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Laptop models with TPM Chip

Q: Laptop models with TPM Chip

I would like to know if there is any Yogo model which supports TPM 2.0.

Preferred Solution: Laptop models with TPM Chip

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop models with TPM Chip

Please take a look at the psref. Just briefly looking it looks like the Yoga 730 both 13 and 15 show TPM 2.0.




Hope this helps.

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Hi,What laptop models have a TPM chip. Thanks,Cameron

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A:Laptop models with TPM Chip

Most ThinkPad models have TPM chip.  Is there a particular model or product line you are asking about?

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Faulty Chip Mars Many Camera Models

Faulty Chip Mars Many Camera Models

Seven Big Companies Quietly Offer To Repair Flawed Digital Devices, But Only After Failure Occurs
October 27, 2005; Page D1

Electronics companies are quietly offering to repair more than 80 models of digital cameras, camcorders and hand-held computers because of a faulty imaging chip that can render the cameras useless.

The chip, which is used to convert light into an electronic signal, is apt to fail in hot and humid environments, according to the companies. When a chip fails, the camera will show black images or distorted colors in the viewfinder or LCD display and in any print or digital output. The defective chip was used in an unknown number of cameras, camcorders and hand-held computers sold during the past three years by Sony Corp., Canon Inc., Konica Minolta Holdings Inc., Ricoh Co., Fuji Photo Film Co., Nikon Corp. and Olympus Corp. While Sony says it stopped manufacturing the chip in March 2004, some cameras containing it may still be sitting unsold on dealers' shelves...Click to expand...

Read more at Wall Street Journal Online or (WFMY in case the first link becomes inactive)

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I am about to get rid of a laptop that has truly been a nightmare almost since day one. They also did not honor their warranty. I am talking about an HP.
I am looking for responses for the following questions (answer all or just some):

1. What company do you think makes the best laptops and why?

2. Is there a model in particular that is CURRENTLY for sale that you would recommend to someone who is looking for a reliable computer but only uses it for the basics? (However, due to having pictures of family, I would like to have at least 80 gigs of memory) Please use a complete model number.
Forgot to mention that I am on a budget and it needs to be under $1k

3. What company (if any) does NOT outsource its customer service agents? (meaning I want to speak with customer service in the USA if there is a problem or question in the future)

4. What company stands by their products with their warranty? (mine called everything "customer damage" even though it wasn't)

5. I am thinking about buying a Toshiba. Your thoughts on that company?

Thanks so much.

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A:Poll Questions about Laptop Companies and Models

1. IBM / Lenono. Build quality.
2. T60 with integrated graphics or an R60.
3. I don't know. This is a tough one, as just about any big company that reaches a certain size outsources. It annoys me just as much as you. When my cable breaks down I have to phone this number and I wind up getting put on hold for ages, then some guy from India who can't seem to speak English properly comes on and says "Just a moment sir" a lot and then puts me back on hold. Makes my blood boil.

4. That's hard to say too. Its definately the case that companies are a lot less on the side of the consumer now. Instead of trying to help you / go the extra mile they seem instead to want to leave you with a broken laptop, as if this is somehow a victory for them. My advice is to go for as budget model, if it breaks down buy something new as opposed to messing around trying to get it fixed.

5. Never owned a Toshiba laptop. If in doubt, try reading a review on your prospective model here:


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I'm looking into replacing my aging x121e with a newer model later in the the year, that x260 is looking nice, but i have some questions from owners of current models: -Have Lenovo fixed the failed hinge design of the x121e? My previous laptop (x100e) still has faultless hinges, but the x121e has failed hinges on both sides due to a very stupid design choice: They made quite heavy duty hinges but attached them on flimsy plastic standoffs which shattered after about 14 months. My x121e is now held together with lots of electrical tape as the hinge assemblies are entirely free-floating inside the case.-what is the fan noise like? The x100e/x121e have relatively noisy fans as laptops go, though i did limit that especially on the x121e with CPU undervolting and fan control software, enabling it to turn off the fan about 80% of the time under load. have they managed to use quieter fans lately?

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Dear Friends,
Problem : Laptop with HD audio does not play sound in Win XP
Intel has comeup with HD Audio which requires this patch to run in Win XP. I have purchased the above model & was facing this problem. I have found a solution to this problem posted on HP's forum.The link is as follows.

Please install the patch from attachment & then run the audio driver sp33443.exe provided on HP's web site.
Hope this helps people with similar problem.

