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File Recovery On Lost Ntfs Drive/partition?

Q: File Recovery On Lost Ntfs Drive/partition?

Hi guys,

Been doing my best to sort out a troublesome PC, and this forum kept coming up when googling, so thought you guys might be able to help out! Up for a challenge?

I have made some attempt myself using tutorials, but can't help but think I should have posted first... Anyway, what's done is done...

Setup: Win XP Pro (SP2) with three logical drives:
Physical Disk 1 (200GB SATA - NTFS): Logical Drive C: and D: (C: containing Windows)
Physical Disk 2 (IDE - FAT32 converted to NTFS): Logical F:
Physical Disk 3: (300GB SATA - NTFS) Logical G:

Long story short - some bad (new) RAM was causing my screen to BSOD and restart. Before I could properly diagnose that (it killed an audio driver, which continued the BSODs even after the RAM was removed), a BSOD restart killed one of my hard drives - G (Physical Disk 3). Windows would not boot with it plugged in (moaned about hal.dll missing, even though it's not the Windows drive - booted fine without it plugged in!), and from Windows Recovery Console it was dismissed as having "Unrecoverable Errors" when trying to DIR or CHKDSK.

On advice, I tried 'bootfix', which made it an empty 10GB drive, FAT format.

Loaded up TestDisk from the UBCD, which claimed it had one 'Linux' partition. I followed a tutorial to scan it in forced NTSC mode, but it came up with nothing.

I then used ADRC Data Recovery to write an NTFC boot sector, but all that did was make the drive unreadable.

Then used a couple of scanning tools ('PC Inspector File Recovery' and 'NTFS Data Recovery (demo)'), neither of which reckoned there were any files. However, there was some moaning about the number of heads being 240 instead of 255 (which I don't understand, so haven't messed with).

Nothing I have done has written to the disk since the crash, other than the attempted re-write of the boot sector. I do not need 100% data recovery, but there are some irreplaceable files in amongst those inaccessible 1s and 0s that I would really, REALLY like to recover.

So, any ideas here? I can't help but feel it might be a 'challenge', as they say...

All advice appreciated.


Preferred Solution: File Recovery On Lost Ntfs Drive/partition?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: File Recovery On Lost Ntfs Drive/partition?

Each time that you access the disk (even during bootup) the chances of losing your data increase. So limit your disk accesses as much as possible.A data recovery program attempts to check the structure of the disk and see if it can find anything that it recognizes as files. Since you've already performed some of the tests that we'd recommend, I'd have to suggest that you consult a commercial firm that specializes in this sort of thing (and they are expensive!).Other things to try would be the NTFS GetDataBack tool from http://www.runtime.orgIt allows you to scan the drive (for free) to see if anything is recoverable, then you'll have to pay to do the actual recovery (about $80 US the last time I checked)Others here have recommended a free tool called Recuva, and other free tools may also be listed here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic3616.html

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I am using Vista Home Premium. I have 340GB HD, which is partitioned into 3 parts. One is C. Second one was D. I had dual boot enabled, with OpenSuSE running in it, which I removed yesterday. All was fine and I was able to boot just with Windows without Grub boot loader. In Disk management application, I could see the partition - where SuSE was there earlier, as Free Space.

C drive is 64.5GB, D drive is 97.7GB. Both are NTFS. and Free space is 173 GB.

So far so good. Then instead of trying to create a new Drive/partition in the 173 GB Free space, I tried to extend the existing D Drive using PartitionMagic and somewhere in the process, I lost my D Drive I can no longer see D Drive in my Explorer (

Currently, I can still see old D drive as a partition, in blue color in Disk management software, indicating that it is a Primary partition. But I am not able to assign any Drive letter to it. Diska Management app does not show me the properties for this partition. I get this error "Operation failed to complete because the Disk management console view is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using refresh task. If the problem persists close the Disk Manage,ent console, and then restart Disk Management or restart computer".

Restarting did not help.

Third party tools, like Active UnEraser etc are able to detect this partition as NTFS and also able to find all the files in this. So I am assuming by data is in there still.

Something gone bad with Partition Table or Volume... Read more

A:NTFS partition drive letter lost. Unable to assign

Hi Sekhar, It sounds as if it doesn't matter about the files on D:\ now if I understand you correctly- that was where you had Suse installed. It also seems you can still boot and run Vista.

So it seems that you just need to clean up the partition table.

You can try this free tool (recommended) - which supports partition table recovery-
Magic Server Partition Manager Software - Resize partition for Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2000.
- bootable CD here
Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to boot computer directly to manage partition.
or Easeus partition master (home)
Best FREE Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. EASEUS free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
- no bootable disk with free edition

In the past I've found [email protected] Partition Recovery useful in difficult circumstances.

Good luck. dal987

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After researching my issue and found this closed thread - "Windows 7 won't read drive in explorer" I started my own little research to my problem.

