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Preview Bar Displaying WRONG Thumbnails in the File Explorer

Q: Preview Bar Displaying WRONG Thumbnails in the File Explorer

My laptop is displaying the wrong thumbnails after i upgrade to windows 10. When you open the file explorer and preview an file the next file your going to preview will be same thumbnail to the first one even the other files.

Here s an video so i can explain well.

Preferred Solution: Preview Bar Displaying WRONG Thumbnails in the File Explorer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Preview Bar Displaying WRONG Thumbnails in the File Explorer

Have you tried flushing the Thumbnail cache?

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Hi all,
I have searched solutions from internet regarding the subject problem and have tried below steps but image files still cannot preview the images, can everybody advise other solutions, many thanks.

unchecked "Always show icons, never thumbnails" under folder optionchecked "show thumbnails instead of icons under performance optionsupdated latest display card driver, uninstall any 3 parties imaging processing softwareclean thumbnail caches under disk clean up tool and I saw all cashes files are removed under
C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorerinstalled MS camera codec
PC running Win7 Pro SP1 32-bit, 4G ram, HD 500G 40% free space.

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I keep hearing (MS?) people saying that if you move to win7 your only option to deal with any gripes you might have with it s way of doing things, is to just cope with them.

Well now, aint that some way to spoil your customers!

Heres what.

I ve got folders with images and I do a lot of sorting and moving around and when I used XP I could see little fancy tumbnail previews of the images inside the folder, ON the folder icon.

Windows 7 does this too but in an inept, I-need-to-be-different-for-differents-sake kinda way.

Now, why the heck would MS want to go changin stuff around that aint needin no changin around I wonder.

Then I wonder if theres somewhere I can change this around to a practical setting but soon realize theres no such setting anywhere.

... hence I ve arrived here.

Is there a hack/tool/whatever around someplace that will let me fix Windows Explorer tomake it useful to me once again?

A:Windows Explorer Folder Preview Thumbnails - XP style?

Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett

I keep hearing (MS?) people saying that if you move to win7 your only option to deal with any gripes you might have with it s way of doing things, is to just cope with them.

Well now, aint that some way to spoil your customers!

Heres what.

I ve got folders with images and I do a lot of sorting and moving around and when I used XP I could see little fancy tumbnail previews of the images inside the folder, ON the folder icon.

Windows 7 does this too but in an inept, I-need-to-be-different-for-differents-sake kinda way.

Now, why the heck would MS want to go changin stuff around that aint needin no changin around I wonder.

Then I wonder if theres somewhere I can change this around to a practical setting but soon realize theres no such setting anywhere.

... hence I ve arrived here.

Is there a hack/tool/whatever around someplace that will let me fix Windows Explorer tomake it useful to me once again?

What's wrong with the way Windows 7 folders display their pictures?

I've actually found that it works pretty well when I have my thumbnails set somewhere between "Large Icons" and "Extra Large Icons":

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I've been doing a lot of tidying up of my file types and associations, and one of the things that I have done is to ensure that all my most used file types have meaningful and accurate "friendly names". So, instead Explorer referring to .wv files as "WV File" it now says "WavPack Audio File". I've done this for numerous file types and it has all worked well and is correctly displayed in Explorer.

However, I also use Windows Libraries, and for some reason it is still using generic file descriptions, or older ones that I chose myself and subsequently updated.

I have done the usual things of clearing the icon cache and all other cache and temp storage. I've also completely rebuilt the index of the Library in question. I have even removed all folders from that library and deleted the top level library itself (then, after a reboot, recreated it by selecting 'Restore Default Libraries'), but as soon as I add my folder to the Library, the same old file names show up again.

I have done a thorough search of my Registry and some of the terms being displayed by the Library are nowhere to be found in the Registry (because I have updated every possible instance of the file type name) so it must be cached somewhere, unless its buried in some indecipherable format in the Registry that doesn't show up in search results.

If I click an incorrectly named 'file types' group in the Library, and then choose 'Open Folder Location' to look at the same files direct... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Libraries" displaying wrong File Type names

This could have something to do with your user files. Are you the Administrator of this computer & do you only have one user account?.

Click on Computer & then click on your main OS drive which is normally C:\, then click Users, which should show your user name as one of the folders. Click on that & select your Documents files & see if the new names are listed there, if so you can create a New Library by clicking on Include in Library, from the menu at the top, & selecting Create New Library.