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We are deploying Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise and I recently updated two models:  the Latitude E5540 & Latitude E6530.  On the two laptops I worked both models were very slow.  I updated all the hardware drivers - Nic, Video, Chipset.  We are deploying Windows 10 build 1607.  We are not deploying the Creator's Update - 1703 yet.  Both these laptops are on Dell's compatibility list as being tested.
To secure our laptops we also use Microsoft Bitlocker which makes them even slower.  Has anyone come across issues?

A:Both Latitude E5540 & E6530 laptop models slow after installing Windows 10.

Are they equipped with 8G of RAM?  If not, they're going to be swapping a lot to disc - which will be slow if they're running conventional hard drives rather than SSDs.

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High-Security Chip Cracked.

Researcher opens up a chip used in various devices.

...it just shows that nothing is invulnerable.Click to expand...

-- Tom

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I am attempting to upgrade ram on a compaq laptop v5000. I open the ram bay and there are two removable wires attached to the chip and looks like it feeds to the motherboard. What are these wires? How necessary are they?

Thanks everyone.

New guy - Jason

A:laptop ram chip

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I've got a very good condition Inspiron 1100 that came with a Celeron Chip. I would like to see how possible it is to find a Pentium or Pentium-Like Chip and switch it out with the current slower Celeron.

I know you might need some technical info about the laptop so what should I post that might help to see if it is something that might make it a better performing machine? I'm not really looking to get a new laptop since I have one from my company, but the personal one is just slow and lags. I've had worked with other friends when doing it to a desktop but not a laptop.

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Switching a Celeron Chip for a Pentium Chip

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I have an Intel Pentium Windows 7 laptop (see my full system information in the link below), please tell me I can get a new graphics chip for it!! I need it to play Sims 3 and I have spent so much time and money on it!

See origional forum on sims 3 community HERE

A guy told me I need a new graphics chip:

"the processor is 2.0GHz when the game requires 2.6GHz on a computer running an integrated graphics chip"

I have updated my driver now to 2012, that's the only improvement since his comment....

Any help PLEASE?

Thanks, Sarah.

A:Can I Get A New Graphics Chip For My Laptop?

Your question is best asked of the manufacturer. Based on my knowledge of laptop technology, though, I'd think you probably can't replace the graphics chip, but it may depend on the manufacturer.

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hi i dont have a siganl from my laptop to tv could someone please help xx many thanks xx

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took apart a dell 600m to remove the pw...

but i can not find the eeprom chip

the picture that i did find was very blurry and not very descriptive.

if someone has better pictures or a better description please post it here or e mail it to me at [email protected]


A:Took laptop apart...can not find EEPROM chip...HELP

no body can help me out here?

we can work out some kinda of deal?

i just need to know where the chip is. thanks.

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I need find on the motherboard of M6600 bios chip.
Please help me to find it.

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Hi there I have the hp 15-r031si with 2gb ram and I want to speed up the computer. As there is only 1 memory slot, is it possible to replace this with 4 or 8gb memory chip so I take out the 2gb and replace it? Please advise. Thanks!

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Hey all,

So I have this old laptop that I bought a couple years back that I haven't used for 9 months because the 9800 chip in it went bad (probably from my ex leaving it on the bed to overheat X_X) So, right now I'm in the need of a laptop, and my other one (HP dv9233) just took a crap and is in the repair shop for different reasons (protip: don't buy referb laptops). So, seeing that I need a laptop, and I still have this old one, are there any suggestions on how I could possibly salvage this graphics chip to the point where i could get a semi-decent screen off of it? Right now, I have the traditional oh-crap-theres-a-big-problem-with-me lines going down the screen which makes it near impossible to read anything on it, but I can still get around a bit. I tweaked a bit with the Catalyst drivers and was able to get the performance settings down which helped a bit, but it still is hard to see. I know there is some way to get these settings tweaked where I can have an almost perfect screen, since I have dome it before in the past (dont ask me how I did do it though...) I also dropped the clocked settings on the GPU which helped a bit, but if I drop them to a point that the GPU doesnt like the laptop completely freaks out and I have to reboot it again to get a screen (its fun to watch though... the screen basibly zoomz in to a point and starts giving me static like whats on a tv, so I can bearly read "Start" in giant letters.

So, any suggestions? :-D
&n... Read more

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I was wondering if I were to buy a new motherboard for the laptop which doesn't come with a graphics chip, which chips would be compatible and would work on this motherboard.