First some basics: I am running Windows Ultimate 32 bit. I have 2 SATA Hard Drives (one with OS), 2 SATA DVD and Blu-Ray Drives and 1 IDE Hard Drive which is configured as a slave.

Second - I needed to do some hard drive trouble shooting for another computer that had a (possibly) dead IDE Hard Drive. To do this I shut down my computer, and attached the (supposedly) dead IDE Hard Drive in its place.

Now - all the trouble began.

After booting into the Bios, I noticed the supposedly dead hard drive did not register even though it was spinning. I kept booting into the OS to see if it would be recognized in any case - it was not.

I put my working IDE Hard Drive back in - after shutting down and removing the dead IDE Hard Drive.

I booted back into the BIOS and noticed my good IDE Hard Drive wasn't being recognized either. I then went into advanced Bios settings and walla - it saw my hard drive but said I needed to reboot.

After rebooting I noticed the same thing with the Bios, but this time proceeded to boot into the OS.

After signing on, I noticed my Good Hard Drive was no longer recognized in Explorer.

I went into Administrator and Computer Management and then into Disk Management.

What I saw puzzled me as over the past 25 years I never have seen this. My good hard drive was showing up as Disk 0 and showe... Read more

A:lost my drive letter on Healthy (Active, Recovery Partition)

Go into control panel and change windows update settings
to something other than automatic,like download and notify.
That way you have a choice what to install.
Then run windows update manually.
Check the list of updates for a drive controller driver.
It sounds like it is installing one that isn't working for you.
It would probably be under optional updates.
You should be able to select hide update an click ok
so it won't try to install it anymore.

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I have an 80 Gig drive with no partition table. Shareware version of Stellar Pheonix shows that files are still there but it won't allow recovery until the full version is purchased.
The problem arose when I did the following:
-I had a 10 Gig on Primary IDE master and the 80 Gig was on Secondary IDE master
-I installed a new 250 Gig on the primary IDE as slave
-Using Disk Manager under XP Pro, I formatted new disk in preparation for it to take a new install of XP
-Partition table of the 80 Gig seems to have been lost during this process.

Before I shell out for a utility that will fix it, are there other options I might try? All advice/help appreciated.

A:Lost partition table on NTFS HDD

See http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/uk/welcome.htm
Looks good to me.

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I had a ntfs file partition poo on its self. i moved the disk to another computer and it can see the disk but partition magic only sees it as an "other" partition. is there any way to repair it enough to get some irreplaceable files off of it. or is there a recommended program. i plan to wipe it after that and do a clean install

A:ntfs partition recovery

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What tools are available and what can I do to try to recover the files from an NTFS partition?

Somehow my partition got clobbered and disappeared. I know the data is still there, but am not sure how to get it (or even if it can be done). I don't recall all the events, but I was trying to create a bootable USB thumbdrive using Miles Comer's HPUSBFW.EXE. I didn't notice any problems at the time, although I wasn't checking other disks. Some time later I needed some files from my large USB disk and when I looked at windows explorer it wasn't there. Eventually I noticed that the label had been changed to one of the standard names and the system claimed it was unformatted. I'm not at all sure that HPUSBFW was how this happened, but that's about the only unusual thing I did during that time (as best I remember).

I switched to linux (f11) and noticed that the partition type was changed from 7 (ntfs) to c (fat32). Linux didn't recognize the filesystem on the partition. I changed the type back to 7 and it didn't do any good.

I don't know how data is stored in NTFS systems, or whether it is possible to splice pieces from another NTFS partition to get back what was there. This is a data disk only. (It contains all my backups and other important things).

My first step is to make an image copy of the disk. That will take a while, but will allow me to try various things.

I'm pretty competent in linux, but my Windows knowledge is li... Read more

A:NTFS partition recovery


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I really need help with this one.

I'm running windows xp pro. My hdd is partitioned into two drives, one containing windows and the second for everything else.

For no apparent reason (was working fine previously) when i tried to access the second drive i received the message that the drive was not formatted. On further investigation I found that the drive did not appear to have a file system any more. It was orginally NTFS.

Any thoughts?

A:Partition has lost NTFS, appears as if unformatted

chocjesus said:

I really need help with this one.

I'm running windows xp pro. My hdd is partitioned into two drives, one containing windows and the second for everything else.

For no apparent reason (was working fine previously) when i tried to access the second drive i received the message that the drive was not formatted. On further investigation I found that the drive did not appear to have a file system any more. It was orginally NTFS.

Any thoughts?Click to expand...

probably got corrupted some how. you can recover files with a special tool but the goods ones cost money. i used good one i found on google for my moms hard drive 2 months ago. it had the same problems. i think it was partition recover. you do need another drive (preferably a different hard drive altogether) to saved the recovered files without overwriting what you are recovering. hopefully it was a windows problem and the drive is not going bad.

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I am having a problem with my 400GB HDD not displaying correctly - it displays as 127GB - in a new install of Windows XP on a seperate drive.

