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2010 word opening in full screen reading preview instead of the standard print preview

Q: 2010 word opening in full screen reading preview instead of the standard print preview

This is costing me an hour of work time daily since i opened a doc from a client and this happened. My word is opening in full screen reading preview instead of the standard print preview. I have been trying to fix this for months with no success.

Preferred Solution: 2010 word opening in full screen reading preview instead of the standard print preview

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 2010 word opening in full screen reading preview instead of the standard print preview

http://www.techtalkz.com/tips-n-tricks/523244-how-make-full-screen-reading-layout-default-view-microsoft-word-2007-2010-a.html this is a link to make it open in full screen preview like it is. I need to somehow use these directions to open in print view.

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have MS Office Student/Home Edition.

After a recent MS automatic update the color display on screen and in print preview suddenly stopped working in Word & Excel. It was working fine prior to the update.

I have googled and searched and cannot find anything to help.

I tried a repair from the install disk, checked my computer display settiings & verified that I am running the most up-to-date video drivers.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a solution?



A:Color not displaying on screen or in print preview in Word or Excel

Hello Tina 265, welcome to Seven Forums.

A couple of things you could try - restore your system to a point before the problem update:
System Restore

or perhaps the information here will help:
Information about the ability to uninstall Office updates

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Securing Microsoft Outlook on the Windows PC (may also be applicable for Mac users).

I am unaware of any currant threats against Outlook Desktop Client, however: With all of the current threats, especially spam, Ransomware, malicious documents, .zip attachments, and even iframes and JavaScript propagating Ransomware and Malware, have you considered disabling both the Attachment Preview and/ or the Reading Pane (The part generally on the right side where you can view the message without double-clicking the message to open. That way, if you are unsure of the sender, you can move it to Junk before opening. I have done out of caution.

There have been 0-days before and they are likely to be a problem in the future as both Internet Explorer, Office and I believe Windows all have OLE integrated in them. It's also wise, as when you Open Outlook and it downloads messages, what happens if the last message it downloads is malicious and you have both the Attachment Preview and Reading Pane enabled? The email will displayed, possibly the attachment previewed (within a sandbox of some sorts such as IE). There is a potential for exploitation.

The links below offer instructions if you choose to take this precaution.
Previewing Attachments - Microsoft Office Support

Reading Pane On/Off - Microsoft Office Support

For users of Outlook Web App (Browser version)

Previous Patched Vulnerability -RCE:
Outlook ?letterbomb? exploit could auto-open attacks in e-mail
(From 12/20... Read more

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I have an issue with Windows Explorer and the Preview Pane.  When I enable the preveiw pane and try to preview a Word Document it crashes Word even when Word is not open, this is only happening to Word documents all other types of documents can display
the preview.  This is happening on Windows 7 x64 systems, we have numerous systems displaying the same issue and all our systems are connected to a domain.  Anyone have a solution? 

I have tried the SFC /Scannow, booting to SafeMode, disabling Startup items and Services and it still happens everytime I try to preview a Word document.


A:Windows Explorer preview pane feature is crashing Word when trying to preview Word documents.

Does this issue happen when you open all the document or just Word? You can try the following suggestion:

Close any open word documents On the keyboard, press the Windows (Flag) button and 'R'
Enter in winword /a Press 'OK'
However if the issue only happen when you open the Word, the better platform you can post should be

Windows word support forum.Your Name
TechNet Community Support

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I have disabled the quick access toolbar for the users in .accde file, so no toolbar appears when the Access 2010 application starts. When the users preview reports, I want to enable the print preview button only. How can I do this?

A:Enable Print Preview button only in Access 2010

Are tabs blocked as well?
You can add print preview button to any tab or create a new tab for this button.

What happens in Access 2010 when you hit CTRL+P? Doesn't it show Print Preview (sorry, judging by other Office applications, do not have Access at the moment) ?

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I'm trying to help a friend for whom the Print Preview feature in MS Word has suddenly started displaying the preview at 25% scale -- much too small. The normal default scale should be something that displays the entire page at a scale that fills the monitor. On my computer the default scale is 70%. She has no idea how hers became changed, but it happens now every time and with every document.

The scale can be changed by keying in a different number in the Zoom option on the tool bar, but that does not then get set as a default and needs to be repeated each time the Print Preview feature is used.

