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Compaq N600C laptop hard drive file cale for file recovery

Q: Compaq N600C laptop hard drive file cale for file recovery

Boot sector of hard drive went bad. Putting new drive in. Does anyone know how one can use the old drive as a "slave" drive in an attempt to recover files from the bad drive? Does anyone make a HD cable or adapter for laptop computer hard drive?

Preferred Solution: Compaq N600C laptop hard drive file cale for file recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compaq N600C laptop hard drive file cale for file recovery

Hi Al

If the laptop uses a standard IDE laptop connector you can buy an adaptor like this to hook the laptop hard drive up to a standard PC IDE port.


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I have tried every F-Key in an effort to find a recovery partition or access to a dos C prompt to format hard disk with no luck. Does anyone know the secret?

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Hard Drive wanted to run ckdisk ...C:\$Secure or something like that?
Rebooted ckdisk ran and failed.
Unable to boot to save mode.
Placed hard drive in another pc (edited here) as 2ndary HD.
It seems I CAN see 99% of the files on this drive. There is one folder that had some VB scripts I was working on and they are gone..

Any Ideas on how I might recover these??

Thanks for reading my post on the the greatest resourse the Netm, TSG!

A:Hard Drive File Recovery - Help!

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I hate to ask this question but I read tons of posts that didn't seem to help me, maybe someone can help a very inexperienced computer owner, I hope so. I have a hard drive from my old emachines T2984 (the hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 160GB 3.5" PATA-100 2MB Cache 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive) that I had put in to replace the original drive with when it died.

Recently I purchased an external hard drive case hoping to save all the files from this old drive. Although the hard drive works fine in the enclosure (it works, the motherboard in the old pc died) and I can see file folders I get an "access denied" message to the 'owner' folder so all my saved information is not available. Is there a way to access these files?

I hate being web illiterate and without this forum I'd be lost. Thanks so much in advance for any help. If you need more info let me know and I'll do my best to supply you with what you need. Oh, my system is windows XP pro but the old harddrive was windows XP home, if that makes any difference. Thanks again.


A:File recovery from old hard drive?

See this



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Please Help!!!

I am running a Dell Optiplex GX280 with Win XP Pro, a Maxtor 6YO80MO Hard Drive and was told by Dell the Hard Drive is dead. It started with the computer running slow and then getting the blue screen with the following messages displayed:
*** STOP: 0x000000ED (0X8235CCD8, 0XC000009C, 0X0000000, 0X0000000)

I have tried chkdisk, all safe mode options to no avail. I used a boot cd with Salvation Data HDD Scan and Repair and it says hard drive not found.
I concede the hard drive is toast, but need to know if there is anything else to try and more importantly, can any files or data be recovered from the drive. Thanks for taking the time to read and for any suggestions.

A:Hard Drive Crash-File Recovery

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I have a Windows 8 laptop which will not start up. I have made a USB recovery drive but they does not work either. Decided to seek a warranty repair/replacement of machine so need to back up hard disk files.

When I connect the hard drive to my desktop with a SATA/USB converter the drive shows up in 'My Computer' after a couple of minutes but it does not show total capacity or available drive space. The desktop is obviously trying to transfer the drive contents (the task bar at the top of the window shows a green line to indicate progress of loading of data which gets about 98% across and then stops).

This process then jams up my desktop and stops any other process from working. I tried to scan the external drive with my AVG but I got 'program not responding'.

There is no issue with my SATA/USB converter because I use it all the time with an old hard drive from my last desktop.

If it is relevant the laptop hard drive is a Toshiba MQ01ABD100

Any thoughts. You will have guessed from the post that I am not a 'techie' so please spoon feed your advice!!

A:Hard Drive file recovery problem

There is no issue with my SATA/USB converter because I use it all the time with an old hard drive from my last desktop.

Your converter might be incompatible with the newer HD even though it's working with the old HD's. It happened to me when I use an old converter to read my 1.5 TB HD and it only shows 700MB. I got a new one that would support USB3 up to 4TB and backward compatible with USB2 then everything is working as it should.

here's what I bought: Amazon.com: Anker? USB 3.0 to SATA 3ft Converter Adapter Cable for 2.5 inch/3.5 inch Hard Drive Disk HDD and SSD, Power Adapter included: Electronics