If all the Documents are correct as mentioned above you could copy all the Documents into the New library & then after checking everything is correct you can delete the old library.

If you have more that one user account, it's possible that all the changes are being made on one account & you are then trying to access them on another account, so you keep getting the old arrangement.

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I have several MS Office files that are password-protected, but I notice that their contents is displayed in the Preview Pane. Is there any way to keep a particular file from being previewed? If not, can Preview Pane be totally and permanently disabled?

This seems like a no-brainer to me, but I am no techie. Thank you for any help.

A:Prevent a password-protected file from displaying in the Preview Pane

Preview Pane - Enable or Disable in Windows 7

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I have a .net application that sends out an email with an appointment calendar (iCalendar) file (.ics) attached to the email. With in the .ics file it contains all of the details about the appointment.

Below is the syntax of the .ics file:
PRODID:-//hacksw/handcal//NONSGML v1.0//EN
SUMMARY:test meeting subject
LOCATION:Meeting Room 305a
DESCRIPTION:test meeting details
ORGANIZER;CN="User name":MAILTO:[email protected]

As you can see in the meeting is scheduled for 07/24/2003 at 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

I am located in the (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone and the .net application server is located in the (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) time zone. When I open the .ics file in Outlook or Lotus Notes it says the meeting starts on 7/24/2003 at 9:00 AM and ends at 10:00 AM. But that is not what I set up. It seems like outlook took the time and converted it to eastern time. I do not want this to happen. What ever day and time I set up in the .net application I want this to reflect in the .ics file. Basically I do not want Outlook or Lotus Notes to convert the time to the computers local time. I have tried to play around with the "DTSTART" and "DTEND" date to see if I could stop this f... Read more

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Hello ! 

When I navigate to the adress duramaxextermination.com in either edge or explorer, an invalid Let's Encrypt SSL certificate shows up. Only problem is the site is using a cPanel certificate, which shows up perfectly fine on all other major browsers.

Here is a screenshot of the error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xnz43t6ba9vptxf/Photo%202018-06-07%2C%207%2044%2014%20p.m..jpg?dl=0 
Screenshot of the valid SSL on chrome: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4yl6jq04icr4w7/Duramax%20cPanel.png?dl=0

Anyone had a similar issue in the past? 

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After progressively getting worse, Windows Explorer now displays as seen in the screen shot (no icons are displaying). At first I thought it was taking time to build the icons, but it never does. the loading bar stays loading at 90%. The first few times it happened, I thought I was in a folder with a lot of previews to build in it. Okay. But then it never built the previews. Then for a while, it would load previews for a few minutes after the computer restarted, and then stop displaying those previews. Now it's immediate. I have no icons displaying. Well, in some folders it decides to show the generic icon for the file type (i.e. generic picture icon for png files) instead of building previews. And other times I have a folder mixed with files that display a preview and files of the same type that display either no icon or the generic file type icon.

Even the list view does not display file type icons, and changing the icon size doesn't matter.

What could this be?

(I already deleted the "IconCache.db". It did nothing.)

A:Preview Icons Not Displaying, Sometimes No Icons Display in Explorer

Welcome to the forums
What is the amount of RAM in your machine ? Are the working properly ? For testing , follow the tutorial RAM - Test with Memtest86+ .

If RAM is working properly, Icon Cache - Rebuild may be tried , but dont expect anything positive. Make it sure that you have turned on the thumbnail preview (Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable).

If still not working, you should opt for a Repair Install .

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I'm getting more and more used to Windows 7. Generally I like to see everything as files and folders; I don't care to see photos as thumbnails. I like to see file name (with extension), size, date, etc. How do I do this in windows 7.


A:windows explorer: want file name not thumbnails

use details view?

File and Folder Arrangement - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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I know there are some threads about this. but I couldn't solve my problem using those. so I decided to make a new thread instead of bumping the old ones.
Well, Here is my problem:
recently I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 on my PC. it was nothing wrong with it till I installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (v. & did a reboot.
Now non of my files including picture, audio & video files show thumbnails or even tags (ex mp3 files).
I've tried the solutions stated about turning thumbnails on & off with no luck. in my folder options the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is UNCHECKED.

