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R400- Does not boot with new Kingston ram.

Q: R400- Does not boot with new Kingston ram.

I bought a new Kingston KVR13S9S8/4 (4gb) for my Lenovo R400. It does not boot. Is there any solution? Regards

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Preferred Solution: R400- Does not boot with new Kingston ram.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: R400- Does not boot with new Kingston ram.

Those modules are Kingston Value RAM modules (identifiable by the KVVxxx product number), which normally don't work well with ThinkPads, if it's possible I would return them back and get a different brand, for example:

Corsair (but avoid the "Value Select" line!)
Kingston (but not the "Value RAM" line!!)

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I found this Ram online and purchased it is has the same specifations 2x4 gb 1600mhz 12800 240pin cl11 1.5volt but when I checked the Kingston web site it says it is Dell specific can I use it on my 8300 motherboard

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Hello, on my z50-70 with i5 I changed stock hard drive with Kingston SSDNow UV500 240GB. Boot is stack on Lenovo logo - nothing else. Bios is not starting. When I return HDD and put SSD in SATA to USB dongle I can boot from it. If I set booting and while turn off change disk to SSD - same Lenovo logo while start. On SSD I have already installed operating system and I can boot it from USB. - Bad internal part?- Not compatible with my sata type connector- bad setting in bios? I am not bios and PC type expert. Sata is AHCI, boot legacy for my normal HDD with Win 10. Thank you for help and any advice.

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I recently was experiencing BSODs constantly and decided to re-install windows again but now the boot is about 35 seconds compared to the 10 before the re-install

A:Kingston HyperX 3k SSD slow boot after windows reinstall

Hey don't slip did you just reinstall? personally I would done this before doing that.

SSD Alignment

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I'm dropping by because I'm having some trouble with my new RAM, perhaps someone can help me out.

(I did have links to my hardware but due to my post count I can't post links, sorry.)

This is my mobo:
Google: "abit ic7", top link.
ABit IC7-G
Running a P4, 3.0ghz

The manual states it can handle up to 4gb of DDR400 RAM.

I was having no trouble running at 1.5gb of RAM with the following combination:
2x Corsair 512mb DDR400 PC3200 sticks (in DIMM slots 1,2)
1x 512mb DDR400 PC3200 (I'm not sure what brand, cpu-z can't tell me either) (in DIMM slot 3)

This is the new RAM:
Google: "Kingston ValueRAM 512MB", 2nd link down.

2x Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)

I have completely removed the old RAM for now.
I have tried putting 1 stick of the new RAM in DIMM slot 1... my computer will not boot up. Power comes on, fans spin up, monitor is not activated, no screen read out.

This is the same thing that happens when no RAM is installed.

I've tried both sticks separately, both together, the 2x Corsair and the 2x Kingston in the correct DIMM slots (1,3 and 2,4) and my system still refuses to boot.

The only thing I can see that is different is that the Corsair is 2.5v, the Kingston requires 2.6v. My bios by default is set to 2.6v and again, it won't boot when even just the Kingston is installed.

Am I looking at a simple incompatibility with this mobo and this R... Read more

A:PC won't boot with new 2x Kingston DDR400 PC3200 512mb ValueRAM

Edit: I didn't edit the original post as their wasn't an option, guess I wasn't actually logged in. Sorry.

Hooked up my system speaker to check for beeps.

Got 1 long beep, then silence, then 1 long beep, which would indicate a RAM issue for sure... this happens with either of the 2 Kingston sticks installed, separately, in any DIMM slot.

Trying to boot with no RAM in at all gives the same reply.

I've also tried clearing the CMOS then booting with 1 stick of the new RAM, same beep.
Edit 2: Okay, looks like this is not compatible, for some reason. It doesn't appear to be In the compatibility list on Kingston.com for my mobo. Oh well.

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Ok, I'm having a really, really bad time with this. Just got the new 256 ram, and everytime I boot with it in the expansion slot (or w/e the slot it called). Now the computer wont even boot. The power goes through and everything, the lights light up, but I hear three beeps and it just keeps beeping. The monitor doesnt show anything, and nothing else gets through.