Any ideas?

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My Microsoft Word 2000 program developed a recent problem. Whenever I tried to do a Print Preview it takes a long time (even if the page is blank) and then when responding it says not enough system resources and asks to close the application. I have recently deleted two viruses (BugBear and Sofer.F?) but can't see the connection of why it's happening. (It started happening before the virus's extraction.) Otherwise Microsoft Word 2000 operates normally.

Thanks for your time and interest!

A:Word. Print Preview Problem

Have you scanned for spyware, and for virus's again?

If you haven't scanned for Spyware download adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy and run them both, they may be sucking system resoures, or you may have run into another virus.

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I am having a problem with word 2000, when I go to print preview it displays the document in paragraphs and not scentences. I have been through all the settings that I know of and I cannot find a solution can anyone help.

A:word 2000 print preview

While in Print Preview mode go to View and select one of the modes for preview.

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Hello all,

First I made some contents and drew a border from Home > Font > all Borders on an Excel 2010 file. So it became like below image (capture1). After that I wanted to print it so went to File > Print to see its preview. But the problem is that the lines between tue and wed and also between mon and tue are not shown neither in preview nor when printing. The height of row 7 until 17 is 24 (that is 32 pixel) but heights of the rest of the rows are normal (20 pixel).

Any idea about why those lines aren't shown?

A:Print preview doesn't work properly in Excel 2010

Isn't there any solution!!?

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A 40+ page document I am working on can print fine but when I check Print Preview it is 40+ blank pages. Other documents view and print fine, I just can't preview this one. Any suggestions?

A:(Resolved) Can't Print Preview in Word 2000

Very weird badger. Just a shot, but try: File-Properties-Summary tab and make sure save preview picture box is checked in lower-left?

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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my Word 2010 on-screen doc appears properly paginated with all graphics in place but print preview shows everything askew

graphics are the worst - a graphic lined up correctly in the doc on screen appears in the bottom of the previous doc in print preview...

JMHO, Word 2010 (read Office 2010) sucks - I've wasted more time *#%# around with it...

2007 was better - I publish long, graphics-filled docs - Word 2010 chokes on them whereas Word 2007 was hiccup free - navigation in Word 2010 blows too

moving one step closer to a Mac...


A:print preview not accurately showing what is in Word doc

Does the document print as you would expect or does it reflect the preview?

BTW: Which printer are you using?

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I'm trying to print preview more than 2 pages at a time on Word 2007 Trial Version. I only see the option to view a maximum of 2 pages at one time. On Word 2000, I was able to choose up to 12 pages at a time in print preview. How can I print preview the entire document of >2pages in Word 2007? Thanks.

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A friend of mine indicated that on their computer at home, the are not able to see the preview formatting which normally appears above the style name in the quick styles gallery on the Home tab. (See sample.) She tells me that only the style names appear.

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that there is a toggle to switch that feature on (or off) but I can't seem to locate it anywhere either in Word Options or the Manage Styles dialog boxes.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Word 2010 - Quick Styles Preview Question

Yes, there is a switch, but for a different window.
It turns ON/OFF preview only in that extra window, but not in ribbon, where your friend needs it.

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I have recently updated my Office 2007 to 2010(technical preview) and eagerly opened the Word to type a letter, after making the first misspelling word I have right clicked on it to choose from suggestions, but the window is not stable to choose from!! only shows for a very short time and disappears. Does anybody knows the reason? or it's because of being the beta version( I don't think so)?

Please comment your ideas,

A:right click window in word 2010(technical preview)

Please somebody tell me how to solve this one. Where are you expets of Office that make people to pay for 2010 edition?

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Hello everyone,I usually use Microsoft Word XP professional (on my laptop) to do my paper work and when I finish everything I copy my files to my desktop computer (bigger screen) so I can review the paper for the last time and print it. My problem occurred when my printer started printing something completely different from the page that appeared on my screen. It's the same page but the first line would start for example at 2 cm from the top of the page, the footnotes would be in different order like this: 1, 4, 2 , 5, 3. I realized that the Print layout view on Microsoft Word 2007 is showing something while the Full screen reading is showing something completely different. It's what I see in the full screen reading that gets printed!I can off course uninstall office 2007 and install another version but I hate to leave this problem unsolved. Does anyone have an idea about this?Thanks in advance.Take care.

