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VISTA/Windows Replacement Refurbished PC?

Q: VISTA/Windows Replacement Refurbished PC?

I, too, received notice from Mozilla Firefox and am now limping along on old unsupported version of Internet Explorer, trying to find some technical advice about a refurbished desktop computer I'm considering buying to replace this poor old laptop with Windows Vista. Am new to site and still trying to find my way around. Can anyone tell me anything about a Dell Optiplex 790 i5 Desktop? Refurbished with 4 GB Ram, 1 terabyte Hard Drive, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit OS?

Preferred Solution: VISTA/Windows Replacement Refurbished PC?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: VISTA/Windows Replacement Refurbished PC?

Alos, I have requested a MOD to open a new thread for you. Yes if youre just wanting a decent desktop for casual use that would be an excellent system. I love Dells because they are reliable BUT I myself like to have upgradability =and Dell doesnt really offer that very much like a custom built machine would. But If you can get that PC for a good price Id buy it.

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Ok I purchased a Refurbished motherboard to replace my broken one on a Inspiron 15 3521. When I installed it and powered it up it is asking for a HDD Lock Password. Why? Especially when its not the Hard Drive that originally was Locked with the password, Its a brand new HD. Called Dell and they kept telling me to hit F2 at start-up and it would go into BIOS. NO it does Not. I kept repeating this to him and he kept telling me I'm wrong. Then he gives me some other 800 to call and hangs up. Why isn't it booting? What do I need to do? Anyone Please. Oh and the other number he told me to call was Dell Credit Dept and they were closed...like the could help anyway.

A:Inspiron 3521, refurbished/replacement motherboard, HDD password message

This has nothing to do with your hard drive. The refurbished motherboard still has the previous owner BIOS HDD Password on it which is why you are getting that message.

The only way to clear this old data is by contacting Dell Technical Support. Tell them that you need L2 support to clear the password. They will verify all of your data as the owner of the laptop, put you on hold and contact an L2 technician to get the password reset. If the originally purchased warranty on the computer has expired, there will be a one time fee to do this.

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I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction in trying to figure this out. Not sure if everything I'm going to say will be helpful but since I don't know the problem I figured it won't hurt. Last year I installed windows 10 and it worked for a few weeks. Eventually it just had the spinning circle ( So long ago I can't remember) and I tried a few ways people suggested to make it work. It didn't. Eventually it showed a different screen telling me to go to a save point (i think) or do a clean install of windows 7. I decided to just do the clean install. The laptop starts up fine I put in the windows 7 product key and the laptop was working. I downloaded chrome and then decided to go to bed. I turn it off and the next day when I turned it on it showed the lenovo thinkpad splash screen then went black. It ends up in an infinite loop of lenovo screen then black (I'm assuming it's restarting) screen. I could get to what I'm assuming the BIOS menu is by getting it to show the "stuck key error press f1." Someone mentioned reseating the ram and I finally got around to it but after that now I get the lenovo splash screen then a black screen with a blinking underscore ( _ ) and it sits that way for a few seconds then does it all over again.  I'm at a loss. I have no idea if something failed/died nor do I know how to test to figure out if something failed on me. 

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Just received my notice from Firefox about support. So I guess a new computer is required. I'm sort of tired of Micro Soft & Windows. Are there any advantages to staying with Windows? Will an Apple accept files like my pictures etc.? Don't know, never used a Mac. I know it is a matter of preference but I'm tired of Windows becoming obsolete every year and the constant security issues. Any advice would be appreciated, you guys know more about computers than anyone else in the world.

A:VISTA/Windows Replacement

It REALLY depends on what youre used to and how easy you learn new / different things.

PERSONALLY I have used Mac OSX, Linux, Ubuntu, Puppy Mint, Windows, etc. ANd Windows is my favorite by far as its alos the most popular so all of my programs work on it as well.

There is a little bit of a learning curve switching from Windows to Mac OSX or vise versa. Also IMO, Macs are WAY overpriced.

I have been using computers (windows mainly) for almost 20 years and I have had 2 viruses in my time. One was because I was practicing hacking computers and didnt know what I was doing and the other I got from intentionally going to questionable sites.

