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Windows 10 Driver Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical when available?

Q: Windows 10 Driver Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical when available?

I'm very used to my 5 button mouse selecting, copy and paste with 1 hand is very convenient against the short cut Control C and Control V and single clic for double clic So I wonder if there is a solution to get a Windows 10 driver Or do I have to quite with this mouse? What can we expect from Microsoft to one of his own products ??

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Preferred Solution: Windows 10 Driver Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical when available?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi all, my computer is all fine and dandy now. Yea! Except for one thing.. I just went out and bought an Intellimouse optical and I installed it. It works and all except the two little side buttons. In the quickstart guide it lets me choose the mouse as the Intellimouse Optical but it only tells about it. Then in the Intellipoint software v4.0 it doesn't have the option to choose intellimouse opt only intellimouse. I'm thinking of downloading v4.1 but it has LOTS of bad reviews. What do i do?

A:Microsoft intellimouse optical

I had trouble with the cd that came with my last one, ended up downloading the newer version, that one worked. 4.1 I beleive

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Does anyone know if microsoft will ever release a Serial version of their IntelliMouse Optical? Yes, it's sad, I only have a serial port, and nobody seems to make mice that are compatiable with it(they're all USB and/or PS/2).

Take a mega-byte out of my mega-chip!

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

I'm not sure about this, but i think it'd be tehnologically impossible to make a Serial optical mouse. I don't thinik the Serial Port would be fast enough.

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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I tried to contact Microsoft Tech Support but they wouldn't help me since I was out of the 90 days for Free Tech support, go figure! Anyhow, I keep getting an Error 1101 when I install the software for this mouse. It says the following: Error reading from file c:\windows\TEMP\_isA164\1033.MST

How can I resolve this error so I can use the full capability of this mouse?

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

What OS are you using?

And what mouse were you using before? Does that one still work?

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I bought Intellimouse optical yesterday. I installed the software. I prefer using Netcape
rather then the explorer. My mouse doesn't work that has the back and the forward on my
mouse. I clicked on explorer and It works. Which version of Netscape will I have to use for the
back and forward?

Thanks a lot,

A:Microsoft Intellimouse optical problem?

I have a Wireless Intellimous Explorer and all 5 buttons work in every program that uses a back function. A little advice: I don't use the forward button much, but do use the back. I changed the forward button to function as the close button... because I use that one a lot... works great. Back to your mouse... it is possible it doesn't work with netscape because microsoft made it... and you know how microsoft is. It really should work though, even if you are using netscape. Try upgrading to the latest version and maybe even upgrade your intellimouse software, if there is an upgrade. Also, make sure you have the correct mouse selected in the settings of your software. If you have the wrong one selected the regular left and right buttons should work without software because they are basic, standard functions.

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I have been using this mouse for about a year now. I was just surfing on the net today when the mouse froze and would not work (light at the bottom did not light up like usual). I usually connect it to the computer with a PS/2 converter and decided to unplug it from the converter and just plug it in the computer, using its original USB plug and it worked.

However after every about 15 minutes it stops working, every 15minutes I would need to unplug the mouse from the USB port and reconnect again. I have tried my other USB ports, all did the same. Everytime it disconnects on the right bottom it would pop up a message saying "Unrecognizable tool connected" something along those lines however when I do reconnect it it'll recognize it sayin the mouse model.

I was wondering is there a problem with the mouse or is it the computer? Anyway I can "fix" this problem? I'm broke at the moment haha and have no money therefore can't get a new mouse at the moment and this problem is annoying me.

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest MS Intellipoinit drivers? the latest version is ip5.4

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As the title says, I would like to know the differences between MS Intellimouse Optical and MS Intellimouse Optical 1.1. I will buy one of those, and they have almost the same price. Thank you in advance.

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I ve upgraded to XP for a about 4 weeks now and I realized that I cannot use the 2 extra side functions of my mouse because i have not installed the intellipoint software. I installed it and now the mouse is slighty jumpier than it was before. Help?

A:intellimouse optical skipping

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Alright heres the story...

girlfriends comp won't load her wireless logitech mouse, I disconnect my optical explorer bring it over and let her use that until she buys her own. No problems works fine on hers. She gets her new one I bring mine home and reconnect it, boot up, umm no mouse...wha? Yeah me = angry.

So basically I've tried lots of junk, regedit stuff (may have missed a few files possible), updated intellipoint software, tried USB ports.