I'm thinking just to build my own, and jump on this one... kinda like this ===> :bounce:

If anyone can find out a way to help me, please, HELP ME!

A:Bought Kingston Tech. 256mb RAM. Now COMP Wont Boot.

We need your system specs. 3 beeps usually mean bad RAM or there could be a compatability issue with your motherboard.

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Hi guys n girls, I Have a Thinkpad R400 running windows 10 I have had loads off issues with it but have worked though them eg no sound no dvd drive ect ect  I am suck on two  1) Fingerprint on Windows 10 worded fine on windows 7 pro I have worked though  https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fingerprint-support-on-Windows-10-ThinkP... with no success  i have got Biometric devices no drives installed ( Authentec, fingerprint sensor ) I tryed the dell drivers http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DFDJ9 But get error this drive dose not work your processor type ( Ive noticed it 64 and i am only 32 could this be it) I have tryed the  Here's a link to the driver and the Lenovo fingerprint reader software:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B82mESIUbcoCN2VOZEo5aFNPNWc/view?usp=sharing And thought i had got it sorted The programe showed up on my start up page bon the reboot but i am unable to add my finger prints in the set up, I have got to bios and cleared them there. I used windows 8.1   32 programe  Please if any one can help i would be greatful 2) in the devive manager my    PCI Simple Communications Controller     as no driver i tryed a search auto but none found  and i am not sure what i am looking for in manual set up Please if any one can help i would b... Read more

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I have an old Thinkpad R400 that currently has a T6570 CPU and I'm thinking of upgrading it.It uses Socket P So I was thinking of upgrading it to a intel Q9100.. Maybe even a QX9300.I know it will fit into the socket, my question tho is will the motherboard bios support any of the CPUs? is there maybe a list somewhere what kind of CPUs are supported? or are maybe all Socket P CPUs supported?Thanks, Janbanan22


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A:R400 CPU Upgrading options

Machine Type: 7439-WB8

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400 and the current help page's link to the drivers area leads to a 404. Can anyone hook me up with a working link to the drivers area?


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A:Thinkpad R400 Drivers?

Hi KDURHAM,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.
Lenovo R400 is EOL product so it's driver has been moved to Lenovo EOL site 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I'm trying to install XP on XPS R400, previously running 98. I'm getting error message invalid system disc but all original discs are lost. I reformatted drive thinking the XP would go right on but I'm stuck.

A:Dell XPS R400 Pentium II

It sounds like it's not booting to the Windows XP CD. You need to get into the BIOS setup and be sure the boot sequence is set to CDRom Drive, Floppy Drive and then hard drive in that order.

When the PC first powers on, you should see instructions to press a key to get into Setup. It's usually the DEL or F1 key. Once in the BIOS setup set the Boot Sequence and be sure to read the instructions on the screen to save the settings as you exit.

Let us know what happens.

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Dear All
I had to format and re-install Windowd Vista on my notebook LG R400 model but after formatting my screen keep flicking while booting and shutting down the windows.
Kindly send a copy of your reply on my mail [email protected]

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i have a Portege R400-106, which no longer has a hard drive - so can't just get the number off the old one :-(
i'm trying to work out which hard drive i can put in it,
i can see that hard drive space in the laptop has IDE prongs. It is possible that this is PATA type, but my research so far suggests that when drives say they are IDE, i should be OK (please tell me if i have this wrong!)
i believe it is a 2.5" drive i'm looking for and the original drive would have been 80GB, which is about what i think i need.
I think i may be wanting an MK8025GAS ???

i found one at: http://www.memory4less.com/ConfItems.aspx?modelid=80028876
but the cost is pretty prohibative as i live in the UK and the shipping is loads.

I can't seem to find anywhere that can tell me which drive is suitable
cheers in advance for any ideas :-)

A:HDD replacement in Portege R400-106


I found info that original HDD is 1.8-inch PATA HDD with 80GB capacity and you can use TOSHIBA MK8007GAH.

