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Using Digital media player & monitor to make a digital pictu

Q: Using Digital media player & monitor to make a digital pictu

I am hoping to use a monitor (not attached to a computer) to run a slide show of photos at an event. I purchased a MICCA Speck G2 media player BUT after I got it home I realized that my monitor does not have an A/V or HDMI port - which are the only cables that came with the media player. I then went & purcased a HDMI to DVI-D cable so I could connect the player to my monitor - HOWEVER - I still cannot get them to talk to each other! I?m not very technical but I am a problem solver and this has me stumped - HELP , PLEASE!!

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Preferred Solution: Using Digital media player & monitor to make a digital pictu

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Ownership of MP3 U.S. Logic Digital Audio Player (square size model PA36B-21. I have a new Vista operating system. I have lost the CD to install on new pc. I have searched my old harddrive but cannot locate proper file to install to new system. I have searched the net but seems that I cannot locate current info. All info I have found is several years old so I'm not sure if the software is still available. I have not used this audio recorder in a long time and have info from a conference that I would like to save to my system.

Thanks for the help.


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Hey everyone

I just got a set of Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Speakers. They're pretty nice for 1999. I'd probably go as far as saying they're the best set of computer 2.1s I've ever heard.

Problem is, I can currently only run them through analogue because I have no digital cable for them. The connect on the sub looks like either a digital coax or RCA connect, which should run out to the 1/8 in. mini digital out on my SoundBlaster Live! card.

The manual doesn't say exactly what it is anywhere. It shows a picture of a cable with a single RCA end and a 1/8 in. mini stereo end.

Problem is, every such cable I find is mono on the mini end.

Any ideas on where to find a such cable?



I attached a picture of the back, it is blurry, but you can at least see what it is. (top right jack)

A:Solved: Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Digital Cable

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I am using WMP 12, on Windows 7, as a media server for an external disk (WD Passport Ultra) plugged into and configured by my router (ZyXel VMG8924) via its USB slot. It works quite happily for video files up to two hierarchical levels below my Videos folder,
i.e. they are arranged in year number folders and some of those folders have sub-folders, none of whose contents appear to be indexed by WMP Digital Server, but all videos at the two higher hierarchical levels are. I have tried both the 'apply media information
changes' option from the Organize menu option, and the 'make all of the media in my library available to my device' from the media streaming options customization but neither had any effect in showing up my missing videos (which by the way are mainly mpg's).
The router also allows configuration of an ftp server for the Videos folder and this is able to retrieve every single file in it so I know they are accessible by this route. Any ideas?

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I'm looking for a decent Digital Media Player to hook up to my network by ethernet or possibly wireless g. I am considering the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer [$200 Amazon.com] but every says it has a bad UI and the company sucks at addressing concerns of the buyers. Basically I just want to play divx avis, mpeg4 from my camera, and maybe a few pictures. Does anyone know of a suitable Media Player?

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There is a new media player launching this June that you should all check out. It does everything that Windows Media Player, Winamp and Itunes does plus more features - including streaming AAC and AAC+ broadcasts, new ways to organize your play lists etc..

I wont bore you with the details. You can check out info on their splash page


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I am recording digital video on my Kodak EasyShare CX7430 camera. The files are .mov file formats and play only in Quick Time. I would like to play them in Windows Media Player, but MWP does not recognize .mov files. Has anyone been successful in converting these .mov files to videos recognized by WMP? If so any info will be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Digital Video File Format and Win Media Player

Google has about 400,000 hits for Converting MOV to WMV.

At least one should work, many have free trials.

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My WMP has been working just fine. Suddenly it won't play my CD's. I receive the error message that it can't read in Digital mode, switch to Analog, then when I try that it still won't work. I've tried reinstalling, all my audio drivers are updated, to no avail. Is there someway to totally delete WMP and reinstall? I don't see it in my Add/Remove Program List. Thanks!

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Is it possible to connect my MIDI compatible digital piano to windows media player so that the visualizations respond to what I play in real time? I appreciate I may need to update my sound card from the basic one in my pooter. If not, is there another media player which would allow me to do this?
Many thanks.

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Hi I get the below message in windows media player when trying to play DVDa

I have followed the windows update instructions but I already have the most upto date video card driver
Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.'
Any ideas?
Sas Parmar.