This is what has happened...it gets detected in the USB port however Win XP doesn't know what the device is...doesn't even know its a mouse.

The lights work, the camera light and the back one. So it doesn't seem to be the mouse. It worked fine on this system only 2 days ago.

Is it possible for viruses to spread to hardware peripherals like my mouse?

I've included pics from "msinfo32"...3 different shots...one showing I have no IRQ conflicts, another showing that I have an "ERROR" and the other telling me what my error is "Device Cannot Start"...real helpful...you'd think it'd tell me why.

My computer is an Alienware P4 1.7Gig...mouse worked fine 2 days ago on this computer and fine on my girlfriends recently bought Dell machine (don't have the exact specs on hand). Any help?


A:Intellimouse Explorer (Optical) Woes

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I have a totally new problem with my MS Intellimouse Optical. I have used this for some time (98, ME, XP) with no problems. I now have a new system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have downloaded and installed the latest Intellipoint software (7) from Microsoft, and installed the Mouse. But...
- The Mouse is recognised not as an Intellimouse Optical, but an Intellimouse Web
- I cannot therefore change the side button settings on the mouse (via Control Panel>Mouse) from the default "Forward" and "Back", or the centre button either.
This is annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, to no avail.

Does anyone know...??
(a) How to get Windows 7 to recognise my mouse as the proper type (Device Manager etc)....or
(b) How to hack the settings (XML / Registry / whatever) to change the default option, so the mouse does what I want it to without trying to change the buttons via the Control Panel.

Many thanks

A:Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed

Hi Walrus1963 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

When you installed the driver, did you correctly select your mouse model from the dropdown list during installation? If not, uninstall the driver and reboot your machine. Now, reinstall the driver being careful to select the correct model when prompted. What is the model of your mouse?

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Recently I have tried to install my Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse onto my dell computer(running with XP), replacing the Intellimouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatable mouse that came with the computer. I went into "Help and Support" and found the appropriate article to tell me how to remove mouse.

"IntelliMouse: The Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically or Does Not Respond with Windows XP (Q321122)"

After following the instructions I tried to install my optical and it still refused to work. One thing that I noticed is that some of the files that they told me to delete were'nt there in the first place. Would all the mouse need to be unpluged while i did this? I'm not sure if anyone could shed some light on what i did wrong with the info i'v given but any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(

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I'm currently running Windows XP SP 2 and I just purchased a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 (The box says it runs on Windows XP). The box says it's a plug and play device however my system can't find a driver to run it. There wasn't a driver disk in the box and I can't find a driver anywhere online. How would I fix this? Thank you Rainer1.

A:[SOLVED] Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 Driver Problems

Welcome to TSF....

What usb port are you connecting this thru one in the back of the computer or is it s usb hub of some kind?

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Mouse is 5-6 years old: "erratic movements"

This USB mouse runs off a 4-port BUS-powered USB Hub. Within the last week or so, the mouse jumps around erratically. I've tried it attached directly to my Sony notebook's USB with the same effect, so it does not seem to be the problem--though I am considering getting a hub with external power.

Any idea? I've got a new Logitech G3 ordered, so I can say goodbye to it if I have to...

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse

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I was given a USB intellimouse explorer, that didn't seem to work properly and now doesn't work at all. The problem that I have is that the red LED that lights up the camera piece doesn't work any more. if I replace the LED do you think I would have to replace it with one of the same colour?, or just use any colour?
the only thing that I can think of that I can do is to take the one from the back of the mouse that works without a problem and then put it where the other one is.
Any suggestions are welcome, as my cordless mouse is really annoying me!

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Hi this is my first post here.
I have just installed a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer under Windows ME and Im having many problems. After install it runs something called hidserv. With hidserv running, it unloads my other USB devices, my scanner and printer. Hidserv is loaded weather I use the instellipoint software that came with the mouse or not. The only way I can get my scanner and printer loaded again is to completly uninstall the mouse and software and delete the file hidserv.exe off my system. Then I can load my scanner and printer, all is fine until I pulg the mouse in again. When I reboot I get all kinds of errors and one that says the registry has problem which windows will correct and reboots. Upon reboot windows shows conflicts in the device manager for my USB scanner and printer. Hidserv is once again running.
I can see that the mouse conflicts with my scanner and printer anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the conflicts?


