front Speakers

Quote: Originally Posted by NordVind

I'm getting now sound out of my speakers when I try to use them for music or games, but I get sound when I test them in the sound panel, but only get sound out of my center and subwoofer. In the sound panel, it says my two front speakers are connected to the green FRONT speaker jack, even though it's plugged into the rear jack. I've tried different drivers and even a regedit found on this forum. I continue to have no sound and I don't know how to fix it.

Hello NordVind, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums!

As you have searched the Forum, you already know some sound systems are not being supported properly. There is a quote in this thread: A bit dated but worth reading that says there are 26,000 custom audio drivers, so it will take a while for more to be added to 7.

The place to start is to identify your specific audio chipset. So we need to know if you are using a PCI card or onboard sound. A good place for this info is the manufacturer, like the motherboard manufacturer to id the audio chipset. If you need help with this, post back with what you are able to find out.


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I have a moitor with built in speakers, I use them in my front speakers port on my built in sound card. I have a Sub which plugs into the back port, and has 2 satellites plugged into it.

This effectively gives my 4.1 surround which sounds nice for a system thrown together.

whilst games and music etc play through all speakers, Internet sounds and system sounds do not... They only play through the monitor (front) speakers...

Is there anyway to amend this?

Thank-you In advance.

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I have A Creative Inspire 5.1 hooked up to my Realtek sound on board via S/dif digital optical, have tried latest drivers, tried different settings, only 2 spekers work.

A:Sound Only From Front 2 speakers

SOME Integrated Audio systems have a digital output but that output is only two channel stereo. As that is all you are getting it may be your sound is 5.1 surround in analog but not digital.

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I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS card and AVIA 5.1 surround sound. Ive ran speaker tests to ensure everything is plugged in correctly and all speakers work and are where they should be. The problem is only the front two speakers work unless I run Half-Life 2. Ive tried putting in a DVD and running it on Cyber DVD (with the 6 speaker setting enabled) and that doesnt work. Ive also ensured that my speaker settings are set on 5.1 surround sound. Could somebody please explain how to get my sound to come out of all my 5.1 surround sound. Thanks.

I downloaded a plugin for Winamp that allows it to output 5.1. The only difference this made was that now the center speaker has sound as well as the front. The rear still do not work

A:Only front speakers working on 5.1

what's avia 5.1 surround sound?

what's 1/2 life 2?

what's cyber dvd?

i've got a 5.1 sb live card and run 4.1 klipsch speakers thru the creative software and when i do the test of r front, l front, r rear, l rear they all work properly so it sounds like you have things that aren't needed and are mucking up the works.

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i have a new custom case and need a diagram or description to help with plugging in the the mic and speakers on the front of the case if anyone can offer some advice im clueless on the matter and would be greatfull


A:front case speakers and mic

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My front panel speakers(side of the tower case) dont work when i try plug my headphones in. i also have a soundcard which i run my normal speakers with, does this have to do with the problem? any suggestions?

Comp spec.
3.2 pentium 4
1.5 gig ram
5.1 creative
sound card: Cmedia (CMI8738)
gfx: radeon 9600 XT
OS: XP sp2

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Heres the Deal, I am trying to Upgrade my sound system from the 2 channel to the 5.1. I bought the logitech z-5300, and a CMI 8738 Sound Card. The sound card isn't fancy but it should work. I connected all the wires, To the right places and I only get sound out of the Front L & R and Center. I installed all the Drivers, I installed all the software that came with the sound card(which isn't much), I changed the 2 channel to 5.1 in control pannel, clicked OK and Applied the changes. But sound will not come out of any thing but the front speakers. To test I'm using the software that came with the card. so When I click on the back left or right speaker sound should come out of it, but instead it comes from the front left or right respectively, Just to cover everything the sound trying to play Is surround sound,

Any help would be appreciated

CPU 2800+ amd 64
mobo chaintech socket754

A:5.1 surround will only play on front L and R speakers

Hole plugged properly,, all connection proper,, and in audio settings change to proper speaker config,,


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I have a Dell E510/5150 desktop with Dell 5650 speakers and Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM) sound card running on Windows MediaCenter Edition SP2. The speakers are setup 5.1. Original problem was no sound from L/R front speakers, after doing many checks and download latest SB drivers and finally changing out the sound card (all per Dell Tech support) I now have faint sound from L/R front speakers. Center front and L/R rear have good sound running Creative speaker test.