A:Digital copy protection on Windows media player

Have you previously been able to play DVDs using WMP?

If not, it's probably a codec issue.


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hey all,

I started my Windows Media Player and it went thru my whole playlist to find a song to play. Then I got this error:

A problem has occured in the Digital Rights Management component. Contact Microsoft product support.Click to expand...

I click on the details button and get a pop-up that says "no help is available" with a <font color="blue">web help</font> link under it. I click on that and it gives me the error number, C00D2751. I enter that into a Knowledge Base search and come up with this page:


Great! Now I'm getting somewhere! Wrong!

I open Explorer and un-hide all the files. There is no C:/WINDOWS/DRM folder. I open up search for the two files that they say to delete. Not there. Ooooo Kkkkk
I then clicked on the link that will put licenses on my machine, I think? It come up with this website that says:
To resolve the failure in the individualization process of Windows Media Player 7 and the DRM client on Windows Millennium <br>If you choose to download Microsoft® Windows Media Rights Manager v7 license, your computer will connect to a Microsoft-operated Internet site and the player will store a license in your local system. No information will be sent that can be used to personally identify you or track your activities. You can click Start button to download a Windows Media Rights Manager v7 license.

To deny the Windows Media Rights Manag... Read more

A:{RESOLVED}Windows Media Player and DRM {Digital Rights Management}

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I'm having difficulty adding MP3 files from other folders to the Media Player library. When I choose "add to Library..." in Media Player, it scans for digital files and finds lots of them, but nothing gets added to the library. If I click on one of the digital files in another folder, Media Player will play the file, but I can't add it to the library. What's up?

A:Can't add digital files in other folders to the Windows Media Player library

Try and send the files to your music folder.Right click the file you want open drag and drop into music folder.This will automatically send them to windows media player library.

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I bought my wife a Sony Digital Media Player model NWZ-E438F a couple of years ago and it is great as an FM radio and MP3 player. The sound is fabulous.

Now for the problem: I'm totally and absolutely lost at putting a book from audible.com onto this thing. I went to audible's site using their program and selected "add a device" and my device isn't listed. It seems hard to believe that this $150 Digital Player cannot play audible books. There has to be a way.


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Windows media Player always opens on my main monitor no matter what I do. Every other program and App will remember what screen it was last opened on except WMP. I can launch it, move it to the monitor I want it on, maximize it, close it, and it just launches back on the monitor set as main display. I had this issue in the past, and fixed it, but can't for the life of me remember what I did.

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I was looking for a motherboard to replace my old biostar motherboard that will only support 2 gigs 667mhz, and only overclocks my e5200 up to 3 ghz even when maxing out the voltage. I am on a very tight budget, and this Msi board caught my attention http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130219

Then I checked the MSI website to get more information on this board

This board catches my attention because....

Its New
Its a Micro Atx with the Pci express x1 below the Pci express 2.0
Drmos Really caught my attention because it states that it makes the board energy efficent, offers a lower tempature and a more stable overclocking enviorment

Do you think its a good budget motherboard for a gamer and an overclocker like me??

A:MSI Digital G45M Digital a Good Replacement for an Old Biostar Micro Atx motherboard?

The Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L will do the job nicely and help you save money. It is also a more reliable choice compared to the MSI board.

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Hi, I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver. The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great. However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page. Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog? Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too! John

A:Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

I assume you're running Windows. Which one?

I do a lot of audio work on mine, using Windows XP SP 3, and was able to kill the sounds by opening the Control Panel, then Sounds and Audio Devices, and then click on the Sounds tab. For "Sound Scheme" select "No Sounds" and click the "Save As" box.

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I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver.

The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great.

However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page.

Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog?

Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too!


A:Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

On board sound cards are not known for their quality but try going in to your sound panel and muting all input and output sources you do not use (like mic and analog)

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Sound functions but reciever is only detecting 2 channel output. Apon browsing RealTekHD audio properites I discovered that the only options for Digital Output(RCA) were all 2-Channel under "Default Format" tab. However my front pannel Audio Output Jack(HD Audio 2nd Output) has an extra third tab labeled "Speaker Configuration" and has options for up to 7.1 surround but these settings do not impact my Digital Output(RCA) channel. Now my reciever does have a multi-channel input that could take advantage of the Analog Outputs in the rear but the distance is to great and multiple wires are expensive.