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A friend gave me a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer yesterday, so I plugged it into my systems USB port, the light came on (see pic) but I can't move the cursor I can click, and use the wheel but that's it.
I've tried all sorts of things, at the moment I have my old mouse (cordless, PS/2) & the USB Intellimouse both plugged in, the cordless works fine, but as I said I can click with the other.
some of the things I have tried:
-Deleting the cordless mouse, and starting the system up with only the Intellimouse
-Deleting the USB and letting it re-detect that and the mouse
-Just starting the system with the Intellimouse without deleting anything

The Intellimouse shows up in the mouse section of the control panel (I'm running XP Home Ed.)
but I simply can't move the cursor. I actually thought that the mouse was ment to have 2 lights under it but I'm not sure. my guess is that the camera in the mouse is dead, my friend didn't know if it worked or not, but I just want to make sure before I dispose of it.
Could it be worth trying it using a USB to PS/2 coverter?

With the picture that should appear with this post I have put a red box around where it lights up.

A:[SOLVED] Microsoft USB Intellimouse

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I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - about 2-3 years old. Today it
has frozen twice - I just wondered if it was wearing out - or what do you
think? Why would it suddenly freeze twice in one day?


A:Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

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My razer deathadder recently died and I couldn't afford another one, so I went for something cheaper

I got the intellimouse 3.0 and i'm not too impressed

I have the pointer speed set on the fastest setting, but when you are moving the pointer around slowly it jerks in increments of of a millimetre or so, and its quite frustrating when gaming, especially in sniper situations

Is there any way to make it smoother?

A:Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 - making it smoother?

If you haven't already, install the intellipoint driver. Although the mouse will work using the native Windows driver, you will have fuller use of its capabilities if you install the latest driver.

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Just recently, I've been having trouble with my mouse.

Sometimes, when I single click something, it double clicks it instead. For example, when I want to press the back button, it goes back two pages, even if I click once.

And other times, when I try clicking a link, it doesn't respond. And it takes me a few clicks to actually go to it.

When I open up dropdown menus, whenever I click it once, it goes back up. It takes a few times for me to click it and it stays.

I have no clue what the problem is. It just started happening.

Is there any way I can fix it or any small little tests I can do to check it?


A:Microsoft IntelliMouse not working properly...

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I am using a Dell Dimension E510 that I upgraded to 3 Gb of memory and then upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium. I'm having a problem with my wireless mouse. I purchased and used (without a problem on XP) a Microsoft Elite Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Since I upgraded to Vista, I have been having problems with the mouse. When I opened an internet page, the second I moved the cursor out of the toolbar and into the page, the page would begin jumping and flickering up and down. Twice now I've deleted the mouse & keyboard problem and re-installed them, and they seem to work for a while. I finally figured out yesterday that this occurred after I ran that IOBIT Windows Cleaner free program so I deleted that program, deleted the Microsoft bluetooth program and then re-installed the Intellitype and Intellimouse programs (6.1) and everything seemed to be working well. This morning, I can't get the mouse to work at all. The system reads the keyboard OK (I'm typing on it right now) and it tells me that the mouse batteries are good so I believe that it sees the mouse, but the cursor will not move with the mouse. Can anyone help me with this?


A:Microsoft Intellimouse for Bluetooth Problem

Try updating the mouse driver.

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I've had my computer (Dell Latitude Core i7 x64) running Windows 10 32-bit for over a year and have been using the same mouse for many years, as far back as 2 computers possibly. In the past week the mouse will disconnect and it will not come back on if I unplug and reconnect it or switch ports. The only thing that will restore it is turning the computer off and then on. Any ideas what could be causing this?

It seems like maybe it happened after a recent automatic update..

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I just got a new wireless mouse and keyboard set. My mouse today, has begun registering only a half of the clicks that I make. Say I click "submit" sometimes I will have to click it 3 times. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A:Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse wont click!

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I have the latest IntelliPoint drivers (5.5), but there is still no way of re-mapping the tilt wheel functions at all. It would be great for games if i could remap to arrow keys for example, because horizontal scrolling isnt recognised in many programs, or ANY games.

Please someone help if they have any idea...