I can play midi and wav files but when I play mp3 I get popping static on all speakers until I unplug the L/R front speakers from the bass box. I have replaced the Dell 5650 per the field tech and Dell tech. I still get the faint sound and static as described above. I have performed a Repair Reinstall of the Microsoft windows just before the sound card change.

Dell tech requested next step is to do PC restore. I really don't feel that PC restore is the only thing to try - I have moved a large number of programs from my old computer and would have to reinstall all MS updates. Any suggestion from anybody??

A:Sound L/R front speakers problem

I remember from another post something about codecs needed for Mp3...just a faint memory though.

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hello all found your site looking for help so here goes!!
dell dimension 3100c,intel pentium 4 3.00ghz,windows xp home,80gb,512 ram,sigma tel high definition audio codec.

my speakers have stopped working from the rear green jack point,but they do work fine from the front jack point. I have used dell pc checker and trouble shooter but no good,pc checker did not even pick up any errors! I have checked all the properties for crosses or exclamation marks all ok,i have uninstalled ,updated,re-installed,rolled back the drivers for the sigma tel but no go! All volume controls and setting are ok remember the speakers and sound are fine when plugged in the front of the pc. No trauma to the pc so could be software but thought fixing drivers would repair this fault, Pc is 18 months old
Sound was ok only noticed the fault when son who used to plug headphones in the front jack to override the speakers to listen to music while we watch tv,unplugged the headphone speakers from the front jack and the sound never came back on to the speakers.Only get sound now when we remove jack from rear and plug it into the front!!!

A:Speakers Only Work In Front Jack

Welcome to BC
The speaker jack in the back is built into the motherboard. The jack in front is connected by wires to the motherboard. Since the front jack works, we can assume the sound card/onboard sound is working and the speakers are OK. I'd probably try to update the audio driver, just to make sure. Either the rear jack is damaged or the front jack could be wearing out (depending how it is internally connected) If you're comfortable in doing it, try disconnecting the front jack and see if the rear works. You might have to move a jumper to do this. I'll have to look at their manual to make sure

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I'm looking for new front bookshelf speakers and woofer and center speaker. Would like to get something good but not real expensive--$500 range or maybe a bit more.

A:Any Recommendations on Front Speakers and Woofer?

You mean bookshelf as in non-computer speakers right? The type that just have twisted copper at the ends. I would suggest polk audio or infinity for the speakers, and polk or velodyne for the sub.

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There is a very strange problem with my friend's PC. He has 4.1 Channel Audio Speakers and a HeadPhone set. Whenever I insert the HeadPhone jack to his Front Panel Audio Connector, the Speaker doesn't mute. Both Speakers and HeadPhone play Simultaneously. The Audio drivers are of C-Media with Windows XP SP2.

I checked nearly everything even "Google" on the same. I also tried to check this on my PC. On my PC it only happens if Heahphone jack is inserted half the way.

Give some ideas. Will very thankful if you update my knowledge.

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My motherboard (ASUS M4A78 Pro) will only put out mono sound all of a sudden. When I do the test from the graphical HD Deck self test utility, the right/left are both placed center. All other sounds tested go to the corresponding surround speaker. It's not a wiring problem, and there's nothing to set such options in the Control Panel settings...

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Hello, I'm new and wondering if i can be helped on this.