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Hello!  I have an R400 that won?t restart when the power adapter is connected.  If a restart is attempted with the adapter connected, the status lights just cycle through repeatedly (hdd, caps, numlock, batt, etc).  As soon as the adapter is disconnected, the restart will resume.  Once the restart resumes, the adapter can be reconnected and the restart will continue. The adapter will charge the battery adequately.I have another R400 that?s fine from which I?ve tried the adapter and battery.On the problem laptop, I?ve tried a known good different hard drive with a fresh install of Win 10.I suspect a hardware problem of some sort but I don?t want to shotgun it if you know what I mean.Thoughts?Thank!

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I upgraded to cox gigblast plan one of my devices is an old r400 wifi max speed is under 100mpbs - wifi card is Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN wired connection is about 400mbps - modem is Intel 82567LM i want to upgrade and replace the modem and the wifi card any suggestions?? I have no idea what wifi card and modem would work on r400

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Hey I have a Thinkpad R400 7443cto with a Intel P8600 in it and I was wondering what upgrade routes I have for this guy. I'd prefer to jump into a quad core if possible.  Would something like the Q9100 work?

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Hello,I just joined the Forum.I have a Thinkpad R400 that has recently stopped charging its battery. More details.Model 74401 Gb disk, dual boot Win7 and LinuxMint 18.Recently upgraded RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb. New RAM is recognized.The "results" are the same with or with out Dock attached."AC Power Status" LED remains dark.New battery, former battery not charging either (old battery causes "Battery Status" LED to flash orange).New battery lights up Battery Status LED, and hovering over battery icon will show percentage of charge and not charging.New AC power supply, both new and old, read 20 volts DC at the yellow barrel connector.Will not boot by AC power supply only (battery removed, error message about low battery and powers off)I tried the AC and battery removed and 10 one second pushes on Power Button followed by holding Power Button down for 30 seconds, no change.I removed (under Win7) the Microsoft ACPI and Battery drivers under Device Manager. no change.Battery (new or old) does not charge when laptop is powered off and AC power supply connected. Problem may have begun several weeks ago when I closed the laptop without shutting down and put it in my backpack.A week or so later, its battery was dead when I pulled it out to use it again. Any ideas? Thanks,Fordy2 

A:Thinkpad R400 not charging battery

DC power jack gone bad?  .

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 I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400  I have used https://download.lenovo.com/eol/  to get my Pc info.  Ive upgraded to windows 10 but i cleared the drive C Drive   so i have no lonovo programes left on the pc, I have Problems  on window 10 it s been trying to update for 3 days Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709  Fails then down loads and the fails on and on   The CD disc dose not work. And i am just feed up with it i do have a lenono recovery Q on my c drive it looks empty but there is 3 GB of data on it. I would normally press F8 a do a reset but this no longer works.So in short I have a window s 7 disc if i enstalled this and used this activation number for windows 7 Pro would this work Then using the info on this form could i get this back to normal as before the windows update 10 with lenovo programes pcdlauncher ,lenovo update, levovo recovery ect ect

A:Thinkpad R400 Windows 10 screwed it up

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R400  I have used https://download.lenovo.com/eol/  to get my Pc info.  Ive upgraded to windows 10 but i cleared the drive C Drive   so i have no lonovo programes left on the pc, I have Problems  on window 10 it s been trying to update for 3 days Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709  Fails then down loads and the fails on and on   The CD disc dose not work. And i am just feed up with it i do have a lenono recovery Q on my c drive it looks empty but there is 3 GB of data on it. I would normally press F8 a do a reset but this no longer works.So in short I have a window s 7 disc if i enstalled this and used this activation number for windows 7 Pro would this work Then using the info on this form could i get this back to normal as before the windows update 10 with lenovo programes pcdlauncher ,lenovo update, levovo recovery ect ect

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Is the R400 compatable with the windows 10 free upgrade? thanks 

A:Can I use the free windows 10 upgrade on a R400 pc...