A:Urgent: Print Preview Problem With Microsoft Word 2007

And up we go

A hint, a small clue maybe?


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In Word 2003 when I click on the Print Preview icon it opens and the size is always 51%. How can I set this to 100% or 125% etc. so each time I open Print Preview it will open at the set size, as at 51% it is hard to read words.

A:Solved: word 2003 print preview size problem

Are you aware that if you click on the background it defaults to 100% for the zoom?

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I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits with a monitor in portrait.

For that reason I would like to get the preview pane in Explorer at the bottom of the screen for having a readible preview for example of a pdf (because the new 16:9 screen are getting so low, and thus so narrow in portrait).

Is this possible.

In that way one could also choose to have a filmstrip of the pdf :

- Landscape monitor : pane right : full pdf view
pane bottom : filmstrip of pdf pages.

- Portrait monitor : the opposite

A:Getting preview-reading pane at bottom of screen.

I resolved this using XYplorer instead of Explorer.


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Hi there,

I am not sure if this question can be answered here or if it's in the right section but this is my problem.

I am currently using the Word 2007 Content Control Toolkit to add content controls to a Word 2007 document. These controls are then replaced later by XML that is received by a Windows Service. This all works wonderfully.

The problem I encounter is creating new documents can become cumbersome as they have to create a document, add tags, upload to a remote server and then generate a document using a external system. All these steps can be removed from the design process by having a Print Preview option that actually replaces the data as it would on my Windows service.

Does anybody know how I can accomplish this? Do I need to write VB script or is there a way to “place” the xml over the controls?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


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Hi all

After I've done a Word document with a copy and paste images, everything looks in order in Print preview...size of image.

However, when I proceed to print, the copy comes out with the image cropped, text is in order though.... Kindly help me understand and do it right. Thank you.

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Hi everyone

I have Office 2008 for Mac.

I'm trying to print a two page document, the print preview is fine but when the document comes out of the printer, the text/info from the first page has been duplicated into the layout of the second page with the text that should be there totally gone. This means I only ever get 1 usable page and none of the vital second page information.

I've swapped printers, uninstalled and reinstalled all my software, done my office updates, restarted my computer, even tried a duplicate word document and am still not having any luck. My printer company is adamant its a Word problem.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

A:Printing problem from Word, fine in preview, 2nd page text replaced with 1st in print

Not a MAC guy - but this may help by fixing it or providing more clues - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313553

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I'm trying to send some important emails to clients so I tested them first by sending them to myself. When I check the preview pane the message looks nothing like it's supposed to but when I double-click on the message to bring up the full screen it looks fine. Why the difference and how can I get the message in the preview pane to look like it should?

A:Outlook preview pane vs full screen?

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64. After I play any full screen game (2d or 3d game), my thumbnails only have little icons instead of a complete picture. If I click on the icons the pictures are refreshed. Still annoying though.

When Working:

After a Game

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks all!

A:Taskbar preview thumbnails gone after full screen game

First thought is that DWN shut down and didn't restart.

Before and after you game, will you hit start and search for services.msc and check on that?


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Hi to all

i have this problem: programs and folder open in taskbar doesn't show preview (to passage of mouse) in fullscreen but only little preview.

Like here below
Perhaps some service inactive ?

Thanks for any help.

I hpe this is the correct section of forum


Lorenzo Farina

A:Windows 8.1 doesn't show preview in full screen

Hi Lorenzo welcome to the forums.
Do you mean when you mouse over the thumbnails, that, it is not showing the open window on the desktop?

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Microsoft explains that only Windows Insiders will get it

Microsoft yesterday released a brand new tool that allows Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 computers to install Windows 10 Technical Preview automatically via Windows Update, thus making everything faster and easier for those who want to see what's new in the next OS version.

Some users, however, thought that the next Windows 10 preview build would actually be shipped to standard users as well, which kind of makes things worse, especially since these testing tidbits are usually unstable and come with bugs that affect productivity.

Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider group, explained in a series of tweets that the next Windows 10 Technical Preview build would only be shipped to Windows Insiders, so standard/ordinary users would stay on their existing OS version without any update available for their PCs.