Has anybody faced the problem?? Is the issue from Kaspersky?? Are there any workarounds??

I truly Appreciate any help.

PS. I also have some difficulties pinning folders to windows explorer taskbar icon since then.

A:File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

How about trying to do a system restore?
System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

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I got a new computer with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I find it very annoying that in all the Open File dialog boxes and even Windows Explorer there does not seem to be a selection under the View menu to show thumbnails of image files. Even when I select Contents and highlight the file it still only shows a generic icon. Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to fix this?

Thanks for any help

A:No Thumbnails in Open File Dialogs or Windows Explorer - Why??

Hello David, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check using the tutorial below to make sure that you have thumbnail previews enabled.Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
If you do, then double check to make sure that you have Windows Photo Viewer set as the default program with all of it's associations.Default Programs - Set a Program's Default Associations
Hope this helps,

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Several weeks ago, all of the thumbnails on my laptop stopped appearing when I select THUMBNAILS. This is for all types of images (JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.)

I use standard windows/microsoft programs to view images on the computer (i.e. no aftermarket products).

Can someone please help me out? This reall is a pain!

I am running a Dell Lattitude C640 on Windows 2000.



A:Thumbnails not displaying

Try this
right click on any one thumbnail and choose REFRESH THUMBNAIL from the drop-down list.
right click on any thumbnail and choose OPEN WITH > WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER

Note there are some really great free photo editing programs out there, and playing with several to see the advantages is half the fun of pictures.

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I tried both options in this link for solution: Thumbnail Previews Not Showing in Windows 8 Explorer?

But i still cant see preview of the images.
What i see is this:

Sometimes i see no preview at all sometimes only part of the images they are bmp type.
What else can i do ?

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Browsing through my Excel files in File Explorer when I highlight a filename, I noticed that in the left pane, under details, there is a preview of the spreadsheet (I am using WinXP and Office XP). Well, sometimes there is a preview. About 40% don’t show a preview. There are two similar files saved on the same day. One shows the preview, the other does not. This preview is kind of a handy feature even if it is inconsistent. Does anyone know what is going on here?


A:Excel FIle Preview in Explorer

Open a file that does NOT show a preview.
Hit File-Properties.

Is the "save preview picture" checkbox marked?

Warning: This can increase file size.

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Hello Everyone.

I normlly save web pages by using "save as" in explorer. I am looking for a software with preview pane where I can view the saved web pages without openning the explorer.

I purchased Clikview but mhtml files cannot be viewed with this software.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Operating system: XP Professional


A:File viewer or explorer with preview

Try http://zabkat.com/x2lite.htm which is a free Xplorer replacement - and is better in other ways as well.

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Some .psd files show image thumbnail and image preview in Windows Explorer (Win7 64-bit); other .psd files show icon thumbnail and no preview. Even within the same folder! What's up? I believe they used to all show images for both.

Please note that I have already done all that is necessary to get image thumbnails and previews, as most of my psd files show both! So please do not recommend apps and codecs which enable this..:-)... Something I have done inadvertantly with my Windows must now be registering something that was saved within the individual files (?)......I want to find out how two files which are both psd files can differ. Note that in both case (both types), the Thumbnail check box in the SaveAs dialogue window is checked and grayed out.

Thanks for any ideas!

A:Preview and Thumbnails

Hi Janet. You may try deleting thumbnail cache. After deleting thumbnail cache, if needed, refresh the folder, it is expected that the thumbnail previews will be back.

Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

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Bit of a strange issue here. Office 2007 was recently installed on a person's PC. When they go to insert clip art into a document it appears that it's only bringing up whatever is locally on the PC, even though it's checked off to access the clip art from office online. When I go into the clip art organizer it looks like it's doing the same thing whenever you search for something...but... If you change the view from Thumbnail to Details it displays the complete list of what you were searching for, including what you would find online. Changing back to Thumbnail view then allows you to see everything you searched for. Unfortunately there's no way to change views inside an Office document otherwise I'd just use that as a work around (I know clip art can be dragged from the organizer into the document).

The fact that this seems to be a display issue led me to believe it's more of a Windows problem rather than an Office one even though it just started happening after the Office install. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office but that didn't solve the issue.

Any ideas?