My original setup was as follows:

* 400GB SATA HDD with Windows XP as the Operating System plus Data - Single Partition - NTFS.
* 300GB SATA HDD with purely data - Single Partition - NTFS.

I bought a new HDD today (SATA 320GB) and installed it in the PC. The original XP install saw it was installed and offered formatting options from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management - no formatting options were taken.

I then installed Windows XP (non-SP2 install, SP2 has been installed afterwards along with Video Card and Motherboard drivers) to the new HDD without removing the old drives first.

The current state of the HDD are as follows:

* 300GB with purely data made it through unscathed and has all the data on it and is detected by the new install.
* 400GB drive is now showing as an unformatted 127GB drive under Windows XP.
* 320GB drive that Windows XP was newly installed to is also showing as 127GB but is formatted (NTFS) and has Windows XP installed - this I understand can be resized, but would prefer to get the data from the 400GB back before doing anything.

I've loaded an Ubuntu LiveCD and gnome partition manager shows the space on the 400GB HDD as unallocated, the 320GB having an NTFS partition of 127GB and the 300GB as NTFS (Full, as it should be showing).

I am unsure right now if all the ... Read more

A:Data/Partition Recovery (NTFS)

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Hi guys!

I run Partition Magic in my windows 7 and windows restart but don't boot. I start using linux and could see partition and my files. I try fix boot using testdisk, but my partition turn in unallocated space! Now I can't see my partition nor my files! Can you help me?

A:I lost my NTFS partition. Now it is an unallocated space. How recover

Download the Paragon free try Rescue kit:
Rescue Kit Free Edition | PARAGON Software Group - free partition software, hard disk partitioning
Try the undelete partition option.
Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition Free Download

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(I know it's a redundant thread but I think I'm having a different scenario)
Specs: (nothing's changed except I did reinstall win8.1)
- win8.1 x64 single languange
There was a time when I want to resize my drive C to smaller partition:
I used Easus Partion Manager to do so (to dumb I was). After rebooting my system could not start
The BSOD showed up:
PC needs repair (blah3x)
Error code: 0x000225
I was able to manage to repair and I came back up fine using a tutorial in youtube
using bcdboot C:\Windows /s (any drive letter): /s uefi
At this point, I downloaded a new copy of windows8.1 SL, thru "mediacreationtool" (as a legit copy i suppose)
and then I reinstalled using the ISO from MS, now I'm totally OK, at least at the moment.

Seems like everything's working as it is now, but as soon as I try to press F9 upon boot up, same error popup
Error Code: 0x000225, and again I got used to doing the bcdboot method.
NOW, this "Restore" partition the size of 20GB, and appeared and it had something in it (some files I think).

This wasn't there before and after reinstallation of win8.1 SL. IT ONLY appeared when I pressed F9 then I repaired
it using bcdboot.

If there's a way that I could restore my notebook pc back to day one: Or am i that close? (close enough)
If this could be fixed? I know its risky but I will take it as a n... Read more

A:Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

So Im not entirely certain on what you are asking here. Your computer is unusable right now, or you cant get the recovery partition to work correctly?

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I recently upgraded my Windows ME computer to a Windows 2000 Professional PC. My PC had two partitions on it and I formatted the C drive and installed Win2000 on that partition. So, the D drive (where I hold all my documents, music files and videos) is still in the Fat32 format. I also use Norton Ghost 2002 to back up my C drive and store the images on my D drive. I tried Ghosting the other day and Ghost wouldn't recognize the D drive...I think because of the fact that it was a different file format. Any easy (error-free) ways to convert my D partition to the NTFS file format within Windows 2000, or do I need to purchase a program? I do have Partition Magic 7...will that do it successfully? Any help is appreciated!

A:Convert Partition to NTFS file format

Here's a link to M$, it's under WinXP, but 2k should be basically the same. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/using/itpro/managing/convertfat.asp

If not, try this:


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I need to know if Partition Magic has the ability to create Partitions in NTFS. I just got a new computer and it has the hard disk Partitioned in NTFSas C: but I need two Partions C: & D:

A:Partition Magic and File System NTFS

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Is it possible to have an NTFS partition and a FAT partition on the same drive?

A:Possible to have an NTFS partition and FAT partition on same drive?

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I'm coming close to the end of patience on this one... So over to the experts!

One of my hard drives is dying. It's a 120MB SATA drive partitioned as two drives, both with NTFS formats.

Windows locks up when trying to boot normally, but in Safe Mode I get an error about a "Delayed file write" to drive D (one of the partitions).
Despite being able to see the drive in Safe Mode, it's too sluggish to attempt to recover any files from the hard drive, which is my prime objective.

I've tried booting to Dos with NTFS4Dos, which is fine and allows me to read the hard drive. However it doesn't support file copying and using Xcopy seems to claim it's moving lot's of files, but in reality only moves a few.