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Hello..am newbie...pardon any bleeping faux pas.Have Dell desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium w/Service Packs. Have hard drive failure, pending replacement from Dell. Main symptom is black screen of death, with cursor, unable to boot in safe mode. Was able to run "extended diagnostics" which indicated bad blocks on hard drive. Dell support concluded hard drive failure, and is sending replacement.Is there any simple/easy way to recover files from the hard drive?Have found some hard drive recovery software, but they seem to run from windows., ie: http://www.salvagedata.com/recovery-software/ Any insight to these?Any remedy, short of sending to a lab somewhere and paying loads of $$? Have some stuff since last backup I'd like to snag if can be done easily, no life/death matters at stake.tyvm..knl

A:hard drive crash-file recovery

Why not get an external hard drive enclosure. Put the drive in it and hook it up to your PC Then you can explore the drive and hopefully move files

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Hey everyone,

I have a hard drive that does not seem to open when it is connected to any (pc or mac) computer. A screen pops up which installs the driver, but after that takes place, it does not display under the normal location in the computer folder. I did find it in the computer management area (image at the bottom of post) though.

I'd like to know if there is an easy way to gain the files off it, or what preferred (free) program I should use to get to the files, without the risk of losing too many.

I also would like to know if the drive is on the 'fritz', or on its way out. Would reformatting be the best option to get it to work (after removing the files on it first, of course), or if it has become a heavy paperweight (It is one of those old, huge and heavy HDDs).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

PICTURE from disk management:
**PLEASE NOTE** My Page File is on an unrelated SSD, but I do have one (if you were curious). Also, this problematic HDD was not originally connected to my current computer. In case it is needed, the problematic drive is labeled Disk 2 in the image

A:Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...?

Seems like that middle partition doesn't have a letter assigned to it, did you try that ?

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I was hoping someone could help me find a way to recovery the file system on one of my drives. The files are there..but I when I go to the drive the only thing I see is the folders. I have tried riterecovery and it starts to retrieve them but then stops responding. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I recently purchased a new hard drive for my system (256 GB SSD to 1TB SSD) and installed it with no problem. I purchased a 2.5" SATA Hard Drive to USB 3.0 enclosure to assist with copying the original hard drive to the new hard drive, and discovered that this could also essentially be used to turn my old hard drive into a portable external hard drive.

Fast forward to earlier this evening when I decided that I would also try to recover files from an older (2007) laptop that had crashed using my new toy. I removed the SATA hard drive (HDD), inserted into the enclosure and plugged it in.

My issue is that when I plug it in, the drive is not being recognized. It is visible in the device manager under both the disk drives and storage controllers trees, and is showing as "unknown" under disk management. (I tried to initialize the disk as GPT and got a message that said it was not convertible because the size is less than the minimum size required for GPT disks. Also tried to use the MiniTool Partition Wizard as found in another thread with no luck, it says that the drive is 0.00 MB),

Question is, can I recover this drive? Is there a way to access the information on it, or have my system recognize it in some way that would give me access to the files? Thanks in advance for the help!

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I enabled bitlocker by editing the group policy. At tha time, I encrypted my internal and external hard drive. The internal drive saved the key to my usb drive and by default, the external drive save it in my Documents folder. I also selected the auto-unlock option to prevent myself from having to key my password each time I used the drive. Due to performance issues after upgrading from Vista, I decided to reinstall Windows 7. I copied all of my data over to the external drive from the Documents folder, right clicked th external drive from the Computer folder and assumed by removing the password, which is allowed since the auto-unlock setting was enabled (not the best idea for those who might be considering this) and thought that Bitlocker was disabled from the external drive and was not aware that it had to be turned off from the Control Panel System and Security area. I proceeded to install Ubuntu which repartitioned the hard drive.I was curious to see if the new beta release fixed a kernel panic issue I was experiencing and it did not. I now went back to Windows 7 and started the installation. This repartitioned the drive again and everything was reinstalled. I go to plug in my external drive and now I'm prompted for the 48 digit recovery key. Ok, I pull out my jump drive to find that I don't have it. Since it was in my Documents folder and I copied all of that data to the external drive prior to the reinstall, its now encrypted on the drive and I've basically lost all of ... Read more

A:Cannot access external hard drive after enabling Bitlocker to go. Recovery key file is on the encrypted drive and I cannot access it. Any suggestions?

No, without the cert you cannot gain access to the drive, by design, and as expected behavior. If you could, there would not be a reason for the encryption to exist at all.Rating posts helps other users
Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP

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Hi guys,

I wanted to find out what options, if any, I had to recover files from a notebook that wont initialize explorer.exe (0xc0000006). I can get to the log in screen and select user but after it tries to load settings, all I can access is cmd and task manager. Im able to locate the files I want to copy through DOS but theres no 3.5 drive and the cd says not ready (im assuming due to lack of drivers loaded). Is there a way I can manually load the drivers needed for the cd drive to work? If not, is it possible to connect the laptop to my pc and access the hard drive from there? Please any help getting these files out would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks again everyone!