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when I browse folders in WinXP, and select the Thumbnails option, nothing is turning up.
the files are there, but without the images.

Does anyone have any idea about this?


A:Thumbnails Not Displaying In Windows (?)

Moving this to the XP forum. ~ OB

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When opening Excel files off our DFS while having Windows Explorer Preview Pane enabled our users will get the "open in read-only" notification about 60% of the time.  This forces them to open the file in read-only mode...or close out, cross
their fingers, and try opening again.
I applied the reg keys listed in this support article
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942146, rebooted the Win7 Pro x64 test client, and we still get the File Lock notices when the preview pane is enabled.  Anybody else figure out a solid solution for this
issue besides disabling the preview pane?

A:Explorer Preview Pane causes File Lock

Thanks for the link Alex.  The client is Win7 SP1 and I've tried adding the OpLock registry keys and rebooting but no change.  At the moment we're not pushing out Office patches so I may run a full update for grins. 

I noticed one of the suggestions in the technet post you provided is to disable the preview pane - which is allowing the file open process to run as expected for us.  Luckily there are very few people that have explorer setup with preview
pane so there's only been one report so far.

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​Since updating to win 10 anniversary edition I cannot get a preview of Word documents in File Explorer - all other files show a preview. This is on a Sony Vaio all in one PC with Office 2010. The mystery is that I also have a Vaio laptop running the identical operating system and apps and this does have doc previews. I have tried repairing the Word app and have compared all the settings on each computer but nothing brings back doc previews on the all in one - get the message "this file cannot be previewed". I would like to uninstall / reinstall Office but I do not have a disk and cannot find an official download of the 2010 version for which I have the key. Microsoft support were polite but stumped.

Any suggestions welcome

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I have MPG/MPEG thumbnail preview support in file explorer on Windows 7. But on Windows 10 file explorer there is no thumbnail preview.

Can somebody tell me, is the thumbnail preview I am experiencing on Windows 7 native or did I install an application somewhere along the road to get this functionality?
Does this have anything to do with native DVD playback which is available in Windows 7 having been stripped out of Windows 10?

On to the solution, is this a known bug or something Microsoft is working on? Or is this now the responsibility of a 3rd party software installation?

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two questions.

1. Is there anyway to make the previews/aero peek work as intended?

This happens to me daily and is very annoying, it makes all the preview functions of aero useless. This usually happens after playing a full screen game or after computer goes to sleep etc.. I have already ticked "save taskbar thumbnail previews"

2. I doubt this is possible, but is there anyway to make the previews live when app is minimized?

A:not saving preview thumbnails

Quote: Originally Posted by hocuspocus

two questions.

1. Is there anyway to make the previews/aero peek work as intended?

This happens to me daily and is very annoying, it makes all the preview functions of aero useless. This usually happens after playing a full screen game or after computer goes to sleep etc.. I have already ticked "save taskbar thumbnail previews"

2. I doubt this is possible, but is there anyway to make the previews live when app is minimized?


Right click on task bar and choose how you want windows shown. Ihave nothing checked and it works as expected.

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A user at our company receives many .eps files. She would like to be able to view them as thumbnails in Windows Explorer. Right now, they only show up as the .eps icon and there is no preview when she looks at pictures in thumbnail view. User does have Adobe Photoshop CS installed so this is not the problem.

Is there a setting or a tweak that needs to be done to Windows XP to enable this ability?

A:How to preview .eps files as thumbnails?

For anyone who may encounter this problem in the future, technically, according to Adobe, there is no solution: In previous versions of Adobe Photoshop, a .dll called psicon.dll was installed to allow Adobe files to have functionality with browsing in Windows. With Adobe CS, this was discontinued. If a person upgraded to CS from an older version of Adobe, they will be able to browse as normal; a fresh install will not.

However, there is a work-around, but there is the risk of losing files in doing so, so it should only be attempted at your own risk.

Attached to this posting in a .zip file of the .dll that needs to be registered in the C:/Program Files/Adobe/Shell directory.

I did not try to apply this fix because my user could not afford to lose files, so I do not know how well it works.

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We have a user who receives many .eps files. She would like to view them as thumbnails in Windows Explorer. Currently, she does not see a thumbnail picture, but rather the .eps icon.

Suggestions? Tweaks?

A:How to preview .eps files as thumbnails?