Anyone's wisdom of what else to try would be welcomed. Otherwise I'm going to have to start saving for a data recovery bill (and a proper backup!!).
I'm happy to retrieve to the master C: drive, a CD or USB ZIP drive if any are possible.



A:NTFS File Recovery

Try image software like ghost to copy from this hdd to another or make image on cds

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A friend of mine gave me his external hard drive with the hopes that I might be able to fix it.

It's a new external Western Digital that is 2TB in size and he purchased it within the last 2 or 3 months. I don't know what he did, but it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled the USB cord without properly unmounting the drive and something with his filesystem became corrupted. I don't know how to repair this.

The drive will show you a drive letter when you attach it to Windows, and using a partition manager (in Linux) shows the drive to contain an "unknown" partition type. In Windows, running "chkdsk e: /x /r" returns an error that says "chkdsk is not available for RAW drives".

Anyone know of a reliable (and preferably free) utility that might be able to repair this kind of problem quickly?

A:External hard drive NTFS partition missing; chkdsk says it's a "RAW" partition now

Is this a data recovery operation? Should be able to just format again if not.

Otherwise testdisk (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk) might be useful to recover the partition info.

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Well after running chkdsk on a laptop hard drive, the NTFS just disappeared and is now seen as an unknown partition. I'm clueless as to how this happened. Anyway, I was able to recover all the files off of it so everything is still there. Anyone know a problem that can restore or recover the file system without re-partitioning? I used a program I bought call Spinrite to check the HD for problems and it found none. So I'm thinking it may work fine if I can do this. Thanks.

A:Lost the NTFS file system some how, possible to restore?

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I recently had a rootkit destroy one of my drives and I am running a RecoverMyFiles scan on it. Just to garnish my results, I am scanning with more than one file recovery software, but when I tried to open [email protected] Undelete I got an error popup message saying "Incorrect file system in partition table (NTFS) on 81h. Get it from boot sector #63 (Unknown)?"

I don't know what this means at all, so I said no. I posted it in this forum because I don't know if that has to do with that particular software, or if it is an OS or HD thing, please, if anyone knows what that was all about please jump in.

A:Incorrect file system in partition table (NTFS) on 81h...

What file system was on the partition that got this error?

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And THANKS for your time, help, and advise!!!!

I understand that W95/98 does not handle NTFS format.

Here is what I would like to do:
Current drive used by W95/98 system will remain the same (IDE/0/ as "C") and as FAT32.

Connect a drive (IDE, SCSI, USB) to the W95/98 system.

Format this drive as NTFS.

I have found drivers that can define the drive at boot time and an application that can find the drive and read(only) the drive if formatted as NTFS.

The question I have is the following:

Is there an application/utility that exists that can be loaded to a W95/98 disk that can be executed whose sole purpose is to format a drive as NTFS?​
That is, without using a NT/XP boot disc or delivery CDs for tools that will format the drive as NTFS.

Thanks for your time, advise, and help!!!!


A:Format/Partition a drive as NTFS on W95/98

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I lost my HP recovery paritition, but I have the recovery.wim file, backed up on a network share. How would I put the recovery image back on to the HDD, and reimage it to my laptop?

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Recently I had a problem with Windows getting stuck in an endless reboot loop (even if I tried to boot in safe-mode) so I launched the recovery console and tried a FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. FIXBOOT tells me the file system is FAT..

I reboot and get the NTLDR not found message. I put another hard drive in as master, made the drive in question slave and loaded windows onto the new drive. I opened the drive in question (now D:) into explorer and I see one directory and a few files all with gibberish names (using symbols and other icons). None of the files or the directory are accessible and Windows is saying the drive is only 8Gigs (it's a 250Gig drive). It is still being recognized as FAT. I have a licensed copy of Active Partition Recovery so I booted to that and it immediately tells me that the file system on the drive is NTFS but the boot information is saying FAT12. I tell it to use NTFS rather than FAT and voila, I can see and browse all of my files on the drive.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a backed up copy of the MBR and BOOT sector of the drive, so I can't replace them.

My question is, how can I go about recovering my files? Is there a way to force Windows to see the drive as NTFS the way APF can?

Help appreciated,

A:Partition problems: NTFS drive recognized as FAT12

Firstly I would try this:
1. Go to Start then click on My Computer
2. Right Click on the faultly drive and go to Properties
3. Go to the tab that says Tools and then click on Check Now
4. Tick both of the boxes there.
5. Click Start

Say the results of what happens here.

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I have recently installed W2k OVER W98 on my laptop, and now realise this was a mistake! I want to delete the NTFS partition, and reformat my hard drive to perform a completely new install of W2K. Could someone please advise how to do this. I am by no means an expert, so please dont make any assumptions about my PC knowledge

Thank you


A:deleting NTFS Partition and reformatting hard drive

hmmm.....I'm not sure I know enough about windows 2000 to advise you step by step, I just felt sorry that no one has responded to your post yet. You came to the right place though. In the meantime, You'll want to save all of your personal files from your computer, b/c they will be erased. Also, I assume you have your own copy of windows 2000, it is not just an upgrade?