Hi Yardape,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We understand that you want to upgrade the operating system to windows 10.
Please do confirm which operating system is running on your laptop.
Best Regards,
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Yesterday I had this issue with my Lenovo R400 and I alredy solved but i want to post the solution on this forum for other people.  The ProblemMy laptop entered in hibernation mode and in the morning that i tried to turn it on it didnt. I pushed the power button i see the lights of 1 and A turned on and off twice, but didnt show the boot screen.. The screen was blank doing nothing. Solution 1Disconnect the power cable and battery and push the power button 11 times and in the 11th push the button for 30 seconds. Connect power and push power button. Then you can connect the battery. Solution 2 (The one that helped me)Removed the power cable, the battery and the internal battery of CMOS and let it disconnected all for 15 hours. I dont now the exact time that it have to be disconected but i read a post saying 15, maybe with few hours if enought.  Then you connect the cable and push F1 (until beeps)  and turn on the Laptop to enter in Supervisor Mode to set date and time F10 and exit. Connect the CMOS's battery and normal battery and is all. WARNINGIf you reset the CMOS and the laptop have a Supervisor Password enabled and you dont have it  you will be in big problems. Mine laptop didnt have it. I was luck because i didnt know it. Without the Supervisor password you cant set the date/time and the laptop wont boot again. You will need to change the MotherBoard. Or maybe you can find another solution but wont be easy. So be carefull about... Read more

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not sure where to post this since this is my first time on board. I have a Dell Dimenstion XPS R400 running XP. My son was using this computer last week and now it displays a "Enter Password" box in the middle. You shut the computer off, it starts up again, normally, but then won't take you past the page where it lists the BIOS info, etc. I have tried F8 or ESC but it won't go anywhere unless the password is entered. I am not thinking it is the XP but am thinking it is a Dell password that is needed. I won't even download from the disk and reload XP.

Any suggestions on a password or on what to do? thank you in advance! mellow

A:Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

given the "system disabled 65535" code, also...

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Hi Everyone!I'm Mariano from Argentina! this is my first post! everything alright? I write this to tell my problem or detail: i recently purchased a used Lenovo R400 Thinkpad that i like very much, i love the look, characteristics, processor, is very good, i put it 4gb of ram, it goes really well, i paid it very cheap. But I have a little problem (the seller told me about it and show me the thing): the display (lcd) shows a little horizontal line that comes and goes (3 seconds in, and 3 seconds  out), is on the bottom on the screen, but the machine is working great, the rest of the screen is working absolutely amazing, no problem at all, it's only that line that comes and goes, is a little detail (sometimes you see it and sometimes you can't even realize that is there), i take the display off but is not the flex i guess, i move it, and is not a question of move it... the question is: anyone knows what exactly is? and how can i take it off?If anyone can help me i would be pleased with that...  Thanks very much guys!

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with 196 Mb (32/32/128) of PC100 SDRAM running windows xp. I wanted to upgrade memory. Dell claims the machine can handle ~380 Mb of PC100 SDRAM. I checked around on-line, and it appeared that I could install PC133 SDRAM on this machine. My machine does not boot after I installed a single stick of 128 Mb PC133 SDRAM. It will boot with the original PC100 SDRAM. Any ideas?

This discussion indicates that my machine can handle more memory: http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/wind...XPS-R400-with-Intel-SE440BX2-motherboard.html How can I verify this?


A:Mixing PC100 with PC133 SDRAM for XPS R400 Dell

maybe the bored doenst like pc 133 ram

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with a Pentium II, 400 MHz processor running Windows 2000. (It originally had Windows 98). I currently have one socket filled with 128 MB of SDRAM (PC100, unbuffered, CL=2) . I would like to upgrade and add more memory.

Information from Dell says the computer supports 100 Mhz SDRAM 168 pin DIMM with a maximum size of 128 MB up to a total of 384 MB (3 sockets).