A:Laptop Dell n5110 gpu chip upgrade

Rayray451,Below are the graphics that were an option at point of sale for this computer from Dell.NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525MAMD Radeon™ HD 7450M 

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So I am unable to install any graphics drivers whatsoever for my laptop, including the driver it shipped with from the factory. The error messages are highly uninformative, so I've copy-pasted two different Windows Event Viewer logs below. Error messages vary from "unknown error occurred" to "an error occurred" to "an error occurred while registering one or more components," and that's as specific as they got. I've tried about 3-4 different drivers at this point, most of which I've tried both .exe or Setup files to install as well as manual and "have disk" install methods. None work.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
HP G60-230US Notebook PC
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family
The first error log is for when I attempted to install the factory-standard driver (downloaded from HP's website); at the time I had no driver installed whatsoever. I was attempting to install using the .exe downloaded from HP's site, not a manual install.

Log Name: Application
Source: Windows Error Reporting
Date: 10/28/2012 7:34:05 PM
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Computer
Fault bucket 397826191, type 5
Event Name: PnPDriverInstallError
Response: None
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: x86
P2: 000005B4
P3: igdlh.inf
P4: c4b9ee32b04c387fe80f13d5c3ba9a0ba6ddd239
P5: iCNT0
P6: ... Read more

A:Unable to Install ANY Graphics Chip Drivers -- HP Laptop

After reinstalling Windows Vista, did you start with the chipset driver then graphics driver? You can check them Here.

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Hello i have a inspiron 9100 laptop that thinks it has 266mhz memory, no matter which memory you give it!

It stops booting and tells you to install 333 or 400mhz memory and to hit f1 to shutdown.

I tried fooling it by removing the bios battery and turning it on, well now it tells you the time is off and when you go there and correct the time it goes ahead and boots just fine.
Turn it off and backon then it remembers that it thinks it has 266ddr and to hit f1 to shutdown.

I tried updating the bios flash but it gives me an error message saying that it doesnt support this hardware..

I have several 9100 mbs....can i remove a chip and reinstall on this one and maybe fix it????


A:Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop, which is bios chip?

Not likely. The BIOS chip is soldered in... and doesn't really seem to be the problem anyway.
I would remove one memory module, and see what it does with the other, then reverse the memory modules... as it very likely could be a failed memory module, or one improperly inserted.

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If anyone could provide a picture or detailed description as to where I could find this chip or the numbers even labeled on the chip itself it would be great!

I've stared at the mobo so long searching for the chip I've given myself a headache.

Thank you very much!

A:Trying to find the eeprom chip on a Dell Latitude D800 Laptop

Under the HD caddy

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My Asus X550LD laptop do not have any sound from internal speaker and headphone jack.
After update the driver,it still not working.
There is no any sound device found in device manager.
So I decide to open the laptop and see whether there have the internal audio chip or not.
But I don't know where is the audio chip location.
Because this laptop I just buy it from eBay.
Any expert had such information,please help me and provide me some information.
Thank you for taking a look.

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I have an old Dell Inspiron 1420 and I was faced problems with graph chip i did maintenance 2 times the second as told me maintenance shop he change the Graph chip after less than one month i face the same problem again. is there any idea to change motherboard compatible with Dell Inspiron 1420, because the problem in manufactured of graph-chip.

plz any advice 
thank you 

A:my problem with Graph chip in laptop Dell inspiron 1420

We only validated the following motherboards that used the onboard GPU = KN548, WK085
Dell is not going to have parts for a 10 year old system. You will need to search the web for a 3rd party seller using those part numbers.

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I am looking to buy a DVD-RW for my Dell 4700.

I am either looking at getting a Plextor, Lite-On, or BenQ drive. Can anyone suggest some good models from those manufacturers? Thanks

A:Models of DVD-RW

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Chrome and Firefox have the ability to see the box model highlighted on hover when you inspect the element. Is this possible in ie 10/11? It makes identifying problem elements infinitely easier, which is needed because, ya know, css3 compatibility (thanks

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If I get a lenovo T61 with windows 7 32 bit can it can I upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit? Are all lenovo T61 think pads wireless? 

A:Are all T61 models equal

All T61 machines are 64 bit and can run a 64-bit OS.  There is no such thing as 32 bit -> 64-bit upgrade.  It needs a fresh install.  The same license is good for both, but you would need recovery disks.  T61 machines are not all the same:  14.1: tall-screen (4:3), 14.1" wide-screen and 15.4" wide screen.  There are difficulties in getting a fresh win 7 install working, related to system update.  Microsoft has not paid much attention to windows 7.