Id be glad to answer any specific questions if you wanted as well. Cheers

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I have seen a tutorial entitled "How to replace Windows Notepad with a better Notepad", but it seems to be only for Windows XP or 2000. Is there anything about replacing the notepad in Vista? I don't like the notepad I have for various reasons: no background choices, no text size or color choices, etc. I use Notepad for writing letters, printing my own recipes, and other things that I would like to be able to do with a little more creativity.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Notepad replacement for Windows Vista

I would suggest Notepad++ : http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/Also another very good editor AbiWord : http://www.abisource.com/

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Hey all
Recently my internal WD Scorpio blue 320GB Hard drive broke on my 3 year old samsung r510 laptop. it made the classic buzzing noise (i also dropped an external HDD so i know what it sounds like)

anyway i bought a new one, same make but 250GB and put it in my laptop. When using the "system recovery media" supplied by Samsung to install Vista, i got the following error when selecting a drive to install to;
"This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

when i click on the hard drive partition and try to click next, i get this message;
"Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation."
Anyway this drove me nuts. Here is what i have done already to no avail:

1) Followed microsoft support advice for the errors. I Formatted the disk, Deleted it, partitioned it, restarted the laptop repeated again and again. still nothing.
2)Changed the order of the BOOT devices in the BIOS menu. (the laptops BIOS menu options are pretty limited and ive tried changing what i can, but still nothing.
3)Used an official Vista from my Tower Comp in the laptop to see if it would install. still nothing.
4)plugged the hard drive into my tower. The tower is pretty old and still has IDE connected hard drives. when booting up the tower, it obviously booted up the new HD first so i put in the samsung recovery media disk and inst... Read more

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Lately my PC has been running slower than usual, loading into windows takes 3-minutes which is really frustrating. So I'm looking to Wipe my PC and Reinstall windows altogether. Windows itself is ?67 but I've saw a refurbished version which is around ?35 which is a huge difference for me. So i'm wondering what is the difference when purchasing refurbed version and will i run into unusual problems.

This is the refurbed version - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Windows-Professional-Refurbisch...

A:Windows 7 refurbished

You don't have install media or a factory recovery partition?

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Basically I am just building my new pc and need to get a copy of windows 7. I plan to get windows 7 home premium 64-bit OEM edition. When i went to buy it for 73 i noticed there was a link advertising it for 43. This is from Amazon. The only difference i can see is that this one is refurbished. Just wondering what this means, since it only has one use so how can it be refurbished? does it mean they have just re-used an old disc and got a new product key for it? is this legit or is i better to get the full price new version? thanks for any help.

A:Refurbished windows 7 question

A refurbished OEM would be illegal since the OEM version cannot legally be re-used as it is tied to the specific hardware.
I would steer well clear.

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There was a garage sale and this person was selling this desktop for free.

It came with OEM (I believe, because it had the sticker saying this was designed for XP, and booted to XP) with XP, and I also got a windows 7 install ISO from Microsoft Tech Support awhile back for a different problem. I used that ISO to install, and i'm currently running unactivated.

The product key for XP doesn't work.

The product key that magical jelly bean found says it's default.

The product key that was actually designed for this ISO didn't work either.

What can I do about this? With buying a licence being last.

Willing to try other options...

A:Refurbished PC Windows 7, problems.

You can try contacting Microsoft to see if they will activate it. If not, you are most likely looking at purchasing a license (if you can).

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3995 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
Hard Drives: C: 148 GB (99 GB Free); E: 7 GB (7 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 01TKCC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I replaced VISTA but Windows 10 is still slow in spite of some tweaking.

What else can I do?



You only have 3 to 4 Gb of RAM and you have less than 100 Gb of disc space.
Provide us with your computer brand and serial or service tag number.

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Back story (if you want to know why): A friend of mine bought this computer with Windows 7, then changed so much (stuff for lack of a better word), that Windows DVD Maker opened instead of ANYTHING else you clicked on unless you Right Click > Run in Sandbox mode the program (never seen this option before). Also, I was unable to install any programs or uninstall in programs. So re-install Windows is my default move when I don't know what else to do.

What I did:
1) I read:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

2) I made a bootable USB with:
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

and Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 (old) X17-24280.iso from:
Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River

What happened:
1) The Windows 7 Pro Refurbished PCs OEM Software sticker on the laptop doesn't have a Product Key on it. There is a Windows XP Professional sticker also on the bottom, this Product Key obviously didn't work either (but I tried it).

2) Currently running Windows 7 Pro, but not activated.

What I want to do:
1) Get Win 7 activated.

What I wish I would have done:
1) Got a Diagnostic Report BEFORE I re-installed Win 7.

What I'm thinking about doing:
1) Trying to install Windows XP with the Product Key.

Computer Model Latitude D620
BIOS Vendor Dell Inc.
BIOS Version DELL - 27d70403
BIOS Date 4/3/2007
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Dat... Read more

A:Windows 7 Pro Refurbished PCs reinstall

The installed Product Key is the Default Key for Win7 Pro - and can never be activated.
What EXACTLY does the refurbisher's sticker say?
Most refurbishers are required to affix a proper COA sticker for the new OS alongside the old - and this should have the full Product Key on it. Many others with so-called 'refurbisher's stickers' on are in fact counterfeits.

Check inside the battery compartment - the COA sticker may be there.