A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

not too sure about remapping tilt wheel, but i would try a google search and check with M$

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In order to rectify a compatibility problem with my Logitech Optical Mouse/Keyboard with Hitman 2, an Eidos support site recommended that I should install Microsoft Intellimouse drivers to overcome the problems with Logitech's custom drivers (they were causing some pretty serious glitching in the game which I had just bought and wasn't willing to give up on)

So, I downloaded the latest version of the Intellimouse drivers. Now, I don't know computers intimately but I'm fairly computer literate so it didn't surprise me when a box came up saying "other mouse pointer drivers detected, uninstall? select yes to continue Intellimouse driver installation"

naturally, I thought that these Intellimouse drivers would be compatible with my mouse and I could therefore delete my current Logitech drivers and everything would be ok. So, after uninstalling it prompted me to reboot, which I did.

Upon rebooting it completed the Intellimouse driver install and came up with a "select your mouse" type list - now I decided that since there were no Logitech mice on the list I should select a mouse with similar functionality, the Wheel Mouse Optical (which I do actually have, on another computer) stupidly believing it would work. It prompted to reboot again, which I did.

Unfortunately when I reached the login page after rebooting I found that the mouse and keyboard failed to work. When I tried using my Wheel Man Optical and corresponding keyboard, they ... Read more

A:Mouse/Keyboard not working after Intellimouse Driver install

Try tapping f8 at boot, and choosing last known good.

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Hi everyone. I have been having some problems with my mouse lately and I don't know if its the driver, the mouse itself, my memory, or something else but its been giving me some problems lately. The main problems are that when I try to highlight something it won't highlight it right. It'll not highlight where I want it to and it'll instead highlight something a line or two up instead of what I am trying to highlight. Also sometimes when I single click it goes through as a double click which can be really annoying. So, should I get a new mouse or is this likely something else that is wrong? This mouse is 4 years old so its probably about due for a new one.

A:Microsoft Optical Mouse Problems

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Have a lot of group materials on CD/DVDs but can'tburn anything nw via Windows 10. Tech said I need to purchase an "opticaal drive" in order to do so.  That dept. didn't name a particular optical drive. Anyone know what this is?

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I have installed multiple drivers and my trackball will not work on my computer. Device manager recognizes it and say its working properly but the Microsoft software that comes with the download does not recognize it. I have installed ,unistalled but nothing. Have been at this for about 4 hrs, by the way it lights up when computer boots so its getting power and I know it works. Please help!

A:Somebody help please. Issue with microsoft trackball optical on win 7

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Which Model of the Mouse do you have ? ... It seems the Software Download does not work ... Read the Link below ..
Updating driver and software for microsoft trackball optical 1.0 USB - Microsoft Community

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I purchased a Microsoft Optical wheel mouse and installed the Intellipoint 4.1 software. Then I connected the mouse to the USB port. Nothing happened. I rebooted the computer and got an advice box "unknown usb device detected loading driver". I still did not have an operable mouse. Checking the device manager I found an unknown device under the usb hub. I am stuck here. I tried the mouse on another computer and it works ok. I am running windows 98SE. Where do I go from here?

A:Microsoft optical wheel mouse and USB

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I recently bought a microsoft optical laser mouse (USB) and quite recently it has begun switching itself off, sometimes for a few seconds, and other times requiring me to reboot before I can use it again. I have tried re-installing the drivers several times, but this has not changed anything.
(The drivers are the intellipoint software that came with the mouse)

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance

A:Microsoft Optical Mouse Problem

I had a problem with the mouse quiting the same as you describe. Finally one day it just died for good. The mouse was faulty, do to a bad connection somewhere, microsoft replaced at no charge.

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well ive' got this wireless mouse and just wanted to know if other peeps with it have the same thing happen with their wireless M$ mouse. first,my mouse doesnt turn all the way off when my comp is shut down or its idle for a long time. the laser just blinks every half a second or so.is this normal? also,it scrolls kinda jerky when i use the weel on it.any one else have that prob? and just curiouse,how long will the batteries normaly last in this one.i just got it yesterday so i was just curious. the jerky scrolling gives me a headache when trying to scroll while reading and if i just didnt end up with a crappy one by bad luck,im taking it back and getting a logitech or something,screw moneysoft. thanks for the reply

A:2 Q's about microsoft's Wireless optical mouse 2.0

It's normal for the light to blink... It's jerky... The batteries don't last long... I gave mine away and bought a logitech MX and couldn't be happier. Microsoft Intellimouse stink.