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Hi - I'm using XP Pro and Partition Magic 8.05
I need to change a newly installed slave drive (D) from NTFS to Fat32. My primary drive is Fat32 20 gig and the new drive is 300 gig. When installing the 300gig I had no Fat32 option so I used NTFS. A problem arose when I tried to make an image of C (20gig Fat32) and put it on D (300gig NTFS) with Acronis True Image. ATI tells me I could do this but I would not be able to restore from it from D to C using the ATI boot disk. Partition Image seemed to be the answer but when using it and I choose disk 2 all of the "Partition Operations" choices grey out. All of the "Pick a Task" options take me to "The selected disk contains partitions which cannot be moved. Use the Operations menu rather than a wizard." I can't find the "Operations" menu. Help mentions nothing about converting NTFS Fat32 allthough the PDF manual says this can be done. Maybe changing C to NFTS is also an option but then restoring images saved by ATI is a big question. Thanks for any advice.

A:Partition Magic won't Convert NTFS drive to FAT32

You can't convert a 300gb ntfs partition to fat32; it's above the limit for a single volume. What you might be able to do is resize the ntfs partition so that there's still maybe 30GB of unpartitioned space in the drive, and then just dump that image onto a new fat32 partition.

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Windows XP Home, SP2.

On a newish Asus laptop (Series A9Rp) and before using an included Conversion .bat file... I successfully restored this machine to it its original state, adding drivers etc from a third CD-ROM. I also, for the purposes of learning, restored it to a full installation using the hidden partition which appears to be located on C: drive (see attachment).

After doing this I converted to NTFS.

The attachment shows that the hidden partition remains FAT32.

Have I, in converting to NTFS:

1. Rendered my hidden partition useless?

2. Made it impossible to effect recovery using the two recovery CD-ROMs?

If the answer is 'Yes' to both questions:

3. Am I correct in thinking that the recovery solution now lies in my creating a disc image of my C: drive as it now is?



A:Solved: Hidden Partition FAT32. C: drive now NTFS.

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Hello, i have a problem with my HP 8460p Notebook. I accidentally deleted the Recovery Partition when i installed Windows 7 on the system. I tried a Recovery CD from my Workplace but that not worked the way i wanted. In the System Information Windows on the System Properties there should be the Name of the Laptop displayed. From what i unterstand therefore i need the Recovery Partition Backup. Is there a Way to download it? Does it maybe only help when i buy a HP Care Pack and send the Notebook to HP?  Thanks, Best Regards David

A:8460p Recovery Partition lost

@dave135 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Sorry, but HP does not provide downloads for the Recovery Media; instead, you have to order a set of disks or a USB stick from them. I'm not in a position to answer your questions about the Care Packs -- and for those, you really need to contact HP Customer Support directly.  You can also order the Recovery Media from them. If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------Good Luck

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hi All i am having a problem, my hdd just faild and is not working any more so i checked and cant be repaired, i want now to use my Second HDD to Recover Visata , but i never did make a copy of recovery dvd because i thought that Recovery disk that was showing is se[erate from C, any body have any ideal how can i download this 2 DVD or is posible to download on USB and recoverd from there,I have checked my Box ther is only one page cd printed and is explaining that you can create recovery DVD or you can use Partition Recovery HP to recovery your Llap top but now is to late.
please help or if you have link i will download

A:Lost recovery Partition DV9000

If you can't get into the Recovery Partition, HP offers a replacement. With the partition it takes about a half hour to restore the OEM to its original condition. If you have to order the replacement, count on eight hours plus all the restoring of backup and program replacement times.

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

A:HDD Data Recovery from lost partition

After 2 installations, you are wasting your time trying to recover anything. It is all gone. Hopefully, you had everything backed up, right?

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

A:Data Recovery from lost Partition

Do not double-post.


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I accidently deleted windows bootloader file. I Don't know how this happened but tried to recover my windows by DVD and its works But Now the problem is only Drive C is visible. Is there any way to recover other drives which are not visible now.??
I m attaching some Screenshots with this post..please help me..thanks

A:Lost my HDD partition after windows recovery.

Try downloading and installing Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition (free) along with the ISO for standalone bootable CD and burn it to CD.

Then boot to the CD and use its "partition recovery wizard" to see what it makes of your hard drive. If the original partitions can be discovered and recovered, let it do it.

In the future, taking regular periodic "system image" backups to say an external USB 3.0 drive with Macrium Reflect (free) for at least your "boot drives" (i.e. "system reserved" where Boot Manager lives, and C where Windows lives) is the minimum backup protection you should be running.

f course you should also be backing up your irreplaceable data on C and other partitions regularly, so as not to be exposed to ANY type of unexpected disaster.