A:File recovery via c:\ Compaq 2200 notebook

Update: Tried connecting via router... Router identifies notebook as connected but when I open my network connections on the PC its not listed. I tried mapping the drive but just get a 'path not found' error, at the same time the 0xc0000006 error pops up on the notebook.

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My old Compaq Presario 900US laptop got bad (water got in it). I got the hard drive out and attached via USB to my new laptop (Compaq Presario V2565). I can see the files under drive E: (USB port). Is there any way to transfer all the files, programs (have them install automatically) and settings from the hard drive to the new computer? The hard drive (old connected by usb) ran on windows xp and so does my new computer. thanks

A:Laptop Hard Drive File and Program Transfer

The operating system and installed programs cannot be recovered.
You can recover (copy) any data you had stored ... and any email still in OE.

If you can read the HD .. are you sure it's bad ???

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Hello and this is my First Post

Can you help me with an annoying dialog that pops up when running shortcuts please?

I have (portable) applications located on E:

I can run those applications directly from E: without a problem - i.e. I don't get any warnings.

However if I create a shortcut to one of these applications and place the shortcut on the desktop ( on C: ), then running the shortcut causes an open file security warning (see attachment). The warning dialog claims it can't determine who created the file, because it comes from "a location outside your local network". Which is really strange because it is a locally installed hard drive.

The only explanation I have is I've used E: with a previous windows 7 installation on the same hardware, then I reformatted & reinstalled my Windows 7 partition, but kept E: untouched.

Couple of things I've tried are:
1) there is no "Unblock" button on the shortcut's properties dialog
2) Group policy editor changed to not preserve zone information
3) I couldn't find an exact match for this particular open file security warning when searching here and other forums

A:Open File Security Warning when file is on different local hard drive

Similar warning under Win 8, for *.lnk (shortcuts), even though they are under Favorites.

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I have a WD 120gb pocket harddrive that I ran the defragging program through. I found it shut down midway through defragging process. Now when IO try to open it, aUTORUN.N fiel appears. I have tried disk manager, the trouble shooter,to no avail. There is stuff on the trouble shooter that I don't understand,so the answer may be there.

I ran a crapcleaner brand file cleaner thru it the day before. Did I remove something with the cleaner that I needed to open this file?

Thanks for any input,for I have original content on that disk I really don't want to lose. Chip

A:aUTORUN.N file. This file will not let me open my external hard drive

Welcome to TSF....

What is the make and model of the pocket drive?

What defrag program did you use on this pocket drive?

When it stopped defraging in the middle of the job where there any error messages/

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Title explains it all I left my laptop on the coffee table,went outside to smoke and,when I came back in,the machine was just....."dead" Lots of stuff on there,I'd like to recover.What are my options ? The machine will not even boot

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today i received my 1st laptop a compaq evo N600C, and whilei may be versed with desktops this is a litle monster anyway upon opening the box, my laptop powered on just fine, i plugged in my cable modem to it and on the PROset II screen it showed connected and receiving packets, but whn i opened internet explorer there was no internet, after getting frustrated but changing nothing i powered down the laptop, a few hours later i tried to turn the laptop back on, all i get now is the charge button blinking 6 times, then the green "access a drive" light pops on for a split second, then al lights go dark, and the charge light comes back on again, can somenone please assist me with what to try other than...

1.) Checking the power cord and adapter for breaks,kinks,cracks
2.)Removing and re-installing the battery

i didnt change or do anything, i wonder what can suddenly cause this problem? any ideas? thanks

A:My COmpaq Evo N600C Won't power on

as an additional note, the charge light blinks 8 times, before the one blink and the sound of a drive starting to spool, before the darkness of the lights, if the battery is out, it repeats this process over and over, if the battery is in the charge light stays solid, but blinks extremely slowly

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Hello all. Recently (yesterday) my friend stopped by with this ancient laptop - aptly known as the Compaq EVO N600c. He wanted me to "make it go faster" (his words). After toying around with it for a bit, I decided the best solution was to format and start fresh. After successfully installing WinXP Home I explored the content of said laptop, soon discovering that I had to install only some of the drivers - which I thought odd. The sound worked fine and such. Anyway.. Long story short, I cannot get his Wireless NIC thing to function. I have tried several sites, and several drivers. Everything else works just fine.. I can plug in an Ethernet cable and have the net up and running in miliseconds! But this NIC is really perplexing me. I have been google-ing around for the past 2 hours now and I have finally become exasperated enough to try out a Tech forum. I have had great experience with them in the past, so I am hoping that somebody out there can offer some genuine insight in regards to said issue. Bear in mind, that I have tried multiple websites for drivers, including Intel. I just don't want said helper to sift through drivers and whatnot when, chances are - I already have. Thank you all for your time