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Current Setup : We have 5 PC models in the field. I have a base image / drive for each model. Imaging done via hard drive cloner.
Solution wanted: I want to be able to have one base image / drive for all machines. The problem I keep running into is drivers. I want to have one drive that I can clone and pop it into any one of those 5 models and it will pick up the correct drivers and
work right out of the gate.
We have to update our image every so often and with having to update for 5 different PC's it becomes quite time consuming. Having one master drive would be much more efficient.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello everyone, I'm doing some research trying to find out: what other network models exist or have been in existence besides the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite?
So far its been a confusing process because I've been mixing up articles on protocols themselves and the articles on the network models I'm looking for so far I've found:
Cisco's 3 Layered Model
Hierarchical internetworking model
Can you guys please help me get in the right direction by identifying the network models other than OSI and TCP/IP that you know of? Your help would be very much appreciated

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Most so-called Topseller models are not available anywhere. Why? Online vendors seem to have an abundance of only three P50 models, while one or two of a very few others trickle in sporadically, most not at all. Is this the way Lenovo releases these machines now? It used to be that models announced near the end of a calendar year would be stocked everywhere in great numbers by early spring, often at very good prices. Maybe having so many problems has held them back. 

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We have three G50 laptops all very similar i3 processors memory etc and yet all three differ in so many ways, these were purchased for a charity run pre school so budgets are very tight and the laptops where aquired over and 18 month period i beleive. Because the school uses these laptops for producing the the personal reports on the children and these laptops are taken out of the school grounds we have had to ensure the drives are encrypted, so the extra cost of upgrading these to Win 10 Pro and enabling Bitlocker has been inversted. Each device was upgraded to Win 10 after there where purchased and odd things where noticed, one would not support the USB ports on bootup so the having the laptop on start with the USB pen drive with the key on would not work so a password had to be used in stead. Other two laptops suported the USB pen drives on boot up with the keys on them. All three devices have come in for a refresh build, first built fine, second will not support either USB or Password key so can longer encrypt the drive and the thrid freezes in mid build unless started in safe mode all three laptops are being re-imaged from the recovery drives on the laptops, 6 days wasted 1. why does one laptop not see the USB ports on boot up or even after the the OS has fully loaded unless the pen drive is unplugged and plugged back in.2. why does the third device keep freezing in mid build, seems like a drive problem system device driver issue but i cant would out ... Read more

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i know this wouldn't be the best place to paste this but i hope you can help. I want to buy a new laptop with i3 but i learnt some have ultra low voltage 330um(1.2ghz) which gives low clock speed instead of 330M and others which give better clock speed(over 2ghz). Is the low voltage ones for mobiles only?

A:i3 models confusing

Look at this link. Apparently, the 330 UM and the 330 M are both mobile.


They differ in clock speed, maximum TDP, acceptable memory, and graphics.

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My laptop (toshiba L550-117) died a couple of days ago after a long line of service. As a replacement my eye has fallen on a Satellite P50-C-17J for it's superb specs.
But, my supplier in the Netherlands told me that it is End of life and therefore no longer available. I believe that is the case for all the P50-C series.

When do the new models (P50-C) become available?
Or is there a suitable alternative maybe?

I can't find one that's not a P50-C series myzelf.

Maybe this is not the right place to ask for this, but I don't know where else.
Resume min. specs:
- Sixth generation Intel? Core? i7
- NVIDIA? GeForce? GTX? 950M
- 8gb memory expandable to 16gb
- ssd approximately 128gb + approximately 500gb hdd

A:When new models Satellite P50-C become available?

I think the P series is discontinued.
How about the L series or S series? The higher spec ones are similar.

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Hello. I already know, that notebooks like: HP PAVILION 15-au024ur, HP PAVILION 15-au027ur, HP PAVILION 15-au028ur, HP PAVILION 17-g109ur, also 250/450 G4/5 sries are not self-upgradable due to there are no small cover with access to memory and store devices (hdd and/or ssd). Am I right?But any case - has anyone experience in upgrade of this notebooks? Maybe after warranty ends?Can I upgrade it with ssd? M.2 SSD or SSD instead of DVD drive? Can I receive an official answer or download an official document, that can say me - is there are an empty M.2 slot exists or not? For sure... Thx.

A:Upgrade new models with SSD

And that m.2 slot is enabled... read in other topic that it can exist but disabled.

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I noticed with our recent purchase of a thinkpad x280 that there are no RAM slots anymore, the RAM is fixed onto the motherboard. This is unacceptable for a laptop device and this causes limitations that shouldn't be there. Since we've skipped the X280 models entirely, I'd like to know if the other models have the same limitation. I'm mostly looking at the AMD Ryzen models.

A:Models that still have RAM slots?

Dear customer,You can confirm the specification at ThinkPad PSREF website.As for ThinkPad A285 specification, I'm sorry it doesn't have memory socket at all.