Try right clicking in an open space and expand the "View" option, if it shows thumbnails in there click on it and you will hopefully achieve the result you want.

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If you look at the attached picture, you see how a folder with pictures looks like when I open it. A few random thumbnails get loaded, but mostly they don?t.

I have tried running disk cleanup and deleted my thumbnail cache but it didn?t help. A few months ago I did however follow a guide which was supposed to stop windows from clearing the thumbnail cache automatically, so that one didn?t have to wait so long when opening a folder with lots of pictures. Could this be what is messing with the thumbs? I can?t remember what the guide made me change though.

Thanks for answers.

A:Thumbnails and preview messed up

Found the solution myself. For future reference:

go to user/xxx/appdata/local/microsoft/windows/ and right click on the folder "explorer". Go to the security tab, advanced and change permissions. Make sure that no delete/rewrite permissions are set to "deny".

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Running Vista Enterprise with service pack 1 and latest updates. All of a sudden I am no longer able to view thumbnails of my pictures within a folder even though I select small, medium or large. I can double click the thumbnail to view it. Thanks in advance

A:Unable to preview thumbnails

Actually just found the setting to fix this.. :-)

Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

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On taskbar preview thumbnails, usually you get to see the content inside the window. Sometimes, however, and I'm unsure of the situation that causes it, the thumbnail will not be there, but you end up with just a blank box with the program's icon inside. The way to fix this is to make active that particular window, and then the thumbnail will refresh itself. Is this normal behavior?

- Eli

A:Anyone ever get empty preview thumbnails?

I've seen it on rare occasions. Couldn't tell you why though.

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When opening windows explorer , the File / View / Edit / Tools/ Help tab is not displaying for some reason.

Anyboady know why or how I can get it back?

A:[SOLVED] File / View / Edit not displaying in Explorer


Please refer to this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962963

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Good morning! New member, first post.

It seems the recovery partitions on my Dell 3847 desktop (Windows 8.1 x64) have begun to display when I open "This PC". This is new and has not happened before. Furthermore, the two partitions (WINRETOOLS & PBR Image) have been assigned drive letters. These two partitions show normally is disk management.

Is there anyway to prevent these partitions from displaying in "This PC"?

Thank you for any help provided.

A:File Explorer is Displaying Recovery Partitions with Drive

Reboot the PC and see if they -rehide themselves..

They are hidden in disk management - so another 3rd party program is causing them to show in file explorer

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Have a new Windows 8 Pro setup. For some reason I do not get a preview of images in a folder just a generic thumbnail. Any thoughts?

A:File explorer no preview of image files or videos.

Hello BCW, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It looks like you may have thumbnail previews turned off. Double check using the tutorial below to make sure that you have them enabled to see if that may help.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums
Hope this helps,

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I often unzip compressed folders sent to me by email containing several pdf files. When opened in file explorer the preview pane is blocked.

I have to right click and select properties, then click unblock button individually on each file if I want to preview them in the preview pane.

Does anyone know a way I can set an option either to not automatically block these files when transferred from compressed email attachment to the folder?

Or does anyone know a way I can use the parent directory and unblock all the files in all the subfolders at once?

Thanks in advance, I searched many hours and can't find the answer to this.


A:Unzipped files blocked from preview in file explorer?

As I understand it the Block option comes from a file having low integrity level (usual when dowloading from internet). It's part of the file permission system since Vista I think.

There are various utilities to modify those permissions, in your case the best bet is probably CHML, a little command-line app : chml: a tool to control Windows Integrity Levels

You can use it manually in a command prompt or make a .bat file to automatize, something like this should work :

cd \PDF
for /r %%f in (*.*) do chml "%%f" -rl -b

This first line changes the current drive to D then the current working directory to \PDF, modify these lines as you see fit.
The last line removes integrity levels from all files in the folder (D:\PDF) and all its subfolders recursively (/r).
Copy the text in notepad then save as something.bat. Click on it to execute.

Note : I never noticed your problem when decompressing via 7-zip (7-Zip), maybe using that instead of the built-in windows zip might solve your problem...

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thumbnail no longer shows a preview...so all my pics are Names and numbers only...