A:Network issues w/ Compaq EVO N600c

Another thing that I had forgotten to mention, which may or may not be relevant. One of the drivers I acquired last night while initially working on this was the Compaq Wireless LAN. It shows up in the toolbar but I get an error that says "No wireless network card driver is present." Which, of course, is what led me on this.. adventure. The thing I don't understand is that he was able to connect to my Network last night before I had begun my operations. Suddenly, after all is said & done he cannot. Sigh.

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I have two computers: a dell XPS (desktop) and a Compaq Evo n600c (laptop). Both run Windows XP. I want to entend the dell desktop screen unto my laptop. I connected the laptop to the desktop with a VGA cable but the dell didn't recognize the monitor. Then, i downloaded the compaq display driver. the problem is that the compaq evo n600c display driver won't install on the dell. is there any way to extend the dell desktop screen unto the laptop.

A:Extend my screen unto my Compaq Evo N600c


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I have a Compaq Evo n600c. In Ubuntu Linux, when I stroke the edge of the touchpad, it acts like a mouse wheel, but on Windows XP3, it doesn't, even if my mouse settings are set to scroll. How can I get it to?

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Well, A few days ago I got out my Compaq Evo N600c laptop which I had not used in about 3 weeks and charged it. After the charge, it would not turn on.

When I plug in the cord, the orange charging light will come on, but that does not mean it is charging. The first time I tried to charge it, the orange light never went off. I removed the battery and pressed the charge level button and found that the computer was not charging the battery and the orange light remained on.

I decided to start the computer and use it for a while (on AC power), then shut it down.

I attempted to again charge the battery and this time (and every time since then) it will now charge.

Unfortunately, The computer will still not run on the battery. After removing the battery, cleaning the connections with bottled air, and "slamming" the battery back in, it finally started and ran properly.

I thought I had fixed the problem, but once I turned off the laptop the situation returned to the way it was.

So I fiddled with it, and I think there is a battery connection problem, but I want everyone's opinion. The battery was in perfect condition the last time I used it, so there can't be anything wrong with it. I read somewhere maybe to do with a dead CMOS battery?

(Sorry for the long post)

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My daughter has an old Compaq N600c with OS XP professional. When she visits me she would like to use my wireless broadband, however, her laptop does not seem to have a wireless capability. Is there any way we can install a card or something? I opened the silver multiport cover on the laptop lid – and there is a green card in there, marked PCB-PC7507 TRANSFB-30D-VER 310.Alternatively, would one of those USB dongle adaptors work? If so, can you suggest what to buy?I’m useless with computers, so any advice will be very much appreciated.

A:Solved: Compaq Evo N600c wireless capability?

You can use a USB wireless adapter. The laptop probably has a PCMCIA slot; if so you can use a PCMCIA (Notebook) card.

I prefer the PCMCIA cards, but USB adapters can be used with almost all computers while PCMCIA adapters are limited to older laptops.

Whatever you buy just make sure it is compatible with XP, and if possible with Windows 7 as it will probably outlast the PC.

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I have recently been playing with several vintage Compaq laptops. My current problem is incorporating a new hard drive in a Compaq LTE 5400 or an LTE 5380. I recently purchased an 8GB plug-in IBM drive, which according to the seller he formatted the drive to FAT 32. I have several bootable floppys which include all the programs necessary to FDISK and Format (C:/s) the new drive (and have successfully accomplished the feat several times). After installing the 8GB drive and loading a Win 98 Start Up floppy I get to a place in the boot process (Booting from Floppy Disk) where you can hear the program briefly access the hard drive, then it just hangs up there. If I boot with a pretty old (2001 era) Win95 boot disk, it will go on through to the A: dos prompt. When I call up FDISK (or Format, or any other command) it tells me that that I have "Incorrect MS DOS Version". So again, I am at an end. I have asked what platform was used when the 8GB was originally formatted but have not received any information as yet. I attempted and suceeded in FDISKing and Formating two other drives in the same machines. If I put the original 5GB drive in the system, any one of my boot floppys works like a champ. I have also been able to load the Compaq Diagnostics program with the 8GB installed and not only identify the drive but complete a full blown hard drive test. Anybody out there have any ideas on how I can get up an running with my new 8GB drive? I will appreciate any help you may be... Read more

A:Compaq Laptop New Hard Drive

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I bought a Compaq Evo N600c that works will on AC but has but can't remember cmos
settings at start up so I use f1 to start XP. I may need a new battery but I have not let
it charge up enough to really tell at this time.
Since is a unkknown used machine, what do I need to do to check it out. I need to check its battery for corrison in which I don't know how to get to it. I may need to replace a CMOs battery. Is there a manual that I can download and do you have any advice for my compter checkup?
Thank You,

A:Solved: Compaq Evo N600c Battery Removal & Computer Check Up.