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I bought a refurbished windows 7 computer and after the set up i went on internet explorer to download a better browser and then a coloured screen appeared so i had to hold in the power button and start it up again and then it did it again please help urgent.

A:Refurbished windows 7 computer

We are going to need more info. what is the make/model of the pc and what version of 7 is on there? Where did you purchase it from? What did the error state?

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I recently purchased a refurbished HP laptop from a third party. After startup I encountered the bsod. The person I brought from said to scratch off the silver covering the full license key to activate. My problem is, I can't get it to boot so I can register the new license. Can you help please?

A:How to register Windows 10 refurbished key

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Getting the PC to boot is different from the Windows activation. Do you mean BSOD like >this< - if YES< it is  known as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). BSOD is kind of Windows self-protection feature. If you received a blue screen error, or stop code, the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from data loss. A hardware device, its driver, or related software might have caused this error.What you describe could happen because of incompatible with Windows driver (most often) or because of hardware issue (rarely). In order to troubleshoot, I would need some specific information.  I would first recommend you test your hardware for issues 1. Please, shutdown the computer using the power button2. Power it on.2.1 As soon as you press the power-on button, immediately begin hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu which may look similar to this one 3. Choose F2 to open System Diagnostics. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform System Test >> Quick test.This will check major hardware componets for issue (do it just in case) . Here is more info >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03467259#AbT1 If there is no Quick test available, please perform Hard Drive test and Memory tests  

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I am trying to fix a computer for a friend that was dug out of storage and the password forgotten.  After I couldn't reset the password or otherwise gain access to it, I decided to reformat and install the OS fresh.  Upon installation, the product key on the side of the computer is invalid.  There are two CoAs on the computer, one, seemingly the original, that is marked DO NOT USE, and another that is marked refurbished.  I tried the serial on the refurbished sticker first, but neither one works.
I read somehwere in the endless sea of nonsense about such an issue, and one theory was stated as Microsoft 'negated' the refurbished product keys for some reason or another.  The thread was so old that the link provided as proof didn't work anymore.
Anyone have any idea what's going on here?  I believe I may have bricked this apparatus.

A:Windows XP Pro refurbished computer activation

Hello, and Welcome
You need to activate by phone. If that does not work you can call this number (U.S. only) and keep trying until you get a live person. Explain the problem and the two COA stickers.
Win (888) 571-2048

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Hi there all.  I just purchased a refurbished T440s from BestBuy.  It was shipped from one their resselers.  It has the following specs: T440s - 14"Intel i5-4300U CPU1920X1080 Touchscreen250GB SSD8GB DDR3 It came with Windows 10, which I had to go thru and install it myself.  I was a desktop user before and didn't have any experience with notebooks before.  But I did realized it didn't have any of Lenovos utilities on it.  That seemed odd to me.  So I went to Lenovo support.  I was very impressed.  The serial number was detected and 5 downloads were offered as "the most popular" downloads for this model.  So I went ahead and installed the following utilities: - Lenovo's system update for Windows 10- Connect2- Lenovos Power Management Driver for Windows 10- Lenovos System Interface Foundation for Windows 10 So far, so good.  Everything seems to work well.  I have the follwoing questions: 1.  Did I miss anything?  Are there any more utilities that I should be installing? 2.  What is Expresscache Utility.  This computer has only one 250 GB SSD.  Do I need to install the Expresscache utility?  My understanding of it is that Expresscache speeds up reading and writing to HDDs by using cache on SSD.  I don't have an HDD on it.  However, I do use a large external USB HDD.  So would Expresscache help speed up read/write to the external USB HDD? Th... Read more

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Looking for new (second hand) Lenovo laptop on ebay a seller has told me when I queried - the Windows and Office versions and how I could reinstall in case of a crash

"Yes I can confirm the windows 7 and office 2007 are licensed. The windows 7 is an ultimate version which is a volume upgrade license(several volume upgrades) and hence I can't give out serial keys or media for both the software"

I thought the COA normally on the laptop base and its registration number was required in case of a reinstall.

Anyone know the current legal / Miscrosoft rules on this?

Cheers Chris

A:Windows 7 on refurbished hardware - what is legal

Dont buy Licenses from eBay. Volume licenses are for large corporations that have purchased site lic and if you ever need support you may not be able to get it with one of those.

Buyer be ware on eBay

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Hi Tech Team.

So I got sent a refurbished HP Compaq nc6400 last week. It had Windows XP Pro already installed and also came with a backup disk. But right away, I noticed that there were some things wrong. Again, I'm not very tech savvy; but I will explain as best I can to come off like I am.