The motherboard is an Intel SE440BX-2. The documentation for it says it supports up to a 256 MB DIMM SDRAM for a total of 768 MB.

Why the discrepancy? Is it based on the OS? And how high can I go?

A:Memory Upgrade - Dell XPS R400 with Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard

The old W98 did not function properly with 256MB or over.
W2000 does not need more than 512MB, but works fine with up to 1GB.

Intel said:

System Memory Combinations
The motherboard has three, dual in-line memory module (DIMM) sockets. Minimum memory size is 16 MB; maximum memory size is 768 MB. The largest DIMM supported at this time is 256 MB using unbuffered 128 Mbit technology parts. The BIOS automatically detects memory type, size, and speed.Click to expand...

I would believe Intel rather than Dell.
Make sure you get PC100/CL2 SDRam, anything else does not work.
You can mix different MB-sizes memory-chips. So buy what you can afford.
Unless you do intensive graphics, even just 1 256MB-stick will do wonders.

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I've recently updated my old laptop to a 64-bit Windows 10 system. And it runs and works fine. However, I'm getting these three listed items without a driver in the device manager. I've Googled a lot, but not found anything that works. Any solutions? And has anyone else the same/similar issue with their Lenovo R400 or Lenovo laptop?


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I have an old computer (16 GB) which still has the Windows 98 operating system on it. On that computer I have very important files stored, which i need to be moved onto a Windows XP computer. Now, to help out with this I have a kingston 1gb flash drive, what my concern is will this flash drive work? (The computer that I need the files transferred is at the office which is far away) I did try to place an external hard drive (Western Digital) and while it did see it, it required a driver for it to operate, which the external hard drive didnt have. So how do I get the files moved? Please help? will kingston work?


Kingston has several USB flash drives. You would need to go to the Kingston site and see if they have a driver for 98SE for your drive.

Did the Western Digital external not have a 98SE driver? Check the Western Digital site.

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I'm looking for 512MB pc 2700 DDR non ECC. I have found the Kinston Value RAM at new egg. I also have a friend that has some they are selling that is Kingston KVR333/512R. It doesn't say if it's Non ECC. Does anyone know if I can use it? I have done a google search and gone to the kingston website and can't find my answer.

A:Kingston Value RAM

If your PC takes non-ECC ram, then it makes no difference if the memory you buy is ECC or non-ECC.

If you have a circuit city next to you, theres a good deal going on the kingston 512MB DDR3200 right now.. $23 after a $35 rebate..

In store only.

By the way, ECC is Error Correcting ram, it's generally much more expensive and is only used in high end servers. You wouldn't generally use ECC ram in a home PC.

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I'm looking to buy a 1gb stick of PC2700 RAM and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Kingston RAM? It's the cheapest with a recognisable name that I've found so far - I want to spend as little as possible without getting something rubbish!

Thanks, Jake

A:Kingston RAM?

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Back in Nov '05 I purchased a stick of 1GB Kingston Value RAM and was able to use it for about a month or so before I started noticing my system was constantly rebooting. I did a mem test on each piece of RAM and found out it was defective. Returned it to Kingston for RMA and just recieved a brand-new replacement, installed it and wasn't able to boot up to Windows...although it was recognized memory in the bios. I'll admit I did not perform a mem test on the replacement piece, but I just need some advise as to where to begin troubleshooting this mess... each boot-up with the replacement RAM is worse than the one before. I'm suspicious that this has something to do with my hodge podge mixture of various RAM brands and sizes... Please HELP!!!

My system specs:

P4 2.8GHz
WD SATA 320GB 8MB Cache
1x1GB Kingston PC3200
1x512MB Hynix PC3200
2x256MB Samsung PC3200
SB Audigy 2 ZS
ATI x850 XT Platinum Edition

A:Can't use Kingston RAM

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I'm suspicious that this has something to do with my hodge podge mixture of various RAM brands and sizes...Click to expand...

I think you are 100% correct.