I have an audigy sound card with altec lansing 4.1 speakers. I want to listen to music, watch dvds, and all i ever seem to get is sound from the front 2 speakers. I have looked at the creative speaker diagnostic and set it up for 4.1 use and have run a sound test and all speakers work properly! i've then made sure this is synchronised with control panel (quadspeakers). However when playing audio -cd's,other audio..it only plays from 2 speakers.

any reasons why? solutions?


A:audio does not play from all speakers, but only front 2.

Stereo encoded audio is intended to only play out of the front channels, no problem there. For multichannel playback you need a multichannel source, e.g. 3D Audio supporting game, multi-channel audio (Certain music formats, not CD) & in the case of DVD your DVD player needs to support 4.1 output.
Beyond that, if sound test works fine there's nothing wrong.

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Hey all!

I am trying to get my headset (which plugs into the Front-Green-Out) to work along side of my speakers (which plug into my Rear-Green-Out).

Both are being recognised and both work, but not at the same time. That's because in the screen where you manage your Audiodevices you can only have 1 "standarddevice", which it uses to play the audio.

Is there any way to have more than 1 standarddevice? (or another way to make both work at the same time).

By the way, for anyone using the same motherboard as me: Asus is not supporting it anymore =/. I use the P5K-EPU sounddrivers. Also, if you want the front jacks to work you have to set them in the BIOS to AC97, not HD-audio.

A:Front headset and speakers at the same time?

I know on mine when I plug into the front panel it disables my rear inputs. I don't think there is a way to do that using the same driver. What I do though is use a sound card for my speakers/monitors and use the onboard for my headset. I have WMP set to my sound card so I can listen to DVD/music through my monitors while gaming through my headset simultaneously. Helps when the Mrs is scrapbooking and wants to listen to music.

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I've connected the front audio panel output for my headphones. I know that when doing so the rear speakers should be disabled automatically but in my case they still work. I hear the sound in both the front headphones and the back speakers in the same time. How can I fix the problem so when I plug the headphones in the sound of the speakers is disabled and only is activated after I unplug them?
And also there is an annoying noise from the earphones when I plug them in even when not playing sound. (They're perfectly fine on stereo-systems so It's not a problem of the earphones but rather of the front audio connectors).

* I have an Asus motherboard and I've configured AC'97 pin definition according to my manual.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

A:Speakers still work with front panel

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Well a temp fix is to plug headphones in the back.
There may be a jumper on the Mobo, look in the manual for this.
What model asus?

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I just bought a creative external 24 bit sound card, and i have a creative 5.1 surround system, for some reason in the speaker settings under speaker/headphone selection, whenever i press 5.1 speakers it stays as headphones, same for everything else... help?

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Good Evening,

I currently am experiencing the following problem with my speakers. I have the ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard. I have Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers plugged into the built-in jacks on the MOBO. However, my system only recognizes the right front and right rear speakers has being connected and will only play in 2.1 Stereo. Any ideas on how to correct this?

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My cables for my front speakers can only go in reverse as the cable lengths!
Is there any software to switch L/R R/L .

I have realtek HD Audio.


A:Switching Front stereo Left and Right Speakers

If the connectors for the speakers are standard connectors, get some extension cables.

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I have lost sound in my front speakers. There is four of them. The front produce no sound. The back ones work but do not sound normal. I checked the volume control section nothing different there. I checked device manager nothing different there. A setting has changed and I do not know where to look

Puter Hater

A:{RESOLVED} Lost sound in my front speakers

It could be the speakers themselves.

Do the front and rear have their own connectors to the sound card? If so, swap them to see if the sound stays the same.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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My PC operating system is Windows XP Home SP3. Shortly after buying the PC I bought and installed a Philips Sonic Edge sound card and a set of VideoLogic 5.1 Surround Sound speakers with subwoofer. At the time I was a PC novice and my oldest son did the installation. All worked well until approx two years later when I reformatted the OS. After that although everything else works as it did I had a problem when testing the speakers via the Philips interface.The front left and right speakers have a reduced volume in comparison with the Rear L/R and Centre speakers even if I have the fader control at the top thereby cutting the sound from the rear speakers they seem to have the same reduced volume at any position. I mentioned this to my son at the time and he reckoned that the front speakers had just lost a bit of their efficiency. I believed this until yesterday.