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I have a problem that many other users have written about but Compaq refuses to assist with.

If you have a Compaq m2000 laptop,
exactly where (full dir path) is the file
found on your machine?

=== WHY I ASK ===
Without this file, after the Win XP Re-install the laptop keyboard is totally disabled so the whole machine is unusable. Compaq refuses to provide the file (it is their file!) and won't help find the file on the machine I can't log into.

The Compaq Win XP "repair" install program looks for this file in
C:\Program Files\hpq\Quick Launch Buttons
**It is not there.**

HP support advises it located in
**It is not there.**

Compaq refuses to provide this file and instead simply says to do a full install after deleting the contents of my hard drive. What a lousy answer to a simple problem cause by their "repair" XP install program that can't find their sys file.

I tried searching for the file using DOS, after booting to DOS (the only thing the computer can do, the keyboard is disabled once Windows boots), but the laptop seems to have an old or limited version of DOS and I can't figure out how to search all dirs on it for the file. The DOS command
dir eabusb* /s
is not a "legal command")

Thanks if you can help.

A:EabUsb.sys file on Compaq m2000 laptop/notebook

I am having the same problem with respect to repairing my compaq desktop and can't find the eabubs.sys file? Did you have find a resoluation? I really don't want to reinstall the hardware. Please email a response directly to my email at [email protected]. Thanks.

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When I turn my laptop on it just boots to a black screen. I see the messages F12 and such, but after that nothing. I went into BIOS and there's not much there, does seem to be recognizing my hard drive. I connected my hard drive, via USB, to my other computer and it seems to work fine.

A:Compaq laptop not recognizing hard drive

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I am totally computer illiterate, about all I know is how to turn them on, so bear with me. I have a Compaq Armada 1700 (6266/T/4000/D/M/3 ) . I know it has a 3.99gig hard drive and I want to put in a bigger one. Since I don't understand tech talk what do I have to do to accomplish this. I also want to increase the memory as well. Can any one help?

A:compaq armada 1700 laptop hard drive

Ok just one question and im serious. Why? Its at least 15 years old. Plus its a laptop. Laptops take alot of abuse in this world. Does the existing drive work? what OS is Installed windows 95?
Down to the brass...This machine is upgradeable but not to the point where you can use it to do anything productive. I am sorry i just cant see where this laptop is useful at any point if you can find a hard drive it wont support anything past 10gig and that wont hold windows vista or winows7 if you just plan on playing around with it you wont learn much. no modern programs will run on it. here are the specs on it they may help.

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I have not been able to start up windows xp. All I get is a black screen and a blinking cursor in the upper left hand cornor. I put in my recovery disk it acts like it is going to re-install windows and then nothing. When I open up the bios settings and use a hard drive comprehensive test it says that my hard drive had failed the test. The hard drive is a seagate 40GB AT disc drive. I took it out and put in another laptop hard drive. I did have to take off a converter thing from the seagate and put it on the IBM hard drive. When I turn on the laptop it boots from the CD and I press enter to set up windows xp home edition. The screen says
1546 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 atapi [MBR]
C: Partition1 [FAT32] 1551 MB (135 MB free)

I press enter to set up xp. The partition you selected does not have enough free space for the installation of windows xp. Set up must reformat it. I tell it to reformat.
The partition is either too full, damaged, not formatted, or formatted with an incompatible file system. To continue installing windows setup must format this partition.
C: Partition1 [FAT32] 1551 MB (135MB free) on 1546 MB Disk 0 at Id 0n bus 0 on atapi [MBR]
I pick to format the partition using the NTFS file system.
It tells me to wait.......Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer m... Read more

A:Compaq Presario 2200 laptop hard drive fail

If there is anything on the drive which you need to recover I would recommend doing that first.

Test the hardware using the seagate 'Sea Tools' for dos utility found at the following link;


If that shows no errors and assuming you have either backed your data up elsewhere or don't need any of the data on the drive (as this would destroy all data) Try using the windows setup routine to delete all partitions and then re-create/format them.

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Are there any programs that recovers files organized-ly? Because I've tried a few and they kept putting files all together. Please and thank you.