For one thing, some windows would pop up just off the screen(like the EQ window in VLC Media Player)and I would have to drag/maximize them. I was told on another forum that it looks as though my computer was previously set up as a dual monitor situation. But they never really gave me a remedy to fix this. I checked under monitors on the desktop and made sure that the primary monitor was *1*(and that 2 was inactive) but this problem still persists. But this is the smaller problem.

The larger problem is that sound only comes out of the right speaker. I fiddled with all of the sound options on the control panel. No change. I googled this problem and found a lot of similar complaints just like this; but no real solution. I called HP headquarters and they told me to uninstall/reinstall Soundmax. I did that. But still- nothing. Just sound from the right speaker. When I plug in my headphones, the left and right play fine. Since the complaints on google are several years old, I was wondering if there was a simple solution that I may have overlooked.

Thanks, and also if you guys know of any efficient ways to accelerate/boost bandwidth speed, please let me know.

A:A couple of problems with a refurbished HP w/Windows XP Pro

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Greetings, I just got a refurbished Pavilion laptop. It came with Windows 10 pre-loaded and is in perfect working condition, but they stripped all stickers from it, including the one with the Windows license key. If I purchase the recovery media from HP, will it have the license key, and will it work on my laptop?   I'm awaiting a callback from the refurbisher's customer service department to see if I can get a key from them (I just called a few minutes ago). For the price I paid, I don't mind doing a little legwork to take care of this (including purchasing a new copy of Windows, although I'd rather not if I can avoid it).

A:Refurbished Laptop with no Windows License Key

@G-Rock77? If the notebook is a model that is only a few years old, then the license activation key is actually in the BIOS.   Since the 17-121gw notebook is a 2015 model, that is where the license  activation key will be, unless the refurbisher cleared the HP Factory  Default keys. Windows COA stickers have not been used for a few years on HP desktop and notebook PCs. Check in the BIOS. See the image below. 

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Just curious if any Pros Or Cons ?? I'm about to Reboot my Computer in my quest clear out whatever is preventing me from taking Updates without Failure or Error Codes...I just recently purchased a Refurbished Dell that came with the Windows 7 Pro Operating System...The label on the CD that came with the Dell has the Microsoft Logo and Refurbished Windows 7 Pro printed on it as well... Pardon my Computer Illiteracy but I just want to make sure that I can Safely Reboot my Computer with this CD ?? Thanks

A:Refurbished Windows 7 Pro Operating System.....

As long as the Product Key on the COA sticker is still readable you can use the latest Win7 installer with SP1 for your licensed version provided here to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Pay close attention to how drivers are handled in Win7 and the Special Note for Dell Owners at the end of the tutorial. I would run the Delll bootable Diagnostics now to check over the hardware first, then if it runs only save that partition since Recovery won't run after reinstall. Dell Diagnostics Utility - How to Run the . If Diagnostics won't run the delete all partitions during the install.

Ask back any questons you have.

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Most Thinkpads coming back on the market as refurbished units have Windows 10 installed.  This is even for models as early as the T400/T500 when the original operating system was Windows 7. This is somewhat annoying since I have devices for which drivers are available only for Windows 7 and earlier. I would prefer not to have to re-purchase "upgraded" devices - at least until the EOL of Windows 7. What are my option(s) to get Windows 7 on such a system? i) Would the Restore and Recovery discs for the original Windows 7 install still be available from Lenovo? ii) Would it be better to find a generic Windows 7 installation disc (with COA and Product Key), install this, then get the drivers for the specific Thinkpad from the Lenovo web site? iii) Could downgrade rights to Windows 7 Pro be exercised with a refurbished Thinkpad running Windows 10 Pro? Thanks! P.S. How about the more recent Thinkpads which were originally with Windows 7 Pro via downgrade rights from Windows 8/8.1/10?  

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A friend dropped off a T410 system. Windows is flakey and locks up after about 5 minutes. Ran the HD test program in the BIOS. It finished but gave me a bunch of 0000 Read verification errors though the controller tested fine. What I'd like to do is format the Windows partition and re-install. But I don't have Windows disks (there is a COA sticker for Windows 7 Home Premium 64). Can I build a set of recovery disks from this system? Even if Windows won't run? Any info would be a great help. Thanks.

A:Refurbished T410 Windows flakey

Hi, does this help you: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7# ? RegardsTimKp

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quick Licensing Question..
Want to double check something.
I am in the process of sourcing some used PC's, that I can refurbish, and setup for a non Profit School for orphaned Children.

I have a few retail packs of Windows 7, and Windows XP.
can I use these retail pack licenses on the computers I manage to refurbish/Build?
I plan on offering them some basic computer training , and Ideally would like the computers to all be on the same windows version.