I use VLC player for all audio and video playback and was playing about with the VLC preferences settings. Later I noticed that the sound on playback was very loud even at only one or two on the volume slider. I quickly realised that I must have done something to the VLC audio settings and on checking found that I had accidently changed the default audio output type in VLC from default to Win32 Waveout Extension Output. I changed it back to default and saved it then exited. That evening I watched a film and it was in the normal surround sound ie 5.1 speakers. Next morning on signing in I played some music and noticed t... Read more

A:Strange Problem with 5.1 Front L/R Speaker Volume

I had trouble with my sound volume and reinstalling the driver did the trick
I didn't see where you mentioned that you tried this already

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Hi everyone,

I have the sound card and speakers listed in my computer specs part of profile -

The sound card I'm using is a VERY nice one, has full support for 5.1 speakers and a myriad of other things.

I've been using these speakers for a while now and they worked perfectly, few days ago they stopped functioning properly - now only the front left/right speakers play, the center, back left, and back right do not play.

Everything is plugged in, I've triple checked or more.

Any ideas? All drivers are sufficiently installed.

Oh two more things... the bass is feeling a bit pathetic too...

AND I have an application (sound card driver really) that can test each speaker, and when I use it and click the back left/right/front center speaks they work fine.

I have set my winamp, all my games, media player, even under sound in control panel to 5.1 sound and its just not using it.

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Hello all,
I recently built a computer over the summer and have got most of it working. Unfortunately, I am still having a problem with the sound for this system. I am using my motherboard's (Asus A8N5X) on board sound, and the back ports work perfectly thus far. The problem is that my case (NZXT Guardian) has front ports for headphone/microphone. To connect the internal wires for these ports to the Line out_L and Line out_R, I have to take off the jumpers that connect them to BLINE_OUT_L and BLINE_OUT_R. Doing so disables the back sound ports. From talking to others, it appears this is a common problem with many soundboards/cases. How have you guys gotten around it? Or alternately, does anybody know where I can buy an internal audio extension wire that has one male end and two female (or a jumper) end? Thanks for any advice!

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Asus M4A78-EM motherboard using Realtek drivers from Asus site.

The front headphone jack did not work until I installed the Realtek drivers from the Asus site.

Actually they didnt work until I checked on Disable Front Panel Detection. That got it going but the rear speakers are still playing.

Mute the Rear Output Device When Front Input Is Plugged In is checked on.

From what I've read this is simply a result of having the front audio panel set up as AC97 instead of HDA. 5 wires versus 7(or is it 9)

I'll include some pics. First one is how the wires are currently configured and the second is a page from the manual.

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

With 2 extra pins on the left end of the front audio board not being used I'm wondering what they might be for? Are they not used or would running 2 wires from those pins to the Presence and Sense_send connectors on the audio header on the mb do anything.

Or are there an extra 4 wires used on an HDA front panel? Presence, Sense_send, Sense1_Retur and Sense2_Retur.


A:Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers

Hi FrostyWinnipeg and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Have a look at this: AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts

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Every time I wanna use speakers instead headphones,I have to use the same headphones output (green one - back panel), and therefor to disconnect and connect cables.. not very comfortable

I've tried to use the black output, and it worked, but only as a 'rear speakers', both left and right channels worked!

Is it possible to make the rear black output to work as FRONT speakers ?? this way ill be able to have both speakers and headphones available at the same time

In other simple words:Can I use rear speakers as FRONTS ?(when connector to the black rear output)

BTW;I don't wanna use the front panel, only the back panel

Thank you!

A:REALTEK|using front speakers through rear output jack - possible?