Windows 10 Preview Won't Ship to Standard Users - Softpedia

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Hi there
So far everything installed and working 100% and this on a small netbook !!. I had NO issues with the VM i built earlier -- now this is on a REAL machine.

Apps can be unpinned from the metro start tiles so only those you want need be there and by pinning something to the task bar then dragging and dropping to the desktop makes a quick way of having stuff you want on the desktop in the old way.

I like uncluttered stuff -- the apps search is fine for those I don't use often --- Control Panel however should be on the Start panel by default. You can Pin it to the start by searching for it in apps then RIGHT mouse click and then Pin to start --easy !!.

Installed and working:

Office 2010 x-64 full professional including Visio 2010 and Project 2010

Vmware workstation rel 8.0.2 and vmware player rel 4.02

OpenVPN client for accessing SKY GO etc via Proxy when I'm in Belgium / Iceland / France etc

Betangel -- access Betfair quickly IN PLAY (Well known UK Betting Exchange).




VLC Media player

Adobe CS55 Suite inc Photoshop x-64 and Adobe X

TmpGenc DVD authoring stuff (Dvd format conversion etc -- I don't have a physical DVD on this machine
but I can still create AVI etc from an ISO)


Utorrent (shhh !!! shouldn't mention this one)

Logitech media server (streaming Internet Radio / Music ) to remote multi media devices


MSE -- choose W7 X-64 when downloading it if you are on x-64
__________________________________________... Read more

A:So far so good standard apps on consumer preview x-64

I'm still trying to verify if this works on the current Windows 8.1. Has anyone tried it yet? [IMG]https://********.info/cat/10-3/vbsmile.png[/IMG]

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Hello to all!

It has been a while since this problem first occurred. Now it has become unbearable. When I try to print, use print preview or enter page setup, Microsoft Word 2003 freezes. The same thing also happens with other Office 2003 programs like Microsoft Excel 2003.

I am not sure if there is a problem with my printer driver (the printer is an HP L2600n by the way) as I have reinstalled it many times AND I have no problem using it as a network printer and can print the same word documents FINE from laptops or other desktop computers in the house. Thus I know that the documents aren't corrupted. I can also print .pdf documents fine from this computer. I think this problem started when my laser printer driver 'disappeared' and when I tried to reinstall it I got a spool-related error. I reinstalled the spool driver and then when I tried to print a .doc file I was unable to do so. The problem may most likely be linked to Office 2003 itself but I have tried options like deleting the data key and renaming the normal.dot template, all which have failed to alleviate the problem.

I think that is all the information I can offer to assist anyone trying to help me with this matter, and I hope that the problem can be fixed without me having to reformat or something like that.

Thank you in advance.

P.S Not sure if this will also come in handy but my OS is Windows XP Professional SP2.

A:Office 2003 freezes when trying to print, use print preview or enter page setup

In Office, On the Help menu there is a 'detect and repair' option. It wouldn't hurt to run that. This could also be a sign that the hard drive is going bad (loosing stuff here and there)...

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Help getting & installing a compatable driver for new Photosmart 7520.

Need to have 'Print Preview' in Printer Preferences. Newer Photosmart Printers have very few options under Preferences.

Have tried drivers for Office Jet 6100 & Deskjet 69800 as suggested in HP forums. Neither has 'Print Preview' in Printing Preferences.

My previous Photosmart C310 died, bought the 7520 as a replacement. If I remember correctly, when I upgraded to Windows 7 with the older Photosmart C310 I had to download an alternate driver. That printer worked fine for over 2 years with all the preferences. I failed to note the driver that worked with the C310.

Hope someone can help, or I'll return this one to Costco along with the $130.00 worth of ink.

A:Alternate HP print driver with 'Print Preview' for Photosmart 7520

After a week of frustration, I was able to locate an HP Forum with the information that works.
I used the alternate driver that was from my previous Photosmare C310.
Here is the link. Hope this is helpful for someone in the future.

print preview / afdrukvoorbeeld - HP Support Forum - 3356529

I research genealogy and do a lot of text printing from my own compter files. The 'Print Preview' feature is crucial to how I print. It is next to impossible to find out if a new printer has this feature before buying. Sales people & manufacturer's website are next to usless.

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OK, this one is a twist on a very often reported problem on these forums:

Internet Explorer 11 will not print and just shows an empty print preview page. (Edge works/prints fine).