My question is how can i configure my RealTek Digital Output(RCA) to ouput 7 channel sound?

A:Realtek Digital Out(RCA) Only 2 Channel sound to RCA Digital into Reciever

Hi 2C0J2H2 and welcome to Vista Forums

First things first. Please give people chance to have a look at your post. Depending on what they are doing, this may be almost immediately or it could be several days. Accordingly, I have removed your second post.

Back to your problem. It would assist us if you provided full specifications of your system (fill in your System Specs)

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I have a Pioneer 106s DVD ROM which has a digital 2 pin output.

I just bought a Sony STRDE 675 dolby digital amplifier which has a coaxial digital in input.

My sound card, a soundblaster Live CT 4830 does have a digital out connector on the external part (next to the line in input), but does not have a 2 pin connector on the card itself where the DVD could be connected (there is the place with SPDIF marked but for some reason there is no 2 pins connector)

I do not want to buy a 5.1 soundcard if I can connect my DVD ROM to the amplifier without using the soundcard, Is this possible! Is the DVD rom digital out SPDIF recognised by the amplifier?

Should I create on the soundcard (which does have the digital output on the ecternal panel) an internal connection for the 2 pins? will this work?

Does anyone have a clue? HELP!!
many thanks

A:connecting a DVD Rom digital signal to a Dolby Digital Amplifier

Modifying it isn't going to work in my mind.
Just adding pin connections don't mean the hardware and software is included with the card.

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I need to make my passport photo digital.

Can anyone recommend a programme, please.

Thank you.

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You can create a backup file of your digital ID in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and secure the file with a password. Backup files for Microsoft Exchange digital IDs have an .epf extension; while backup files for Internet e-mail digital IDs have a .pfx extension.
1. On the Tools menu, click Trust Center, and then click E-mail Security.
2. Under Digital IDs (Certificates), click Import/Export.
3. Click Export your Digital ID to a file.
4. Click Select, click the digital ID that you want to back up, and then click OK. The certificate appears in the Digital ID box.
5. In the Filename box, type a name and path for the backup file that you want to create, or click Browse.
6. In the Password box, create a password for the backup file.
7. In the Confirm box, type your password again.
8. Click OK.

A:Make a backup copy of a digital ID

Unless this was supposed to be a reply to a member's request for help on this topic, I thought this type of post should go into "Tips and Tricks".

Why not just post the link to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HP012300231033.aspx instead of copying the entire body of that page and pasting it into your own post?

As posted by TechGuy (Mike) in another TSG forum ...

WARNING About Posting Articles
Please remember that it is illegal to post copyrighted articles in their entirety. You may post links to articles, quote small sections as part of your post, etc... but you cannot copy and paste the entire article. If you see anyone who has done so, please Report it so that it can be removed. Thanks!Click to expand...

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I got a digital solutions digital photo keychain for Christmas and it seemed easy enough. Plug into usb and software automatically downloads! But no ..my pc doesn't even register that I have plugged it in. I tried other suggestions to press the M button immediately but nothing. Does anyone have step by step instructions (that a pc dummy ..that being me) can understand? Thanks in advance!!!

A:digital solutions digital photo keychain

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Please help me. I have a 1 TB WD external hard drive. It is of my passport series. Its age is 5 years old. It was working fine, one day when browsing through it, the cable came loose. And then the problem has been persistent all of a sudden. When connected, if I open disk management, it says "you must initialize a disk..." But MBR and GPT both styles fails to initialize. In disk management, my disk in unknown, not initialized, unallocated. I dont care much about the data in there, but I want to make it working again. If possible, recovering data is best, but if not, losing data does not trouble me much.
I tried using MiniTool Partition Wizard but it is not much of help. It says (Bad Disk).
When i connect to pc, the sound beeps and I can feel the spinning sound from the hd. But its not shown in file explorer. Previously, when i connect my hd, it used to say "you must format the disk" and used to be visible in file explorer. But after i tried formatting(but with no gain), it is not visible in computer.
I will be posting all the screen shots.
Thanks in advance.

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I keep getting pop up windows informing me that my hp digital media archive has not installed, and try the address EZARC.msi. how can I get rid of this nuisance.