Easiest way would be to use an external speaker switch, since you do not want to use the conventional method with the front panel headphone jack.

With an external switch you could select either the speakers or headphone.

I don't know what sound you have but the only option is RealTek audio is to mute or not mute the speakers when a headset is plugged into the front panel headphone jack. There's no way, that I know of, to route primary audio to some other jack.

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Dear all,

I have been reading 1000s of posts on the net for 5.1 Channel speakers giving outputs only through the front left and right speakers. Well, I am no exception

- Connected all the cables correctly to the respective jacks... but still...
- Tried atleast 5 different of HD Audio Drivers (including the latest by the onboard device maker VIA - v10_1200a, as well as the Microsoft generic HD Audio driver)... Installed, Completely wiped, Reinstalled, all possible combinations... but still...
- Tried adding the Sound Blaster 5.1 Channel PCI Card (SB 5.1 VX)... but still...
- Tweaked all possible 'Playback Devices' options... but still...
- Tried different 5.1 Channel testing audio files... but still...

But still still my speakers (brand new iBall MJ04 - iBall's latest model) doesn't play 5.1 Channel Audio

Following is my system specifications:

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHz
Package (platform ID) - Socket 775 LGA
Mainboard Model - P5KPL-CM
Northbridge - Intel P35/G33/G31 rev. A2
Southbridge - Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R) rev. A1
Onboard Audio - VIA VT 1708B, 8-CH High Definition Audio
Memory Type - DDR2
Memory Size - 4096 MBytes
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit)

Though this board supports 8 Channel audio, even 5 Channel is not being played.... when an audio file or video file is played, all speakers flare up.... playing the audio is all speakers... this is NOT 5.1 channel audio... this is just 'Speaker Fill'.... playing the same sound in all the 5 speakers.... tr... Read more

A:5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers

I assume you are using something like this,

or similar cables to connect from the 6 RCA input jacks on the system to the 3 mini jacks on the computer (one each for the front left/right, sub/center and rear left/right).

Also is the audio you are trying to play stereo or 5.1? If it is only stereo then it requires using speaker fill to get sound from all speakers.

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I bought 5.1 sound system and JVC receiver, connected to PC via S/PDIF... All components work(play sound) but the problem is that for example in game when i must hear something behind me, i hear it from the front speakers... left/cntr/right balance works fine but rear/front.... the receiver adjusts the mode to 'LINEAR PCM' automatic and the mode goes to 'DOLBY DIGITAL' only in sound options, where i can test the DD... when i test it everything`s great... i can hear every single speaker playing alone for itself but thats only from the test ... in the applications i hear the sound not 5.1 but 3.1 ... the rear speaker work but they work at the same time with the front... And so... any ideas how to adjust the thing correctly to have a nice surround sound ... is it from soundcard or maybe some codecs(driver`s are the latest btw) or maybe some options on the receiver i dont know ...can i make somehow the receiver to work in DD mode all the time or it make`s it only automatic... i don`t know I just want to hear sound from behind when someone talks behind me sound Realtek HD audio ... pls help

A:5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers

what game was it?

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Hello, I'm Artekis. A year ago, sevenforums helped solved my BSOD problem! Now I'm back for help on audio problems.

I recently noticed that the front audio ports of my Windows 7 PC do not work properly. I plugged in both speakers and my headset, and the right side of the speakers do not work as well as the right side of the headset cups.

The back audio ports work perfectly fine for both my headset and speakers. As a result, I can safely say that it's a problem with my front audio ports.

According to the Sound tab, I have VIA HD Audio, which is integrated audio on my ASUS motherboard. There also seems to be NVIDIA High Definition Audio in the sound controllers section of the device manager. According to some people on Sevenforums, it's used if you want to use a HDMI cable to connect audio from my PC to the TV? Is this correct?

So what should I do to get my front audio ports to work? I will gladly provide any information that can help solve my problem.