Kind Regards, Darren Coetzee * Don't forget to mark as Answered if you found this post helpful. *

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I bought a used Dell Desktop computer from Dell a few years back. As advertized, it did not come with any software/OS installed or OS disc and I was fine with that because I had a copy of Vista I previously purchased. However when I received it, it had a Windows 7 COA stuck to it. Fast forward to today, I would like to put Windows 7 on the computer. Trying to understand what, if any, rights I have to use the license key.

It's an unusual situation and I can't seem to find a straight answer. Don't know that I will, but thought to put it out there to see if anyone had any thoughts/ideas.


A:Refurbished Dell with Windows 7 COA but no software.

A Windows 7 COA gives you the activation key for exactly the copy of Windows 7 as specified on the sticker.

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I am more of a novice with this subject, pc and tech stuff, so forgive me if I am doing this wrong. I bought a refurbished HP laptop, or is it now called "notebook"? Plugged it in, wifi came on no problem. I didn't get any book or paper info. Probably cause refurbished. So I get on the blue HP screen and it wants a name and password before anything else. I filled it out. I tried to scroll down, wouldn't go. Tried "enter" and backspace and almost every key when it froze on HP sign in. Using a Vista to send this message. I don't think I am locked out cause can't log in. If anyone can tell me what simple move do I make to continue set up? Is it possible such as "enter button is damaged?  Should there be a "next" in a box that I ckick on,   is it down lower on screen? Then how do I get the page to scroll down? Any help appreciated. Don't even know if it has a warranty. Usually a great consumer except for mecahnical and internet pc. Apreciate if there an answer.Spoiler (Highlight to read)   

View Solution.

A:windows 10 refurbished laptop model 15-f272wm

If the laptop / notebook is refurbished, can I assume you have no user data or user profile on this system yet?If the answer is no, then try the following: On powering on the laptop, as the blue HP POST screen pops up, press the "F11" key on the keyboard a few times. (You may have to power the system off by holding the power button for 5 seconds and trying again if you don't get the screen the first time). This should take you to the HP System Recovery Screen. If this doesn't work some systems us the "ESC" key in the top left corner of the keyboard instead. Once you enter HP System Recovery you should be able to follow the prompts to do a full factory restore of the system. Please note: This will erase all data and user profiles from the laptop, including the user profile that you can't login to, as you don't seem to have the correct username and password available. This process will take about 1 to 2 hours, so be patient.Here is a link to a HP site that explains exactly how to run Factory Restore:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02638587 Once the system restore is done, and it powers back on, it should take you back to the "Out of Box Experience" or OOBE for short.  This will take you through setting up the system with your own user profile and installing factory software and drivers for the first time.The OOBE usually takes about 20 ~ 30 mins in windows 10. When you get to the screen asking you to create a Mi... Read more

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I just received the Aspire E15 today, and there are 2 major issues. First, it is supposed to have 500 GB and from what we can tell, it only has 28.5. The second is that windows 10 wont activate. I have tried to contact support at phone number and email, but i have not received any response. Need help ASAP!!

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Hi, I turned on my refurbished computer and the power got cut off before I could finish setting up as per the instructions that were sent with it. Now it is stuck on a screen that says the account is disabled, contact your administrator. There is only an OK button and it does nothing. There is NO power button so I can't do shift+restart, window button + R doesn't do anything and I've tried everything to start in safe mode to no avail.... Please help!

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I have a windows 7 HP DC 7700 pentium D Desktop PC with a licence for refurbished PC's.
I recently took advantage of the free upgrade to windows 10, and I have now decided that I would like to return to windows 7, but unfortunately I have gone past the 30 day period when I can reverse back to Windows 7.
The computer has an XP sticker with a traditional key, and a Windows 7 sticker with unusual keys.

My windows 7 licence sticker on my computer does not look like a key that I am familiar with, it is as follows;

Windows 7 home premium for refurbished PC?s
OEM Software
Do not tamper with or remove this label

I have a Windows 7 install disk, will any of the above keys allow me to activate my machine back to windows 7, they just don't look the same format keys that I am used to.
Kind regards
Alan Woodward

A:windows 7 home premium licence for refurbished PC's

Your key is a 25 digit code in groups of 5

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I had purchased a refurbished Dell, latitude laptop computer from online, years ago. In general system properties, it has Microsoft Windows XP, professional; version 2002, service pack 3. Computer has an intel pentium III processor, 1.0GHz, 256MB of RAM. The windows xp pro., was already pre loaded, so it was a computer delivered in a box with "no other" info, etc.. After many years of use and loaded up memory, I want to first; know how to get a startup disk from what is already installed on my laptop (xp pro.). Then how do I eliminate all the old to start fresh? And where and how does the installation disk, get reloaded on to a fresh computer? I have been researching all of this for a couple of day's, and you only get a little part of each question answered. The computer is otherwise useless if you can't help! So, anyone that can give me any answers or even a little guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks, Featherwood

A:my windows xp professional was pre loaded on my refurbished comp., how do I ...