A:thumbnails no longer shows preview

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I have Windows 2000 pro. I use Vueprint pro as my default viewer for pictures. I have had this same setup on my previous computer and believe there my be a setting or something wrong because none of my thumbnails will preview as before when you are viewing a folder as thumbnails.
My other 2000 computers do not have this problem. only my new toshiba laptop is the oddball.

Also, the pictures no longer display to the left when I have the folder set as a webpage to preveiw in the left column.

Any Ideas? I have already uninstalled vueprint and have change associations several times to imaging or microsoft photo. None of these have helped. I prefer to use vueprint and am not really sure this is due to a program since it affects all folder previewing.

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I have Windows XP Pro. About a week ago I received 2 Microsoft automatic updates. It was about Net frame SP1 and I also installed Internet Explorer 8. Yesterday I went to my Photos folder and all the Jpeg image files with the picture preview thumbnails used to identify the photos have all been replaced with the jpeg file type magnifying glass icon. Others have the Bitmap image type icon. I can no longer identify my photos with the thumbnails. Furthermore, when I open any of the current magnifying glass thumbnail, the photo appears in Internet Explorer. I don't like that. Before this, it used to open in Windows (I think). I opened another magnifying glass thumbnail and it looked like a bar code all scribbly. How do I get my Jpeg and Bitmap images back to the preview thumbnails like it used to be before I installed the updates? Or maybe it was something else that changed the settings? I tried to do a System Restore only to be disappointed by System Restore having been turned off with no restore date to choose.

A:No Preview thumbnails in photo folder

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Hi since installing a program "page plus x9" windows explorer will no longer preview .spp files
(photo plus picture file, which it did before, & dose on computers I have that don't have this program,Ive called the program co "Serif" they say the program has nothing to do w/ the problem ?? the present default program to open SPP files is photo plus. Ive tried recovering the comp. back to befor the x9 program was installed,w/no improvement

A:windows explorer 7 file preview pane won't show spp files

Do you also have Photo Plus installed?
If so you may need to reassociate the spp file type back to Photo Plus

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I recently had to do a system restore and now my .jpg and jpeg files have a bad file icon. They still do open with the windows pic program as I want them to - but only on the admin accout, I usually surf and play and do everything else with a user account, and even if I reset everything under folder options for the file associacions it somehow doesn't apply to the other account.
The funny thing is that windows tells me in the file association menu that I changed the file association's properties and can set them back to standart "photo suite 6" - a program that I uninstalled ages ago ... can I somehow set this back to the normal winxp picture and fax displaying thing?

A:File opens with wrong program, bad file icon in explorer view

problem solved...

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Hi and Happy Father's Day for all the dads!

here goes my question!

How do i enable back the window preview under the start menu properties window,
for some reason is disabled and i dont know how to enable it back.

Here is a screenshot.

Thank you for your help!

A:Solved: Window preview (thumbnails) disabled

In the Control Panel > Performance Information > Performance Options > Visual effects, evidently you have to have "desktop composition" (Aero) enabled for this. So if you have Vista Basic -- this will not be an option at all.

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- Preview-Thumbnails in YouTube’s progress bar Disappeared !!!
well, this small "tooltip" preview-video-frame which pops-up while hovering the mouse over a point in youtube's video progress bar, 
(which helps to quickly navigate to a desired position on video storyline), suddenly, DISAPPEARED!
In fact, didn't disappeared at all, but it shows as a small BLACK rectangle frame. No preview!
I can't think of anything I did to might have caused that. :\
(May be the recent update of flashplayer for Mozilla FF).
Is there some remedy/solution to it? 
Thanks a lot.

A:YouTube’s progress bar Preview-Thumbnails, Disappeared!

Does this occur using another browser?

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Hi there. At the beginning I have to say I know option "always show icons, never thumbnails" in folder options but it's not what I want to use because it doesn't solve my problem.

When I was using Windows 7 there was a tool which helps to disable preview of video files. Is it possible to do same in Windows 8? It's very annoying when icons view is set to average and preview is on. I'd like to disable preview of video files permanently. Is it possbile? In every size of icon I want default icon for this extension. In Windows 7 there was no problem to handle with this.


A:Disable thumbnails preview of video files only

Did you tried the same tool in Windows8?