Edit: Just a little update, but the front audio panel worked perfectly fine from both cups of my headset for a couple of seconds after I restarted my computer. But it quickly switched back to the left cup working only. However, the mic jack in the front doesn't work at all.

A:Front Audio Jack, right sided speakers/cup not working

Check the front panel connection on the motherboard. Reseat the connection (unplug and then plug back in).
The front panel headphone jack may have developed a problem, which is not uncommon.

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On cell phones why are the speaker phone speakers in the back of the phone? The normal ear piece speaker is on the front. Wouldn't it be better to have the speaker phone speaker next to the ear piece speaker?

It would make it easier to talk on speaker while surfing the web when I'm on a noisy street.

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I?m having a problem with the front panel audio of my new Antec One case. While the headphone jack plays sound fine the problem is that it doesn?t detect when headphones are plugged in and does not mute the rear speakers. Jack Sensing is not working at all and Realtek HD Audio Manger marks both the headphone and mic jack as permanently plugged in.

I?ve tried re-installing the audio drivers many times and can verify that an HD Audio header is plugged into the mobo and not an AC?97.

Anyone else have any ideas what the problem could be? This is a very minor but rather annoying problem. Thanks.

A:Front panel audio jacks not muting speakers

On some systems, The RealTek HD Audio Manager will give you the option of muting the speakers when you plug in a headset or give you the option not to mute the speakers.

Its found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound. I'm not sure how to access this in Win 8 without a Start button. I have an add on program (Start8) that adds the Start Button and Windows 7 look so I can access it on my Win 8 system.

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Good Evening Friends,

I have had this problem for a long while now but essentially I am forced to use a headphone setup for my desktop but would really like to use external speakers instead of this current set up. What is confusing me is that these external speakers worked for a good long while then stopped working suddenly. Furthermore I switched monitors to a HP w2207 and was wondering if that had anything to do with it. I have updated Realtek to the current drivers and the premise remains the same. Any help would be much appreciated.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHZ
RAM: 4.00 GB Ram
System Type: 64 bit Operating system Windows 7

A:Sound Plays in Headphones in front jack but ext speakers do not work

Right click the small speaker in the lower right corner of your task bar. Click Playback devices. Is there a device shown with a green checkmark? Post an image of that window, if you can. (Use Windows Snipping Tool then attach the image using the Paperclip icon in the message text header.)

Forgot to mention: When you plug headphones into the front jack, the default action is to turn off the external speakers so that Windows action is normal.

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hi I own a Pavilion dv6 notebook 6c50se series. I just found that both speakers on the front (marked with BeatsAudio logo on the right one) are not working. I've tried checking with 'HP recovery manager' and also looked for the 'Beats Audio software' and still couldn't find a solution. Kindly help me with this. Thanks & regards Aqui

A:Pavilion dv6 6c50se beats audio, front speakers aren't work...

Hello Aqui,


I see that you are having problems with the sound from your HP computer. I have a couple of suggestions that may help with this issue.

Here is a link to some troubleshooting steps for no sound issues. Follow the steps in the link and it may hep with this issue.


How long have you been without sound? Have you made any recent changes to the computer?

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So the plastic plug on the frontpanel headphone input is loose and now i cant connect my headphones to that jack.
so now i have to connect to the backpanel jack. but the volume is 20 percentage lower than the front...
i have all volumes up to 100.. WTF is this about????? so annoying.

A:Why does front panel audio input has louder volume than the backpanel audioINPUT

Maybe one of them has a higher resolution than the other one... Just a guess. I just noticed that sometimes if it isn't as loud than in a different port it sounds worse too.