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I have an HP Elite 8000 and a drive I need to run XP on. I picked up some password protected surplus drives from Ebay along with a fresh install of XP.
It wont install over the Windows 7 drives. I end up with a blue screen (I'd love to post a pic, but its asking for a URL and the pic is on my computer. How can I get the pic to show up on this thread?)
It warns that therey be a virus on the drive to be overwritten.
It also suggests running chkdsk/F. How would this be done? I cannot access the pasword protected drive.
We DID manage to install Linux Unbutu 8.4 on one disk but universally, we cannot connect to the internet, regardless of HD or operating system.
ANy way to fix this stuff?

A:XP for refurbished PCs wont overwrite Windows 7 or Linux

when does the blue screen show up, how far along the process do you get in the XP install?

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My new refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop came with the Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS and it is working fine. I need suggestions of how to install an internet browser, since there isn't one in it and I can only download the programs I own from the internet. I could use either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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My new refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop came with the Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS and it is working fine. I need suggestions of how to install an internet browser, since there isn't one in it and I can only download the programs I own from the internet. I could use either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

A:Need a browser for my refurbished Windows 7 Prof 64 bit Dell desktop

Hello and welcome:

Internet Explorer (IE) comes "built-in" to Windows 7.
If your refurbished computer has been fully updated with Service Pack 1 and all the necessary critical and important patches, you should already have IE11 (the only supported version of IE for Win7).

Firefox can be downloaded here:
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Download Firefox in your language — Mozilla

Chrome can be downloaded here:
Chrome Web Browser

To check about your Windows 7 version, click the round Windows "start orb" in the lower left > type "msinfo32" without quotes into the search box > click the "msinfo32.exe" link that appears.
You can post a screen shot of the window that shows your Windows version.

To check your IE version, you can click the IE desktop shortcut icon (or the taskbar icon) to open the program. Then, click the little "gear" icon in the upper right corner, then click "About Internet Explorer". It will say what version IE you have.


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I'm posting this on TenForums so others will learn from my experience upgrading to Windows 10. But I would really like to know if anyone else has seen a computer with the square Windows 8 sticker, but no product key either on a label or in firmware/bios? <- that's just bolded because that is the main question I have :-)

I purchased a manufacturer refurbished ASUS X750JA laptop on ebay. It has the official Windows 8 little square sticker on the back, which to me indicates it should have a Windows 8 product key stored in UEFI firmware. It came with 2x 1TB hard drives. I didn't want to mess with Windows 8 or 8.1 at all, so I booted the laptop and it came up with the OOBE Windows 8.1 screen as expected. I entered audit mode and exported the drivers to a USB flash drive, then shut it down.

I pulled out the primary HDD and installed a completely blank SSD and clean installed Windows 10 Home. Created a local user account, and Windows 10 was not activated! *raise one eyebrow here* Ran showkey plus and no product key in UEFI/bios. So I connected the HDD to a USB adapter (which is why I did not bother making a back up image first - because I have lots of other means of making a backup image from the removed HDD). Looked at the software registry hive with showkey plus and it showed an OEM Windows 8 Home product key. Changed the Windows 10 product key and entered the Windows 8 product key and it activated just like it should.

If something had happened to that Wind... Read more

A:Windows 8 sticker but no product key in UEFI on refurbished laptop

I purchased a manufacturer refurbished ASUS X750JA laptop on ebay.

It was a remanu - most likely board changed...

and service techs do not flash the bios

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Hi 7forums!

Here are my specs:

Toshiba P775-S7215 core i7

Is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, came installed with the laptop - no disk, ie OEM

I just bought it from Newegg.com. It's a refurbished machine and came with no documents or disks. When this first started happening I did a repair install or whatever it is you can select after pressing F2 on boot. Then I bought a 30-day license for DriverMax and updated the drivers. And did a Windows Update, etc.

I read somewhere today that Norton could cause it so I uninstalled it (wasn't full version anyway). But it's still happening.

I've attached a zip file containing the health report and the contents of Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2. Let me know if I messed it up and I will redo.

Thanks, in advance, if anyone can help.

I've got a couple of weeks left to the 30 day warranty from Newegg. If it's just a matter of fixing a few bugs then I'd rather do that then return it and maybe end up with something worse. Newegg only has a replacement policy for the machine.

A:Random BSOD - Windows 7 - newly purchased refurbished laptop

Intel display audio driver is old. Please update.


SYMBOL_NAME: intelppm+107d


MODULE_NAME: intelppm

IMAGE_NAME: intelppm.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1E_0_intelppm+107d

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1E_0_intelppm+107d

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Just wondering if Ubuntu can replace Vista Home Premium on my machine.