The other best choices based on experience are:

Fellowes optigel optical wireless mouse, (better than logitech and Microsoft)

Gyration optical wireless mouse, The range is killer, and can be used in mid-air, but kinda odd feel when useing on a mousepad.

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Hello. Can anyone help me? I also have a Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. But now it's been having some problems recently. The red light inside keeps turning on and off mysteriously and I suddenly can't move the mouse pointer anymore until it turns on again. It does very frequently now. Does this mean that the optical mouse has already gone bad and I have to replace it with another one or is there a way I fix it? I tried installing the Intellipoint CD Software but that still didn't work. I plugged it into the PS/2 Port even though it is also USB compatible. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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i have the usb attached, but my mouse is not working, could someone pls help out ASAP?

A:microsoft optical mouse not working

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I have been having difficulties with my XP lately. The mouse does not seem to work now. I have tried to reinstall the software, but I cannot seem to without using the mouse. I am a little dead in the water here.
Any thoughts on how to fix this?


A:Microsoft Optical mouse issues

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Have a lot of group materials on CD/DVDs but can'tburn anything nw via Windows 10. Tech said I need to purchase an "opticaal drive" in order to do so.  That dept. didn't name a particular optical drive. Anyone know what this is?

A:Microsoft says I need an Optical Drive in order to...

Heheh, sometimes you wonder about that level of tech support. An optical drive is one that uses a laser to read and write. CD and DVD drives are by far the most common. As long as your drive is able to write as well as read CDs and DVDs it should work. What model if drive do you have? You should be able to see in Device Manager...

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My laptops trackpad (all features) have stopped working.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

I have a new powerbook and am running Windows 7 on a partitioned hard drive via bootcamp. Once I installed the Microsoft mouse the laptops hardware stopped working.

Previously (on past computers) both would work together, which is annoying but better than no trackpad. I unplugged the mouse from the USB port but the trackpad still does not work then. I uninstalled the mouse's driver and still the trackpad does not work.

I have been all through the control panel and devices but I cannot find what I am looking for.

All help is appreciated,

A:I installed a Microsoft optical mouse, but...

The trackpad driver may need re-installing, that's all.
Check Device Manager for an error symbol against "Mice & other pointing devices".
If it shows an error then the driver needs re-installing.

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Been awhile since I posted here...
Anyways, I have a Microsoft optical mouse ( Link ). Its a plug and play, never installed any software nor had any problems till now.
Depending on if I use it or let it sit idle it will turn off, if you will.
If I start using it, it will just turn off on me somewhere between 5-10 minutes.
If I take it out of the usb port and plug it back in it works again.
If I let it sit idle it wont turn off.
Theres not cuts or anything wrong with the wiring as far as I know. I can move the wire around all I want and it wont go out.
I tried installing some drivers and updating them for the mouse, no luck there
I click on mouse properties and it says this device is working properly, even when its turned off.
Soo.. any suggestions? Maybe the usb ports are faulty or the mouse is losing power?


A:Microsoft Optical Mouse Problems

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Have the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth (5 button). I believe it is Bluetooth 2.0. The computer has built-in Bluetooth (3.0?). It is a new HP Envy DV7 (latest model as of 11/14/12).

Computer sees and connected to mouse. Mouse cursor moves and such. I downloaded the Microsoft software for this mouse. I've attempted to assign special key commands for the buttons (such as Ctrl + Z for edit undo).

I put the mouse on our Windows 7 laptop w/ the Bluetooth module that comes with the mouse, everything works. I tried connecting the module (looks like thumb drive) to the Windows 8 laptop w/ built-in Bluetooth, and when viewing "Devices", it shows the module, but says "driver error" below it. Figure it is due to it being the previous Bluetooth 2.0. So I uninstall both the mouse and module, reinstall just the mouse, no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :).

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put this in microsoft tech companion for windows 8, even though it is an issue in windows 10.  If there is a better forum, please direct me.

I have suddenly lost the magnify function of the second button on the side of my mouse.

Mouse - Microsoft intellimouse explorer 2.0 also model 1007

Windows 10 64 bit

The mouse has a right and left button and a wheel. These work as they always have - left for click, right for options, wheel for scroll, both up and down and right and left. There are two thumb buttons on the left side. The one to the rear is the back button,
and works just like it always has. The button in front of it, until a bit ago (month, maybe?) would toggle the magnify screen option on and off. All of the sudden, this toggle function just stopped.