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Hello, I have a Probook 640 G1 notebook running Windows 10.The audio on speakers is extremelly low, on the other hand, volume on headphones is so high I have to lower it to about 20~30%. Any hint what can be done? Thanks !!!! Cassito

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All of a sudden no volume coming from my Dell computer integral speakers. Checked all mute buttons on keyboard and on control panel sound devices are not muted.
Any ideas

A:no volume from speakers

I've had a problem like this before. My problem the first time was that was that one of the bars in playback control were all the way down.(If you click on the speaker in your task bar then open volume control.) The second time was when i was in the same thing in playback control click on advance in the volume section then uncheck the digital output only then my speakers worked. Also if that dosn't work try reinstalling your driver for your sound card.

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Was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I have a Dell Dell UltraSharp 1901FP Flat Panel with Dell AS500 Sound Bar .
About a week ago the volume from the sound bar seems very weak even when turned up to max volume. Just started out of the blue, I've checked the sound/audio and everything is set to high.
These are 3 yrs old. Could the sound bar just be dying out?

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I bought this laptop like 2 months ago , It was working completely fine until now .When I was playing some music or watching a video the sound gets lowered automatically, When I try with headphones it works perfectly fine but normally  the sound gets lowered gradually to Mute. Please Help

A:Volume from speakers lowering on it's own

Hi, Try the following. Download the Realtek HD Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75983.exe When done, hold down the Windows key and press R Into the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the Realtek device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, restart the notebook. When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the Realtek installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook again and let windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K

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I have had my HP Pavillion for just short of two months with no issues. Last night while watching a video I noticed that the sound lowers on it's own until its almost completely mute. It doesn't matter is I put the sound full blast or not, it will gradually lower itself until I can hardly hear it. This doesn' happen with headphones, though. It is just the system's built in speakers. Advice would be appreciated.

A:Volume from speakers lowering on it's own, regardless how lo...

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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Hi, i also have the same issue and tried all the steps you have given. the sound is very cracking . i have updated to windows 10 today morning. can you pl help to fix this. thanks!

A:Re: Realtek speakers, no volume.

rrmenon The forum Mods have split off your post into its own thread -- so there is no information here regarding anything about the problem, or what has been done to address it. You can start by following the instructions in the link for finding your detailed product number:  Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HP® Customer Support Also, what version of the OS was your PC running before you did the Win10 Upgarde? Once we have that information, we can begin.

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Volume starts decreasing on its own while watching a video or anything, when I pause the video and play it the volume increases and again starts decreasing. Works alright with headphones though. I already experinced one such problem in the past where you guys asked me to uninstall some software and asked me to install some other. Please help. 

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Sir plz help me.. My HP pavilion AU 084TX have problem of sound... The sound is automatically decrease.. Plz give me proper solution...

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Up until today had no problems with listening to my Itunes library of music from my Dell compuer with built in speakers. BUT TODAY NO SOUND! Have checked to make sure the mute buttons on my keyboard and monitor are not on and checked that none of the mute boxes have been activated on my computers' "sound devices"( found in the control panel section of my computer). Any ideas?

A:No volume from computer speakers

you posted this in the wrong section, lets get the obvious out of the way...do you have Cats? they like to Chew small wires...I had one of my little buggers chew right through my speaker wires.

Have you tried another set of speakers ( or headphones), and tried the speakers in another output source ( like stereo)

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When I connect speakers to my laptop the volume is initially high but then reduces automatically within a few seconds.

My laptop is a TOSHIBA Satellite L50-C-1FQ

This is problematic because even if I increase my volume to 100%, I still only get 3 bars maximum when I connect speakers as per the 2nd image attached. How can I prevent this?


A:Low volume when using external speakers

Exactly what type of speakers are you using? Are they "computer" speakers or something else?

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I had this problem before but forgot how i fixed it.Well sound comes through my laptop speakers and headphones.It is definitely not the headphone jack problem.I have conexant hd-audio smartaudio 221.Everytime I increase the wave, it doesnt matter if i mute all volume cause sound still comes out.

I have a Compaq Presario C700.I tried updatin it but it messed up and the volume icon disappeared so i rollbacked it.Not good with tech stuff but help would be appreciated,

A:Volume through headphones and speakers.

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