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which models have two hdd bays? (I mean 2 normal hdds and not a hdd and a ssd or swapping out the optical drive) I'm looking for a 17" screen model. thanks

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Two reasons I have stuck with Netscape 4.7: The bookmarks are presented in multiple columns rather than
a single scrolling column as is the default for both 6.2 and 7.0. I have not found a way to change to multiple

Also, in 4.7 it is easy to include a hyperlink in one's e-mail messages as I like to do, to make it easy for
the recipient to just click on a web site I have discussed in the text. I have not found this capability in 6.2 or
7.0. I have perused the help files in both without success.

Are these two features not considered worthy of continuing - or is it just that I have not learned how to
expose them for my use?


A:Netscape late models

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Hi, I've noticed there are two models of Ideapad 720s 14" i5 8250u: 81BD000TUS and 81BD001NUS. Can somebody describe the difference? May be the difference in screen frame, e.g. and 

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I am looking for a list of different T43 mtype/models with corresponding specs?

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Hello, We are currently evaluating our enduser workstations options for the next 2 years.I am wondering how long we will be able to get Windwos 7 drivers for the new workstations?Till the end of the Microsoft extended support lifecycle or before? I have tried to find the info online but no success so far... I keep searching... Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi folks

Would need your opinions on memory compatibility.

I have two sets of DDR3 memory. 2 x 4 Gb in each case. One set of Ares and one set of Ripjaws. Here is the link that compares the two. Except for the heat spreader, they look identical to me. Same manufacturer, same Cas latency, same timings. Only the model is different. Under the heat spreader, they must be identical chips.


Right now, the Ripjaws are used. Ares still in the box.

My question is: Can I use both in my system (mobo: Gigabyte H97-D3H) without any problem for a total of 16 Gb insted of 8 Gb? I would not want to damage anything.

Thank you

A:Memory compatibility-Different models, same everything else.

This is a continuation of this thread - which was closed for some reason.

The specs for both sets appear to be the same, so I don't see why they can't be used in a 16 GB(4 GB X 4) configuration.


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Can somebody tell me all the models of the 8600, such as the GT and GTS, and what are the differences between them?

Thanks Alot,

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I am considering purchasing Yoga 530 in Australia, what is the difference between 81EK000FAU and 81EK007NAU ?

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I have a question guys, is the reference model of the GTX 780 Ti better than some custom models made by Sapphire, Palit, EVGA etc? Do they have any advantage oever them?

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We have T460 and T13 machines together with T450, T460, T540, T550, T560 and we need to install Hotkey application so there is 8.86.11 (n1qvu92w.exe) for T460/T13 and 8.86.11 (n1qvu92e.exe) for the others. http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/be/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/THINKPAD-T-SERIES-LAPTOPS/THINKPAD-T... http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/be/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/THINKPAD-T-SERIES-LAPTOPS/THINKPAD-T... As the download link of the T570 is the latest will that be compatible with T460/T13 or is it still a separate install?

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Which models of Thinkpad Yogas have USB-C?


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A:Which models of Thinkpad Yogas have USB-C?

Good day.
ThinkPad Yogas: none that I know of.
The Yoga 900 and Yoga 900S, both do feature USB-C, though.

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So, there I was... on my bench, with the M90z I'd bought for 8 cents on the dollar on eBay, all chuffed with myself.I installed all the drivers.  But I couldn't find *any* touchscreen drivers on lenovo's website, or anywhere else, for the 5205a25 I had in front of me. And it was then, and only then, that the implications of the matte LCD screen sunk through to me: even this i5-650 model -- the second fastest processor they sold with it -- must have been available without the touchscreen... and that must be what I got.<sigh>The touchscreen is mission critical to me, even if it costs me more.But *none* of the secondary market sellers seem to even address the topic.  And so this leads me to this forum, and this question: Is there, anywhere, a complete list of all the M90z 7-digit machine type codes, and which ones came factory equipped with a touchscreen?  CTO isn't an issue to me; unless the ad says touchscreen, I won't gamble.I have the M90z service manual, but it does not say.(To be clear here, I'm looking for a Lenovo-source document; the action cycle is too long to gamble on this more than once...)

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Looking for a new notebook. Cannot easily tell from the usual descriptions which have a trackpoint pointing device. A list of models or model families would be very helpful.Thanks: Leon

A:Which new notebook models have trackpoint?

I am not sure any HP laptops still have a trackpoint. All Lenovo Thinkpads still have them. There is virtually no consumer demand for trackpoints, a huge majority prefers the touchpad. I still use the trackpoint on my Thinkpad, but also use the touchpad.

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