However in this case I know what caused the issue but not how to resolve it. This issue CANNOT be repaired by the commonly offered 3 or 4 step Microsoft tips that are all over this site and elsewhere (disable protected mode, Low folder permissions, etc, etc,)

Here is the complete story: New laptop HP Z Book 17 with factory installed Windows 10 Pro. All worked great when first run. No issues. I installed Office 2010, Quicken, AutoCAD, Chrome ........ etc. All worked fine.
Then I installed a specialist program, 'Helvar Workshop' - which is a lighting control application that I need for my work and originally written for XP.
After installing the Workshop program it worked fine but I was no longer able to print or preview in IE11. This is not a new issue to me as it also broke the same functions with IE10 and 11 running on Windows 7. I only ever 'resolved the problem then by doing a system restore in Windows 7 and ultimately installing an XP VM to run 'Workshop'. In that configuration it did NOT break the print functions in XP's IE 6 or 7.

Having experienced the problem again on the new Z Book I went to System Restore and discovered that HP had supplied the machine without activating System Restore! Yes, I should have verified it was active before installing any apps ........ but seri... Read more

A:IE11 print/print preview broken after installing 3rd party app

Originally Posted by AVguy

Having experienced the problem again on the new Z Book I went to System Restore and discovered that HP had supplied the machine without activating System Restore! Yes, I should have verified it was active before installing any apps ........ but seriously HP - wtf!?!?!

I've seen that on other brands of computers, both Desktops and Notebooks, so I think it's more a Win10 thing. Saw it on my own Custom Win10 Upgraded from Win7 so I made the change.

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When I select my pics to print, right click to print, the preview box comes up but nothing shows as a preview.

This started when I wiped my operating system clean. It hasn't worked properly since.

Thanks for any help

A:Print Preview not working (select pics/right click to print)

Some information would be helpful:
System Specs
Printer make/model and driver info/version/connection type(usb wireless etc..)

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Friends, I have a report with eight subs. I was trying not to show empty sub, and in subreport also part white.

Resolved, but to place it can shrink and can expand,
for all sections of all subreports also placed time zero for all subreports.
In the event when loading the subreport I repeat this code for each sub:
if Me.Filho0.Report.HasData Then
Me.Filho0.Visible = True
Me.Filho0.Visible = False
end If
In the event if you are not given for each sub I put:
cancel = True
As I open the report it is all empty, but when I print, it prints perfectly, if the sub is no data, shows
and also the sub fully expand.
Only when I open'm not seeing anything.
Thank you.

A:Solved: Report is blank when opened. Print preview ok. Print ok

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Hi Team,
While using windows.print() through CSS, the URL is getting picked while printing or in the print preview  option.
Need help regarding the removal of the URL from the footer though CSS code or javasript.

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Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are pleased to release Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1803 to Windows Server Insiders. Also available is the Insider preview package of Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 Insider build 17110 or higher.

Available Content
Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1803
Remote Server Administration Tools Build 17108
What?s New in RSAT
This preview build of Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) can be installed on Windows 10 Insider build 17110 or higher.

FIXED: DNS server tools are now correctly installed as part of the RSAT package.
FIXED: Shielding data files and template disks can now be created by their respective wizards in the RSAT package.
KNOWN ISSUE: The x86 RSAT package may fail during installation on Windows 10 builds older than 17110, and on builds other than the 171xx series.

What?s New in Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1803

Release Summary
In this iteration, we resolved 430 bugs, as well as the following feature improvements ?

Access Control
Major new functionality in this release ? we have added Azure Active Directory (AAD) based access control. Using AAD identities, you can configure conditional access policies that require Multi-Factor authentication, device compliance, and more. You can find instructions to configure this in the Azure Active Directory section of the Gateway access documentation.

Known issue with AAD authentication: If you are using a self-signed certificate, AAD ... Read more

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On one of my foldes where I have photos and videos, I have the preview pane enabled, but it only shows the icon for the type of file. It used to show a preview of what the file was. It does not open the file and show it in preview. I used to be able to see videos play in the preview and also the actual photo. Now I just get icons.

Would you know how I can return the behavior of the preview pane to actually show a preview?


A:Solved: Folders Preview Pane - Only Shows Icons, No Preview

Anyone have any ideas on this?? Thanks.