Mixing so many types, and makes of ram is asking for trouble.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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well i left my SD card somewhere and i guess its fried up or soemthing.. it couldnt be read anymore... is there anything i can do out of it..? cuz i spend 16 buck on that 1gb disk..

when i push it back in the comp the comp says its empty.. or not there.. anythign sugestion of what to do beside throwing it away..

A:SD Kingston help..

anyone help..? >.<

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Originally Posted by aem

Originally Posted by Brink

Thank you Mike.

That, or at least a 6GB USB key drive.

And you have to make sure you do not just burn the iso as data onto the stick, you need to make the USB stick bootable for booting off it.

I'm stucked up with a message "Select the driver to be installed". When "Load Driver" popped up with a message "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK". Whatever I do, it doesn't work. Could you please give me some advice? Respectfully, Dutchie

A:USB stick Kingston 8 GB

"And you have to make sure you do not just burn the iso as data onto the stick, you need to make the USB stick bootable for booting off it."

well yes and no.

If you use Iso2disc this does both at the same time.


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I bought a 4GB USB Kingston Flash yesterday.
When I save items on it like videos - they do not work. And when I save notepads and open it in the USB, the words are all coded.
Help please!
Any reply would be highly appreciated!

A:Kingston USB Flash

format the usb drive at fat32.

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I used my usb to boot Ubuntu onto my laptop that I hoped that I could diagnose it but it didn't work.

Now, I'd like to use of as a normal usb drive but windows doesn't like formatting it...

I tried many methods to get it formatted but none of them worked.

Please tell me a way that would work, thank you!

A:Can't format my Kingston usb.


Have you tried using Diskpart from an admin command prompt to remove the Linux partition ?


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Where to start....

I have an E6550 and of course it has 1333mhz FSB
Kingston PC2-8500 DDR2 1066mhz (KHX8500D2K2/2GN)
BIOS v. 0704 (latest for M/B)

My question is...Is the memory bottlenecking the CPU or not ?

If so, can I safely overclock it to 1333mhz with just the heatsinks that come with the memory and the 80mm & 120mm case fans ?

Something else I will mention is that the M/B is supposed to support this memory @ 1066mhz 2.2v and Kinston says the same but when I put it in it was set to default of 800mhz 5-5-5-9 and I don't have 2.2v option in BIOS only AUTO~2.1v

Currently I have, in BIOS, memory @ FSB 333(options 200-800) clock 1066mhz latency 5-5-5-15 AUTO voltage
ASUS and Kingston disagree on website about supported "activate to precharge" value for 1066mhz 2.2v. One says 15 the other 18. So do I need to overclock for CPUs benefit and can I w/o melting down the memory or losing stability ?

Hope it's clear enough.

A:Overclocking Kingston Mem

You might need someone else with that motherboard to be able to help you with the BIOS part.

However, it is possible that you will have to enable advanced settings or similar in the BIOS. Check your motherboard's manual for that.

Also, it was all the rage before (but I'm not sure about now) to run the CPU:RAM ratio at 1:1. Might want to set it, and then change the clock to match the faster component (most likely the RAM). Although, at this speed, it would be tricky. You'd have to set FSB to 533mhz to match RAM speed, which brings your CPU FSB to 2132mhz. Correct me if I'm wrong here, its been awhile.

Setting your "activate to precharge" values to either one might cause you to lose stability, but the second worst thing that could happen is for you to need to reset the BIOS. This shouldn't cause any permanent hardware damage. (Of course the worst thing that could happen is that your RAM fries up, which could happen with ANY change you do. I think the chance of that happening is close to you hitting the jackpot in the lottery, but don't quote me on that).

As for stability, its all up to you to test it out. Using memtest would be your best bet, and if it runs overnight or something without any errors, you should be fine.

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I am going to buy some Kingston 256mb PC133 RAM for my computer. I emailed the motherboard company what RAM i can use and this is what they said, " The K7SEM supports PC100 and PC133 SDRAM, non-ECC and unbuffered. " Does that mean the it can use that Kingston PC133 RAM because i have no idea what that means
Any help would be appreciated.