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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

A:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.

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My friend's Compaq Presario 700 laptop running Windows XP won't boot. Power light comes on, but nothing beyond that-no noise, just the green power light. He has had the motherboard replaced once already and I suspect it isn't worth taking it in for a repair again. Is there a way to retrieve his personal files from the hard drive? Perhaps an adapter or somthing that would allow me to connect it externally to my PC to get his files?

His disk drive is a Toshiba HDD2164 with a 24 pin connection.


A:Solved: Compaq Laptop Kaput-Is there a way to retrieve files from Hard Drive?

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I recently was forced to run the Media Center ver 2005, recovery disk, it was successfully. I can access the Recover folder but can't access the Doc/Settngs folder within the recovery folder ... all other folders are accessible ??? Am I just SOL or is there a way to access this folder ??

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I just have to empty a SD card; compressing its contents to a 7zip-file takes too much time, and if I have to access the files quickly, I prefer to use a mountable filetype. Thus the requirement to quickly create a VHDX-file, then mount it using the context
Tested using Windows 8.1 without Hyper-V-Role installed.
First, you need to create an empty vhdx-File as a template.
You already have to specify the maximum size this vhdx is allowed to expand to, in my case 255 GiB (255 GiB × 1024 MiB/GiB = 261120 MiB). This can be placed in either your user profile or shared for all users:

Current User: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\All Users: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\
To create the template:
1. Start an elevated command prompt
2. Run diskpart.exe
3. Enter the following commands:
create vdisk file=C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx type=expandable maximum=261120
attach vdisk
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs label="Blank Virtual Disk" quick
assign letter=z
detach vdisk
4. Once the template is in place, just run this command:
reg.exe add HKCR\.vhdx\Windows.VhdFile\ShellNew /f /v FileName /t REG_SZ /d Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx
Now you just have to right-click in any file explorer window, also on remote network shares, select New > Hard Disk Image File and rename the file as you wish!


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A friend of mine had given the laptop to me for file recovery, I have the SATA drive in an external enclosure and whenever I try to move the files (This is a Windows XP installation) I keep getting told that I don't have the permissions to move the files. I've taken ownership through the security tab and I still get the same message.

Any ideas?

A:File recovery for a SATA laptop HDD

Nevermind, figured it out.

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My new laptop was drenched in water an shorted out before I could turn it off. Im looking to transfer my files from the dead laptop to my Dell desktop.
I have found a helpful wiki page on how to do this, ( http://www.wikihow.com/Recover-Data-from-the-Hard-Drive-of-a-Dead-Laptop ) but have a small question and probably a few more as I actually go through the steps of actually doing it.
In the very beginning of the second option it mentions buying a laptop hard drive adapter kit.
There is so many different kinds. I understand I need a 2.5 SATA adapter if my laptop has a 2.5 drive, but other than that Im lost on which way I should go. Could someone explain the differences, pro's , con's, etc. of each kind, Or a link to which kind I should be looking at for this specific problem?

A:Drowned Laptop File Recovery

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The laptop that I?m using right now needs to have Windows 10 reinstalled. So the situation is this, my Windows 10 was having issues, so I clean installed windows 10 using the recovery in the hard drive, but the recovery img was literally just windows 10 without any of the prerequisite drivers, like WiFi, sound, so I'm stuck with a laptop that runs Windows 10, but nothing works because there are no drivers. (who provides a recovery img without drivers!!). In addition, the device manager was no help either as there is not list of device names so I couldn't search it up online and install it either.

So I contacted the manufacturer for drivers and they pointed me instead to the entire recovery RAR file below, which they claim has all the required drivers. I extracted it, and it contains files and folders instead of an ISO. I believe this collection of files/folders to be a recovery. See the picture below for what is inside. My question is how do I use this recovery image to install on the laptop?

I know how to install Windows 10 ISOs onto USBs to reinstall computers, and I even tried copying all the files from that RAR onto a USB and booting from it, but it just runs a CMD and then exits without having done anything. I?m at a complete loss as to what or how to utilize this recovery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See below for a screenshot of what the RAR file contains. Also find the link below for the recovery RAR files if anyone wants to take a stab (which I very ... Read more

A:How do I install this recovery zip file on my laptop?

Post the contents of 0_flash.bat.

BTW: Judging by the spelling of "Reamde.txt", doesn't look promising.