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When I try to preview certain Outlook files in Explorer Preview Pane I get the message 'No Preview Available.'
I have multiple mailboxes open and the preview pane works fine for messages sent to the primary mailbox, but not for the additional mailboxes. I have made sure all the mailboxes are in cached mode, I have made sure they are all indexed. I have tested on a clean image, setup all the needed mailboxes, and found that Preview Pane works fine for any message from any mailbox. I have tried running the Office Repair Tool on the affected machine with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas short of re-imaging the affected computer?

A:'No Preview Available' in preview pane when previewing Outlook files

Bump. Still need an answer if anyone has one.

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Is it possible to 'install" DP Apps in CP?

Where are the 'shortcuts?' for Metro Apps located?

Here's path one..
d:\Program Files\Applications\microsoft.build_1.0.1.4_neutral_neutral_8wekyb3d8bbwe\

Here's path two..

Yes one can copy those folders to the appropriate place in CP, but getting them 'registered?'
and finding out what takes the place of a .lnk is beyond me at the moment.

Any help appreciated.

For now I've made two users, Windunce and Metro.
I've 'disabled?' the MetroUI for user Windunce and left MetroUI as installed for the user Metro.

I simply unpinned all the apps from the Start Screen except 'Desktop' and enabled Quick Launch on a
double-height TaskBar to replicate? my Win 7 system

User Windunce will logon for day to day productivity and User Metro will logon to enter the brave new world.

The best of both worlds? Well it could be, but not just yet.

Schizophrenically Yours

A:Installing? Developer Preview Apps in Comsumer Preview

Found the .lnk to the App.
The folder names changed from DP to CP.
No more Immersive Apps Shortcuts, nor Applications folder.

So I created those folders in CP and copied everything over from DP into them.
The good news? The shortcut showed up in the Start Screen!

The bad news, it doesn't run :(

I suppose I could compare registry entries and import some keys, but before I try that,
does anyone think there is an easier way?


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My sound used to work in the consumer preview fine but since I upgraded to the Release Preview I need the volume max and headphones in to hear anything. Any help appreciated. If more info is needed just ask.

A:Sound Worked in Consumer Preview but not Release Preview

Check in your Device Manager whether you have this driver,

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Hi there gurus.
My pc doesn?t show certain colour objects in Publisher 2007 and some on-line sites. Overall, the screen colour is very good. I know the fault is localised, because when I switch to Print Preview in Publisher it looks fine and I can see all the object colours. (I only lose the colour with objects, not text)
Also, when I send a copy of a Publisher page to my partner who is on the same PC, it looks fine on her screen.
I?ve tried going to Install/uninstall programs and run the Repair, but to no avail. The guys in my computer shop are clueless without seeing it. Anyone who can help solve this for me is a gem.

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Using Windows XP and MSWord 2003 at work. Clipart from MS Clipart website and Wordart disappears in print preview and will not print. This happens after I change layout to "in front of text" or try to edit the imported clipart. It only happens on my PC. Other PCs are able to print and preview the same documents just fine. I have always been able to do this wihout a problem but this week something has gone very wrong. Clipart is mostly .wmf format. I have tried changing the options for "Print & web Layout" and "Include with Document, etc. Info for sample clipart that won't preview or print:

File name j0305669.wmf
Media type Clip Art
Dimensions Resizable
File size 23 KB
Style 1093

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I am running win98se, and have just recovered from a boot-drive crash. I needed to copy everything over to new drive, including all programs,etc. I am starting to see some minor things that aren't quite right. One such problem, is I can't print or print preview in Word 97. Hitting the print or print preview icon does nothing. Going into file, then down to print/print preview does not bring the print window or the print preview window up. nothing happens. any suggestions? by the way, the printer does work-I am able to print thru other apps. Also, I do not have the orig. install cd for this app. thanks.

A:Unable to print/print preview on word97

Many programs will not work if their files are just copied from one system to another. If that's what you did rather than reinstalling from the installation disks, you're likely going to have several problems.

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In IE7 my default print size always starts at "shrink to fit" - I have to change to 100% - when I "X" out and come in again it is again "shrint to fit"

Can anyone tell me how to change the default to be "100%" every time I enter print preview?