A:My motherboard & Kingston RAM

Hey I just got finished formatting my HD cause I was sold the wrong one.

Go to their website and call the tech support department at kingston with your sys specs and he will give you the exact product code that is known to be OK. Just make sure you get the info from them and not the retailer.

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I want to buy a new stick of RAM (512meg PC3200 DDR400)

Well my problem is that i was going to buy CRUCIAL RAM
But i discovered in my motherboard manual that there is a list of makes to use (and crucial aint there)
It also says that using any other ram than the makes Tested , it could damage my mobo

So it looks like i have to buy KINGSTON or SAMSUNG

So which is the better RAM ...........Kingston or Samsung

thanks for help

A:Kingston or Samsung ?

hi and welcome to Techspot

The best ram alot of people say is Kingston, its the most expencive but i have heard it works good so go for that, and where are you shoping for it. and if u dont mind how much are you paying for it if its over 70 its to much. and is it Dule chanel


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Hi All,
I would like to update my Toshiba Satellite DDR2 Ram from 512 to 1 GB
I have been hearing/reading a lot of goog things about Kingston Ram. Looking at their website they recommends the following:

Description: 1GB DDR2 SODIMM
Mfgr's System P/N's: PA3512U-1M1G (Toshiba)


Which will cost $105

I have however seen this
Description: 1GB 667MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 SODIMM
Detailed Specifications: Standard 128M X 64 Non-ECC 667MHz 200-pin Unbuffered SODIMM (SDRAM-DDR2, 1.8V, CL5)


Which will cost $37.00!!
Considerably cheaper.

Could some one please explain to me what the difference is here? will the cheaper ram do the job?

Thanks very much any assistance is greatly appreciated.


A:Kingston Ram Delimar?

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Hi guys I want to upgrade my G580's 4gb ram with another 4gb stick. Currently the laptop has this stick in it.My local shop has more options, but two which are in my budget are the Kingston KVR16S11S8/4 and the Kingston KCP316SS8/4 . Looking at the specs, both are identical to my current ram. What is the difference between the two ? Which one would be compatible with my G580 ?

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I bought 2gb or ram for my laptop from BestBuy, which i just noticed is listed as Kinston instead of Kingston. Is this legitimate?

A:Kingston or Kinston ram?

Best Buy - bestbuy.com - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings

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OK, so I am building my new computer. I have the ASUS P5K3 motherboard on the way. I would love to install the DDR3, but that is a little bit too expensive for me at this time. So I will buy the DDR2 and upgrade later. My question is:

What's the better buy?

Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KHX8500D2K2/2G - Retail $114.99


CORSAIR Dominator 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X2048-8500C5D - Retail $178.00

Now I plan on getting 4GB of ram. So I will obviously buy a double of whatever I get. Is the Corsair that much better than the Kingston that it is worth paying an extra $120 for? Also, is there another type of quality ram I could buy that would be better value? I don't mind paying the money because my computer is on the expensive end and I want the best quality. However, I have no idea how important quality of DDR is. If I got the expensive type, I assume it will make my computer light years faster than the cheaper kind. Also, can you mix and match DDR, and buy one of each?

Any suggestions would be great.....

A:Kingston v. Corsair

Are you going to be running at stock speeds? If so get the Kingston. Typically when you see a price difference like that between the same speed RAM the more expensive one will be able to be overclocked higher. But if they are rated the same at stock (same timings too) they will be the same speed, so you'd gain nothing from the more expensive RAM. If you are going to be pushing them as fast as they can go, then the more expensive may be worth it.

Yes you 'can' mix and match, but it is strongly discouraged and your speeds will be limited by the slowest stick anyway.

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Im ditching the 2700 ram in my system and am needing to get some ddr 3200 ram, im gonna get 2 512 sticks. What brand is the best bang for the buck. IE +- 200 bucks for the gig?

A:Kingston vs other memory

Crucial Ram.