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Ok i've got a mate who uses a little pen, flash drive and today it started saying it's not formatted and it needs to be formatted. He has files on it he needs to retrieve so i told him not to format or he'd lose the files. I thought i could boot into a live cd and enter the drive this way and i was going to reformat the drive and put his files back on after but knoppix (the live cd i used) said the drive is not formatted in a known partition so it could not be mounted. I was not expecting this. So anyway looks like i'll need to use some kind of file recovery software now. Does anyone know any good, free ones i could use. I've got the drive till Monday when i'll see him at work again.

A:File recovery. Flash drive.

I'll tell you what has worked for me so far three times.

It takes two people to do this so make sure you get it right the first time for each time it gets more difficult;

Have one person insert the flash drive into the USB port. gently, while in the port, push the drive up or down (on the wider sides not the narrow sides of the drive). When you try either up or down, do not keep going up or down. Simply gently move it up, wait to see if windows detects it - if not, gently move it down gently, again wait for windows to detect it. Hopefully it will one way or the other. I cannot emphasize how important to do it gently - it is just a matter of making contact.

If you get lucky enough to have windows recognize it, have the second person master the keyboard to do the rest. You may in advance create a folder in your hard drive to dump the contents of the flash drive into it.

The idea is to keep the flash drive in the same position (up or down) while the files are transfering. You may get a second chance if the drive moved during the transfer.

Hope that helped. By the way, if it is an LG brand drive, you may get a replacement from LG (1GB drive) as I did...

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I have a Western Digital Netcenter remote drive connected by ethernet to my router and would appreciate anyone's ideas on how to recover two files erased in error from the drive. Several recovery download apps failed to recognize this drive. I'm running XP Pro . Any help much appreciated.

A:File Recovery Network Drive

The last time I checked these NetCenter drives (I have one) are formatted in ReiserFS and as you know, they have thier own network management module so I don't think any normal recovery software is going to see the drive. Have you tried the EMC Retrospect backup and recovery software that comes with it?

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Hi Guys / Girls,
Just a quick question. I recently formatted my drive through Windows XP. Went through the whole sector format / overwrite process (complete fresh install), but when reloading all my "saved" files and folders, I have lost an entire year of business records. My fault I guess, should have "backed up" rather than "save" but still need to recover them if I can.

Is there a program I can run that can still recover these files or are they lost forever???

Kind Regards

A:File recovery from formatted drive.

Doubtfull . . but try R-Studio . . It will tell you if it can recover the files before you have to pay for it

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I have a Sony Vaio VGC-LT25E with Vista Home premium. I had installed Fedora 13 and lost Vista. Now I have no operating system.
I have no C: drive, instead I have an X: drive
I can't reinstall Vista from recovery disks. I've tried everything.
I can only access the command prompt which reads: X:\Windows\system32>
chkdsk does not work.
FixBoot does not work.
DISKPART shows: Disk 0, online status, size 466gb, free 433 gb
Partition 1, Primary, size 29GB, offset 1024 KB
Partition 2, Primary, size 4000MB, offset 29GB
Volume 0, Ltr C, label - none, FS - RAW, Type - partition, size 4000mb, status healthy
Volume 1, ltr D, label - nong, FS - none, Type DVD-ROM, size, 0B, Status - no media (this is the Recovery Disk)
Partition 1
type: 83
Hidden: yes
active: no
Partition 2
type: 07 (was 82, I changed it)
Hidden: mo
active: yes

I need this to boot both Windows and Fedora as I am an online student. Please help. I am getting very behind in classes. Help is appreciated.

A:C: drive now X: drive No recognized file sys, Recovery disk no help

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Hi, I let a friend try and remove a virus from my laptop and he restored the hard drive to factory setting. Everything got erased including the operating system (windows vista) and the sticker with the serial number to re activate the OS was taken off and lost. Is there anyway to get my files and pictures restored off the hard drive such as making the hard drive a portable backup, hooking it up to another computer and running a recovery program?

A:Laptop hard drive recovery

You can put the hard drive in an enclosure which will allow you to connect it via USB. (As it's a laptop it will most likely be a 2.5" SATA hard drive but check before buying an enclosure.) These are very cheap and easy to use.

You can then run recovery programs to try and recover the data (some programs will find data others don't, so run multiple recovery programs). There are lots of free programs for you to pick from, there are also lots of paid for programs and professional recovery services (which will charge a lot).

The most important thing is to not use the hard drive until you have recovered all that you are able to recover. (Saving files to it; formatting it etc will all cause a loss of recoverable data).