A:IE7 Print Preview - change print size

I think this is controlled by your printer. From the IE7 FAQ page:
" Why do I have to reset the print options every time I open Internet Explorer?
Printing changes made within Internet Explorer are always temporary. To make changes permanently, you need to change them in Windows. For information about changing Windows print options, see Choosing print options."

I didn't see anything in that link particularly useful though ... and when I tried to simply force my printer to print at 100% through the print driver settings, it would always reset itself to Actual Size. Worth a shot for you perhaps, via Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults > Effects (but that's when using my HP LaserJet 2420 ... will be different depending on make and model of printer, and some printers may not even support this option)

You may need to contact your printer manufacturer if it's bugging you that much, see whether your printer can handle it

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I have created a document in Excel 2016 with 5 work sheets.
Each worksheet comprises 2 pages.
I want the document to be able to print out as 5 x 2-sided sheets.
The Print Preview appears fine, with 10 pages, and all in the correct sequence.
After completing the document at home, I printed it on a Canon printer and all was fine.
However, at work, using an HP printer, the Print Preview still appears fine, but pages print in wrong sequence; with some printing 2-sided and others single-sided, although the content for each page appears correctly on the printed sheet.
If I save the file as a PDF, the pages are correctly ordered, and print out as 5 x 2-sided sheets as intended.
(OS is Windows 10)
I've created as 5 worksheets to allow flexibility of use with the document... Worksheet 1, for example will only ever need to be saved as a 2-page PDF; sometimes only 2 or 3 of the worksheets need to be printed, and other times all sheets need to be printed.

Is the Excel file somehow retaining some of the printer profile from when it was originally created which is conflicting with a different printer profile? or is there a simpler explanation.

Any help gratefully accepted... I've spent hours trying to solve the problem and wasted hundreds of sheets of paper!

A:Print out doesn't match Print Preview

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Hi all,

Brand new here, so bear with me.....I'm trying to enlarge a Web page (in Print Preview) so that its legible but when I actually print it, it remains at about 75%. I've set the Print Preview to 200%, but it stills prints so small that the page is illegible. What am I doing wrong? The odd thing about this is that when I try the same thing in Mozilla Firefox, it prints just fine! Is this a Microsoft problem or am I just missing something?

Thanks in advance,


A:Printing a "Print Preview" screen in IE6

Beats me, the "print preview" size should only affect the preview, not the actual printed document.

However the actual text/font size on the page can be adjusted by pressing the ctrl key and using the mouse wheel to scroll up or down. This should carry over to the printed document.

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When I preview an OE e-mail attachment (e.g. a document) by simply clicking on the attachment, then click on the printer icon to print it, it appears with several other pictures (.jpg's). I'm not sure where they're coming from. I've tried searching for those file names on the C: drive, but XP tells me it can't find any such files. The only time I see these pictures is when I try to print directly from the preview screen (the print wizard). I guess I wouldn't care, except that some of them appear to be banners from porn sites. At first, I thought they were coming in with the document I was trying to print. Then, I sent myself an e-mail with a picture attached. When I previewed that picture and tried to print it, the same bogus pictures appeared. They could be hung up from a prior virus problem. How do I get rid of them?

A:XP Preview Print

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The scale shrink to fit etc., facility doesn`t appear in print preview when i want to print an email message. The print comes out real small. The scale shrink to fit does appear when i print other pages . Any clues. My picture shows what`s there. I`m using Outlook 2007 http://img340.imageshack.us/my.php?image=printpreviewvb0.jpg

A:Print preview

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I am using Corel Painter & since I installed the newest upgrade the print preview does not work--goes directly to print. uninstalled it & now the other versions won't preview either.

A:no print preview

Hold down the shift key when you start the program. That will reset the defaults – at least on some versions.

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Hi,can Win8 C.P. be installed without removing Win8 D.P.

I guess not, but since until now my Revodrive 3 X2 gave me problems with the Win8 D.P. install, i hate to do a fresh try with the Consumer Preview.

I would loose the Win8 is am using now.

When starting the setup, hard drive is not recognized.....

Any thoughts anyone?



A:installing Win 8 consumer Preview over Developer Preview

Yes, you can upgrade to CP from DP but I would suggest you to do a clean install.
If you want to upgrade from DP, use this link: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview
For clean install, burn the required .iso image from this link:
Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO formats

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