Purchased a HP Presario Desktop with Vista installed by HP.

I am current on all updates, run all sorts of virus and security software.

Still Vista just baffles me.

For a long time if I left the computer idle for maybe an hour or so, I would come back to the message that Windows had crashed, when I took the suggested option to find a solution the machine just went into a loop.

Couple days ago, Firefox would go into a loop just out of the blue. Machine just will not respond. When I try to close Firefox I get a message to the effect Firefox is not responding and I can either close ir or restart the computer. Problem is ctrl-alt-delete shows firefox.exe running but will not terminate the process. Only way to get out is pull the plug and restart. I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it, same problem.

I cannot believe Microsoft took this giant step backward.

I found an OS called ubuntu and wondered if I can add use this OS instead of Vista Home Premium.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

A:Vista replacement

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I need to order a replacement dvd for my vista ultimate coz its scratched badly. I know how to contact microsoft but im uncertain of a few things

I want it to have sp1 already on the disc so i dont have to spend ages installing it everytime i want to reinstall. Do vista dvd's come with sp1 already integrated on them nowdays?

Also, do i need to ask for ultimate retail version, or are all discs the same? I ask coz my version of ultimate asks me to chose which version to install if i dont input the product key.

A:Replacement Vista DVD

Originally Posted by fieseler

I need to order a replacement dvd for my vista ultimate coz its scratched badly. I know how to contact microsoft but im uncertain of a few things

I want it to have sp1 already on the disc so i dont have to spend ages installing it everytime i want to reinstall. Do vista dvd's come with sp1 already integrated on them nowdays?

Also, do i need to ask for ultimate retail version, or are all discs the same? I ask coz my version of ultimate asks me to chose which version to install if i dont input the product key.

As far as I know, all disks released now include SP1. And if you already have ultimate, you should be able to get the same version.

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i have a hp6152n computer and the hd is making alot of noise.i want to replace it but have a couple questions.
i have a recent backup of the system as of yesterday,does the backup copy the operating system? if not i have a legit copy of windows 7 64 bit that i can install and yes i relize i will lose some files.i have ran windows 7 upgrade and it shows me what will work and not work.so thats not a big concern but i would like to keep vista if it was part of the backup. what should i do after the new hd is formatted to make sure everything go smooth.i am going to install a 1tb hard drive,i have 6gb of memory and still have room for 2 more if needed.thanks for the help.and if i posted in the wrong spot please excuse and move

A:help with hd and vista replacement

Since your computer is OEM, you will want to create or obtain a set of recovery disks in order to install the OS and supplied software on the new disk.

Installing or Replacing a Hard Drive | HP? Support

Looking for Recovery Discs? | HP? Support

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Hey all.
I am working on a machine that needs a format. The client has vista on their machine. Here's the problem, I don't have a vista disc (and the client says they have lost theirs). I have been able to extract their serial number from the OS for the reinstall.
Does anybody know where I can get a disc to use (without a serial number).
I fear that this might not be possible cause I have read that the media and serial must be sold together. I DONT want to download a media unless its from a legit source.

A:vista replacement disc

Contact the OEM about getting a replacement DVD.

Also most of the BIG names are using a "Recover Partition" to do a System Recover" to factory settings.

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I had some NTFS errors in the event log on a Vista machine, and it said the volume was corrupt (but it keeps working...). I tried running CHKDSK /R from the command prompt, and told it to do so when it rebooted. On a reboot, nothing happens - it reboots normally. Tried through Computer Management Error Checking the same thing, and it also will not run after a reboot. How do you get CHKDSK to run on a Vista machine? And should I worry about those (quite a few) NTFS errors?Thanks.

A:Chkdsk Or Replacement Won't Run Under Vista

Is this link helpful: http://www.winvistaclub.com/t50.html?

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Is there a way to install the command line text editor tools EDIT or EDLIN in Vista 64? These were included with all earlier versions of Windows.

Or has a new command line tool replaced them? One that does not open a GUI.

Why? Edit and create script, batch, config, and readme files from the DOS prompt.


A:Install or replacement for EDIT in Vista?

The problem is that those are 16 bit programs and no Windows 64 bit operating system supports 16 bit programs. Edlin is included in 32 bit Vista.

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I have a friend with a Gateway desktop PC that has a license sticker on the back for Vista Home Premium, but he no longer has the restore disc that came with the PC. Is it valid to use the ISO image from an MSDN subscription to create new restore media for him? How can I verify this before doing so?

A:vista iso from msdn valid replacement for oem media?