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Okay, so my recovery drive is almost full, like only 1.25 GB of space left out of 9.76 GB. I only have 1 backup file that is 1.85 GB. So what are other files that I can get rid of? The dell file in the Recovery Drive is 5.29 GB, that's a lot of space. Are there any files from any of them, the dell, Tools, Users, sources, Windows, or Program Files that I can delete safely without ruining my PC? If you have had experience with Dell laptops, I would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Method suggested by richc46:
I think the easiest way is to go to the MY Computer Icon on your desktop, Right click, go to properties, go to system protection, then remove the check mark indicating that you want to shut down automatic checkpoints. Then restart your computer. Your D drive should be cleared. I would then make a manual restore point, since now you have none. Go back and replace the check for automatic restore points.
Will this methid affect my bookmarks in my Google Chrome, my Microsoft documents, my pictures, my downloads, my music, my Windows Mail, ANYTHING but the Recovery Drive? Cause when I look through the folders in it, they seem mostly like extra junk, and I just wanna clear it and start fresh, but I'm afraid it will delete my saved files and settings for other things. Your method SOLELY clears the Recovery Drive, and I can just click the automatic checkpoints and make a shadow copy for backups, and it will be fine? I don't want to mess with my other stuff.

Plus, how d... Read more

A:Recovery Drive nearly full, but only have 1 backup file...

You need to delete the restore points. When done make a new one.



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Does anyone know of a good flash drive file recovery software program that can recover files from my flash drive? I left my flash drive behind on a computer, and someone managed to reformat my NTFS formatted 8GB flash drive back to FAT32, losing probably 5GB worth of files (most of it might have been an old virtual machine however). I do have a backup of the files, but the last time I did that was in June, 3 months ago. Why another student would do that to me, I don't know.

I would prefer the software to be freeware, or trialware which can be used to recover it at least once without paying. If I really have to, I will consider paying for a program as long as it isn't too expensive, considering I probably won't make good use of it.

If I get good results, I will probably donate 10 NZD to this site. Probably deserves it anyway.


A:Solved: Flash drive file recovery

Managed to use GetDataBack. Worked quite well compared to a lot of other products. Runtime products are quite good.

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a virus deleted my shadow copies so now i cant restore my system to a previous restore point, i just want to know if there is any way to recover those shadow copies of the restore point so thst i can restore, if its possible.

A:One of the file in recovery drive encrypted by virus


Unfortunately there is no way to recover/restore deleted shadow copies. You can try cleaning the infection by scanning the system with the following tools ( one after another ).

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools : Latest Versions | Virus Removal Tool | Kaspersky Lab
Malwarebytes Free : Malwarebytes | Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, & Anti-Malware Software

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Since I'm getting "recovery drive is full" messages I'm wanting to clean it up.  There's a large 2 GB file I'm wondering whether to delete.  Its file name is 3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06LCBMOQPZXYDWPWIO, its file type is simply "file," and it was created at night which is odd because I don't recall the computer being used or being on at night on the date of its creation--so I worry it's a virus.  What is it, what should I do with it, and should I delete it? I don't see any other large files or backup folders on the recovery drive the deletion of which would free up much space, so I'm thinking my path is either to delete this 2 GB file or somehow create more recovery drive space in some way besides deleting unnecessary files.

A:What is this large file in recovery drive and should I delet...

dadbod Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! First off, do NOT touch anything in the Recovery partition -- if you have any intentions down the road of using that partition to restore your laptop.  If you tamper with that partition, that risks breaking the HP Recovery function. Second, while Windows Update is NOT supposed to use the Recovery partition, we get lots of posts that it does -- and that causes problems. My own recommendation is the following:1) Use a third-party product known as Macrium Reflect to image off your laptop onto an external drive or large USB stick2) Remove the Recovery partition3) Merge the new unallocation space formerly occupied by the Recovery partition into your C: "drive" What I recommend is the following:1) Download and install Macrium Reflect (MR)2) Run MR and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive, USB stick, or DVDs3) Use the option to create a boot USB stick or CDMy experience is that MR, when using the High Compression option, typically can compress the saved image file to about 50% of the USED space in the OS partition. This means if you have an 80GB OS partition, and 40GB is used, MR only needs about 20GB to store the image file.I use this all the time and it typically takes less than 10 minutes to do the image backup and about the same time or less to do a restore. Plus, MR has the option to Add a Rec... Read more

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I'm trying to recover an entire terabyte, and I don't want a recovery software which will scrap filenames and file structures, leaving an unintelligible mess to wade through. Is there a software which will preserve file names and structures, and possibly allow me to restore only particular directories?

A:Is there a file recovery software which preserves file names and directory structure?

Hmm; Normally any backup software would do this for you.

If you had a secondary copy (say other media to which you did a copy), then this would be a snap.

It sounds as if you only have the original media and you need to recover "whatever is possible".

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