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Hi All - I am hoping that someone can help me solve this. In File Explorer the preview window box is checked and thumbnails box is checked, but I can only preview image files. Word or Pdf files do not show up. I did a factory setting reinstall of Windows 8.1. My word documents showed up in the preview window prior to the reinstall, but not my pdf files. I would really appreciate if someone can help sort this out as I use this feature frequently.

Windows 8.1 x 64bit
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU J2850 @ 2.41GHz (4 Cores)
Graphics Card Intel(R) HD Graphics - 24MB Free Video RAM, 32MB Total
physical memory 4GB

A:Solved: Files dont show in preview window File explorer

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64. After I play any full screen game (2d or 3d game), my thumbnails only have little icons instead of a complete picture. If I click on the icons the pictures are refreshed. Still annoying though.

When Working:

After a Game

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks all!

A:Taskbar preview thumbnails gone after full screen game

First thought is that DWN shut down and didn't restart.

Before and after you game, will you hit start and search for services.msc and check on that?


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My question is whether or not reinstalling Windows ME will solve my pictures problem, and will such a download of Windows ME include the Kodak program, Paint, and Image Preview associated with Windows ME???
BACKGROUND -- I recently did a few things that brought about a problem. I used Ultra WinCleaner 2002 which deleted many Registry entries, etc., and messed up McAfee Security which had to be reinstalled. I downloaded a PSP program but didn't complete the installation (the program was an upgrade to PSP 7.0, but I didn't have a PSP Program). After these two operations, I found that when I tried with pictures to SAVE AS .bmp the saved file was in an unknown format... thumnails and ImagePreview did not work. File Properties said the files were JPG , but the format was unknown to ImagePreview. Thinking the Kodak program that comes with Windows ME was messed up, I downloaded an Image Viewer called IrfanView and set extensions for all images to use IrfanView. IrfanView worked well , but the SAVE AS problem still existed. I cleared all the extentions from IrfanView and deleted IrfanView. Now the problem is worse and none of my pictures will open in ImagePreview at all, and I virtually can not save any pictures. Is reinstalling Windows ME a good solution and will it not delete documents, pictures, and applications?

A:Solved: Images won't Save right -- No thumbnails, No Image Preview

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Hi, I need your help. Please guide me through this trouble. I searched the web but I could not find anything useful.

I need to have folder content preview disabled on my machine but I still need to have pictures as thumbnails instead of icons. What do I need to do?

Please note checking "Always show Icons, never thumbnails" wont help because it applies to Picture Files as well.

Thank you in advance!

A:How can I disable Folder Content Preview but not Pictures Thumbnails?

What for?

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Hey all...

WinXP pro... getting all weird on me. When I open up my computer, or use windows explorer to browse to the my pictures folder, and I have the window set to preview the pictures with icons, the icons are not the actual picture it represents. I double click the icon, and its a different picture. I cant figure it out. Ive used tweakui to rebuild icons, but that did nothing.
When I use my image viewer, acdsee, to browse the my pics folder, all the icon previews are correct... any ideas?

Happy New Year

A:Wrong thumbnails

Shouldn't you set it to preview with thumbnails instead?

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Recent apps (top left corner) list still functions as normal, yet selected "tabs" are invisible whilst taking up the same amount of screen space for its click function. (If I hover over the top left, and move my mouse out just a little, i can still click / right click as though it was still visible.) when there are multiple options, the unselected tabs still show an outline visible with a transparent midsection

I am unsure what might have knocked the colour out of the app switching thing (or whatever I might call it, a name for what I am looking has been aloof,) maybe a windows update, or my graphics. i tried rolling back my graphics to no avail. Perhaps it is some arbitrary setting.

A:Recent apps (top left corner) not displaying preview.

Hello 2Cryptic, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Sound like you are talking about the app Switcher. Once you move the pointer to the upper left hot corner to open Switcher, you should be able to move the pointer down a bit to reveal all apps in Switcher.

Here are some more methods as well.

Switcher - Open in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Yesterday on my W10 PC, when I click the FILE EXPLORER button in my task bar I got random results. Same today. Sometimes it would start normally and show me all the computer, folders, etc.
Other times it would show me this - see below. Then take 5 mins to open.
Also in a directory full of photos it would show thumbnails of the first 50% and the rest would be missing.
Never seen this before. Any suggestions?


A:File Explorer just started looking in the wrong place

Your image did not get posted correctly, try again.

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