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Hi, Im trying to transfer some files to my phone. and im useing Memory stick dua adaptor. It worked before, but now when I instert the memory stick duo adaptor I dont find it on my computer... usaly I can see it in the folder "my computer" but I cant see it there anymore.

2nd. my bluetooth on my computer dont work (allso worked before). I activate it but I get an error message who says It aint activated. but everything is activated on the controll panel... "Didn't found bluetooth unit. Check if your bluetooth is activated or connected." anyeone know what to do ?

Ill be very happy if you could help me

A:Help... Digital media

Hi and welcome, we can try to help. What kind of computer are we talking about? Can you give use the specs? If you need help with that just ask. In order to troubleshoot it we will need your specs, how old the computer is and where you got it.

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my digital audio player has a folder name found.000, it is only visible in my dap. how can i delete this folder?

A:Digital audio player

i think it's the chkdsk recovery folder. you can usually view this folder by enabling "show all hidden files and folders" in folder options (control panel). or just format the drive and re-transfer all the music back in.

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Hi I just bought a new Envy notebook P/N M9U50av and noticed that the Digital Media Slot in smaller than the Slot on my Pavilion dv6 P/n WW146av. I called the HP Store 800 474 6836 for an adaptor and they said they didn't have one, but I could order from a 3rd party.So I ordered one and it had the same slot that my new computer, so much for that advice. I called HP Warrant Dept. 800 227 8164 and they could not tell me the different between the Envy and Pavilion, so they transferred me to Tech, and he couldn't find anything for me after about half hour. I asked him to just email me the information.So he did and told me to try HP web site, so after about 2 hours, I would like to know what the size of the slot on the Pavilion dv6 and on the Envy notebook, So I can order the right size adaptor or card reader. I don't want the multiple Slot Reeder, I would like to buy a single Slot adaptor.Help

A:Digital Media Slot

Hi, Where did you buy this machine ? It is a 15.6" machine and it should use same SD slot size. Can you take its photo and post back ? Regards.

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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes nothing.........My wife and I share an office. I would like to be able to share such as music and movies from my computer to hers. We are close enough to use a cable, but I was told that since we share a router we could share over our internal network. I have been using a flash drive until now and would really appreciate some advice as to an easier way. Thanks in advance

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8061 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (775 GB Free); D: 931 GB (880 GB Free); E: 2794 GB (457 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0M858N
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:Streaming Digital Media

mccrae said:

We are close enough to use a cable, but I was told that since we share a router we could share over our internal network.Click to expand...

Yes you can....but that involves setting up a home network and then setting the shares. Can be overwhelming for the novice.

The easiest way would be to use a NAS, but that would required you to buy a cloud storage drive. Then buy some NAS type HDD's. Something like this.....

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I keep getting pop up windows informing me that my hp digital media archive has not installed, and try the address EZARC.msi. how can I get rid of this nuisance.

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I have a t5048 that I recently changed out the mother board, cpu and ram. I am tryingt to locate the drivers for the 9 in 1 Digital Media Manager or the manufacturer to get those drivers. This board fit in place perfectly from Asus, P7H55-M Pro with a i5-650 and 4gb of ram. All I need to complete the deal is to get device drivers for this device. I know, that this device was intened for Windws XP 32bit and now I am running Win7 64bit... but I want to try the drivers or locate the manufacturer and see if I can get some drivers.


A:9 in 1 Digital Media Manager

Hi and welcome to TSF the info here may help you find the driver http://www.techsupportforum.com/f19/...rs-419050.html

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What is the WPS Pin for my hp DVD RW AD-7701H?  

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So i've been looking into buying a digital media adapter so that I can have some sort of connection from my tv to my pcs and such. Does anyone know of a site where I can find a good one or can anyone recommend one for me? thanks in advance!

A:Digital Media Adapters?

There are plenty of them, though many are costly. You can find them with a Gurgle search. You first have to decide whether to use Standard Def or High Def TV. With standard, you can look up VGA to Video converter which will output to NTSC or Pal Composite. You have to be careful about resolution in Standard Def TV because the monitor is often 800 X 600 or higher and TV can be 640 x 480 You may lose text, graphics, or crispness. When you use the HDTV format you must recon with Video format conversion in addition to resolution conversion.
HDTV's use a narrow range of resolutions and refresh rates.
Video formats are RGB/HV and Y-Pr-Pb (Component Video) which are entirely different encoded signals. They must be "transcoded" to change the encoded format.. Resolution and refresh rates can be as a problem, since sending a typical Computer signal to an HDTV will not give you an output.
You must buy a video card which will transmit the correct signal. There is software that comes with some equipment, or that you can purchase separately that customizes the output signal,,,, a program like "Powerstrip" to converts the output signal to the signal TV requires.
You might need to use video converting scaler software to change the signal.