I looked in the mouse settings, and can't find anything that recognizes the second thumb button so I could add a "what do you want this button to do" to it. There is plenty in the ease of use area that explains the magnify function, but I can't see
any way to assign these to the mouse. The mouse control panel lets you set the left and right finger buttons and the wheel, but not the back thumb button or the other thumb button.

I looked at microsoft's site, thinking there might be a missing driver, but the only options I see are for windows 7 and before, and when I try to use these, I get a message about how the download is lower than the current driver, and the new stuff won't install.

... Read more

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When i push the scroll button in mozilla firefox to open a new tab, my desktop is like that
can anyone tell me how to fix it? thank you.

A:Problem with microsoft basic optical mouse

Did you check the button settings for the mouse in Control Panel? They may not be set for what Firefox expects.

Check Firefox help and see what it expects for the function, then see what the mouse is set for.

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I bought Microsoft mouse yesterday. I installed the mouse but How do I program for the back and forward in the internet browser instead of using the toolbar. Can anybody help me with this?

A:Microsoft Intell mouse optical problem?

did you install the software that came with it. If so, you should have a small mouse icon in the systray. Just double click it to set your options. Generally that is the default setup and should work right off the bat.

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I recently purchased a Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical. It has been working great for about 1 month, UNTIL I started using it to play games. After about 30 mins of playing Quake it makes a weird noise then completely stops working. Can't the mouse handle games? Please help. Have I got a faulty mouse or are they just not designed to handle games? Please help.

A:Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Problem!

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I just installed a MS optical mouse, think it's really from Intellipoint(?). It plugs into my mouse bus port but looks like it has a USB adapter to allow to do this. Anyway, I noticed that the mouse pointer is blinking rather than just a solid arrow. Does this indicate anything abnormal? Reason I ask I'm pursueing answers to some performance problems with W98SE, low sys resources, out of memory conditions, system hangs for periods in the minutes. Also, when I unplug y USB wireless adapter, which is physically below the mouse port, the blinking stops!! Talked with Linksys techie and he thought there might be a power issue?!? I have a USB port hub but my adapter won't work plugged into it with the hubs power supply on. ANy explanations would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Optical mouse pointer blinks

Can't you just plug it direct to the USB port or to the hub??????

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I purchased this off of Amazon, but the logo looks un-Microsoft like. I was wondering if anyone knows how I could tell?

A:Does this Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse look genuine?

I just checked the main Microsoft Hardware site and it appears it has this type of font on it, so it might be genuine.

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1. Red lights stay on when computer is off...unless I unplug or turn off power in back on PSU. (My friend Jbray, across the street has the same mouse and his turns off at normal shutdown.)

2. Pointers are appearing in programs when they are not supposed to(in some games and screen savers).

A:just installed optical mouse(Microsoft)...2 issues.

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I've had a DELL laptop for awhile and have long since had problem with the sporadic mysterious "scrolling mouse." SO far as I have learned, it is a known problem without a TRUE fix, thus I use an alternate mouse.

8 months ago, I began using a Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse. And its been GREAT. However, 2 weeks ago it stopped working (or I should say 'connecting'). Changed batteries, no help. Seems to work sporadically, it will connect sometime and then I'll later get the error, "...USB device not recognized....One of the USB devices to this computer has
malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

It then ceases to work. Other times, this message appears once I plug it in.

On the M$ support site is says to ensure that the hidparse.sys, hidclass.sys and hid(one I forgot).sys files are in the appropriate folder....done

I've searched other forums about this and didn't see a good fix for this....

Anyone with any thoughts?????
THanks in advance

A:Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

The "USB device has malfunctioned" error suggests to me that it's a hardware error in the mouse, and time for a new one.

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Tried this on XP SP2, XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate.

This trackball installs fine with or without Intellipoint software (tried multiple versions including latest) but the ball itself fails to move the mouse pointer at all. The buttons and scroll wheel works fine, but not the pointer.

I've searched extensively on Microsoft.com and generally on Google without seeing a hint of this problem.

BTW, I have a second trackball (both are model D67-00001) that is doing the very same thing on all three computers. I am completely out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Bizzare problem with Microsoft Trackball Optical

Bumping this up as it's only had 13 views. I've been working on this constantly for more than 2 days now. Is there anyone at all out there that still uses a Microsoft Trackball Optical?

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