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Hi i have a Windows XP SP3 machine.

I have an 82GB C: drive but when i select all files in the drive they only total 46.5GB.

This is after trying:

Disk cleanup
system restore files removal
chkdsk /f
deleting temp files
emptying recycle bin and checking for other recycle bins eg Norton
This is after showing all hidden and system files
does anyone have any ideas?

A:Missing free hard drive space on an XP NTFS partition

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ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

I just did a 2 pass overwrite of my entire HDD using copywipe, but yet Easus is still finding over 60,000 + NTFS file records and near 4,000 files identified?

Why didn't the overwrite erase this data? I don't understand - I've been at this for a whole day now. I literally formatted, booted from a usb and ran copywipe, did a 2 pass overwrite, and reinstalled windows.

How do I get rid of these NTFS file records?

I'm looking through my RAW recovered files and it's still all there...

Edit: I just started to run Easus, and the numbers keep going up and up... WTF.

A:Data Recovery/Overwriting : NTFS File Records? (Screenshots...)

How long did it take CopyWipe to (allegedly) erase your HD? I can only guess that it simply didn't work as advertised.

I'm also a bit confused how you can be checking the drive for deleted data when you've already reinstalled Windows on it...

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currently I am using vista ultimate. I have only one partition (C:)

i want to install vista home premium onto (C:) but my dvd/cd drive does not work. I do not have (or want to use) a portable DVD/CD drive to reformat.

Im thinking of creating another partition (D:) and then transfering the "bootable folder for home premium", from another computer to (D:) via usb drive.

Can I boot from this new partition (D:) and reformat (C:)?


A:HELP! No CD Drive, want to make recovery partition to format main partition

Hi -

Shrink the HDD --> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/w...n-my-hard-disk

However, Vista must be installed from DVD.

Regards. . .



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Hi Guys can I ask for a little help please
My Dell Vostro laptop was running Windows 7 (64 bit) professional but a few months ago I made a backup of the windows partition with True Image Plus 2013 as a back-up, I then upgraded to windows 8 all was working ok for a while but I decided Windows 8 was not for me and decided to use the true image backup I had made of windows 7.
I booted my computer with the true image boot cd and selected the relevant backup image file, all was ok until One second from completion and then true image said the restore had failed.
I then tried to boot my computer but the MBR was missing I then tried to use a Windows 7 system dvd to repair the MBR but it would not work.
I then found out that when the restore failed it had destroyed my windows partition and my factory recovery partition, and a partition I had my data stored on, so now I am unable to restore my computer with the factory restore option.
Fortunately I had made some rescue dvd and I have my computer working again but I would like the recovery partition back working if I can
I you look at the disk management screen shot I have attached you can see that I have a partition with a size 750.0 MB and 750MB free.
But now I am using Macrium to make my backups and when I run a back-up it reports that a partition is called Recovery and it is 750.0 MB with 212.0MB used and 537.0 MD free please see second screenshot
Can anyone tell me what?s going on and can I get the recovery partition to work again... Read more

A:Lost Dell factory recovery partition

The 750mb partition contains the files needed to boot windows. It is quite large because there may some oem tools on there as well.

You don't have an actual recovery partition containing the files needed to reinstall.

You can make one easily enough. It doesn't need to be a separate partition , you could use your data partition for that and still keep all your stuff on there.

I would use the latest installation media for that.

You can get it from here: Windows 7 Direct Download Links - HeiDoc.net

Or you could use what is on your recovery discs if you really want.

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Hi, this is my first post so any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have started using windows 8 now as my work PC and wanted to make a recovery drive, just in case.
I have a 128GB SSD (for the Win8 OS) and a 2TB HD for all my work files, videos, photos, music and so on.

I wanted to make a recovery drive so I went to Disk Management and created a small 32GB partition.

Then went onto Create a Recovery Drive. It did say that the drive would be cleared, but I presumed that it just meant that partition.

I now have 1.9TB of unallocated space (that im hoping my files are still on) but im worried anything i try might wipe it for good.

The main reason I think that the files are still there is that the 'formatting' took less than 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Solved: Tried Recovery using Partition - Lost all files?

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Need to run recovery procedure but lost the partition on the HD. Since the product key is stored in BIOS/UEFI i wonder if i can use the iso provided by Microsoft 8.1 + drivers posted on Toshiba site.
Is this possible or must i purchase the recovery disks from Toshiba?
The OS mentioned there is Win 8 RTM 64-bit

A:Recovery partition lost on Satellite C870D

Yes you can use iso file and drivers offered on Toshiba download page but you cannot use product key for activation. As far as i know this key belongs to original recovery image that you got with your machine.

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Long story short, whilst formatting an SD card in a USB slot my PC BSOD after 30 seconds and would not boot after restart, PC was running Win10ProX64 and the primary drive is a Samsung 840 Pro 250GB SSD.