When you have DVI or HDMI digital video connections, you also have the resolution problem to deal with. But you have to find out whether the transcoding is required.
Video Transcoders have the same signal in as they do out, b... Read more

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So For some reason I can't get the volume control on the side to work. They just show the status of the volume, but don't actaully effect it at all. Any help would be appreciated!

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how to get rid of this?
It says: file that you have trying to use in network is not available... I have to find EZARC.MSI

A:Hp Digital Media Archive

Hello anzoanzo77 and welcome.These types of errors happen because installation of a software application has not completed or a software application is attempting to repair itself because a file is missing or a registry entry was removed.These errors can usually be resolved by inserting the software installation disc for the software application that is associated with the msi file. If the error occurs when Windows starts, restart the computer with the installation disc in the drive.See more info here, Resolving MSI Startup ErrorsIf errors persist, you may be able to clean up the msi registry entries associated with the software installation by using Microsoft's Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (in English).

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      Is there a way to put "Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition ( windows XP ), on my Windows 10. I can not get anything out of Microsoft. Can someone help me.

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I am using MS Plus! DM to convert cassette tapes to cd. I am having no problem with the process itself, just the manner in which it is saved. All content is being saved to My Music folder where the rest of my music is stored. When I open the entire album in media center, it saves the album as two albums. One with one track from the album and one with all the other tracks. I want them to show as one. Can anyone help with this?

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pls tel me how to reinstall degital media internal card reader

A:hp dv1000 digital media pro.

Welcome to seven forums key4you: On the HP support site thier is a XP driver avalible for your card reader. You can download this driver and try to install it in compatibility mode. Compatibility Mode If this will not work you can go to device manager and copy and paste the ID string. To do this go to the device click on it>properties>details tab>drop down menu>hardware id. Copy and Paste the string. Card readers seem to be pretty generic in the since a lot of laptop manufaturers use the same Rioch or Texas instuments. So it should be able to find one that works. HP site http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/s...product=435618 Fabe

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I keep getting repeated pop ups referring to the HP Digital Media Archive on my HP Pavilion a1410n Media Center, operating Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

It states "The feature your are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package EZARC.msi in the box below."
" An installation package for the product HP Digital Media Archive cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package EZARC.msi" When you click nothing happens and the pop ups continue.

I located the HP Digital Media Archive in the Add/Remove window and clicked on additional information which shows a source "HP". Clicking on this takes you to home page of Sonics and from there I can't find anything referring to the HP Digital Media Archive.

I also went to the the HP Application Recovery and tried to find the HP Digital Media Archive to reinstall it,but it is not listed. I could use some help!

A:HP Digital Media Archive Pop Up

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I have some John Wayne movies and a set of 6 Doowop video DVD's I bought from Time/Life or something about 3-4 years ago. Every weekend, I like to put these in the PC and watch them while I'm playing around in the kitchen.

Haven't played them for a while (a month or two). Tonight, I tried to put a DVD in and get a message" WMP cannot play this DVD because a problem occurred with Digital Rights Protection".

Why, suddenly, would this happen? These were legitimately purchased DVD's!

I'm not even close to a master in this DRM crappola; however, I do know that these are legitimate DVD's I've been watching for 2 years on the same computer, no changes except hard drives.

Is anyone else frustrated about this? You go purchase a DVD and expect to play it whenever you want, but I guess you're at the mercy of conglomerates...............sigh.

The DRM is getting out of hand......WAY OUT OF HAND.....The next fight will be between Blue-Ray and HD. Then.....again....all your DVD's will be worthless........unless you are one of the fortunuate individuals who can afford a multi-purpose player for both types of programs.

( I knew there was reason I saved all my vhs tapes and player).

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I just purchased a new digital camera and when I went to install the driver cd that came with it, it said the driver is not compatible with my version of Windows (7). Is there anyway that I can find a new driver? I'm not very knowledgable with drivers and if this possible. Or if not a driver is there anyway that I can get the photos off the camera to my computer...took alot of photos I don't want to lose.