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About to upgrade my second PC's ram t0 4gb.

I'm looking at:

Corsairs TWIN2X4096-6400C5C and

Kingstons KHX6400D2B1K2/4G or KHX6400D2K2/4G

2 Questions.

1.) Corsair or Kingston?
2.) Apart from a slight price difference, what is the difference between the two Kingston RAM kits. Newer model?

I'd also like to be taken in to account customer service, just in case I need to RMA it.

TIA fimble

A:New RAM. Corsair or Kingston?

I can't get my Kingston HyperX PC8500 to operate at 1066 unless I run my FSB at 533.

No biggie, perhaps, EXCEPT it was marketed to run at 1066 by SPD.

Customer service is sub-par to the extent that their response is, "Well, just because we said it would do that doesn't mean it will do it for you."

But, they do honor their lifetime warranty, which I use about every six months, two chips at a time. Faulty chip or not.

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Hello all,

I have 2 sticks of 512mb pc3200 hyper x ram in my system and would like to know what people have there timings at? I do not know much about timings all i really know is the lower the better and how to change them. I also know hyperx are suppost to be gamers/overclockers ram so id like to take advantage. Currently after a little tweaking i have it on

CAS - 2.0
RAS to CAS delay - 3
RAS precharge - 2
TRAS - 5
TRC - 7
Command Rate - 1T
DRAM Idle timer - 256 clocks

Or so it tells me in CPUZ... i believe at the start of the computer is says its on 2-3-5-1 (1T) and in the SPD tab on CPUZ it says i have 2-2-2-6? why is this?

I have a MSI Neo3 motherboard with a AMD64 3400+ 754 processor.

What should i be aiming for in timings? is the timing that i have now good for the ram? is it good overall?

Im sorry if this question has been asked before, and thanks in advance for any replies


A:Hyperx Kingston Ram

For timings, basically, the lower the better, and the smaller the numbers that come up first, the better (as in, the first number is more important than the second, which is more important than the third, etc).

I've got no idea why CPUz reports a different set of timings. I don't use CPUz (which I should).

One more thing you can do is actually increase the speed of the RAM, which should give you a better result. It is also known as overclocking, which is part of what you were doing when you're messing around with the timings, which is done after increasing the speed of the RAM.

Usually you'll increase the speed of the processor with it, for obvious reasons. But of course, it is possible to increase the speed of the RAM without increasing the speed of the processor via changing RAM:CPU ratio. You might want to mess around with that a little, as it would generally make your computer faster than just messing with timings.

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I purchased a "Kingston 8GB CF elite pro" over a year ago and have loved the product. Seeing a great sale on the same product in a local store I picked one up. The first one did not work so I brought it back to the store and they replaced it. This one also does not work. I am really confused. The drivers are up to date. When I plug this card in though the computer seems to stall and everything slows to a crawl. I can not find any evidence that my computer ever recognizes the card. Does anyone know what could cause this?

A:Kingston 8GB CF elite pro

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Hi I recently bought
Kingston 256GB USB it comes with a default exFAT format is it possible to format it using FAT32 the reason of buying it is to load the images on it and play it back on digital photo frames which unfortunately doesnt detect exFAT. I have a laptop with windows 7 and 64 bit

A:Kingston 256GB USB

Hello Anandwadhwa, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could, but you would have to break into 32GB partitions (3 primary (Dk. Blue) and the rest logical (Lt. blue). You would start off by shrinking the 256GB drive (256-32=224*1024=229376) by 229376 MB leaving 32GB. Next, keep shrinking each one by one leaving 32GB per partition. (1GB=1024MB).

You will also not be able to have file's that are 4GB+ in size on a FAT32 partition.

Hope this helps some,

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I just bought a Kingston 256 MB sd-card for free from www.direct2deal.com. I bought it for my Motorola Razr V3, but then i read some reviews about the kingston card and some people said it was not compatible with their cell phone. They did not say what cell phone they had, but now I m concerned that it wont work. Does anyone know if it will or not?

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