I have tried recovering machine with the drive in situ as primary but I am unable to run startup repair/system restore/reset pc or any other option from a win10 usb installer, so I gave up on that and installed my working (tested on another machine) Macruim boot USB that also fails to load so I booted to command prompt and had a quick look through diskpart, originally the disk had one partition consuming the entire drive and im assuming it will have had the 450MB partition created by win 10 installer

At this point I removed the drive and attached to another machine running Win7
Disk management looks like this

Mini tool partition wizard looks like this

and Get Data Back looks like this

Have skimmed through folder structures and all looks intact, my original intention was to recover a few files and format but I am now wondering if it is possible to recover the drive as a whole but am not sure of the best way forwards, any advice gratefully received.

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I purchased a new Motherboard to upgrade my computer and new SSD drive. I installed Windows 7 again on my new SSD. I had a 3TB Seagate Drive that had 3 partitions. One partition had Windows 7 and system files. The other two had data. Now, one of my data partitions shows as Unallocated. The old Windows 7 partition is totally accessible as well as one data partition. I need to recover the data on the drive from the unallocated partition. I've tried Seatools and EaseUs partition tool. I'm going to try DiscInternals next.

Does anyone have suggestions on recovering a partition that is now unallocated? I imagine the data is still there but the partition isn't being recognized by Windows 7.


A:Lost Partition - Now Unallocated - Data Recovery

Try a simple partition undelete using Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

If that doesn't work try data recovery software.

Your data should always be backed up externally or to the cloud, using a modern method like Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums

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Hello, I'm kinda new to external hard drives and I can't seem to find the exact answer on this forum or other forums. I run windows xp and have an external western digital 150gb hard drive with FAT32 but would like to change it to NTFS because I can't seem to transfer file sizes up to 4gigs into it; plus I heard a lot of advantages with NTFS. My initial question is, will I lose all my data in my external hard drive if I decide to "format" it to NTFS. I will be able to transfer files larger that 4gigs when it is formated right? I know you will lose your data (if you decide not to make a backup) if you "convert." I have a lot of data already stored in my ex. hdd. I'm just curious, if I right click on the ex. hdd drive in "my computer" and selecting "format" to NTFS, will I lose my data in the ex. hdd? Will I need to make a backup or can I just format with my data in the ex. hdd? And what does the "enable compression" and "quick format" do under "Format Option?" I apologize if I didn't find this answer somewhere else.

A:formating External Hard Drive to NTFS (lost of data?)

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Need some help. I recently bought Acer Aspire 5560G. It comes with 500GB HDD with only one partition which is drive C. There are 2 hidden partitions as well. I would like to split my drive C in 2 partitions without effecting my Recovery partition. Is it possible??? if yes than what's the best way?? Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive Partition Without Effecting Recovery Partition

I think the easiest way to accomplish that is to shrink your C: partition. That will create unallocated space. And the unallocated space can be used to create a new partition.

Partition or Volume - Shrink

Partition or Volume - Create New

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I bought the machine in question from a friend and have used it for sometime. I would now like to restore it to its original factory state. Not having any installation discs for XP I wanted to use the recovery partition but I'm not sure if this is still on the hard drive or not. Looking in disc management there is the main partition labeled C: showing 74.44GB and also an un-named partition showing 55mb of total capacity with 48mb free space. i have tried to use ctr+f11 at start up according to the directions on Dells site for how to start the recovery process but that doesn't do anything and the machine continues to boot as normal.

So I need to know if this smaller partition is likely to be the recovery partition? Is there any way to look and see what data is stored on there? If ctrl+f11 is not working does that mean the factory restore option is no longer available on this machine or is there something else I can try? Maybe I just need to ask Dell to send me the recovery disc.

Thanks for reading :-)

A:Dell Optiplex 170L+XP Pro, Lost recovery partition?

I seem to remember that the Optiplex you have came with a set of discs. Windows install disc, Driver disc and software disc(s)That 55Mb partition is the not the recovery partition, it is the Diagnostic partition.The drive size you are showing for C: is the proper size for a 80Gb hard drive.You will need the right XP disk, and ahead of time download the drivers and utilities from the Dell site.BY Right XP Disc I mean either a Dell XP disc or a OEM XP disc that matches whichever version, XP Home or XP Pro, the license on the computer is. Maybe your friend still has the discs?Good LuckRoger

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I was trying to restore my Toshiba Sattelite L645-S4056 to factory default and reinstall windows 7 by inbuilt recovery system. While i was formatting the computer swtiched off itself. Then i couldnot access inbuilt recovery during booting. The computer wont boot with any windwos cd. It said something like "Cannot boot.Enter a bootable disc". I then installed a linux distero by booting with a USB device.The linux system works fine but i need windows 7. It shows that my hardisk is totally empty. There is no reserved part previously occupied by recovery system.I didn't get a recovery disc with my laptop. Any other dvd wont boot. How can i install back my Windows 7 ?? What is wrong with the system ?? Is there any way to get windows 7 back ?? Please Help ASAP...
Thank You in advance

A:Windows 7 wont boot. I lost recovery partition.