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This is legal copy of Vista, but I don't have CD and have missing files ..edit.. lady I got it from doesn't have anything to help me ..edit.. will have to buy a new Vista and the question is - there are many ways to buy programs on EBAY and so many claims and all over the page with different prices. All I need is way to clean up this program and just get 5 or 6 .dll files that are missing..edit..Maybe I don't need them. I would like to know if I can clean this up and use it or go ahead with over a "hunnert dollers" new Vista. By the way when does Vista support run out? By the way #2 - What's supposed to be wrong with Vista? I have always liked it. I think I'm too slow to see the problems. 

A:Replacement Vista from EBAY edited - too long

Your computer might be a good candidate for Win 7. Provide us with some basic info as to make, model, installed RAM etc.
You could also run the MS Win 7 Upgrade Advisor...http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20
If it is, I'd get it over Vista in a heartbeat. Copies of Windows 7 can be purchased for just under a $100.
Support for Vista is set to run out in April 2017. Support for Win 7 runs out in Jan. 2020.
Win 7 here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006816&IsNodeId=1&Description=windows%207&name=Operating%20Systems&Order=BESTMATCH&isdeptsrh=1
As to why VISTA is good or bad.......That's more a matter of personal experience.

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I had to replace the MoBo on my HTPC which had an Intel board and a P4 3.0ghz processor. A friend gave me a Gigabyte K8N Pro-SLI board to use which has a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 (dual core) processor. So far, the installation has been a nightmare. It's been slow, files have been corrupt and I'm essentially on my 10th time trying to install Home Premium 32 bit.

Installation is very slow, it can take up to 3 hours just to complete. I didn't have this problem with my old Intel board. Once the OS is installed, I again have problems with installation, this time with programs and windows updates. All windows updates fail and installation of such programs such as iTunes can take 45 minutes. But the OS seems to run normally..


A:Solved: Vista install on a replacement MoBo

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can anyone recommend a software to share my internet connection with a better control about who uses it, how much bandwidth they get, etc?
I was using WinGate till now, but while it worked great with my WinXP 32, it does not work with my Vista x64, cause it's neither 64bit compatible, nor is it vista compatible...
I need to be able to set up rules like 10.11.*.* is not allowed to use my connection but some chosen ips can, the person with the netbios name XXX only can use 10% off the available speed, etc... If anyone got any tips at all (except for "change to linux" which i hear quite often *g*) I would be really grateful

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Hello, I have a HP DV6704NR laptop that wont boot, just a blue screen. I'm going to replace the hard drive but no Vista recovery discs have been made. I have a working Toshiba laptop that runs Vista. Can I use it to make a recovery disc? Also I have a Vista Business install disc that was issued for a Nobilis, would it work with my Vista key? Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] How do I reinstall Vista after hard drive replacement?

A Toshiba recovery CD will not work on an HP Computer. It is highly unlikely, but If the Vista key on the HP is not an OEM (has OEM in the middle of the numbers) then you can use it on your Vista Business disc.
Your HP computer does have a Recovery Partition on the drive, try do a Restore to Factory Defaults. Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows Vista) | HP? Support
If that doesn't work then you can order an HP Recovery CD. Looking for Recovery Discs? | HP? Support

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I have a Hp pavilian M7750n that I'm trying to do a full system restore on but when I try using the recovery disk it starts and then I get a blue screen with "error 1012" I know the recovery disks work because I've used them before but since then the dvd rw drive broke and I replace it with a asus dvd drive.

Am I getting the error because of the drive isn't the factory drive?

Is it possible to do a full system restore with out using the disks?

Is there another "not too expensive" dvd drive I could buy that I wouldn't have this problem with?

A:Vista recovery getting Error 1012 with replacement dvd drive

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So, Here's my problem. Earlier in the week, I contracted Vista Antivirus 2010 on my Vista 64-bit Acer Aspire x3200. I was just chatting away on Windows Live messenger and listening to music on youtube when suddenly, boom, my messenger froze. Any and all messenger programs (AIM, WLM, Yahoo, and Skype) would no longer connect to the internet. Then firefox crashed and none of my browers would work either (Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera). In addition to this, my computer froze, crashed and when it rebooted, no longer ran (even in safe modes, it would only load to a black screen with the cursor on screen, and ctrl+shift+esc for command prompt didn't work either. So I assumed that system restore might be my friend. Unfortunately most of the programs under recovery options lead to errors.
(e.g. "System restore failed due to an unspecified error. The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)" or "An index entry from index $0 of file 25 is incorrect" running "chkdsk c: /f /v" made it delete this index entry multiple times.)
Upon attempting to install both Ubuntu or Windows XP from both installation disks I got the BSoD with the error "***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

Luckily, I dual-boot, so I was able to still get on to my computer with nearly full functuality out of Ubuntu.
I did a bit of research into this "Antivirus" and found out apparently that there are two files that you... Read more

A:Vista Antivirus 2010 and Hard Drive Replacement

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