The camera is from a company called Digital Concepts, the driver cd has a company called Sakar International on it. I hope thats all the info that would be needed for someone to help me!

A:Digital Concepts Digital Camera

Hello Alabama Belle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do you have the model number of the camera? You can also check at the manufacturer's website to see if they may have any drivers available to download that may work for you.

In addition, if you have a media card reader installed on your computer, you can take the card out of the camera and plug it into the media card reader instead to upload your pictures.

Hope this helps,

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I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and have just been given a Fuji Sound Digital MP3 Player but no install disk? Could someone tell me how i might get hold of a manual which describes how i might use the device please. Thanks

A:Fuji Sound Digital MP3 Player

Unfortunately Fuji seem to have "pulled the plug" on support for their MP3 players (which it seems they no longer make).
In any event, it's highly unlikely the software supplied with your player (if any was supplied - often it's not required on Windows XP or later) would have included a version for Ubuntu or indeed any flavour of Linux.

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System: HP 8380 pavilion, HP895CE printer, HP5100C scanner. I installed the Lyra player as instructed which runs fine.(The CompactFlash external drive is attached to the pavilion with the printer and keyboard being attached to the drive cable by a passthrough port) The problem I have is that in order for everything to run, I have to uninstall my scanner. If I attach the printer to the scanner(which is proper) and then the scanner to the passthrough port on the CompactFlash external drive, the system does boot up but once I get to the desktop, the computer freezes and shows the scanner icon on the taskbar with a red circle with a red line across it. Isn't there some way that the scanner, printer and Lyra can be hooked up at the same time? I hate undoing all the cables for the mp3, reattaching the cables for the printer and scanner when I need need to use the scanner. Thanks.

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I'm willing to spend up to $150 US. Can someone suggest an MP3 player to buy that'll store at least 80 Mbs of mp3z.

Also, I want to be able to use the MP3 player as a voice recorder so I can recorder lectures or speeches for up to an hour.

Does such a device exists, at the price I'm willing to spend?

A:Mp3 player / digital voice recorder

Definately not for $150! If you want 80MB of storage you are talking over $300. I personally have never seen a portable that will record directly from voice. There are digital type recorders that will do that, but still I doubt you would find anything in the $150 range

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I have been using Windows Media Player to load songs onto my MP3 player. I have wanted some newer songs i cannot find on media player, so i went out and got an iTunes card. I paid and downloaded a CD but i cannot use media player to load the songs onto my MP3 player. Media player does not reconize the file format or something. The files that iTunes use are MPEG4 files. Do i need to download something? Help!!!!!!
P.S. Why is buying music harder than steeling it?

A:iTunes and non-apple MP3 Digital Player

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I'm wondering if anyone could help me on this problem. The company that sold the digital transcription software cannot answer my questions.

Our office just installed digital transcription. Love it! The problem that I have is that I listen to online radio or my media player most of the time through my external speakers. With the digital transcription earpiece plugged into my computer it overrides my external speakers. The sales man says I cannot listen to both at the same time. I have realtek as my audio manager, my speakers plugged into the back of my system and the digital earpiece plugged into the front. Is there any way to separate the two?

Thanks for your help!

A:Digital transcription and music player

whats the hardware ?

I suspect not, in the oldern days, when i was an electronic engineer, the main speakers would be disabled via a physical switch which was part of the earphone socket- so as you physically plugged a jack into the socket is disabled the main speakers, I suspect this may still be in use,

recently I wanted a TV that would allow a headphone to be connected and still leave the speakers on and noone made one anymore ....

my son has an external USB sound card, which he can setup for different channels and use a headphone on when while outputting different sounds on the speakers

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My son received a Video Mp3 Player for Christmas, and I still haven't managed to get one song onto the sweet little thing yet. My son's patience is holding up beautifully, mine on the other hand is wearing thin, thin thin. I've installed the software and my computer is telling me that it's right and ready to go. But still I get error messages like the following:

Windows Media Player cannot modify the synchronization settings at this time.
If I try to load a song straight onto the device it gives me error message 80070052 and a link to the media player page when I click on the link it takes me to the page but doesn't have an answer for this error message.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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