You need to access the system bios and tell it to boot from cd under boot options.
Some laptops also have a 'boot menu' feature that can be accessed by pressing a key.

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Product Name: Star Wars Special Edition Notebook - 15-an001nx (ENERGY STAR)Operating System: clean installation windows 10 home single language (64-bit) I lost my recovery partition and system when make factory reset so i install a clean installation windows 10 home single language (64-bit) by Media Creation tool and automatically activated when its done installingmy problem is star wars themes and HP software after download Star Wars Control Panel from HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads not work "this system not support". my questions1- why HP didn't offer request System Recovery Kit for this model? like lots of star wars model i found it or can i request one of them for my model if they are same hardware?2- if this windows compatibility how can i fix "this system not support" for Star Wars Control Panel and another programs?3- if this windows not compatibility how can i get the compatibility windows?

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Accidentally deleted Recovery Partition and lost discs.Can I recover by downloading windows 7 somewhere using the product key found on the back of my laptop? I am a total newbie at this. If anyone could help with this, please send a link or any info that would help. Thanks!

A:Accidentally deleted Recovery Partition and lost disks

Yes, you can download an ISO and use the key off of the back of your laptop to activate it. Here is a source for the ISO:

Download Windows 7 ISOs, Legally and for Free | PCsteps.com

This will be a clean install, though. It won't have any of the laptop manufacturer's bloatware and utility programs on it. If you want all of that still, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and get replacement restore disks.

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I have sony vaio core i5, Model VPCEB4B4E, windows 7 home premium 32 bit. I bought it from italy, i lost its recovery participation. and formatted my hard disk completely. i also do not have its recovery disk. i called vaio service center they told that you have to buy recovery disk for almost 50 EUROS. I do not wanna buy it. any body can tell me that where from i can download the recovery disk of this model. or if any person have the same model. please contact me. and reply me it is very important.

Greetings in advance


A:Sony Vaio VPCEB4B4E. I lost my recovery Partition. Need Help

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document

How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:
1.Go to http://servicesales.sel.sony.com.
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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I am working on my sisters Toshiba L655d-S5055 notebook. windows 7, 3gb, amd v120 processor, 250gb drive. Started with error msg at boot "encountered a problem communicating with a device at startup......". Couldn't get by this error. took out drive, inserted into usb-enclosure, and tested. numerous sector errors. She has also lost the recovery disks I made for her. I used partition software to scan just the recovery partition, and there are no errors reported there. What I would like to do, is to copy to a flash drive, or make new recovery dvd's from this recovery partition; then I can use the coa from the back of the notebook (if necessary) for full install onto a new hard drive. However, I can't use the toshiba notebook for this; I can only use my desktop pc for the xfer; using the toshiba hard drive as a usb external drive, and the toshiba media creator software will not install onto my desktop pc (doesn't give me a reason). I would prefer to go the dvd-route, but flash drive would be ok, too. Any info is appreciated. thanks.

A:how to create recovery dvd's from recovery partition mounted as usb-external drive

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Hello all,

I am trying to find ways to recover all of my important data from my hard drive which was not working suddenly.

After several attempts of recoveries, I have decided to buy a same HDD because it didn't even appear on disk management. And I replaced a board of that on my old drive and then I can see it on disk management.

Of course, I did click on cancel on disk initializing.

Then, I have used Partition Wizard tool to recover my data what I have discovered from this forum.

Actually, it is big numbers of sectors since capacity of hard drive is 1TB.

From this point,I have experienced that too low scanning rate (128 sectors/sec) was going there and it is hard to wait till the end. It will take about 176 days at that speed, approximately.

Is there any solution on this problem? What could be the reason of slow scanning speed?

A:HDD lost partition recovery related problem (Samsung HD103uj 1TB)

I have many comments to make on your dealing with this issue but will reserve it for a later moment since you are already on with the Full scan and so I shall catch on it for the moment.

I see the scan had gone upto 1920 sectors. Hold on till it reaches 2048 and beyond. The first partition will always (in most cases) start on 2048. Let us see whether it finds the partition at 2048.

Post a screenshot after it goes beyond 2048.

Let me know whether the scan is still on. Otherwise I shall go to sleep and return only after another ten hours and shall see the screenshot then. After posting the screenshot wait for half an hour.

If I am not seen in that half an hour cancel the scan and close Partition Wizard.
I shall continue tomorrow ( my tomorrow)

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I really appreciate if you can provide me with the Windows License for My Laptop since the windows Recovery Partition was Formatted by Mistake

here is the laptop specs

Satellite L850-B757
Part Number : PSKG8V-05M002AR
thanks for your support

Anas Shamasneh

A:Lost Windows Recovery Partition - Satellite L850-B757

Essential recovery medium can be ordered here:

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